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The Ibizan 830 ~ 09 Jun 16



Ibiza Vice

  • Traffickers Escape After 6 Hour High Speed Sea Pursuit
  • Drug Bales Jettisoned, As Yet Unfound

Customs officers detected a suspicious rib boat suspected to be carrying drugs between Morocco and Formentera at 10pm Monday night. Intelligence was passed to local customs in Ibiza and Valencia at around 3am.

The Colimbo III, customs surveillance service boat, began pursuit of the suspected traffickers which by that time were already south of Cape Mola. The crew, believed to be five people, made the most of their two powerful motors on the rib resulting in a chase lasting for more than 6 hours. A customs patrol boat from Valencia also joined the chase and in their attempt to shake off their pursuers, the traffickers circled the entire island of Ibiza.

During their flight, they jettisoned several bales at sea. It is understood that the bales sank and to date the customs surveillance service have not been able to recover any of the packages. Officials believe the bales will have been most likely containing hashish.

The chase ended in Cabo La Nao on Les Rotes beach in the municipality of Denia. The suspected traffickers beached the boat, which was later found to be almost out of fuel, and fled on foot. Agents of the Denia Guardia Civil searched the area throughout the day but so far no arrests have been announced.


Rural Round Up, 18 Arrested For Countryside Thefts

The Guardia Civil have confirmed the arrest of 18 people connected to the outbreak of thefts in the Ibiza countryside over the past year. Since taking on responsibility for combatting the rural crime in December 2015, a total of 112 interviews were held, and identities checks made on 381 people and 305 vehicles. It was also announced that the specific plan with regards to combatting burglary in Ibiza remains in force and that reinforcements of Guardia Civil are being allocated to the 2016 summer operation, which will arrive in the coming weeks.

Evelino Costa, Secretary General of the Government delegation in the Balearics, said that he “understands the local concerns, that any citizen who suffers a robbery is bound to feel” but also expressed “full confidence that the measures taken by the Guardia Civil will reap results”

During the meeting a report of the 2015 season noted that criminal offences were down 6.33% and that data from Jan – Apr 2016 shows serious crime against property to have fallen by 2.9% and against persons by 17%.

San An Extends Club Closing By 30Mins

The Town Hall of San Antonio is yet to comply with the agreement made last October to unify the closing times of clubs and those with café concierto licenses. In a meeting held on Tuesday it was decided that the clubs would cease trading at 6:30am and café conciertos at 5am.

At the end of the meeting yesterday, the mayor, José Tur, Cires, acknowledged that the new agreement has not yet been implemented stating to the Diario that they will come into effect this month or July. In the case of establishments in the West End, the current closing time of 5am will not be affected and will remain the same.

When asked the reasons why, that in the tourist season, the times have still not been approved and agreed, the mayor hid behind “the process is complex.” “That’s what I’m told by the technicians’ he said.

Last November, the Town Planning and Activities Councillor, Juanjo Ferrer said the government team, despite the agreement of the Council of Mayors, had no plans to extend the opening times by half hour for clubs. “At present our regulations are not going to change. Times will stay as they are,” said Ferrer.

Spate Of Serious Injuries Following Falls

A 34 year old British man is currently in the ICU of the Policlinico Nuestra Senora del Rosario with cervical trauma that is considered will result in permanent injuries.

According to reports, the man dived into the Marco Polo hotel pool in San Antonio, however there is no suggestion that he did so inappropriately.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon but it was not until the next day the man was taken ill and had to be taken urgently to hospital.

Meanwhile a tourist who was airlifted to hospital on Saturday following a jump from a tourist boat is said to be in a critical condition.

The German tourist, also 34, was on a Formentera boat when he jumped into the water from the deck of the boat far too close to shore

He suffered spinal cord injuries when hitting the seabed in the shallow waters.

In another separate incident, a 31yr old man fell from the third floor of a building in the Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town.

Medical personnel treated him at the scene following which he was moved to Can Misses where his condition is said to be very serious. Police sources are understood to have said the man was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Also last week, a 29 year old Italian national was injured when he fell from the platform of a crane in Isidor Macabich, also in Ibiza Town and also said to be as a result of being drunk.



Cala Carve-up

Hi  Daniel, (who? Nice to know I’m making my mark, ed)

I am a long term resident of Can Germa. I wanted to draw your attention to the situation here brought about by the ill considered access restrictions to Cala Salada/Saladeta.

In place of the bottleneck at the access to the beach the problem has been shifted to the road from the bar restaurant Can Pou up to the barrier. There are many cars parked on private land as well as by the roadside and the road which leads down to Punta Galera. This will inevitably lead to access problems as well as accidents. 2 cars which were parked for several hours yesterday had been damaged.

The beach restaurant has to issue passes to clients with bookings, I believe they have 4. I can see that their long established business will be affected. The residents whose access is before the barrier are in the same position as everyone else.

I have enclosed some photos. Bearing in mind that this is only the first week in June, it will be even more chaotic in the peak season of July & August.

Les Morris

Queen Celebrates Official 90th Birthday

Schedule of events

  • All events are live on BBC One (times shown are Spanish local time)

Friday 10th June: 10:30 – National Service of Thanksgiving – watch Sir David Attenborough, Michael Bond, David Cameron and a host of well-wishers including Hilda Price from Cardiff, a leading light in the Mothers Union and born on the same day as the Queen.

Sir David Attenborough, also celebrating his 90th birthday this year will be taking part at the Service of Thanksgiving on Friday that will begin a weekend of celebrations for her official birthday.

The naturalist will read an address written by the Paddington Bear author Michael Bond, who is also 90, reflecting on the passage of the last nine decades.

It will be one of a series of “birthday gifts” for Her Majesty in a highly personal service at St Paul’s Cathedral attended by virtually every member of the royal family, which also happens to fall on Prince Philips 95th birthday.

