A 21 year old British man has died from his injuries following an incident in San Antonio’s Ship Square this morning.

The rumour mill is working overtime on the details of the case. We will first present the details as given in the official statement of the 061 emergency service.

Official Statement

At 7:35 this morning a 21-year-old Briton died in a building in the square s’Era d’en Manyà de Sant Antoni, known by the English speaking community as Ship Square.

The young man “suffered a hard punch” from another British man, according to the 061 emergency service, who added that the victim had “severe head and facial trauma” as a result of the assault. The young man went into cardio respiratory arrest and died despite the resuscitation efforts of the paramedics.

Police stated that the other man involved had tried to escape by jumping from the second floor of the apartment building where they were staying, but was finally aprehended at the Huevo de Colón roundabout (The Egg) by the Local Police of Sant Antoni.

The statement included information that Police found “bottles of alcohol and traces of narcotic substances” at the scene.

The detainee is currently in police premises waiting to be taken to court, and the Civil Guard are investigating the circumstances of the assault.


I have received two completely different accounts of events from two different sources.

I will not publish either in detail as they are completely unverified and attributable. But in these situations it is always best to keep an open mind until further details are known.

What we can say is this. It has nothing to do with a fight in the toilets as you may see in several reports in the British press. In an unfortunate piece of language barrier, the Spanish word for paramedic translates literally as ‘toilets’ – so he was not receiving medical attention in the toilets, but by paramedics.

Also, without further information we would not read too much into the comment in the report that Police found “bottles of alcohol and traces of narcotic substances” at the scene. Frankly you would be hard pushed to find a worker’s apartment in Ibiza without alcohol and some Rizlas at least.

Regardless of circumstances, our thoughts are with the young man’s family. We would all do well to remember them before participating in idle speculation. We do have details of the victim, but will not publish these until we know his family have been informed.