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Ibiza Gets Its Radiotherapy

  • Can Misses Hospital have announced that the new Radiotherapy unit could be treating patients by the 24th December 2015, certainly before the end of the year.
  • At a press conference yesterday Fernando Barturen, of the UTE Policlinica Miaramar-Juaneda, reported that the project will not be delayed, “not even by one day”.
  • Ibiza and Formentera Contra el Cáncer launch lung cancer awareness campaign.

The Medical Director of inpatient care, Pedro Fernández spoke of the progress of installing the radiotherapy unit and linear accelerator which arrived on the island on Sunday and was being assembled yesterday.

The unit will need a ‘settling in period’ until Thursday and after that the Consejo de Segurid and Nuclear Technicians will have to give it their approval before use.

The Oncology Department of Can Misses is already considering which patients will be the first to undergo treatment, thereby avoiding their usual trip to Son Espases in Palma, which is a further ordeal for those already weak.

Barturen explained that the recruitment process had already started for professionals to work within the unit and that a total of eight staff members were needed—including four radiotherapists, a nurse and a nursing assistant.

In addition he stressed that the machine, a Varian, which has come from Palo Alto (California) is two generations more advanced than that of Son Espases and will provide a better, more accurate treatment with modulated intensity and dynamic rotation.

During the year of 2014, a total of 375 transfers were made from Can Misses—224 were that of patients in need of treatment and 151 accompanying transfers.

The Radiotherapy unit has been promised for approaching a decade.

The First Illegal Immigrant?

It seems that Ibiza’s famous image of the Goddess Tanit may be that of a Greek imposter.

Research undertaken by archaeologist and director of the Puig des Molins Monográfico Museum, Benjamí Costa, has determined that the most common representation of Tanit is in fact far more likely to be that of the Greek goddess Deméter or possibly her daughter Koré.

His findings are based upon analysis of the clay which is said to be of Sicilian origin, and modelled in Greece. Though trade between the Greek and Balearic islands explains the Tanit bust arriving on our shores, according to  Costa the Greeks artisans who sculpted the piece would have had no reason to consider rendering a work of Tanit.

It appears that our icon is nothing more than a fake, perhaps passed off by Ibiza’s first looky looky men. If so, it seems the adage is true, “Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts”.


2 News

Burglaries Up, Patrols Down, Rural Residents Demand Greater Police Protection

Neighbourhood associations in Sant Mateu, St. Agnes, Sant Rafel and Buscastell have demanded an improvement in Police protection after what they say is “an unprecedented surge in summer burglaries”.

Representatives of the groups say that the residents of these areas feel “stranded, and at the limit of their tolerance” due to “powerlessness and helplessness” in the fact of home robberies.

“While in the press we see some puffing of their chest saying they have lowered the crime rate by 35%, we wonder how the hell these statistics are concocted, because in our eyes, crime has risen overwhelmingly. “

The associations are referring to the figures provided on 12 October, during the celebration of the Day of Pilar, by the head of the Society of the Civil Guard in Ibiza and Formentera, commander Antonio del Fresno, who said that criminal offences had fallen 35% in the last two years.

Also in Palma, government delegate Teresa Palmer, presented positive crime figures on all islands except Formentera. According to Palmer, criminal offences in Ibiza have fallen between January and September 2015 by 10.9%, so they have gone from 14,279 in 2014 to 12,724 this year. They have also declined, according to official statistics, by 22.9% for the crimes of robbery with violence or intimidation. (242 between January and September 2015 compared to 314 in the same period last year).

However, Palmer also reported that robberies inside homes have increased in Ibiza in January-September 2015 by 8.3% (563 in the first nine months of the year compared to 520 last year) . According to statistics from the Government Office there was also an increase of 46% in vehicle theft.

Unemployment Down

  • Long Term & Over 45s Unemployment Down
  • 307 fewer long term, 241 fewer over 45 years.

The long-term unemployment rate, counted as those without employment for over a year,  fell 16.4% in October. Last month 1,566 were recorded in Ibiza and Formentera, 307 fewer than a year earlier, according to the latest data provided by the SOIB.

This is the third consecutive year of a reduction in the Pitiuses.  Of the 1,566 long-term unemployed, 470 have been so between 12 and 18 months, 247 between 18 and 24 months, leaving 849 who have had no contracted employment for over 2 years. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis, it is the first time there has been a reduction in those who have been without employment over 2 years, the highest being 955 in October 2014.

It is also the first time that unemployment has fallen among those over 45 years. In October 2015 there were 1,535 total unemployed people between the ages of 45 and 54, 258 fewer than a year earlier. A drop was also experienced in the over 55s, 1,242 in 2015, 83 less than in 2014.

The level of short term contracts remains high. In October 1250 of new contracts signed were for less than one month. This is 116 less than the previous year, but still represents some 25% of the new contracts signed.

Permanent full time jobs rose from 602 in 2014 to 679 in 2015 whereas part time fell for the first time in 10 years, the figure of 1,009 contracts being 205 fewer than the year previous. It is felt this decline may be due to the increased level of employment inspections resulting in fewer employers wishing to risk being caught with staff on the wrong contract.

Ibiza Promotion to German & Swedish Trade.

The Ibiza Tourism Board participated in several promotions organized by the Tourism Agency of the Balearic Islands and Spanish Tourist Office  this week.  Two in the German market, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, where there was a good attendance with more than 50 tour operators in each city. Also the Spanish Tourist Office organised two in Sweden, in the cities of Gothenburg and Malmö. In both cases around 35 tour operators attended.

During the meetings tour operators from both Germany and Sweden were said to show considerable interest in the island in general, but especially in family tourism and for business tourism (incentives, conventions, etc).

Both the Swedish and German markets are considered important as their business may well be at times outside high season, such as April, May and October where the temperatures of the island are very good in comparison to their own, and also that their countries are not so limited to vacations in July and August, as in Mediterranean markets such as Italy or Spain.

Company fined for illegally burning waste.

Santa Eulalia’s department for the Environment has commenced legal proceedings against a construction company in the town following the discovery that they were burning everything from pipes and corrugated sheets to asphalt, plastics, waste oils and various other materials not suitable for disposal by fire. The inclusion of what are considered dangerous materials may land them a hefty fine of up to 6,000 euros.

So far this year the department has started 75 cases for infractions of environmental procedures, which if all end in being found guilty would represent 22,600 euros. Many of these are for minor offences with fines of between  100 and 400 euros, and it is only in much more serious cases such as the above that fines into the thousands are levied.


3 News

Body Found in Cala Martina Caravan Fire.

A fire on the 11th November completely destroyed the caravan home of a chef at Cala Martina restaurant. The body found was unrecognizable. While it seems that the deceased is the occupier of the caravan, the autopsy will be needed to confirm the identity of the victim.

The caravan was located just behind the restaurant Cala Martina, where Mari Ferrer worked as a cook. When the fire was seen and the alarm raised several people including the owner of the restaurant and his son rushed to the scene.

