Barça Bike – Pedal Power by Donkey Republic

  • Nick Gibbs, 3rd March 2017

Many of us Ibiza residents will have found ourselves parked up at the Barcelona Ferry terminal with a few hours to kill.

What to do?

Las Ramblas will probably have lost its appeal after a visit or two. If not for the crazy inflated prices (I recently paid 8€ for a caña – it takes a lot to shock an Ibiza resident on drinks prices, but seriously?). And anyway, even if you can afford the prices, you probably can’t afford to risk your driving licence. We recently heard from a returning resident who was breathalysed twice going onto the ferry and then again on return to Ibiza – it’s a pretty obvious sting if you think about it.

So if booze is off the agenda, you don’t want to pay the inflated prices of restaurants in the area, but need to know whatever you do you can get back in time for boarding, what are your options?

Bike Hire

loads of locations throughout barcelona

We recently came across this great and flexible way to extend your reach for a few hours. Donkey Republic Bike Hire in Barcelona have a whole host of Bicycle rental locations throughout the city – several of which are spitting distance from the ferry terminal.

Bikes can be rented by time segments from 2 hours upwards and for just a few euros.

prices can change

It is amazing how much more you can take in with a pushbike and a few hours to spare. Take a trip around the gothic quarter, or cycle up to La Sagrada Familia – all with the comfort factor of knowing how long it will take you to return without relying on metro or bus times etc. Plus you see so much more on a bike than you do by other modes of transport.

La Sagrada Familia

Weekend Warriors

Of course bike hire is not just an option for that pre-ferry fill in. Check the Donkey Bikes website for prices on long term rental – a great alternative option for that winter weekend in Barca. In fact a great option for many other locations too. Donkey have bike rentals schemes running in Madrid and many other European cities.

Cheap, easy, flexible, quick, healthy and environmentally responsible. That’s a lot of boxes ticked.

It would be cool to have them set something up in Ibiza, but until then give it a try on your travels.