Photo credit: Vicent Mari

Police have linked the crimes to a criminal gang

National Police have arrested five members of a criminal gang for setting fire to the Ibiza Courthouse in an attempt to destroy records of proceedings against them, as well as the arson of the Es Vive squat which caused the death of Rossanna Venturini, following a discussion about drugs.

José Luis Santa Fe, the Regional Chief of Police Operations, José Manuel Hernández Núñez, the Commissioner of Ibiza, and Fernando García Crespo, head of the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV), held a press conference today giving details of “Operation Themis”, which has been carried out by a group of agents formed specifically to handle this case.

According to the Diario de Ibiza, two of the detainees both imprisoned on Thursday without the chance of bail, are accused of being the material perpetrators of the fires in the Courthouse and with regards to the Es Vive fire, they are charged with murder, causing injury, arson and belonging to a criminal gang.

Of the rest of the detainees, one is serving 16 years in prison and two others have been charged and released. A sixth person is being investigated.

Courthouse Fire

National Police immediately discovered that the fire at the Ibiza Courthouse on January 21st was intentional after finding a ladder close to the origin of the fire and a backpack with ‘fire lighters’ nearby. The fire of the courts burned all the files of the Court of Instruction Number 1 and about 700 files of the Number 2 Court of Instruction. Seven courts were out of service following the fire and proceedings have been paralysed since. The Ministry of Justice is still not functioning at full capacity.