Lighthouse in Ibiza

If you’re into architecture, art, history and culture, Ibiza does not lack in sightseeing activities. Below are some tourist attractions.

Museu Diocesa Santa Maria Eivissa is worth a visit, especially if you fancy a bit of history in respect of Ibiza and Formentera. It contains: paintings, sculptures, gravestones, jewellery, and church related items. The 14th century cathedral itself is beautiful, with surrounding trendy bars and early 20th century buildings along Vara Del Rey. There is also a monumental statue in the middle of it all.

Art, History and Culture in Ibiza
Art, History and Culture in Ibiza

The Punic Necropolis of Puig des Molins, Greek for ‘city of the dead’ isn’t far from Dalt Vila, a burial cemetery whereby 3,000 tombs are located deep underground. The cemetery is over a thousand years old. The quaint buildings, narrow roads and cobbles streets of Dalt Vila are truly historical and give you a feeling of stepping back in time.

The caves of Can Marçá, San Miguel are over 100,000 years old. With the fossil caves, water and illuminated colours, it’s a pretty sight – a place where smugglers used to hide things. The sea can be seen from Puerto de San Miguel from the cliff side at the end.

Es Vedrá, the famous landmark is a small, rocky island in the sea. It’s apparently the third most magnetic places in the world, after the North Pole and Bermuda triangle. Other myths and legends, it’s been said that the island has mystical powers, UFO sightings have been witnessed, and it’s impossible to get a direct compass reading near it. However, they do say it has a positive healing energy.

Atlantis, opposite Es Vedrá is a former quarry, rocks formed that appear to form the basis of an old town which is worth capturing some memorable photographs of. Sculptors and stone masons have left their mark with face and symbolic carvings in the cliffs.

There is also the ‘egg’ statue in San Antonio, a monument for Christopher Columbus, which contains a model of his famous ship.

Explore Ibiza and learn how the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Catalans, Ibicencos and hippies lived! Many of their influences are seen today, especially the bridge in Santa Eularia built by the Romans.

There are many villages in Ibiza holding museums, churches, and other historic buildings waiting to be explored.