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The Ibizan 829 ~ 02 Jun 16



Adele Spends 2.5 million Euros on Ibiza Hen Party*

On Wednesday 1st June the Diario de Ibiza reported that British superstar Adele had spent a huge 2.5 million euros on a hen party holiday in Ibiza. The article said that the hen homies spent a week in Ibiza and that the Villa Adele booked cost 2.5 million euros in rental.

The report then went on to list a whole host of worthy works and financial fixing for friends and relatives. This included paying off a mortgage and replacing a car when written off in an accident. Though not inclined to cover such celebs for the plebs nonsense, we thought we’d make an exception for this splash of the cash, as everyone loves Adele don’t they? Of course we should point out that the entire report is based upon information ‘a source gave to Heat magazine’. Sorry if you feel cheated, but at least it provided for an upbeat Headline, and we are frankly fed up fronting the newspaper with regulations and sleaze, so on this one occasion we hope you will forgive our tease.

Anyway, perhaps she did spend 2.5 million euros on a hen party. Think how many flashing penis deely-boppers that would buy you. Talking of which …

Mojácar Council Bans Vulgar Hen & Stag Parties

Ibiza’s seemingly never ending stream of ordinances aiming to curtail what some see as the excesses of its party island culture, have received considerable attention and comment locally, nationally and internationally.

These have included Ibiza Town’s controls on public decency being maintained in advertising and promotion, and what many feel are San Antonio’s misinterpreted but poorly presented regulations on drinking and other activities in public places.

But it seems that exasperation with the tacky end of a break-in-the-sun is not restricted to our own island as Mojácar, a major tourist resort in Almería, has passed new regulations designed to end what it considers the “vulgarity” often associated with stag and hen parties.

Henceforth, the Mediterranean town will no longer tolerate what El Pais today referred to as “the public exhibition of phallic tiaras or unbecoming behaviour with inflatable sex dolls.”

The initiative does not carry unanimous support however and an opposition Socialist spokesman called the initiative “a factory for destroying future tourists” – mmm, where have we heard that before?

To follow as reported in El Pais and translated by Susanna Urra.

The city council has just approved an ordinance addressing behaviour in public spaces and is also banning the practice of walking around the streets in bathing trunks with no shirt, a practice popular with many tourists. Outright nudity is also specifically prohibited.

But it’s the stag and hen parties that have drawn the most ire from local officials.

“We’re sick and tired of seeing inflatable dolls and phallic tiaras. We don’t want that kind of obscene behaviour in our town,” said Mayor Rosa María Cano, of the conservative Popular Party (PP).

Bachelor parties themselves are not being banned, she noted, adding: “That would be undemocratic.”

Instead, Cano said the aim of the new rules is to make these celebrations compatible with family tourism, since bachelor parties “begin at noon in places where there are children present.”

Anybody breaching the regulations will be subject to fines of between €100 and €300, although if the rules are broken in crowded areas where there are children or in buildings under landmark protection, the fine could be as steep as €1,000.

The ordinance was rejected by all three opposition groups in the council. Manuel Zamora, a Socialist (PSOE) spokesman, called the local council “a factory for destroying tourism.”

“Anybody fined for wearing a bathing suit on the street would find it so ridiculous and unfair they would never return here,” said Zamora. “And then they will tell everyone about it and the news will spread like wildfire, and people considering coming to Mojácar will go somewhere else.”


Cala Salada Traffic Restrictions Commence

The regulations restricting traffic to manageable levels reported fully previously have been put into place effective Wednesday 1st June.

Henceforth vehicle access will be limited to places available in the official car park at Cala Salada, and once full, cars will be turned away with the option of parking at the Can Coix Sports Centre from where a shuttle bus service to the beach will be available from 9.30am at 15 minute intervals at a cost of 4€ for a round trip. The initiative will be monitored with the intention of rolling out similar schemes at other congested beaches.

37 Kilo Haul of Hash Found By Divers

A team of professional divers in the seas close to Es Vedra discovered what they described as a “strange brown package” floating in the sea. They hauled it aboard their vessel and immediately suspecting a narcotic substance alerted the Guardia Civil and GEAS specialist diver unit of judicial police. The package can be seen pictured had written in black ink RM011 and weighs 37kg.

This discovery follows that on March 15th when three punch-bags were washed ashore at the beach at Mitjorn and subsequently found to be packed with 84kg of cocaine.

Claims That English & Italian Companies Account For Half Of Ibiza’s Illegal Tourist Accommodation

The first technical conference on housing rights organised by Ibiza Consell has considered data suggesting that the illegal tourist rental market is controlled in large part by commercial organisations, particularly British and Italian. Over a two day period a study was made of 5281 accommodation units which are considered to be in likelihood illegal. Of that total, 18% were listed as owned by the person advertising and the remaining 82% in the hands of managing agents. About half of these were claimed to be in the hands of large organised groups who have extensive portfolios of flats particularly in areas such as Playa den Bossa and Figueretes . Pedro Gil speaking for the Association of People Affected by Holiday Rentals said “there are 300 Italian guys who charge a commission if they put out an ad and manage to rent the apartment. The real problem of housing are these big mafias.”

Youth Saves Woman’s Life

A young man’s quick thinking helped save the life of a 57yr old woman who had collapsed in a supermarket on Isidor Macabich on Monday. He performed CPR until a police patrol arrived to take over while waiting for the ambulance. “The rapid intervention of the young man and officials was key to the recovery of the woman” the town hall reported.


  • Opinion

The Wall of Shame

  • Lydie Anne Hampson

Did you know there’s a wall being built in Ibiza? Did you know it’s costing 27,000€? Did you know it’s pointless? In Sa Penya,  the Town Hall are spending a huge amount of money to make doubly sure the Romani Gypsies don’t return to their already bricked up homes. To me, at best, this seems like an utter waste of taxpayers money, money that could have been better spent rehousing people, or being put towards the upkeep of Sa Penya. At worst it seems like blatant racism & a criminal misuse of finances.

To me, walls just speak of division, they enforce an ‘us & them’ idea. This wall also adds to the indignity the Roma are being subjected to, it’s a continued invasion of their space. As I walked around Sa Penya with a Romani friend, I felt sick to my stomach to see bricked up homes with spray painted numbers on the old doorways – each number representing a family. Numbers to substitute names. Walls to substitute freedom.

For me, walking the tiny streets, touching the wall, seeing the numbers, there were echoes of awful times gone by, times I can barely even write about… The days of the Roma being incarcerated in concentration camps felt all too recent and real. Accepting that this is an OK way to treat people, feels like we’re regressing as a society…

As far as the Town Hall are concerned, this phase in Sa Penya is done now, but for the Romani community, the trauma is just stepping up a gear. Where do they go? How long can they sleep on the streets? Or children sleep on the floors of friends houses?  How long do we ignore the problem of island people being treated in such a disrespectful way, before we say, please, Rafa Ruiz, have a heart and find these people homes on this island that IS their home.

  • Have an opinion? Get yourself heard.


San Jose Postpones Works To Avoid More Traffic Chaos

San Jose town hall have announced their decision to suspend the replacement of water pipes in the town centre due to the considerable traffic problems due to the works not being completed at the beginning of the tourist season.

In their statement issued Tuesday they state that “to avoid discomfort to both tourists and residents, the authority will postpone the work until the second half of October. Over the next two days, works already commenced will be put back into good condition”. According to estimates by the responsible department, completion would require a further six weeks. The project involves replacing all the supply pipes in San Jose village, known to be the worst on the island yielding only 32% of their water throughput – to put it simply, 68% of water is lost before it reaches the tap.

