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The Ibizan 836 ~ 21 Jul 16

Front Page



  • Cala Llonga And Jesus Water Reserves Drop By Half In One Month
  • Aquifers (underground water reservoirs) dropped to 24% of their capacity, the lowest level this century.
  • Population pressure and low rainfall blamed as cause.

The Balearic government has issued data stating that as a result of the island’s drought conditions Ibiza’s water reserves have fallen in June to 24% of capacity, the lowest figure recorded this century.

The sharpest declines were reported in Cala Llonga and Jesus where aquifers have reduced their volume by half between May and June. Cala Llonga’s has fallen from 34% to 16% and Jesus from 45% to 21%.

Ibiza has the worst water reserve figures in the Balearics. Menorca has 59% capacity, Majorca 47%, Formentera 42% and Ibiza falls well behind at just 24% a reduction of 7% from less than a year ago.

In terms of localised reserves in Ibiza, Cala Llonga sits at the bottom with 16% then Roco Llisa with 19%, Jesus 21%, and San Agustin at 22%.

The worst figure recorded was in August 2015 when Cala Llonga’s reserves dropped to just 8% .

The director general of water resources Juana Maria Garau, has highlighted the issue of population pressure as having a significant impact alongside the natural drought. “We must take into account the number of arriving tourists and hotel occupancy which has been high up in the first seasonal months this year than in previous seasons. Garau went on to warn of long term issues. “When the desalination plant in Santa Eulalia becomes operational, it will give us some breathing space but the increase in the rate of population will soon overtake the benefit of the water it supplies.”

Despite the gloomy outlook, Garau denied that the government response was insufficient in light of the water crisis, stating that there had been improvements in San Jose which has the highest level of water supply loss and is undergoing considerable pipeline replacement. It was also stated that Ibiza is now in an official “state of extraordinary drought” requiring urgent measures be put into place to curb the overuse of water and recover the aquifers of the island.

Did you know we are currently in a ‘state of extraordinary drought’?

What measures are you aware of that restrict your water usage at home or work?

For more information on the issue of Ibiza’s underground aquifers and the threat faced by their depleted levels see our full report here.




Visiónica, Festival Of Art And Audiovisual Creation

  • Ibiza Town

El Hotel Pacha is to host the 12th annual Visiónica festival between the 25th and 27th of July. It is the first time Ibiza has been chosen to hold the event, which has as its 2016 theme “Human /Bionic Art”.

Organisers say they are questioning what it means to be human today, where will humanity be in 100 years, and whether we should continue to modify our bodies and minds in line with technological development? Location: El Hotel Pacha – Paseo Maritimo S / N – Ibiza


Reggae Festival

  • San Carlos, Thursday 21st July from 21:00

Thursday at Las Dalias is the time and place for this year’s festival of reggae later this month.

They told us it will be a big one. “This year we are pleased to present one of the greatest reggae artists currently making authentic Jamaican music. For the first time in Ibiza, we bring you the Legend Alborosie with his band the Shengen Clan. We will also welcome back the godfather of the Ibiza Reggae Festival, Earl Gateshead who will once again give us a magical lesson in culture, history and amazing music on the decks!

“Also included is the up-and-coming band Serranitos Tropicales from Huelva… A promising group which is not to be missed!

“And, to top it all off, some of our best homegrown DJs and soundsystems of the island will keep the music going through the night including: Antuan Roots, Hoppy Dread, Englishman, Rastafairy, Wisdom Sound System and the Noite Zulu Crew.


Dance Extravaganza 2016

  • Cala Llonga Beachfront
    • Brian Whetton

Next Monday, 25th July, Viva Cala Llonga, in conjunct

tion with Vecinos de Cala Llonga, will be staging their

annual Dance Extravaganza on the beach in front of Restaurant Del Mar and Cafeteria Del Mar. Starting at 8pm

with an exhibition of Traditional Country Dancing by a

dance group from Puig den Vals.

Then at 9pm Capricon Dance Studio take to the stage performing some of their award winning routines.

At 10pm there will be a Fire Juggling show from Ogio. The evening will then carry on with DJs Doctor Feelgood and Phil Much Better.

This event is always a spectacle not to be missed, a night of dancing on the beach, under the stars, what more could you ask for?

There is ample FREE PARKING in the village, just follow the P’s. Viva Cala Llonga.

See the advert or for more information,

Tennis for Kids

  • San Antonio

Viva Tennis in San Antonio are running tennis summer schools for children throughout the school holidays.

Viva Bodd Tom told us “At the moment we are running 1 group of 10 to 13 year olds. We are hoping to introduce another younger group shortly (6 to 9 year olds). Times are 09:30 arrival to 13:30 pick up. We include at least 2 to 3 hours of tennis training per day, plus playing in pool, ping pong, physical coordination etc. Price is €280/month or €75 per week.”

For more information


  • Santa Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespana Sta Eulalia Fri 22nd – Sun 24th July 19-00hrs Money Monster. (2016. Crime Drama. 1hr 38mins. PG 15.) Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio. Stars: George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell



Coastal Clean Up Collects 100kg Of Waste Per Day

In the month of June alone, 33 cleaning boats have collected 18 tonnes of waste, a decrease of 17%.

Of the waste collected in the shoreline clean up, the predominant material was plastics comprising nearly half of that collected 46.4 % followed by wood 25.5% and vegetation 15.8%.

Ibiza’s clean-up boats are part of a Balearic wide fleet which is unique in the Mediterranean. The project requires an investment of 1 million euros per year to maintain 33 vessels from June to September.

Recycling Up 57% In San Jose

The separate collection of recycled waste has grown 57% in San Jose during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period of 2015. The increase in the number of containers for recycling has risen from 130 to 244 and the increased frequency of collections are the main reasons that have led to this growth, which began with the launch of the new refuse contract.

The biggest area of improvement during the first quarter are the blue bins (paper), with an increase of 62.06%. In the case of the yellow bins (containers) there has been a rise of 52.35% over the same period last year. Finally, the collection of the green bins (glass) has increased by 54.13%.

This increase is attributable not only to the installation of more containers with a greater capacity, but also the frequency of collections. Yellow bins have gone from 3 to 4 times a week, blue bin collection has increased from 2 to 4 times a week, and green bins from 1 to 2 times a week.

Another reason could be down to this year’s Easter holidays falling in March, while last year they were in April, which could have also increased the volume of the collection. However, the month that recorded the highest growth was in February, so the plan is to continue to maintain this line.

There is also the implementation of the Green Line, a new system for the management of public incidents where you can alert the local council that the containers are full using your mobile phone through an app.

  • News Continues On Page 6


Food & Drink



 A Haven Of Accessible Luxury

Whatever your position on the surge in Ibiza’s VIP venues one thing that most will agree upon, is that as soon as you see white driftwood furniture and cushioned cabana beds, the price to enjoy such luxury is going to be pretty steep.

Es Canars Jacaranda lounge somehow manages to provide all the trappings to make you feel a million dollars but at a price point that is accessible to most of us – and this is all the more impressive given their beachfront location.

Jacaranda starts its day as a relaxing beach club. Patrons can choose from beds and kabanas right on the beach or around the crystal clear pool. In the afternoons they step up a gear to pool party mode, and celeb hunters may wish to take note that Dane Bowers has a summer residency. Entrance to jacaranda is free day and night. During the day sunbeds and kabanas both poolside and beach are 15€ per person, and VIP beds 50€ per person which includes a magnum of MUMM champagne, towels and fruit skewers.

