• Witnesses Criticise Hotel Lifeguards in Child Drowning

Last Sunday July 1st, a four-year-old boy died in a tragic drowning accident in the Stella Maris hotel complex north of San Antonio.

The child was staying with his family on holiday at the Hotel which is very popular with the Dutch market.

The Dutch BN DeStem newspaper claims that the event was witnessed by dozens of tourists, and that some have come forward to criticise the response of the Hotel’s staff.

According to the Dutch newspaper, the boy had “escaped the attention” of his mother in one of the complex swimming pools, said to be 1.4 metres deep. Another swimmer found the boy submerged.

Dutch journalist Raymond Boere, author of the article, explains that from that moment “panic and chaos seized all”. The child, already unconscious, was taken out of the pool by a tourist. Then another guest began to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) “while other guests watched with astonishment at the lifeguards, it seemed as if they did not know what to do and themselves had also panicked,” Shortly after, the ambulance arrived, and the emergency services continued with the CPR for 45 minutes without being able to do anything for the life of the child.

Hotel Response

BN has contacted the director of the complex, Steven van der Heijden , who explained that “we will help the family of the child as we can”.

Regarding the lifeguards, he adds that, although he cannot give details because the event is being investigated, however “even though we consider that the company hired for the lifeguard service has complied with the rules, we have asked them to provide a new team of lifeguards”.

4 Year Old Boy Drowns in San Antonio Hotel Pool