Saturday 11th June: 11.30 – Trooping of the Colours – There will be a traditional display of pageantry of the Queens Official Birthday Parade with members of the Royal Family making their annual appearance on the infamous balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Sunday 12th June: 14.15 – The Patrons Lunch – A one off spectacular fundraising ‘street party’ taking place in The Mall to close the Queens weekend of birthday celebrations. This iconic stretch will be transformed for the event with 10,000 people gathered to celebrate the Queens support of over 600 charities and organisations. A hamper style lunch, with carnival style entertainment.

Why does the Queen have two birthdays?

How very British!  The tradition originated due to the unreliable British weather because of the royal family’s wish to hold the grand royal birthday parade in the summer.

It is believed that the tradition started with King George II in 1748. His birthday fell in October however due to the unseasonable weather; he chose to celebrate along with the armed forces in their summer military cavalcade.


Food & Drink

Bucanero and Donnegans

Red and green should never be seen, or so any self-respecting fashionista would have you believe, however there is a very good exception to this rule in the Bay of San Antonio. It comes in the form of Cala de Bou’s two partner pubs Bucanero and Donnegans who sit side by side in perfect synchrony.

Euro 16

Now it is fair to say that their differences will become most apparent once the football kicks off. Bucanero will be seeing red with their support going to England and Wales, whereas Donnegans of course, will be rooting for the green green grass of home. As to what will happen if and when red meet green we don’t know, but until that point it’s all good friends. Apart from the obvious benefits to world peace and harmony, this also means you can buy Donnegans Nacho sharing plates for Bucaneros, and with its impressive proportions, it will keep you going until half time at least.

But it’s not all football, and with both bars offering a whole host of fun, frolics and feasting, we thought the best way of working through it would be to start right at the beginning…

Donnegans from 12noon

The early bird of the twins, Donnegans can serve you up a brilliant breakfast to deal with the night before, whether your appetite is of epic proportions or their very popular breakfast stacker bun which squeezes in sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms and hash brown.

Settled for the afternoon or perhaps a late arrival, their breezy terrace will keep you happy with cocktails, draft beers, including Guinness of course,  plus a shaded children’s corner with chalk boards, giant Jenga and connect 4 etc. plus – and every parent will love this one – free drink refills!! The kids menu offers a good choice at a bargain price keeping the youngsters happy whilst mums dads, lads and lasses can take on the beef beauty that is their very special house burger (pictured top right) Burger. This gleaming tower of pleasers is obviously something special but it doesn’t stop there with the famed Donnegans steak pie which is marinated in Guinness and slow-cooked to perfection.

Irish Hour & Rock n Roll Bingo

From 4-7pm, Donnegans turns up the Irish music and turns down the price of drinks which should put you in a merry mood as things step up a gear for the night shift.

New this year Is Donnegans Rock n Roll Bingo where the numbers are replaced by hit songs so enjoyed by even the most petulant teenager and Bingo-phobic father.

The Buc Starts Here

As the evening moves on the doors next door are thrown open adding more bars, pool tables and the option for pole dancing into the fray.  Bucanero like their music bouncing so it is party from the outset with a good mix of house, RnB and everything to make your feet move.

Donnegans Live

To be sure, to be sure, that there is something for everybody including those who prefer music to be played on instruments, Donnegans offer an evening line-up of live acts every other night. We must make specific mention of the regular Roberto, a real crowd pleaser of a geezer who will have you singing along in no time.

Back to Bucs

By now, Bucanero resident DJ and international conspiracy theorist known and loved as ‘Monkey’ will have taken up his resident post behind the decks ensuring that party atmos never lets up. Bucanero is a bar where it is not at all surprising to see the staff dancing behind the bar as he spins his magic web. Resistance is futile, you will soon be dancing.

Those from the green side of the bar who want to continue past Donnegans bedtime are in luck, as a mere few footsteps shuffle next door means they can party on until 5am. Patrons can partake in any of Bucaneros many drinks offers, though as all roads lead to Rome, all Bucanero drinks seem to lead to shots—and nobody is complaining. To round off a perfect party they even have the obligatory Burger available from their own outdoor Grill.

As the night wears on, things can get, how should we say it, a little messy and sometimes exuberant. For the protection of the innocent this is where we will end our tale, but if you want to see up close the late night Bucanero bounce, you only need take a look at their Facebook galleries. Parental advisory applies.

One final very special service offered for female clients is that a Prince Charming will scoop you up in his arms and carry you off home at the end of the evening*, how about that for commitment to ensuring you have a good time.

*May require impending marriage.

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Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan


When it comes to ethically produced fashion, one company tops the list for me.

Introducing SL8 (pronounced slate), a new ethical streetwear brand, born in the North of England.

Slate is the original chalkboard, mined heavily in the north. Thinking that the name SL8 would be pretty cool, the guys designed the logo to replicate chalk on a slate board.

All garments are Fairtrade and ethically produced. Plus they are approved by the Fairwear Foundation.

I love the whole collection. It’s bang on trend and I get a warm feeling knowing that what I am wearing not only looks and feels good but has a total sense of wellbeing.

Everything is silk screen printed or embroidered (hats) by craftsmen and women in the UK. They use the highest quality, premium cotton fabrics, and each garment is cut to be ultra flattering.

SL8 also sponsor Cool Earth, donating a percentage of all sales. Cool Earth work with Indigenous tribes within rainforests, to halt deforestation and help provide a sustainable living.

I absolutely love the range. Here are a select few pics of my faves.

Check out the website

Electro Reiki Ibiza

Combining new age technology with ancient pure essential oils, here’s unique way of healing your mind, body and soul with this incredible combination.  It’s a mixture of the Pain Genie, aromatherapy massage, meditation music healing blanket and the diffusion of the amazing oils, which will give your guests great benefits.

So What Is It?

l The Pain Genie

The Pain Genie is a hand held device that stimulates the body’s own immune system via nerve like impulses in a bio-feedback dialogue with the brain and the central nervous system.

l The Pure Essential Oils

These amazing oils have the chemical composition and aroma to provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. These benefits are achieved through methods including inhalation and application of the diluted oil to the skin.

l Healing Blanket

The Healing Blanket has gone through extensive research, conducted by the Russian Space Program. This unique blanket contains reflective metallic material similar to that used in the lining of the astronaut suits for protection against potentially harmful electromagnetic fields.

