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Cover Image

NGC 1333 is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation Perseus and located at a distance of about 766 light-years from Earth. It is the most active star-forming region in the Perseus molecular cloud. The term NGC 1333 is also used to denote the young stellar cluster that illuminates this region of gas and dust; the approximately 150 stars that compose it present low to intermediate masses and their median age is of about 1 million years. Most of these stars are obscured by the dark dusty cloud from which they formed, known as Barnard 205.

On 5th November NASA awarded this picture withAPOD (Astronomical Picture Of the Day), a recognition with which NASA distinguishes an astronomicalthose instances it receives from around the world (also competing are professional observatories such as those the stature of Hubble itself).

Star HIP 16243 is responsible for the intense brightness of the right portion of the field, also notable for the abundance of radio and infrared sources and presence of masers, material outflows and Herbig-Haro objects (small patches of nebulosity formed in the collision of gas ejected by young stars with their surrounding material). In fact, the complexity of the energetic sources and outflows in the field makes the study of their relations difficult.

To obtain this image, the AAE has captured 303 photographs during the 2011 to 2014 winters using the luminance, red, green and blue filters, adding up to a total exposition of almost 34 hours. These images were then stacked using specific software and processed to reveal the subtleties of its interrelations.

The image was obtained by the 20 inches aperture “Telescopi de Cala d’Hort” (TCH), in Ibiza island, Spain. Processing author is Alberto Prats Rodríguez, member of the Agrupació Astronòmica d’Eivissa/Ibiza.

Space; The Final Cox Year

Cox Talks Frankly of Reasons Behind Decision to Quit

Ibiza’s rumour mill went into overdrive following Carl Cox’s unexpected announcement that he would end his 15-year residency at Space.

Cox, who earned his reputation in the days of vinyl with his famous sets on the Space terrace playing 3 decks simultaneously, has spoken out frankly about his reasons for taking the decision to  quit.

Speaking to Inthemix,is quoted as saying “It’s not that I’m walking away from the club. Pepe’s (Rosello—, the owner of Space) contract is up at the club. He’s going to be 80 years old and will officially be out. It gets handed over to Ushuaïa Group across the road and its manager Jan will be given the keys to run Space. And once that happens, everything changes. So I have no desire to stay in that club for any reason.”

Cox then talks of theïa takeover stating that they wanted him to continue for financial reasons. Speaking with a directness that has been applauded and criticised by commentators, he said he feared that Space would become a “models & bottles” venue, and that working for no other motivation than money was “horrifying”.

“…My heart tells me I will not ever do that – because if Pepe’s not there, I am not there. We grew up together, we’ve been all the way through this together, and we’re going to finish together. And I’m quite happy about that, because it means we leave the legacy of a club that made a difference. We can walk away with that – the legendary status of what used to happen at Space when we were there – because no one else can emulate that, it’s not possible.”

Meanwhile Cox’s representatives Safehouse Management have issued a press release confirming the decision. Opening with the comment “The cat’s out the bag” they confirm that “ after a phenomenal 15 consecutive years at Space Ibiza, Carl Cox officially confirms that 2016 will be Carl’s final residency at the club.”

The release, published Wednesday, says that he intends to go out in style over the 15 weeks that will make it his longest season ever.  Running from June 14th to what they say is “sure to be an emotional final closing party on 20th September”.

Due to what they feel will be huge demand they are putting pre-registration in place to the 26th November. Safehouse promise that they are “working hard to make sure they have the best line ups on the island, with lots of surprises, and no doubt a few tears. Carl will take a nostalgic look back on his history at the club, bringing back selected DJs from all previous 14 seasons.”

Spirit of Ibiza Found Inside Pork Crackling

The  hunt for Ibiza’s long missing spirit can be called off according a sharp eyed Ibizan reader who claims to have found it living inside a shard of Pork Crackling served with his Sunday Roast. See Page 3


Remembrance Sunday marked across UK

The Queen was joined by royals including the Duke of York, Prince William and Prince Harry

The Queen has led tributes to the UK’s war dead at the annual Remembrance Sunday service in central London. Thousands gathered at the Cenotaph memorial in Whitehall for a two-minute silence to honour those killed in World Wars One and Two and later conflicts.

The monarch, Prime Minister David Cameron and the other main political party leaders all laid wreaths. Events have also taken place around the UK, including in Edinburgh, where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon laid a wreath. One poignant moment occurred in Blackpool where spectators applauded as Rick Clement walked in public for the first time since his injuries from an IED (improvised explosive device) during active service in the middle east.

This year’s service at the Cenotaph wasthan in previous years, in an effort to reduce the amount of time war veterans are made to stand. However, plans to make political leaders lay wreaths together in order to save time were dropped after some politicians argued they were being overlooked.

The Queen was joined by royals including the Duke of York, Prince William and Prince Harry at the wreath-laying ceremony. Mr Cameron was the first politician to step forward, followed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Previous prime ministers John Major, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair also paid their respects, along with religious ministers, military leaders and dignitaries from around the Commonwealth.

In Ibiza a special Remembrance Day Service was held in Santa Eulalia at the Chapel of Lourdes. Ex R.A.F. serviceman Jeff Richardson, played the bugle for the Last Post & Reveille.

Sant Antoni rejects club unification.

  • Unification plans scuppered by San An stand

In what amounts to an about turn on policy, Sant Antoni council seem to have reconsidered their decision to accept the new unification of nightclub opening hours throughout Ibiza. They are unhappy that in their borough the new rules will extend the opening hours by half an hour., they close at six, but with the time unification promoted by the Consell they could close at half past six, which is the proposed schedule for all municipalities.

Sant Antoni Town Planning head, Juan Ferrer, told the Diario de Ibiza that “For now, our ordinance will not change.will stay as they are.”

Ferrer continued to say “Until we consult entrepreneurs in the municipality and reach agreement on this matter, we will not make any changes.”

Asked about the change in policy Ferrer said “I understand what was agreed in the Council of Mayors” a committee that included the attendance of the mayor of Sant Antoni, José Tur, “But for me it is not a priority change the nightclub sector hours. Therefore, until I tell you otherwise it will stay that way.”

According to the regulations currently in force nightclubs located outside the urban area have half an hour more leeway to be completely cleared of customers and to have closed their doors, thereby effectively creating a closing time of six thirty.

The unification promoted by the Consell also provides for the closure of the café concierto licenced premises at five a.m.

In Ibiza Town, the change will not affect the clubs, who currently close at 6:30 am.the cafe-conciertos are currently able to open until 6.30a.m. which would result in a significant loss of trading hours.

In the municipality of Sant Josep the new rules would have no affect as the regulations already in place require clubs to close at 6.30 and cafe-conciertos at 5.

The Consell de Ibiza, along with the mayors, is also pushing for a tightening of sanctions currently applied for violating closing times. This follows events in October when Amnesia in Sant Antoni failed ostentatiously and repeatedly flouted the law in the face of what some said were punishments that equated to no more than a wrist slap compared to the additional revenue they will have earned from staying open.

Dates set for Relaxation of Trading Hours

The Inter-insular Advisory Commission of Commerce has met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Labour, Commerce and Industry, Iago Negueruela to approve the 2016 schedule for the relaxation of opening hours. The agreement needs to go before the Consell de Govern for final approval, though this is considered a rubber stamp formality.

