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The tragic accident occurred at 5.30 am Wednesday morning at the Jet apartment complex in Playa den Bossa.

Paramedics fought to save the 28 year old tourist’s life for almost an hour before they accepted no more could be done, pronouncing him dead at a little before 6.30am. The deceased man has been named as Karl Shepherd, though it is not known where his is from in the UK.

ibiza-balcony-fall (2)

Reports circulating through the day suggested that he had managed to fall asleep on a ledge between two balconies. There have also been reports of police attending finding laughing gas capsules in the apartment – though there is no information yet available by way of toxicology reports.

San Antonio Fatal Fall

Me Shepherd’s death comes just days after 26 year old Callum Marriott from Nottinghamshire died after falling down the interior stairwell/atrium of the Tanit hotel building in San Antonio.

Mr Mariott had returned back to the apartment before the friends he was on holiday with. Police consider it most probable that, discovering he did not have a key, he was trying to climb onto a point on the inner walls from where he could get access.

ibiza-balcony-fall (2)

Callum fell from a great height in the 14 story building. He was pronounced dead immediately on the scene at around 4.30am on Sunday 6th August, just hours before he was due to fly home.


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