Artist Mikki Funk Launches True Love in Ibiza


There can be few places on earth that have as wide a range of people as Ibiza. There is a huge diversity of personalities, but perhaps something more than that, a little deeper than that, such a wide range of ‘souls’.

Sometimes our travels will bring us into contact with people where you just get a really good feeling.

Artist Mikki Funk Launches True Love in Ibiza
Artist Mikki Funk Launches True Love in Ibiza

On a delightful winter afternoon in November, I had the pleasure of exactly that in meeting Mikki Funk along with The Ibizan’s Claire B and Mikki’s partner “Q”.

We were meeting Mikki to talk about her True Love book launch and forthcoming presentation/show in December.


True Love is a wonderfully tactile tome. A good example of how dull the world would be if it were to become entirely digital.

The book is dedicated to everybody who believes in true love, however that has been experienced; “there is hope, there is faith, but love is the strongest!”

Would this be called a coffee table book? Though there is a story which starts where all stories should at ‘once upon a time’, the coffee table description fits in so far as you can take pleasure in any individual page, some of which tell the tale, some are an expression of feeling, and many are Mikki’s own illustrations. Love, and cats, and loving cats, are a common theme.

The main text is written in English, in Mikki’s own hand and so becomes part of the art. Each page carries a typed translation in Spanish, Catalan, German and French. This is a great idea in accessibility, however I feel a little guilty that we get the art and everybody else gets a computer font.

Mikki also presented another of her books “Yes Wow” which is both similar to her style but at the same time completely different. A book with a surprise on every page and any further information would be considered a spoiler.

The third in Mikki’s trio was a game, again unmistakeably the same artist but at the same time completely different.

Mikki’s boxed set entitled “I AM” is described as a ‘transformative card game’.

It feels inherently wrong to describe something so individual in relation to its similarity to something else, however in conveying the essence of “I AM” to our readers, saying it is a more accessible version of Tarot will immediately give people a better understanding than any attempt to try and explain how it works within the confines of this text.

Each card is illustrated by Mikki and the set comes with relatively simple instructions reflecting the intention of accessibility. Though no expert personally, our own Tarot-ess Elaine has explained that Tarot takes many years to master and is certainly not something you can expect to get your head around on a Christmas day afternoon while digesting your turkey.

“I AM” is designed to be exactly that, something you can use immediately although of course a little more time and practice will help in understanding how the cards give insight.

It sounds a little twee to say “would make a perfect Christmas gift” but they really would, and anyway, what is wrong with a little twee at Christmas? I remember the previous editor of the newspaper bought his wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. It was a very good vacuum cleaner but his gift of domestic servitude ensured he took quite some ribbing at the staff Christmas dinner. Rightly so. Christmas is not about practicality, it is about gifts like Mikki’s. You might not need it, but you want it, it is beautiful, it is love, and that is quite enough.

Mikki will be holding an evening at Hotel Montesol as a further introduction to herself and her work, in particular her new book “True Love” (see below)

trulove-852Bio—Mikki Funk

Mikki Funk is a female Artist Preneur, Author and Forrest Yoga Instructor who, after successfully finishing Art school and pursuing a career in Fine Arts in Berlin, began exhibiting and showing her Art in post wall Berlin.

These exhibitions were met with great success and her work was collected by world renowned collectors,  Museums and individuals.

Then came her big crash: A divorce from the husband, a dissolution of her film production company and emotional collapse from pure stress and exhaustion, not to mention she was spiritually drained.

So she moved from Berlin after her Midlife breakdown and headed south to live her dream on the island of Ibiza.

Who knew the car would catch fire half way there and burn up never to arrive…

This is where her story begins:

To climb up from the bottom

She needed really powerful Medicine


So she created “Yes Wow, the Book of Self LOVE”

it was an example of her perfect day

But it was not enough.

She had to change from the inside to the outside.

She couldn’t just write about it, she needed to be about it.

That’s when she created the transformative card game “I AM”

A modern day Tarot with an I Ching twist

Discovering the power and Magic of these cards

With the help of the island and Es Vedra

She was able to start the Movement,

She saw was missing in the world.

Armed with her own tools of Creativity

That she has forged and tested on the island

And around the world

She brings a message of Love

Self Love, True Love and Universal Love.

She created the Living ART PIECE Yes WOW Museum Berlin in her former studio of K37 and offers there a unique possibility to experience Art and transformative collaborations in health, wellness and creativity.

For over 30 years now Mikki Funk has been investigating Creativity, Spirituality and Business.

She is not only the president of Yes Wow Ibiza S.L., an independent Media production Health and Wellness start up, she is also the co-founder of Ibiza Lifestyle Tv and Ibiza Love University.

YES WOW was created to help artists, healers, yoga instructors, digital nomads and creators around the world to become self-sustainable, to start their own business to share their work and be able to empower, promote and grow their business online and share their message with the world. Mikki has her base in Ibiza and Berlin.

mikki-funk-montesol-inviteAll We Need Is Love

Book Launch Presentation & After  Party feat Q DeRhino & Miss Luna

December 17th at 18:00h

Hotel Montesol, Vara de Rey, Ibiza Town