A new order has been approved stating that recreational boats can be used in phase 2 as long as the people boarding reside in the same territory as the moored vessel.  

Boat owners can use their boat with family/friends, as long as they reside in the same territory. Either 75% of the normal capacity if sailing with friends or 100% if sailing with people who reside with you. A maximum occupancy of 10 people per boat has been set. 

Boats and watercraft can now also be chartered as long as the company is within the same territory as those renting it. The boats must not exceed 75% of the normal occupancy in the case of friends, or 100% if the occupants live at the same address. In all cases, the maximum occupancy for any vessel is 10 people.

Jet skis can also be used with 1 person per jet ski, unless you reside at the same address in which case the maximum occupancy is referred to.

The order also allows recreational air travel to be carried out in groups of up to 20 people including the pilot.