In 2018 there were 16 Ibiza tourist fatalities that were avoidable or unexplained. 

Up to 1st September 2019 there have been 3.

Though mindful that these 3 fatalities are no less painful to the families of the deceased  than the 16 in 2018, it does represent an amazing year on year drop.

Taken from our own articles …


  1. Scooter Rider Dies in RTA, Van Driver Tests Positive for Cocaine
  2. British Tourist Dies at Ses Paisses Roundabout Accident Blackspot
  3. 4 Year Old Boy Drowns in San Antonio Hotel Pool
  4. 19 Year Old British Tourist Dies in Pool Tragedy
  5. 21 Year Old Briton Dies from Fight Injuries in San Antonio
  6. 22 Year Old British Tourist Dies Just Hours After Taking Cocaine
  7. British Tourist Drowns at Es Pouet Beach in San Antonio
  8. Missing German Tourist Body Found under Torre des Savinar
  9. Floating Corpse Confirmed as 24 Year Old British Tourist
  10. 20 Year Old British Lad Beaten to Death by Gang on Paseo
  11. British man dies in a fall from the 6th floor of the Tanit building
  12. 24 year old British Man dies when Cliff Diving at Cala Gracio
  13. 22 Year Old Tourist Dies from Drug Overdose
  14. Mystery Death of British Man, 39, in Ibiza Hotel
  15. Unidentified Corpse Found Floating in Cala Llenya
  16. Heroic Efforts Fail to Save Man Who Had Taken Copious Amount of Drugs

2019 (to 01/09)

  1. British Man Dies in Central Park Hotel San Antonio
  2. Young Man Dies in Atlantis Fall
  3. Johny Docherty’s Body Found

80% Reduction Year on year

Taking only those fatalities up to the End of August in 2018 and 2019, it represents an 80% reduction. 

Balcony Falls

There has also been a huge reduction in the number of non-fatal balcony falls year on year. It will be interesting to see if this is reflected across all Spanish resorts and so whether it could be a direct result of ABTAs demand on improved balcony safety standards for British tourists made at the start of the 2019 season. 

Drink & Drugs Contributory Factor 

Of the 16 fatalities in 2018, 8 were given an official status as drink or drugs being a contributory factor. This figure could be stated as higher, for example would either of the two deaths by violence have occurred if the protagonists were stone cold sober? Either way, in 2019 there has only been 1 fatality where it was stated that ‘the death had the signs of being a result of drink and or drugs’.

Criteria & Caveat

I have been sitting on this knowledge for some time. I have decided to publish it a month earlier than intended as I am seeing and hearing so much from people describing 2019 as a bad year in Ibiza. OK, I accept there is still a lot of bad news and one issue cannot be compared to another, but from this chair the huge reduction in fatalities and life changing injuries this year to last make it the best news year I can remember.  

Below an explanation of the numbers for those who care to know.

  • The comparison is based upon our own articles only.
  • Though we cannot hope to cover  every fatality in Ibiza, we do publish the vast majority of situations where a fatality is unexplained or avoidable, and relates to a tourist or British/Irish national. 
  • I excluded those fatalities that were known to be natural causes and those that related to permanent residents, leaving the remaining as those that were unexplained, as in some of the drownings, and avoidable, as in those deaths by violence, drugs etc.
  • The figure of deaths where drink or drugs were a contributory factor is those where it is stated as known, not those where it was simply referenced by Police as a possibility, which for tourist deaths is most of them.
  • I could have missed a fatality that should be included, though it is more likely for 2018 than 2019 so would only make the year on year reduction greater.
  • It is also possible that a serious condition accident that did not result in an immediate fatality would not have been notified to us if the person subsequently died.
  • All things taken into account, I think an error margin of +/- 10% is reasonable.