The Ajuntament of Sant Antoni, led by Mayor Tur, has held a ‘state of the season’ tourism round table with various government and private sector bodies, in which plans for further restrictions and regulations have been announced.

Mayor Tur says that tough new operating conditions on West End bars have been welcomed by the area’s 500 residents, and he intends to go further in changing the image and reputation of the resort town.

The meeting heard a total of 22 proposals designed to improve the image of the municipality of Sant Antoni. “We want a quieter Sant Antoni showing greater respect for its people” said mayor Tur.

Open Air Disco Ban

It is planned to seek a modification to the Tourist Law so that certain establishments “do not have the facility they have now to become an open nightclub by the use of a simple music permit”.

Though no names were mentioned, the huge success stories that are Ocean Beach Club and Ibiza Rocks Pool Parties would be the most logical conclusion as to the intended recipients of this new restriction.

Retail Ban

Among the most controversial of the plans announced was that to place further restriction on the retail sale of alcohol. The town already has an ordinance in place prohibiting the sale of alcohol in shops and petrol stations etc after 12 midnight, but Mayor Tur says that the reality is that these rules are not observed.

The San An regulations on the retail sale of alcohol were rushed through after some resident under 18s were found drunk at one of San An’s public fiestas two years ago. At the time it was claimed that was the sole reason for the ban, and that it had nothing to do with tourism. However, the tourism connection is now being made clearly with the view that it is inconsistent to prevent the purchase of alcohol in bars at 3am but allow people to then buy it in supermarkets to continue drinking in the early hours.

Mayor tur says that as the current rules are not being observed, the best solution is to force all shops that sell any alcohol to either cease the sale of alcohol, or close at midnight.

All Inclusive Ban

Seeming to take a position in opposition of Ibiza Consell’s central government policy of asking for Ibiza to be exempt from the proposed Balearic all-inclusive alcohol holiday ban, the San An Town Hall want to implement that piece of regional legislation to help achieve their desired aim of image improvements.

Bigger West End Ban

The Mayor talked positively of the West End restrictions on opening hours this year, saying they had been very well received by the are’as 500 residents. The mayor had no definite plans to change the regulations, but said he would not rule out extending the streets covered by the Special Acoustic Provisions that require bars to close two hours earlier. The mayor’s comments will do nothing to assuage the fears of those who argued that the controls on the West End were the starting point of a creeping plan that would extend to cover the whole town.


The meeting was attended by the insular director of Administration, Ramón Roca, representatives of all the political parties of the council and representatives of the Business Federation of Hoteliers of Ibiza and Formentera, the West End, the Marina, the British vice-consulate, Ports de Balears, Pimeef, merchants of Sant Antoni and representatives of Sant Josep Town Hall.