The daytime pool party closes at 7pm when Jacaranda steps into its night attire with various shows throughout the week (see advert). The highlight is celebrity Sundays which on our visit had the X-Factors Monica Michael performing and this coming week Phats and Small are the star attraction.

But we get ahead of ourselves. We had been invited along by Jacaranda owner Mandy – a very entertaining host who could probably do a stand up show herself – to review jacarandas tree restaurant.

Having suitable starved ourselves during the day, we arrived with three big appetites ready to choose from a varied Mediterranean menu offering no less than 15 starters (which could also be taken as a tapas for lesser appetites than ours) and 8 main courses plus 5 variations of Paella and 4 Pasta mains.

  • Fried French brie served with toast and cranberry sauce.

The crisp crunch of breaded brie exterior hides the soft full flavoured cheese within, great taste and elevated further with the cranberry sauce.

  • Spanish salad with tuna, crab, and egg mixed with mayonnaise, onion and tomato with a side order of crackers.

The name Spanish salad made us feel we should have eaten this dish before, but it was a combination unfamiliar to all of us. Ours was served with garlic bread, the perfect accompaniment on which to slather the creamy rich salad.

  • Fresh melon and Parma ham “Pata Negra”.

Aside from the quality, which was good in respect of both the melon and the ham, there is little you can say about this popular Spanish starter though we cannot fail to mention the huge portion which satisfied all of us around the table.

  • Fillet Mignon with potatoes.

The fillet mignon was cooked to rare perfection and of a very good size considering its 21€ price tag – there have been many occasions when we have paid more but received far less. Detailed as served with potatoes, a small criticism was that ours was served with chips bringing a moment of “is it coz we’re English” jest, and the fact is we are and so steak and chips is always going to be most acceptable.

  • Gordon Ramsey’s sticky spare ribs.

Bucking the usual expectation of a brand name increasing the price, the big plate of sticky spare ribs was nothing short of a bargain at 12€. The juicy meat fell off the bone and melted in the mouth, delicious.

  • Chef Omar’s lamb chops with a hint of rosemary on whipped mash potatoes.

The lamb chops demanded that in ensuring every morsel was eaten from the bone, there were two on our table eating with their fingers. Again a very generous serving of 5 chops served with the perfect fluffy rosemary mash.

  • Saltimbanque, 2015 Rueda

Though the fillet and ribs may have suggested a red, the balmy summer night led us to choose a crisp and ice cold white wine. Saltimbanque, this 2015 Rueda left us as happy with our choice as the jester translation of its name.

With hungers well and truly sated, Mandy had kindly reserved us some great seats in which to settle down with our coffee and enjoy the show with the terrace by then filling up nicely.

There was no charge for beds at night with many families choosing the numerous four poster cabanas and with bar seating and sunbeds also available everybody is able to find their preferred place.

Electric Dreams led by Lauren Kaycee were first to entertain us with many well-known tunes ranging from 90’s dance anthems to contemporary chart hits.

Monica Michael then took to the stage with a set of both her own compositions and some covers but all delivered with her deep soulful vocal breaking now and again into rapping.

Highlights included Soldier, one of her own sang on X-Factor, and also sang on the show with an obviously important emotional connection Angel, written following the tragic death of her step 2 years ago.

Whether or not this is typical every week, we could not say but Monica also represented the Jacaranda ‘accessible to all’ atmosphere in that she was happy to stay behind talking to big queues of selfie ready admirers after the 12 live music curfews.

We went to give our thanks to Mandy for a great night and found her on a swing in what she called “Mandy’s naughty corner”.

The rest we had better leave for your imagination.

l See Advert for More Information.




Keep Off The Grass – Protect Our Posidonia

Following last week’s lead news of the Consell’s campaign to protect the fragile posidonia meadows around the Pitiuses’ coastal waters, reader David Ickringill put us in touch with local campaigner Maria José Estarellas. It never ceases to amaze how much selfless effort the citizens of Ibiza put into championing worthy causes and Maria is a great example.

Whilst we can put the message out in print and online, Maria has taken the initiative to distribute the leaflet by paddle board directly to boats in the protected areas.

Maria told us “we are now working with the Red Cross. We go to different beaches with two kayaks and provide information to boats anchored in the Posidonia. We give them a “folleto” and also recyclable ashtrays. We also take the opportunity to clean the sea of plastic and issue warnings if we see an animal in danger.”

Maria lists many friends on facebook timeline as assisting in the cause, and has obtained the English pdf of the leaflet which is available for download on our website.

People Who Buy From Illegal Street Traders To Face Prosecution

  • Spanish town of Torrevieja to punish the people who buy counterfeit goods from illegal street traders.

A Bylaw amendment has been made in Torrevieja on the Spanish mainland, to sanction the buyers of the counterfeit goods sold by illegal street traders, whilst still allowing for penalties against the sellers themselves.

Reported by Round Town News, the initiative is understood to be the first where an attempt is being made to curb the much bemoaned street trader activity by focusing on those creating the demand for the street trader’s goods.

The announcement was made by the town Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon when presenting the council’s campaign against street sellers, and is supported by the Copyright Defence Association (Andema).

Mr Moreno told reporters that counterfeit goods are sold because there is a demand for them, and by penalising the buyers it was hoped that it would deter them from taking the risk.

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) supports the campaign and is focusing on making the general public aware of health risks from buying fake products, using untested perfumes as an example.

A poster campaign has been launched which includes images of items such as sunglasses, phones and bags with slogans including “stop,” “toxic” and even “mafia.”

In The UK Press

Essex man, 21, drowns after going for swim in sea in Ibiza

  • By SimonMurfitt, Essex hronicle, July 18, 2016

A 21-year-old holiday-maker from Essex drowned after going for a swim in the sea in Ibiza.

Coastguards found the body of Tom Jarvis from Romford, who was set to celebrate his birthday tomorrow (July 19) after a sea and land search on Friday involving police, Civil Guard and Red Cross workers which resumed on Saturday morning.

A friend raised the alarm just before 9pm on Friday night. He is understood to have got into difficulties and disappeared after jumping into the sea at the San Antonia resort with a friend.

A Civil Guard spokesman said: “We were alerted on Friday evening and a sea and land search launched involving us and other agencies including the coastguards. It appears he went out for a swim and disappeared. His body was recovered just before 9am on Saturday morning. A post-mortem will now take place.”

The body was found in Cala des Moro, a small sandy cove which is popular at sunset and is a short walk away from places like Cafe del Mar where holidaymakers flock every evening.

A marine rescue boat called Calliope is understood to have made the discovery. Civil Guard divers were immediately sent out to the area to recover the body just before 9am local time. Police are now investigating the circumstances leading to the death as part of a routine inquiry.

Tributes have poured in online to Tom, who was a management trainee at Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery.Friend Nyall Warner wrote on Facebook: “Cannot believe such a kind soul has been taken from us. Rest in peace brother! One love.”

British Tourist Detained, Accused Of Sexual Assault In Cala De Bou

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Guardia Civil agents arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in an apartment building in Cala de Bou. According to the British woman, a tourist of British nationality entered her room through a window and sexually assaulted her.

After being advised of the situation, a Guardia Civil unit was dispatched to the apartment building located in Calle Cantabria.

On arrival, the officers questioned several guests of the building until they found their suspect, LEW, 32 years old, whose room is next to the complainant.

