9 Drivers Caught in San Jose Drink Drive Sting

  • Sant Josep de sa Talaia local police held a special operation to catch drink and drug drivers over the weekend of Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January.

9 drivers were found driving over the permitted alcohol limit. Two of those accused exceeded 0.6mg per millilitre of exhaled air (approximately 3 times the legal limit), and will appear in fastracked court proceedings as a result. Further action will be taken against all those found over the legal limit.

As an additional result of the vehicle checks, 8 drivers were found not to have current ITV (MOT) certification and/or car insurance.


3 drivers were found to be in breach of other regulations, including the possession of marijuana.

The offences carry penalties of fines between 500€ and 1000€. Alcohol and drug infringements can result in up to 12 points on a driving license and other offences between 4 and 6 points.

In a statement issued to press, it was confirmed that the sting is part of a campaign to be held throughout the year at different times and locations.

The rules

Spain’s drink driving laws are stricter than the UK. In Spain the legal limit is 0.5mg of alcohol per ml of blood. In the UK, the limit is 0.8mg. Spanish rules also dictate that new drivers have to adhere to lower levels.

From the 9th May 2014, Spanish regulations state that a minimum fine of 1000€ will be payable by drivers caught whilst twice over the drink drive limit, and/or in all cases for reoffending drink drivers, and/or all drivers found under the influence of drugs.

See our forthcoming feature on Spain’s drink and drive regulations.

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