The court has provisionally released three of the four detainees, all of whom refused to testify. All have been given restraining orders in relation to the victim. 

The incident occurred at around 6am on the morning of January 1st in Calle Del Mar at the entrance of the Casanova Pub, according to the police issued statement. The off-duty agent dropped a glass on the floor which caught the attention of the suspects. As published in the Diario de Ibiza, according to testimonies collected by the police, a group of young people jumped the agent, who ended up on the ground. Someone then stabbed the agent three times in the back between the kidneys and buttocks. 

The group fled the scene, but after taking statements from witnesses, four people were detained on Friday 10th January. Three men of Dominican nationality and a Spanish woman were held in the Ses Païsses jail cells until their court hearing yesterday, January 13th.

Injuries Sustained

The injured agent was first treated at Can Misses and discharged, however he started feeling unwell again. Several tests were performed at the Señora Rosario Polyclinic with the results indicating that a vein had been cut during the stabbing and the agent had significant internal bleeding.

Due to the severity of the case, a specialist surgeon from Mallorca flew in to operate on the agent who then spent 10 days recovering in hospital. He has since been discharged and is out of danger.


The alleged author of the stabbing is a 17 year old male of Dominican nationality who currently resides in a juvenile centre in Madrid. Apparently he took advantage of a permit to travel to Ibiza for New Years Eve, there is speculation as to whether the assault was isolated or the group knew their victim was a Guardia Civil agent. 

Three of the four arrested have been provisionally released and have restraining orders against them. Thereby preventing them from being within 100 metres of the victim or the off-duty agent that was with him that evening.

The investigation continues.

Image courtesy of Google Maps