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The Ibizan 827 19 May 2016
The Ibizan 827 19 May 2016

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The Ibizan 827 ~ 19 May 16



The Great Guiri Buy Up

  • A remarkable 44% of all property sales in the Balearic Islands are by foreigners (or as the Spanish say Guiris)
  • This is more than double the Spanish national rate of 20%.
  • The British buy more than double the amount of properties, 20.6%, to that of the next highest nationality, the French at 8.8%.

According to the latest report from the College of Notaries in Spain, property purchases made by foreigners in 2015 made up 20% of the total sales completed.

This is an annual increase of 12% from 2014, with foreigners purchasing a total of 76,680 homes.

British, French and Germans are still the leading nationalities when it comes to buying property in Spain, and they continue to be the nationalities who prefer to invest their money in this country.

The rise in the number of properties purchased by non-Spanish citizens has been in line with the stabilization of the real-estate sector in Spain over the last few years.

A total of 384,000 homes were purchased in 2015, and 76,680 of them corresponded to transactions carried out by foreigners. This is a clear sign that foreign buyers once again have confidence in the Spanish market and are willing to invest.

This is the first time since 2007 that operations made by foreign buyers has broken the 70,000 barrier, and, in 2008, purchases made by foreigners only made up 6.8% of the total. It wasn’t until 2011 that this figure surpassed 10%, with 12.6% of the total and 39,670 transactions. Since then the figure has continued to grow each year.

Every autonomous region in the country saw the number of foreigners buying property in their region go up from the previous year.

This was particularly noticeable in La Rioja (+59.1%), Castilla-La Mancha (+57.3%) and Navarra (+41.5%).

However, the regions in which foreign buyers held most weight were the Balearic Islands (44%), Canary Islands (39%), Valencia Region (37%), Murcia (25%) and Andalucía (25%).

The price per square metre of property bought by residents in general in 2015 was 1,598 euro, which is an annual rise of 2.9%.

For foreign non-residents, the figure was 1,792 euro/square metre, which was actually an increase of 5.6%, while for foreign residents the figure dropped 0.1% to register at 1,367 euro/square metre.

Out of all the purchases made by foreign buyers, 51.7% of the total was carried out by those not permanently living in Spain. Despite this, the number of transactions involving foreign residents actually went up 18.2% from the previous year.

In order of those with the most purchasing weight, the following nationalities carried out the most transactions last year: British (20.6%), French (8.8%), Germans (7.5%), Belgians (5.7%), Italians (5.5%) and the Rumanians (5.3%).

Over the last year, it has been the Rumanians (+59%), Ecuadorians (+43.1%), British (+37.7%), Moroccans (+25.8%) and the Italians (+18.5%) who have upped their activity the most when it comes to buying property in Spain.

  • Information from and

ibizan-827_Page_02Father Wins High Court Case Quashing Fine for Holidays in Term Time

  • A significant proportion of Ibiza’s early season business comes from British Families with school age children. We all know the rules, but not everybody observes them.
  • Today a father has won his case in the High Court that serves to quash a fine issued by his local authority for taking his child out of school without authority for a family vacation during term time.
  • We know from opinions received that it is an issue that divides opinion. For some families it is only the lower cost of holidays during the low season term time that enables them to have a family holiday at all. Does that justify missing school?

After his hearing in the high court, Jon Platt said he had won a victory which would benefit hundreds of other parents facing similar penalties. But a Department for Education source said children’s attendance at school was “non-negotiable” and “we shall now look to change the law and strengthen statutory guidance”.

Mr Platt was fined by Isle of Wight Council after he took his family on the holiday, which included a visit to Walt Disney World, without permission from his child’s school. He was originally fined £60. This was then doubled because of his refusal to pay. The dispute went before Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court in October when Mr Platt won the case. But the local authority appealed against the decision at the High Court in London.

On Friday, Lord Justice Lloyd Jones and Mrs Justice Thirlwall dismissed the council’s challenge, ruling that the magistrates had not “erred in law” when reaching their decision. The magistrates decided Mr Platt had “no case to answer” because no evidence had been produced to prove that his daughter – who is now aged seven and can only be referred to as M for legal reasons – had failed to attend school “regularly”.

The two High Court judges ruled that the magistrates were entitled to take into account the “wider picture” of the child’s attendance record during the school year – M had an attendance rate of 92.3%. They ruled the magistrates were not restricted, as the local authority had argued, to just considering her “0% attendance” when she was absent on the unauthorised holiday. Lord Justice Lloyd Jones said: “I do not consider it is open to an authority to criminalise every unauthorised holiday by the simple device of alleging that there has been no regular attendance in a period limited to the absence on holiday.”

After the ruling, Mr Platt said outside court: “I am obviously hugely relieved. I know that there was an awful lot riding on this – not just for me, but for hundreds of other parents.” But the Department for Education source said: “We will look at the judgment in detail, but we are clear that children’s attendance at school is non-negotiable and we shall now look to change the law. “We will plan to strengthen the statutory guidance to schools and local authorities.”

Currently, headteachers can only permit term-time absences in “exceptional circumstances”. Before a Government revamp in September 2013, they were able to grant pupil absences for up to 10 days a year for family holidays in “special circumstances”. Opponents argue poor households struggle to pay for expensive summer holidays as firms put up prices.

Currently, if an absence is unauthorised, local authorities have an obligation to fine parents and enforce legal proceedings on behalf of schools. Under the current system, parents who take children out of school without permission could face a £60 fine per child, rising to £120 if it is not paid within 21 days. Those who fail to pay can face prosecution, with a maximum fine, if convicted, of £2,500 or a jail sentence of up to three months.

The Local Government Association has said there are occasions where parents’ requests should be considered, such as religious festivals, weddings, funerals or an “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. Prime Minister David Cameron has previously said that he has “sympathy” for parents struggling financially.

Mark Jackson, appearing for the local authority, had argued that parents “cannot simply take their children out of school to take them on holiday, or for any other unauthorised reason”. He argued section 444(1) of the Education Act 1996 stated that if a child failed to attend school regularly the parent was guilty of an offence, subject to certain statutory exceptions which did not include holidays.

The policy of M’s school made it clear that holidays in term time “would not be authorised”, said Mr Jackson. He argued the magistrates should not simply have asked themselves “had the child attended school regularly” but whether she had attended regularly “during the period identified in the summons – 13-21 April 2015”. That was the period when she had been on holiday with her family and her attendance rate was “0%”.

Rejecting the submission, Lord Justice Lloyd Jones said: “I do not consider it is open to an authority to criminalise every unauthorised holiday by the simple device of alleging that there has been no regular attendance in a period limited to the absence on holiday.” The school’s attendance register showed that M had an attendance rate of 92.35%.

 The judge said: “I consider the magistrates correctly had regard to the wider picture. In all the circumstances of this case I am unable to say their conclusion was not one reasonably open to them.”

Councillor Jonathan Bacon, leader of Isle of Wight Council, said that greater clarity was needed on the meaning of the term “regularly” in the legislation. He said that the Government guidance had been that “regularly” meant attending every school day, but that the High Court ruling could imply a child could be taken out of school for up to three weeks every year.  “This case was always about seeking clarification on this matter and unfortunately today’s ruling has created massive uncertainty and cast a shadow of doubt over the policies of schools and local authorities across the country.

