Beach Clean Up with Greenheart Ibiza

  • Carly S

Last Wednesday my daughter and I went along to Ses Variades at half six for an hour, along with hundreds of others enjoying the world famous sunset. However, we weren’t there to witness this stunning spectacle, but to clean up the beach next to it.

Somewhat paradoxically, every night the beach is left littered in bottles, broken glass, laughing gas canisters, corks, plastic bags, empty cartons and cigarette butts by those enjoying nature’s painted sky. Frankly, it’s disgusting.

image1Chris Dews of Greenheart Ibiza decided it was high time something was done, so included this stretch of rocky beach in the weekly clean-ups organised by Ibiza Limpia, a fantastic project aiming to clean up our island paradise. The following is taken from their mission statement.

Beach Clean Up with Greenheart Ibiza
Beach Clean Up with Greenheart Ibiza

“Ibiza Limpia is a campaign project, created by Greenheart Ibiza, and inspired by the beautiful nature of the island. Our mission is to keep Ibiza’s beaches, coastal areas, countryside and rural roads in a clean and tidy state for everyone to enjoy. (…)

“The island’s environmental wellbeing throughout the year is an enormous responsibility for the local authorities. However, with limited government budgets (…), it is essential that the local population, and, wherever possible, the tourist visitors lend a hand in this vitally important task.

“In order to help with this situation and inform everyone how they can participate, Greenheart Ibiza decided to launch a special campaign called ‘Ibiza Limpia’ (Clean Ibiza).

“An early phase of the campaign consisted of making a short video (…) which explains the many ways we can all lend a hand in taking care of our beautiful island. It contains easily understood information about reducing our waste generation, as well as cleaning up beaches and other public places, whilst also explaining the whole process of recycling on the island.


“The Ibiza Limpia team, together with local authorities, organise various beach and road cleaning events throughout the year in different parts of the island, to raise the environmental awareness and give everyone an opportunity to join in the area cleaning action.

“We encourage local businesses and the island administration to contribute as much as they can to this campaign, which will surely result in a cleaner, healthier place for all of us to enjoy.”

The clean-up at Ses Variades is an inspired initiative. Deliberately held at sunset to make an impact on the visitors there and draw their attention to the littering, as well as raising the profile of the Ibiza Limpia project. Slowly but surely, it seems to be working.

Whist we were there, everyone who popped a cork or a bottle cap retrieved it from the beach and binned it and several people asked about the project.

There are now fewer cigarette butts and shards of glass on the beach, but work still needs to be done to raise awareness and clear the area completely of litter.

It’s dirty work, but Chris and his team provide gloves, buckets, bin bags and grabbers so you don’t get too grubby and it feels good to know you’re giving something back to the island. If that’s not enough to get you out there, the team give all volunteers homemade juice and pizza at the end of the clean up. The juice is amazing, made from aloe, mint and lemons grown at Casita Verde and sweetened with local honey, it goes down a treat!

What are you waiting for? See Ibiza Limpia’s facebook page for details of weekly clean-up projects and more: