Arson Blamed for Ibiza Town Fire at Ses Feixes

  • Work is focused on clearing the reedbed fields and restoring electricity and communication services.
  • The fire took hold Monday lunchtime and rapidly burnt through 8 hectares of reedbeds in under 2 hours.
  • The land affected would have huge commercial development value occupying a prime site bridging Ibiza Town and Marina Botafoch.
  • The owners of the land have been locked in a legal battle over development planning permission with Ibiza Town council for many years.

Text Nick Gibbs, Photos Vicent Mari, 7th March 2017

The Balearic Environment Ministry has confirmed today that Monday’s fire in the Ses Feixes area of Ibiza Town was intentionally set.

Miguel Soriano, Balearic Government Environmental Technician, has attended the scene and determined that there are two points of origin less than 40 meters apart.

The head of the Ibiza Fire Station , Miguel Sevilla, also agrees with this assessment, obtained by the joint work between the Government, the National Police and the Local Police.

As it stands there have been no arrests, but the investigations remain open. The work now focuses on cleaning the reed bed fields and attending to the surrounding buildings and vehicles damaged in the fire.

Works to restore overhead telephone and lighting cables have also been prioritised.

Mayor Says Town Hall Will Act If Owners Don’t

Ibiza Town mayor, Rafa Ruiz, has said that despite the fields being private land, municipal technicians will be in attendance to guarantee “health and safety” concerns are met. Ruiz said that the landowners will be urged to undertake necessary works however should they fail to do so the Town Hall is ready to step in.

As reported in the Diario de Ibiza, the mayor also made reference to the “differences that have existed for some years between the owners of Ses Feixes and the Town Council”. It is understood that the owners wish to develop the land however the town council wish to protect the area as a natural habitat.

“The owners have even gone to the Supreme Court to gain development permission by overturning our entire Town Planning policy” he said “which has given us many headaches, not only to this government team but to many people in the city who had other projects curtailed by the legal action by the land owners”.