In total, according to the current Balearic Trade Act, there are 16 public holidays when tading hours are relaxed, according to a statement issued by the Government.

For next year, the schedule will be as follows:- 3 and 10 January, 24 March, 3 April, 22 May, 5 June, 3 and 24 July, 7 and 15 August, 4 September, 12 October, 27 November, and 4, 8 and 18 December.

The Advisory Commission of Commerce is comprised of members of the Government, employers, unions, FELIB and Island Councils.


Cyclists Day

A total of 1,348 cyclists were counted taking part in Ibiza’s 26th cycle day. The popularity of the event prompted Ibiza Town Hall to open a wider route to accommodate the numbers of riders of all ages. Despite the high numbers the day finished with no reported accidents or injuries, said organisers.

The three circuits departed from the Bulevar Abel Matutes, which had become a hive of wheeled activity from early morning.

The main route was some 15 kilometres and undertaken by a total of 742 riders, though according to volunteers acting as stewards on the day many were approaching the event as a pleasure ride more than a serious competition.

Officers Were Smoking Flavoured Tobacco Claim Defence

The Central Military Tribunal has cancelled the punishment imposed by the ministry of the interior to five officers of the Guardia Civil. The five had been accused of smoking cannabis whilst on duty at Ibiza Airport. Their conviction was quashed after lawyers representing them claimed that they were smoking shisha style flavoured tobacco.

Bureau for Women Services Promoted

  • The Council of Ibiza begins a campaign to publicize the services of the Bureau for Women.
  • Ibiza Domestic Violence Court Receives State Inspection

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, Equality and Relations have issued a statement alongside promotional publicity aimed at informing public services staff and the general public of the  services available from the Consell’s Bureau for Women.

They used the communication to relay plans of a programme of care for women who are victims of domestic violence and their children. The aim is to provide social care alongside legal and psychological treatment. A further resource available through the Bureau is that of providing emergency accommodation.

The professional team is comprised of social workers, psychologists and legal counsel which it is left enables the department to respond to the full range of needs to enable the recovery and practical assistance required by the victims of abuse.

The information was sent to the social services departments and local police of the five municipalities, plus the Guardia Civil, Ibsalut, and the prosecutors of the magistrates court with specific responsibility for cases of violence against women.

“Our purpose is to let people know and report on the services we offer to people who need it most, in addition to serving as a working tool for professionals to whom we turn,” said the Minister of Health, Welfare Social Equality and Relations with Institutions and Associations, Lydia Jurado, who recalled that “the fight against gender violence is one of the priorities of the current government of the Council.”

In other relating news Ibiza’s No 1 domestic violence court received an unannounced state inspection this week. The Minister responsible went to considerable lengths to say the inspection was merely routine, however  there is considerable speculation in the press and among affected groups that the inspection is as a result of complaints following accusations of poor handling of cases recently.

The Bureau of Women is in the Social Services Centre located at:-

Llasat Cosme Vidal, s / n, Cas Serres, Eivissa.

Open Monday through Friday from 8am to 3pm

Tel 971.19.56.00971.19.56.07

24 hour national emergency service on 016

[email protected]

Lidl Beach Club

According to research undertaken because they had to spend the funding on something, there would be different levels of flooding around Ibiza  if the Global Temperature increased by different amounts, and of course nobody thought to build any defences, or the urbanisation shifted in the decades over which the gradual change would take place.

On the positive front  the research has created some nice interactive infographics, and we love a good infographic at the Ibiza. The projected results are based on predictions of 2 and 4 degree increases in temperature.

By our estimation the advancing seas would reach both the Lidl in Ibiza Town and San Antonio at about the same time, and we feel sure a Lidl beach club would have a great effect on the current high pricing, though of course you will never be quite sure what you are drinking.

Find out if your house will be submerged here.


Spirit of Ibiza Found?

Though the economic crisis of the last five years is waning as a subject of conversation, many people feel the Island is in the grip of an even greater calamity in having lost the unique soul, the engaging and accepting spirit that defined it as a very special place to live, work and play.

We can exclusively announce that according to a sharp eyed Ibizan reader that spirit is alive and well, and currently residing in a piece of Pork Crackling in Cala Llonga.

We talked to the simple sounding fellow  and he told us “It was lucky really, I normally have beef, don’t I Shirl, ‘av Beef? See, Shirl’ll tell ya. I normally av Beef, but for some reason, don’t ask me why”, we didn’t, but he prattled on regardless “but today I said I’ll av Pork,. Just like that. Were’n it Shirl, Just like that?” The man, of no fixed cerebrum,  revealed that Ibiza’s spirit was hiding in what appeared to be just a normal thick crackling slab, and was only  discovered when he started to eat. “Thing was, I nearly bit it right in half, dint I Shirl, bite the Spirit thingy in alf? Yeah, Shirl’ll tell ya.  Fancy that” he said, “biting the spirit of Ibiza right in half, but luckily my teeth went right exactly through the coastline of San Jowen. I reckon it must has been hiding in there. Just fed up with everything, like when that Stephen Fry fella went to Belgium, dint ’e Shirl, you member?. ‘Ere, d’tou reckon that’s how Formentera was made. Peraps it was hiding in a pie crust and someone bit right through it before they knew?”

We understand the crackling crackpot has sold his story to several British newspapers who are investigating reports that it was in fact crack-cocaine-ling, and is rumoured to be dating Katy Price.


Food & Drink

Mumak Sunday Brunch

  • Claire B

Sunday found me sampling the new Sunday Brunch at Tropical Mumak on the beach in Playa D’en Bossa. With new owners and a revamp this summer, Mumak now serves up what they call ‘tropical’ food – a combination of dishes from and inspired by the cuisines of India, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, Japan, Morocco and Peru. The Sunday Brunch combines dishes from their extensive menu, offering a round the world gastronomic experience from the comfort of your table in Ibiza.

We chose a table in the sun as close to the beach as we could get to maximise the glorious November weather. There wasn’t a menu to peruse, but our waitress Elena expertly took us through what was on offer and explained each of the 4 courses we would be having. It all sounded fantastic and once we’d grasped the concept that we didn’t have to choose what we wanted and that all of those lovely-sounding dishes would just appear, we ordered a glass of cava each (a drink is included) and relaxed in the sunshine and admired the sea view.

It wasn’t long before what Elena described as our ‘aperitivo’ arrived, the breakfasty dish that would ease us into our mega brunch. It was a delightful combination of yoghurt and crunchy muesli with strawberries, apple, pineapple, orange and honey. Very refreshing, perfect with a glass of cava and a gentle wake-up to the taste buds to whet our appetites for what was to come.

Next came our starter platter to share. A bowl of mango salad – green leaves, cherry tomatoes, beansprouts and slices of mango in a sweet but tangy dressing of honey, mustard and mango. Delicious. Also on the platter were Japanese-style chicken puffs and Mexican-style chilli con carne puffs, with dipping bowls of mango salsa and sweet chilli sauce. The puffs looked liked dumplings but were full of well-flavoured minced meat enclosed in light pastry – the chicken was delicately flavoured and the chilli was lovely and meaty and spicy – we loved them both. A side order of lightly toasted bread completed the course.