How Does it Work?

Choose a treatment and then pick an Aromatherapy blend to suit you.  Here are a few of the many available choices.

The Blends

l Love your Brain

This incredible blend contains sesquiterpene compounds that increase oxygen flow found in the receptor sites around the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus glands easing brain fog caused by the pollutants around us on a day to day basis allowing you to concentrate on a higher level and think much clearer

l Tummy hugs

This blend really looks after your digestive system, alleviating bloating, heartburn, wind and upset tummy’s

l Buzzing!

This powerful energy boost increases vitality, circulation and alertness!

l One for the ladies!

This little bottle of magic helps PMS, menstrual discomfort, irregular periods and helps balance the hormones

l One for men!

This helps towards a healthy prostate and promotes hormonal balance.

l No Viruses here

A powerful blend that is very antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. By boosting your immune system and protects against flu’s, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and sore throats

l Confidence boost

This is an energy balancing blend giving you confidence and courage and building self esteem. Corrects muscles by improving balance and alignment and alleviating pain. Also know as a Chiropractor in a bottle!

l Love In The Room!

This beautiful romantic blend with get you and your partner in the mood for love also very nourishing and hydrates the skin.

I think the divine punishment cure is such a good fit for the spiritual island of Ibiza.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

What’s Hot This Summer?

  • Sophia V.

The summer is back! Well, in Ibiza anyway. It’s officially sunbathing weather, and my summer wardrobe is back out. I have been busy working on book 2, which has a release date for August 30th, and having family over, I lost track of time. However, I’m now here to give you the latest on trends, beauty tips, and more.

So, what’s hot this summer? Last year we saw the maxi dresses, the playsuits, and bodycon dresses.

There is a new range of bikini’s now trending. Frilly bikini’s. The frilly top covers the stomach, sort of like an oversized crop top, but obviously waterproof. It’s perfect for those who don’t like to bare all. They’re also comfortable and not like the vest top bikini’s which cling to the body. These come in all different sizes.

Column dresses are stunning and perfect for the evening as well as the daytime. These are similar to maxi dresses, however tend to be straight in style, rather than floaty.

The shirt dress is a timeless fashion piece that can be worn for pretty much every occasion – sunglasses and sandals for the day look, and heels and pretty accessories of a night time.

The jelly sandals are showing no signs of going out of trend. At least they’re comfortable, and come flat, heeled and in all shapes, and colours. Gladiator sandals also look here to stay.

Joggers appear to be everywhere at the moment. They aren’t however the gym-sporty-style joggers, but patterned, colourful joggers that are brilliant for the warm days, as they’re fairly loose fitting. These are great for the casual look, and for lounging around in even.

Bardot tops are stunning and very girly. Just like Sandy’s style in Grease, they’re off the shoulder and can be worn out in the sun, or teamed with heels at a club.

Who remembers pedal-pushers? If not, these were like knee-length jeans and leggings. Now, there are skinny knee shorts. There are also knee-length joggers and leggings available now.

Pencil skirts and crop tops are still extremely fashionable, and matching sets look stunning.

Denim skirts are being worn amongst many celebrities. These were popular back in the nineties.

Dungarees are also still trending in the shops, whether skirt or trouser dungarees, ankle, short or knee-length.

I will keep you updated on any other summer style pieces I come across.

For more on fashion and beauty, check out my blog:


Euro 2016

To use that age-old football cliché – Here we Go, Here we Go, Here we Go and Welcome to our Special Ibizan 4  page pull-out!

As all you Footie fans know, this 4 yearly event starts TOMORROW – Friday, June 10,  with hosts and favourites (to some, anyway!) France kicking the tournament off against Group A opponents Romania.

Over these 4 pages of this Special Edition, we look at England, Wales and Northern Ireland (all representing the United Kingdom) as well as Spain’s chances and their current news. We have a complete match-by-match wall-chart (which some of you may like to pin up in your bedroom/study/den/TV room/office, well out of the way of your secretary/wife/girlfriend/partner!) informing you of the Groups, who plays who, where and at what time, as well as a summary of the stadiums being used and the route to the Final on July 10.

Finally, on the back page, we have a summary of each of the 26 countries participating in this, the 15h Euro Championships, with important information of the teams, their World Rankings, their Star Player, their Players to watch out for, their odds and Jezza’s prediction (which, of course, are only his opinion and not intended to upset anyone!). So, from all of us here, enjoy the next 30 odd days of international footie, showcasing the best of European football and may the best team win!



  • Ed-without a view from Jezza we’ll leave the comments to John O’Shea

“Ultimately when you get to a major tournament, the first aim when you make the 23, you want to get out of the group, that’s the key. The atmosphere and enthusiasm around the group have got stronger and stronger throughout this campaign. It’s a different squad, different management and there are lots of different elements involved in it to make me believe that it’s going to be very different [to previous tournaments].”


with an exciting squad based on youth and club form  in his final 23, and with both Vardy and Kane in scintillating form, manager Roy Hodgson appears to have appeased the majority of fans and pundits alike. Although not high on expectation, every fan would be delighted for the Three Lions, led by  Captain Rooney, to progress to at least the Quarter Finals. However, the first step will be to win Group B  passing through to the Round of 16, the first knock-out stage, with an easier draw against the 3rd placed team from Group A,C or D.  So, go on, surprise us, guys, and make us proud, and get us at least to the Semis and why not, if Rooney, Kane and Allii shine and Hart stays injury free and we don’t go to penalties! Rule Brittania!


making their Euros debut so an unknown quality really but with Ramsey and Bale in harness, they could do really well and surprise many. I wouldn’t say they’re a dark horse, but with a superb manager in Chris Coleman and a bit of luck they could get through the Group as runners-up or 3rd place altho’ the latter would put them up against Germany in a straight knock-out so they really have to beat Russia to that 2nd spot.

