Environmental officers from San José town hall have taken steps to temporarily close the beach of Caló d’en Serral following a sewage spill.

Local businesses raised the alarm at 8.30am today, 9th September, stating that a river of excrement was traversing the beach. By the time the officers attended at 11:30am it is understood the sewage had reached the sea.

San José town hall stated that the overflow discharge was due to a power failure at the Port Des Torrent pumping station.

Cala De Poo: Beach Closed in San An Bay due to Sewage Spill
Cala De Poo: Beach Closed in San An Bay due to Sewage Spill

The said that the problem has been fixed but that the beach will remain closed for at least 24 hours before further testing is conducted.

The diario de Ibiza reported that those reporting the problem were amazed it took so long for the authorities to react.

They said “the beach has been busy with people swimming and bathing since 8:30, and all while the beach is full of crap.”

Caló d’en Serral is one of the many small stretches of sand in the Bay of San Antonio. Approx 75m in total length it is the next beach east of Pinet Playa.

Note we think this is a quite old picture of the beach – the outlook is now quite different. It is all we could find, and it unattributed.