Another tragic loss of young life has fallen upon San Antonio in the early hours of Sunday morning, 12th of August.

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Eye witness reports from dual independent sources have said that the death of the young man was the result of him being attacked by at least three young men, also thought to be British, sometime before 4.30 a.m.

The attack followed an argument, however there is no qualified information available as to what precipitated the dispute.

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Police and ambulance services attended the scene. Two different eye witnesses said that paramedics attempted CPR for at least 20 minutes.

The man is presumed to have been pronounced dead at the scene, between the Bay Bar and Ocean Beach Club.

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At 7.30 a.m. The Ibizan observed that Police had set up a control cordon around the scene of the crime, and that the victim’s body was still lain on the Paseo, covered in a white sheet.

For a body to remain in situation for so long indicates that Police are calling in forensic investigators.

There is no information yet available regarding the identity of the assailants or any Police operation to find them.

San Antonio Paseo Fatality Named as Conor Lee