Gail Dickinson, the 59 year old woman who is accused of having sex with a 14 year old boy on a San Antonio Hotel Balcony while granny watched, has presented her defence stating that the boy orally raped her.

She claimed the 14 year old boy suddenly pulled out his penis and forced it into her mouth.

Dickinson, who was on holiday with the boy’s family, says he then chased her on to the balcony and “tried and tried again” to have full sexual intercourse but she fought him off.

The day before Dickinson gave evidence, the boy’s gran had told the trial she saw the sex taking place in the middle of the night by peeking through a gap in her curtains, but did not intervene as did not want to cause a rumpus.


Dickinson denies the charges of engaging in sexual activity with the boy by kissing him on the lips, touching him on the body, performing oral sex on him and engaging in sexual intercourse.

Dickinson told the court she had been drinking around the bars of San Antonio with the boy and his mum that night, as reported in the Scottish Sun.

When they returned to the flat, the mum had gone to bed while Dickinson and the boy sat in the living room looking at photos on her iPad.

She claimed the boy suddenly pulled out his penis and forced it into her mouth.

“It happened right out of the blue” she said, “I couldn’t believe how fast it happened. I just remember him pushing his thing into my mouth.

“I went into a state of total shock. I froze for a few seconds. He held the back of my head and was pushing me from the front.

“I managed to push him back and I was saying, ‘No, stop it, stop it.’ I ran out on to the balcony and he came charging after me.

“I had my back against the window of the bedroom where his mum and gran were.

She went on to claim that full sexual intercourse did not take place despite the boy’s efforts. “He tried and he tried but I managed to get away from him,” she added.

Dickinson said that the incident ended with the boy “swaggering” past her into his bedroom.

She claimed that she was “in a state of panic” during the incident. “I was disgusted. I’ve been known as a bit of a prude all my life,” she added.

“I’ll never forget the fixated look on his face. I was terrified. He was obsessed with having sex with me.”

Memory Loss

Dickinson said that when she woke up the following morning she could not remember anything about the events of the night before.

She says that first she started having flashbacks after a few days, but it was a long time before she had total recollection of what had happened.

After the boy’s Gran accused Dickinson of raping him the following morning she told the court “I was suicidal. I couldn’t believe the gran and mum were accusing me of doing that. I was in shock.”

She said that the boy’s mum made a pact with her not to inform the Police of what had happened.

The case continues.

Read the prosecution evidence below.

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Woman, 59, ‘Had Sex With 14 Year Old Boy on Ibiza Hotel Balcony’