“We were trying to put out the flames but it was impossible”.  At that time they were still not sure if Marí Ferrer was inside. “We called his phone and he did not answer, so we feared the worst.” recalled Josep Antoni Ferrer.

The causes of the fire are unknown, confirmed the headquarters of the Civil Guard, however Ferrer feared it could have been caused by a cigarette saying “He always had one on the go”.

Two seriously injured in head on crash.

Two men were left seriously injured as a result of a traffic accident that occurred Thursday evening on the road from Santa Eulària, at the junction for San Juan close to the pertrol station.

A car and a van collided head-on about a quarter to seven. One of the wounded, a man aged 31, suffered trauma to the pelvis, while the other, aged 36, had a chest injury. One was taken to the Polyclinic Nuestra Señora del Rosario and the other to Can Misses.

Gerts Grand Day

  • Mass Preceded by Silence
  • Playground Makeover

The Day of the patron saint of Santa Gertrudis started with a minute of silence in memory of the Paris victims. In attendance were the Mayor of Santa Eulalia, Vicent Mari, and Consell president, Vicente Torres.

Then, as always, a mass procession was held through  some of the main streets of the town, followed by a display of country dancing with the traditional dance group of Santa Gertrudis. Finally, the workers of the parish gave out donuts and sweet wine.

Meanwhile the City of Santa Eulalia has just completed the renovation of the soft-impact surfacing to the playground of Santa Gertrudis. The work has cost 13,500 euros and included cleaning and re-conditioning of various play equipment and furniture in the park.

This work is in advance of a completely new playground in the village to be located next to the new football pitch and children’s nursery. Also, work is underway to improve the playground located behind the Public School in Puig d’en Valls.

Most Wanted man arrested in Spain

An Operation Captura fugitive has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of being a member of an international drug trafficking organisation.

Michael Roden, aged 26, from Redditch, was captured on 4 November at an address in the town of Alomartes, Andalucia, but details could not be released until today to protect an ongoing Guardia Civil investigation being carried out in collaboration with the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Roden was one of seven people apprehended for allegedly belonging to a criminal organisation involved in drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, money laundering and forgery.

He is currently detained along with three men and three women who are Chilean, Romanian, Georgian and Spanish nationals.

Six house searches resulted in the seizure of approximately 30 kilos of cannabis, drug packaging material, several firearms, high-value vehicles, 85,000 Euros and £600.

A European Arrest Warrant for Roden, who featured on the Operation Captura fugitive list, was also executed as he is wanted by West Midlands Police in connection with the importation of 70 kilos of cannabis in 2013. An extradition hearing is expected to take place in Madrid this week.

Dave Allen, Head of the International Crime Bureau at the NCA, said: “The arrest of Michael Roden marks yet another success for Operation Captura and highlights the effectiveness of the campaign in flushing out fugitives.

“We’ve caught 73 out of 86 fugitives on the Captura list and will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to find the remaining 13.”

Contact Crimestoppers anonymously in Spain on 900 555 111. For more information and pictures of the remaining 13 goto


Roadworks Online

Unfortunately the roadworks notifications we receive are released too close to their starting date to be of much use to the readers of a weekly newspaper however a map is now available online which shows all works on the island.

From the overview map (right)you can click on any individual item (left) which will then zoom in to the stretch of road affected, and give more information on the status of the repairs and expected duration etc.

One we can tell you about now is to avoid the Ibiza to Santa Eulalia turn off to Jesus from the 23rd November. Chaos is predicted.


For Paris

The Consell of Ibiza held a minute of silence at the Town Hall on Monday. Vice President Marta Diaz spoke on behalf of the Council in the absence of the president, who is attending the events of the day of Santa Gertrudis, where a minute of silence was also observed, as elsewhere around Ibiza. Diaz recalled ties with France, both in tourism and in the Island’s large French community. Diaz said “We are shocked by the attacks in Paris. We have a very strong relationship with France and have living among us a significant French community. All in Ibiza share the pain of the French people and condemn  these horrendous attacks”.

The flags of the Consell were flown at half-mast from Saturday until noon Monday.

Elsewhere a minute of silence was held on Saturday 14th at the start of the awards ceremony for Police acts of bravery and long service attended by representatives of the Consell and all 5 of the municipalities.

Formentera Consell held a minutes silence at the same time, 12 noon, in their own act of respect and remembrance.


4 Food & Drink

Winter Warmer

Simple, cheap, healthy and most of all tasty, perhaps Cigrons is the perfect winter warmer. Served as a starter or main and as with so many local ’stew type’ dishes you need only take the ingredients as a suggestion. There are versions with and without spinach and egg, and some people add bacon or chorizo,  or both. This recipe is typical, but don’t be afraid to experiment, it works really well with white fish too. However you cook it, one thing not to forget is some fresh crusty bread.

Cigrons a la Catalana


Chickpeas, simply stewed. The spinach can be replaced with chard or cardoon stalks. If you want to add a little meat, you can use a few pieces of bacon, and you can also add some raisins, a spoonful of ground red pepper or clove.


  • Serves 4
  • 400 g cooked chickpeas
  • 1/2 large onion
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • a pinch of flour
  • 2 ripe tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • cooking liquid from chickpeas
  • few strands of saffron
  • garlic and parsley
  • roasted almonds
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 200 g spinach


Prepare the roux. Sauté the chopped onion with a little salt to prevent it from burning. When cooked, add the chopped garlic and parsley, and shortly after the tomato, peeled, seeded and finely chopped. Fry gently until well concentrated. Then add the flour and stir so the mixture binds together well.

When the roux is well bound, add the chickpeas, together with their cooking liquid. Simmer gently over low heat for about a quarter of an hour.

Add the spinach in the last five minutes.

Meanwhile, make a picada with the salt, toasted saffron, garlic and almonds, all finely chopped. Dilute with the cooking liquid and add to the chickpeas. Cook for three or four minutes more and serve the chickpeas accompanied with hard-boiled eggs, cut in half.

Pio Closing

Bound to be a day of mixed emotions at Pio in Cala Llonga on Sunday as Appy & Vicki say goodbye, not just to the season, but to Pios.

They are moving on to new adventures and hope to go out with what they do best, a Pio Party.

Regular “Abby the amazing Piano Man” (above) will be tickling the ivory for a farewell afternoon and evening from 5pm. On behalf of everybody at the Ibizan we wish Appy and Vicki the very best wishes in the future.  See Ad Below.

Futura Live

As one bar closes another opens, Futura Live Lounge in Cala De Bou have a whole host of treats from live music to kiddie play areas and all at winter resident friendly prices. More on Futura soon, but for now we’ll whet your appetite with this, their Caribbean Jerk Chicken BBQ plate.


Foto Booth; Snap Happy

Looking for something different to entertain your guests this winter. Already hugely popular in the UK, Foto Booth Ibiza are offering a special winter rate.