Flat Rate Flights on Schedule

Further to our report 12th May the next steps have been made in the process towards a flat rate 30€ airfare for all inter-island travel. The Balearic minister of land energy and mobility, Marc Pons, met representatives of the Ministry of Development in Madrid on Tuesday. In the meeting it was confirmed that Brussels had given the go ahead so that the Balearic government could now submit its reasoned arguments as to why the flat rate fare is required, and why the residents discount currently in place is not effective. Pons said that once Brussels has given its approval, the final step will be for the passing of a new law in congress, but warned this could be delayed by the Spanish National Elections.

Messi Affairs

The trial of  Leo Messi began on Tuesday in a Barcelona court, where the Barcelona striker and Argentina international faces charges of defrauding the Spanish Tax Agency of €4.1 million. More than 200 journalists from around the world have descended on the Catalan city to cover the hearing, which is expected to last three days. Messi will give his testimony on Thursday.

Messi’s money ended up in firms set up in Britain and Switzerland “with practically no taxation” and without the knowledge of the Spanish Tax Agency

Messi and his father, Jorge Horacio Messi, who manages his financial affairs, used tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to hide €10.1 million of income from image rights between 2007 and 2009. The money ended up in firms set up in Britain and Switzerland “with practically no taxation” and without the knowledge of the Spanish Tax Agency. The five-times FIFA Balon d’Or winner has already admitted this and paid €5 million to the authorities, along with a further €10 million to regularize his situation for 2010 and 2011.

The prosecutor’s report considers that Leo Messi simply followed his father’s instructions because he trusted him “fully and blindly,” and that responsibility for the fraud lies with his father.

But the Spanish Tax Agency, which is bringing the case, is calling for a fine equivalent to the €4.1m allegedly defrauded, as well as a prison sentence of 22 months and 15 days for both Messi and his father. As the sentence demanded is less than two years and he has no criminal record, there is little likelihood of Messi going to prison.

Since the tax fraud was uncovered three years ago, Messi has consistently insisted on his ignorance of his financial affairs. His father has supported this, saying: “The only thing my son does is play football.”

Questioned by a judge in 2013, Messi said: “I sign contracts but I never look at them. I don’t know what I’m signing. I trust my father who takes care of these things. I do what he tells me to do. I only look at the summary at the end of the year to see what I’ve made.”

As a Spanish resident, Messi has the obligation to declare all income earned in Spain and abroad to the country’s tax authorities.

  • Meanwhile as Messi spends his close season in the courts Real Madrid’s Ronaldo has been spending the brief sojourn between Champions League and the Euros relaxing in a yacht off Ibiza. For some inexplicable reason this was taken as a cue by a good number of local people to levy unprovoked character assassination towards the Portuguese star. Using the protection of their computer screens, much of their bitter sniping relates to his personal relationships. Well doesn’t he look bothered about that bitchy little comment made on facebook?


Food & Drink

Mint Lounge Bar

  • Carly S

For those who haven’t been before, Mint Lounge is a gorgeous gem of a place nestled next to Mambo on San Antonio’s sunset strip. Open from midday, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a lazy lunch or sip on one of their delicious cocktails on the wood decked terrace and gaze across the sparkling Mediterranean sea as a gentle breeze drifts in and warm sunshine soothes your soul. I’ve even seen dolphins playing just outside a couple of times and the sunsets are pretty impressive as well. As locations go, it’s damn near perfect.

However, there’s much more to Mint than it’s stunning location. They have a delicious and great value Menu del Dia and a mouth watering a la carte menu with something to suit all palates, including a fantastic vegetarian range. There are sumptuous starters such as gooey gorgonzola croquettes, crunchy popcorn chicken, plump mussels in marinera sauce and juicy caprese salad, a wide range of inspired and creative salads, speciality pastas ranging from a tagliatelle twist on a classic bolognese to fresh seafood linguine and a rigatoni tartufo (rigatoni pasta in a truffle and asparagus cream sauce with parmesan) which I’m reliably informed is out of this world. For mains they carry a diverse and delicious freshly made pizza menu offering traditional classics such as four cheese or barbecue alongside more unusual flavour combinations like pear and gorgonzola or the salmon, leek, spring onion and cream cheese topped Nordic. On top of this are lovingly prepared fish, meat and vegetarian dishes and an impressive array of home made desserts, all with unique touches from the hand of head chef Lorenzo Melocchi.

When I tell you Lorenzo is Italian, you will probably instantly understand his creative and varied menu. Passion about food is about as synonymous with Italians as tea drinking is with us Brits. I had high hopes for Lorenzo’s food as he came and spoke to us about his menu, identifying his personal favourites and letting us in on a few tricks of his trade, which I’ll reveal a little later.  He spoke enthusiastically and proudly of sourcing the best ingredients, trying to use local produce as much as possible, enjoying experimenting with flavours and wanting to make the plates aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty. Having now tried several of his dishes, I can confirm that he has every right to this pride and enthusiasm, the man is truly gifted in the kitchen.  We plumped for two of his personal favourites; a goats cheese salad and salmon fillet with veg, and sipped our drinks in the sun as he went off to cook for us.

First to arrive was the goats cheese salad, but this was no ordinary goats cheese salad, this was a Lorenzo Melocchi goats cheese salad. Just as he’d promised, it looked incredible. Golden toasted goats cheese rounds, plump, deep purple blackberries, sweet blueberries and juicy pink raspberries, crunchy  croutons and sticky brown sweet onion and balsamic chutney sat atop a bed of green baby spinach. The piece de resistance of this dish for me though was the pear, which Lorenzo had vacuum bagged in red wine and spices and marinated before slicing to add to the dish. It had taken on the same deep pinkish purple as a beetroot and absorbed the red wine and cinnamon flavours perfectly. It was as colourful and good looking a salad as I’d ever seen, but the flavours, oh my, the flavours! Every forkful brought a new taste combination, the creamy cheese with the sweet pear and sharp berries was just sublime. And the crunchiness of the croutons contrasted beautifully with the smooth stickiness of the chutney. It was a culinary marvel.

Shortly after we’d finished the salad, the equally colourful and creative salmon arrived. A crispy edged pink fillet with roasted green asparagus spears, grilled red vine tomatoes, golden roasted baby potatoes and a generous smear of bright pink beetroot hummus sat before us on a black plate, sprinkled with crystals of sea salt and crushed pink peppercorns. Again, it was a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. And again, it was Lorenzo’s creative flair which stole the show, this time the homemade beetroot hummus to which he’d added curry powder, really bringing out the earthy sweetness of the beetroot. I’d never have imagined putting beetroot or curry powder in a hummus let alone thought to serve it with a salmon dish, but that’s why I’m not a chef and Lorenzo is. Inspired and bang on in terms of flavour.

Finally came dessert. A dessert I almost turned down as I was feeling pretty full. A decision I probably would have regretted for the rest of my life. Because dessert was out of this world. Truly sublime.

Lorenzo had recommended the home made cheesecake and cheesecake has been my favourite dessert since I was a kid, so I had to try it. Once more, it was visually spectacular. A thick, biscuit base topped with a good two inches of cream coloured filling and finished off with mixed fresh berries and coulis oozing down the sides. I was salivating as soon as it came out and really had to fight the urge to shove my camera wielding companion aside as he photographed it so I could just dig straight on in. That first bite (and the following six or seven) was heaven. Crunchy, buttery biscuit, light, fluffy creamy cheese and sharp but sweet berries performed a symphony of sensuous scrumptiousness in my mouth. My only regret was that we’d ordered one to share and not one each. I think I could have eaten the entire cheesecake and collapsed in a coma of contented over indulgence. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe just how good that cheesecake is. My mouth is watering just typing this now….