After a slight pause, for which we were grateful, the main course arrived, again a large platter to share and which demonstrated the spectrum of cuisines on offer in the restaurant. There was a chunky Wagyu beef patty garnished with thinly sliced, well fried onions, jerk chicken and Thai-style pork ribs in peanut sauce. Served with potato wedges and a delicious Peruvian salsa (a creamy salsa flavoured with garlic and coriander) and slices of red, green and yellow peppers and half a tomato it looked mouth-watering and tasted just as good. Everything was beautifully cooked and flavoured – the beef was wonderfully meaty, the peanut sauce on the ribs was laced with coconut and something different from the standard satay, and the jerk chicken was just as it should be, perfectly flavoured but not too spicy to overpower everything else. And I loved the Peruvian salsa – a perfect dip for the wedges.

After all that we asked if we could have a break before they brought us the desert, which Elena had told us was bread and butter pudding with white chocolate. In England this is usually a quite heavy and filling, albeit delicious pudding, and we needed to make room for it. After basking in the sunshine for a while and sipping a bit more cava, we decided it was time to tackle the final course. We were pleasantly surprised when small individual puddings arrived. Sitting on a plate drizzled with caramel, it had a very smooth texture, which was almost like Spanish flan at the bottom, building up to cubes of bread which were slightly crunchy on the top. It looked lovely and was a delicious twist on bread and butter pudding. We rounded off the meal with coffee as the sun disappeared behind the palm tree to the side of us.

It was a lovely long and leisurely brunch and perfect for an out of season sunny Sunday by the beach. Each course was excellent, beautifully presented, full of flavour and overall they reflected the range of dishes and cuisines on offer at the restaurant. Add to that the beachside location, the relaxing décor on the terrace and friendly and attentive service from staff who know all about the food they are serving and it’s a recipe for a great eating experience.

The only downside to the brunch menu was that you don’t choose what you have, but if you’re not a fussy eater, this is not a problem. I really enjoyed some of the dishes that I might not have chosen myself and I rather liked the concept that I didn’t have to choose what to order and a selection of dishes just arrived at the table. It was one less thing to think about. Plus there are plenty of other lovely options on the A la Carte menu if the brunch menu doesn’t appeal, including a range of deluxe sandwiches (including interestingly a Chicken Tikka Masala sandwich, something I have never seen on a menu before) and salads.

The Sunday Brunch is available for 2 people at 21 euros per head, from 12-6 each Sunday until December 20th and a drink is included, either cava, wine, beer or fruit juice. The restaurant will be closed for a month or so at the end of December and reopen next year.

Check the Facebook page for news and dishes on offer plus they offer a Menu Del Dia from Wednesday to Friday for 13.50€ which includes a drink!



“It’s All Gravy”

Review; Mariposa Pool Bar, Cala Llonga

  • Nick Gibbs

“There was a character on the TV’s Fast Show who’s sole contribution was to run through camera now and again declaring that everything was “Brilliant”.

At the time it seemed one of the lesser characters but once you have spent a few close seasons in Ibiza his character starts to make much more sense.

OK we had a stormy week, but it is only fair on the folks back in blighty. They need their twice a year opportunity to gleefully tell us that “the news said your weather is worse than ours”, and though the expectant look on their faces may say otherwise, the 354:2 ratio is hardly likely to have us break down in floods of tears admitting we’ve got it all wrong and yearn to return to lives where words like ‘drizzle’ and ‘dank’ can be used in everyday conversation, where gloomy is as much a colour as an outlook. I love that it is always Ibiza used as the comparison. As if saying “the BBC is pleased to announce that your life is not as miserable as you thought when weighed against the internationally recognised benchmark standard of people having a good time – those in Ibiza.”

I digress, as did the weather, but thankfully in both respects not for long. The weekend was simply glorious, and I am sure it left many of us with an urge to run around exclaiming everything to be brilliant. So hot in fact, that by 10am there were a group of teenage girls in their swimming cosies on the beach and in the water; I considered taking a photo to illustrate the point however for obvious reasons decided not to. We had no time for unfortunate misunderstandings as today our mission was eastward bound, spanning the island in the ridiculous way we seem to consider such “going a long way”. Luckily the San Rafael passport control was a breeze, and pretty well the only one to be found with temperatures reading 24c.

Empty roads, fantastic weather, and now for the 3rd piece in our brilliantly simple but always eagerly anticipated jigsaw — time.

Time to visit the places you couldn’t or wouldn’t in the height of the season. Today it is Mariposa, last visit Easter Fair, and high on its list of many virtues is that the limitation of our twice or thrice a year expedition across the interior’s Badlands seems to have no effect on a welcome as if you were a daily fixture at the bar.

You only have to look at the organisation involved in their staging the frankly awesome “Playing for Change” festival this year, or the Viva Cala Llonga programme where it is as if the entire area works as a single collective for the common good, kind of like the Borg with suntans, to know that Cala Llonga has a very special community spirit. Let me sum it up like this, the Mariposa is the kind of place you can say, and will find yourself saying, ’do you mind if we join you?’ and be guaranteed of a warm affirmation. As for being shown pictures of the Pueblo Esparogos’ wives naked as they go about their daily business as we were on this visit, that takes a little longer.

(To avoid blood pressures rising across the Island I’d best immediately clarify that as one of their many fundraising efforts , the ‘Sunshine Girls of Ibiza’ calendar inspired by the original ‘Calendar Girls’ raised I think around 3,000€)

Brilliant day, brilliant people, brilliant setting in the hills overlooking the bay of Cala Llonga, and now for, well it had to be a brilliant dinner didn’t it?

Sunday Lunch

  • Beef, Pork or Chicken 10.50€, Lamb 11.50€
  • Range of homemade puddings 4.50€ to 5.50€,

Each to their own, but I’m not a fan of Sunday Roasts in the baking heat of the Summer. I know lots love it but for me Roast Dinners come on the agenda at the same time as the Christmas ads on TV, September. This was my first eating out post summer and so really looking forward to it.

Everybody had plenty of meat, the portion control used being my favourite measure of ‘just a bit too much’. Way too much is wasteful and if deliciousness dictates may demand overeating. Too little means you are probably somewhere with ‘bistro’, ‘gastro’ or God forbid ’fusion’ in the name that will have me muttering complaint when presented with the bill. This was in the Goldilocks ‘just right zone’. The chicken came both light and dark, the pork with some special crackling. Mint, apple, horseradish, whatever my chosen meat in the Sunday sauce trinity, I want lots of it and do not enjoy having to ask waiting staff for three more thimbles of a restaurant’s efforts at epicurean economy, so the broad dishes with copious supplies of each were a welcome sight. Home made Yorkshire, we are ticking all the boxes, and then of course it comes, the gravy.  Sitting in such a brilliant setting in the brilliant sunshine, it would have been impossible not to pour that so very British brown embellishment without realising that it certainly is, “it is all gravy.”

Even the vegetables were gravy/brilliant depending which of the article’s metaphors you prefer to go with. I can’t think it is often I specifically seek out the name of a veg supplier. So tasty, so very tasty. We all know that one thing the BBC will never be telling relatives at home is that their food tastes better than ours. The British supermarket force grown, perfectly formed abominations on the memories of our allotment owning grandparents do not come close to even our most standard supermarket fruit and veg. But these were that bit more. Remarkable even by Ibizan standards. Funny how visitors remark at how our children are really good at eating their vegetables. Yes, that would be because they can taste them. Our son clicked on the extra specialness of these with no less than 3 return for Broccoli and Cauliflower, whilst dad used his rusty silver service for no one but himself in ensuring no carrot was left behind.