“The Department for Education had outlined what it considered to be ‘regular’ attendance, which was that children should attend school every day, and it is under that assumption that we acted. It is also clear that attendance and educational attainment are intertwined. However, today’s ruling may be taken to imply that parents can take children out of school on holiday for up to three weeks every year. This will clearly have a detrimental effect on the education of those children, the rest of their class and their teachers. I’m very disappointed about the failure to give clear guidance today. We need to consider the impact of this on the Island, but it is clear it will also have an effect across the country. We will be pressing the Department for Education to urgently consider creating clear legislation on this matter for the benefit of parents, schools and local authorities alike.”

 Spain’s Debt Currently Stands At Over 1 Trillion Euros

  • Public debt over 100% of GDP for first time in more than a century
  • First-quarter debt figure of €1.095 trillion takes Spain back to early 19th-century levels despite growth

Figures released by the Bank of Spain on Wednesday and reported in El Pais, show that the state now owes more money than the wealth generated by the Spanish economy. Spain’s economy is  growing but not at a fast enough rate to cover its payment commitments.

Data for the first-quarter of 2016 shows that the public sector has accumulated debt of €1.095 trillion, up from €1.070 trillion by the end of December last year.

While official GDP figures for the January-to-March period have not been released yet, preliminary numbers show that output grew 0.8% from the last quarter of 2015. For the debt-to-GDP ratio to be lower than 100%, economic growth would need to be a minimum of 2.2%.

This low growth estimate evidences that public debt is now in excess of 100% of GDP, though it is worthy of note that the  situation is not exclusive to Spain. For example Italy’s debt-to-GDP ratio is close to 130%

One reason for Spain’s high ratio is that public debt rose significantly in February and March. In just 31 days, another €14 billion were added.

Spain has not experienced a debt-to-gdp ratio over 100% for over a century. A study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) shows that the highest ratio experienced by Spain was 160% in the 1880s.

 Berlin Joins Ibiza in Air BNB Ban. Amsterdam May Be Set To Follow Suit.

  • Interesting stuff. Berlin has banned AIR BNB type vacation lets, with fines of up to 100k, and Amsterdam also looks set to follow suit. the article doesnt mention Ibiza’s regulations already being in force, though the arguments presented by Berlin are identical – a shortage of affordable resident housing stock and annoyance caused to residents by partygoing punters in residential areas. With an acceptance of stereotyping, we somehow feel Berlin may end up enforcing their regulations more effectively than the Ibizan equivalents.
    • Douglas Robertson, University of Stirling

Anyone planning a weekend getaway to Berlin may have received a nasty shock, when the city announced that it has banned residents from renting out their flats to tourists through Airbnb. The move comes as a result of acute housing shortages, unprecedented population growth and marked changes in Europe’s housing system.

Berlin has long been a go-to city for creatives. Even when it was partitioned into East and West, the city attracted an alternative crowd. And when Berlin’s population shrank – particularly between 2000 and 2012 – the resulting surplus of cheap accommodation drew young artists, musicians and hipsters who were being priced out of London, Amsterdam or Paris, due to prohibitive house price inflation and ever-increasing rental costs.

Berlin has remained affordable because of a law pithily known as Zweckentfremdungsverbotsverordnung, which prevents owners from changing the use of properties. This makes it difficult to convert residential buildings into commercial property, and has protected much of the city’s housing stock from development since the second world war. Similar by-laws also exist in other large German cities, such as Hamburg and Munich.

Two years ago, Berlin’s parliament altered this law to include short-term leases on “guest-flats”. This made the short-term leasing of entire flats illegal, with breaches punishable by a €100,000 (£78,000) fine. After a two-year notice period, the ban came into effect in May. Under the new law, it’s still legal to rent out rooms in one’s own flat – but they can take up no more than 50% of the floor space.

German research has revealed that buying and renting flats to tourists – via online agencies such as Airbnb and Wimdu – has become highly profitable, with some businesses managing hundreds of properties. Partly as a result of this, Berlin – which once had a surplus of accommodation – now finds itself with a severe and growing shortage.

Housing is not the only factor feeding into this change. Besides the loss of permanent rented flats, short-term letting to tourists is seen as a nuisance by locals, who complain that stag and hen parties, mass pub-crawls and noisy all-night partying seriously denigrate the quality of life in Berlin’s central neighbourhoods.

Other cities are sitting up and taking note of this approach: for example, Amsterdam is currently engaged in trying to limit Airbnb rentals, too. Here, entire flats can now only be let out at the times when the owners would be on holiday, and have a vacant flat anyway. City authorities enforce a rule which limits short-term holiday rentals, using automated computer systems to monitor online advertising.


 Cala Salada to be first Ibiza beach with restricted traffic from June to September

The Consell de Ibiza and Sant Antoni City Council have decided to restrict traffic in Cala Salada. From June 1 to September 30 guarded barriers will be in place and once the available 60 parking places have been filled, private vehicles will be turned away.

The authorities offer the alternatives of reaching the small bay by boat from San Antonio, or by using a new minibus service established specifically for the purpose.

Two 25 seater minibuses will run between the Can Coix sports centre and the beach. Can Coix is situated just north of San Antonio and has plenty of public parking. The service will run every 15 minutes between 9:30 and 20:30 at a cost of 2.50€ single or 4€ return. There will be no charge for children under 12 and senior citizens holding the public transport card.

Local residents, workers and restaurant customers will still be able to access the area without restriction.

The President of the Consell, Vicent Torres, said Cala Salada was a pilot test to see how restricting traffic works, and that if successful the aim is to implement the same system in other areas suffering similar summer traffic chaos such as Benirràs, ses Salines and es Cavallet.

The President went on to say that the decision had been taken in light of the chaotic fly parking “with consequent difficulties of access for emergency services which carried a safety risk both to people and an elevated danger of forest fires”.

 Sunbed Wars

A great ‘sign of the times’ photo by Spike Pritchard. Following San Jose’s very controversial Sun Bed concession sale, it seems San An have done the same – but kept theirs on the quiet.

We understand San Antonio’s Beach Concessions have been sold to a mainland company, causing equal if not so public angst among those who had been running their sunbed businesses for many years.

It is hard not to have some understanding for the frustration that has lead local businesses to take such direct action in burning the sunbed stacks in protest.

 Romani Resistance. Sa Penya Evictions.

  • Lydie-Anne Hampson and her family live in Sa Penya, among the community being forcibly evicted from their homes. Though the reasons for their eviction have received considerable press coverage, the story of those affected has gone largely untold. We are pleased to publish Lydie’s account of the other side of this important human interest story.
    • Lydie-Anne Hampson.

Monday marked ‘Romani Resistance’ day, famous amongst all Romani Gypsies. On May 16th 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, armed SS guards came to take 6,000 Roma prisoners to the gas chambers. However, the Roma had heard of their plan and had created weapons to protect themselves. Their action forced the guards to retreat, and bought the Roma a few more months of life. On this significant historical day, the Romani Gypsies of Europe gathered in various countries to raise awareness, and the people of Sa Penya gathered to demonstrate against the unjust treatment they’ve been subjected to.