They offer 2 types of booth, 1 large inflatable (up to 12 people) and 1 classic seated model and they provide a large selection of props for your guests to use.

All you have to do is choose a prop open the curtain, take a seat and get ready to pose. 4 pictures are taken, plus 2 printed, 1 of which goes into an album for the party organiser to keep as a memento of their day. All pictures are also provided on a USB stick.

We only have space to show a few pictures, but when you flick through the albums of parties that have booked a foto booth, you are left in no doubt whatsoever that everybody loves it.  A brilliant idea, and though the inflatable is suited to summer outdoor use, or needs a pretty big room to accommodate it, the smaller unit could fit easily in an average sized house.

A photo booth hire is a great way at entertaining your guests at any event, it takes away the worry of capturing those special moments

You and your guests can step into the booth and dress up in the large range of props that we provide. Four pictures are taken within 5 seconds of each other with two copies printed out within 10 seconds!

One picture is for your guest, the second is for your guest book. At the end of the evening we will copy all of the images onto a disc as well as a USB stick nota disc for you to keep.

Or how about capturing the moment with the video capability of the booth, your guests can leave video messages which are also then saved onto a disc at the end of the evening and presented to you to keep.

The booth also has a green screen which allows your guests to be transported to any where the imagination allows.

The Ibiza chair company stocks a wide range of chairs, tables and benches. We have also added this year VIP portable toilets, LED photo booths inflatable DJ booths and bars



6 Fotos Antiguas


7 News

President Visits Can Misses

The President of the Balearic Islands Francina Armengol paid a visit to Can Misses Wednesday to see the installation of the new unit . The President (below) was given a tour of the facilities by medical staff directly involved in the operation of the radiotherapy unit.

Elected President in 2015, Armengol is the first woman to hold the Presidential office in the Balearics. She has been an active member of the socialist PSIB-PSOE rising to the position of General Secretary prior to her election the to Balearics highest office.

Lung cancer awareness campaign.

Ibiza and Formentera Contra el Cáncer have launched a lung cancer awareness campaign under the slogan “Everybody in the fight against lung cancer”. They want to publicise the symptoms of lung cancer to ensure the greatest level of early detection.

The MacMillan Cancer Charity in the UK say the symptoms of lung cancer may include any of the following:

  • a continuing cough, or change in a long-standing cough
  • a chest infection that doesn’t get better
  • becoming breathlessness and wheezing
  • coughing up blood-stained phlegm (sputum)
  • chest or shoulder pain
  • a hoarse voice
  • a dull ache or a sharp pain when you cough or take a deep breath
  • loss of appetite and loss of weight
  • difficulty swallowing
  • feeling extremely tired (fatigue) and lethargy
  • the ends of the fingers becoming larger or looking more rounded (clubbing)
  • swelling of the lymph nodes (glands) in the neck area.

If you have any of these symptoms for more than three weeks, it’s important to have them checked by your doctor.  All of these symptoms may also be caused by illnesses other than cancer.


8 & 9 Ibiza’s Water Crisis

We are grateful to Katherine Berry for taking the time to translate and summarise a 244 page report on Ibiza’s water crisis. Katherine is described by Sandra Bebeniste, Director of the then IPF, as becoming the most knowledgeable person  on issues relating to Ibiza’s water supply, so we think it fair to say she knows her subject well.

  • Katherine Berry, local acupuncturist and IPF Volunteer.

Ibiza’s Rain is Like a Drop in the Ocean

While the recent wet weather has replenished water levels in Ibiza’s underground water reservoirs (aquifers) from 23% to 52%, it’s important to note that these measures don’t take into account water quality, just quantity.

A study funded by the IPF and released in July revealed that the foremost issue is that no one knows the scale of the problem because Ibiza’s water data sources are segmented. There is no clear picture of Ibiza’s entire water cycle as a whole.

In short, the problem could be worse than we think. Currently, five of the 16 aquifers are perilously close to irreversible depletion. When the water level drops, a shift in hydraulic pressure allows salty seawater to seep in. Pollution from encroaching seawater is the greatest threat to the exploited aquifers. There is no point measuring volume when what you’re measuring is brine!

Water scarcity is an on going issue for Ibiza and requires drastic changes to water consumption and long-term water sustainability planning.

Ibiza is unique in that it has no surface water reserves (lakes and dams) and is solely reliant on its aquifers and water produced by its two working desalination plants.

In the absence of a coordinated storm-water system, most rainwater is washed out to sea – often collecting untreated sewerage water on its way. Squandering rainwater is a travesty for an island declared on ‘drought alert’.

The Balearic Government has already initiated drought management plans under a new emergency drought law, announced in September. This includes water conservation policies such as a suspension of licenses for new wells and making water providers, including truck water, use desalinated water.

Sandra Bebeniste, Director of the Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) said: “These emergency measures will be reviewed in 6 months, so we need the different stakeholders involved in water consumption and management to agree on long term sustainability measures.”

The 224-page report details an analysis of water management and 10 proposals to Government to improve its management, summarised in the table below.

For more information


What is an Aquifer?

The infographic shows the aquifer pockets below ground, and also highlights the dangers of egress from salt water seas.

How Big a Problem?

The map shows the salt water levels in various parts of the island.

Problem Proposal
1. The aquifer that supplies Platja d’en Bossa, Sant Josep and Cala Tarida is at a perilously low level with encroachment from seawater. By declaring it over-exploited, a cascade of legal measures are set in place under the Hydrological Plan of the Balearic Islands (2015) to ensure its recovery. It is narrowly considered “deteriorated but reversible”. Declare overexploited the aquifers of Serra Grossa
2. Once Serra Grossa is declared unusable (as above), the network will need to be supplied with ancillary water. Prioritize connections of desalinated water to the South West of Ibiza
3. Because of over-use there is a low water level in the Serra Grossa, Sant Antoni and Es Canar aquifers. Hydraulic pressure has dropped allowing the permeation of seawater. The water level needs to be replenished artificially. Infiltrate desalinated water in strategic aquifers: Serra Grossa, Sant Antoni and Es Canar
4. The wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Platja d’en Bossa, Vila and Portinatx are substandard to the criteria of the Water Framework Directive. The water output of these plants indicates that wastewater treatment is insufficient. In a storm, treatment plants divert untreated sewerage out to sea. Separation of rainwater from sanitation (sewage) networks
5. Salt is Ibiza’s greatest pollutant. Seawater is not only leaking into the aquifers, it is getting in to the sewerage system where sewage pipes are below the water table and are not watertight. For example in Vila, where part of the network is close to the sea, basements, warehouses and car parks are below sea-level. To keep the space dry, pumps divert the marine or brackish water to the sewage system. In addition, some hotels and establishment have installed illegal desalination plants and discard the salty brine directly into the sewerage system, undetected. Prevent the entry of brackish or marine water to sewage systems
6. Talamanca Bay has two emissaries; sewerage waste water from Vila WWTP and brine from the desalination plant of Ibiza town. Maintaining these two networks is inefficient. The Vila sewerage pipe is frequently broken by dragging anchor chains, allowing wastewater to be discharged too shallow and closer to shore. Unify marine emissaries of treated wastewater water and brine in Talamanca Bay
7. Reclaimed or ‘recycled’ water is wastewater sufficiently treated in the WWTPs so that is usable for watering gardens or cleaning streets. Inefficiencies in the WWTP, rainwater infiltration and high levels of salt in the sewerage system have challenged water-recycling programs. Ibiza needs to address this salt issue and invest in water reclamation systems. Clean water resource use
8. No one knows how much water is leaking from the pipe networks. There are losses in the extraction of water from wells, in its general and domestic distribution and in the sewage network back to the treatment plant. While water meters are obligatory, they are not enforced or monitored. Calculations are done simply by comparing billed water in relation to extracted volume – however there is no agreed relationship between volume and cost. Replacing old pipes and poor connections are examples of infrastructure changes that need to take place at a municipal level. Detecting losses also needs to occur in domestic, recreational, agricultural and industrial settings. Reduction of losses
9. A multifaceted approach needs to take place to generate cultural changes in water use. Join the IPF mailing list to get involved and for more information. Water saving campaigns
10. Ibiza has limited resources that are being depleted with little consideration of regeneration and sustainability. The “carrying capacity” needs to be measured taking into account resident population growth and increased demands from tourism. Sustainable land occupation or continuous growth