Amanda Zips It Up

A Spanish poolside “Hola everyone”.

I’ve been in Mallorca this week catching some long overdue sunshine. In between swimming, shopping and sunbathing, I have been checking out what’s happening on the Balearic fashion scene and there’s an exciting upcoming date for your diaries, if any of you are on the White Isle next week.

The annual Adlib Fashion show kicks off in San Antonio and Ibiza Town. The “Moda Adlib” (said in Spanish accent) concept has a long tradition and is a major driving force for Ibiza, as well as being a popular tourist attraction.

Adlib is traditional artisan fashion in which the main colour used is white and features natural, lightweight fabrics, embroidery, crochet, frills and traditional lace. This produces beautifully flowing garments that move naturally with the body.

Adlib is frequently copied, despite the ever-changing styles and trends elsewhere in the world of fashion. Created in 1971, the brand took its inspiration from typically Ibizan folk-style clothing and dresses, directly influenced by the hippy movement. It’s the standard Ibiza uniform, something I bang on about a lot here at Zips It up.

The Adlib slogan, “Dress as you please, but with style”, sums up the brand ethos perfectly. The Adlib Fashion Show is an event that has become one of the essential dates on the fashion calendar.

See more info at:

09-06-2016 – 11-06-2016

Thursday 6 Jun 2013

Paseo de la Mar San Antonio

Title & theme will be “Aire de Gregal” (name of a N.W. wind). Details to be confirmed, but is planned to take place at the new Club Nautico.

It’s thoroughly recommended and I’ll make sure to bring you pictures from the show next time.

This week’s blog features new collaboration news from our favourite Supermodel Mossy and High Street giant H&M.

Plus a tropical fruit guaranteed to perk you up.

It’s all here.

Enjoy., Manda

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Kate Moss Collab

I’m not sure how I feel about this – but fans of Kate Moss’s nonchalant style, rejoice – if you can afford to, that is.

The eternal supermodel has teamed up with French label Equipment to create a summer capsule collection featuring signature Moss looks: laidback shirts, crisp tailoring, ’90s slip dresses and plenty of animal print. Standout styles include a lightning bolt-print knit (perfect for fashion-conscious Potter – or Bowie – fans), a beautifully cut black slip dress and a pyjama-style top emblazoned with ‘Kate’.

If you loved Mossy’s much-missed Topshop collections, as I have done over the past five years, prepare for your bank balance to take a serious hit. I am loyal to Kate but her shift to high-end online shopping portal Net-a-Porter makes me feel a little put out.

The lookbook for Kate’s latest collaboration was shot by model-turned-photographer Daria Werbowy, who also photographed Kate for Equipment’s S/S’16 campaign.

Speaking to US Vogue, the model revealed “The Equipment people brought the shirts, and I reshaped them a bit and talked about the prints and how the pockets should be. I like having a part in designing something. Clothes are my thing. I like to talk about them, touch the fabric, see what feels right. I wanted the lightning bolt print—very Bowie—and the stars and the anchors.”

The collection arrives on Net-a-Porter on Thursday.

I predict a sell out. Is she pricing us loyal fans out of the market though. Lets see.

Kate Moss @equipmentfr is coming to #NETAPORTER. Shop the supermodel’s unquestionably cool pieces and inject her legendary rockstar-style into your wardrobe. Search ‘Kate Moss for Equipment’ to sign up and shop it first at #NETAPORTER. #SeeitBuyitLoveit – link in profile. #KATEMOSSXEQ

H&M & Kenzo

H&M have announced their latest designer collab, and it’s a good ‘un.

Here at Zips It Up, we alwaysbring you breaking news when it comes to H&M’s now traditional collaboration collections.

We all know that H&M rule the high street when it comes to designer collaborations. Whoever they team up with – whether it’s Isabel Marant or Versace – one thing’s for certain: the collections sell out. And they sell out fast. Too bloody fast for my liking.

Last year’s Balmain collection caused stampedes at stores across the country, and H&M reported record sales figures. Balmania will be hard to top but if anyone can do it it’s their next collaborator.

The Swedish high street store announced that they have tapped french fashion house, KENZO for their next collection.

Known for their playful aesthetic, wild prints and covetable logo pieces, this collection will surely go down a storm with shoppers. KENZO Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon will bring the spirit of KENZO to H&M, creating men’s and womenswear collections, as well as a selection of accessories.

Available in over 250 selected H&M stores worldwide, as well as online, the collection lands on the 3rd November.

The countdown has begun…

In the first instance, anger management classes are strongly recommended, as it’s inevitable that we won’t get our hands on any of the collection.

Cool And Unique Beauty Products Pt 2

  • Sophia V.
  • 3D Nail Art.

This isn’t new, but I love the 3D art for nails that you stick on over your polish. You can find absolutely everything you can think of to flowers, fruit, skulls, gems, etc. They look very glam, especially the glittery art.

l Light therapy Mask

This mask is a white electrical plastic mask. You wear the mask at home for 15-30 minutes, and allow the LED light to do its thing. You are expected to see results in thirty days. It’s designed to tackle anti-aging and acne. Some masks even come with eyeholes. They can be purchased from 65 euros to 350 euro’s depending on brand.

l Neck Exerciser

This piece of equipment rests on your chest and sits under your chin. All you do is move your head up and down. The exercising is meant to be good for neck wrinkles, and double chins.

If you can think of any cool or unique beauty products, please let me know.

For more beauty and fashion articles, visit my blog at:


Mind Body & Soul

Psycho Cybernetics

  • How the power of the mind can help you to get the body of your dreams.
    • Virgil Brewster, The Workout Club

The mind is the centre of your body. It not only is the CEO of your body biologically, but it also houses your emotional side.

You might have already heard of the power of pre-visualisation. I am not talking about creating endless mood-boards with pictures of you photoshopped on the body of a model.

We like to keep things simple. In your brain is an emotional mechanism that is referred to as the Success Failure mechanism. The famous Dr Maltz wrote a whole book about the subject called Psycho Cybernetics.

Dr Maltz is the person who made the concept of an emotional mechanism, which makes you succeed or fail, popular and easy to understand.

The Success Failure mechanism

This mechanism functions very simply. Whatever you feed in it will become instant reality.

An example: You need to go to training, but you don’t feel like going. You say to yourself: “I still hurt too much from last time,” even if this is not the case.

You feed the sense of pain in to the mechanism. After a while you will feel the pain although it’s not really there. You created your own reality.

The Success Failure mechanism does not know the difference between fiction or reality. It simply makes a reality of what you feed it.

So how can you turn the switch?

We all know very well how to set our mechanism to failure. We do this every single day.

We say: I can never maintain my training routine. Or we say: I can never lose weight. I will never be able to walk around in a bikini.

Guess what? Everything you said, you fed into the Success Failure mechanism and it became an instant reality. We set our mechanism almost every time to fail.

But would it be possible to set your mechanism to success?

The answer is a resounding yes. Instead of saying to yourself that you cannot do a thing, you stay positive and you always say you can.

Try to ban all negative thoughts and say you can. Is this all simple? Hell, no. It takes practice and determination. This is how you can program yourself to succeed.

