• Public prosecutors have requested a 9 year jail sentence for a man accused of having twice raped a disabled woman in Ibiza.
  • The events occurred in October and November 2015 but are only now coming to court. The case is due to be heard in Palma next week.

Prosecutors claim the 60 year old man controlled the woman by abusing his power over the woman both in being twice her age and in her being severely physically disabled.

On one occasion, he followed the victim to the bathroom of an establishment, where he kissed her, touched her breasts and penetrated her.

Another day, he took the woman to his country house on the outskirts of Ibiza, where he raped her for a second time.

The public prosecutor considers that the double rape of a disabled woman constitute a more serious extended campaign of crime and so warrant a higher sentence. The prosecution ask for a prison term of 9 years, and that the defendant be prohibited from approaching the victim within 250 meters during the time of the conviction and for a further five years after release. In addition, he asks for compensation of 15,000 euros for the victim.

The case will be heard at La Audiencia Provincial de Palma.
The case will be heard at La Audiencia Provincial de Palma.