It was a moving event. The children sat in a big semi circle singing resistance songs, with signs around their necks reading ‘nacido en Ibiza’ (‘born in Ibiza’). It brought back to mind that a lot of the people who have been evicted (and not rehoused) are only children! My daughter sat in the middle of them waving a colourful Romani flag, a powerful reminder to me that these children deserve stable homes and a stable future. A reminder that had my daughter been born a Romani Gypsy she would suffer discrimination & racism all of her life. And yet, she’s just a child, these people are ‘humans not dogs’, as was being chanted yesterday. All too often we’re happy to just accept the stereotype about the Roma,  but not actually know them. Happy to generalise a faceless group. But get to know the individuals, different personalities, likes, dislikes, talents…The way to breaking down barriers is by getting to know individuals. Suddenly they’re not just ‘the gypsies of sa Penya’, but they’re José, Tchani, Sebastian, Soli…people who carry the weight of persecution, not only through the ages, but today too. A stateless nation who have no government to stand up for their rights.

As my family have been getting to know people in Sa Penya, we’ve discovered a community who are warm, generous, fun. Who know the meaning of family, loyalty & community. We’ve discovered that if they are forced to leave Ibiza, our island will suffer a great loss. Our island will lose character, colour and song. I, for one, want to stand with our Romani friends, and change the course of history. Let’s live up to our Ibiza reputation and embrace ALL of it’s people. I want our children to grow up celebrating diversity and remembering history, not fearing difference and perpetuating oppression. Let’s push for a better future.

 Off-Plan Refunds

During the property boom, many British buyers paid substantial deposits for properties off-plan, that is unbuilt.

The subsequent property crash found huge numbers of developers going bankrupt and with their collapse the deposits paid to them appeared to have been lost.

In what is considered an unexpected judgement in the Spanish courts earlier this week, it has been ruled that these deposits must be repaid.

At the time of writing, there were no details as to the timescale for these refunds nor exactly who would be making the repayment, though it is assumed it must be from public funds.


Boats Ibiza

  • Wow, what a prize. Now please do not be giving us a hard time on realising the prize is for one day in the Leopard, this is your local newspaper and not the Euromillions lottery, though should you win the later, the purchase of your own Leopard for life would seem a very sensible allocation of some of your winnings.
  • With something of a grumble that we are prohibited from entering ourselves (boo), we hand you over to Boats Ibiza for the lowdown on what could be one of the best days of your life.

Win an unforgettable day out on a luxury yacht with Boats Ibiza!

Spring is in full bloom here in sunny Ibiza and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, the friendly folk at Boats Ibiza are launching a very special prize draw for Ibiza residents!

Proudly established since 2006, Boats Ibiza has a varied and fabulous fleet of boats and yachts for private rental all summer. The momma of them all is their 89ft luxury yacht – Disco Volante. Yacht nerds may be interested to know that its previous owner was none less than Chelsea Football Club’s infamous Russian billionaire owner Roman Abramovich, owner of the World’s one-time largest Yacht, Eclipse. If those portholes could talk huh? She’s certainly got history. She’s also named after a yacht belonging to the quintessential suave, sophisticated bachelor, James Bond in the classic 1965 spy movie, Thunderball. And with good reason!

Boasting a powerful Funktion One sound system, CDJ mixers and the ultimate in style and luxury, Disco Volante is about as cool and sexy as you get. Here she is. Kwooor huh??!!

Disco Volante (that’s Flying Saucer in Italian) accommodates her guests in sumptuous style. With a maximum speed of 34 knots thanks to her twin 1800hp MTU engines, she’s swift, slinky and simply oozes performance and flair.

To cruise around Ibiza on Disco Volante like a boss would usually set you back a cool €4,500 – €5,900, depending on the time of year. But now’s your chance to win a day out cruising the stunning coastlines of Ibiza and Formentera on the weekend of 15-16th October, 2016 on Disco Volante with 10 of your favourite people. Experience Ibiza like an absolute boss!

And there’s more. Boats Ibiza will also provide 2 nights holiday accommodation for up to x 5 of your out-of-town guests! Since the prize draw will be made on May 31st 2016, that leaves your guests plenty of time in advance to find great deals on late season Ibiza flights. Ryanair and BA both offer great deals around that time of year.

Here’s the low-down.

  • Visit and like / follow Boats Ibiza’s Facebook page or Twitter page (see foot of article)
  • Like the pinned competition post at the top of their profile page.
  • In the comments section, tag @Boats Ibiza plus all the people you’d invite if you won – if you’re on Facebook, you’ll need to leave a space between ‘Boats’ and ‘Ibiza’ to activate the tag.
  • Share / retweet the post, making sure to include the original post and adding the hashtag #IbizaLikeABoss
  • Send a PM to our Facebook page or Twitter page with your email address to be entered into the prize draw on May 31st 2016. By sending your email, you consent to receiving email correspondence from Boats Ibiza.

Good luck!

  • Links are live in the online editions at




Amanda Zips It Up

Hey Zipsters and Hipsters. Welcome to this week’s instalment of fashion and lifestyle stories and gossip.

After a few false starts, summer 2016 has officially begun. London is buzzing with park sunbathing, the days are long and warm, it’s hell for hay fever sufferers and the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Mallorca have opened their beach bars, restaurants and nightlife. It’s all happening.

Of course, this means I can officially ‘worry’ about what to wear and start compiling the official summer 2016 wardrobe.

Luckily, in my business – that’s the Fashion Ed business – I have made loads of valuable friends and contacts, and one place in particular is my go-to shop for everything Balearic and Bohemian.

Some of you may have heard of the fashionista Nicole Ivison-Hatch and her boutique Left Bank Six out in Essex. Nicole regularly stocks her collection of up to the minute fashion in Paris and LA. Left Bank Six specialises in day, night and beachwear, nailing the boho look big-time.

Here are a few pieces from the new collection and let me tell you, I don’t seem to be shopping anywhere else at the moment. Left Bank Six is constantly teasing us with regular updates on their Facebook page (see facebook/Left Bank Six)  and images of what’s new in store each week.

Onto this week’s instalment and we embrace a new Ibiza experience, away from the banging beats, bars and beaches plus reveal the most unlikely fashion statement for men this summer – how exactly to you wear Loungewear? Let’s look at Mrs Beckham herself.

It’s all here, so while you’re waiting for that spray tan to dry, catch up with all the latest in Amanda Zips It Up.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Socks & Sandals: a fashion faux pas reinvented

Summer’s here and the biggest question for men has to be: what is the right footwear to sport during 2016’s hot weather?

 Well get this, the answer is pretty unexpected: it is sandals paired with socks. The combination has been reinvented, so any associations with “OAPs on a beach” no longer apply.

Everyone’s favourite Go-To high street store, Zara’s latest menswear line, has put socks and sandals front and foremost. The Streetwise collection, which gives a nod to Kanye West’s Yeezy line, features two types of sandals: a Birkenstock shape and a moon-boot-shaped high top sandal with Velcro straps, both paired with socks.

Surprisingly, the look won’t look out of place in the upcoming Summer and Autumn seasons. The impression given by the collection is that dressing seasonally actually means being all-weather ready, hence the sock-and-sandal combo.

What is also significant is that the sock has gone through a micro reinvention of its own. Always an integral aspect of wearing trainers, they’ve become a more significant part of the menswear wardrobe. Designer socks and platform sandals have been a major fashion statement for girls for ages.

The revamped sock-and-sandal pairing was evident at last year’s Milan Fashion Week. Calvin Klein showed a slipper and sports sock and Versace went luxe European with cashmere socks and a lace-up sandal.

The staple of embarrassing dad dressing has been reinvented. The most classic of classic fashion blunders has now become a safe haven for your summer wardrobe expression guys.

