5 Year Plan for San Antonio Super-Bay

By Nick Gibbs

The town councils of Sant Josep and Sant Antoni have agreed to commission technical reports as the first step in a 5-year plan aimed at creating an unbroken coastal promenade and bike path from Cala Gracio in the North, round to Port Des Torrent in the South.

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Monday’s meeting was held at San José town hall and attended by both borough mayors and several other councillors and support technical staff. The meeting agreed the outline of the project including a collaboration agreement between the two neighbouring municipalities.

San Antonio seen from the Bay, will now be accessible on foot


During 2018, an investment of 1.6 million euros is planned.

The Balearic Government will contribute 800,000, through the tourist tax (eco-tax). Ibiza Consell will invest 400,000 with the remaining 400,000 provided by Sant Antoni and San José.

It is expected that following all necessary technical reports, works could commence at the beginning of 2019.

In total, an investment of 20 million euros is foreseen for 5 years, in different initiatives aimed at the recovery of the entire coastline. The proposal is to provide continuity of the promenade to the entire coast that surrounds the Bay, from Cala Gració to Port des Torrent.

Works will include the creation of a promenade and a bike path, the renovation of sanitation infrastructures, improvements and expansion of the existing piers and jetty facilities to improve maritime traffic, and to minimize the visual impact of the existing sewage and water pumping buildings.

It is presented as an environmentally sustainable project, which will afford a path of at least 5 metres in width for most of the route, allowing space for pedestrians, planting and a bike path side by side.

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A Tale of Two Editors.

As may be expected with any such project, opinion is divided as to the scheme’s merits.

In so far as the plan and information currently stands, I am in favour – thinking the joining of San Antonio and the Bay will be of great benefit to both boroughs in developing the area and its attraction as a tourist resort. However, I am also mindful that there will be likely casualties – the businesses situated on the Lower Bay Road will be particularly keen to find reassurances as to their livelihood following development of the promenade.

Conversely Ibiza Sun founder, first editor and Cala de Bou resident, Chris Langley, is firmly opposed to the plan. Chris feels the development of the Paseo will only cause environmental damage to the Bay coastline, and that this negative impact outweighs any other issues or claimed benefits.