• Developer Hispania Activos Inmobiliarios has confirmed plans for a 15 million euro development of the 3 hotels purchased in 2017 at a price of 32 million euros.
  • The three hotels account for the vast majority of beds in San Miguel, and once complete the resort will become to all intent an exclusively 4 and 5 star beach location.
  • The 3 hotels presently have around 500 rooms/1,000 beds between them, however this number is expected to reduce as a result of development to 4 and 5 star standards.

According to a spokesperson for Hispania and reported in the Diario de Ibiza, the company wants to completely gut and refit the Club Galeón and the Cartago Hotel, and demolish and rebuild the San Miguel Club.

The three adjoining hotels dominate the San Miguel beach resort, extending out onto the hamlet’s west facing cliffs.

The new enclave will include three types of accommodation. A 4-star hotel for adults only, plus a family 4-star and a family 5-star. The spokesperson said that this means the hotels will “continue to receive clients of all kinds”.

It is also planned to build a new spa and a beach club, with the intention of “substantially improving the quality of the cove’s attraction, which is now very obsolete”.

Club San Miguel

The most ambitious part of the development is the demolition and new construction of the San Miguel Club, with a budget of just over seven million. This is because it is not considered necessary to keep the current property, which was built in 1979.

After elevating the entire area by 70 centimeters, to reduce the risk of flooding due to the overflow of the riverbed, it has been planned to distribute the new construction in four zones with a total of 15 identical 3 story quads joined by walkways.

There is also a public block with a bar lounge and a restaurant and a small children’s club, in addition to the reception and other services.

galeon hotel in san miguel. main photo maps ibiza.

Although the project is beyond the scope of urban planning law, the project is covered by the Bauzá Government’s Tourism Law which surpasses local regulations, and so will allow for what will be an additional 500 square metres of built construction, which is granted because the accommodation will increase the ‘star rating’ average of the area. Despite the increased size the rooms will reduce from 222 to 192.

Cartago and Galleon

A similar outcome is likely at the Cartago hotel, who will have an increased construction of an additional 1,300 square meters, although it will lose two of the 198 rooms that it was built to accommodate in 1968.

The Cartago will receive 7 million of the expenditure, and the developers have said that reforms will respect the design that it shares with its immediate neighbour the Club Galeón – a design that was won its creator Raimon Torres a national architecture award.

The reform will remove the aluminum enclosures that disfigure the building and provide “measures to reduce its impact on the landscape”.

The last of the projects announced is for a 1.8 million investment which will include the  demolition of the Western Saloon to be replaced with a new restaurant building of 817 square meters.


Hispania hope to reopen the Carthage Club and the Galleon in 2018, and the Club San Miguel in 2019.

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