Balearic President Francina Armengol

In the latest of her State of Alarm Sunday public addresses, Balearic President Francina Armengol has asked Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for a Tourism Reconstruction Plan for the Balearic Islands when the coronavirus crisis ends.

Speaking at her fourth regional press conference, the President said “in our industry, you don’t press a button and it all gets going.”

Though Armengol did not state any great detail on what form the plan should take, she did request that as with the canary Islands the Balearics ERTE (employment layoff procedures) be extended beyond the state of alarm and the liquidity of companies.

On matters of health, Armengol said the question of whether the public should wear masks required an answer from Government, but also reassured the population that the supplies of protective equipment required by health care workers was now getting through in sufficient quantity, with another cargo plane arriving on Monday 6th.

Ryanair Handling Company

Meanwhile in a separate matter but also of relevance to the tourism sector, it is noted and perhaps telling that Ryanair’s handling company have laid off their staff under ERTE until September 30th.