Your daily exercise

To start changing your switch you need to do this simple exercise every day when you are about to go to sleep.

Lie in bed and close your eyes. Now imagine that your body is becoming heavier and heavier.

Now visualize what you would like to achieve and how you would like to look. Visualize everything in extreme detail.

Think about how you will jump out of bed and get ready for training. See in extreme detail what you will be wearing during training, who you will meet and how you feel after training.

  • See yourself transform in the body of your dreams.
  • Feel the joy of people turning heads when you walk by.
  • Create your own success story.

If you do the visualization drill every day, you will notice that you are going to show up for training. Results will start coming and you will feel and, more importantly, look better.

Try the same drill in other areas of your life and you will see dramatic positive changes occur.

Are you ready to change your destiny?

To find out more about Virgil Brewster’s fitness training, contact him via the workout club on 677 045 023 or


It’s Good to Talk

  • Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I have had a really brilliant winter, lots of yoga and keep fit rather than mad diets just thinking about what I put in my body and generally feeling really good about life. Then last week the opening parties started and now I don’t seem to be able to keep to my regime. I’ve drunk far too much, eaten rubbish food and indulged in drugs and generally feel really guilty about it all. The worst thing of all is that its only may and I’m terrified of undoing all my good work in the winter but somehow also know that I am weak.

Do you have any ideas on how I can help myself to either say no to going out partying or find a way to enjoy it without getting so messed up.

Thank you, PG

Dear PG

Thank you for your e mail and firstly congratulations on all the hard work you did in the winter, it seems as if it really paid off and you felt much better both physically and mentally.

So with that I mind I wonder why you choose to undo all your hard work? What it is that makes you push your own wellbeing down the list and not continue to make yourself a priority? Lots of people in Ibiza tend to have really hectic summers partying hard etc. but it is a choice that they are happy with, you don’t seem to be happy with that choice so it makes me question the value you place on yourself.

You are the only person who can say no to yourself but I wonder if you have tried going out with a different mind-set a different attitude that makes you feel as if you are benefitting from not indulging rather than missing out.

I realise there are many temptations in Ibiza and its never quite so simple but you are really important , your wellbeing is important and how you treat yourself is important so take care and all the best for the rest of the season.




At Night

International Music Summit

  • Claire B

The International Music Summit (IMS) returned to Ibiza again last week, held again at The Hard Rock Hotel. IMS now puts on several International events each year focussing on the electronic dance music (EDM) industry and everything that it encompasses, but the first summits were held in Ibiza and 2016 marks its 9th year. At the heart of the event is a three-day conference, which combines keynote sessions, interviews, panel and debate sessions with key figures from the industry, including for example, DJs, artists, labels, delivery platforms, media and marketing professionals. Official night time activities saw another party in the fantastic setting of the Baluarte de Santa Llúcia in Dalt Vila, plus Back2Live at the Hard Rock, which focused on live music and its relationship with dance music, with 5 acts performing live. With a three-day intensive programme of keynote interviews, panels and discussions and a host of official evening events it’s a jam-packed and interesting schedule, but it’s impossible to go to everything on offer, so I’m just going to give a flavour of some of the discussions and conversations that took place. Everything was filmed and they’re all available to see on the IMS website along with a daily video summary from Pete Tong:

The summit traditionally begins with the IMS Business Report, which told us that: “The global electronic music industry is now worth $7.1 billion, 60% more than 3 years ago.” That’s an industry of some significance and one that is still experiencing huge growth. We also learnt that in the UK, streaming of dance music grew at a faster rate than any other genre in 2015 and that techno is now the bestselling genre on Beatport, overtaking tech house. The full report can be downloaded from the IMS website. Subjects such as streaming, major labels, and the closure of Space were also covered, with a fond and emotional overview of the club’s history in its final year, followed by a candid vinyl exchange between Seth Troxler and Dave Haslam closing the day’s schedule.

Day 2 started off with a captivating keynote interview with Erick Morillo, who opened up about his history with drug addiction and his road to recovery. An impressive panel followed, made up of Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Tale Of Us, James Zabiela and Black Coffee who took to the stage for The Art of Playing Differently, a technology-driven discussion inspired by Hawtin’s innovative new mixer release and each of the artists’ unique perspectives. Later, Yann Pissenem from Ushuaia confirmed the takeover of Space Ibiza after its closing, saying, “It’s a big responsibility for me, for the international scene and the electronic scene”, Jules Buckley and Pete Tong, discussed The Making of Pete Tong’s Ibiza Prom and Mixmag presented The New Breed panel with artists Danny Daze, Francesca Lombardo, Kölsch and Danny Howard. In the evening, the Back2Live event at The Hard Rock Hotel saw some great sets from up-and-coming UK acts Szjerdene, Delamere, Seabed and Our Future Glory. Stimming finished off the night’s proceedings with lots of frenetic knob twiddling.

Day 3 opened with the annual Ibiza Debate chaired by Grego O’Halloran, who was joined by Pete Tong, Matteo Milleri from Tale of Us, Shauna Slevin (Managing Director, Canopy Artists), Mr. C and Jacobi Calthorpe (Promoter, Housekeeping. They spoke about their own work on the island and how they see the current situation and how things could develop in the future. Icons of electronic music history Yello gave an insightful and humorous keynote interview, showed us how to record a new track using a SmartPhone app and announced a new album (Toy) and live shows for this October. There was an interesting panel on Diversity in Electronic Music, which focused on tackling issues of female representation within the electronic music industry and which continues to be an issue, with interesting contributions from DJs/producers Nicole Moudaber and BTraits and other females who work in different parts of the industry. Later on in the day Malcolm Gerrie (those of a certain age may remember that he was an Executive Producer of the revolutionary TV show The Tube) and Julien Temple (filmmaker behind The Great Rock and Roll Swindle and his documentaries on London, Glastonbury and Detroit amongst others) introduced the new documentary/film they are making about Ibiza and its history. They will be going back to when the Phonecian’s controlled the island right up to the island and it’s culture in the present day, including major events in between. Their enthusiasm for what they are doing combined with their love of the island and its people and their filmmaking pedigree promises to make this very special and something that will present Ibiza in a very positive and illuminating light. It’s due to be completed and broadcast on a major UK TV channel in September 2017 (details can’t be announced at this stage). I managed to grab Malcolm and Julien for a quick chat during the event, so there’ll be more on this project soon, so watch this space. Richie Hawtin then spent 5 minutes introducing his latest venture, Enter.Sake and the audience was treated to samples. I haven’t tried mine yet so I can’t comment on what it’s like. The final keynote of the day was Pete Tong interviewing The Pet Shop Boys, an act that they have been trying to get at the event for the last 9 years and which finally happened. They divulged many details of their longstanding career in the industry, talking about the creative processes behind writing songs and combining theatrics into their stage shows to their clubbing experiences and much more.

The icing on the cake was the Dalt Vila party in the evening, in the magnificent setting of the Baluarte de Santa Llúcia, the best place on the island for an outdoor party. Sandwiched high up above the port and below the cathedral there is no better place to experience a party as the daylight fades and the sun sets behind the hills and darkness falls. Francesca Lombardo, Benjamin Damage, B Traits, Tale Of Us and Nicole Moudaber each graced the stage, with Dubfire presenting his HYBRID showcase to officially close the summit for 2016.