Northern Ireland

another debutant but odds of 500/1 seem a bit unfair, considering their recent form. Manager Michael O’Neill has created miracles so far  but I think the best they can hope for would be a 3rd place in the Group which would place them against probably hosts France but, hey, shocks can happen!


Experience, definitely, being the current Euro Champions having won it in the last two but form has dropped after their disastrous defence of their World Title in Rio two years ago. A few influential, world-class stalwarts have retired (Xavi, Puyol) but on the other hand Spanish football currently is the best in Europe, as proven by their club sides having won both the Champions and UEFA Cups yet again, as well as having the runners-up in the former, but those teams, Real Madrid , Sevilla and Atletico Madrid relied heavily on non-Spanish players and I just wonder if the national team can put it all together. However, with the talents of De Gea, Piquet, Cesc, Silva, Iniesta, Pedro et al if they all click then watch out! They should progress from Group D as winners with a meeting with a 3rd placed team which could be Wales or even Northern Ireland.


Well, I never like to be so bold, but if push comes to shove and I’m really pressed, here we go!

Dark Horses? I said Belgium at the last World Cup and they froze then but I expect them, this time, to harness all that talent and I can see a first ever win for them  especially if all their Premier League players (too numerous to mention!) come to the party.. France as hosts have a really young, energetic squad and with Griezeman and Pogba on song, I can see them going at least to the Semis, if not the Final. Spain, Germany and Italy, as always, will be there or thereabouts as I think (and hope) England will be too, but I have to go with my head and hedge my bets to say Germany or Belgium!

So there you have it but don’t take my word for it! Let’s hope it’s a wonderful, vibrant, colourful, exotic, exciting tournament as a whole, that we can all remember with fond memories in the years to come and, please, please, oh ye footie Gods, let there be some great matches, stunning goals, brilliant saves, superb defending and just as importantly, let it not be marred by crowd disturbances, acts of terrorism or violence, or political interference.’ especially from Brexit!






l Euros Form: Debut

l World Ranking: 42

l Manager: Gianni di Biasi

l Star Player: Lorik Cana

l Watch out for: Sokol Cikalleshi

l Odds: 250/1

l First Match: Switzerland – June 11

l Prediction: No chance!


l Euros Form: Winners 1984, 2000

l World Ranking: 17

l Manager: Didier Deschamps

l Star Player: Griezeman (Atletico Madrid)

l Watch out for: Pogba (Inter Milan)

l Odds: 3/1 favourites

l First Match: Romania – June 10

l Prediction: Could go all the way, especially as each time they have won it they have been hosts!


l Euros Form: Quarters 2000

l World Ranking: 22

l Manager: Anghel Iordanescu

l Star Player: Chiriches

l Watch out for: Stanciu

l Odds: 100/1

l Prediction: No better than 3rd in group but in to k/out stage


l Euros Form: Group Stage 3 times

l World Ranking: 15

l Manager: Vladimir Petkovic

l Star Player: Shakiri (Stoke City)

l Watch out for: Elvedi

l Odds: 40/1

l Prediction: Runners up in the group but no further




l Euros Form: 3rd 1998

l World Ranking: 11

l Manager: Roy Hodgson

l Star Player: Rooney (Man Utd) – still!

l Watch out for: Kane (Tottenham)

l Odds: 9/1 4th favourites

l First match: Russia – June 11

l Prediction: Hmmm! Not sticking my neck out but on form, should be group winners and would expect at least the Quarter’s.


l Euros Form: Winners 1960 (as Soviet Union)

l World Ranking: 29

l Manager: Leonid Slutsky

l Star Player: Dzyuba

l Watch out for: Neustadter

l Odds: 40/1

l Prediction: Battling for group runners up/3rd place and in to the k/out stage


l Euros Form: Debut

l World Ranking: 24

l Manager: Jan Kozak

l Star Player: Marek Hamsik (Napoli)

l Watch out for: Mak

l First Match: Wales – June 11

l Odds: 150/1

l Prediction: See Albania!


l Euros Form: Debut

l World Ranking: 26

l Manager: Chris Coleman

l Star Player: Bale (Real Madrid)

l Watch out for: Williams (Swansea)

l Odds: 80/1

l Prediction: See Russia but great to see the Red Dragon flying – heart goes runners up as we all would love to see them go further, head says tricky but you never know!



l Euros Form: 1972, 1980 (both as West Germany), 1996

l World Ranking: 4

l Manager: Joachim Low

l Star Player: Neuer (Bayern Munich)

l Watch out for: Kreus (Real Madrid)

l First Match: Ukraine – June 12

l Odds: 7/2 2nd Favourites

l Prediction: Current World Cup holders, should get to at least the Semis but need to be knocked off their perch!


l Euros Form: Debut

l World Ranking: 25

l Manager: Michael O’Neill

l Star Player: Lafferty

l Watch out for: Grigg (Wigan)

l First Match: Poland – June 12

l Odds: 500/1

l Prediction: Fantastic achievement to get to France, have superb current form, unbeaten in 12 and would love to see them in to the 1st k/o round. Maybe worth a flutter at 500’s a la Leicester!


l Euros Form: Group Stage 2008, 2012

l World Ranking: 27

l Manager: Adam Nawalka

l Star Player: Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

l Watch out for: Linetty

l Odds: 50/1

l Prediction: Progress as Runners-up/3rd


l Euros Form: Group stage 2012

l World Ranking: 19

l Manager: Mykhalo Fomenko

l Star Player: Konoplyanka

l Watch out for: Yarmolenko

l Odds: 66/1

l Prediction: should progress as runners-up



l Euros Form: Quarters 1996, 2008

l World Ranking: 26

l Manager: Ante Cacic

l Star Player: Modric (Real Madrid)

l Watch out for: Kovacic (Real Madrid)

l First Match: Turkey – June 12

l Odds: 25/1

l Prediction: battle out for runners-up/3rd


l Euros Form: Runners up 1996

l World Ranking: 30

l Manager: Pavel Vrba

l Star Player: Cech (Arsenal)

l Watch out for: Darida

l First Match: Spain – June 13

l Odds: 100/1

l Prediction: See Croatia


l Euros Form: Winners 1964, 2008, 2012, Quarters 1996

l World Ranking: 6

l Manager: Vicente del Bosque

l Star Player: Iniesta (Barcelona)

l Watch out for: Morata

l Odds: 11/2 3rd Favourites

l Prediction: Minimum Semis


l Euros Form: Semis 2008

l World Ranking: 18

l Manager: Fatih Terim

l Star Player: Turan (Barcelona)

l Watch out for: Tufan

l Odds: 80/1

l Prediction: not out of the group



l Euros Form: Runners-up 1980

l World Ranking: 2

l Manager: Marc Wilmots

l Star Player: Hazard (Chelsea)

l Watch out for: de Bruyne (Man City)

l First Match: Italy – June 13

l Odds: 10/1

l Prediction: at least the Semis but could win it!