 The Ultimate Cinema Experience In Ibiza

Recently, I discovered the joys of the cinema in Mallorca. A new experience in the Balearics, because for me it’s usually about beaches, bars restaurants and nightclubs. It was a world away from the ugly US-style cinema complexes of the UK. Pretty little English language cinemas are popping up in Mallorca and Ibiza and they are not just confined to indoor viewing.

Imagine lounging outdoors on cushions during sultry summer nights, surrounded by hilly Ibiza landscapes, a cocktail in hand, watching a captivating movie on a big screen? Welcome to alfresco cinema company Cinema Paradiso Ibiza.

Cinema Paradiso Ibiza was founded by self-confessed movie lovers Joachim and Alexandra Rens. The Dutch-born couple fell in love with Ibiza in 2012 and instantly spotted a gap in the market for open-air screenings.

It started as a passion project: setting up their own home cinema so family and friends could enjoy a movie with local food, cold drinks and in the great outdoors, but quickly escalated into Ibiza’s first ever outdoor cinema. Popping up in locations like the World Heritage site Dalt Vila and the renowned cliffside restaurant Amante in their debut season meant Cinema Paradiso made a name for itself with residents, holidaymakers and the international press alike, fast.

For Alexandra and Joachim, it’s all about the overall experience. Candles and intimate lighting play as much of an important part as the stars and moon overhead. Comfortable seating is non-negotiable – the duo went as far as designing their own signature luxury bean beds for their events, rather than compromise on quality. Fab food and icy cold drinks are all part of the experience – sweet, salty, savoury or spicy; you want it, they can deliver the menu.

At the heart of the Cinema Paradiso ethos is Joachim and Alexandra’s desire to share their genuine love of movies with their guests. Whether you attend a public screening at one of their varied locations or opt for a Private Cinema session in your villa, the team go above and beyond to ensure the ultimate cinema experience. Ibiza’s beautiful backdrops certainly help enhance the sense of occasion, but ultimately it’s all about celluloid-based escapism.

For a new Ibiza experience, why not book your own Private Cinema session. No place is too big or too small for Cinema Paradiso.

 How To Wear Loungewear

So here’s a new trend that’s perfect for those weeks of UK summer without any sun. (ed, perhaps one we Ibizans should be saving for autumn Amanda ;-) )

It’s good news for tracksuit fans and cashmere lovers.  These lived-in staples, once limited to indoor wear, have now become acceptable in the outside world. Not only that, but the fash pack have given casualwear their stylish seal of approval.

Yes, your slouchy separates, in the form of an old sweatshirt and some slightly baggy leggings, have now been deemed a thing of importance. Referred to these days to as loungewear, it’s time to consider cosy comfies as something you should invest in heavily and even, if you dare, embrace as your weekend uniform.

Tracksuits and hoodies are in, big time. As are utility-style trousers, trainers and super-soft knits. The general consensus is the comfier the better. Dedicated fashion lovers who want to take the trend one step further should look to Victoria Beckham for inspiration. Not so long ago the super-stylish designer wouldn’t be seen without her trademark heels, but now Vicky has done the unimaginable and embraced casual style, closing her recent catwalk show in a roll neck knit, cropped trousers and Adidas trainers.

A tracksuit is key. Choose a super-soft style in a dark shade. The White Company is best for luxe two-pieces. A throw-on chunky knit should be your weekend go-to, as will a zip-up hoodie and a pair of cashmere socks.

Next rule: Go supersize.

When investing in your new comfy pieces, choose a size bigger than you would usually go for. Slouchy styles look achingly cooler than a jumper that clings a little too tightly. Or why not go one step further, and slip into something from the men’s department? Whether you borrow your boyfriend’s favourite grey marl sweatshirt or head to M&S and snap-up an oversized shirt – the look is every bit as chic.

Be careful though -avoid anything garish or velour. Embellishment is generally a no-no, instead look to neutral shades in long-lasting fabrics. Equally, slippers and ‘onesies’ are not chic loungewear and shouldn’t be taken out of the house.

 Protect Yourself This Summer.

  • Sophia V.

The majority of us love to sunbathe for that dark suntan, or even just a little glow, and sometimes hours can pass without us realising how long we’ve been in the sun. Some even lather on oil to increase the tan. Suncreams and high protection factors are tossed aside without the thought of how damaging being without is for our delicate skin. Not only is there the risk of skin cancer, but premature lines and wrinkles too.

Here are some things that you should be doing to protect yourself from the strong rays.

Wear a hat.Frilly hats in particular protect your skin and your hair. Sun protection cream is a must, even if it’s just a low factor, it’s better than nothing.

Sunglasses shouldn’t just be worn for the style-factor, but to protect your eyes. The cheap sunglasses do not have the protective lens. If you’re unsure, or want a decent pair of sunglasses, visit your opticians and purchase some from there. Failing to wear sunglasses can make you squint a lot, which causes lines around the eyes.

Spray conditioner to the ends of your hair regularly throughout the day. The hair becomes weak and dry in the sun, leading to loss and split ends. There are also sun protection hair oils, and shampoo. Keep away from lemon, alcohol or peroxide products as these really dry out the hair.

To prevent wrinkles and fine lines, always apply sun cream on your face, and especially to your forehead and around the eyes. Even moisterising throughout the day helps heaps.

Lip balm is also important to stop the dryness and thinning of the lips.

Lastly, to lock in your skins moisture, and help maintain that suntan for longer, add drops of Baby Oil to your bath, or lather some over you in the shower.

Look after not only your appearance this summer, but also your health too!

For more beauty and fashion articles, visit my blog at:


In-ear ‘babelfish’ real-time English Spanish translation gadget at under 100€ for first version pre-order.  But what odds it works? 

Trying to understand someone who doesn’t speak your language could be a thing of the past, thanks to this new piece of technology.

Pilot earphones act like much like Babel Fish in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ – they let two people who speak a different language understand each other.

The gadget will launch to translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian in Autumn of this year.

Pilot will cost $129 and will be available for pre-order on their website.

It works by being connected to two different people, speaking two different languages, and translates what they are saying in your ear.

Pilot is supposedly the first ‘smart earpiece’ capable of translating between two languages.

Waverly Labs, who have developed the technology, said on their website: “This little wearable uses translation technology to allow two people to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other”.

They have not said how it works except for that it uses “translation technology” embedded in an app. We have reached out to them to find out more.

The first generation of the device only works between two people wearing the earpieces.

However, they hope to make one which translates everything happening around you in a foreign country.

Waverly Labs, a New York-based company, said one of their technicians came up with the idea after “meeting a French girl” and wanting to communicate with her.

The company is going to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, where people who want to be the first to try this new technology can pre-order the Pilot for between $129 (£90) and $179 (£125) – whereas it’s expected to retail for between $250 (£174) and $300 (£209).

Pilot earpieces are to come in three colours and will be able to be pre-ordered from the 25th May.

Other companies are heading towards real-time translation.

The Google Translate app can translate what you are saying to your phone from one language to another in real-time.

In addition, Skype can now translate between callers who are speaking different languages, and currently caters for seven.

The chief envisioning officer of Microsoft UK has also claimed that in the next five years, we will be able to translate one another from any language to any language with just a smart phone between us.


