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The Ibizan 825 05 May 16
The Ibizan 825 05 May 16

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The Ibizan 825 ~ 05 May 16



App Attack

  • New computer application to combat illegal tourist rentals

Ibiza Consell is adopting a new technology approach to tackle what it describes as the ‘overwhelming illegal supply of tourist holiday accommodation’.

Vicent Torres, Director of Tourism said this week, “the programme will be operational in about 10 days”. The programme claims to keep track of all properties on the internet being offered for summer rental, detecting those that are not legal and where the characteristics do not correspond to the usual urban leases. The network is serving as a platform for dozens of webpages for which these types of accommodation are offered.  The island Consell have spent what appears to be a very modest 3000€ on the specialist programme. In addition to illegal holiday homes, the app also claims to be able to identify illegal holiday, bus rentals, car rentals, boats and even tee-pees and tents which are outside of the regulated tourist sector. According to Torres, “the programme will be very important in combating the proliferation of pirate accommodation. The programme provides so much information that the Inspector can open a file without even needing to visit the site. Once a case has been opened and all evidence collected, sanctions in fines ranging from 4000€-40,000€ can be issued. Over the next few days the software will be fine-tuned in setting the search parameters to those properties that will be identified first”. Before launching the application, the Department of Tourism will be sending a letter to all legal accommodation urging them to include their registration number on websites as without it their properties may be considered illegal in the internet sweep.


San Jose Tourist Trade ‘Round Table’

San Jose town council have organised meetings with tourist sector employers and the Council of the Tourism, Culture & Heritage, together with representatives from public works and other affected departments, to discuss the priorities for action in the coming season. Meetings were arranged separately for Playa den Bossa and San Antonio Bay, though in both meetings the main concern for tourist sector employers were the security concerns and requests for greater police presence to combat the problems of street vending, theft and prostitution.

Employers in Playa den Bossa expressed their concern for attention to the water infrastructure, with the town hall stating that works are expected to be completed by the end of June or at the latest mid-July.

Similar concerns relating to the water infrastructure, specifically along C/San Agustin, were raised in Cala de Bou which will open its own tourist office during May. The bay of San Antonio representatives also proposed bringing in additional sand to some of the areas beaches and also demanded action against illegal tourist rentals.

Santa Eulalia ‘Shanty Village’ Dismantled

Santa Eulalia town council have joined forces with the nature protection service (SEPRONA) of the Civil Guard to dismantle an illegal settlement in a wooded area of Sa Font des Saig, near the Morna road which has been accommodating twenty people. When officers dismantled the settlement several shanties had been, according to the town hall, representing a serious risk to the environment since there was a large accumulation of waste which was considered potential dangerous. The shacks lacked adequate services for proper waste management and there were numerous factors representing a high risk of forest fire. There are suggestions that the owner of the land, a man of French nationality, was renting theses shack to the occupants, in the settlement there was a type of communal canteen and communal bathrooms, and during the police intervention a plantation of marijuana was discovered.

According to reports in the Diario de Ibiza, the entire encampment had been built on land belonging to a house which was displaying a tourist housing plate. Municipal services have warned the owner that he must remove everything considered illegal and dangerous elements, or the council will do so arbitrarily and charge him for the work. An initial complaint as to the land use was made in July 2014, however due to the ‘magnitude of the settlement and wide variety of items to inspect’ it has taken until now to take action. The inspection discovered a dozen shacks of all kind, some old caravans, many illegal electrical connections, and bathrooms without any mains connection, plus generators, flues and bottles of butane near trees and numerous abandoned vehicles.

1000 Runners In Ibiza’s Half Marathon

Sunday May 1st saw 1066 runners taking part in Ibiza’s now established half marathon. This year a new record was set with local runner Adrian Guirado setting a time of 1h 6m 18s in this, his second race, having finished second in 2015. Second place this year went to Spanish athlete Chema Martinez with a time of 1h9m45s and the podium was completed by athlete Josep Torres, a triathlon specialist.

In the women’s category  Marta Vema came first with a time of 1h 24m 37s, followed by Ibizan based Lithuanian Indre Barkute, and then in third place Italian runner Lorella Atzeni.

San Jose Beach Concession Update

l Five bidders have renounced a total of 11 lots which are now offered to the next highest bidder. 

Though highlighting the majority of bids have fulfilled their obligation to pay the deposit and final payment within the deadline set for the beach concession auction process, five bidders have renounced a total of 11 lots which will now be offered to the next highest bidder at 1000€ less than the winning bid.

The bidders who have withdrawn their offers stand to lose 5000€ per location which had to be deposited as security to attend the auction.

The cancelled bids include locations in Playa den Bossa and several in Cala d’Hort however we have not seen any indication that those withdrawn lots are related to the most controversial bidder outlined in our report in issue 824.


King Calls Fresh Elections for June 26

Early polls forecast same fragmented voting intentions.

On Tuesday 3rd May King Felipe VI signed a decree calling new elections in Spain for June 26.

The move comes after no resolution or way forward has been found in over four months of cross-party negotiations to form a new government following the inconclusive election of December 2015.

El Pais reported that both Congress and the executive were keen on securing earlier dates, but existing legislation does not allow it – though the situation is in practice unprecedented, it is the first time in Spain’s democratic history that a general election has to be held again.

Following Spanish legislation, Congressional speaker Patxi López arrived at La Zarzuela, the royal residence, and relayed the text of the decree to the Official Gazette for publication.

From that moment parliament is officially dissolved and both deputies and senators have ceased to be so.

Early polls forecast same fragmented voting intentions and so it is entirely possible that the new election will bring Spain no closer to being able to form a Government than it has since the last elections, leaving the country, as now, a real ‘limbo land’.

Cover Photo

Personally delighted to have Cat Milton’s depiction of her drive down the mountain, 3rd May 2016, as what will be our last cover photo until the autumn. For some reason this year I have noticed the beautiful colours in the hedgerows and field margins of what would perhaps be called weeds but offer so much colour and beauty on the island this year and so beautifully demonstrated in Cat’s composition.

EU Referendum Voter Registration Last Call

  • More than 1000 expats per day in Spain are clicking on
  • Ambassador Simon Manley urges Brits to have their say in EU referendum
  • Deadline to register for a postal vote is 16 May

More than 1000 expats per day in Spain are going online to the UK government webpage where Brits can register to vote in the EU referendum.

The British Ambassador Simon Manley has described the strong interest among British expats in voting in the referendum as ‘very encouraging’.  Speaking in Malaga to partners of the British Consulate and local authority foreigners’ departments, who are helping to spread the voter registration message, Mr Manley said: “The Foreign Office is supporting the Electoral Commission’s campaign to encourage Brits overseas to register to vote, and I’m pleased that so many are already preparing to exercise their democratic right.

“Whether your view is that the UK should remain in or leave the EU, I urge all eligible expats to register to vote in this historic referendum.  You may have spent many years working or living in the UK and perhaps still have strong ties: family, property, or a pension. Whatever your circumstances, the chances are the referendum outcome will affect you or your family.

 “So make sure you can have your say. It is for the British people to decide whether we’re stronger, safer and better off as part of the European Union, or on our own.”

 Clicks on the from computer users with Spanish IP addresses have averaged more than 1000 daily since the overseas voter registration campaign began on 4 February. Since the beginning of the year, a total of over 80,000 people in Spain have visited

 More than a quarter of a million Brits live in Spain and the large majority are thought to be eligible to vote. You must have been on the UK electoral roll within the last 15 years, or if you were under 18 when you left then at least one of your parents must have been on the electoral list.

The deadline to register for an overseas postal vote is 16 May, in order for ballot papers to be sent out from 23 May in time for them to arrive and for you to send them back. Simply visit with your passport, National Insurance number and last UK postcode. The process takes just 5 minutes. If you do miss the deadline, you can still apply for a proxy vote.

Even if you registered as an overseas voter for the General Election last year, you do need to do it again. That’s because – just as in the UK – you must register every year in order to vote in UK elections and referendums.

Expats who want to know more about the EU referendum can visit

You can find out more about voting at


More buses in May

  • Claire B

Many of the bus services on the island move into their summer timetables from May 1st with services to beaches and cross-resort routes resuming.

