A 51 Year Old British Man has been found dead in a Motorhome

The Guardia Civil are investigating the cause of death, however their initial report states that there are no indications of violence. The results of an autopsy are awaited.

Guardia Civil were alerted to the discovery of a dead man via 112 early on Friday morning. It was reported that the brother of the deceased discovered the body and made the call to 112.

They attended the scene at 10am. The motorhome was parked in the Ses Variades scrub land that runs behind and along the sunset strip and is used extensively for parking.

ses variades

An ambulance was also dispatched however all the paramedics could do is confirm the man as dead at the scene on arrival.

Removal of the corpse was instructed and Pompas Funeral transferred the deceased to the Institute of Legal Medicine who will perform the autopsy.

The Guardia are waiting for the results as confirmed by the Peripheral Office of Communication of the Balearic Institute in their statement to press.


NB: We must assume the police are aware of the man’s identity if his brother reported the death. The Diario de Ibiza have made enquiries as to his identity but do not know who the man is. There is every probability people in our community will know the man’s identity. Please think carefully before making any comments. Speculation could cause further distress to the family at their time of grief.