 At Night

Make It at Pikes

  • San Antonio
  • Claire B

On Saturday May 21 the Make It crew from Seamless Recordings are returning to Pikes to start the summer with a retro bang – Make It Funky! The usual suspects Martijn ten Velden, Graham Sahara and Lorcan will be warming up poolside from 10pm before getting down in Freddie’s later on. Expect fun and funky vibes. Register for free guest list here:

Children of the 80’s

  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

Children of the 80’s is back at The Hard Rock Hotel with an opening party this Sunday, May 22. Last year’s highly successful throwback party sees a live performance from Rednex who had a hit in 1994 with their song ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’, which mixed sounds from country and dance. Also on the line-up are The Dream Team plus Ibiza’s ‘La Movida DJs’ Petit and Vazquez who will be playing the best tunes and videos from the 80s and 90s. From 7pm until midnight. Residents and workers gain free entrance before 8pm (with ID), 15€ after 8pm. Presale tickets are 20€, 30€ on the door.

Ibiza Roots

  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

Sunday May 22 sees the Ibiza Roots Festival putting on its first event of the summer at Swag Ibiza next to the Hotel Garbi in Playa d’en Bossa. On the line-up are The Skatalites from Jamaica who are considered to be the fathers and founders of ska music and one of the major influences on reggae, dub and rocksteady. Also on the bill are Formentera’s Super Cumbia y la Liga de la Alegría, and if you haven’t seen them before, they’re great fun. Plus there’ll be plenty of music from DJ Al Varo (Radio Babylonia Ibiza) and Wisdom Sound System (Ibiza Reggae Yard). From 22.00h-06.00h.

Tickets from 10€ (1st 300), then 15€ or 18€ on the door. Available online @ In Ibiza from: Discos Delta Ibiza, Closer Ibiza (near Burger King), La Cicloteca and Holiday in Santa Eularia.

More info on Facebook – Ibiza Roots Festival:

International Music Summit

  • Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

The International Music Summit (IMS) returns to Ibiza at The Hard Rock Hotel next week from May 25-27. The 3-day conference that focuses on electronic dance music will see over 40 artists and speakers from the industry engaging in panel sessions (including Carl Cox, Pepe Rossello, Richie Hawtin, Nicole Moudaber and Kölsch) plus there will be interviews with Erick Morillo, Julien Temple, The Pet Shop Boys and Yello, amongst others. The full schedule is now on the website (see link below). There are also a number of free events for delegates plus free early entrance to many of the club nights during the event (including the Dalt Vila party) and over the following weekend. Ibiza residents are entitled to 50% off IMS Ibiza delegate badges with proof of residency. Email for a discount code:

The party in Dalt Vila is on Friday May 27 and this year the line-up features Dubfire: HYBRID (live), Tale of Us, Nicole Moudaber, B.Traits, Benjamin Damage (live) and Francesca Lombardo. Headlining is techno innovator Dubfire, who’ll present a performance of his live audio visual concept HYBRID, a project that fuses dark, robust techno with abstract, cinematic production.

Above: Rudimental playing Rhythm & Waves

ibizan-827_Page_09Rhythm & Waves at cova santa

  • San Jose
  • Claire B

Rhythm & Waves is a new collaboration for 2016 between Amnesia, Together and outdoor venue Cova Santa near San Jose.

Rhythm & Waves will play host to 3 live concerts in July on Thursdays, with Rudimental, Tinie Tempah and Chase & Status as well as chart-topping support artists Katy B and Monki.

The dates are:

  • July 7 – Rudimental + Monki
  • July 14 – Tinie Tempah + Katy B
  • July 21 – Chase and Status + special guests

Doors open at 7pm.

Individual Cova Santa Show tickets are from 50€ (in advance) or combined tickets for Cova Santa and Together at Amnesia are from 75€ (in advance).

 SOS—Strictly Old Skool

  • San Antonio & Playa D’en Bossa

Strictly Old Skool kicks off on 1st June for 10 days of pure hedonistic ‘flip flop’ fun in the sun with a packed itinerary of Old Skool parties planned across the beautiful island of Ibiza!!

SOS bring you the finest DJs and PAs from across the UK and around the world – combine this with parties at Ibiza’s best renown venues such as Sankeys, Es Paradis, Benimussa Park – pool parties at Kanya Bar and beach parties on Bora Bora through the day then this really is the best value Old Skool raving holiday going with the very best Old Skool party people on the planet.
Hotel packages // club only tickets // SOS event wristbands are on sale now – (Resident & workers discount – come see one of the SOS reps at Kanya beach with your NIE or residency)

Eden expects 2016 Opening

  • San Antonio
  • Nick Gibbs

Eyes are on Eden this year, as the club that could, can, and the club that should, will.

It all kicks off on Wednesday 25th with a round the block line up setting their stall out to impress. C’mon!

Mark Knight, head of Toolroom Records and UK House music legend, leads this years impressive line up for the opening to present his latest work, A Year in the Life.

From UK also comes one of the most promising new names in UK House music, Weiss, who since his debut in 2013 has accumulated numerous respected rave reviews from the industry and the public. The duo Mandal & Forbes and Kintar complete the headliners for the night, a party that will start at 11pm and whose four rooms will pass up another 25 DJs, including some of the most representative and dynamic artists from the local scene like no others than Andy Baxter, Jason Bye and Dermot C.

This is all sublimated by the incomparable sound system Incubus Gold designed by Void exclusively for Eden Ibiza in an amazing venue equipped with the latest technology and lighting effects.

The rest of the line up is completed by: Albi, Apotheque, Danny Barry, David Korg, DJ Nuff, Giulliano AL, Glenn Stankard, Grant Collins, Jay Moore, Juanito Thongs, Lanoire, Lekno Loeca, Lucien Foort, Natalie Roache, Nick Holmes, One Over, Otti Fabian, Pagal, Recanism b2b Poli, Rory Verrill, Daniel Ryan, Sam Dungate, Son of 8 and Vazquez.

ibizan-827_Page_10Community & Agenda


Thursday 19th May to Wednesday 25th May 2016

 ARIES – Two of Cups

It’s love, love, love this week as your relationships with others are both heart-warming and sincere.  You find it easy to get what you want as lovers and friends are so considerate of your needs.  They’re looking out for you!  If a business or property idea has been slow taking off, then look forward to real progress at long last.

TAURUS – The Empress

A week to nurture and support yourself. Women play an important role; by helping or encouraging you to realise that plans you want to put in motion are achievable.  The energy of The Empress helps to balance your emotions, making you less nervous or erratic. Go for walks or just sit and enjoy nature.  Reconnect with who you truly are.

GEMINI – Ten of Wands

Pause, stop running round in circles.  If you’re over doing it then for goodness sake, delegate!  Nourishing the soul and taking care of YOU should be top of your list.  Stressing out will get you and important projects nowhere and you will block any progress with negative thinking.  If you keep calm you’ll discover a way out of a dilemma.

CANCER – The Lovers

You’ll get yourself into a right old dilemma this week as you struggle with your choices.  You want to make a life changing decision which when made, will irrevocably alter your present course.  Do you go with your head or your heart?  On a mundane level, there’s plenty of romantic fun to be had if you’re up for it.

LEO – King of Swords

Use your head this week; don’t be tempted to give in to emotional outbursts, action through intellect speaks louder than words!   By all means make sweeping changes; either with a partner, relative or close associates who, until recently, has called the shots.  Now, theirs is not the only game in town.  The Air signs, Libra, Gemini or Aquarius prove supportive.

