• The 3 Charlton players arrested in the case of a sexual assault of a 19 year old tourist have appeared in the Ibiza Court.

Text Nick Gibbs, Photos Toni Escobar

One player was arrested on the charge of rape, one for filming the assault on his mobile phone, and another for restraining the complainant during the attach.

Our full report is given below. 

3rd Charlton Player Says He Intervened to Stop Rape of Tourist
3rd Charlton Player Says He Intervened to Stop Rape of Tourist

However in a statement by police today the 14th of June, they have said that the third man has claimed to have intervened to prevent the assault.

His version of events is that he was in an adjacent room with the friend of the complainant, and when he heard loud noises in the room occupied by the complainant and the two other men, he went into the room and told them to stop, in fact his actions leading to a fight between him and one of the other accused.

Editorial Note: In these difficult situations we can only report the facts as presented to us, but I will say this, the claim of an intervention by one party does ‘stack up’ in so far as it answers some questions from the initial accounts. 1) The initial reports stated clearly that two female friends had gone to the hotel with the players together, and had left together, but there was no mention of the friend’s presence/witnessing of the assault, being subject to any assault herself, or any protestations during the course of the assault, which would make more sense if she was not present in the same room. 2) The initial report did say the Police were also investigating a fight between two of the men arrested, indicative of some dispute between them. I am not suggesting any of the information so far reported is sufficient to conclude any party is innocent or guilty, but from everything I have seen thus far, this account does have some credibility.  

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Charlton Player Arrested For Rape of 19 Year Old Tourist in Cala de Bou Hotel