It is often said that without finding criticism you cannot consider yourself to have been objective in a review.  Well there was one actually so we may as well get it out of the way. Comedy forks. In what had all the hallmarks of one of my most frequent personal failings, being tempted by a ridiculously good price direct from China, the Mariposa seem to have got themselves some Yuri Geller props, though to be fair their failings only came up in the process of the child plate cut up, which is of course undertaken with some gusto to allow a return to the table’s temptations now flooding the senses with their savoury scent that demands taste follows in hot pursuit.

Anyway, you can probably tell by now that a floppy fork was not going to spoil what was a brilliant return to the Sunday Roast.

Our order for desert could wait. Time for some basking, and chatting, and sipping with a little gulping. Talk turned to the success of the raft race the day before (they hadn’t organised anything for a couple of weeks obviously), and plans for the chaps of Cala Llonga to follow their much more photogenic spouses in a forthcoming ‘Calendar Boys’ production. From what the ladies had already told us of the freezing conditions modesty demanded in their very early morning photo shoots, we fear the gents noble efforts run the very real risk of the village being renamed Cala Shorta when their version hits the shops.

As we were enjoying the afternoon you couldn’t help but notice the succession of puddings pass by to other less patient patrons. Apple Pie created with an outlook of ‘now that’s an apple pie’. Syrup Sponge Pudding smothered in creamy custard that had been created with an outlook of ‘now that’s a childhood memory’. There were others but I only had eyes for these little beauties and was wrangling over my inevitable infidelity as choosing either over the other seemed wrong at a spiritual level, when I discovered that demons were afoot. No pie! No pud!

In hindsight of course I was an idiot. You don’t keep watching these be served assuming there will be one left. Why would there be any left, look at them. And so your humble reviewer who has some modest claim to eat professionally, revealed himself as a rank amateur.

Cheese was suggested. I like cheese. But still salivating over my sweet cravings it felt, well, it wasn’t pie and it wasn’t pud. Was the day to end on a low?

But the there were angels. Sweet, well savoury, cheesy angels. What we got was not the afterthought of something served to the tortured souls of pie and pud deprivation.

The platter of Stilton, Brie and Red Leicester flown in by our winged guardians was enough to provide tasty nibbling for a long time to come. Whilst still on transit from first sight to being set on the table, my mouth started to form the words of any British man less crackers than those on his plate. But my vocal efforts were not required, as a glass of port arrived automatically as part of the course. Classy.

One thing missing. No butter. As if projected by angels on high, or Joe behind the bar who understandably didn’t want to miss any of his Crystal Palace holding their own at Anfield, the butter came from nowhere  and required the instinctive catch of a long retired slip. Then again why would should that come as a surprise, Mariposa, where the Butter Flies.


See advert for all contact details including information on Mariposa’s forthcoming Christmas fair on December 6th.

Our thanks for a great afternoon to hosts and the team at Mariposa, Joe, Di, Brian, Michele, Jeremy  and adding some native authenticity,  Molly, 13 knocking on 21.

We left with morning school in mind, probably half way through the second half with Palace having scored first and Liverpool bringing it back to a draw at the break. Kinda wished I could have stayed when I heard the final score. Liverpool 1, Crystal Palace 2. On Joe’s behalf, one last time, brilliant.



El Caganer, “The Crapper”, Explained

Have you ever studied a Local Nativity scene? The Belén, as it is called in Catalan,  will have the usual range of animals, shepherds and wise men sharing the stage with the main protagonists, but there is one cheeky chappie you wouldn’t expect to find. El Caganer is ain the act ofis a mainstay of any self-respecting nativity throughout Catalonia and the neighbouring regions.

The name “El Caganer” literally means “the crapper” or “the shitter”. Traditionally, thedepicted as a peasant, wearing the traditional Catalan red cap (the “barretina”) and with his trousers down, showing a bare backside, and defecating.

In recent times El Caganer has taken on the role of social commentator, with each year bringing a new range of public figures from the world of politics, sport and entertainment doing just what the little fellow does best.

Though his use may be limited to Catalonia and its surrounding parts, (plus Naples for some reason), the inspiration for the model knows no such bounds. Brits a plenty include David Cameron the PM and representatives from all sides of the house. Such even handed satire gives us another reason to think our hosts have got it right in one more aspect of life. You have to vote for them, but be sure to have a laugh at their expense on an annual basis.

The exact origin of the Caganer is unknown, but the tradition has existed since at least the 18th century.to the societydel Caganer(Friends of the Caganer), it is believed to have entered the nativity scene by the late 17th or early 18th century, during the Baroque period.depositfound near Tornabous in thea holy Iberian warrior defecating on hisfalcata. This led to a brief altercation between thed’Estudis Catalansthe Departament d’Arqueologia in the Conselleria de Cultura of theGeneralitat de Catalunyato whether the find can be regarded as a proto-caganer (which would place the origin of this tradition far earlier than previously thought) or just a representation of a pre-combat ritual. However old he is, we like him.

Praise for Toy Firm’s Christmas Message

Toy Planet has published a Christmas catalogue that deliberately tries to avoid the stereotyping of boys and girls in gender-specific roles. It is their second year of publishing the gender neutral publicity in which the Spanish toy chain shows boys playing with dolls and pushing prams with girls riding motorcycles and building models.

The initiative began three years ago with pictures posted on their social media, said Toy Planet general director Ignacio Gaspar. The response they received was so positive that executives decided to take the concept through to the Toy Planet Christmas catalogue. “We were hoping that others would join our initiative, but so far we’re not seeing that,” he explained.

But the gender-neutral photographs only involve the chain’s own toys. According to Toy Planet  other makers have so far been slow to come forward in wanting to change their own campaigns.

“They’ve congratulated us a lot, but the support has been more about attitude than about behaviour,” says Gaspar.

Some change is visible. Play kitchens, for example, are now a unisex product for many makers. This is thought to be a direct result of fathers cooking more at home and male TV chefs breaking down that particular stereotype. Some studies also show that girls are increasingly interested in superheroes, which until recently had been considered an all-male territory. And thanks to advocacy work by groups such as Let Toys Be Toys, a growing list of British toy stores and retailers are dropping the “girls” and “boys” signage on their toy aisles.

In fact, The New York Times points out that “toys are more strictly gendered today than they were 50 years ago, when adult gender roles were much more separate, according to research by Elizabeth Sweet, a sociologist at the University of California, Davis.” According to that study, a 1975 Sears catalogue showed that only two percent of toys were labelled as being specifically for boys or for girls, while in 2012, all the products at the Disney store were gender-specific.

Christmas Time, Sticky Kids & Twine

  • Bondi Kids Craft Sessions

We arrived early and were pleased to see that crafts were already being prepared. Blue was rather excited and being the first child there he sat at the large table inside and awaited instructions. He was given a choice of crafts to make – some Christmas related – pine cone Reindeers and others not quite so – a Minions pot (carefully crafted from a toilet roll). Of course Blue chose the Minions pot and was given instruction on how to complete it. The kids are given the pieces to cut out, pens to draw and any more help they need whilst helpers are there to use the glue gun) an absolute must in the tricky art of sticking kids craftwork together.