VIRGO – Page of Cups

New beginnings, fresh starts – the time is now!  This is the detox or review your life card.  What areas of your routine need a makeover?  Start with diet, exercise and especially spend time with quality people, those that make you happy.  Situations or people that suck the joy out of life are to be avoided at all costs.

LIBRA – The Star

Your path becomes clearer this week as a sense of optimism replaces the world weary feeling of late. Your positive attitude will be infectious so that those around you are happy to step in line with your plans.  The Star brings hope and encouragement after a stressful time.  Any health concerns/issues fade as you feel energised and up for adventure!

SCORPIO – Eight of Wands

An excellent business opportunity is offered to you that will prove to be highly profitable despite the risks involved. The energy of this card suggests that the higher you aim, the greater the success, so push yourself. The VIP culture may not impress; however you’ll attract one or two into your circle this week.  Emotionally, it’s a less volatile week.

SAGITTARIUS – Nine of Wands

If you feel stuck in a rut and certain areas of life remind you of a stagnant pond, then you must try to sort this out.  Others have drawn on your energy so it’s time to get some maintenance work done on yourself!   Take time out for a massage, healing or wellness programme that helps you get back on track.

CAPRICORN – Five of Pentacles

Someone will want to do you a favour and help with a money matter.   You’ve been worrying about what to do about a financial situation; but take heart, things are about to change.  Be aware of your thoughts and try not to see everything so negatively.   It’s great to have a helping hand, but do something to help yourself also.

AQUARIUS – Seven of Cups

This card indicates emotional happiness so long as you don’t judge a book by its cover. Dig a little deeper; good looks are an asset but you now realise you want to your spend time with someone who has more to offer. It’s people of character that interest you more this week. Be open minded and something beautiful might happen.

PISCES – Seven of Wands

Competitors will keep you on your toes this week, but that shouldn’t worry you too much as this card indicates that you have the strength and perseverance to see off any opposition comfortably. You’re willing to work hard towards a personal or professional goal so won’t mind the extra time needed to see dreams become a reality.  Stick with it!

 View From The Pew;


  • Dr Peter Pimentel

This is the season of Pentecost when Christians worldwide celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.  The event is recorded in a first-century book in classical Greek called The Acts of the Apostles.  This book is included in the collection of ancient books called The Bible.  The Acts of the Apostles says:

 Acts 2:1-4: “When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. 2 And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. 3 Divided tongues, like fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. 4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit gave them ability.”

Something obviously very spiritual and special and unique happened that words were not able to fully describe.  The sound was NOT the sound of a storm wind.  It was “like” the sound of a storm wind.  What the first followers of Jesus saw was NOT tongues of fire.  What they saw was rather tongues “like” fire.  Sometimes spiritual experiences transcend human language and when we try to put the experience into words we have to say that it was like this or like that.

It is historically very likely that something spiritually very profound did actually happen at the birthday of the Christian church.  How else can we explain the phenomenal expansion of the Jesus movement in the first and second century?  It is evident from other first century documents that miracles and signs and wonders were daily occurrences in every Christian community throughout the Roman Empire.  The Book of Hebrews says that the teaching of Jesus “was declared at first through the Lord, and it was attested to us by those who heard him, while God added his testimony by signs and wonders and various miracles, and by gifts of the Holy Spirit, distributed according to his will.” (Hebrews 2:3-4).

There we have it.  When the followers of Jesus passed on  to others his teaching, miracles and signs and wonders and gifts of the Holy Spirit would happen to endorse the teaching.  St. Paul in his letter to the Christian community in Corinth says that “the gifts of the Holy Spirit” include healing miracles and inspired speech.  Therefore, it is historically likely that something very special and spiritually profound did actually happen at the birth of Christianity.

  • Services this Sunday 22nd May 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes, carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street), Santa Eularia.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

ibizan-827_Page_11Festival For Hunter Syndrome

  • Playa d’en Bossa
    • Claire B

Friday May 20 sees the Festival Against Hunter Syndrome at The Hard Rock Hotel, a benefit concert for research into Hunter Syndrome. Starting at 9pm in The Third Half, which is the sports bar at the hotel, there will be performances from 10 Spanish and Ibicencan artists: Maverick, Electric Nana, Projecte Mut, Joaquín Garli, Óscar García, Txetxu Altube, Anglada & Cerezuela, Gerard Quintana, Jesús Prieto “Pitti”, Canallas Del Guateke with music in between from local DJs Jordi Cardona and Javi Box. The master of ceremonies is Ismael Beiro.

Hunter Syndrome, or Mucopolysaccharidosis II (MPS II), is a serious genetic disorder that primarily affects males – at least 1 in 162,000 of male live births. It interferes with the way certain cells and organs in the body function and leads to a number of serious symptoms. The festival is being organised by a group of artists and collaborators who want to do what they do best to help those in need and this charity event was conceived to help the association MPS Spain (the Hunter Syndrome research charity in Spain) in the development of new treatments for these diseases.

Entrance is via a 10€ donation, which goes to MPS Spain – tickets are on sale at Discos Delta and Musicasa Ibiza. You can support MPS Spain by buying a ticket and going to the festival or you can donate at the website:

What a “Cock Up”

  • Brian Whetton

Regular readers will know that in the past there have been the occasional slight spelling errors in the paper, (ed, I don’t know what you meen Brian?) but none of them can compare to what has happened to Andrew and Lorraine who run The Terrace in Cala Llonga. They decided that they would like to take an advertising spot on the a map of Ibiza that is available for free at various  locations around the island. After these had been distributed they received their copies and were astounded to see that there was a spelling mistake in their advert. Instead of stating “Home Cooked Food” it actually read “Home Cocked Food”. Being the type of people they are they actually found it quite amusing and it seems that others have also picked up on this error as it has become a very popular topic on social media. The Terrace menu already includes Coq au Vin and they are now considering adding Spotted Dick to the dessert menu. Most of the dishes they offer include meat and at least two veg.


The English languge films return. Showing at teatroespana Sta Eulalia 21-hrs Wed – Sun 25th – 29th May. The Room (2015. PG 15. 1hr 58 mins) A young boy is raised within the confines of a small shed. Stars: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers.


  • Claire B

A reminder that Ibiza-based DJ Just Be (aka Bushwacka, real name Matthew Benjamin) has been doing a 250 km charity mission around the island for the homeless from May 19-22. He is going around Ibiza in just 4 days by hiking, cycling and kayaking. His goal is to raise 25,000 euros for homeless charities in London (his former home) and Ibiza (his current home). The money raised will pay for the logistics of the journey with the balance being split between the charities – Crisis in London and Caritas in Ibiza. There’s still time to donate and do your bit to be kind:

Sabina’s Dog Psychology

  • Sabina Farnhill

Dear readers and dog owners,

when dog owners contact me, there is usually a serious reason for it.

In most cases it is already a manifested problem at this point and the dog owners are then already at the end of their “know how” and I am the last hope.I always ask if they already have something done against the “Problem” with their dog and if they have an idea, why their dog became a “Problem Dog”.

At this point most of them had already contacted a “Dog expert” or went to a local dog training. But unfortunately, the “advice” didn’t work out for whatever reason.

I will introduce you to some of these cases and I believe that some of you will see similarities with your dog “problem”.

Today it is about Oscar, the Cocker Spaniel, which became more and more aggressive.