San Jose Confirms Pipeline Contract

Report 17/11/2015

San Jose has awarded the contract for works to replace their main water distribution pipeline for a total budget of 205,000 euros.

The works are considered a priority to avoid leakage problems and low performance of this pipeline, which serves various private estates and is in very poor condition with a reported supply of only 35%, meaning 65% of the water is lost before reaching its destination.

The old pipe will be completely replaced with a new supply serving a total of 5,000 people in the municipality.

It is expected that works will start before the end of the year and will serve to both prevent water losses and facilitate repairs more quickly—something currently hampered by the pipe being under private land which can cause access problems and delays.

The supply of the pipeline is from the desalination plant ses Eres.

The council is also undertaking work to divide their water supply network so that when a leak does occur it they do not have to cut the supply to the whole area before repair works can begin.

San Jose is considered one of the worst affected areas of the Island having put emergency measures in place this summer.


10 Agenda


Santa Eulalia

There isn’t an English language film showing at Teatroespania Sta Eulalia this week due to the staging of Cleopatra’s Key. Showing next Wed 25th Fri 27th Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov 18-30hrs Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Comedy Drama (2015 Rated 12A 105 mins). Stars: Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, Olivia Cooke. High schooler Greg, who spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

The Storyteller @ Art Projects

  • Claire B


A new exhibition ‘The Storyteller’ has just opened in Ibiza and features the work of 16 Internationally renowned artists. Included, in alphabetical order is work from Louise Bourgeois, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Jimmie Durham, Isa Genzken, David Hammons, Roni Horn, Mike Kelley, Martin Kippenberger, Christian Marclay, Gabriel Orozco, Nam June Paik, Wolfgang Tillmans, Cindy Sherman, Danh Vo, Kara Walker and Lawrence Weiner. The exhibition is on in 2 neighbouring galleries, Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge, Calle Alcalde Bartomeu Rosello, Sala 7 and 9B, Ibiza, just up from Ikea.

Open November 7 until April 9, 11:00–18:00, closed Sunday and Monday. Or by appointment.

Facebook: Art Projects Ibiza


Happy Tuesday Kids Club

Playa d’en Bossa

Tuesdays at Forty Fives in Playa Dén Bossa are about to get happy! Every Tuesday morning from 10 – 12 the lovely Melanie will be opening her doors to welcome parents, carers and babies or toddlers to a drop in coffee\brunch and chat so that the grown ups can catch up whilst the kiddies play.  Then in the afternoons it´s time for the bigger kids too, with different activitues each week including arts, crafts, games, movies and live entertainment!

Happy Tuesdays afternoon sessions will be launched on Tuesday 24th of November in collaboration with Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties who are sending their two most popular Princesses along to join the fun! That´s right, they´re having a Frozen party from 4-6pm (prompt start, so get there early!) with live songs from Elsa and Anna, games, dancing, prizes, photo opportunities, a choice of make over or temporary glitter tattoo and a certificate to say your child has met the Ice Sisters… All for just 10 euros per child, payable on the day! What´s more, Forty Fives will be serving a delicious and nutricious 2 course kids menú throughout the afternoon for just 6 euros, and are fully licensed so you grown ups can kick back with a drink and something from the menú of the day whilst your little ones join the fun! So, get yourselves down there and prepare to Let It Go!

For more information about Happy Tuesdays, including future activities, join Mums Meet Ups Ibiza. For more about Frozen and other parties, follow Ibiza Princess and Superhero Parties on Facebook.


Heavenly Kids

Santa Agnes

Sunday 21st November, 11am – Walking Ibiza kids walk to Heaven’s Gate

“Departing from Santa Agnes, we head into the forest and follow the trail to the headland with an incredible view point looking both north and south along coast, stopping off for a picnic along the way.

During the picnic, our guide Gem has an activity for the kids and a goody box to choose something from. Suggested donation 15.00 euros. Bring your own family picnic!

Meet in Santa Agnes, see google map at


Cleopatra’s Key

Santa Eulalia & Jesus

‘Cleopatra’s key’ is historically-based and the story is more or less as follows: Cleopatra has been taken prisoner by the Romans and, rather than being humiliated and publicly paraded in Rome, she commits suicide. Her two slaves/servants are supposed to do the same so they can serve her in the afterlife. There is just one problem… They are not so keen!

In the ensuing sixty comical but profound minutes we witness how complicated it is to take full responsibility for our choices, lives and future, but how exciting it can be when we do.


The first performance will be

Teatro España, Santa Eulària , Friday 20th Nov,   8.30pm

and the second and last is at

Centro Cultural, Jesús, Saturday 21st Nov 8.30 pm.


On sale now from

Santa Eulària; Stalls  €12, Circle €10.

from the shop called Holidays, across the road from Teatro España.

Jesus, all tickets €10

The tickets for the Saturday show at the Centro Cultural in Jesús are on sale at the Holy-Sport shop in Av. Ignacio Wallis 5, Ibiza town.

Tickets will also be available at the door on the night for the same price.

[email protected]


Charity Bring & Buy Sale

Cala de Bou

Starting on 22nd November Denise Hancocks starts her market at bar Bahia further round in the Bay on Carrer Es Caló. Densie is looking to make it a weekly event through the winter and the funds from her tables will all go to Age Concern. The Bahia bar is open, there is an area for children, and they even supply the tables so all you need do is turn up with your unwanted items.. Call Denise on 659 759 500


11 Community

View From The Pew

View from the Pew


  • Rev Dr Peter Pimentel

When someone says to me, “I’m an atheist”, I always respond, “tell me about the god you don’t believe in”.  On every occasion so far I’ve been able to respond with, “I don’t believe in that god either!”

