Wishing you a very Ibizan Christmas from Cala Llonga

In announcing the Balearic’s 5 tier regulatory framework last week, President of the Balearic Government Frances Armengol was adamant that there would be no relaxation of the regulations over the Christmas holiday.

However in an unexpected U-Turn Wednesday 2nd December, Regional Health Minister Salvador Illa announced that there would be a relaxation of the Covid-19 regulations at Christmas and the New Year.

Specifically, on Christmas Eve 24th, Christmas Day 25th, New Years Eve 31st and New years Day 1st, the following changes will be in force.

The maximum number of people allowed at social gatherings will rise from the normal 6 to the special holiday limit of 10.

Curfew will also increase from the current 12 midnight, to 1.30am. There was no specific mention in the report as to whether hospitality businesses would also be able to open until 1.30am though we suspect this will be the case. (edit: we are receiving mixed messaged re the extended curfew, some reports are saying it will apply to the four days listed above, others that it only applies on December 24th and 31st. We will clarify this as soon as possible)

Just one caveat – the Christmas relaxation may rely upon Ibiza staying in, or improving upon, its current tier 3 status when the islands are reassessed on December 15th.

Aside from these four special days, the current rules will stay in place, which in Ibiza’s terms are:-

  1. Meetings : 6 people outdoors and 6 people indoors
  2. Mobility : Curfew from midnight to 6am.
  3. Hospitality : Indoors, 6 people per table. Outdoors 6 people per table. You can’t use the bar. Closing time midnight
  4. Worship ceremonies : 40 people outdoors and 20 indoors
  5. Shops : Capacity at 50%
  6. Tobacco : It is forbidden on terraces, walking or when the social distance of two metres cannot be met.
  7. Sports : Medium risk spaces at 50% of their capacity or 15 people. High risk spaces at 30% or 6 people. And outdoors or excursions, maximum 15 people.
  8. Shows: Cinemas at 45% of their capacity. Theaters and auditoriums at 50% of their capacity.

Border Closure

A second major decision of the Interterritorial Policy Council is that during the Christmas season all the autonomous communities, except the Balearic and Canary Islands, will decree a perimeter closure.

This means that Balearic residents who want to travel anywhere in Spain other than the Canary Islands will need to take proof of their reason for travel.

The allowed reasons for travel are for employment, aiding health services, return to the place of habitual or family residence, renewals of permits and official documentation, other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed, taking official exams or tests, and other similar situations due to force majeure.

Subject to the testing and or quarantine requirements of the final destination, it is still permissible to travel through the closed regions for international travel, for instance taking a connecting flight in Barcelona.