l Euros Form: Group Stage 1988/2012

l World Ranking: 31

l Manager: Martin O’Neill

l Star Player: Long ( Southampton)

l Watch out for: Hendrick (Derby County)

l First Match: Sweden – June 13

l Odds: 150/1

l Prediction: 4th in group of Death!


l Euros Form: Winners 1968

l World Ranking: 15

l Manager: Antonio Conte (Chelsea)

l Star Player: de Rossi (Roma)

l Watch out for: Pelle (Southampton)

l Odds: 16/1

l Prediction: Group runners-up


l Euros Form: Semis 1992

l World Ranking: 36

l Manager: Erik Hamren

l Star Player: Ibrahimovich (Man Utd)

l Watch out for: Lewicki

l Odds: 80/1

l Prediction: K/out stage as 3rd



l Euros Form: Group stage 2008

l World Ranking: 10

l Manager: Marcel Koller

l Star Player: Alaba (Bayern Munich)

l Watch out for: Schopf (Schalke)

l First Match: Hungary – June 14

l Odds: 40/1

l Prediction: Group Runners -up


l Euros Form: 3rd 1964

l World Ranking: 20

l Manager: Bernd Storck

l Star Player: Dzsudzsak

l Watch out for: Nagy

l Odds: 250/1

l Prediction: Battle for 3rd in group


l Euros Form: Debut

l World Ranking: 34

l Manager: Lars Lagerback

l Star Player: Sigurdsson (Swansea)

l Watch out for: Traustason

l First Match: Portugal – June 14

l Odds: 125/1

l Prediction: see Hungary


l Euros Form: Runners up 2004

l World Ranking: 8

l Manager: Fernando Santos

l Star Player: Ronaldo ( Real Madrid) who else!

l Watch out for: Sanches (Bayern Munich)

l Odds: 20/1

l Prediction: Group winners and at least the Quarters.


Community & Agenda



Thursday 9th June to Wednesday 15th June 2016

ARIES – Five of Wands

Emotionally, it’s time to grips with situation that’s been troubling you for some time.   If a friendship, relationship or business association has become problematic or has hit a brick wall, communication’s the key to sorting it out.  Find the time to talk things through in an honest, direct but compromising manner.  All that’s needed is clarity and…a sense of humour!

TAURUS – The Fool

You’re anything but a fool Taurus; often it’s the behaviour of those around you that causes you to squirm at times, but avoid taking them to task publicly. The Fool is adventurous and this card encourages you to think and act outside the box whilst facing challenging situations without fear.  Expand your horizons make bold decisions this week and trust.

GEMINI – Four of Cups

Weigh up opportunities this week as there’s a few to choose from both personally and professionally.  However, delay any decision on making a firm commitment as there may be another opportunity on the horizon; one you might like even better.  Romantically, if you’re single and have kissed a lot of frogs recently, the signs are good to meet your Prince/Princess.

CANCER – Eight of Wands

Success is indicated in all areas of life, including romance and work, if you aim high.  Lowering your expectations will only attract mediocre people or opportunities, so raise the bar in life and put out for the best.  Being quick on the uptake will also bring great success.  You snooze you lose; don’t take long to make your mind up.

LEO – The Chariot

Have absolute trust your intuition this week, you’re being given the green light to move ahead with an important project or decision so have your radar up to be able to grab opportunities as they arise.  Don’t worry about the details of how you will achieve your goal.  Just keep at it and believe that you’ll succeed, because you will.

VIRGO – Queen of Pentacles

Sofia, the Greek goddess of wisdom has a special affinity with this card.  You’re being called to handle difficult situations with wisdom, therefore you have her cosmic support and guidance, so don’t worry about speaking your mind.  You’re not acting in a self-interested way and this will be recognised.  Earth sign women, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn prove helpful and informative.

LIBRA – Six of Swords

Dry your eyes; don’t look back nostalgically at the past.  You’ve been through a difficult time, but the worst is now over. Out of stormy waters, into calmer seas; is the basic meaning of this card.  The figure in the boat is you leaving behind any pain; the swords represent the mind so you need to overhaul the way you think.

SCORPIO – Six of Wands

This is an excellent week to further your career interests, but don’t let all that success go to your head.  Your will fail to impress someone important if you behave in an arrogant or high handed manner. Sure you’re good, but if you’re fighting off competition from other Leo’s, it’ll be a bun fight!  Success with dignity shows real leadership.

SAGITTARIUS – Page of Swords

If challenged, stand up for your principles or be prepared to confront those who seek to question your motives.  A situation may feel like you’re walking over hot coals as others around you might be oversensitive, just make sure you don’t add to the fuss!  If a reasonable approach isn’t working, don’t overreact; come back with an alternative approach/option.

CAPRICORN – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board a new project.  Reliability is a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others, a home move proves fortunate or you find your dream accommodation.

AQUARIUS – The Hanged Man

Why sacrifice your time or energy for someone, or a project when to be honest, you don’t have the time or the inclination? If you cannot give it 100%, bail out early rather than disappoint others. A retreat or spa will do you the world of good, if only to replenish the energy you’ve expended over recent weeks.