When we think about what God is, I guess that the words that immediately come to mind are not likely to be: “joy” and “pleasure”.  The Bible is very clear on this.  God is supremely joyful.  God is an infinite ocean of joy and pleasure.  To have an experience of God is to be full of joy and delight.  The best loved book of the Bible is the Psalms.  There are 150 Psalm poems.  The ancient Near Eastern poet of Psalm 16 says:

 “You show me the path of life. In your presence there is fullness of joy; in your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Verse 11)

The Hebrew original has the plural for joy: “In your presence is the fullness of joys”.  God is the source of an infinite variety of joys and pleasures.  Elsewhere in the Bible the prophet Zephaniah says:

 “The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17).

The prophet heaps up four different Hebrew words for joy.  This variety is impossible to capture in an English translation.  One of the Hebrew words pronounced  giyl is probably a loan word (i.e., brought into the Hebrew language) from Arabic and has the meaning to “twirl and shout with joy”.  Just maybe God is not quite like we may have imagined.

In the 1st Century AD, Jesus, in one of his amazing parables, said:

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which someone found and hid; then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” (Matthew 13:44)

This parable, like all the parables of Jesus, is something to ponder.  What does it tell us about God?  About joy?

Services: Sunday 22nd for Worship and Holy Communion, 10:30am, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85, Santa Eularia.  The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera: Tel 971 34 33 83

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera: Tel 97134 33 83.



Is it just me?

From where do we get fashionable and annoying new turns of phrase?

Have you noticed that in television and radio interviews there is a tendency for every sentence to start with “So”? For example, “When did you first decide to run the marathon dressed as a pike?” “So, I am a keen fisherman, which gave me the idea…………” What is wrong with “I am a keen fisherman”? What does the “So” add apart from the ability to annoy me?

Next in line comes “Do you know what?” “Do you know what, I am going to order the steak?” “Do you know what, I’m going to go for a walk?” If I ‘knew what’ there would be no point telling me.

Another one that prevents me being a barman or shopkeeper is the customer who says “I’ll take two glasses of wine”, the correct response to which should be, “If you take two glasses of wine I will punch your light out or call the police. If, on the other hand you would like to be served two glasses of wine I will be happy to oblige.”

So, having got that off my chest I am off to the bar and, do you know what, I am going to take a large whisky.

Yours, Mr. Grumpy, Cala Llonga

Ed. We all have them, but for most of us they do not run a risk of ‘punching people’s lights out’. I thank you for you letter, but cannot help thinking it may have been better directed ‘Dear Kate’ than ‘Dear  Editor’.

You know what, I think I have purposefully misinterpreted the context in which you said it. So, that must be pretty annoying?


12 Shebiza

Amanda Zips It Up

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Sony Hi-Res Audio Headphones

Here’s my first Christmas present idea of the year folks!

Headphones. Let’s face it, when you’re ready to bin those plain white ear buds, not just any headphones will do. Sound, comfort, style and value are all important considerations and Sony’s new h.ear on™series is a bold choice that doesn’t compromise. This innovative line of stylish headphones mixes the latest Hi-Res systems for awesome listening experience with cutting-edge design, and you’ll look great without breaking the bank.

Hi-Res Audio

If you haven’t listened to your music in Hi-Res, suffice it to say, you’ll be blown away. The technical details are cool, if you’re into that kind of thing, but the bottom line is, Hi-Res takes your listening experience to the next level and is great for portable audio. It captures way more information than CDs or MP3s, so the sound is much closer to the original, allowing you to hear subtle details and evoking a much more emotional connection to your favorite artists.


Sexy, sleek, smart or sophisticated; if any (or all) of these adjectives describe your style, h.ear on headphones will be for you. While the product itself is simple, with several colours to choose from, the monochromatic finish gives them a bold look which is bound to get you noticed.  But the cool design doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience; the clever folding mechanism and carrying bag make these headphones perfect for life on the go.


With high-technology and striking looks, the h.ear on range is made for performance that any music aficionado would covet.  Intelligent, intuitive and altogether incredible, they come in at £150, which I think is a reasonable price to pay.

I’m loving the yellow and turquoise and they’re a refreshing change to the boring ‘Beats’ everyone wears, which aren’t so cool anymore since Dr Dre sold them to Apple anyway.

I really, really hope I’m not on the naughty list this year and I find these in my stocking on December 25t

DripDrop Transparent

I’m going to leave this one to the creator …

2003, studied ” Leisure, Culture, and Tourism management” in Surrey University.

2004, started business with all kinds of jewelries.

2010, started to do clothes, and shoes, etc fashion products.

In 2012, I decided to give up clothes, and focus on shoes. One day, I sell a see-through rain boot, and found out people just loved so much. I was invited to attend London’s Fashion Event in Madrid in Spain. I sold out 100 pairs of transparent rain boots in one day, and customers from there were crazy about this boot. From then, I decided to give up all other shoes, and only focus on transparent Jelly boots, and registered brand called: Drip Drop

My inspiration is people are not only love black, we can enjoy colorful in rainy day much more fun with this transparent colorful boots.

Our teams started to design more, and more colors.

2014, I registered a new brand called: Jelly JOlly, not only transparent boots, but also a transparent rain coat, transparent handbag, everything transparent and Jelly.

I have a London store,  distributors in Spain and Portugal and we are starting to sell on line. (search Jelly Jolly on Amazon)


Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Winter Lounge Wear

  • Sophia V.

Hi all! I haven’t written in a while as I’ve been absolutely swamped with writing stuff. Three publishers offered me a place for my romance trilogy, which I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s published on 16/02/16, so keep this date in your calendars, if you’re a fan of E.L James and Sylvia Day, especially.  My blog will provide more details.

Anyway, speaking of books, and wanting nothing more than to curl up with one in the winter, with a hot drink, here are clothes that are not only comfortable to lounge around in, but to wear outside, and they look good, no effort required.

Tracksuits. I’m not a massive fan of sports clothes; hoodies in particular, however there are some great sets in the shops at the moment. Adidas have created matching jumpers and leggings, with the logo running up the leg, and across the top. The cute designs come in many colours, from pinks, purples, oranges, greys and more. Nike also do some great tracksuits. Juicy Couture sets are comfy, however my fave are the Victoria Secret ones. There are loads of colours and styles to choose from, and they can be ordered online. Oh and Lipsy also do some nice ones too.

Long cardigans. These are perfect for almost any occasion, especially when it’s still too warm to wear a coat, but too cold to wear a t-shirt. These can be purchased almost anywhere. They feel just as comfy as wearing a dressing gown!