According to reports, the man resisted arrest and two Guardia Civil agents suffered minor injuries as a result. The detainee now faces charges of sexual assault and the assault of police officers.

Ibiza Expects To Receive 5 Million From Eco-tax This Year

This year, Ibiza could receive around five million euros from the tax on tourist accommodation, popularly known as eco – tax, according to data provided yesterday by the Balearic Minister of Innovation, Research and Tourism, Biel Barcelo.

Barceló estimated a collection of between 30 and 40 million in Balearics, of which Ibiza is likely to receive “between 13.5% and 16%.” Thus, the island could have about five million euros next year for projects financed by the eco – tax. These projects will begin to be implemented in early 2017, said the Minister.

Torres Benet noted that in the constitution of the commission (whose vice president is the Regional Minister for Finance and Public Administration, Catalina Cladera) the government maintained the “commitment” that Ibiza receives at least 13.5% of total revenue. Of course, it added that this year the amount will be less because the tax was implemented when the season had already started.

The Commission presented that in September the annual plan of priorities will govern the allocation of resources and in October institutions may submit projects they want to fund with the proceeds. Barceló said that priority to environmental projects will be given, but also other initiatives listed within the regulations: preservation of historical and cultural heritage, to extend the season, promoting sustainable tourism model, innovation and investigation. The minister, who stressed the “normality” with which it has started to collect the tax, said in November the proposals will be chosen.

Vicent Torres noted that the Consell de Ibiza and have several projects in mind, but would not specify any. “We must agree with partners in the government,” justified the insular director.

Torres stressed after the first committee meeting that although the regulations provide that money can be used for initiatives environmental, economic or improvement of tourism, the intention of the Consell de Ibiza is to prioritise projects related to the environment. “The idea is to proceed with the recovery of natural spaces”, announced the insular director, Torres then announced “But the environment is most important”, and moved that the Consell present a draft “so good” that the Government cannot refuse it despite its exceeding the budget.

30 Proposals In San Jose For New Beach Businesses

Sant Josep Town Council has received more than 30 requests to install new businesses on the beaches of the municipality, which have been initially rejected as “arbitrary” by agreement of the government team.

Safety deposit boxes, changing cabins or inflatable water parks are among these proposals, which in principle are being refused, but it is possible that after the Management Plan, and in some cases, plans may be approved.

Councillor Josep Cardona, said yesterday at a press conference that “only after the analysis of these propositions can any plan follow and thefull extent to which we can accept these businesses.”

“Every year there are many requests for new facilities and new businesses, things for people that do not yet exist, entrepreneurs, innovations, and existing businesses. By agreement of the government we say no, at the moment, “he explained.

According to the councillor, those concerned submit their draft to the Coastal Authority, who then calls for a report by the City of Sant Josep, “that is perceptive, but not binding…” he explained.

The council has detailed that “entrepreneurs and innovators are very inventive.” “We have already seen four types of application, ecological, continuous surveillance, cameras…all kinds of requests,” he added.

The Councillor also noted that swimmers who see abuse or breaches in the beaches concessions, for instance, not properly outlining the hammock area or a failure to comply, they can communicate such grievances through the implementation of the Green Line. “You can take a picture and deunciarlo” he noted, complaints may also be due to lack of cleanliness, overcrowding, predatory pricing, etc.

The Good Time Guys


Music For Dreams has announced a series of parties at Las Dalias hippy market in Ibiza this summer. The first event, on Thursday 28th July, features a live concert by The Brand New Heavies, pioneers of the acid jazz scene in London in the eighties and nineties.

The Brand New Heavies translated their love for 70s funk into a sophisticated sound and became the global torchbearers of classic soul in an era dominated by hip-hop and house.  They will be performing a full live set including their hits, ‘Dream On Dreamer’, ‘Never Stop’, ‘Stay This Way’ and ‘Midnight At The Oasis’, all of which were hugely popular in Ibiza at the time.

Music for Dreams, the Balearic music label based in Copenhagen has joined forces with Vaughan from Pacha’s Funky Room and Babylon Beach to create a trio of parties where the original Balearic spirit of Ibiza returns to the island with a club event and a musical policy where anything goes as long as it’s quality, funky and hips move.

Providing the Balearic beats will be original Ibiza DJ, Pippi, Music For Dream’s head honcho Kenneth Bager,  and many other familiar names.

Home of Ibiza’s legendary hippy market, Las Dalias has been on the scene since 1954. The iconic venue is located on the main road between Santa Eulalia and San Carlos and is one of the main congregating points for Bohemian Ibiza.

We talked to the two bang up to date old timers who share a love of the past with all things contemporary.

Kenneth Bager is the well-known and much loved man behind the Music For Dreams label. Vaughan is the man of many hats everybody knows from either or both Pacha’s Funky Room and more latterly as one third of the partners at uber-cool Babylon Beach. Though they are both involved in the Ibiza of today, their legacy goes a long way back.

Ken started his DJ career in 1979   coming to Ibiza for the first time in ’82 in what he describes as a typical, albeit early, Ibiza love story

Ken: “I had heard tales of a hedonistic life and a legendary club based around swimming pools and open terraces. I was drawn to Ibiza by the mystery and have been here ever since.”

It was his Danish dance music that opened the door first to playing Ibiza’s clubs in the late 80s and early 90s.

Ken “I remember Vaughan from my earliest days in Ibiza, he is part of the original Ibiza dance music scene and our paths have crossed many times. It feels like a natural partnership to be working with him”.

Vaughan’s arrival in ‘82 sparked the start of 14 years on the dancefloor of Pacha as his perhaps spiritual home, but also taking his brand of Balearic moves around the world during the winter months.

Vaughan “After all that time dancing the next step was to open Pacha’s funky room with DJ Pippi and it has been running continually ever since; now on Friday nights. We still love what we do there but at the same time I am always looking for new ideas. I have always been a huge fan of Las Dalias as a venue and it is great that it is now being used to much more of its potential.

“A lot of the DJs I work with in the funky room and Babylon beach are signed to Ken’s record label and I suppose it was inevitable we would end up working together on a project. If anything, it is quite surprising it hasn’t happened before.”

Vaughan and Ken do seem to have a lot in common but also strike you as quite different people. One of their definite similarities is that they are both ideas men and I felt certain that in working together an event would not be as simple as ‘performer comes on stage, plays set, receives applause, plays encore, show over’. Knowing Vaughan and Ken, there would be much more to it than that.

Vaughan “we want to make a festival feel in Las Dalias. We’re starting with three parties this year as a ‘pre-empt’ to holding between 6 and 8 in 2017. We want to get people back to enjoying themselves partying and not being obsessed with their phones; we want them to be in the moment with the music. We want people up and dancing and know that to get people really enjoying themselves, we have to have the right DJs and right performers in the right venue, and we definitely have that in Las Dalias and our own, you could really call it a community, of DJs. The live show will be outside open air and when the music curfew kicks in at 12 we will move inside where the DJs will carry on until 6am.”

Ken: “After the live music stops outside, we will continue with performers to keep the festival feel and we are also looking to use the basement which not so many people will know. We are prepared to put in all of the effort to see the project grow. We have quite modest expectations for these first few gigs but a real confident feeling that it will be popular and successful in the long term”.

With talk of a return to dance and away from the dreaded phone obsession, I had to ask whether they were looking to recapture a past time, an Ibiza that is no more and perhaps could never be again.