  • From Ibiza Town from May 1: 11 to Salinas, 13 to Santa Eulalia, 14 to Playa D’en Bossa, 15 to Cala Llonga via Jesús, 20 to San Juan; 20A to Portinatx via San Juan; 25 to San Miguel via Santa Gertrudis; 25A to San Miguel Puerto.
  • Also starting on May 1 are the 20B from San Juan to Cala San Vicente and the 37 from San Miguel Puerto to Es Cana.
  • Starting May 15: 26 from Ibiza Town to Cala Vadella via San Jose.
  • From San Antonio: 2 and 6 to Port Des Torrent (from May 1); 22 to San Miguel Puerto (May 1); 1 to Stella Maris via Cala Gracio (May 4); 5 to Cala Tarida (May 4); 4 to Cala Conta (May 15); 7 to Cala Bassa (May 15).
  • From Santa Eulalia from May 1: 16 to San Carlos (the 16A to Cala Llenya and 16B to Es Figueral start on May 15); 18A to Es Cana; 19 to San Antonio; 21 to Portinatx via San Juan; 41 to Cala Llonga.
  • Anything not listed starts later into the summer, including the increased frequency of route 3 from Ibiza to San Antonio, which starts on June 1.
  • The Discobuses (night buses) all start on June 1.

Note that many of the routes start their summer timetables on different dates, so check or the Ibiza Bus App (see separate article) for timetables before you travel.

Ibiza Bus App

Ibiza Bus is a Phone App that gives you access to all the bus information at your fingertips. Ibiza Bus is your Ibiza guide to all the timetables, routes, stops, maps, disco bus and ferries. All of the information apart from the maps is available offline so you don’t need wifi or need to use data roaming. It also features your nearest bus stops, nearest points of interest, details of every beach on the island and local weather reports. Available for both iPhone and Android phones. More info and how to download the app is at:

Summin to Alter Ibiza? 

  • San Antonio

An interesting approach to a club development is being adopted as Alter Ibiza, aiming to reopen the Summin building in Cala de Bou by July, have launched a crowdfunding bid aiming to raise £100,000 on Seedrs in return for an 18.03% equity stake. So fancy a piece of (future) Ibiza clubland?

The initiative has been launched by Sara and Steven Altman. They aim to reopen what they describe as “one of Ibiza’s most breath-taking venues designed by artist, Lluís Güell, the mastermind behind the iconic Café del Mar and Es Paradís.” Locals will know it as the Summin building, and most of us would pay that to get rid of the whiff of decay that accompanies the infrequent parties still hosted in the underground haunt.

Sara and Steven are understandably not put off by such minor obsticles, bit of fabreeze here and therem coat of paint, bang, we’re up and running. Here’s what they had to say in their launch notes.

“Pulling away from the extreme commercialisation and over-pricing across Ibiza’s clubland, Alter Ibiza are set to shift the island’s focus back on true value for money for a more mature, sophisticated audience. “20% of Ibiza’s visitors are over 45, but grew up in a vibrant age of clubbing, they come to Ibiza to recapture their youth, but they just aren’t sure where to go anymore,” says Steven. “Alter Ibiza is about to change that, creating the ultimate clubbing experience for those that prefer not to be crammed into a sweaty dance arena with thousands of other people. The club will have an over 25s door policy with teams of promoters specifically selected to tailor to the musically educated.” Alter Ibiza in San Josep is set to open in July this year.

Alter Ibiza released 18.03% equity to Europe’s largest and most active crowdfunding platform, Seedrs this week. And why are they using crowdfunding? Because they want people power to return a business dependent on its customers, back into the hands of its customers. Alter Ibiza will be Ibiza’s first crowdfunded club brand.“


Culture & History

Medieval Festival

  • Ibiza Town
  • Claire B

This year the Medieval Festival takes place from Thursday May 5 to Sunday May 8. Held to celebrate Ibiza’s World Heritage Site status, it’s an entertaining cultural event that attracts over 100,000 visitors every year. The streets in and around Dalt Vila are decorated for the event as the town becomes a huge open-air street market and theatre filled with minstrels, artists, bird handlers, artisans, silversmiths, spice traders, dancers and chocolate makers, turning this part of town into a thrilling spectacle and a mass of colours, smells and flavours from several continents. There is also free live entertainment and performances in various locations throughout the town.

It all begins on Thursday May 5 at 18.30 pm with a parade of many of the street performers in the Plaça de la Constitució. This is followed at 19.30 by one of the highlights of the festival, a medieval jousting tournament on horseback in the Parc de la Reina Sofia. The show will be repeated every day of the festival at 11.00 and 19.30.

This year there will be 172 stalls selling crafts, drinks, local produce and food. New for this year are stalls in the square outside the cathedral with traditional Ibizan specialities, such as traditional ‘xeixa’ bread from the Middle Ages, flaó made with honey, Ibiza grilled lamb and sweets.

The cultural program is broad, combining theatre, concerts and exhibitions. Highlights include performances for children such as storytelling and puppetry, parades of horses and ceremonial dances from the School of Music and Dance in Mallorca. There are a number of theatre and concert performances in the beautiful Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa during the three days of festivities and a couple of concerts in the cathedral. Plus there’ll be numerous street entertainers (musicians and dancers) performing in locations such as the Baluard de Santa Llúcia and wandering around the streets.

Visitors will also enjoy 12 trade workshops that demonstrate how to make items with wood, wrought iron, leather, pottery and how to make essences and bread.

There will also be special areas for children where they can enjoy the medieval attractions and lots of animals and displays of falconry.

The festival continues throughout the weekend every day from 11am until midnight, ending on Sunday evening. Full programme of events (in Catalan and Spanish):


“Images of Ibiza”

An interesting and unusual work by Marià Villangómez Llobet is a classic account of the yearly round on the Mediterranean island of Eivissa in 1953.

The work has been translated into English by Ronald James Cooper, who also penned a new English introduction from which these notes are taken. It has been released under the umbrella of the Anglo-Catalan society, and is now available for free download (see link at foot).

 It is set in the rural parish of Sant Miquel (“Saint Michael”) but the August chapter (“News from the Village”) is dedicated, by way of contrast, to the capital town. The author’s original intentions and his subsequent reflections are detailed in the retrospective preface – written in 1975 – which follows this introduction. Each chapter of the book includes a carefully chosen set of verbal images of a month, elaborated from first hand notes in a distinctive and often very concise form of poetic prose. With a liberal use of fragmented sentences, evocative phrases and allusions, Villangómez was writing primarily for informed local readers at a time when the island was very different.

A full calendar year between 1953 and 1954 is covered in the book but the description actually begins and ends in the middle of January. The starting point – the 17th of January, 1953 – is the feast day of St. Anthony Abbot, which coincided that year with the night of the full moon and the neap tides. The opening line is one of a number of Eivissenc proverbs which compare the length of the day at different times of the year with the stride of different creatures, emphasizing in this case the gradual lengthening of the days after the winter solstice. The book closes with the visible neap tides of January, which are traditionally accompanied by a spell of sunny weather as described. They are something of an event on Eivissa because the normal Mediterranean tidal movement around the island is barely noticeable.

It should be noted that when this book was written – and, indeed, until about the last third of the twentieth century – there was an unusually sharp cultural divide, reflected in dress, customs and speech, between the people who lived in the compact capital town and the inhabitants of the country parishes like Sant Miquel, most of whom lived in isolated farmhouses scattered over a wide area around the church and the small group of houses, shops and bars in its vicinity. The author, a teacher from the town, living and working in Sant Miquel, was therefore able to write about the country people with the detachment of an outsider, in spite of the smallness of the island and the shared language of Catalan or, more precisely, Eivissenc.

Although they have now totally disappeared – except in folklore or folkloric displays – the unusual traditional courtship customs (festeig) of rural Eivissa attracted the attention of many travellers and writers in the past, with a sensational emphasis on the common practice of carrying firearms and knives, which contributed to occasional deaths from rivalry until the early part of the twentieth century. The girls lived in relative seclusion in the scattered country farmhouses, so young men would meet at a marriageable girl’s home after the evening meal on appointed days. They spoke separately with the girl, taking strict turns. Two evenings a week were usual and there were other opportunities for courting on Sundays and feast days during the walk back from church, at the traditional local dances, etc. The September “Michaelmas” chapter mentions the girls’ traditional festive adornments of golden and other jewellery (emprendades), much reduced in splendour at that time due to their requisitioning, sale or barter during the civil war and post-war period, which are outlined below. Here and elsewhere, Villangómez refers only briefly to the standard courtship practices but he devotes a whole section of the first chapter to the less authorised practice of night courtship (anar de finestres) and another in the August chapter “News from the Village” to the custom of the fuita (“flight” or elopement).

Villangómez makes full use of his historical knowledge of the island throughout the book and one of the chapters is devoted to “The History of Sant Miquel”. But his concise poetic prose rarely includes dates and he often assumes other knowledge on the part of the reader. Past and present tenses mingle freely in his descriptions of the island, “since the past and its traditions always influence the present.” And this feature also relates to the dependence of the mostly non-literate country dwellers of that time on a rich oral tradition, which contrasted with the very different, literate culture of his readership in the town and elsewhere. Various historical points may therefore need some clarification.