All the highlight and session videos are at:


Community & Agenda


 Thursday 2nd June to Wednesday 8th June 2016

 ARIES – Four of Cups

Weigh up opportunities this week as there’s a few to choose from both personally and professionally.  However, delay any decision on making a firm commitment as there may be another opportunity on the horizon; one you might like even better.  Romantically, if you’re single and have kissed a lot of frogs recently, the signs are good to meet your Prince/Princess.

TAURUS – Six of Wands

This is an excellent week to further your career interests, but don’t let all that success go to your head.  Your will fail to impress someone important if you behave in an arrogant or high handed manner. Sure you’re good, but if you’re fighting off competition from other Leo’s, it’ll be a bun fight!  Success with dignity shows real leadership.

GEMINI – Two of Swords

You may have trouble making an important life decision this week and are still working on recent difference of opinion or life outlook with someone close. You do make progress this week however, and may even get an apology or peace offering when you least expect it. Have some faith that you’re at the end of a particularly exhausting time.

CANCER – Three of Wands

This is a most fortunate card if you’re looking for a change in direction; if you have a vision, you can make it happen!  Continue to set your sights on furthering ambitions, especially if you’re dealing with people or projects overseas.  The fiery energy of this three brings you the dynamism and determination to attract acclaim from a wider audience.

LEO – Four of Swords

This card advises you to take a back seat and to take life easy; withdraw from a hectic lifestyle and take stock of the past few months.  Enjoy being in the NOW, before making plans for the future.  Meditation, yoga, tai chi, chill music etc. are all good methods for helping you to unwind.  Be peaceful in all your dealings.

VIRGO – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week. You may have to deal with financial contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like. You will have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; therefore don’t make situations a power struggle. If you must confront someone, make sure you have your facts straight.

LIBRA – The Fool

Trust is your key issue this week Libra.  The Fool card certainly doesn’t mean you are one; quite the opposite in fact.  He’s urging you to take risks and to have self-belief.  That it doesn’t matter; follow your heart and believe in your intuition.  There are no wrong moves; it’s your reaction to unfolding events that makes the difference.

SCORPIO – The Star

Your path becomes clearer this week as a sense of optimism replaces the world weary feeling of late. Your positive attitude will be infectious so that those around you are happy to step in line with your plans.  The Star brings hope and encouragement after a stressful time.  Any health concerns/issues fade as you feel energised and up for adventure!

SAGITTARIUS – Eight of Swords

If you feel besieged this week, as if there’s no way out of a certain situation.  Don’t put all your stress eggs into one basket!  Not everything is bleak and if you stopped struggling with problems you would find solutions.  Nor can you do it alone; seek trusted advice from professionals or friends who have your best interests at heart.

CAPRICORN – Seven of Swords

If you’ve been misunderstood by others who don’t get where you’re coming from – you can be forgiven for feeling hard done by.  Think; what’s the point continuing with certain associations if they’re nothing but bad news.  You’re a bright light so don’t let others pull you down.  Ignore/avoid jealous types; stick to those who recognise your true worth.

AQUARIUS – King of Cups

This card indicates a love interest who’s just such a nice person, kind and compassionate too.  Someone who’s also sensitive and in touch with their feelings and doesn’t play games.  For others he represents good news in business with opportunities and links to well-connected people; or he’s a straightforward boss or business partner, who’ll help you with an important ambition.

PISCES – Four of Wands

Time to celebrate the start of a new creative collaboration. This is very much a team spirited card enabling you to get the best people on board any new project. Reliability will be a key issue; however, this card promises smooth, hassle free dealings with others this week.  For others, home moves that prove fortunate; you’ll find your dream accommodation.

View From The Pew

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The Gospel of Luke is a first century AD biography of Jesus written probably before AD 64 and is included in the collection of ancient texts known as the Bible.  The Gospel of Luke tells us about an encounter between Jesus and a Roman centurion.

Luke 7:1 After Jesus had finished all his sayings in the hearing of the people, he entered Capernaum. 2 A centurion there had a slave whom he valued highly, and who was ill and close to death. 3 When he heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish elders to him, asking him to come and heal his slave. 4 When they came to Jesus, they appealed to him earnestly, saying, “He is worthy of having you do this for him, 5 for he loves our people, and it is he who built our synagogue for us.” 6 And Jesus went with them, but when he was not far from the house, the centurion sent friends to say to him, “Lord, do not trouble yourself, for I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; 7 therefore I did not presume to come to you. But only speak the word, and let my servant be healed. 8 For I also am a man set under authority, with soldiers under me; and I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and the slave does it.” 9 When Jesus heard this he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd that followed him, he said, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.” 10 When those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the slave in good health. (Gospel of Luke, chapter 7, verses 1-10).

A centurion was a ranking officer in the Roman army, usually the commander over a company of 100 men or fewer.  In the encounter with Jesus the centurion draws an analogy.  The centurion works in a chain of authority, subordinate to his commanders but superior to soldiers under him.  Because of this chain of authority, his commands are effective.  He knows that Jesus works in a similar chain of command.  Jesus is set under the authority of Israel’s God in heaven and, therefore, he can command healing and earth will obey.  Jesus is amazed at the centurion’s faith.  The slave is healed without Jesus even speaking a word!

  • Services this Sunday 5th June Holy Communion in the church at Sant Rafel 9.30am (traditional) and 10.30am (contemporary).
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


Michael Coe, Boxer

Some years ago I attended a championship football match at which a thalidomide sufferer had taken on the job of linesman. The immediate thought would be that somebody in possession of undeveloped arms from that terrible 60’s pregnancy drug gone wrong, would never want to take on a role requiring more than anything else the use of arms.

That they would not only chose to do a job so unlikely and difficult, but also put themselves in the most unforgiving environment of berating football fans who take no prisoners and consider nothing in a person’s make up as off limits for derision, would seem doubly unlikely to the point of incredulity.

But of course the situation was not one of a bad career choice, but an individual showing the most incredible guts and bravery to show they would not be restricted by their disability (is that the current pc term?) and demonstrating this by overcoming a most extreme limitation. In his case by passing the flag from hand to teeth and to other hand as required. I am pleased to say, as it was my football team and any other reaction would have been shameful, that even in this most unforgiving crowd his bravery was recognised with a collective sense that this was indeed something beyond the fair game norm, and he was shown nothing but respect.

Well known Ibiza resident Michael Coe has similarities in his own life. Choosing to ignore what would seem the absolute prohibitive nature of having lost one arm in pursuing boxing at a competitive level.

We are all used to seeing the courage of athletes in the Paralympics and Invictus Games etc. however to really highlight Michaels own outlook, the important thing to understand is that he is not choosing to fight amongst others with similar disadvantages (probably the wrong word) Michael pits his one fist against the two of boxers in regular competition.

I have known Michael casually for several years and know that he, as with most people with disabilities, do not wish to be defined by that alone, but come on—a one armed man boxing two armed competition, that is pretty damned impressive by any standard.

It is not only in fighting that Mick’s determination comes through. His social media timeline has a steady trickle of fitness and endurance feats that put most of us to shame.

Michael contacted us looking to raise awareness for a charity fundraising boxing tournament he is undertaking this year – something we are truly pleased to support.

I met Michael to talk about the tournament and his fund raising objectives.

  • NG: Obvious question first Mick. Boxing, Why?

MC: yes, you’re not the first to ask but it is just one thing in a bigger picture of challenges I have set myself. In addition to the fitness and boxing, in the last couple of years I have undertaken degree level studies in personal training and cross fit. I didn’t go into it with a great deal of confidence but it has gone really well, I am really pleased with what I have achieved there. Looking forward from here I have two projects in hand, the boxing match on July 16th this year, and next year a cross fit competition where there is a section for adaptive athletes.