Jumper dresses. These are great to just throw on, if in a rush. They can be worn casual with Ugg style boots, or glammed up a little with boots and accessories. They look especially cute with a matching hat, and gloves, for when it really gets cold.

Long sleeved shirt dresses. Again, these can be worn casual around the house, or teamed with a pretty handbag, and some jewellery to give off a more stylish look.

Long socks. These are lovely and warm, and can be worn above with the dresses.

Pyjamas. I wouldn’t advise wearing these outdoors, unless you want to do a Rhianna, however some are actually pretty enough to wear outside, and could go unnoticed as being bed wear. But, nothing beats staying indoors in some soft fleece / woolly pyjamas, especially when it’s cold. In Ibiza, Declathon do some great pyjamas, and there are lots of choices, from long sleeves, long legged, to shorts, and vests.

So, there you have it – How to lounge around at home, but still look decent.


13 Live Music

  • Claire B

Ibiza’s live music scene thrives all year round and there are currently a large number of venues and bars putting on regular live music. The norm in Ibiza is that acts are often only announced a few days before, so check the venue’s Facebook page for who is playing when. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the venues and concert series on the island, but these are the active ones that I know about.

Thursdays @ Demiedo

Ibiza Town

Bar Demiedo which is a rock bar hidden at the end of a small street just behind the port and celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is currently putting on live music and pintxos for 1€ every Thursday. The music each week varies – the first week was a Johnny Cash tribute and last week was reggae. Keep an eye on their Facebook page each week to see who is playing. The bar opens at 21.30. Free entrance. Demiedo is at Carreró la Trinitat, 6.

Facebook: Demiedo


Sa Questio

Ibiza Town

Restaurant cum Café Concert Bar Sa Questio in Ibiza Town puts on frequent live music of varied musical genres.

Nov 20: Nacho Lezcano (singer)

Nov 21: Rocky Horror Ibiza Broadway Show

Nov 27: Mercè Barreda and René Mercier (acoustic duo)

Nov 28: Muriel Grossman (blues)

There are also regular events during the week: Monday is Open Mic, Thursday is Flamenco Jam, and Sunday is Jam Session with Vincent Tur. The live music usually starts about 9.30/10pm (later on Saturdays) so check Facebook for details and who is playing. Sa Questio is at C/ Vicent Serra i Orbay, 22, Ibiza Town.

Facebook: Sa Questio Musica EN Directo


Fridays @ Yokubo


Friday Nov 20: Ho Femme Fatale.

Yokubo, the Japanese restaurant on the seafront in Figueretas is putting on a live band on Friday nights, along with a special restaurant menu. They’ve taken over what was Somni next door, and it’s a great little small venue to see a band in and drinks prices are very reasonable (2€ for a cana last week). Check their Facebook page each week to see who is playing and for details of that week’s menu. Free entrance. Yokubo is at Paseo de ses Pitiuses, Figueretas, under the Hotel Ibiza Playa.

Facebook: Yokubo


Sundays @ Sluiz

Santa Gertrudis

Sluiz is putting on free live music on Sunday afternoons at the moment from 16.30-20.00.

Nov 22: MG and the Hollers – blues

Nov 29: Funkorama (funk)

Dec 6: La Locanda (Jamaican fusion)

Dec 13: Muriel Grossman Quartet (jazz)

Dec 20: Lemon Emigrants (soul funk)

Dec 27: Elena Tovar (bossa)

Sluiz is on the Carretera Ibiza-San Miguel, Km 4, just outside Santa Gertrudis. Look out for the blue and white cows outside.

Facebook: Sluiz


Can Jordi

San Jose

Nov 20: Arma Sonora @ 20.30h

Nov 21: The Station Hollers @ 13.30h

Can Jordi Blues Station on the road between Ibiza and San Jose regularly has local bands playing live at the weekends. Bands usually play outside on the car park. They tend to announce who is playing at the weekend a few days before on their Facebook page. Can Jordi is at Carretera Sant Josep Km 7,7.

Facebook: Can Jordi


Can Xicu

San Jose

This little bar on the main street in the centre of San Jose regularly puts on local live bands outside on the terrace.

Nov 28: The Frigolos

Dec 5: Ho Femme Fatale

Dec 12: Arma Sonora

Dec 15: Ses Sopris

Can Xicu is on Carrer Pere Escanellas, 5, San Jose.

Facebook: Café Can Xicu


Raco Verd

San Jose

Raco Verd in the centre of San Jose puts on regular live music throughout the year. Thursday November 19th sees the reopening of their winter bar with live music from the Nightoff Band, from 10 pm. The kitchen is open until 00h30. Carrer Pere Escanellas, San Jose, opposite the church.

Facebook: Raco Verd, San Jose, Ibiza


El Reencuentro

San Antonio

Café Concert bar cum restaurant El Reencuentro hosts gigs by local artists as well as musicians from outside Ibiza. Thursday night is acoustic night.

Nov 19: Natalie Warren (acoustic)

Nov 21: Pol 3.14 (from Madrid) 10€ in advance, 12€ on the door.

On most nights entrance is free – check Facebook to see who is playing. Calle del Mar, 5, San Antonio. Opening hours are 20.00-06.00.

Facebook: El Reencuentro


8 Concerts

Ibiza and San Antonio

A series of concerts are being put on under the banner of ‘Xiringuito a Groenlàndia’ from November to April. The concerts have been organised by a group of local musicians who want to bring live music from outside Ibiza to the island. They’re being held in 2 locations: in Café Concerto bar El Reencuentro in San Antonio and outdoors in the Cloister of the City of Ibiza (Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa) which is a fantastic venue.

The first concert was on November 5 but these are the remaining 7:

Nov 19: Bart Davenport (USA), Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa

Nov 28: Pau Vallvé (Barcelona), Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa

Dec 12: Misery Strings (Mallorca), Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa

Jan 23: Ocellot (Barcelona), El Reencuentro, San Antoni

Feb 13: Senior i el Cor Brutal (Valencia), El Reencuentro, San Antoni

Mar: TBC

Apr 16: GAF y la Estrella de la Muerte (Tenerife), Claustre de l’Ajuntament d’Eivissa

For all concerts, doors open 1 hour before the concert starts at 8 or 9pm (start times vary). Tickets can be bought on the door for 10€.

More details on Facebook: Xiringuito a Groenlandia


Art @ MACE 

Ibiza Town

Currently on show at MACE (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in Dalt Vila is a spectacular piece of work from the Mexican conceptual artist Abraham Cruzvillegas. The title of the piece is ‘Autorretrato ciego recogiendo mis tripas de la arena mientras escucho centenares de campanas que me hacen recordar mis fondos de ahorro para el retiro’, which badly translates to ‘Blind self-portrait collecting my guts in the sand while listening to campaigns that remind me of my retirement funds’. Consisting of 549 parts and covering about 10 square metres, the work is a collection of pieces from the artist’s life, compiling newspaper clippings, photographs, tickets, vouchers, letters, drawings, posters, flyers and cards covered in acrylic paint. This artwork is part of the private collection of Guy Laliberté (Cirque de Soleil) and has been loaned for a year to Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge and is on display at MACE until April 9 2016. Abraham Cruzvillegas currently has work on display at The Tate Modern in London as well as other important galleries around the world, so it’s a treat to be able to see his work on display in Ibiza. Winter opening hours are Tuesday-Friday 10:00-16:30, Saturday and Sunday 10:00-14:00. Closed Mondays.