A succession of cultures – most notably those of the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs – left their marks on Eivissa prior to the thirteenth century. The Arabic era comes back to life suddenly in the April chapter “Orchards in Springtime”. The horticultural orchard described here is irrigated by one of the mainly wooden devices that were still common in rural Eivissa in the middle of the twentieth century, in this case a vertical wheel fitted with pots or buckets to draw water up from a well: its Catalan name (sínia) is of Arabic origin. A poem by a local eleventh century poet, Idris ibn al-Yaman, nicknamed AlSabini (“which evokes the savines that grow on the island”) is invoked at this point as being the unique cultural remnant of those times, although subsequent research has discovered others.

Hotel Garbi’s New Top Of The Line Suite for 2016

We love this image of one of hotel Garbi’s new top of the range suites. If you know your history, you will know all of Playa den Bossa has Hotel Garbi to thank for its reinvention and huge surge in popularity over the last decade. Hotel Garbi was the first brave enough to invest for the 30 something seasoned clubber market. It worked. Everybody followed suit. They are deserving of a timely mention and reminder for the effect they have had, not only on Playa den Bossa, but arguably much of Ibiza’s economic boom.


Health & Wellness

Guide to your Energetic Vibration

  • Esther Nickin

Everyone’s talking about raising their vibration, but if you haven’t been blessed with any knowledge of your energetic frequency, you might find yourself feeling a little lost. Raising your frequency is key to creating and maintaining a fulfilling and happy existence, and you’re probably experiencing and enhancing energies without even realising it. As the late scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”, so here is my guide to make sense of it all.

Experiencing energy. We’re always aware of our energy, often subconsciously. You might be “buzzing” after accomplishing something brilliant and radiate ‘can do’ vibes; in your smile, the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eye. “I’m feeling low,” or “I’m drained” also describe energy. The good vibes at a party or the bad vibes from a person are simply energetic vibrations.

Everything is energy. Your chair, your computer, the flesh on your arm and your thoughts and feelings are all energies – made of atoms vibrating at different frequencies. Humans are energetic beings with energy flowing through our bodies and vibrating at different speeds. Traditional Chinese medicine has been tapping into the body’s energy for some 5000 years.

Emotions vibrate at different frequencies. Imagine yourself as a giant transmitter emitting a signal. Heart centred pleasant emotions like love, compassion and gratitude vibrate at a high frequency and get you feeling the buzz; darker feelings like shame, doubt, fear and anger vibrate at a lower, heavier rate and leave you feeling distinctly heavy.

The vibrations you emit are the important ones. You attract what you are signalling, like a giant transmitter, as your thoughts create your reality. This comes down largely to what you’re thinking about and how you’re thinking about it – what you’re excited about, afraid of, feelings about certain things, concepts, people, and attachments to those things. As life can be complex, your signals will be complex too.

Expansion and contraction. The love vibrations of being compassionate, caring, grateful and joyful raise your consciousness creating feelings and actions of expansion, inspiring you to go into the world and do your thing. Fear based vibrations are all about contraction – holding back, retreating and withdrawing. Grudges, anger, resentment and unhealed hurts affect your vibration, your state of being and your ability to make change.

The law of attraction states that what you put out you get back, so when things go wrong and you are vibrating fear, lack, doom, gloom and worry, you create more of the same. When you tell people how awful you’re feeling in an unconscious way, you reinforce that belief and attract more of it. You may think that your vibe is reacting to reality, but it actually shapes it. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are literally creating your current reality.

Feeling the flow. When you’re fizzing with gratitude and happiness and vibrating at a higher frequency you’re experiencing the flow of life; everything is going your way, opportunities show up and the right people walk into your life at the perfect moment.  This is how it’s meant to be – feeling joyous, empowered and on top of the world. These synchronicities or so called ‘coincidences’ are evidence of your heightened vibration – the universe’s way of showing you you’re on the right track.

Living in fear. Many people in the world are scared to escape difficult situations, however unpleasant. Today’s consumerist capitalist society sees many enslaved to the bank, depressed by the negative world view portrayed by the news and the reality they experience. This heavy, dense vibration of fear only creates more contraction.

The collective consciousness. Everyone agrees that Ibiza has a special energy, and she is home to many conscious individuals and free thinkers who ditched the rat race for an alternative existence. We all are connected and breathe the same breath, with access to the same higher vibrations of love. The collective consciousness in Ibiza is higher because more people are vibrating at higher frequencies.

Choose the love signal. Many people are vibrating at the wrong frequency to even get a chance at happiness, but if things go dark in your head and your world, you can choose to emit a better signal, verbalising your intention to feel better. Force the positivity by harvesting feelings of gratefulness, and doing things you love that make you feel good. If you’re stuck in a rut and want to experience something different, start cultivating a new way of being in order to transmit some different signals and allow some love into your life. Raise your vibration and experience some of the highs of life at Healing Ibiza Revitalised on May 8 at Atzaro.

You can read more by Esther Nicklin at her conscious Ibiza guide blog

Raising your Vibration at Healing Ibiza Revitalised, May 8 at Atzaro.

The best news is that you can actively choose your energetic destiny. Give in to the low vibrations and attract more of the same, or actively raise your frequency by getting involved in creative, inspiring, expressive and energy boosting activities at this multi-sensory festival of healing, music, art and performance. Here is a small selection of the activities that run all day from 11am across 12 different areas, to inspire your imagination and raise your frequency, right up to the Ibiza House Orchestra at 9pm.

Give something back. Everyone involved has donated their time for free and all money raised goes to good Ibiza causes like Mojis Animal Sanctuary and the AFFARES who support people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chemical or electromagnetic sensitivity. Volunteering and giving back lifts your vibration and leaves you feeling fabulous, so why not donate a few hours of time whilst enjoying the music and performance art, and tapping into the positive vibrations.

Get creative in the imagination zone or family creative area. Ibiza artist Charlotte Archer helps you into the zone to experience that surge of energy as inspiration and creativity flows through you and out through your hands. Feel the magic as you exercise your creative genius, or watch others work their own magic in the Live Art Zone.

Hang out in the healing garden. Our own vibration rises to match Nature, so all the therapists are found outdoors; healing body, mind and soul in the Healing Garden. Coaches and oracle card readers heal your minds, massage therapists soothe your bodies and energy workers heal your soul, releasing blocked energy that can lead to physical, mental or emotional issues.

Connecting with mother earth in the temple of gaia. Human beings and animals are extensions of this beautiful planet, and connecting with her and her gifts gives your frequency a boost. Linda Erbe’s shamanic sessions teach communication with animals, discover natural remedies with Linda Schaap and how to heal with Mother Earth with Lucia Melzoso.

Immerse yourself at the healing immersion zone. This brand new area allows you to investigate the world of healing for an instant boost, with talks and workshops about Human Design, healing systems and ancient wellness mixed with new technology. Learn tricks to raise your frequency and experience altered states atcarli Susu’s Lucid Dream Machine.

Make for the meditation zone. Taking time to be quiet and nurture your inner world is paramount to raising your vibration. Check out Ibiza’s leading teachers like Ross Stephenson and Jerry Brownstein, take part in Ascension Meditation Ibiza’s group connection at 15:30, or try a conscious sensual meditation with Veetmaya and Sambhavo.

Exercise your energy in the new energy zone. Learn to connect body and mind with Sascha Wagener at his Secret Elements of Qi Gong, in Ibiza for the first time, become master of your own energy with Reiki queen Donna Sami or improve your relationships with Semillas de Luz’s Ho’oponopono workshop.

Say yes to yoga. Join one of many classes like Kate Gardner’s Yoga Pilates Fusion, Arunji’s 8 Indian Sequence or Lisa Shaw’s Vinyasa Yoga. Plus Zara Rutherford and Ola Jas present the new Acro Yoga Playground allowing you to tap into higher vibrations by connecting with your inner child all day.

Work it at a workshop. There’s a sacred geometry workshop by the Template and a selection of movement sessions to unleash the dancer within, plus Abi Fox’s Love your Power Within workshop and my own Create you Conscious Notebook workshop. I explain how I harness the power of words for an immediate vibration raiser, turning around limiting beliefs to start living the dream.

For the full programme go to



Dust Off Your Wax And Get Ready To Shine!

  • Kerry-Ann Peachey

“Ibiza Vinyl Club is The White Isle’s hottest new, innovative musical experience; bringing likeminded Djs and vinyl junkies together, at chosen intimate venues across the island, who share a passion for aural vinyl pleasure. A collaberative and interactive affair, organised by the ultra passionate patron of Ibiza Vinyl Club, DJ Peacharoo. His vision is an authentic, all-inclusive mashup of mixmasters and vinyl collectors who come together to grace the decks with their independent indulgences, sychronising a kaleidoscope of sounds, and bringing an eclectic vibe to an eclectic tribe.