  • NG: adaptive athletes, thanks I appreciate that, it will avoid me faffing around trying to avoid using terms such as disabled and handicapped which have a far too negative connotation.

MC: The competition is open to people in many different situations. A woman in last year’s that inspired me was carrying a 50kg bag and she did not have any hands or feet. That is just pure heart, pure doggedness.

The Cross Fit is next February so I have a lot of training ahead.

Taking it one step back from the competitions the training is very important to me as a focus. Ibiza as an island has many shiny red apples which you can easily get attracted by. I need a focus that to put it simply stops me sitting in the bars supping beer at 3pm in the afternoon.

  • NG: I hear that. So tell us about the boxing tournament Mick.

MC: it is being arranged by a friend of mine who used to be over here in Ibiza, Stuart Hall. Stuart returned to boxing after a break and was told he had left it too late, but two years ago he became world champion. He is now back in contention for another title shot at Bantamweight. Stuart has teamed up with a guy called Johnny Harrison who has his own fitness company in the UK, the concept is that everybody participating commits to an intensive training period in the run up and it’s something I intend to take very seriously.  Every boxing match has to be taken seriously.

  • NG: and just to be 100% on this because it does blow my mind a bit, you’ll be the only adaptive athlete boxer in the tournament, everybody you are facing in the opposite corner will be wearing two gloves, not one.

MC: yeah, well it wouldn’t be fair on them otherwise.

  • NG: and you’ve chosen to set a fundraising objective?

MC: yeah, I’ve chosen to nominate the Ibiza charity ‘Last night a DJ saved my life’. I’ve known the founder Jonny Lee for some time and have always been impressed by the work they do. The aim is to raise a total of 1500€ which will fund the creation of a well and its maintenance for 10 years in Africa.

The Ibiza community have a great record in supporting worthy causes and I am hoping they will get behind me and mark this project with what would be a fantastic achievement, to make a real difference to people’s lives. People face challenges in so many different ways, for me it has been the loss of a limb, but for other people it is simply being a victim of circumstance, where they were born, or the community they were born into. At the end of the day, it does not matter what type of obstacles are faced, it is about overcoming them and this in one small way will do that.

  • NG: brilliant Mick, we wish you every success and please now take the opportunity to mention those who are helping you.

“There is another side to Ibiza and here are some great opportunities to train Crossfit Isla Blanca is where I go for all my strength and conditioning stuff and is actually one of the best Crossfit gyms I have been.  Most of my boxing training I am doing at Polideportivo Es Vive with Ibiza MMA team which is a great squad with good sparring and great tuition.  Also the group training that Alex Amiri gives at Pikes Hotel is excellent training, Alwx spent a lot of time with us in Thailand at the same gyms, absorbed all the knowledge and is giving what I consider “proper training” in her groups there.

Mick’s Chosen Charity—Dig & Maintain a Well

There projects are based in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a drought prone region hugely affected by the water crisis. As with most developing countries women and children are often the ones who have to walk miles to collect sufficient water, which is often dirty and unsafe anyway. Wateris not only a health issue, it is a gender and economic one too. With the development of clean water wells in the centre of villages, the health and well being of the whole community will increase; children are then able to attend school and women able to work.

  • 5 million children die every year due to water related diseases
  • Women and children collectively walk 200 million miles a day
  • to collect, often dirty and unsafe, water
  • The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns (UN)
  • Your donation of £1500 is the cost to build a freshwater well which will last 10 yrs and give fresh water for communities of over a 1000 people.




Sabina’s Dog Psychology

Naldo’s Story …                                     

  • Sabina Farnhill

Today I would like to tell you the story of Naldos healing.

Naldo, a small Yorkshire Terrier was born blind and adopted at the age of 8 weeks. Everything went fine until Naldo became about 5 months old, then something changed little by little and was getting worse. Naldo developed into a little monster, became increasingly aggressive in daily life and when he finally was no longer controllable by his owners because he was biting around when being touched …

I was then contacted in a matter of urgency.

When a dog is born blind, this is not a problem for him because he can compensate with his ears and nose. The blindness is accepted as normal. Also for other dogs it is a “normal” dog. But we humans cannot feel the same way, we feel compassion and pity, but compassion and pity does not exist in the animal world.

My consultation with Naldo was a challenge for me because little Naldo needed help urgently. It was the first time for me to come across a dog which could manoeuvre itself into such a pitiful state. When Naldo came into contact with an object or human he would work himself into such a rage that he bit in the next possible obstacle, which could be a table leg, but also a human leg. It simply did not matter what he was able to react on. The owners were at the end of their knowledge and nervous, because they couldn’t touch him.

The thought of euthanasia was already suggested to them by their Veterinary surgeon.

Naldo was literally stressed out.

After many questions and observations about Naldo I finally came to the conclusion – why Naldo is in this state of mind and what had caused it !!!

When I specifically told the wife of the two owners what had happened and why Naldo responded in the way he did, they were in tears. The realizing of the facts that they really meant it just fine, but it all went wrong, because they didn’t and couldn’t pay attention to important details, was very painful for them.

Naldo was adopted because he was blind – really great by the couple, just super, hats off !!!

And now my sobering explanation came about Naldos behavior: from day one of the Adoption Naldos owners felt an infinite pity for him, spared him from normal everyday life and education … they treated him with kid gloves. At the same time due to his disability, he didn’t receive structure, no discipline and no limits in his everyday life.

In other words everything was granted to him whatever he wanted. Fatal for a dog !!!

He was totally unhappy because he didn’t receive any guidance and no one of his pack he could call his packleader,  and because of that he developed more and more panic in everyday life, he had no choice, his owners had failed totally in their job because they loved him so much.

I developed a program, such as the owner had to behave henceforth etc. and told them if they don’t go along with it, Naldos misbehaviour will only intensify and ultimately it becomes a disaster.

We had constant contact within this time. After only 6 weeks they called me, telling me how successful my program worked out to be and that they wanted to thank me …

Naldo is now healed, he is calm, has no more rages, no longer bites, can be brushed and cuddled at any time. Wow, what a change.

The owners are so very happy with Naldo. What a success for Naldo and its owners.

And I am so happy that Naldo is now liberated and healed from his stress because its owners have accepted my program as I have explained it.

I am happy when people accept my suggestions and tuitions, process and recognize the sense of it.

We all can learn, no matter what age, we can learn from situations and its benefits for our future and the welfare of our animals.

With kind regards,  Sabina

San Jacobo Recipe

  • A traditional Spanish tapas that is so simple to make. If your only experience of a San Jacobo is the insipid specimens you’ll find in the Supermarket freezer section, do not be put off. The home-made version is an altogether tastier treat. If you fancy taking it up a notch, you can add Chicken to the mix by wrapping the ham and cheese ‘book’ in the chicken then cover in breadcrumbs (this will require further cooking time)..
  • Ingredients

8 slices of your favourite cooked ham

8 slices of cheese to melt quality

For the batter:

2 large eggs

4 tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons breadcrumbs

Mild olive oil for frying

  • Method

Take each of the slices of cooked ham and fold in half, you then make a kind of book that will hold a slice of cheese, doubling the ham in half and leaving the cheese inside.

For each San Jacobo there will be two little ‘books’, each with two slices of ham and two cheese.