Within the hour, the club runs from 3.30-4.30pm, I was the proud owner of 2 Minions pots and a pine cone pig, ok Blue´s may not have been Christmassy this week but a great idea for little gifts for the family. It took me back to my childhood Blue Peter days, just without the need to save toilet rolls and wait for ´that washing up bottle´ as materials are covered by the 5€ cost per week. A great hour spent and we´re looking forward to next weeks creations.

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Ibiza Observatory

  • All Photographs on this page and the cover image are with the kind permission of the Astronomical Group of Ibiza (AAE)


The Astronomical Association of Ibiza was founded in 1956, following a first meeting in December of that year to form a rare group of enthusiasts that existed on the island. In actual fact, the Observatory in Puig des Molins opened in August of 1956, several months before the Association responsible for its management was born.

The idea of ‌‌building an observatory at the Puig des Molins, which at that time was a good location because the city was very small and there was little light pollution in the area arose from the popularity and social echo reached 1956 Mars opposition, particularly favorable, and that had a great impact in the media since well before it happened.

By the year 1949, Mauri Jaime Corbella, surveyor of the City of Ibiza, learned that a certain person of the island, Joan Verdera Arabi, had a theodolite that wanted to sell.of his profession, Jaime Mauri became interested in the instrument and this led to several visits to Arabi´s home until it agreed to sell it.one of these visits, however, Arabi also showed him a telescope that he wanted to sell.it, Mauri realized it was an excellent refractor, but that the price was too high.

Some six years later a colleague asked if he knew about the telescope and then came the task of negotiating the purchase for a high school in Palma.Mauri checked the price of the telescope, which turned out much cheaper than he had thought, he decided to talk with the Mayor Antonio Guasch, and it was the City Council who acquired and installed the telescope so it wouldn´t leave the island.Mayor was very interested in this project and at a cost of 25,000 pesetas, was a price not too high even for that time.

This telescope was installed in the Observatory in Puig des Molins and would be in use until the arrival of the XXI century.


By the year 2009 the Group had experienced significant developments.A new generation of amateur astronomers, led by the prestigious Astrophotographer Ignacio de la Cueva, had joined the company, which still held José Luis Bofill as president.organization was revived notably following the planned construction of a new astronomical observatory in Cala d’Hort, in a farm house owned by the Consell.modern and sophisticated telescope was installed there 500 mm.diameter, on a computerized mount and movable via the internet.equipment was acquired by the Consell Environment Minister Albert Rodriguez Prats and was inaugurated in May 2011, 55 years after the first observatory on the island was created.

At the direction of Ignacio de la Cueva a dozen fans trained in the world of astrometry and astrophotography, and the Association announced in November 2011, the same year that the telescope Cala d’Hort (TCH) was opened, the discovery of its first three asteroids.

By the end of 2011, The Astronomical Association of Ibiza had twenty Astronomers and made important contributions to the field of amateur astronomy.



We have a astrograph Astro Systeme Austria 20N model with the following characteristics:

Opening: 510 mm

Focal length: 1900 mm

Focal ratio: f 3.8

Secondary: 140 mm

Focuser: 3 “

Field Corrector: Wynne design 3 “

Weight: 49 Kg.

The tube is made of carbon fibre, obtaining a low coefficient of thermal expansion and therefore a very stable focus.

The interior is lined with black velvet to avoid stray light.

The low focal ratio makes this telescope a real skylight, allowing us to operate with low exposure times.also have to take into account the range of corrective disponiblespara on this model, allowing us to transform native in 3.8 f f f 2.75 and 6.8 with the Barlow steamroller;we can work in a focal fork of 6.8 – 3.8 to 2.75, which offers good flexibility in terms of the work that we want to undertake.

The focuser installed as standard, is very robust and precise, allowing optical trains operate up to 8 kg, more than enough to mount correctors, filters and camera.

The concerns of the members of the Association are basically divided between astrophotography, Astrometry and studies of small bodies, so the equipment conforms to the practice of these disciplines.

The observatory also has an electronically operated sunroof.

  • FRAME:

Model ASADDM85 Direct Drive technology


Weight without ballast: 38 Kg.

Carrying capacity: 65 Kg.

Drive: High torque motors in RA and DEC direct drive.

Tracking accuracy: <0.25 “RMS in 5 minutes

Encoder resolution: 0.02 “on the shaft

Maximum speed: 15 ° / s

Fip automatic meridian.

Repositioning after power outage.

The main feature of this model is the Direct Drive technology, which is a design that dispenses with the gears that drive the classic German equatorial mounts.gear systems (crowns, bisinfines, etc.) are the main limiting factor in conventional precision equatorial mounts to introduce periodic errors.eliminating the ASA mount; having very precise motors and encoders available to us, we can track technology identical to professional observatories.

The tracking precision which we have seen during the test sessions has been very successful, having obtained details de0,2 “arc without guided exhibition of 15 minutes, far below the standard of the place!

Given these excellent results we have seen during test sessions, we seriously propose the elimination of self-guided and instead rely solely on the ability of the guiding frame, which saves time by not searching and the calibration needed to guide stars.we have seen with the current configuration, we also get very accurate tracking.

Through the joint participation of encoders and direct drive motors, we have seen an almost instant compensation in response to the interference caused by gusts of winds and other vibrations.


Model SBIG – STL – 11000XM


Matrix of pixels: 4008 X 2672 pixels

Total number of pixels: 11 million

Pixel size: 9 X 9 microns

ABG standard Antiblooming

Cooling: up to – 40 C ° below room

Weight: 1.8kg

Also having the appropriate filter sets, LRGB, H – alpha, SII, OIII.

Few can comment on the familiar dual sensor cameras SBIG, which we believe are inbest cameras in the amateur sector.


The observatory is fully automated and suitable for remote operation, with two PCs for system operation and image storage, a remote communication radio link 1 Mb symmetrical band for traffic orders and captured information, and completing the set an All Skyy one meteorological station which can detect clouds, temperature, dew point and wind speed.

More Information

Find out more at the group’s facebook page or directly on their website which includes various resources and a booking form to visit the observatory, although on our visit this week the demand was so high that no further bookings were being taken at the moment.

All links are live in the online eissue



Main Website


Observatory Information Direct Link


Cover Image

NGC 1333 is a reflection nebula visible in the constellation Perseus and located at a distance of about 766 light-years from Earth. It is the most active star-forming region in the Perseus molecular cloud. The term NGC 1333 is also used to denote the young stellar cluster that illuminates this region of gas and dust; the approximately 150 stars that compose it present low to intermediate masses and their median age is of about 1 million years. Most of these stars are obscured by the dark dusty cloud from which they formed, known as Barnard 205.

On 5th November NASA awarded this picture withAPOD (Astronomical Picture Of the Day), a recognition with which NASA distinguishes an astronomicalthose instances it receives from around the world (also competing are professional observatories such as those the stature of Hubble itself).

Star HIP 16243 is responsible for the intense brightness of the right portion of the field, also notable for the abundance of radio and infrared sources and presence of masers, material outflows and Herbig-Haro objects (small patches of nebulosity formed in the collision of gas ejected by young stars with their surrounding material). In fact, the complexity of the energetic sources and outflows in the field makes the study of their relations difficult.