Vinyl collectors are encouraged to shine their own disco light, with an open invite to bring their sacred selection of vintage vinyl classics to spin on the Open Decks, share, sell or swap with their peers.  Or, they can simply enjoy a mooch through the array of vinyl on offer at the venue with single standing “Audio Pods” available to ‘lounge and listen’, devouring some sounds before hitting the decks to share their selected vibes.  Whatever sings to your soul, the Vinyl club is open minded, open hearted, with an open deck policy…  if you’ve never graced the wheels of steel in public before, NOW is your time!

The Vinyl Club has already created hype amongst DJs on the island.  Attracting top Ibiza club residents, International Djs, and internet heroes; the creative energy is bursting at the seams at each meeting.  Rory Hannaway, a holiday maker in Cala de Bou, and well renowned superstar Trance Vinyl DJ of many years, incidentally stepped into the Club’s venue for the night, in Cala de Bou.  Within an hour, Rory was behind the decks, spinning some classics and leaving with a selection of vinyl as a momento…. “Its cool because its VINYL!  Its not very often you see a dedicated vinyl club… I’ve not played on vinyl for 5 years and walked in to find this happening, and got invited to play on the decks! I was a bit nervous at first, but Peacharoo gave me a boost to check out some records and Get Involved.  It was Ace! Great vibe here, best night of my life!”

The Vinyl Club has also attracted some fresh DJ talent too! Jade Trixie White, part of Sankey’s hottest new resident DJ duo JADA, is buzzing about the concept… “Its vibin! A real creative energy here. Its amazing to feel and play physical music rather than downloads.  Mutual love, vibes and feelings for the vinyl, all round, so there’s an awesome connection between everyone”

DJ Peacharoo, is overwhelmed with the love and hype that the club is already creating between its faithful followers,

“It’s Amazing! Beyond all my expectations.  There’s alot of love for vinyl out there and its association with memories and emotions from old times and the camaraderie it brings. Vinyl is back in a big way.  People love the feeling of playing it and seeing Djs play it.  Its genuine, old skool and original and we just wanna share the love with everyone”

With an excellent following, the Ibiza Vinyl Club Facebook page is a great platform for DJs to network, and raise some revelry as they dust off their treasured tricks to prepare for the next Vinyl club meet-up.  It’s the ultimate opportunity to share the love of your favourite floorfillers, whilst enjoying a drink, fun and banter at a variety of Ibiza’s best social hotspots, across the island.
The club is always open to new venues to host the event meetings, so if you’re a venue who likes the vinyl vibe, contact DJ Peacharoo on Ibiza Vinyl Club Facebook page or 604.277.640.

Thanks to Max Lawless for the awesome pics x”

Sueños de Libertad

  • Claire B

The Sueños de Libertad festival (Dreams for Freedom) took place on Friday April 22 at the Teatro Regio in San Antonio and Saturday April 23 at the Recinto Ferial in Ibiza Town. I went along on Saturday at the Recinto Ferial where the outside area was transformed for the festival and had a thoroughly good time. The weather behaved – it was a beautifully sunny, spring, Ibizan day. Doors opened at 3pm and 3 local bands kicked off the proceedings, Stone Corners, Ryser & The Lemons and The Frigolos, followed by Spanish bands Ángel Stanich, Arizona Baby, Quique Gonzalez & Los Detectives, León Benavente and Fuel Fandango. As well as the live bands, there were plenty of food stalls from local bars and restaurants, market stalls selling everything from bags, jewellery, clothes, cosmetics and art, live painting which is always interesting to watch with Aída Miró creating her own tribute portrait of Prince. Plus there was an area to sit down and chill out in between the bands and an area for kids. All the bands were Spanish, which was reflected in the audience, which was also predominantly Spanish. The atmosphere was great and there was plenty to do and look at in between the bands, which I enjoyed, despite several of the singers being in the running for the Guinness Book of Records award for the most hair and longest beard award. The sun eventually sank behind the hills in the distance and as day turned into night, the stage was transformed with lights and dry ice ready for the night-time party to begin. Going on until well after midnight, it was a great little festival and very well organised, despite some sound glitches mid way through. Great bands, proper toilets, drinks at sensible prices, sunshine and certainly no mud! How a festival should be in my opinion.

This looks like it’s becoming a regular event in the Ibiza calendar so keep a look out for it next year.

  • Photo Sueños de Libertad, below, Claire B


 At Night

Melon Bomb

After their hugely successful takeover of the Ushuaïa Beach Club for their opening party last Saturday, Melon Bomb returns on Friday May 6 at Pikes where their monthly residency continues with very special guest Fingerman. Also on the decks will be regulars Ben Santiago, Corbi, Paul Reynolds plus birthday boy Scott Gray. Their ethos is to bring some funk and soul to the island in the form of old school jams, soul, funk, disco and soulful house and you can be sure that the dancefloor will be rammed as usual! More info and guestlist at:

Opening @ Santos

  • Playa d’en Bossa

Santos Coast Suites on the beach in Playa d’en Bossa has its opening party on Saturday May 7, starting at 2pm in the afternoon and going on into the night. This year’s party is a double celebration because the new sister hotel, Santos Dorado next door has just opened. Playing the tunes on the terrace next to the pool will be Sandy Rivera (Kings of Tomorrow), Oriol Calvo, DJ Pippi, Alex Kentucky with a live show from Deivhook. In the backstage area, Audiofly and Frank Storm will take over the decks. Free entrance.

Children of the 80’s

  • Playa d’en Bossa

Another Children of the 80’s takes place on the beach on Saturday May 7 at The Beach Club at The Hard Rock Hotel. Starting at midday with lunch, music and some live performances, in the evening La Movida DJs Petit and Vazquez will be playing the best tunes from the 80’s until midnight. These nights have been drawing in a big fun-loving crowd, so it’s sure to be a fun night. Free entrance and free parking between The Hard Rock Hotel and Bahamas Club.



  • San Antonio

Representing the authentic, carefree, Balearic vibe of an increasingly bygone Ibiza era and loved by bands, DJs, islanders and industry insiders, Pikes continues to represent the real Ibiza. This summer will see up to 6 resident events per week. Rocks Nights return on Wednesdays to host the VIP afterparty to the weekly Ibiza Rocks concerts. A mix of Ibiza’s favourite promoters including Melon Bomb, Secret Life, Homies and Music For Freaks plus exciting new event Cosmic Pineapple will take the reigns on Thursdays and Fridays. Saturdays will see the original Ibiza Rocks House Party Presents series back in full force with resident Artwork plus one-off parties with very special guests. New for 2016 on Saturdays before midnight is Cous Cous Club by Ferial K featuring exotic North African-inspired outdoor cuisine and décor plus a live electro Balearic Flamenco show by island legend Paco Fernandez. Mark & Sarah Broadbent and Andy Livesey return with Pikes on Sundays to round off the week and set the soundtrack to the perfect Sunday Lunch.

In July the party action will step up a gear when Doorly & Friends make the House their home every Monday before the return of the man who charmed the island with undoubtedly one of the most special parties of last summer – DJ Harvey. The legendary ‘DJs’ DJ will unveil more of the myth, the magic and the mystery of his incredible all night long sets during his 7 week Monday ‘Mercury Rising’ residency in August and September.

New for 2016, Pikes will be the party pad of choice for the debut Ibiza Tonga party run by Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave from Friday 22nd July. Regularly hosted out of The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London, the rap, grime and dubstep night has been on fire over the past 18 months and the Tonga crew (Mike Skinner, Murkage Dave, Oscar #worldpeace, Klepto, DJ Smith) are in big demand across Europe. Here’s the line-up in full.