To cover the San Jacobos with a classic batter, you first pass them in flour, then egg and then the breadcrumbs. Flour helps the egg adhere better to the cooked ham, and egg acts as a glue to attach the breadcrumbs.

Some people prefer to use two coats of batter,but we prefer it with just a single layer so that is not too thick. They are much lighter as a result and thus absorb less oil in frying.



 Jacaranda Lounge

  • Carly S

For those who don’t know it, Jacaranda lounge is a sprawling white haven atop the cliffs in Es Canar, stylishly fitted out in Asian influenced white bali beds, pallet furniture, thatched cabanas, sunbeds and tables and dominated by an azure blue pool overlooking the glittering Mediterranean sea. It is a beautiful venue, popular with locals and tourists alike and one of the islands go-to destinations for weddings and events as well as day and night time visits for delicious food, amazing signature cocktails and relaxing with a shisha pipe. It’s a stunning venue with professional, white dressed staff waiting on you as you unwind.

They’re also known for flying out celebrity guests from the UK and this year they’ve a whole host of ‘Celebrity Sundays’ planned featuring performances by former Boyzone star Keith Duffy, star of our own Colin Butts’ ‘White Island’ and West End performer, Darren Day and former Westlife heartthrob Bryan McFadden, as well as reality TV celebrities from X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and  TOWIE. This week was their ‘soft launch’ and I caught up with former X Factor contestant Johnny Robinson for a quick chat before he performed.

Johnny is a bit of a Peter Pan character, looking nothing of his 50 years and being full of energy as we chatted, despite having only just arrived due to airline problems- ‘It was a nightmare!’ he tells me in his gentle, high pitched voice, ‘Bloody Easyjet cancelled my flight from Luton so I had to get in a taxi and go 90 miles down to Gatwick, fly across to Madrid then come from Madrid to Ibiza. I haven’t slept all night, I’m knackered!’ It was with this candour and humour that he chatted for next fifteen minutes or so, telling me how he was scared when he first came to Ibiza last year as he’d got the impression it was ‘all drugs and lager louts’ but had been pleasantly surprised to find that ‘it´s just lovely. Not at all like I expected. And Mandy (Jacaranda’s owner) is a darling’.

He also talked about his X Factor experience, he was sent away by the judges in week five, despite getting the majority of phone votes, saying ‘I can’t believe how naïve I was really. I genuinely thought I might get to record an album or something. It’s all rigged. And they’re not nice people working on that show. They’re really not interested in the contestants, it’s just about how much money they can make. They don’t care about us. I was alright, because I’m older, but some of the little nineteen year old kids on there were heart-broken and in tears. No-one cared. It’s sad really.’

When I asked him if he would do another TV talent show, he said The Voice producers had already been in touch and that he actually was thinking about it. ‘What have I got to lose? I’m 50, no spring chicken. I love to sing, I’ve always sung, and I like entertaining people. I know the score with these things now, I know what I’d be letting myself in for. I might go for it. We’ll see.’ Chatting to Johnny is like chatting to your old friend. He’s affable, down to earth and hilariously funny in the way that only camp British men can be… he’s like the reincarnation of Kenneth Williams but with more glitter and whiter teeth.

It was, therefore, the perfect choice to have Ibiza’s tribute to one of the campest, sparkliest bands ever to warm up for him on the stage at the end of the massive, ambient lit pool. The Abba Angels, also known as Lauren Kaycee and Claire Turley, have been impressing Abba fans all over the island for the past few years with their well choreographed, slick and excellently sung performances and comical Swedish accented banter with the crowd. They put on a fab show at Jacaranda, performing authentic renditions of all the Abba classics, from dance along songs like Waterloo and Take a Chance on Me to slow and heart felt numbers like The Winner Takes It All. They’re well worth a watch if you’re an Abba fan. Everyone was clearly having fun, including the girls themselves, and the crowd were clapping, singing along and ready for more when Johnny took to the stage.

As soon as he started to sing, I could see why The Voice want him. From this tall, skinny, bespectacled fifty year old man came a pitch perfect falsetto voice I could have sworn was emanating from a young woman. Not at all what I was expecting. He launched into energetic renditions of several disco classics, starting with Cher’s Believe, going on to ‘All the Lovers’ before blasting out some numbers by Culture Club, Kylie and the ever popular ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ and finishing with Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’. The set perfectly suited his character and he impressed me with his vocal range, he didn’t sound tired at all. He was also at ease in front of the audience and cracking jokes between songs, my favourite was when he said ‘Do you know, they’ve said gentlemen prefer brunettes now. Yeah, apparently so. I’m a brunette though and none of them want me. I should have been a lesbian.’ He certainly knows how to entertain a crowd and had people laughing, dancing, clapping and singing. He may not have had the X Factor, but he went down a treat at Jacaranda. I had a great night.

Next week sees the official launch night of Celebrity Sundays at Jacaranda with Ibiza’s newest girl band Electric Dreams taking up their residency slot and performances from Shane Ritchie Junior (singer and son of Shane Ritchie and Colleen Nolan) and DJ and former boyband and chart star Dane Bowers as well as several other surprise guests. It looks set to be another night of fun and laughter under the Ibiza night sky…check it out! For full details, visit



Monaco GP

Lewis Hamilton became only the 15th driver in history to win multiple Monaco Grands Prix, producing a masterclass of driving on the Côte d’Azur to claim his maiden victory in 2016.

Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg endured a torrid afternoon. After starting the race in second, it looked as though the German would at least finish sixth but was pipped at the line by compatriot Nico Hülkenberg.

It means Hamilton has now cut Rosberg’s lead to 26 points at the top of the driver standings.

“A big thank you to my team,” Hamilton told reporters after the race. “I’m lost for words. I prayed for a day like this, it came through and I feel truly blessed.”

Read: The ‘gentleman’ racer who ruled the Monaco Grand Prix

“I haven’t even thought about it just yet,” Hamilton added when asked about cutting Rosberg’s lead.

“We’re in the battle and there’s a long long way to go. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it gets better.”

If the start of the race was slightly anticlimactic, with a safety car escorting the cars around the track due to heavy rain, then what ensued was anything but.

No less than 30 seconds after the safety car had been withdrawn, British racer Jolyon Palmer hit the wall after his back tires were put out of line by a zebra crossing.

Teenage sensation Max Verstappen, winner of the Spanish Grand Prix two weeks ago, was starting the race at the back of the grid after a “miscalculation” — in his own words — during qualifying saw him crash out.

On a track with scant overtaking opportunities, the 18-year-old impressively moved up to 10th, before another error saw the young Dutchman end up in the barriers on lap 35 to end his race.

While Hamilton and Rosberg’s rivalry has been on everybody’s lips since the start of the season, this race developed into a fascinating battle between the Brit and Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo.

Hamilton was snapping at the heels of his Mercedes teammate from lap eight, before eventually passing him on lap 16 to set up his enthralling duel with Ricciardo.

Both drivers were the last of the leading pack to change their wet tires for intermediates and while Red Bull pulled its driver into the pits to change, Mercedes left Hamilton out on the track to try and build a lead.

The deciding moment of the race came on lap 32. Confusion between Red Bull’s garage and team upstairs meant they failed to have the tires ready on time and left Ricciardo sitting in the pit.

There were doubts as to whether or not Hamilton’s tires would last for the remainder of the race, but he held firm under serious Ricciardo pressure and eventually pulled away to finish more than five seconds clear.

Ricciardo, understandably, cut a disconsolate figure after the race.

“Two weekends in a row I’ve been screwed,” the Australian seethed. “It sucks. It hurts.