Ken “for sure we are drawing upon the feeling from the early days of the Balearic beat. The thing that made the whole musical culture of Ibiza were the days of Alfredo and the anything goes philosophy. If it sounds good and creates a good groove, it is ok to play”.

Vaughan: “but this is not a retro event. We are not looking to emulate the parties we remember. It is about drawing on that experience but applying it in a contemporary way. We are all for progress and music moving forward, but we want to hold onto the central vision that music is about enjoying yourself and about dance”.

Ken “it is about dancing from the hips, not from the chest”

Vaughan “exactly. The way to make a party is to get the ladies dancing. Once the ladies are dancing the men will follow. At least they will if they want to get a girl, and most of them do”

Most people who know Vaughan will be familiar with his dance heritage – he always says that his love of dance came about through wanting to catch the girl and the best way to do that was on the dancefloor.

It wasn’t long before that bad seed; the telephone reared its head again.

Ken “disco, funk, house or rock, it doesn’t matter if it sounds good it is ok but we want people to hear the music and feel the music; not be looking at their latest app or snapchat or Instagram”

I asked if they were going to take any steps to enforce a no phones policy, something that has been tried by 1 or 2 promoters, though in my experience with very limited effect.

Vaughan “no, we won’t be trying to prohibit pones. We think it is about playing the right music and creating such a good atmosphere people won’t be drawn to use them. We don’t have much phone obsession in the funky room. You might get the odd picture taken, but people aren’t standing there filming the moment they are missing.”

Ken “we want to make our parties nights people will remember. We will have some talking points for sure, which has always been one of the ingredients of the best club nights – where it steps up to being a show, engaging all the senses, sight as well sound. I am not saying we are going to be making love on stage”.

I sat up to attention at this point as it seemed quite a leap from performance to the prospect of Vaughan and Ken getting jiggy manumission style, but it would be hard to argue, that certainly would be a talking point. In an effort to clear some pretty strange mental imagery, I changed tack to ask of the reasons behind their choosing Brand New Heavies for the opening show and LaidBack on the 4th August.

Vaughan “The Brand New Heavies was an easy choice. They’ve always made good music and they always make great memories.”

It is true, the Brand New Heavies do seem to have a universal appeal, everybody likes their music and whereas some dance genres seem to have a love or hate reaction, the Heavies seem to fill a centre ground where everybody feels at home. When they played at Ibiza Rocks two years ago, we discovered that in the office everybody knew of them, but nobody could really name any tracks; then once you have heard those tracks, you knew they were familiar tunes that you had grown up with. With this in mind I asked Vaughan to describe the Brand New Heavies for anybody reading that could not bring any of their songs to mind.

Vaughan “soulful, funky, dance. That’s about it really, that sums them up. Their songs have warmth and a depth that seems to make them timeless. They sound as fresh now as they did when they were released.”

Ken “they are real professionals in their approach to their music. You only have to look at YouTube where all of their songs have views into the millions.”

NG: And how about LaidBack?

Ken “Laid back are a Danish group. They might not be a household name, but to the end of 2015 they had sold 35million records, which is not bad going. They have had 3 number ones in Denmark and you will know some of their biggest tunes when you hear them. We have supporting them on the 4th Jacob Gurevitsch and also Bongo Enterprise who have a Brazilian feel”.

Knowing Ibiza as we all know Ibiza, a project such as this takes a lot of effort and needs a lot of support. I asked Vaughan and Ken who they would like to give a mention in dispatches, by way of thanks.

Vaughan “Las Dalias for sure, we are doing it there because we love las Dalias, they have been a great help. Chema and Senna, and a big thanks to Juanito, the owner. Also of course, we both have to thank the people in our own businesses; for Ken Music For Dreams and for me Babylon Beach for their support in enabling us to push this forward.

See Advert Back page and more info at


At Night


Alter Ibiza

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

Ibiza’s newest club Alter Ibiza opened its doors on Wednesday July 20 with an opening party featuring a sterling line-up of local and international DJs: Jo Mills, DJ Antz, DJ Callum, Rusty Egan, Scott Gray, Nigel Atkin, with Rocky Percussion and Ivan M on Sax. Alter Ibiza, the brainchild of island residents Steve and Sara Altman, has taken over the stunning Summun club in San Antonio Bay.

Summum opened in 1979 and is designed by the famous Catalan artist Lluís Güell, known for conceptualising many iconic venues in Ibiza including Café del Mar and Es Paradís. Alter Ibiza is the transformation of a basement into a spectacular large space filled with columns, marble staircases and angel sculptures adorning the walls and ceilings.

Having spent some time refurbishing the venue and returning it to its former glory, Alter Ibiza is born, and promises to offer a new, refreshing, alter-native clubbing experience on the island, and one which will be open all year round. Their ethos is instantly appealing to me and I’m sure it will be to many others who live and visit the island and are looking for a slightly different clubbing experience.

Over 25 Only

The club is for over 25s only, aiming to provide a boutique clubbing experience for grown ups in an intimate nightclub that is designed to encourage the perfect combination of dancing and socialising. They have rational pricing, introducing fairer drinks and ticket prices into Ibiza’s clubland – most nights will be 15€ on the door, cheaper in advance. Their attitude towards VIPs is that everyone is a VIP – there are no VIP seating areas, no cover charges and no minimum spends. Added to this are superb line-ups in which artists and club promoters are treated fairly and given 100% of the ticket price.

Not only can you dance the night away in a work of art, but you can also unwind in style at one of the three bars. The main bar caters for all tastes, beers, spirits and carefully selected house wines, cava and champagnes – a faster bar for those who want to get back on the dancefloor. Alternatively you can relax around the circular cocktail bar where fully trained mixologists will be creating mouth-watering alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The Bottles and Champagne bar provides full bottles of spirits with a selection of mixers or buckets of wine, cava, champagne or beer – for those who want to relax for the evening without having to keep revisiting the bar. Champagne is also served by the glass.

Obviously there’s got to be good sound too so there’s a Void Sound System, found in the most prestigious ‘super clubs’ and venues around the world.

The nightly programming has also been deliberated in depth in collaboration with recognised promoters and brands, and for starters the following parties will be offered.



Monday night is ‘Retro’, one of the longest running UK club brands. With Paul Taylor a driving force, Retro offers clubbers a chance to relive clubbing memories, delivering a soundtrack filled with nostalgic anthems and feel-good music. Created by clubbers for clubbers.


Tuesday is ‘iCulture’. Producer and DJ Richard Earnshaw and Steve Taylor will be bringing deep and soulful house vibes to the club with special guests each week, including Max Hardcastle, Dave Doyle, Husky and more over the coming weeks.


Wednesday is DJ Antz and ‘Play It By Ear’. Antz is one of Ibiza’s favourite DJs, wowing club dance floors and private villa parties across the island. Antz’s music style is truly eclectic, adapting to any dance style – he has an awesome music knowledge and an ability to seamlessly mix disco edits with phat baselines. Antz’s ‘Play It By Ear’ will be at Alter Ibiza on July 27, August 3 and 10 and then return for numerous other nights throughout the season. From August 10 Kenny Summit, Good For You Records, brings ‘Disco Does It’ every Wednesday to Alter Ibiza, and when he say’s ‘with special guests’, he means it.