  • May:
  • Friday 06: Melon Bomb
  • Saturday 07: Ibiza Rocks House Presents: No Requests with Tom Crane and Friends
  • Sunday 08, 15, 22, 29: Pikes on Sundays
  • Friday 13: Music For Freaks feat. Dan Ghenacia, Justin Harris, Luke Solomun
  • Friday 20: Homies
  • June:
  • Friday 03: Melon Bomb
  • Saturday 04: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: Special Guests TBA
  • Sunday 05, 12, 19, 26: Pikes on Sundays
  • Wednesday 15, 22, 29: Rocks Nights Present: The News
  • Saturday 18: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: Soul Heaven
  • Saturday 25: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: Homies
  • July:
  • Friday 01: Melon Bomb feat: Danielle Moore (Crazy P)
  • Saturday 02: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: Soul Heaven
  • Sunday 03, 10, 17, 24, 31: Pikes on Sundays
  • Monday 04, 11, 18: Doorly and Friends
  • Wednesday 06, 13, 20, 27: Rock Nights Present: The News
  • Thursday 15: Secret Life
  • Friday 22: Mike Skinner and Murkage Present: Tonga
  • Saturday 16, 23, 30: Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: (Guests TBA)
  • August:
  • Monday 01, 08, 15, 22, 29: DJ Harvey is Mercury Rising
  • Wednesday 03, 10, 17, 24, 31: Rocks Nights : The News
  • Thursday 19: Secret Life
  • Friday 05: Melon Bomb
  • Saturday 06, 13, 20, 27: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: Artshouse with Artwork and Friends
  • Sunday 07, 14, 21, 28: Pikes on Sundays
  • September:
  • Monday 05, 12: DJ Harvey is Mercury Rising
  • Wednesday 07, 14: Rock Nights Presents: The News
  • Thursday 01, 08, 15, 22: Cosmic Pineapple
  • Friday 09: Melon Bomb, Friday 16: Secret Life
  • Saturday 03: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. IRH Presents: Artshouse with Artwork & Friends
  • Saturday 10, 17: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. Ibiza Rocks House Presents: (Guests TBA)
  • Saturday 24: Cous Cous Club by Ferial K feat. Paco Fernandez. IRH Presents: Soul Heaven
  • Sunday 04, 11, 18, 25: Pikes on Sundays


  • Playa d’en Bossa

Sankeys Ibiza has announced The Seven Wonders of Sankeys Ibiza, its programme of weekly parties for the summer of 2016. The club had its opening party on May 1st, and this weekend sees the weekly Tribal Sessions starting on Saturday May 7th, with the other nights kicking in as the season begins to take off. After another hugely successful 2015 season, David Vincent has gone back to his musical drawing board and promises that this summer he will have something for everyone’s musical tastes, with 8 different and diverse promoters taking care of the unbeatable weekly programme. Sankeys will be welcoming some old favorites back this summer as well as some forward thinking new additions to add some much needed variety to Ibiza’s musical landscape. This summer the club will be open for an epic 6 months, kicking things off with the opening party on May 1st and closing with a massive 3-day Halloween fiesta on October 31st.

Kicking of the week is Shelter presents The Redlight. Both brands will unite this summer and move to Monday nights for 19 weeks. The Redlight was the club’s success story from last year. The House and Garage night really captured the hearts of clubbers and was one of the most successful nights on the island with Matt Jam Lamont firmly at the helm. Shelter was born from the minds behind Ibiza Rocks, W.A.R! After a successful debut last summer showcasing artists who explored a deeper, darker side of electronic music they are back with a vengeance in 2016.

On Tuesdays is newcomer Applebum, a bold celebration of hip hop and R&B culture, on a quest to re-visit, re-live and re-imagine the sounds, fashion and lifestyle of a movement that helped shape a generation. Think only the best beatmakers and record players with lots of flower power, love and good vibrations in the air at each and every party. Applebum will run for 12 weeks with artists like Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash and many more.

On Wednesdays is Dance 88/89 for 19 weeks. This brand new night is all about Acid House and Balearic vibes, a fresh new concept dreamt up by David Vincent, which nods to Ibiza’s Halcyon days. Every week it will play host to Ibiza’s most legendary and famous character, DJ Alfredo! Also joining him every week is Matthew Benjamin, aka Bushwacka! alongside artists like Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway, Adamski, 808 State, Graeme Park, Todd Terry, Mr C, Fabio & Grooverider plus many more.

Thursdays is Unusual Suspects, which took up residency in Sankeys Ibiza throughout the winter, delivering some huge names such as Nicole Moudaber and Stacey Pullen and supported heavily by Carl Craig’s Detroit love Society. Unusual Suspects will now move into the summer for 23 events and will deliver a distinctive sound that drives groovy, bouncy, bass-lines in the form of sexy house and techno.

The hottest Sunday party in London, Abode will be taking up residency every Friday night for 12 weeks. Abode has really shaken up the scene with exciting bookings (think everyone from Cassy and Matthew Dear to Krankbrother and Flash Mob). Its focus is letting its talented residents shine and progress and Sankeys Ibiza have managed to sign them up for their first ever summer-long residency on the island.

Tribal Sessions return this summer, taking up Saturday nights at the club for 26 events, which is the longest summer residency in Ibiza history. This night needs very little introduction – it has years under its belt of setting the house and techno agenda. Tribal returns with near festival sized line-ups featuring the best DJs from across the electronic spectrum, including residents like Miguel Campbell, Manu Gonzalez, Jozef K, Adam Chappell alongside very special guests to be announced soon.

Viva Warriors will take up its usual spot of Sunday nights at the club. Again this night needs little introduction, featuring the boss man and king of the basement Steve Lawler sitting firmly at the helm. This definitive tech house night brings its ‘A list’ artists to each and every party.

The weekly line-up:

  • Mondays from May 23-September 26: Shelter presents The Redlight
  • Tuesdays from June 28-September 13: Applebum
  • Wednesdays from May 25-September 28: Dance 88/89
  • Thursdays from May 12-October 13: Unusual Suspects
  • Fridays from June 24-September 16: Abode
  • Saturdays from May 7-October 29: Tribal Sessions
  • Sundays from June 19-September 25: Viva Warriors

W.A.R. @ Ibiza Rocks

  • San Antonio

We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.) @ Ibiza Rocks has now announced the full line-up for the fifth incredible 16-week series of open-air, poolside shows. On every Friday night from June 3rd, it features a diverse mix of music legends and fresh, influential talents, with names from across house, drum & bass, garage and grime.

  • Friday 3rd June – Opening Party with Stormzy / Charlie Sloth / WSTRN / Noisey DJs
  • Friday 10th June – Wilkinson / Ms Dynamite / DJ Luck & MC Neat / North Base
  • Friday 17th June – Example & DJ Wire / Sister Bliss / Barely Legal / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 24th June – Sigma (DJ) / Mistajam / Big Nastie / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 1st July – Example & DJ Wire / Tom Zanetti & K.O Kane / Patrick Nazemi / Danny Beck
  • Friday 8th July – Stormzy / Toddla T / J Hus / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 15th July – 5th Birthday with DJ EZ / Majestic / Yungen / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 22nd July – Hannah Wants / Monki / Billy Kenny / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 29th July – Kurupt FM / My Nu Leng & Dread MC / Novelist / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 5th August – Stormzy / Mistajam / Big Narstie / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 12th August – David Rodigan / Ms Dynamite / Preditah / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 19th August – Kurupt FM / Lady Leshurr / So Solid Crew / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 26th August – Example & DJ Wire / Elf Kid / Apexape / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 2nd September – Wiley & Slimzee / Redlight / Sam Supplier
  • Friday 9th Sept – Stormzy / Toddla T / Coco / Patrick Nazemi
  • Friday 16th September – Closing Party with David Rodigan / Lady Leshurr / Patrick Nazemi


Community & Agenda


Thursday 5th May to Wednesday 11th May 2016

ARIES – King of Cups

This King can represent a love interest, a giving and wise soul who’s not afraid to show their feelings.  They are sensitive and unlikely to play games.  For others he can be the bearer of good news, especially in business and is straightforward and fair in negotiations.  A work associate or business partner will help you fulfil an ambition.

TAURUS – The Chariot

Onwards and upwards this week Taurus! Places to be, people to see; no need to plan too much. Be guided by your intuition and you’ll be in the right place at the right time to reap rewards or applause. Career wise, opportunities fall into your lap; be sure to choose what pleases you; not what suits loved ones or associates.

GEMINI – The Magician

The message of the Magician is to remind us to focus attention like a laser, on every aspect of our life.  By doing so we’re capable of becoming Magicians, able to create whatever ‘magic’ we want.  Some give up on their dreams and aspirations so easily by accepting what others or society tells them is the norm.  Follow your truth.

CANCER – Knight of Swords

If you must confront someone regarding their actions make sure you know all the facts before wading in.  Loved ones or associates are easily provoked, which could lead to arguments.  Fortunately, you’re in no mood to procrastinate; expect to get a lot done this week.  You’re full of creative ideas but avoid being too bossy and a know it all.

LEO – Queen of Cups

Emotions are close to the surface so don’t attempt to bottle them up.  Letting yourself ‘go through it’ enables you to get in touch with your feelings.  Too often you bottle them up and rely on logical solutions therefore disowning how you feel or what you want.  Take stock for a moment; consider that being vulnerable is not a weakness.

VIRGO – The Sun

This wonderful card, is full of vitality and indicates good news, especially if health matters have concerned you recently. The Sun brings achievement; you reach the goal you’ve been aiming for or a result goes in your favour. Success requires determination; therefore you’re urged to apply yourself constantly now.  Doing anything half-heartedly won’t get you what you want!

