• Information on landlords, their bookings, income and taxes charged to be handed to the Hacienda in regions charging tourist tax. 

In a further twist to the ongoing wrangle between AirBNB and many of Spain’s tourism centred regions, the private short-term accommodation booking portal has agreed to hand over the details of its landlord renting clients to the Spanish tax office.

The move signals something of an improvement in relations between AirBNB and the Spanish authorities, however it is likely to cause some panic among the property renters who are already claiming that they are being sacrificed by AirBNB as the booking giant seeks to negotiate its way around the heavy fines being imposed for its compliance in allowing breaches of local letting laws – including a 300,000€ fine from the Balearic Government.

The latest developments were reported by Spanish newspaper CincoDias, who described the move as a ‘truce’ in their report Sunday. “The San Francisco-based company has sent a notification to its customers around the world informing about the updating of its service policy , payment of services and privacy. The new version of the first two will take effect on June 27 for all customers, both old and new, while the new privacy conditions will be updated on May 25.”

It is point 3.9 of the new privacy conditions that contains the important change in AirBNB’s disclosure arrangement. It reads that hosts “expressly grant us authorization, without additional notification, to disclose data of the hosts and guests and other information regarding both or their transactions, reservations, accommodations and taxes on accommodation to the relevant tax agencies, including, among other information, the name of the host or guest, the ad addresses, dates and amounts of transactions, NIF / CIF and contact information, as well as the amount of taxes that the hosts have received from guests (or that they owe to the first)”.

The rule is intended to apply in areas where a tourist tax is charged on all vacation stays. According to the report in CincoDias, there is some additional question as to whether the method of tax collection in the Balearics is within the terms of the agreement.

Read the full Cinco Dias report here.

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