I always start solving the problem at the dogs home, to get a picture of how the dog lives, and what rank he has within his family (pack). After asking lots of questions and watching dog and owner, I can usually get a picture after a few minutes where the real problem has its roots and most of the time my image is different from the discription of the problem from the dog owners point of view.

So we come to Oscar, a “mad dog” (8 years old), but unfortunately he now lives with his fourth family, and obviously all families have failed on him and no one had identified the causes of the problem.

Oscar has been showered with affection and at the same time no one had given him any discipline and limitations or guidance, which he desperately needed.

Instead he had been treated like a human child, which was pushed to make his own decisions at all times, because nobody restricted him. Although he gave clear signs and warnings, nobody saw them, so Oscar started to react with more and more aggression towards his owners. The problem manifested itself, because still nobody reacted to it.

It is a classic example of human failure.

The previous owners of Oscar had no intention to ask help from a professional Dog psychologist considering solving the problem, instead they passed him and the problem on to the next owner.

The solution is simple for me, even now after such a long time it can be solved, because a dog lives always in the now and not in the past.

  • The problems always have their roots at home.

It only took a little time to re-socialize Oscar to help him to the right way and he was so grateful to finally get into a good life, that was all he wanted, a pack leader he could follow and rely on.

When I start working with the dog and dog owner and explain the reasons for the dog’s behavior, then I get mostly as a counter reaction :  “Yes of course, why did I not recognize all this ?”

It is always very exciting for me as a Dog psychologist :  the dog owner recognizes the problem with my help and with my instructions, the dog can be rehabilitated, provided the dog owner can take my instructions on board.

Read my monthly articles if you need help in educating your dog or solving problems

Every problem can be solved, no matter how old your dog is ! Don’t forget your dog lives in the now and not in the past.

With kind regards,  Sabina

Margaret’s Magic

Margaret Nawaz has informed us of another remarkable result in raising 705€ for the English speaking church in Ibiza from the bake sale held in Cala Llonga on Monday last.

705€ from scones, buns, bakes and cakes – just brilliant.

Food & Drink


Steak & Shake

It’s basically bread, beef and a bit of salad, so how is it that the humble hamburger has so many varieties and can either be the snack of the gods or an absolutely minging slab of filth? I think that to fully appreciate the complexities of the modern burger, we need to step back in time and quickly explore the meatalution of the Western World’s favourite snack.

Like with most things, the Americans are insistent that they invented the hamburger way back in the 19th century. Contrary to this assumption, there is evidence from cookbooks and historic writings that Romans, Mongols and Germanic Tribes used to combine beef and bread (with salad) as a ‘fast food’ snack for soldiers on the move. The Mongols even used to cook their meat by placing it under the saddle and cooking with the friction of the ride. But we’ll ignore recorded history like most Americans do and give credit to the good old U. S. of A. If they didn’t invent it, they have certainly claimed the burger as their own.

The ‘modern’ hamburger, that is a burger not cooked using a galloping horse, has been in force since around 1885 and apparently came into being when an industrious young chap somewhere in the hinterlands put ‘hamburg’ meat (a soft meat patty recipe introduced to the U.S. by German immigrants) between bread as one of his customers was in a rush.

Roughly 50 years later in 1934, and the brilliantly named Gus Belt founded Steak ‘n Shake in Illinois. His concept was to sell the finest burgers and shakes at a time when the hamburger was no longer a snack on the move, but something to be savoured. He even used to wheel in barrels of steaks and grind the meat in front of his customers to prove how ‘prime’ the ingredients were.

Another 80 years on and Steak ‘n Shake is now firmly established throughout America and is currently expanding into Europe, more specifically into Playa d’en Bossa. The ‘joint’ is smack bang in the middle of the party strip consisting of Ushuaia and Space, and is not hard to spot as the big red front looms into view. I wander up to the ordering till and quickly ponder my options. It seems only right that I should order the signature double cheeseburger with a strawberry shake, and the gorgeous manager Vanesa kindly explains to me that the UFO contraption that I have been given will buzz and light up when the food is ready.

The contraption starts bleeping and dancing around the table, along with about five others in the restaurant. I see a game forming in my head, but decide against going down that road and go collect my grub. I start off with the fries, and they are crisp and still have bits of skin on – the sure sign of a chip with class.

Onto the shake, it’s thick and cold and delicious with whipped cream and layers of crunchy sweet stuff sprinkled on top. My only advice here is to take your time as it’s amazing how quickly your brain can freeze when chugging down an ice cold shake.

And now onto the main star of the show, the burger itself, and it’s what you expect from an institution that’s been doing this for 80 odd years. The meat is soft and dripping with juice, the cheese is even softer and the salad is crisp and fresh. It’s the bun though that wins it for me, both soft and crunchy at the same time. Before I know it I’ve finished and I’m absolutely stuffed. Did people really eat this on the move as a nutritional snack? I’m not sure I can stand-up for at least 10 minutes let alone ride a horse. I’m actually quite content with just digesting the food and digesting the interesting sights of Playa d’en Bossa walking past, and my lordy there are some interesting sights indeed. Actually I might get another shake…




Mercedes Mayhem gives Verstappen Victory

  • Rhian Gibbs

Barcelona, one of my favourite tracks – Hamilton was on pole with Rosberg by his side. On a track that statistics say the pole sitter is the winner, add in the importance of a victory for Hamilton and Rosberg just being on fire, this going to be one heck of a race. There was one notable change in the starting line up with Kvyat demoted to Toro Rosso and Verstappen called up to Red Bull – this would be a move that made history.

So let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way, Hamilton made a good start but was overtaken by Rosberg by the first corner, Hamilton saw ‘a gap’ and took the opportunity, the result of which was Hamilton skating on the grass, spinning and taking out his teammate Rosberg – both ending in the gravel trap, unable to continue and nil points for Mercedes. It has been declared a racing incident though Hamilton and Rosberg fans, or the drivers themselves, may not agree with that decision.

With Mercedes out of the picture the race became an entirely different beast and made some amazing viewing. It was a battle to the end between Ferrari and Red Bull, and one of strategy and amazing strength of character for the young Verstappen and his new team Red Bull. He held it together beautifully during the Mercedes incident, overtook Vettel on the outside at turn three,  then drove with such calmness you could be forgiven for thinking he was a seasoned driver – holding off Raikkonen to the chequered flag. Absolutely stunning racing and certainly a future champion.

Both Ferrari and Red Bull split their tyre stop strategy and it proved a mistake as both Ricciardo and Vettel lost out as Raikkonen on his two stop challenged Verstappen – it wasn’t enough and the Fin took P2 for Ferrari. Vettel did manage to take P3 for Ferrari and the final podium position, but there is a suggestion had he gone for a two-stop, Verstappen may not have been on top.

Ricciardo finished P4 unable to really challenge the prancing horses, but still valuable points for Red Bull. Bottas for Williams crossed the line P5, while Massa took P8, they were split with Sainz finishing P6 for Toro Rosso in a great race by the Spaniard, and Perez of Force India P7. McLaren also snatched a couple of points with Button P9, his teammate Alonso however didn’t fare so well and was forced to retire lap 45.

Kvyat finished in the points P10 for Toro Rosso while Gutierrez just missed out for Haas taking P11. Ericsson for Sauber took P12, with Nasr his teammate P14. Renault had Palmer cross the line P13 and Magnusson P15, though in their final lap the pair made contact with Magnusson being deemed responsible and receiving a 10 second post-race penalty.

