Guardia Civil drugs operation in San Antonio leads to 10 arrests

6 remanded in custody, 4 charged and released on bail

Photo J.A. Riera

On Wednesday 6th September, the head of the Court of Instruction number 3 of Ibiza, Carmen Martín, ordered that six of ten people arrested in a Guardia Civil drugs operation should be remanded in custody.

The 10 arrested are 6 British, 2 Polish and 2 Romanians – 1 of whom is a 36 year old member of the armed forces in Ibiza on holiday. The rest of the arrested are aged between 20 and 30.

The group are suspected of drug dealing and being in ‘control of a significant proportion of drug sales in the West End area’.

In addition to the arrests, agents carried out two searches in homes on Progrés and General Balanzat streets, in the urban centre of Sant Antoni.

Guardia agents were accompanied on the raids by officials of the Court, and at the two properties they confiscated various amounts of cocaine, marijuana, magic mushrooms, viagra, MDMA powder, MDMA tablets and nitrous oxide.

It appears that some of the detainees are also involved in the illegal transport of people.

The operation is still open and there may be further arrests. It is understood that Monday’s action is part of a major investigation which has included tapping the telephones of some of those arrested.



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