Thursday night is ‘Engage’, Fat Tony’s weekly residency. Pleasing dance floors worldwide for over 35 years, Fat Tony has become one of the most respected and in demand artists in the club scene. Fat Tony: “I play really eclectic stuff – reworks, old tunes, new tunes, I like to take people on a journey. I thrive on it. Everything I play is uplifting and vocal, nothing deep and dark.”


Friday night is ‘Edit’ with Phil Jaegerossa and Jordan Murphy inviting a series of special guests to the venue. Edit believe music is for everyone – inclusive rather than exclusive. House, funk, soul, disco, hip hop, b-bop, as long as it makes you move your feet, you will hear it at an Edit presents event. Listen to world-class guests from Greg Wilson to Joey Negro alongside the finest Edit residents. Edit believes Europe needs a resurgence in club culture and are happy to be custodians of this new music battle.


Saturday is ‘Boutique Balearic’, showcasing some of Ibiza’s and the UK’s finest DJ talent, spinning current Balearic Beats mixed with the classic, recreating and redefining the best of Ibiza’s club music history. It will feature many of the biggest island DJs of the last few years, including Alfredo, Jo Mills, Pete Gooding, Andy Baxter and Dave Phillips.


Sunday night is ‘Car Wash’. Proudly holding the title of Europe’s longest running Disco and Funk night, this is one party not to be missed. The infamous Carwash Ibiza duo, Nigel Atkin (Carwash founder) and Steve Altman, with special DJ guests, always create a night of guaranteed, quality music and fun. Alter Ibiza hosts the Carwash crowd, dressed in stylish disco glamour, grooving to the coolest dirty modern disco combining Classic and Nu, laced with Funk and Soul.

It all sounds good to me! Remember it’s for over 25s only and ID will be required. And a note on the dress code – dress to impress – as they say on their website, don’t expect to walk in with sand-filled shorts, flipflops and a T-shirt. Alter Ibiza is open daily, from 11pm till 6am. For details of the line-ups each week and to buy tickets go to the website:


Major Lazer @ Ibiza Rocks

  • San Antonio
  • Words Claire B, Image Lydie-Anne Hampson

Part 2 of the Ibiza Rocks 11th birthday party was last Wednesday with Major Lazer, and to say that it went off, is an understatement. We were told that we couldn’t go in the pit and take photos for the first five minutes and standing by the stage waiting to go in we realised why. From the start streamers and CO2 jets were sent out into the crowd in spectacular fashion from the foot of the stage. This continued throughout the show as the 3 members of Major Lazer, Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire did their thing on the stage with their 4 female dancers. Wearing matching baseball shirts with their names on the backs (including the dancers who had theirs over the top of their coordinated cropped tops and shorts for most of the show) the guys bounced around the 3-tiered stage when they weren’t in charge of the decks and the girls danced their proverbial socks off on every other number, taking a well-earned break in between. The packed venue jumped up and down, put their arms in the air and loved every minute of the energy-infused, electro, beat-laden music. Extra visual stimulation was provided by the slick graphics on the LED panels around the stage. For most of their set the lighting rig and nearby palm tree were adorned with streamers blowing in the gentle Ibizan wind and picking up the colours from the lights, adding to the party atmosphere. The last song of the set was their big hit ‘Lean On’ which had everyone just going that little bit more crazy and even more CO2 and confetti was launched into the venue for the finale. They came back on for a short encore of a reggae-stylee tune, which saw everyone swaying from side to side with their arms in the air – the audience was at one in their admiration of what they were experiencing.

It was a slick, coordinated and choreographed show with non-stop dancing, graphics and effects and the crowd loved it, but it wasn’t really my thing and I was left thinking afterwards that there was more style over substance. Give me a live band any day, but I can’t argue with the couple of thousand punters who lapped it up and had a ball. Happy birthday Ibiza Rocks – both your birthday parties rocked and here’s to many more amazing years!


Ultra Naté @ Hard Rock

  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Words & Image Claire B

I made my first visit this year to Children of the 80s at The Hard Rock Hotel last Sunday to see Ultra Naté. I had loved ‘Free’ when it was released in 1997 and went on to buy her album ‘Situation Critical’ which had a number of great tracks on it, including some fantastic dance remixes of some of them. I’d also been a fan of Children of the 80s last year when it was introduced and became a big hit on the island, to the surprise of many. Its combination of live acts and DJs and videos from the 80s and 90s made for a fun night out and something a bit different from the other offerings on the island. This year they’ve only been having one live act per week and so far no-one had jumped out at me to entice me to get myself down there. Last week however was different – I couldn’t give up the opportunity of seeing Ultra Naté in my neighbourhood.

This year the DJs have been placed at the back of the stage taking pride of place, rather than at the front where they were last year and are now the stars of the show. The venue was packed when I arrived with lots of happy people dancing and looking towards the stage. Ultra Naté bounded onto the stage in a multi-coloured cat suit just after 11pm and launched into ‘A New Kind of Medicine’, flanked by 4 of the female Children of the 80s dancers. She followed-up with a couple of tracks she has covered, ‘Automatic’ (originally from The Pointer Sisters), ‘If you Could Read my Mind’ and a mashup of ‘Think (Freedom)’ and other songs which morphed into an up-tempo version of her biggest hit ‘Free’, which has been remixed by so many DJs/producers over the years for the finale. Her 20 minute appearance, as she sang powerfully over backing tracks and gyrated her way around the stage with the alternating female and male dancers, was great, but I was left feeling that I would have preferred a proper and longer live set from her. That is not however what Children of the 80s delivers, and unfortunately, as in most places on the island, the DJs have taken centre stage again. A bit of a shame really, as it’s a great venue for live music and they don’t seem to be bringing in any big acts this year, which they have done in previous years. But I was pleased to have seen Ultra Naté in the flesh after all these years and Children of the 80s is a fun night out if you want a throwback party and dance to lots of tracks you know and can sing along to from the 80s and 90s.


  • Playa d’en Bossa

The Seven Wonders of Sankeys Ibiza, its programme of weekly parties for the summer of 2016 is now well underway. The club has something for everyone’s musical tastes and there are some old favourites as well as some forward thinking new additions to add some much needed variety to Ibiza’s musical landscape. The weekly line-up:

Fridays: Abode. The hottest Sunday party in London. Its focus is letting its talented residents shine and progress and Sankeys Ibiza have managed to sign them up for their first ever summer-long residency on the island.

Saturdays: Tribal Sessions. This night needs very little introduction – it has years under its belt of setting the house and techno agenda. Tribal returns with near festival sized line-ups featuring the best DJs from across the electronic spectrum, including residents like Miguel Campbell, Manu Gonzalez, Jozef K, Adam Chappell alongside very special guests.

Sundays: Viva Warriors. Again this night needs little introduction, featuring the boss man and king of the basement Steve Lawler sitting firmly at the helm. This definitive tech house night brings its ‘A list’ artists to each and every party.

Mondays: The Redlight. This House and Garage night really captured the hearts of clubbers and was one of the most successful nights on the island last year with Matt Jam Lamont firmly at the helm and showcasing artists who are bringing a new, fresh, sexy, sleazy sound to Mondays on the White Isle.

Tuesdays: Applebum. Newcomer Applebum is a bold celebration of hip hop and R&B culture, on a quest to re-visit, re-live and re-imagine the sounds, fashion and lifestyle of a movement that helped shape a generation. Think only the best beatmakers and record players with lots of flower power, love and good vibrations in the air at each and every party with artists like Jazzy Jeff, The Sugarhill Gang, DJ Yoda and many more.