To obtain this image, the AAE has captured 303 photographs during the 2011 to 2014 winters using the luminance, red, green and blue filters, adding up to a total exposition of almost 34 hours. These images were then stacked using specific software and processed to reveal the subtleties of its interrelations.

The image was obtained by the 20 inches aperture “Telescopi de Cala d’Hort” (TCH), in Ibiza island, Spain. Processing author is Alberto Prats Rodríguez, member of the Agrupació Astronòmica d’Eivissa/Ibiza.


La Sagrada Familia

A Winter Weekend Break In Barcelona

Barcelona is a popular pre-Christmas break for Ibiza residents looking for a reprieve from islandittis and at the same time take advantage of its shopping and cultural attractions.

With such a big city to choose from we based our weekend around the Sagrada Familia which is in the city’s Eixample area. All of the accommodation chosen is in a few minutes of the Basilica.

Our examples are for the weekend Friday 4th to Monday 7th  December, and of course you may find better or much higher prices depending when you want to travel.

The Barcelona tourist association has details of the city’s shopping and many other attractions.



We went for comfortable flight times around hotel check in/out. Cheaper options were available at stupid o-clock in the morning.

We opted for no check in luggage outbound, but with the benefit of some lightweight holdalls, one check in bag coming back, so allowing for 23kg of shopping at a cost of 12€

  • Out: Ryanair: 10kg carry on. Friday 04/12/2015 departing 08:25 Ibiza and arriving 09:30 at Barcelona El Prat
  • Rtn: Vueling. 10kg carry on and 23kg checked. Monday 07/12/2015 at 14:10 from Barcelona El Prat arriving 15:00 in Ibiza.
  • Full price (not taking your resident discount into account) 78€ return per person.


Getting Around

Barcelona has an excellent public transport system including circular route ‘hop on hop off’ bus routes around most of the major sights.

  • 3 Day All Areas Public Transport Pass, 18.45€ per person, under 4’s travel free.



As with any big city the range of accommodation is quite literally from just a few euros, we came across decent looking hostals from 5€ per night, all the way to more than many of us earn in a month. We went for 3 price bands and an apartment.

  • Ayre Hotel Rosellón,-star hotel,€ for double room (68€ per night), Rosselló, 390, Eixample.

Situated just 200 yards from the famous Sagrada Familia, this design hotel offers a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Gaudís famous basilica.

  • Abril, Bed and breakfast,75€ per double room inc breakfast, (25€ per night), Valencia, 404 (piso 6, 2), Eixample.

Located just 200 yards from the Sagrada Familia, Abril Bed and Breakfast offers free WiFi, a shared kitchen and shared lounge with a TV. Modern rooms have parquet floors and guests have access to shared bathrooms.

  • B&C BCN,star hotel, 139€ for a Superior Double room, (47€ per night) Corsega, 546, Entresuelo 2, Eixample

A 2-minute walk from Sagrada Familia basilica, B&C BCN offers free Wi-Fi, free coffee and hot drinks, and is 350 yards from Sagrada Familia Metro Station.

  • Two-Bedroom Apartment (up to 5 Adults) 147€ (49€ per night).

There are many apartments available on the site, this is representative of those in the immediate area of Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia

  • Open daily. Hours November to February are 9 am to 6 pm.

Admittance is either 15€ or for a few euros more 19.50€ will get you a guided tour, or self guided audio tour, in English, Spanish Catalan and several other languages.



  • Port Vell – La Rambla – El Raval – La Ribera – Plaça de Catalunya – Barri Gòtic – Montjuïc.

This is Barcelona’s historic core, with La Rambla, the city’s busiest, most colourful boulevard (not to everybody’s taste and hugely overpriced in our opinion), the Raval and Ribera districts and the Gothic Quarter, where traditional and modern shops coexist with culture.

Barnacentre, El Triangle, El Corte Inglés and Maremagnum have made the area a major retail hub.

Nearby is Montjuïc, a hill steeped in history with its major crafts centre, the Poble Espanyol, or Spanish Village.

  • Eixample – Modernisme – Gaudí

Modernista Barcelona is one of the city’s landmark areas where you’ll find some of its most unusual shops.

The Bulevard Rosa is the area’s most representative shopping mall, showcasing the retail offering of the Made in Barcelona brand.


La Sagrada Familia

The annual inspection of the Sagrada Familia – the Antoni Gaudí-designed church in Barcelona that’s still unfinished, more than a century after construction work began – is an eagerly anticipated event, providing a report on how much progress has been made toward completion of the project, and what can be expected next year.

Last week’s meeting was held some 70 meters above ground in the Crucero chamber, located where the two naves of the basilica meet, and which will be the base of the Torre de Jesús, a spire that will rise above the current four. The chamber is reached by crossing the central nave and then taking a futuristic lift next to the apse, the semicircular recess at the church’s eastern end, and then ascending a huge spiral staircase offering views across Barcelona.

Architect Jordi Faulí explained that everything is now ready to erect the six towers that are supposed to crown the building.

The new space is surrounded by columns located in the interior of an inverted cone that looks more like a spaceship than the inside of a church. Architect Jordi Faulí explains that everything is now ready to erect the six towers that are supposed to crown the building, although they won’t be finished until at least 2017. “A series of stone structures are being created that are six meters in circumference and five meters high, with steel braces inside them that keep them tense and help with wind resistance. When they are finished, they will be transferred to the church and will be installed like Mecano,” explains Faulí.

They will be the basis for six huge spires: four dedicated to each of the Evangelists, rising to 135 meters high, one to the Virgin Mary, at 140 meters, and the last, dedicated to Jesus, which will be 170 meters tall, making the church the tallest structure in the city.

These new pinnacles will add to the 12 towers, each 100 meters high, on the façades of the Birth and the Passion, each representing one of the 12 Apostles. The weight of the six towers will be around 23,000 tons.

By 2020, says Faulí, the main structure of the new spires will be ready, with their pinnacles to be finished “within another two or three years.”

The inspectors say that 70 percent of the church is now completed, and that the whole building should be finished by 2026, in time to celebrate the centenary of Gaudí’s death.

For the moment, all that can be seen of the new spires is a huge network of scaffolding, within which the Evangelists’ towers rise to 76 meters. The scaffolding is due to be removed shortly, allowing views of this next phase of the work.

Gaudí designed the roof of the sacristy, which has served as a model which was then recreated by computer for the rest of the towers”

Faulí added that the church’s eastern sacristy, located at the corner of Provença and Sardenya streets, should be completed by year’s end: “Gaudí designed the roof of the sacristy, which has served as a model which was then recreated by computer for the rest of the towers,” he says. All that remains is for bronze and enamel decorations to be put in place in the ceiling. Two pieces of furniture designed by Gaudi will be placed inside the sacristy.

Work has also proceeded apace over the last year on the upper portico of the Façade of the Passion. The eight columns on the left can already be seen, and those on the right are taking shape. “The two central ones are missing; the biggest two of them all. Then we have to place the crown that will sit atop the portal and the two angels,” says Faulí.

Inside, the choirs alongside the main nave are almost finished now that forged metal guardrails have been put in place, and the steps clad in stone, while the upper stained glass in the apse, which is yet to be installed, will help fill the interior of the church with colored light by the end of the year.

