A young British tourist died at 1.30a.m. today, Friday 20th July, at San Antonio medical centre.

The individual had only arrived in Ibiza on holiday a matter of hours before.

He was taken to the health centre by friends together with volunteers from the San Antonio West End charity, 24/7.

In a statement issued by the health service, it says that the individual suffered a heart attack following the ingestion of (unspecified) drugs.

All efforts by paramedics to revive the person using CPR proved unsuccessful.

A police investigation will be launched as is mandatory in any death which is related to drugs.

The emergency service has appointed a psychologist to assist the people connected to the deceased.

Editor’s Note:

24/7 is a Christian charity, comprised of leaders and volunteers, who work in San Antonio’s West End to offer aid to usually young tourists who find themselves victims of excess, or are in any other way in need of a helping hand.  They work in often impossibly difficult situations in a totally non-judgemental and non-evangelistic way.

In this, another tragic loss of young life, our thoughts are with the family and friends, and also with the volunteers of 24/7 who will also endure the emotional strain of this very sad situation. 24/7 – you do the work of angels and the Ibiza community values you as such.