LIBRA – Three of Swords

Quarrels can lead to a separation so be aware that you or the other party are skating on thin ice.  This can be within close personal relationships or with a work colleague and can bring deep distress unless you stop to think before it’s too late.  Conversely, if you are the instigator, don’t expect others to see things your way.

SCORPIO – King of Swords

This king is usually associated with legal matters or someone who offers excellent counsel.  His advice is reliable so take heed to what he has to say.  He also represents your own defence mechanism; especially if you feel you’re under attack or being belittled in any way.  Look for air sign men, Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, to fight your corner.

SAGITTARIUS – Temperance

You’re perfectly balanced and in tune with your body this week.  Make good diet choices and take plenty of exercise.  This card’s your wake up call to veto anything negative and embrace the positive.  Artistic or creative Sagittarians are recognised for their skills, which could lead to promising new opportunities. You succeed by ditching old habits and trying the unusual.

CAPRICORN – King of Pentacles

Money matters need your attention this week. You may have to deal with financial contracts, accountants, tax officers or such like. You will have to agree to disagree with someone who values their opinion much the same way you value yours; therefore don’t make situations a power struggle.  If you must stand your ground, make sure you have all facts.

AQUARIUS – Queen of Pentacles

Sofia, the Greek goddess of wisdom has a special affinity with this card.  You’re being called to handle difficult situations with wisdom, therefore you have her cosmic support and guidance, so don’t worry about speaking your mind.  You’re not acting in a self-interested way and this will be recognised.  Earth sign women, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn prove helpful and informative.

PISCES – The Fool

Your trust in life is a key issue for you this week and you want to relinquish certain responsibilities and explore other options.  The Fool card certainly doesn’t mean you are one; quite the opposite in fact.  You’re looking for where you get freedom and are being urged to follow your heart, trust your intuition and make any necessary changes.

View From The Pew—A New Jerusalem

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The Apocalypse is the last book of the Bible.  The most likely date of composition is soon after the death of the Roman Emperor Nero in AD 68.   The author of the book is the seer John, a Jewish-Christian prophet.  His ultimate vision in the last two chapters of this remarkable book is of eternal life.  Unexpectedly, eternal life in the last days is city life; although, this city is a portal linking heaven and earth.  The prophet sees a spiritual city, a New Jerusalem, descend from heaven to earth.

Revelation 21:10: “And in the spirit he carried me away to a great, high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. 11 It has the glory of God and a radiance like a very rare jewel, like jasper, clear as crystal. 12 It has a great, high wall with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates are inscribed the names of the twelve tribes of the Israelites; 13 on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. 14 And the wall of the city has twelve foundations, and on them are the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. 15 The angel who talked to me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city and its gates and walls. 16 The city lies foursquare, its length the same as its width; and he measured the city with his rod, fifteen hundred miles; its length and width and height are equal.”

If we think of the elevation of Mount Everest to the summit of K2 is 8,611 meters (just over 5 miles) then we begin to get an idea of the enormity of this city! It is a cube 2,414,016 meters (=1,500 miles) in each of her dimensions!  Outer-space begins at 100,000 meters (= 62 miles) from sea level.  That is just a fraction of the hight of the New Jerusalem.  On the twelve gates of the city are inscribed the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.  And on the twelve foundation stones are inscribed the names of the twelve Apostles.  Access, it would seem, is via the spiritual treasures of Judaism and upon the foundations laid by the teaching of the twelve Jewish followers of Jesus.

  • Service this Sunday 8th May 10.30am at the Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85 (the main street) Santa Eularia
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383


Beach Party.

Spring is here, the season is slowly getting under way. Where better to shake off the winter blues than at the Beach Party being held on Cala Llomga beach this Sunday 8th May. It all starts at mid-day with Me & Him playing live from 1pm. So dig out your beach wear and sandals and come and join in. Check out the web site to see the calendar of Viva Calla LLonga 2016 events.

Thursday Market—It’s back.

The Thursday evening Hippy Market in Cala LLonga is now up and running, starting at 6pm each week. The market is an opportunity to buy souvenirs, gifts or a personal treat as the market has a wide range of artisan handmade goods at very sensible prices. During the high season there is live music.  In addition to the market the village offers a wide range of international restaurants and bars for you to sample. With a playpark for the little ones there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Cala LLonga looks forward to welcoming you.

Dear Diary, A Personal Tale Of The Best And Worst Of Ibiza’s Hospital Services.


Our regular readers will be aware that we have been unable to print 2 editions in April due to the illness/hospitalisation of your humble editor—badly timed at the tail end of our winter skeleton staffing.

In the circumstances the least an editor can do is try to gain some benefit and write a report of that experience of the hospital service. As it turned out I am able to do so without the need of any added drama for interest, as matters turned out to be quite dramatic enough in the raw.

In the three weeks preceding hospitalisation I had experienced two bouts of what I considered to be a typical viral bug. It was as bad a bug as I can recall ever having, but a bug none the less. Several days in bed, lots of fluids and recognising that in reality it is probably your wife suffering more than you .

At our health centre in San José we seem to be in a permanent situation where making a regular doctor’s appointment seems pointless. On trying to make the appointment we were advised of a 12 day wait. When it is something like a bug, what is the point? You know that it will over by the time you get to see a doctor.

Having gone through two cycles of this bug, two days fairly ill, four days bed ridden, a couple of days feeling better and repeat, the feeling it was returning in full effect for a third time meant I felt I had no choice but to do what we do not like to do, and go along to Urgencias. Off to Can Misses I went.

I was pleased that the condition was taken seriously and having run a few tests with the exclamation “that is some fever you are running” at least was able to stop feeling guilty about taking up hospital time on what felt like it should be at most a Doctor’s visit.

I was deposited on a corridor bed whilst various fluids were attached and a regular succession of temperature/blood pressure etc. tests were undertaken for the next hour or two. My temperature was recorded at 108.3 and it was decided I would be transferred to what I subsequently discovered to be one of two Urgencias observation wards. It was here that things went very wrong.

I was deposited in the end bed furthest from the medical station and once fluids had been attached, was left there for several hours and to be frank, was in a pretty sorry state. The communication buzzer was broken which had been acknowledged by one of the initial nurses who put me into the ward,  however this clearly had no effect on the feeling of any need to check on my progress—I would say more regularly, but as it turned out, no need to check on me at all. I was delirious and slipping in and out of consciousness. I was unable to get any attention; I could not shout or whistle despite best efforts and even resorted to throwing articles of clothing into the corridor hoping a nurse may wonder what was amiss.

Ultimately, I vaguely recall it was the family of the person in the adjacent bed complaining to a nurse that their mother could not sleep because the alarm on my fluid monitor had been sounding for so long that resulted in said nurse stepping into my cubicle. By this time, I was shaking uncontrollably, my sheets were completely soaked in sweat and I had to resort to urinating in my water bottle as I had not been able to get attention for a urine bottle.

Thankfully, the nurse realised that something was amiss and there then followed a huge flurry of activity as staff, directed by what seemed to be a very angry senior nurse member, were finally making all manner of fluid and drug connections, tests etc. I was actually whisked off out of Observation Ward 1 into Observation Ward 2 and placed by the nurses station, where for the next 24 hours I felt as if I was the most important patient in the hospital. Any murmur from my bed or beep from my huge array of connected test equipment resulting in immediate attention from the team of professional, but very tough, nursing staff. Over that time and for the following days, I have no doubt whatsoever that Ibiza has returned to me financially a big chunk of the considerable tax euros I have paid into the system over the years. You could not ask for a more thorough level of investigation including two sweeps through the MRI scanner which alone I know to be very expensive, x-rays, ultrasounds, full blood culture analysis etc. etc. not to mention their renowned gourmet cuisine three times a day.

Actually, a brief word to the food which, everybody who has spoken to me since and has had experience of the hospital catering has tilted their head with an expression of sympathy—but not in my book. Having had a 24hr nil by mouth period, I can tell you that a glass of water has never tasted so sweet, better than any finely mixed mojito the island has to offer. The evening meal of indeterminate fish ‘n’ carrots I would compare favourably to the finest cuisine a Michelin chef could prepare. It is all relative.

After several days my doctor seemed genuinely delighted to tell me that my care had changed from “investigation” to “treatment” and a few days later, I was allowed to return home, complete with a combination of meds that give me some insight into the morning sickness/nausea experienced by mums to be. Otherwise the prognosis is bright and given the nature of the illness, no reason to think it is anything that should return in the future.

So, in consideration of everything that happened, I do not think it is any exaggeration to say that I must have experienced the very best and worst of what Can Misses Hospital has to offer. That first night left me feeling as if I was in a low rated Somalian hospital, but the next few days that I was lucky to be protected by such a superb healthcare service.

Ultimately of course, I am better and therefore have very little to complain about, a point particularly salient in speaking to Colin Butts towards the end of my stay. Colin asked what the temperature 108.3 was in centigrade prompting me to look up a fever scale. I have to say, it kind of freaks me out. The fever scale has four brackets.