PISCES – Ten of Cups

Your social life picks up so expect a few visitors, although you’d prefer to get out and about.  This happy card reminds you to celebrate and appreciate friends, family and the good times.  Others show generosity on many levels, plus expect more than your fair share of romantic opportunities.  If you’re in the public eye; you’ll be hugely appreciated!

View From The Pew

  • Her Majesty the Queen
  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The United Kingdom and Commonwealth are celebrating the Queen’s official 90th birthday. People are participating in a wide range of events including church services and street parties.  This coming Sunday, the English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera will be giving thanks to God for our queen and saying a special prayer that she herself has approved for these celebrations.  The church service will be followed by a street party. You are welcome to attend either or both of these events.

In her 2014 Christmas broadcast the Queen said: “For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and an anchor in my life.  A role-model of reconciliation and forgiveness, he stretched out his hands in love, acceptance and healing. Christ’s example has taught me to seek to respect and value all people of whatever faith or none.”

In her 2002 Christmas broadcast the Queen said:  ‘I know just how much I rely on my faith to guide me through the good times and the bad. Each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is to try to do what is right, to take the long view, to give of my best in all that the day brings, and to put my trust in God … I draw strength from the message of hope in the Christian gospel.’

The Queen has spoken about the importance of togetherness, community, family, friendship.  The special church service and the street party are a fine opportunity to come together as a community.  As part of her Diamond Jubilee message in 2012, the Queen said: “In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship and good neighbourliness, examples of which I have been fortunate to see throughout my reign and which my family and I look forward to seeing in many forms as we travel throughout the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth.”

  • Special service to give thanks for our Queen: Sunday 10.30am June 12th at Santa Eulalia, the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) and the street party at S’Hort de Can Masia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

Carly & The Kettlebell Challenge

  • Carly S

I know we’re a largely charitable bunch on this island, so I’m calling on the good folk who read The Ibizan to rally round and help my 13 year old cousin. She is trying to raise £120 000 for an advanced spinal operation in the USA as the procedure is currently unavailable in the UK or Europe. What the family could really do with is a wealthy benefactor, so if you happen to be one (hey, stranger things have happened!) please visit her Justgiving page and donate or get in touch with the family via me or the page.

In the case that no rich benefactor steps forward, we’re doing all we can as a family to help raise funds. For my part, I’ll be doing a kettlebell challenge this month, during which I will complete 9600 16kg swings and 400 12kg snatches. For the unfamiliar, a kettlebell is a lead weight with a handle. A swing involves moving the weight from between the legs to in front of your body using a hip hinge and a snatch is the movement of the weight from a swing to overhead using one arm. Both hard work and this really will be a big challenge for me.

I’ll be doing some stages of the challenge at home and others on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30-10:30 at The Workout Club training sessions in the park by Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio. I’ll be taking my sponsorship form and a donation tub with me, so please feel free to drop by! You can also sponsor me by donating to Shanais fund, you can say it’s for Carly’s kettlebell challenge if you like, but the most important thing is that Shanais gets the donation.

As well as this, my darling friend Claire Turley, who runs Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties, has also offered to enter anyone who donates to Shanais fund and comments ‘Ibiza princess parties’ before the end of June into a raffle and give a half hour Princess Party or home visit to the winner. The prize can be claimed at any time in the next 12 months, but must be in Ibiza. Make sure you enter if your child is a fan of Frozen, Tangled or Beauty and the Beast, as the prize will be to have Elsa and Anna or Rapunzel and Belle conduct a party or come to your house! Full information on Ibiza Princess Parties Facebook page. Link i9s live in online edition

Please donate if you can, you’d be changing a young girl’s life. Thankyou.

Pitiuses Policy

As Carly says at the outset of her piece above, Ibizans have a great record in demonstrating their community spirit through fundraising initiatives. We have always been pleased to support these charitable pursuits within the newspaper. Due to the limited space available to cover so much competing content I have decided that henceforth we can only offer to cover charitable events that are in aid of Pitiuses based causes or Pitiuses based charities. People are generous, but I need to ensure we do not become weary in the face of too many cash calls – take one look at daytime TV to see how that can happen. I do hope this will be understood.


At Night

Ibiza Gay Pride

  • Ibiza Town

Claire B

Ibiza Gay Pride has returned to the island again this year, and is currently in full swing, with lots of daytime and nighttime activities taking place until June 12. There’s art shows, theatre, beach parties and club nights. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights there’s entertainment on the stage in the port from 8.30pm. Friday night sees performances from Miguel Barranco, Yeyo Guglieri and Mimi Barber and on Saturday, Innocence and Plugin. On Sunday June 12 it’s the Big Parade, starting at 6pm in the port. The parade begins from Avenida de los Andenes in the port and will go along Avenida Bartolomé Rosselló, Avenida Ignacio Wallis and end in the Vara de Rey. Spanish pop diva Marta Sánchez will make an appearance on the stage in the port plus there’s bound to be lots of DJs and music. The parade was great last year and everyone (young and old) came out in force to support it and enjoy the entertainment. Full details on Facebook – Ibiza Gay Pride and at:


Ibiza Berlin Metal Cracks

  • San Antonio

Claire B

The 2nd edition of Ibiza Berlin Metal Cracks takes place at the Boulevard Terraza on Sunday June 12. Three bands, 2 from Ibiza and 1 from Berlin, are playing from 7pm – Vitrol (metal from Ibiza), Exciting Vision (thrash metal from Berlin) and Magnum (metal rock from Ibiza). Free entrance. More info on Facebook – Ibiza Berlin Metal Cracks:


  • Ibiza Town

Claire B

Methead are playing at Sa Questio in Ibiza Town on Saturday June 11 from 10pm. Methead play rock and heavy metal classics. Free entrance. Sa Questio is at c/Vicente Serra y Orvay, 22.


  • San Antonio

Claire B

The Ibiza Rocks opening party is on Wednesday June 15 with UK garage-punk duo Slaves. Support is from Ratboy and Phil Taggart. Following the success from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’, Slaves supported The Libertines for the sold-out 10th Birthday show in 2015 and went down a storm. This year they’re back headlining at the opening party and it’s sure to be a great night. Tickets are from £30.