Wednesdays: Dance 88/89. This brand new night is all about Acid House and Balearic vibes and nods to Ibiza’s Halcyon days. Every week it will play host to Ibiza’s most legendary and famous character, DJ Alfredo. Also joining him every week is Bushwacka alongside artists like Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Adamski, 808 State, Graeme Park, Todd Terry, Mr C, Fabio & Grooverider plus many more.

Thursdays: Unusual Suspects. Unusual Suspects took up residency in Sankeys Ibiza throughout the winter, and will deliver a distinctive sound that drives groovy, bouncy, bass-lines in the form of sexy house and techno.

Community & Agenda



Thursday 21st July to Wednesday 27th July 2016

ARIES – The Hanged Man

Whatever you’re getting hung up about is going to tie you in knots if you’re not careful.   What are you sacrificing yourself for or for whom? This is the point where you decide if any sacrifices are self-centred or a voluntary choice; a difference between childish desires or adult responsibility.  Time to grasp new perceptions of what’s right or wrong.

TAURUS – Judgement

If you have reached a crisis point in your life, now is the time to make resolution so changes can happen.  Suspend your judgement on others and yourself as this only brings further condemnation, instead allow events and destiny to reveal any truths.  Remember, you reap what you sow so if your intention is pure, then all will be well.

GEMINI – King of Cups (reversed)

Don’t be fooled by hollow promises this week.  What seems like a good idea may in fact be a tad problematic.  This King can be a cold fish so can stand for a wish or desire that remains just out of reach.  Romantically, he represents someone who is more interested in themselves than you and has a narcissistic streak. Avoid.

CANCER – Ten of Pentacles

Expect financial gains and the feeling that life is turning in your favour at long last.  Your talents will be recognised and others will be happy to pay handsomely for these.  If you are involved in sales or promotions you can expect this to be a bumper week and for some there may even be a pay bonus or promotion.

LEO – Four of Swords

Be careful not to become trapped in a situation of your own making or the inability to read the lay of the land intuitively and to act upon the signs.  You need to create some space for yourself and to get your ducks in a row.  Only be creating distance can you see things from another perspective and act accordingly.

VIRGO – Six of Cups (reversed)

This card is all about events that are to come and those who will play an important part in your future.  Be careful at this time what you wish for and the situations you become enmeshed in.  It indeed places you on alert to only get involved with those who you sense will enhance your life, not detract from it.

LIBRA – King of Swords (reversed)

Protect your interests at all costs as there is someone who is up for grabbing a piece of your pie!  This person power hungry and will not stop until they get what they want.  This doesn’t stand necessarily for a man as this card can also represent a greedy woman who is no friend to the sisterhood. Take appropriate action.

SCORPIO – Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Just when you thought you could go full steam ahead with your exciting plans, then life throws up an obstacle or three your way.  Don’t be too upset and this only a temporary delay and it gives you an opportunity to fine tune plans further.  Handled properly you’ll be able to control this hiccup rather than be controlled by it!

SAGITTARIUS – Four of Wands

It’s party time for playful Sagittarians this week.  You just want to have more fun than the average human and why not?  Engagements or weddings are often announced when this card shows up.  So what have you or others got in mind?  Socially you are much in demand and you’ll have trouble keeping up with the invitations.  Sleep; what’s that?

CAPRICORN – Ten of Cups

A great deal of happiness comes with this card as you move into a more tranquil and loving stage of life.  Family and friends bring the best out in you and you’re willing to be more communicative and loving, which in turn brings that back to you.  Positive intention is important for you to attract what you want from life.

AQUARIUS – Knight of Swords (reversed)

It’s easy to stay on top of difficult situations when you can control the forces around you.  However, other’s spitefulness or lack of control this week will have you on the defensive and rightly so.  An enemy wants to cause trouble so watch your back.  Underhanded or deceitful people can be cunning so deal with any nonsense strongly and swiftly.

PISCES – Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Think again if you’re planning any major investment; it might be wise to wait at least a month as you may waste your cash in some way.  If a project or business idea is financially draining, you will have to rethink your strategy or give up on a cherished idea.  It’s not the best time for a home move either.

View From The Pew

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house.  And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching.  But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.”  But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (The Gospel of Luke 10:38-42).

Martha, according to Jesus, is anxious and troubled by many things whilst only one thing is necessary!  Martha is doing what was expected in that first century Middle Eastern Jewish culture.  She is in the kitchen preparing the banquet for the famous rabbi and his disciples.  She is in her place!  Mary is being counter-cultural.  She is not in her place!  Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus together with the other disciples.  The disciples are, in Hebrew, talmidim – students of a rabbi.  There were no women disciples, talmidim – there were no trainee women rabbis in that culture.  To be a disciple is to sit at the feet of the rabbi.

A rabbinic saying contemporary with Jesus says: “Let your house be a gathering place for sages and wrestle in the dust of their feet and drink in their words with gusto!” (The Mishnah, Tractate Avot 1:4).  Being a student rabbi was not a passive thing – yes they sat at the feet of the rabbi but they metaphorically wrestled in the dust with argument and counter argument.

Martha is caught up with many things and she is anxious, distracted and in turmoil.  Mary is focused on the one thing necessary.  Is there a connection with being conventional and being anxious and troubled?  Martha is doing what is expected of her – she is in the kitchen angry with her sister for not helping to prepare the meal.  Is there a connection with being counter-cultural and choosing the one thing necessary?  Mary is not doing what is expected.  Mary has joined the talmidim and that is NOT acceptable.  But Jesus accepts her – “Mary has chosen the good portion which will not be taken away from her.”

  • The Service this Sunday 10.30am July 24th is at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), Santa Eularia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383




Amanda Zips It Up

Greeting from the poolside. I’m currently toasting nicely on both sides in Mallorca.

The big sister of my beloved Ibiza, Mallorca has so much to offer. It’s a year round resort, with the city of Palma boasting world class shopping for all seasons. Mallorca doesn’t really shut down over the winter, unlike Ibiza, which tends to become a little sleepier post October and pre May.

I’ve been dropping by for the last few summers and I haven’t come close to exploring everything on this beautiful rock. I’d love to spend two or three days checking out every quirky shop and boutique in Palma, of which there are hundreds, but it’s just too damn hot and the lure of the cool air conditioned Porto Pi mall is very tempting when the temperatures hit 35’.

The stunning beaches, which frame the island, are as idyllic as any tropical paradise found in the southern hemisphere. But in July and August, you have to grab your spot before the masses arrive. By lunchtime, you’ll be lucky to find a square inch of those golden sands and crystal clear waters.

I am desperately trying to eat as healthily as possible, which isn’t too complicated because the Mediterranean diet is rich in life-extending foods, like fish, olive oil, fruit and fresh veg. My weakness is the incredible bread though. It’s like a drug, and I find myself crossing the road with my eyes closed when passing a tempting bakery.

Plus, you can’t move for the mouth-watering home-made ice creams in new and innovative flavours that even Heston would be proud of. I live next to seriously classy ice cream parlour and avoid eye contact with the ice cream man like an addict avoids his dealer in the beer garden. At least the pool is a respite. I sit in there all day because you can’t eat underwater.

Onto this week’s blog and we look at luggage for M.I.L.Fs (ed—do you really mean milfs manda??). Also, we explore the wardROBE essential, plus menswear in Ibiza.

It’s all here. Slap on that Factor 50 all over and enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Macson Men

It’s not often we focus on Menswear in Ibiza here at Zips It Up.

