This article was written by Xescu Prats and published in the Diario de Ibiza on 23rd July. This is a simple google translation – but a very readable one. It is an issue I have heard Ibiza boat owners speak about passionately on both sides of the argument, and thought it would be interesting to our readers. 

For those unaware of the situation, the boats moored in regimental lines in San Antonio Club Nautica are moored legally. They pay fees to be there and have services and utilities on hand. The boats moored haphazardly around the bay are not moored legally, at least the vast majority are not.

This is what Xescu has to say on the subject.

Bay of Chaos

The fire of the ship ‘Harmonya’, charter dedicated to mount parties in Caló des Moro embittering life in the neighborhood, is the most visible consequence of the chaos and anarchy that prevail in the bay of Sant Antoni. The event, in addition to the residents, has been paid by the businessmen of the area, who with the closed beach and the dantesque panorama of the calcined hulk stranded on the shore, have seen their terraces emptied and now face an economic bump that, if If the rules had been met, it would never have happened.

In spite of everything, the incident could have been much more serious. If it happened closer to the port or in s’Arenal or Pouet, other boats that are crowded in these areas-illegally roped-would have burned in flames. Or they would have been able to pour into the sea around 20 tons of fuel transported by a boat of these characteristics, causing an environmental disaster and ruin for business, which would have lost the season.

Today, the bay of Sant Antoni, except for the area of ​​ecological buoys managed by Es Nàutic, is a disaster. Opposite to is Pouet and it is Pinet, area whose competences fall in the Demarcation of Coasts, there are dozens of boats anchored illegally. About thirty of them are charter companies that come to make the August from the peninsula. Many are rented as rooms through Airbnb and other portals and do not move there in months. Customers show up with their suitcases, pick them up at Es Pinet’s dock, in full view of everyone, and they settle in a boat where they live, eat and relieve themselves, which obviously end up in the sea. There are also many junk boats, sometimes inhabited, whose owners follow the same hygienic habits a few meters from where tourists swim. A sow

The charter parties, mainly from the Levantine coast, do not pay a cent in taxes on the island and some have even thrown dead-concrete blocks-to enjoy a private buoy at zero cost. In contrast to them, the owners of ‘legal’ nautical businesses and private vessels, which pay out large amounts to be able to moor their boats on regulated buoys. And what is even more serious, many are anchored directly on the posidonia. They have been like this all summer and nobody has imposed the least sanction or demanded the withdrawal.

Next to the Ocean Beach and the inflatable park that floats in front of its facade, the same. More junk boats and others from local owners who moved them there, installing more illegal dead, when the anchorage in the bay was regularized. Here some sailboats are also inhabited and pour their dirty water along a beach that should be in perfect condition and clear of boats. This is what Ports de les Illes Balears establishes, which is the responsibility of this area and, nevertheless, allows the desmadre to prevail.

And out of the port, between ses Variades and Caló des Moro, even invading the mouth of the port and the entrance and exit canal with total impudence, many other boats anchored, again on posidonia, adding to the saturation of a totally disordered bay, with illegalities that are counted by dozens and individuals who market with dead people installed with nocturnality and treachery. The last straw is a junk sailboat on which, apparently, weighs a scrapping order for years. But it is still there, moored next to the dike, with a constant flow of guests. Up to 10 people pay to stay in it at the same time.

This situation not only represents a serious environmental conflict, but an extremely high risk from the point of view of safety. Between the fact that the local authorities do not have competences at sea and that the two institutions that do have them – Ports IB and Costas – do not move a finger to normalize the situation, the bay of Sant Antoni had never registered such a serious and anomalous situation .

Crossing the bay is an obstacle course suffered by swallows that transport tourists, children who train in optimist and pirogue, dealers of nautical activities, et cetera. How is the existence of institutions that live on our taxes justified if they later reject their powers and allow these levels of uncontrol and impunity?

The authorities of the sea are obliged to order urgently, forcing the withdrawal of these vessels, interposing the relevant complaints and sanctions and ensuring that it does not happen again. And if they do not have sufficient means, they demand them. There is no enclave that better exemplifies the term ‘abandonment of functions’ than the bay of Sant Antoni.