There’s also an official after-party at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, hosted by Rock Nights. DJs Silvia Superstar and Colin Peters will be spinning the tunes in Freddies and in Chez Fez there’ll be Lola Von Dage, Tiki Boy and Morini. Plus all the usual Pikes and Rock Nights shenanigans, including bathtub karaoke with Sunny. For details and guestlist go to Rock Nights on Facebook:

Electric Dreams

  • Es Canar

Carly S

I was one of a very impressed audience at the debut gig of Ibiza’s hottest new girl group, Electric Dreams. Made up of Lauren Kaycee on lead vocals, Claire Wakeman on guitar and backing vocals and Wiebke Pahrmann on violin, trumpet, trombone and backing vocals, these ladies have brought something different and very exciting to island’s live music scene.

To start with, they look fabulous. Lauren was resplendent in little black dress, fringed cape and chunky statement jewellery as she strutted around the stage poolside at The Jacaranda Lounge and Claire and Wiebke glittered in short gold play suits, their long blonde locks blowing in the breeze. However, these ladies don’t just have looks, but talent to boot.

Lauren’s high and pure vocal tones perfectly suited the classic dance tracks such as Ain’t Nobody and Finally which she performed with confidence and panache, and my personal favourite was a cover of 90’s floor filler Mr Vain, during which she struck several sexy poses on the silver elephant on stage (she told me after that she was just trying to get a rest as she was shattered from all the dancing around and singing, but she we’ll pretend it was intentional!)

Claire and Wiebke provided solid harmonies to Lauren’s vocal, but it was the live instruments which really had me stomping my feet. Both Claire and Wiebke clearly skilled musicians and I adored their contributions. Claire reminded me of a Robert Plant video as she plucked and swayed with her guitar, lending depth and rhythm to the performance. Wiebke switched between instruments all the time, providing a jazzy uptempo brass to All About That Bass, amongst other fantastic tracks, and signature euphoric violin to Don’t Think I Could Forgive You and more.

The girls got better and better as the gig went on and it was astonishing to believe this was actually their first live gig together. They will be playing at Jacaranda Lounge  every Sunday night and I’ve a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing them all over the island soon. Slick, sexy and seriously talented. Look out Ibiza, Electric Dreams have arrived.



  • It is little surprise, nor does it require any apology, that we should have 3 eulogies following the passing of Muhammad Ali

Jezza’s World of Sport

Muhammad Ali 1942 – 2016 , The Passing Of An Icon

As most womenfolk know, us men have a few sporting heroes and I’m no different – Sir Ian Botham and Sir Gary Sobers (Cricket), Pele (Football), Seve (Golf), Federer and Borg (Tennis) but right up there at No 1 was Muhammad Ali, so it was with great sadness in my heart when I heard that the great man had finally left us last w/end. As a teenager and then in later years, I had the privilege, nay, honour, of staying up late and watching those two infamous and incredible bouts against Smokin’ Joe Frazier (“ the Thrilla in Manila”) and George Foreman (“the Rumble in the Jungle”) when Ali beat the odds stacked against him, as well as his opponents, who were at the height of their own careers. I also remember, with fondness, watching the Parkinson Show when he had Ali and Freddie Starr on at the same time and what a show that turned out to be – sheer entertainment! The man had everything; good looks, incredible physique, fabulous God-given boxing talent, personality, humour, charm but, most importantly, a complete understanding of his fellow man, whatever his colour, social standing or creed and these traits are what made him, arguably, the most famous human on the planet, recognised wherever he went. His humour was so catching with famous comments such as:

  • “I have seen Foreman shadow boxing and the shadow won!”
  • “It will be a killer and a chiller and a thriller when I get the gorilla in Manila!”
  • “It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am!”
  • “Champions aren’t made in gyms, champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision”
  • “If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologise!” and finally, and possibly his most famous –
  • “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see!”
  • Sir, we shall miss you but we will never, ever forget you and let him leave us with this most poignant of his sayings which sums him up completely, in my mind anyway
  • “I would like to remembered as a man who won the heavyweight title 3 times, who was humorous and who treated everyone right. As a man who stood up for his beliefs no matter what. And, I wouldn’t even mind if folks forgot how pretty I was!”

Rip My Hero.

After penning the above I just don’t feel it right to continue with my normal report, but I will just mention the Tennis  as Our Andy Murray lost his French Open Final against World No 1, Djokovic by 3 sets to 1, which gave Novak not only his first French Open Title but also he became only the 8th player to complete the Major set and, more importantly, only the 3rd player in history to achieve the Holy Grail of men’s tennis, the Grand Slam of holding all four Majors at the same time, a feat that was last achieved by Rod Laver in 1969 and bypassed even Borg, Sampras, Agassi or Federer. So congrats to him and also to Spain’s Garbine Muguruza, who defeated World No 1 Serena Williams in the Women’s Final, surprisingly in only 2 sets, with the American desperately trying to reach Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Majors and still stuck on 21.