And that’s partly because Spanish fashion brands for men are not always of a very high quality level, but to be fair, some are in line with the fashion-conscious and self-confident man, who is aware of his appearance in the blistering Spanish sunshine.

Macson was born way back in 1942 making the very best shirts in Spain.

Their effort and commitment led them to make more than one million shirts a year for their growing list of loyal customers.

Following the successful line of shirts, they decided to make a collection to dress men top to bottom, and that’s when the MACSON store concept was born.

The company uses natural fabrics, cottons and wools and quality fuses with state-of-the-art fashion, but without losing the conservative touch. All this has made Macson a brand with power within the fashion markets of Europe.

Macson devotes approximately 40% of its collection to satisfy the taste of the client alone, who wants a good suit. The brand has updated the collection in recent years with an urban and edgy feel.

Why do I like Macson so much? Because it offers fantastic style for absolutely every guy out there.


The Robe

Can’t decide what to wear in the morning when you roll out of bed?

I have the solution – you needn’t take off your dressing gown.

As slips and camis dominate the catwalks (plus Zips It Up has bought you countless articles about underwear as outerwear) I’m taking the trend one step further. This summer’s must-have is quite simply the Robe – or Kimono if you’re a stickler for correctness.

Margot Robbie donned a kimono-style robe to the premiere of Tarzan, and I have been donning my black and gold silk winged robe by Left Bank Six out here in Mallorca all week.

We’re not exactly talking about dressing gowns here. Leave the white towelling for the bathroom. We’re concentrating on a step above in the fashion stakes.

So how to wear them? Balance out bedroom vibes by keeping things simple and not too dressed up – think blue jeans and a white t-shirt – or layer over a slip and strappy heels for evenings out.

Forget boardroom to bar – this is bedroom to bar, and it has one major plus side. If it’s a late one, you’ll already be ready for bed when you get home.

Mink Butterfly Kimono Gown £40 Next

Floral Printed Robe £38 Topshop

Beaded Kimono £59.99 H&M

Storksak Bags

So, for all you new young mums on holiday this summer, how do keep all those baby changing bits and bobs in one place on the beach, and still look stylish?

Introducing the award-winning British baby changing-bag brand, Storksak. They have released five eye-catching new styles in a new collection combining up-to-the minute looks with detailed interiors and accessories.

Embracing the trend takeover of non-leather bags, Storksak has launched its first ever vegan-leather bag. A nod to sustainable fashion, the new Eden is soft, buttery and leather-free and will double up as the ultimate gym or weekend bag. With double sided webbing in a vibrant contrasting colour, the smart straps across the outside of the bag allow for easy storage of your jacket, baby blanket or even yoga mat, if you have the energy, that is.

Check out the ‘Emma’, ‘Sandy’, ‘Anna’, and ‘Caroline.

Everything from classic, understated shoulder-bags, that can be teamed up with any outfit, and will double up as an equally luxurious handbag, to this year’s homage to sports-luxe style, these super lightweight bags cleverly designed to hold all of your essentials. They comes equipped with a luxury padded changing mat with two mesh pockets for storing baby’s creams and nappies and a back pocket for wipes.

Storksak was founded in 2003 by North London based design-duo Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman (who met each other at their children’s school gates), with the vision of creating a line of luxury baby changing bags which didn’t compromise style for function. Now celebrating over ten years in business Storksak now have a huge following her in the UK and across the pond with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and Jools Oliver all being spotted with Storksak bags.

So, with small child in tow, you can still be a ‘Yummy Mummy’ or (dare I say it) dazzling M.I.L.F.

A Day In The Sun

  • Sophia V.

So you’ve planned a whole day at the beach, the pool, or wherever, and not sure what to take with you. Here is some cool stuff that you might find useful.

Firstly, take a beach-bag with you. Next, a towel. I prefer to use a large sarong as it’s much lighter to carry around than towels. It also easier to get the sand off.

A cool-box. These are amazing for keeping your drinks cold all day. There are also small-ish cool-bags as well if you don’t want to lug a box around. They’re perfect for your soft-drinks, beers, ice-creams etc. You can even keep sandwiches / fruit / other food in there.

Travel-size cosmetics. Spray-in conditioner is a must if you’re spending the whole day in the sun. A small spray bottle where you can just add it to the ends is perfect. Lip-balm is also wise to prevent dry lips, and moisturiser and or sun-cream to keep your skin moist and protected.

A mobile wallet. The plastic wallets that are used to protect mobiles from sand are perfect. There are even waterproof ones if you fancy taking snaps in the sea, and bum-bag type wallets.

Music gadgets. If you fancy listening to music whilst you sunbathe, I recommend wireless speakers. The Beats Pill is loud and clear. If you want to listen to music alone, then take your headphones. If you fancy listening to music when you swim then the water-proof iPod, complete with short-cord headphones is amazing.

If you’re having a bit of a get-together and want the music even louder, then get yourself a wireless boom-box.

Reading material. Tablet / mobiles are something I never leave the house without, purely because I love to read from the Kindle app when I’m out in the sun. The Kindle App is free and you can even find loads of free Amazon books for download! You can even pop your headphones in and listen to an audio book. You can also purchase waterproof mobile and tablet cases.

Sun protector. An umbrella may also be necessary for the times when you fancy a bit of shade, as temperatures in Ibiza especially at the moment are scorching! Inflatable canopy’s can also be bought, where you just pull the umbrella-top down over you.

Handy gadgets. Key-ring bottle openers are a must if you plan on enjoying an alcopop or beer throughout the day. Sun-loungers with a hole for the head are perfect if you’re sunbathing on your front, and want to read / use your mobile at the same time.

Pool-seats. You can buy proper blow-up stools for the pool which is good if you just want to sit in the water, talking to your friends, with a drink. You can even create your every own pool-side bar! If you have your car, then mobile chargers that fit into the lighter slot are a definite must. Nothing like needing your mobile and the battery has died. Towel clips can be useful when there’s a bit of a breeze, or you’re going to the water and don’t want it flying across the beach. You can even get towels with the word ‘Reserved’ on if you’re staying at a hotel, and the loungers are always packed. Comfort gadgets. Pillows for the beach / pool provide maximum comfort. Who doesn’t hate lying flat? You can buy beach pillows, and even head-rests, which double up as a bag too. There are also blow-up ones. No more rolling up towels or making sand mountains to rest on.

If you have children, then take the usual to keep them protected from the sun, and safe from boredom: hat, umbrella, sun-cream, toys for the water, buckets and spades, a ball, and maybe even a small tent if they get tired / too hot.

The Guide




Jezza’s World of Sport

Swede And Sour!