Faulí says the cost of the work is around €25 million a year, almost all of which is covered by ticket sales from some 3.2 million visitors annually. The church was opened free of charge this weekend, allowing some 30,000 visitors to see progress on the work.

The Numbers

  • Work on Barcelona’s breathtaking La Sagrada Familia Basilica, designed by visionary architect Antoni Gaudi, has entered its final phase of raising six immense towers that will make it Europe’s tallest religious building, surpassing Germany’s Ulm Minster.
  • Chief architect Jordi Fauli said the central “Tower of Jesus Christ,” the tallest of the six, will make the architectural marvel that draws millions of visitors each year one for the record books when it is finished in a little over a decade.
  • The Sagrada Familia, an emblematic fixture of the Barcelona skyline and a major tourist site, had its first stone laid in 1882. It is 70-percent complete and currently tops out at 112 meters (367 feet).
  • Fauli said the plan to have the towers and most of the church’s structure completed in 2026 for the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death is still on schedule. He said there will still be some elements left to finish, such as decorations.
  • The “Tower of Jesus Christ” will be crowned by a cross and tightly surrounded by five other towers, one dedicated to Mary and four slightly shorter ones for the four evangelists.
  • Fauli took over as the chief architect in 2012. He inherited the charge of carrying on the task of making Gaudi’s drawings, some of which were only rough sketches, into the massive monument that is now reaching its conclusion.
  • The monument received more than 3.2 million visits in 2014, making it one of the biggest tourist sites in Spain.

The Man

  • Gaudi won the patronage of some of Barcelona’s wealthiest industrialist and upper-crust families, who commissioned him to build gorgeous homes and other daring buildings and parks that have helped make Barcelona a leading tourist destination.
  • A fervent Catholic, Gaudi largely dedicated his life to the project, incorporating both Christian symbolism and organic forms into a unique aesthetic. Gaudi, who died in 1926 after being struck by a trolley, never expected the cathedral to be completed in his lifetime. Only one facade was finished when he died.




Thursday 12th Nov to Wednesday 18th Nov 2015

ARIES – Knight of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to take on those who seek to question your motives.  You may feel at times that you’re lying on a bed of nails; others around you can be so prickly.   If the patient approach doesn’t work, get creative and think outside the box to reach the right solution.

TAURUS – Knight of Wands

It’s a great week to consolidate any pending travel plans.  Business could also be linked to your trip so firm up those appointments and prepare well.  This Knight can also indicate a home move for some, one linked with renewed optimism for the future or a sense of adventure.  Someone has a good business idea for you.

GEMINI – Four of Swords

Legal matters and the art of negotiation are the main focus of your week. Your intuition is telling you to be wary of others intentions and whatever’s on offer, there’s no need to make a quick decision.  Take your time; a strategy should be well thought out if you’re to out manoeuvre those trying to get the better of you.

CANCER – Ace of Pentacles

Cancerians love their creature comforts, which is why they’re willing to work hard to get what they want.   This is the best money card in the TAROT deck so is great for benefiting materially.  The higher energy of this Ace brings gifts of wisdom if we acknowledge our intuitive side.  Be open to new ideas and expand your spiritual side.

LEO – Knight of Cups

This is a great week to present yourself as an honest, understanding or caring individual that puts others before yourself. Others will respond in kind and will be more than willing to meet you half way.  No need to apologies as such, only acknowledge that situations could have been handled better, but that now you are older and wiser.

VIRGO – Ten of Cups

Extra happiness this week; you come closer to realising a personal ambition.  Romantically, you attract someone a bit special so don’t be tempted to stay at home; get out and about as you never know who you might meet!  Well, someone who’s uncomplicated for a change, you don’t even need to rescue them; they’re fine just the way they are.

LIBRA – Transformation

This card brings changes for the better; ones that you are now ready to make.  Life cannot go on the way it has previously; your clear out will be very through indeed.  We are not just talking about household items, clothes or shoes; you’re pruning away people or situations that no longer serve this new journey you’re travelling on.

SCORPIO – Seven of Swords

You’ve a big heart and are kinder to others than you are to yourself at times.  Some might try to take advantage of that this week.  Sleep with one eye open and watch that others don’t attempt to take what’s rightfully yours.  If you are involved in a legal matter; it might be best to settle out of court.

SAGITTARIUS – Ace of Swords

Expect to triumph in at least one area of your life.  You’re able to outfox a fox; garner applause; seal the deal; get the girl/guy, etc,etc!  You’re original and inventive this week.  Those of you involved in the arts or media relations are inspired and ultra creative.  This brings extra recognition of your talents and the appropriate financial rewards.

CAPRICORN – Three of Disks (reversed)

Your fortunes seem to be all at sea at the moment; one minute you’re on the crest of a wave, the next down in the depths.  It must be incredibly frustrating at times.  The best way to view obstacles this week is to not see them as such.  Maybe theres good reason behind the lack of progress.  Try to be patient.

AQUARIUS – Seven of Cups

Indulge yourself with a few luxuries.  Decorate your home, get a make over…shop ’til you drop.  Your sensible head wonders where you’re going to find the spends to do so.  However, the secret to abundance is not hoarding it, but circulate it in your life; make it work for you and others. After all – Money’s round to go around!

PISCES – The Hanged Man

You’re determined to breakthrough old and outmoded patterns of behaviour and are willing to literally turn your life upside down to gain a new perspective on old habits.  If your attitude has been a bit fixed lately, you realize that by being more flexible you make life better all round.  Sacrifice is a noble thing, just don’t be a doormat.

Winter Bring & Buy Sales

  • Cala De Bou

Winter wouldn’t be winter without some good old bar based bring and buy sales, or to describe them more accurately, a good excuse to go and sit in the pub all day.

Friday 13th from 11am to 5pm head down to Stevie D’s for their first of the year (thereafter 2nd Friday of every month). The 3 euros it will cost you for a table is donated straight to charity so you’ll feel good about clearing the clutter and helping a worthy cause. To book a table call or text Steve on 656 541 065

Starting on 22nd November Denise Hancocks starts her market at bar Bahia further round in the Bay on Carrer Es Caló. Densie is looking to make it a weekly event through the winter and the funds from her tables will all go to Help the Aged. Call Denise on 659 759 500

Pub Quiz; Stevie D’s & Father Jacks

  • Cala De Bou

Mondays are fundays in Cala de Bou as Stevie D’s stage a double header quiz and play your cards wrong. No, that’s right, we didn’t get it wrong, it is wrong, which is right.

  • Figueretes

The weekly winter pub quiz returns to Father Jacks Irish Bar in Figueretas on Friday November 13th. Starting at 9pm. There is no charge for taking part and there are prizes. There’ll be questions for everyone, on topics ranging from general knowledge, music, food, geography, sport, TV programmes and much, much more. An excellent way of exercising the brain cells in a fun way with friends in a warm, cosy pub over a drink or two. Everyone is welcome.

Mi nombre es Bond, James Bond

  • San Antonio

We have been spoilt for choice during summer with numerous pop-up cinemas and that shows no signs of abating during winter, all be it in the cosier though probably stickier, surroundings of the local flicks.

Cine Regio in San Antonio is screening the new 007 blockbuster Spectre in English (with Spanish subtitles – it’s like learning with leisure) on Friday 13th. When the manager called our office today we advised him to go large on the Popcorn order as it seems half of San An are going. Unsurprisingly he seemed confused.  Showing at 7pm & 9.45pm. 6.50€.