  • 99°F (37.2°C) to 100.4°F (38°C) are categorised as low-grade fever
  • 4°F (38°C) to 105.8°F (41°C) are termed pyrexia (serious)
  • 8°F (41°C) to 109.4°F (43°C) are termed hyperpyrexia, very serious.
  • Above 109.4°F (43°C) the scale stops, as you are dead.

 At the time I had no idea, but it feels strange to know that I was only 1 degree from fatal. It feels particularly odd in the context of that first night without attention and wondering how close I must have been. No point harbouring on it I guess, but it does feel odd, sobering, difficult to describe.

My advice, if you find yourself being wheeled into observation ward 1, panic, and do whatever you have to, to get your sorry arse into observation ward 2.



Amanda Zips It Up

White 4 Guys & Girls

We’re into May and with the Balearics basking in blue skies and sunshine I can’t help but start planning my summer wardrobe- this as I watch the sleet outside the Zips It Up office. It will be all white – as white as this snow in fact.

White is a unisex, universally ideal colour to wear in heat because we all know it reflects the sun, unlike black. White villas against deep blue skies. White bikini or shorts on a tanned bronzed body.

Nothing screams the White Isle, or the hidden coves of Mallorca, more so than a white linen shirt and panama hat on a guy or a boho floaty maxi on a girl.

So, here’s my pick of the best outfits for him – the shirt – and her – the dress, available right now, from Topshop, Free People for her and Next and River Island for him.

Just don’t drink red wine on the day.

Loving Your Partner But Living Apart

  • Sophia V.

Many people, even though in a committed relationship, or married, like their space. They like ‘me’ time and to still have the independence of living alone. However, just because you’re in a relationship with someone, does that mean that you should be living together?

Having a spare apartment, spare bedroom or a getaway place these days isn’t uncommon. It comes in handy when you fancy relaxing on your own, spending time with your friends, or even to have a bit of space after an argument. Some couples even though living together, sleep in separate beds. You can keep the mystery and the excitement in the relationship, if not under one another’s feet twenty four seven. You can do your own things, have things to talk about, miss them even.

Is this idea appeals to you, or you live apart already, does this mean that the relationship is doomed? No.

This living situation can work if you have both agreed to it, both comfortable with it, have tried living together, but feel restricted, and it’s for a good reason. Perhaps one works on the night and the other early in the morning and it suits them, or one snores making it difficult for the other to get sleep, or perhaps you just feel happy surrounded by your ‘own’ things, or have completely different hobbies / interests. It may seem that you have the best of both worlds: a partner, and the independence of the single life.

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton used sleep in adjoining houses to strengthen their relationship, and it worked for thirteen years.

However, this may not work if one of you is jealous or insecure, or believe a relationship / marriage should be serious enough to want to live together. Family and friends won’t understand it, and those that believe your marriage / relationship is not normal. You may also miss having someone to cuddle with at night and wake up to in the morning, bringing feelings of loneliness.

Only you can decide what works for you.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:


Travelling with Toddlers

  • Carly S

With the season upon us and record numbers of Ibiza bookings expected this year, many people will soon be travelling with toddlers, some perhaps for the first time. We all know toddlers can be hard work, especially standing around in queues, so I’ve compiled a list of top toddler travel tips to make airports a bit easier!

  1. Bring entertainment!

We never travel anywhere without Ela’s favourite cuddly doll and a couple of little books. Mini crayons and a little notebook also travel with us. Keep them small to fit in hand luggage…rag dolls and little plush toys have fantastic squidginess and can be squeezed into the smallest of spaces. Videos on the iPhone and sticker books have also come in handy in several occasions.

  1. Pack snacks

Little boxes of raisins, satsumas or bananas (the peeling alone keeps them occupied for a bit), whatever they like best really. Chewing on one of her favourite chewy sweet potato bars kept Ela happy and peaceful whilst we queued to board recently. Chewy snacks also help ‘pop’ ears on the flight, as does yawning at them so they do the same.

  1. Be creative!

We always play little games to occupy Ela whilst we queue and wait around. For example, ‘can you beat Mummy to catch the person in front’ when she’s dawdling about, dolly hide and seek if she’s getting bored, show me something blue (any colour will do, just keeps her busy looking around for different coloured things to point out), nursery rhymes with actions, I spy…loads of options! I’m sure your kids have their favourites too. We also chat about where we’re going and what we’re going to do when we get there …Builds the excitement as well as preventing boredom!

  1. Invest in a ride on kiddy case.

These things are invaluable. We recently bought a second hand Trunki case for Ela and it made travelling far easier, especially as it was just me travelling with her this time. She could drag it around (or ‘take it walking’ as she says), sit on it and have me pull it along, zoom along on her own pushing with her feet and use it as a seat when her legs got tired. It also fit all the clothes we needed for her for the week inside and is small enough for hand luggage. I recommend one to every parent …it allowed her to more or less be responsible for her own luggage giving me less to carry and made the whole experience much more fun (apart from when Ela accidentally bumped into the suitcase of a miserable, sour and uptight woman who gave us both a telling off. I mean, heaven forbid that a child should be having fun in a queue!)

  1. Stay positive

I know it can be hard when you’re all tired and frazzled (or a grumpy guts decides to take their annoyance out on you…my response of an apologetic smile and ‘I’m so sorry, we didn’t do it deliberately’ gave the woman no further fuel for her frustration) but try to stay upbeat.  I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that kids pick up on emotions and stress really easily, so the more patient and smiley you are chances are the more so they will be. And if they do throw one of their unexplained and pretty much always public meltdowns, just keep smiling through and remember they serve wine on the plane. Or that you’ll soon be touching down in Ibiza for fun in the sun.

Quick School Vocab

  • With many new families arriving on the island in the next month, here is a timely aid for new parents looking to make enquiries to schools and nurseries.

 English – Castellano – Catalan

Nursery School – Guardería – Llar d’infants

Primary Education – Enseñanza Primaria – Ensenyança Primària

School – Escuela – Escola

Secondary School – Instituto – Institut

Blackboard – Pizarra – Pissarra

Book – Libro – Llibre

Break – Recreo – Hora del Pati

Class – Clase – Clase

Classroom – Aula/Clase – Aula/Clase

Exams – Exámenes – Exàmens

(to Fail – Suspendre/Suspender, To Pass – Aprovar/Aprobar)

Grammar – Lengua – Llengua

Homework – Deberes – Deures

Languages – Lenguas Extranjeras – Llengues Estrangeres

Literature – Literatura – Lliteratura

Head Teacher – Director/a – Director/a

Maths – Matemáticas – Matemàtiques

Natural Sciences – Ciencias De Naturaleza – Sciéncies De Naturalesa

Physical Education – Educación Física – Educació Física

Pupil – Alumno/a – Alumne/a

School Year – Curso Escolar – Curs Escolar

Social Sciences – Ciencias Sociales  – Sciéncies Socials Geography – Geografía – Geografia

History –  Historia – Història

Studies – Estudios – Estudis

Subjects – Asignatura – Assignatura

Teacher – Maestro/a Or Profesor/a – Mestre/a Or Professor/a

Timetable – Horario – Horari



Jezza’s Sport Report

Leicester City, Fairy Tales Can Come True!

After Monday night’s 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge, the 5000/1 odds at the beginning of the season against Leicester City winning the Premier League title came home to roost, costing the bookies mas o menos £50m and don’t we feel sorry for them! But elation and huge congrats to Claudio Ranieri’s team who have led the league for nigh on 100 days and thoroughly deserved this accolade, proving beyond any shadow of a doubt, that, with good leadership, belief, and playing as a team rather than individuals can bring massive rewards. Although striker Jamie Vardy,  just elected as the Football Writers Footballer of the Year and only 4 years ago a player for Fleetwood Town in non-league football, appeared to be the main man,  I’m sure that he would be the first to appreciate the services of Mahrez, the PFA’s Footballer of the Year, Kante  and Drinkwater in midfield and the exceptional defending of Huth, Captain Fantastic Morgan and Schmeikel in goal, to name just a few.

Mind you, at one stage at the Bridge, where Tottenham had to win to keep in the hunt, the population of Leicester must have had their nails bitten down to the quick, as Spurs took a 2 goal lead in to half time, to be well on track to keep their challenge going, but Chelsea, at last, showed their true form as outgoing champions in the second half and, inspired by outgoing Footballer of the Year Hazard, came back to score two and played out for the draw. Just shows how desperate Spurs were to keep up their challenge as they received 9 bookings and were ljlucky not to have at least two red cards. Having said that, Pochettino’s team should receive lots of plaudits as they have pushed Leicester all the way and maybe, having the youngest squad in the league, showed inexperience and lack of cool heads in the final run-in. Still, no doubt they will learn from this experience and at least they now have the Champions League back at the Lane and I’m sure will be one of the leading contenders for the league next season. As for Leicester a double challenge next season to look forward to, the Champions League and proving that they are not just a one-season wonder! Methinks the King Power Stadium in Leicester on Saturday as the Foxes receive the Premier League Cup before their game against Everton will be the place to be and no doubt we’ll have another noise alert on the Richter scale!

