27 Year Old London Woman Dies after Being Hit By Car. Driver Tests Positive for Cocaine

The accident occurred at 6.20 a.m. on Tuesday 30th August, approx 200 meters from the Ses Mines roundabout on the outskirts of Santa Eulalia on the San Carles road.

It is the second fatal area on that stretch of road this year.

It is understood from a report by the Guardia Civil that the 27 year old woman from London was staying in rented accommodation close by. It is not known why she was on the road at that early hour.

She attempted to cross the road and was hit by a car.

The driver, a 30-year-old Spanish national, was driving to work. She stopped her vehicle, though a second car that may have also hit the woman did not.

An 061 ambulance and the Guardia civil attended, but it is understood she was immediately pronounced dead on the scene.

The Guardia Civil gave a test to the Spanish driver which returned a positive result for Cocaine. She was subsequently taken to Can Misses hospital for a second test to be performed, the results of which will be known in 3 days.

It is the second death this year on the San Carles road. On July 16th a French national aged 60 was killed, also after being hit by another vehicle.

Editorial note: The Daily mail have reported this incident saying the woman was ‘naked’ in their headline. It is an outrageous headline. She wasn’t naked. Even the mail report says she wasn’t naked. ‘partially clothed’ – which let’s face it most people are in Ibiza this time of year. She has family who will have to deal not only with their loss, but also the media putting out totally unfounded slurs on her character. Shameful.

carretera de sant carles
carretera de sant carles