Photo: Ses Feixes, photo credit Jan Manu 

The renowned organisation are demanding a protection decree from the Balearic Government after warning that 40% of the wetlands have had half of their original habitats altered.

The World Wildlife Fund has presented, what it considers to be, “the first wetland inventory” of the islands.

The report includes 26 wetlands in Ibiza and another 8 in Formentera. By municipalities, Ibiza has only two: ses Feixes de Talamanca and es Prat de Vila, while Santa Eulària has 13, the largest number of the Pitiusas. WWF highlights the Cala Llonga Depuradora, a reservoir in the landfill of sa Roca Llisa, sa Pedrera, four reservoirs in Golf Ibiza, the river, the irrigation pool of sa Rota and the clay quarry of Can Planes, among other points.

Sant Josep

In Sant Josep, WWF has listed 6 wetlands: the mouth of the torrent of Sa Font (es Codolar), es Torrent, es Prat d’en Fita, the rainwater reservoir of the airport highway, Ses Salines and the reservoir of the Jondal torrent. Sant Antoni has the jardi de Llobets, with no information provided, the Regueró reservoir and the mouth of the Ses Caletes torrent. In Sant Joan they have listed s’Estanyol des torrent d’Arabí and the mouth of the torrent of Cala de Sant Vicent.


Finally, in Formentera this organisation has inventoried eight wetlands: Ses Salines, s’Estany des Peix, the irrigation and storm reservoirs of sa Talaiassa, es Ca Marí and es Molí de s’Estany, the channel of Cala Saona and s’Estany Pudent.

“This inventory is a first step in the improvement of these coastal wetlands. It has included, for the first time, small humid areas that until now had gone unnoticed, but that do not cease to be important in the Mediterranean environment in which the Balearic’s are” said Teresa Gil, head of the WWF water program.

Protect The Wetlands

Teresa Gil went on to say, “the wetlands of the Balearic Islands need greater protection measures, which are invested in restoring those that have degraded and give greater diffusion to their values among local population and visitors.”
For this, the WWF “asks the Government for a Decree for the protection of wetlands, a complete catalogue of the Wetlands of the Hydrological Plan and include it in the National Wetland Inventory, and more actions to protect the habitat of the Coastal Demarcation in areas such as Torrent des Figueral, in Ibiza.