Congrats too to Burnley who sealed one of the the two automatic promotion places, worth they say as much as £100m, on Monday as they beat QPR 1-0 at Turf Moor to return to the Premier after only one season while Brighton, who drew 1-1 at home with Derby, and Middlesboro’ will slug it out at the w/end in their winner-takes-all clash. Come on you Seagulls!


Why I am entitled to support Leicester City (but of course won’t be so tacky).


Walking in to work this morning I spotted a street trader wearing a Leicester shirt, and on a radio phone in last week a bunch of Thai ‘fans’ had no shame in proclaiming their having turned their back on Man Utd for their new foxy favourites.

OK I doubt many Brits would be as shameless in going public in their bandwagon allegiance, but I guess it is a bit of a double edged sword for the likes of Ibiza’s Leicester City supporters branch,  Jim Mills, Gary Beech and Duane Lineker. Of course the populous have been behind them, but that is hugely different to claiming support of Leicester, hugely wrong to those who followed them down into League 1 and back again (all in the time since Arsenal last won the league).

So my credentials? 1975 Ipswich play (dirty) Leeds in 6th round of FA Cup. 0-0 at home (gate 38,000). Replay Leeds 1 Ipswich 1 (gate 50,000). Now this was back when you just played until there was a result. 2nd Replay at Filbert Street 0-0 (gate still 35,000), 3rd replay also at Filbert Street 2 days later by when I guess much of the mid-seventies away travel had driven their Ford Escorts into the ground, or vandalised their match day specials into cattle trucks – though the game, which we ultimately won 3 (Hamilton, Whymark, Woods) 2 (Clarke, Giles) still attracted 19,500 the vast majority of which were Leicester who adopted and supported Ipswich. Perhaps this was because they conveniently had the same colour scarves, perhaps it was because we all hate Leeds (obviously the latter), but anyway it created something of a connection for many years to follow – our chant to ‘land of hope and glory’ ending ‘… and Leicester’ in an acknowledgement to the second team we would follow ‘onto vic-tor-rey’.

Such things are very important to 9 year old boys and so that soft spot has remained through the decades. I am so sorry for all Leicester fans that they didn’t win it on the pitch in open play, but I doubt that will be too much of a price for them to pay. Huge congratulations.

Ibiza CC vs South London Oddballs CC (SLOBS)

23/04  30 overs each

Ibiza were asked to bat and started very well with openers Sam Gooda (38) and Martin Cooper (46) putting on 93 for the first wicket.
Once they departed, Ibiza lost several wickets and then found themselves on  108/5, with the run rate slowing, when skipper Graham Boe (45) and Robin Parmenter steadied their innings with a useful 67 run stand that brought the score to 175 before both lost their wickets trying to hit out. Ibiza finally completed their 30 overs on a competitive 188/7.
SLOBS stand out bowler was Matt White with 5/32, while Roger Cannon and Stich Richie obtained a wicket each.
The visitors’ innings began disastrously with  wickets falling in the first few overs, so that they were soon on 1/4, then 6 for 5, which reminded Ibiza of their batting the previous weekend! Then Stich Richie (24) and Paul Taylor (12) stayed together for  a few overs before more wickets fell and they finally succumbed to 61 all out  in the 17th over, Ibiza winning comprehensively by 127 runs.

Ibiza bowlers Pete Essex took his first 5for with 5/25, Mike Amos supported him with 3/21, and Paul Cruttwell contributed a wicket.

24/04  30 overs per side

The SLOBS batted first today and were determined to improve their performance, led by skipper Kevin Ebbutt (22) who put on 36 for the first wicket with opener Tom Goodwin (20). After they went, newcomer Raven Subramahany scored an aggressive 42 and Roger Cannon added 19, but wickets fell regularly. At 135/6 with 9 overs to go, Ibiza  felt they could restrict the visitors to around 180, but newcomer and all rounder Will Chappells did not let this happen, blasting a spectacular 79, including 10 sixes, and allowed the visitors to finish on a daunting 215/8, also helped by 16 not out from Jason Underhill.

Ibiza bowlers Paul Cruttwell (3/25) and Graeme Cooper (2/41) had the best bowling figures, but Ibiza felt they now had a real challenge to test their batting.

Ibiza openers Graham Boe (25) and Sam Gooda, continuing his good form with 50, scored runs steadily, followed by Pete Essex with 28, but Ibiza were always behind the required run rate until Sam Feasey came to bat. He then produced an superb and unexpected 73 which brought Ibiza very close to their target, finally departing with the score on 209/6 and only 7 runs needed off the final over! Unfortunately the visitors’ best bowler Will Chappells bowled the last over and only conceded 3 runs off it, so Ibiza finished on 212/7 and the SLOBS ran out winners of an exciting contest by 3 runs only!
The visitors’ bowlers Roger Cannon (2/54), Tom Goodwin (2/39) and Will Chappells (2/26) were the main wicket takers, with Paul Taylor contributing one more.
This is the third consecutive year SLOBS CC have visited Ibiza, so many thanks to captain and tour organiser Kevin Ebbutt and Chairman Stich Richie for bringing their friendly bunch of unusual cricketers back again. Long may their trips continue!
Until next week then when Sporting Alfas bring over their XL team for another weekend double header for the 4th year running. RPHood

F1 Russian GP

  • More drama in Russia
  • Rosberg takes 7th Consecutive Victory
  • Rhian Gibbs

The fourth race of the season in Sochi and rather than precision F1 racing, its looking more like a demolition derby as the weeks progress. It’s lights out with Rosberg on pole again, and Ferrari looking to pounce on Hamilton’s misfortune of starting tenth. Whilst Rosberg made a clean break, the rest of the pack went into almost instant chaos, Kvyat ramming his Red Bull into the back of Vettel’s Ferrari, causing a chain reaction of shunts and knocks throughout the pack. After receiving yet another knock from Kvyat in at the next turn, Vettel was out of the race with some pretty explicit words for the young driver – that’s three knocks in two races now. After the initial excitement it was (mainly) business as usual and here’s a summary.

Rosberg yet again drove his silver arrow to a comfortable victory with his teammate Hamilton P2, having successfully avoided the turn 2 melee at the start of the race. Mercedes aren’t without issue though as both cars experienced problems during the race and Hamilton spent most the race with zero water pressure. Raikkonen did well to finish on the podium P3 for Ferrari, a small consolation tough and Williams took P4 and P5 with Bottas just ahead of his teammate Massa. Alonso for McLaren took P6 in a strong and commanding performance and more points for the UK based team as Button also finished in the points P10.

Kevin Magnusson scored more points for Renault finishing P7 and Haas also took a few points with Grosjean yet again showing his skill behind the wheel in P8. Sergio Perez was also up there finishing P9 for Force India.

  • Next race, its Barcelona on the 15th May 2016

The Guide



Euribor, 3rd Month in the Negative

Another month has just ended and with it the Euribor, the rate at which the majority of mortgages taken out in Spain is measured, has registered in negative figures yet again.

This is now the third consecutive month that the mortgage reference rate has ended a month below 0%.

Throughout the whole month of April, the Euribor registered a negative figure on a daily basis, and finally closed the month at0.012%.

This means that once again, mortgage holders who are due an annual revision in the next month or two will see their monthly payments reduced by around 10 euro for a 120,000-euro mortgage over 20 years.

With new mortgages being taken out, the banks are now adding new clauses to confirm that even if the Euribor drops below 0%, mortgage holders will never have money paid back to them by their bank, which is what, in theory, should happen.

The most that mortgage holders can expect in this case is that the amount of interest they have to pay remains at 0 euro.

The Euribor also ended the months of February and March in negative figures, at -0.008% and -0.012%.

Experts believe that the Euribor will remain at the same rate for a few months, but that it has already reached minimum levels.

Due to the fact that crude oil prices have risen slightly, causing a small increase in inflation, analysists are certain that this will detain the Euribor from dropping any further.

For the immediate future, the Euribor will meander around its current rate, but gradually gather momentum until returning to positive figures, which will definitely be by the end of the year.

In order to gain an idea of when this will happen, we need to keep a close eye on the evolution of oil prices, inflation and the yield from national bonds

Information supplied with kind assistance of On The Pulse Of Spain—a great resource for legal , administrative and property matters.