The Nature Project and Casita Verde are organising a number of beach cleanups during August and September to help stem the flood of rubbish and plastic that ends up on the island’s beaches and in the sea during the summer months.

As well as collecting rubbish, the team also raises awareness of consumerism, recycling and the need to take care of nature, through their Awareness Stand and by talking to people on the beach about how to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

To make it a fun event there will be art and performances too. Let’s unite in support of our island to do our bit for the environment and make changes happen.

Next cleanups

  • 25th of August at Cala Benirras. 18-20h.
  • 15th of September is World Cleanup Day and there will be lots of activities organised throughout the day in Ibiza for this. More information about where and when will be announced soon.

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