8 Years Prison Call for Damien D, English Ketamine Dealer in Ibiza

An English national, referred to as Damien D, has received a call for 8 years prison by Spanish prosecutors. 

The 42 year old man is said to have an existing criminal record in relation to drug supply. In May 2018 he was arrested following discovery of over 2kg of ketamine at his Playa d’en Bossa apartment.

As it happened …

On the 30th April 2018 Police found 2.1kg of Ketamine in a flat in Playa d’en Bossa.

It is not known how the police came to be searching the flat.

The occupant was not home.

Police ascertained that the apartment had been let to an English man, identified to the press as ‘Damien D’, who had rented the property for the season.

The total of 2.1kg of Ketamine was found in 8 bags or ‘varying purity’. Most was in two bags of just under 1kg each, and reading between the lines we’ll take a leap and say in likelihood that means the rest had been cut ready to sell.

Damien had become aware that the police had been to his apartment and so did not return.

Over the next two weeks he attempted to evade capture, however Police apprehended him on 12th May.

Following his arrest the police stated an estimated street value of the haul of 101,000€, or 48€ per gramme.

From feedback by those with knowledge of such things, it appears that 48€ would equate to the price of a retail gramme once cut, and so the ‘real’ real value of the haul may be much more than the 101,000€ police estimate.

The case is being heard in Palma de Mallorca and prosecutors have requested an 8 year sentence.