First the Swede and many congrats to Henrik Stenson who lifted the Claret Jug at the Open at Royal Troon in bonnie Scotland at the weekend, his first and indeed, Sweden and Scandinavia’s first (male) Major and what a fantastic last round of golf, featuring Stenson and American Phil Mickelson. After the penultimate round on Saturday, t’was only ever going to be between these two golfing superstars, as at that stage they were so far ahead of the field with the nearest challengers being some 11 shots behind. So, it all came down to the last day with Stenson just one shot ahead at tee-off. Then unfolded one of the most gripping 18 holes of golf that I have ever seen as  both pulled out all the stops with the leadership see-sawing between the two with equal standing at the halfway stage. Then followed the crucial 14th and 15th holes as Stenson birdied both to take a 1 shot lead which he kept thru’ the 17th and then at the 18th another birdie to Mickelson’s par gave him the title by 2 shots and not only that, he recorded the lowest ever Open score beating the 19 under held by Tiger Woods. Commiserations tho’ must go to the gallant American who not only shot a magnificent 1st round of 63 (8 under) but followed that with a last round of 65 (6 under) and to have lost having played that last scintillating round must have been devastating. Anyway, congrats again to Stenson and to win being a member of the European Ryder Cup team for September’s event must have brought joy to Captain Darren Clarke. He must also have been pleased to see 6 other Europeans in the top 10, led by McIlroy, Hatton and Garcia in =5, Johnston in 9th and Kjelsden in 10th.


and then the Sour as England succumbed to a sucker punch at Lords as they lost the 1st Test (of 4) against Pakistan by 75 runs, especially after their unbeaten start to the summer against Sri Lanka. But Pakistan are not ranked World No 3 for nothing and despite a battling bowling performance from England’s all-rounder Chris Woakes who took an amazing 11 wickets in the match (incidentally, the first time that an England player has achieved that and then lost since 1950!) the victors really had two of their team to thank for their win, Captain Misbah with a superb ton on day 1 and then leg-spinner Yasir who took 10 wickets in the match, to become the World’s No 1 ranked bowler, knocking England’s Jimmy Anderson off his perch. However, the Lancastrian will have the opportunity of revenge as he has been recalled, after proving his fitness, for Friday’s 2nd Test on Friday at his home ground of Old Trafford, and will be joined by all-rounder Stokes, back fit again, and leggie Rashid. So, lets hope for a re-run of the Sri Lanka Tests and England to win all 3 remaining Tests to take the series 3-1 ( mind you, I wouldn’t say no to 2 wins and a draw!)


and huge congrats to the GB Davis Cup team, who, as holders, took on Serbia in Belgrade in this year’s Quarters and even without their leader and inspiration Andy Murray (poor thing, after his Wimbledon success on grass he didn’t want to revert to clay before the hard courts of the US Open) proved that they can win without him as they won the rubber 3-2 with great wins for Kyle Edmund, who won both his singles matches with the second being crucial to take a 3-1 lead, and Jamie Murray and Dominic Inglot who won the doubles to go 2-1 up with 2 to play. Well done lads and same again please when you meet Argentina in England in September in the Semis, a tie that dear old Andy has promised to turn up to!


Without wanting to put a dampener on his chances, great to see Chris Froome still holding on to the Yellow Jersey after Stage 15 of the Tour de France and 1 min 47 secs ahead of Holland’s Mollema in 2nd but also good to see England’s Andy Yates still among the leaders in 3rd overall. Congrats too, once again, to England’s Mark Cavendish who won Stage 14, his 4th stage win of this year’s race and his 30th overall and having already overtaken Frenchman Bernard Hinault’s mark of 28, only Belgian legend Eddie Merckx’s count of 35 stands in his way to history. So good luck to all 3 riders in the final stages this week.

Rugby League

now and it’s once again tight at the top of the Super League as leaders Wigan surprisingly lost to lowly Leeds to drop to 2nd on points diff as Hull retook top spot after their local derby win against Hull KR, whilst Warrington, only a point behind, stay in 3rd after their 42-26 win at Castleford. And finally

Rant of the Week!

It has been brought to the attention of our Sports desk by a rather incensed Chelsea fan, who was obviously here last week, to the “You Can’t Buy Class” excerpt in last week’s The Ibizan. He has had a go at both the Spanish Noudiari and the English Daily Star, from which the extract was taken I presume, saying that these papers have quite obviously made a serious case of mistaken identity regarding Chelsea’s newest player Michy Batshuayi. Granted, the Blues fan informs me, that yes indeed, the footballer was involved in a situation with the Policia Local in IBZ when the car was parked in the shade of a tree in a public park, but, he points out, the car was actually rented by his brother and not he. He also points out that, being only 22, he would not have been able to rent this “₤215,000” supercar as the minimum age for a car of this ilk would be at least 25 but probably 30. Then, aside from that, he goes on to say that the Daily Star stated “ the Italian was again etc.etc” and “whilst playing for Manchester City in 2011 etc.etc”.And his points? Firstly, Michy is Belgian, born in Brussels, and secondly he has never, ever played for Man City, only Standard Liege in Belgium  and Marseille in France before signing for Chelsea during the recent Euro16 tournament. Thank you, Mr Stamford Bridge, nice to see the Spanish and English press being caught out and methinks they mixed Michy up with a certain Mario Balotelli, ex-Man City and soon to be ex-Liverpool star.

Whilst on the subject of footballers, great to see Cristiano back in Ibiza last week, relaxing on a €40,000 a week chartered powerboat, with his family. You see, sports fans, in my humble opinion, that’s the difference, Mr Rooney comes here after a wretched Euro16 campaign for his country and rents a €120,000 a week chartered powerboat whilst Ronaldo, who actually earns more and is worth more (and is a better footballer to boot!) and actually won the Cup, doesn’t need to flaunt his wealth in the public eye. Nuff said! ‘Til next week




Day by Day…

  • Also see articles on this page and throughout the newspaper.


  • 16th July to 16th August Bloop Arts Festival, San Antonio & Ibiza Town

Thursday 21st

  • San Carlos, Ibiza Reggae Festival, Las Dalias from 9pm
  • Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), The Walk,
  • San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Friday July 22nd

  • Walking Ibiza Classic walk – Es Cubells to Es Vedra –
  • San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 23rd

  • San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works A.T.  – Puro Teatro 2016 Entrance is free first come, first served
  • Ibiza Town, Musica Jove, 9pm, Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila, Rels
  • Once Upon a Time market @ Boutique Hostal Salinas. From 5pm till late. Details on Facebook – Once Upon a Time Ibiza.
  • Ibiza Town. Local band Rels play in the Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila at 9pm. Tickets are 2€ at the door from 8pm.

Sunday 24th

  • Walking Ibiza Sunset kayak tour – San Miguel to Benirras
  • Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,

Monday 25th

  • San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Tuesday 26th

  • San Antonio/Bay, Sean Mackey @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Wednesday 27th

  • Walking Ibiza Short & sweet walk – Portinax – 6pm
  • Walking Ibiza Sunset kayak tour – San Miguel to Benirras – 7.15pm

Thursday 28th

  • Ibiza Town, 10pm Cinema Paradiso (fb), Scarface
  • San Antonio/Bay, Ibiza Elvis @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert
  • San Carlos, The Brand New Heavies @ Las Dalias. 20€ advance, 25€ on the door. (see ad right)

Friday 29th

  • Walking Ibiza Classic sunset walk – Ses Salinas – 7pm
  • San Antonio/Bay, Chris farley @ Stevie Ds, 10pm see advert

Saturday 30th

  • Cala Llonga Free films on the beach, 30pm Minions
  • San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works Teatro de Ponent. –  En el arca a las ocho Entrance is free first come, first served
  • Ibiza Town, Nits de Tanit, Sinestesia – dance from the emerging dance company from Barcelona Iron Skulls set in a post-apocalyptic world. 10€ in advance or 15€ on the night.

Sunday 31st

  • San Jordi, 9pm, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, The best amateur theatre companies showcasing their works Closing – Grupo de Teatro Cubells.  – Peludos y Pelados Entrance is free first come, first served
  • Figueretas, Jazz, Hotel Rest Figueretas,














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