‘Til next week and my Euro 2016 report, Jezza

Memorial from Juan

  • Mike MacDonald

I had the privilege of sitting ringside and seeing Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he was known then; win his Light Heavyweight Olympic Gold Medal in Rome 1960. It was an incredible fight and an even more incredible medal ceremony. His opponent was a Polish boxer Pietrzowski who kept coming forward chasing Ali round the ring, Ali just bobbed and weaved pulled his head back to avoid the punches with his hands by his sides. It was against all the conventions and teaching of boxing coaches. He was so quick when the Pole came in Clay would hit him with a flurry of punches, tie him up hang on to him, spin him round against the ropes fire a few quick punches and dance away with the Pole once more chasing after him. So it went for three rounds Clay dancing, weaving bobbing running round the ring and the Pole hardly able to get a punch on him. So as a school boxer to me Clay won the fight easily but my brother and I were about the only ones, apart from the judges, who did. When the result was announced the crowd went mad there was booing , whistling screeching from the ladies, programmes, coins anything they could lay their hands on was hurled into the ring luckily the chairs were bolted to the floor! This went on for about 15 minutes until the MC managed to get the crowd quietened down by reminding everyone that there was an Italian heavyweight fighter still to box and if they didn´t allow the Medal ceremony to take place he couldn´t fight. They calmed down, the Pole received his silver medal to rapturous applause and cheering and then it all kicked off when Clay got his medal and there he was a young black boxer on what should have been the happiest day of his life receiving the medal with tears streaming down his face. The crowd was asked again to stop for the National Anthem. All you heard was the first three notes, dah da dah boo. Someone even tried to climb up the flagpole to pull down the Stars and Stripes. What a night and the strange thing is I have never read that account in any book or article about his career or about that fight. There was even a book written in 2008 that said “By the time it was over even the Italians in the arena were on Clay´s side”!! It even went on “There were no hisses or whistles when Clay was announced the unanimous winner”!!!! It is staggering how people cannot just get the facts wrong but the complete opposite of what happened. It makes you wonder what on earth possessed him to mention hisses and whistle it is not something that would normally come to mind when you are reporting on a fight. What a joy Muhammad Ali was to watch especially in his early years and such a shame he carried on boxing too long but he was and will always be “The Greatest”.

Muhammad Ali, Big Swinging D….

Love this iconic Ali image. To me it says that to be a great fighter isn’t all about having the biggest punch, and Ali proved that in and out of the ring time after time.

It wasn’t all adoration though and i’m sure a lot of past critics and bigots are hiding behind tributes today.

I don’t think my dad, himself a boxer, ever forgave Muhammad Ali’s (Clay’s) corner for splitting his glove at the end of a round when Henry Cooper looked to have him beat. Despite that he recognised him as a world best. Whether intentional or not the glove-split gave Clay precious extra recovery time allowing him to come back and win the fight.

In the context of today’s universal adoration of Ali’s life and achievements we should not forget that for the entirety of his boxing career a huge number of white men hated Ali with a passion, and on the other side of the Atlantic they didn’t need as much of a reason as an accusation of cheating. For them Ali was the epitome of the enemy within, not only a black man, but a black man they couldn’t shut up.

Just how appalling that as a young man Ali (Clay) could return to America with an Olympic Gold medal round his neck, but not be allowed to enter a ‘whites only’ restaurant in his Kentucky home? That degree of segregation is so abhorrent and so ignorant that it feels to equate more with 18th century slave traders, yet the reality is that it was within the lifetime of around a third of people who will read this.

Ali was a fantastic fighter. A huge personality. But i genuinely think his greatest legacy was not the mouth behind the gumshield, or the fist within the glove. Muhammad Ali’s greatest effect on the world was a result of something you’d find in his shorts. I am not saying the civil rights movement wouldn’t have happened without him, but he hurried it along and gave a lot of those that followed him the voice that they had previously lacked.

Muhammad Ali was the world’s first big swinging dick black man, at a time the world needed a big swinging dick black man.

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From Cat, With Love

  • Cat Milton

I have a new love.

Gentle, tender and wise it is.

It speaks with me, when I don’t want to listen; shows me more than I usually want to see.

It teaches me that there is more than my ‘knowing’, ‘being right’ and ‘doing’ than I could possibly conceive of.

Gently it teases my ignorance and self-righteousness, tenderly it broadens my mind, brushing aside my narrowness of view like a leaf caught upon the wind.

It comes to me as I walk the hills and the moonstruck beaches late at night.

Every time I hold a belief dear, a truth close, an opinion for which I shall be outraged to find an opponent,

Every time I set myself upon a path, without due consideration “And if not” whispers. “And if not true,” And if not the way, “

And if not the only answer?

I have a new love.

Gentle, tender and wise it is.

Hasta Luego Ibiza

  • Colin Butts

It is with heavy but healthy heart, problematic pancreas, lesioned liver and sombrero’d (ish) Shar Pei, that today I indefinitely head back to the UK for what at the very least, will be my first full London summer since 1999.

From initially visiting Ibiza in 1983, to working here in those magical years of 87 & 88, to visiting friends all through the beautifully naive nineties, to vowing to never come back in 1999, to moving over to Ibiza the very next summer with my 56 channel desk recording studio and seeing the remix we did of Sweet Dreams explode, to getting Is Harry on the Boat? made into a film that same year, to finding that studio a more permanent home in a record shop called Plastic Fantastic, to thinking it would be good to have a cool little bar there in 2002 and that eventually evolving into Plastik, to buying a villa here in 2007 so my winters were spent here too, to eventually getting A Bus Could Run You Over made last year… So much seems to have happened yet it all seems like yesterday.

When I started my relationship with Ibiza she was a lot more innocent, like a naturally beautiful young girl not fully aware of the effect she has on people.

I leave her having grown into a far more sophisticated, hard-nosed businesswoman.

I leave her constantly trying to deny all the things that drew me and so many others to her in the 1st place – now she wants to be taken seriously. It’s all about the businesswoman and she is trying to deny her past, deny her initial appeal as though that innocence shames her.

She is super successful – rich beyond her wildest dreams – but I leave her even more nepotistic, greedy, spoilt, knowing what she doesn’t want but half clueless as to what she does want, particularly for San Antonio, a massive part of her initial appeal that she now looks down at like a gangrenous toe that she’d rather amputate than cure.

God/Allah/My Little Pony willing I am intending to come back but inept and short-sighted politicians may well make me think twice.

Maybe I’d be more tempted to return if they brought back stocks to every village so that any “agent” asking stupid fees and prices for seasonal or long term property rental could be locked in them and have rotten fruit thrown at them. Or rocks.

Also stick in the planners who defy logic to order the most disruptive road works at the worst times. Feel free to add any other stock victims below.

I could rant for hours but would rather end on a positive note by thanking all my Ibiza friends who have rallied around and supported me, be they still living on this frustratingly magnetic island or elsewhere in the world but who know that our deep connection is rooted in this island.

Adios seems inappropriate so hasta luego Ibiza.

Have a good summer everyone xxx