Manor ended the race with Wehrlein finishing P16 ahead of Haryanto in P17.

The other retirees of the race were Grosjean for Haas, Hulkenburg of Force India.

So a massive congratulations to Max Verstappen – only his 24th race and the youngest-ever F1 winner, the Netherlands – no Dutch driver has ever led a grand prix let alone won one until now, and Barcelona – 10 different winners in 10 years.

Next race … Monaco 29th May

Jezza’s World of Sport

Double Delight!

Just got back from Ibiza Cricket’s visit to Menorca for the Balearic Cup, so extremely jaded from 2 x 40 over matches in the baking sun so trying to catch my breath and get my thoughts together before I launch in to my World of Sport report, but what a great headline and made all the more worthwhile to find some Brit success in two different sports, one individual and one team. Firstly,


and at long, long last Andy Murray got the better of reigning World No 1 Novak Djokovic at the w/end, for only the second time in their last 13 meetings, as he won the Italian Open in Rome, and to make matters even better, he won in straight sets 6-3,6-3. Playing much the better tennis, Our Andy also regained his status as World No 2, after briefly losing it to Roger Federer after the recent Madrid tournament. As for Novak, he looked a little jaded after his recent exertions on clay, but having beaten Rafa in his semi, was gracious in defeat saying that Murray just outplayed him. As for Murray, this must put him in the right frame of mind for the upcoming and final clay tournament of the season in Paris.

Rugby Union

Another “at long last” as Saracens became the first English, let alone British, team to win the European Champions Cup since 2007, as they overcame French favourites Racing 92, in France to boot!

The final score of 21-9 reflected the game, which to all intents and purposes turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, with no tries, the rain, the world’s best fly-half, Racing’s Dan Carter, having to leave the field for an injury early in the second half, and Sarries lead never really in doubt but, nevertheless, a win is a win and thanks to 7 from 7 penalties by English fly-half Owen Farrell, the London club well deserved their victory and now head in to the Premiership play-offs at the w/end seeking the holy grail of European rugby, the elusive double of a home championship and European Cup. Just as well really, as earlier during the week, France had already gone 1-0 up as,  in the European Challenge Cup Final, Montpellier had run out 25-19 winners over Harlequins, so honours even I s’pose!


and the Premier League season’s final day headlines were taken up by crazy events at Old Trafford where Man Utd’s match with Bournemouth was initially delayed and eventually abandoned after a bomb scare. Nothing funny in that although I did hear that it was probably a Man U fan trying to get rid of van Gaal who had put it in the wrong place! Elsewhere, and as predicted by yours truly, after a 1-1 draw Chelsea did Claudio Ranieri and Leicester proud at Stamford Bridge as they formed a guard of honour for the new League Champions and 41,494 fans, including Roman Abramovich, gave the “Tinkerman” and his team a well-deserved standing ovation. Great send-off too for outgoing manager Guus Hiddink and good to see that JT will probably be staying at the Bridge having been offered a new year’s contract as the Blues without him is like bread without butter! Absolute frustration for Tottenham and no doubt, their fans, at already-relegated Newcastle as not only did they got hammered 5-1 but they also gave up second spot to arch rivals Arsenal who won 3-1 at the Emirates against Aston Villa.

Man City said adios to Pellegrini as they drew 1-1 at Swansea with their point guaranteeing them 4th and a CL place next season,

Southampton finished their season in style with a 4-1 thumping of FA Cup finalists Crystal Palace (who, I’m sure had their minds on Saturday’s trip to Wembley to face Man U!) to guarantee a Europa League spot and are now in 5th and whether they stay there is up to 6th placed Man U who will overtake them if they beat Bournemouth in their rearranged match on Tuesday. West Ham ended up in 7th as they lost 2-1 to Stoke in the Potteries, Liverpool drew 1-1 with West Bromwich and will only be in Europe (the CL) if they beat Sevilla in the Europa League Final next week and finally, Everton salvaged some pride with a 3-0 win at Goodison over relegated Naaarwich.

As for the Championship play-offs to win that last promotion spot, (and a €200m bonanza, I might add!) unless there’s a real turnaround in both second legs, it looks as if Sheffield Wednesday, 2-0 home winners over Brighton, will take on Hull who won 3-0 at Derby.

Can’t leave English footie without mentioning me ole mate Stevie B’s Hereford FC as they take on Morpeth Town in the FA Vase on Saturday at Wembley and with 19,000 Herefordians (and a bull, their mascot, named Ronaldo, who apparently has been given permission to be paraded round the stadium, well, would you argue with a one ton Hereford bull?) travelling to London I think I’d rather be outta the way! Anyway, good luck to the team and let’s hope they can add yet another trophy to their already successful season.

Finally, in La Liga, Barca took the honours and the title as they ended their season with a 3-0 win over Granada with a Suarez hat-trick and pipped old rivals Real Madrid by a point, as the Madrillenos won 2-0 against Deportivo with yet another Ronaldo (Cristiano, not HFC’s mascot!) brace. No doubt more important things ahead as Real look to beat city neighbors Atletico in the upcoming CL Final in Italy!

‘Tis all for now, but now that Summer is definitely here (as there’s loads of traffic, crazy drivers, no parking spaces, lotsa bare flesh!) I’m looking forward to England’s start on Thursday of their cricket series with Sri Lanka

Ibiza CC vs London Mercenaries

7/05/16    T20 (20 overs per side)

As the visitors were a group of over 20 players, they decided to play  a short 10 over match between themselves to determine who would then take on Ibiza. However, as their game ended in an entertaining tie, with 91 runs scored by each side, the more regular cricketers were picked to form the new team to face the hosts.

Ibiza then batted first and set about scoring runs in the shortened version. Openers Sam Gooda (14) and Adam Johnston (23) began well but then departed to sharp catches, so that at 50/3 after 10 overs, Ibiza needed to increase the run rate. Graeme Cooper (28) and Robin Parmenter (19) managed to hit some welcome boundaries before both fell in quick succession too. With only 5 overs to go, and at 98/5, fresh impetus was required and suitably provided by the returning Justin Manville, who hit a spectacular 68 not out, including 28 off one over, which allowed Ibiza to finish on a challenging 161/5. The visitors’ bowlers Elliott Rowe (3/12) and Richard Tarrey (2/14) took the wickets to fall.

The London Mercenaries began their reply badly and were soon on 4/2, but stabilised their innings with 13 from Elliott Rowe, and then Richard Tarrey (21) and Guy Stringer (33, including 4 consecutive sixes) improved the score to 81/5 before departing in the 12th over. From there, it was always going to be tough to score another 81 runs off 7 overs, and, despite cameos from Pete Tomley (15 and on his stag weekend) and Ben Marlow (15), they finished their innings on 114 all out, Ibiza winning by 47 runs. Ibiza bowlers Mike Amos (3/27), Graeme Cooper (2/8), and skipper Graham Boe (2/11) had the most success.

Once again, this group of cricketers were a sporting and friendly bunch, and participated wholeheartedly in making this a great day of cricket. Many thanks to Elliott Rowe for organising the trip for the London Mercenaries and we hope to welcome them back again in the future.

As for Ibiza C.C., this was the last competitive game before the Balearic Cup matches in Menorca (13-15 May), so good luck to the squad of players and bring the cup back, after the shared competition last year!


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