14 Sport

Jezza’s Sports Report

And Eire Makes Four

  • The Republic of Ireland secured a Euro 2016 spot as two goals from Jon Walters helped them overcome Bosnia-Herzegovina in the play-off second leg in Dublin and so join England, Wales and Northern Ireland in France.
  • Walters netted a hugely controversial 24th-minute penalty after Bosnia’s Ervin Zukanovic was harshly adjudged to have handled a Daryl Murphy cross.
  • That put the Irish 2-1 up on aggregate and the win was all but secured when Walters volleyed in on 70 minutes. The Republic join Northern Ireland, England and Wales in reaching France.
  • Jeremy Parmenter

Hi, sports fans, from a cold, blustery and windy Gatwick as “‘er indoors” and I await our flight to sunnier climes in Florida. ‘Tis short this week as we have to get thru’ tough new security checks at the airport after the terrible events in Paris last Friday and  on that subject I’m sure I can speak on behalf of my colleagues at The Ibizan to offer our sincere condolences for those French families affected.


The season ending ATP Finals at the O2 in London where World No 1 Novak Djokovic opened proceedings with a straightforward 2 set win over Nishikori in his group in his quest to win the title for the 4th consecutive year. Roger Federer also won his first group match, also by 2 sets, against Tomas Berdych while Andy Murray plays Valencian David Ferrer later today and as for bro Jamie, he started in fine style as he joined partner John Peers in winning their first match in 3 sets.


and in the UAE having lost their first ODI against Pakistan earlier in the week, England came storming back to win the 2nd match (of 5) and level the Series with a 98 run win, featuring a superb century from opener Alex Hales. So, all to play for then in Tuesday’s third match and good luck to Captain Morgan and his men.

Rugby League

Massive congrats to Sean O’Loughlin and his England team who won the deciding Test against World No 1 New Zealand. Having won the first Test then lost the second, t’was all to play for at Wigan and sure enough, the Lions pulled out all the stops to clinch the Series with a hard fought and sometimes nervy 20-14 win, to record their first Series win over the Kiwis since 2007.

Rugby Union

and it was the first group games in the European Champions Cup over the weekend and stand out  results had to be Wasps 33-6 away win against former champions Leinster, Saracens 32-7 demolition of Toulouse and Leicester’s 33-20 home win over Stade Francaise. Meanwhile, Northampton scraped a 15-11 home win over Scarlets, Exeter lost out 25-13 to Ospreys and Bath’s match at current champions Toulon was postponed due to the situation in France.


Aside from Eire’s qualification play-off all 3 home nations were involved in friendlies, with England being taught a short, sharp lesson by Euro champions Spain in Alicante, losing 2-0 to bring their 15 match unbeaten run to an end. Same old, same old story though as our national team continues to flatter to deceive, going through the qualifying group with a 100% record but as soon as they come up against any major force, can’t hack it! Let’s see how they get on at Wembley on Tuesday against Euro16 hosts France. As for Wales, they were beaten 3-2 by Holland, surprise non- qualifiers for the Euros.

So, that’s it for now, gotta go and catch our flight, have a good week and next week’s report will be winging it’s way from Naples, U.S. of A!”


Local Rugby

  • Ibiza Rugby Club 27, Shamrock Mallorca 19.
  • Johnny Ruckard

Our Indian summer continues in Ibiza long after Halloween, Bonfire night and the Rugby World Cup has come to a close. What a wonderful feast of rugby the RWC gave the world. Japan, Georgia, Argentina, Romania have changed immeasurably and closed the gap between the so called top tier and the second tier. This meant that the two finalists New Zealand and Australia had to change their games in order to stay ahead. Sadly England did not change, Lancaster lost strategic focus and paid the price. England’s lack of change and development failed to provide a spectacle for their ever loyal supporters.

Lack of change could have cost Ibiza CR on Saturday as they played the leagues newest team Shamrock (Mallorca) in only their second season of rugby. Shamrock have come a long way and had an organised line out and a well drilled back line. Shamrock showed enterprise with ball in hand and looked to attack the wider channels. Ibiza struggled for possession and territory despite a wonderful individual effort by Sebastian Santa Maria on the stroke of 20 mins. It was against the run pf play but lifted the home side who were finding it hard to get into their rhythm.

Ibiza dominated scrums despite not having a recognized hooker with some great work from Ryan Harvey and Diego F Venteo and had a slight edge in the contact area. Poor defensive organisation in the back line lead to an excellent try from Shamrock to even the scores 7-7. Shamrock continued to exploit lazy defensive runners in the back line, slow to organise and with little or no defensive structure taking the lead before half time 7-14. At this point Ibiza were on the rack and creaking.

An injury out wide meant Pablo Ruiz took control at fly half and Sebestian Santa Maria moved into the center and the rest of the line shuffling one position wider. Organisation in the back line was restored defensively and some space created for the strong runners in the center. Another piece of individual magic with a drop goal from Sebestian SM and Ibiza were once again back in the game. If that was impressive then his try to follow from 50 meters was exceptional and Ibiza regained a 15-14 lead.

In the nine channel Nick Strange was keeping the Shamrock defense honest, he probed and tested them when the spaces appeared and delivered sharp service to Ruiz when Shamrocks defense narrowed. Shamrock dug deep and this was a tight contest. Ibiza started to pick and drive and punch holes in the Shamrock defense taking Ibiza up to the 22. A renewed drive and quick ball for Nick strange saw him explode into space suck in the defense to deliver a magnificent pass to Rueben Second row who used his frame to drive low over the line for a very well worked try. Soon After Gianfranco’s pace split the Shamrock defense to create another fine individual try. Shamrock did not crumble they pressured with a strong counter resulting in an unusual decision by the referee to award a penalty try with final score Ibiza 27-19.

A win is a win and yet this game was so unrewarding for Ibiza spectators. Same old, same old… Ibiza with two key players out from suspension, 2 yellow cards on the day (one predictable from Sebastian Santa Maria, it’s a guaranteed fixture) some individual brilliance and a distinct lack of team cohesion and organisation. There is so much more to come if, like Japan, Georgia, Argentina and Romania, Ibiza embrace change, development and generation. There is talent in this team if and when it learns to play as a team it will be unbeatable in this league and will bring more supporters to see a changing developing spectacle. If not it will disappoint a loyal fan base.

