• Those detained at the airport were due to travel to the United Kingdom.

Agents of the National Police have arrested twelve people at Ibiza’s airport intending to travel to the UK with false documentation. The 12 consist of seven Albanian citizens using Italian and Greek identity documents, three Iranian citizens with Hungarian documents and two Chinese citizens with Japanese documentation. According to a statement made by the Interior Ministry, police have indicated that some of the documents had been stolen from their owners and the photograph or biographical data had been changed, other documents were completely forged.

Investigations lead the police to believe there are organised people trafficking networks who take advantage of the annual increase in flights to British airports. The most common destinations are London, Manchester, Gatwick and Bristol.

People Trafficking This Year

So far this year there have been numerous cases of this type in different Spanish airports, one similar case occurred at Ibiza airport in February, when the National Police detained an Iranian citizen who was preparing to travel to the UK with a Norwegian passport. In that case, the document had been stolen from its owner.

In March, five Chinese nationals who were victims of a trafficking network were also stopped at Ibiza airport attempting to travel to the UK. Those five arrests were part of an operation against that particular network, in which 155 people were arrested throughout Spain; most of them at the El Prat airport in Barcelona, ​​and among them were leaders of the gang.

The organisation lured their victims by promising travel to the UK in exchange for a “flat fee” of 20,000€ per person, which included false passports and collaboration for the border crossing. Once in Spain their original papers were taken away and they were kept in overcrowded apartments, until the forged documentation was ready.