“How do I feel? Without swearing it’s difficult. Like I’ve been run over by an 18-wheel truck for the second weekend in a row.”

In Barcelona, Ricciardo was unhappy to have his race strategy switched by Red Bull — giving Verstappen the chance to win on his debut for the senior team.

“I think I took Barcelona as well as I could, but for me to be positive this time — I can’t. I actually hate being like this, being miserable — I got a podium in Monaco, I should be happy and grateful.”

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko said he felt “really sorry” for Riccicardo.

“All we can do is apologize to him. We will investigate and find out (what happened), but it was a human mistake,” Marko told reporters.

“We presented it to Mercedes. Unfortunately, a lot of misunderstanding and not the right communication.”

Jezza’s World of Sport

Do you know what? I love this time of year in the sporting world. That almost grey area where winter sports gradually merge in to summer sports, where I get to write (well, I like to call it that!) about at least 3 of my favourite sports all at once, and when you are able to relax and read the national press where there’s so many different sports going on all over the world. Brilliant! One word of warning tho’, be careful what you tell ‘er indoors, because this year, the footie season doesn’t really finish, as the Euro 2016 Championship in France starts early doors this month and goes right thru’ until July and, then, heyho,  the season starts again early August. So, without being called a sexist dinosaur (a la Andy Gray/Richard Keys) ladies, thou hast been warned!


Yet another Englishman wins a European Tour title as Bristolian Chris Wood (pictured) pipped more notable names as Lee Westwood and US Open winner Danny Willett at the  BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth on Sunday with a quite brilliant last round opening 5 under par 29  and altho’ losing it slightly with an inward 40, still managed to get his name on the Cup, winning by a shot from Sweden’s Karlberg. So, after Rory’s recent Irish Open win, Sergoi Garcia’s recent Spanish win and Willett, Westwood and Rose’s showing in the US Open, ’tis looking very positive for September’s Ryder Cup.


and after the recent First Test’s capitulation by Sri Lanka at Headingley, where England won in 3 days, we were all hoping the visitors would up the ante in the 2nd Test at Durham, which started last Friday. Well, not a good start for said visitors as England batted first and with a major contribution from Ali with an unbeaten 155, allied to strong batting from Root and Hales, again, ended on 498/9. Then Anderson and Broad went to town, sharing 7 wickets between them, to skittle out Sri Lanka for 101, 297 behind. However, after being asked, very politely, one must assume, to bat again by Captain Cook, at last the visitors showed their real talent and progressed to a creditable 475 mainly due to a ton from Chandimal and 80 from Captain Mathews, but this still left England needing only 79 to win and go 2 up in the 3 Test Series. As the 3 Lions are currently 54/1 needing only 25 to win, being a presumptious old fart, and expecting a foregone conclusion, congrats must be given to Captain Cook as he became the youngest ever batsman to reach 10,000 Test runs and considering there are only 5 other world batsmen who have achieved that amazing feat, inc Tendulkar, Ponting and Lara, credit where credit’s due!


Roland Garros, gay Paree now, and, same ole, same ole story as Our Andy is, as usual, the last Brit standing, having reached the Quarters, yet again, and on course to meet Djokovic in the Final, due mainly to the withdrawal of Rafa and Roger thru’ injury, but, as I’ve said before, you can only beat those in front of you, so let’s hope he can follow on from his recent defeat of the No 1 and win another Major.

Rugby Union

Saracens, as predicted, won the Premiership play-off Final at Twickenham on Saturday, defeating West Country upstarts Exeter 28-20 to complete the Double of European Cup/Premiership title and proved once again that they are the No 1 team in England.

But what a fantastic season, tho’ , for England’s new rugby star, Mario Otoje, who, in his first real competitive season ended up with the incredible accolades of  a Grand Slam winner with England, a European Cup and Premiership title with Saracens, the vote as European Player of the Year and the amazing stat of never having lost in 21 starts, all this and at the tender age of 21, with all the pundits saying he can only get better! Mind blowing but well done to him and what a future he has in store.

After a hectic season, it seems that the Northern Hemisphere’s international players can’t get enough rugby as England, Wales and Ireland head off to the Southern Hemisphere for their annual bashings, sorry, tours with the former off to Oz, the Dragons to New Zealand and the latter to South Africa and just to get a feel for it, as if they needed to, the first two played each other in a “friendly” at Twickers on Sunday with England coming out on top 27-13, having scored 5 tries to Wales’ 1, this, bear in mind, without 10 of England’s internationals who were involved in the Saracens/Exeter match the day before!


Unless you’ve been in Outer Mongolia or even Playa de’en Bossa, you must know by now that the Special One has been officially appointed as Manager of Man U so expect lotsa changes at OT. According to various reports, Jose’s first instruction to his transfer staff has been to “get me Ibrahimovich”, the modest Swedish star of Barcelona, Inter and PSG vintage, whose ego is bigger than Mr Donald “Duck” Trump’s (which says an awful lot!) and who, on leaving PSG at the end of the season, came up with the now infamous saying “ I arrived in Paris as a king, and I have left as a legend!”. Mind you, I understand that there is a stumbling block, namely his demands of 220k Sterling per week and this, mind, after tax; not bad for a 34 year old past his sell-by-date but, no doubt, a la Cantona, he’ll do the biz for his old mate Jose.

With the Euros coming up in 2 weeks, England have played 2 warm-up matches and won both, so looking good for the tournament with Mr “Hedgehog” Hodgson having to whittle his squad down to 23, methinks could be the end of the road for Liverpool’s Sturridge and Henderson, altho’ what do I know! Good omens though as England’s Under-21 side won the Toulon Tournament over the w/end for the first time since1994, with a 2-1 Final win over hosts France. Good omens too for Coleman’s Wales side, as their star man, Gareth Bale, had a great match, outshining Cristiano, in the European Champions League Final on Saturday as Real Madrid won their 11th title and 2nd in 3 years, defeating neighbours Atletico in what was a strangely subdued and tense match, especially after extra-time and penalties, culminating in said Cristiano converting the winning penalty for Real to win 5-4.

And, finally, on the domestic side, congrats to Steve Bruce and his Hull City as they won the Championship Final at Wembley, 1-0 over Sheffield Wednesday, to climb back in to the Premier at the first attempt and with a 120m (Sterling) bonus which will probably mean he’ll now win the damn thing next season a la Leicester! Also congrats to Barnsley as they won promotion beating Millwall 3-1 in the League One Play Off Final.

That’s all I’ve got room for this week, so have a good ‘un

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Patrick Curran is looking for people to share trips to Ibiza in the summer months. He is flying from London to Ibiza and from Ibiza to London on several occasions during the summer, but offering something rather more than a spare seat on a charter flight, many would agree more special still than a private jet.

Patrick has his own helicopter and is looking for people to share costs is what is bound to be a very special experience. Explaining the trip Patrick, who has been flying helicopters for 20 years, told us “London to Ibiza is an 8 hour trip in the helicopter. It can be done in one day but usually we stop in France on the way. It’s a genuine adventure for people that love scenery and flying. The trip is incredible as we fly low level all way. “

Patrick’s invitation stated that the trip starts with a bit of London sightseeing, and when in Ibiza there would be the chance for excursions around the Islands.

He is looking for people who want to join him and share the cost of the fuel, landing fees and helicopter costs. He said “It’s a non profit, cost sharing flight. It works out at 2,000€ per leg.”

And boat owners think they have it bad. Anybody interested can contact Patrick on