Brasil GP

  • Nico Rosberg beat Lewis Hamilton for the second race in succession to win the Brazilian Grand Prix.
  • Hamilton followed Rosberg closely for the whole race, but could not find a way past.
  • Rhian Gibbs

The German converted pole position into a lead at the first corner and controlled the race from there, despite Hamilton pushing hard throughout. Hamilton looked faster but in the turbulent air behind Rosberg’s car he was unable to get close enough to try to pass his team-mate.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was third ahead of team-mate Kimi Raikkonen. Mercedes dominated the race but there was plenty of tension as Hamilton sought a way to try to beat his team-mate, his competitive desire undimmed by settling his third world title two races ago. Hamilton made slightly the better start but was forced to the outside at the first corner and had to settle into second place in the early laps. He stayed just over a second and a half behind until their first pit stops and then made a push to try to pass him in the first part of the second stint. For nearly 10 laps, Hamilton was within a second of his team-mate, before his tyres began to lose their edge and he had to back off. He pleaded with Mercedes to put him on a different strategy, but was told this was not a good idea because of the potential threat from Ferrari behind. As it turned out, Mercedes did have to change their strategy, converting from two pit stops to three when tyre degradation turned out to be more severe than expected. Hamilton came out from their final stop 1.5 seconds behind and with 20 laps to go. But again he was thwarted in his attempts to get close enough to pass as Rosberg drove a strong race in front of him, helped by what some might have considered coaching over the radio form his engineer, which is not allowed.

Rosberg paid tribute to the victims of the Paris terror attacks on the podium after the race saying “It was a great weekend for me. Of course everything is relative with what happened back in Paris, but it went perfectly. Lewis put on a great challenge but I was able to control it and I was really happy with that,” Hamilton said: “I had good pace but you just can’t overtake here. I was behind Nico and in traffic for some time and I just killed my tyres. I don’t know if there was anyone else overtaking, unless you have a huge advantage you can’t get close.”

Vettel ran the Mercedes a touch closer than might have been expected, helped by doing a short third stint on a set of the faster but less durable ‘soft’ tyres. But the German was still 11 seconds behind the Mercedes by the time the final pit stops were over, underlining how much work Ferrari have to do over the winter to try to catch Mercedes and mount a title challenge next season.

Vettel was well ahead of Raikkonen, who had a similarly large gap over Williams driver Valtteri Bottas, while Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg held off Red Bull’s Daniil Kvyat for sixth. Williams’ Felipe Massa had finished eighth at his home race but was excluded afterwards because his right-rear tyre temperature was 27C above the permitted maximum before the start of the race. Williams have appealed against the decision.

Max Verstappen again showed his potential as a future world champion on his way to 10th place, which became ninth after Massa’s exclusion from the results. The Dutchman pulled a brilliant overtaking move on Force India’s Sergio Perez, taking the outside line around Turn One and holding on for the inside on Turn Two to make it stick. He then repeated the move again on Sauber’s Felipe Nasr later in the race to ensure he split the Lotus cars of Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado.


15 Local Services


16 Cricket

Ibiza C.C. in Benidorm

7th Nov 15 vs Sporting Alfas C.C. 1st XI

35 overs per side. Result SACC 257/5 beat Ibiza CC 160/6 by 97 runs.

Alfas Skipper Phil Pennick decided to bat first and then set the example for the other batsmen to follow, scoring a robust 55 retired. Thus, despite an alert reflex catch by Pabs Ambrose giving an early wicket to the visitors and leaving the hosts on 12/1, their batsmen flourished with half centuries from Adam Elgar, Gary Crompton and Joel Brook, and the runs flowed, helped also by some clumsy Ibiza fielding, allowing boundaries which would have been saved earlier in the season. As a result, the hosts were able to finish their overs on a daunting 257/5 at around 7 runs per over and, while Ibiza’s bowlers worked hard, only 5 wickets fell overall, Mike Amos obtaining 2, Graeme Cooper and Stuart Browne contributing one each.

Ibiza then batted and openers Johnno Gordon (31) and skipper Graham Boe (10) started well, scoring at over 6 runs per over, before they both went. Sam Gooda (10) and Graeme Cooper then combined in a counter attacking 70 run stand, with the latter hitting 3 sixes in one over in his 62, but he then fell to a sharp catch. The hosts’ bowling and fielding was accurate and alert, and this plus the fading light put more pressure on the batsmen, with Martin Makepeace (13 not out) doing his best to keep scoring runs. Thus Ibiza did not suffer the batting collapses of recent matches and managed to finish on a respectable 160/6, even if well short of the target, and this match allowed SACC a good workout for the Spanish national finals to be held the following week.

8th Nov 15 vs Sporting Alfas 2nd XI

30 overs per side. Result SACC 129/3 beat Ibiza CC by 7 wickets

Ibiza batted first this time and rapidly lost their usually hard hitting opener Johnno Gordon, leaving his partner Sam Gooda (21) and Robin Parmenter (13) to fend off some accurate bowling from the hosts. However, they both fell soon after the drinks’ break and Ibiza were stumbling at 67/5, when Mike Amos(28) and Martin Makepeace (26) came together to increase the scoring with some important boundaries, including a couple of long sixes by the former. Ibiza finally finished on 128/7, which was lower than hoped for, but defendable in theory.

In fact, Alfas’ batsmen were kept in check until the drinks break at 41/1, with the required run rate climbing. But their stalwart opener Geoff Evans (39) and Asian newcomer Waca Ashraf (50 not out) then increased their scoring and, with a couple of chances being missed by the Ibiza fielders, the target came ever closer. Alfas youngster Jack Perman (17 not out) then came in and the two batsmen ran for everything, including several crucial overthrows being gifted by Ibiza in the final stages. It came down to 8 runs required for victory off the final over, with Waca hitting the winning run off the final ball, and Ibiza left to rue defeat in a friendly but competitive match of cricket. Overall, the Ibiza bowling was good, but the mistakes in the field ultimately were the difference between the sides and cost Ibiza the win.

Many thanks to Sporting Alfas, their Chairman Kevin Laundon and over 40s skipper Geoff Evans for hosting Ibiza for another good weekend of cricket, and we look forward to the return fixture in April 2016.

Regarding Ibiza, their end of tour dinner was held afterwards (and thanks to Cocoa Fowler for finding another great restaurant), and several awards were given out:

  • Bowler of the year: Mike Amos
  • Batsman of the year: Robin Parmenter
  • Captain’s player of the year: Mike Amos
  • Club member of the year : Lyn Carpenter (for 16 years of organising finances, teas and supporting the club!)
  • and not forgetting the Luigi Rossi award for the funniest touring member: Dave Bennett
  • or the 20th consecutive Benidorm tour for ex Chairman Martin Makepeace!

Finally, after the longest cricket season Ibiza have ever had (starting in March), 2 more matches have been confirmed on 21 & 22 November vs Madrid C.C., so lets get a full team together and support the Skipper!