And for the record we did check and it seems he does retain the name James Bond – still, we got to learn something  about the name Santiago and its derivative Diego.

  • Santa Eulalia

Meanwhile over on the East coast at Teatroespania Sta Eulalia Fri 13th. Sat 14th & Sun 15th Nov. 20:45hrs; “Irrational Man” (2015 95 mins Mystery Drama Cert 12A) A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act. Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey.

Marta Torres Gallery

  • Claire B
  • Ibiza Town

There’s an interesting exhibition in Ibiza Town at the Marta Torres gallery during November, entitled ‘Classic painters from Ibiza, some known… some forgotten’ (Pintores clásicos de Ibiza, unos conocidos… otros olvidados). The idea of gallery owner and painter Marta Torres was to bring together many of the artists who lived and worked on the island in the 1950s and 60s or thereabouts, when Ibiza experienced a cultural boom with many artists, photographers, filmmakers and writers on the island. The work of more than 20 artists is featured, including Miró, Manuel Viola, Elmyr de Hory, Portmany, Fernando Madurga, Charles Orloff, Boberman, Chico Prats, Tarrés, Sansegundo, Tur de Montis, Vayreda Canadell, Coll Bardolet, Jussara, Gaspar Romero, Adrián Rosa, Tur Costa, Ulbricht and the Grupo Puget Ferrer Guasch, Pomar y Calbet. The exhibition represents much of the history of painting in Ibiza in the middle of the 20th Century. As well as 3 pieces from Joan Miró, there are paintings of recognisable places in Ibiza and Ibiza Town in particular. There is also work from Charles Orloff who emigrated from Russia to New York in the 30s and had contacts with the mafia and had to escape being involved in shady business, going first to Paris and then settling in Santa Eulalia, where he devoted himself entirely to painting. Many of the paintings on display are from private collections. The exhibition is on until November 30. The gallery is at C / Conde de Roselló 1, just along from the Teatro Pereyra. More info at:


Cleopatra’s Key; London Play Comes to Ibiza.

Conceived, Produced, Promoted, Casted, Directed and probably Cleaned Up Afterwards by the ever enthusiastic Emanuela Cooper. Over to her …

After a hot and wonderful summer, the time has come for me to pull up my sleeves again for the theatre in Ibiza.

I went to London in early July to see the musical comedy ‘Cleopatra’s key’ at the Bridewell theatre, in the heart of London. I was laughing from the very first minute of the play, feeling touched and amused all the way through and deeply moved at the end. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to bring this new work to Ibiza, despite all the time and effort it takes to organise it!

‘Cleopatra’s key’ is historically-based and the story is more or less as follows: Cleopatra has been taken prisoner by the Romans and, rather than being humiliated and publicly paraded in Rome, she commits suicide. Her two slaves/servants are supposed to do the same so they can serve her in the afterlife. There is just one problem… They are not so keen!

In the ensuing sixty comical but profound minutes we witness how complicated it is to take full responsibility for our choices, lives and future, but how exciting it can be when we do.


The first performance will be

  • Teatro España, Santa Eulària , Friday 20th Nov, 30pm

and the second and last is at

  • Centro Cultural, Jesús, Saturday 21st Nov 8.30 pm.


On sale now from

  • Santa Eulària; Stalls €12, Circle €10.

from the shop called Holidays, across the road from Teatro España.

  • Jesus, all tickets €10

The tickets for the Saturday show at the Centro Cultural in Jesús are on sale at the Holy-Sport shop in Av. Ignacio Wallis 5, Ibiza town.

Tickets will also be available at the door on the night for the same price.

By bringing to Ibiza a quality play in English with original script, music and performance by some of the most talented young English artists, we wish to contribute to this island’s richness of culture, diversity and beauty.

As in previous years, we will also pay a visit to the Santa Eulària Children’s home with a much-loved clown to give them a great party. This year’s theme is “The Magic of Christmas”. At the end of each performance we will raise money for the same home. In 2013 we raised over €400 which was used to buy a course in English for the children. Last year we almost doubled that by delivering €800, which was used for dance classes for the same children. I had the pleasure to go and see them perform with more than a hundred other children; growing, creating and developing harmoniously all together.

I look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful new musical from London!

[email protected]




View from the Pew

  • Rev Dr Peter Pimentel

Sitting (or standing) in silence is not perhaps something that comes easy. Our society has programmed us to fill up any slices of silence with activity and noise.

An ancient Israelite poet orders himself to keep silence: “My soul, wait silently for God alone”. (Psalm 62:5)

The poet tells his deeper self (his soul) to wait in silence for God.  Waiting in silence for God alone – that is to say for no reason other than to make a connection with God.  This is very important in Judaeo-Christian spirituality.

There is a good example of this elsewhere in the Bible.  An ancient Israelite prophet called Elijah, during a time of national crisis and in fright for his own life, sets off to a mountain to meet with God.  He heads off to Mount Sinai in the Sinai Desert.  It is the ancient Near Eastern equivalent of Es Vedra.

On the mountain top Elijah made contact with God.  A 6th Century BC history of Israel known as 1 Kings (and much later on was included in the Bible) tells the story:

“A great and strong wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” (1 Kings 19:11-12)

A Hebrew scholar has convinced me that the phrase at the end of the quotation above (“a still small voice”) translates three Hebrew words that would be better rendered, “voice”, thin”,  and “silence”.  The phrase would then be something like this: “and after the fire a voice of a thin slice of silence”

Those thin slices of silence in the day or night are precious moments.  We can use those moments to make a connection with God.

  • Services: Sunday 15th worship with holy communion 10.30am at the RC church, Sant Rafel, Placa de Iglesia de Sant Rafel
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera: Tel 97134 33 83.


It’s Good to Talk By Kate Stillman

Dear “Its Good To Talk”

I want to stop smoking, it seems simple but I’ve tried so many times before and it hasn’t worked, the longest I have lasted is 2 years and then I split with a partner and started straight away. Do you have any recommendations on how I can stop?

Thank you, KL

Dear KL

Thank you for your mail and yes it may seem simple but thousands and thousands of people try every year to stop smoking, many succeed but some also find it incredibly hard. My feeling is that the most important thing you wrote in your e mail was the phrase “I want to stop smoking” this is important because I believe you can only achieve your goal if its something that you want, you can’t do it for anyone else except yourself. So the good news is that you are starting from and really positive approach.

There are many alternative / complimentary therapies and products that can support the process but unless you have a firm belief that you will stop then all the support in the world wont make it happen, that has to come from you, im sure you know there are no magic answers!

It is not often that I give straight forward advise but in this case I will let you know things that have helped my clients in the past. Firstly you need to really understand your smoking patters so I would suggest that you continue to smoke as normal keeping a diary of when you smoke ie times of the day, situations both physical and emotional. Form this you will begin to see a pattern and typically you will realize that for the average 20 a day smoker there are probably a crucial 4 or 5 cigarettes that they really “can’t do with out” and these are the ones that in week 2 you need to focus on. Still continuing to smoke in your normal way try to isolate those crucial 4 and really focus on them and what you are doing during those times. For example it might be that you always wake up put the kettle on make a coffee sit at the kitchen table, light a cigarette and then start to drink the coffee. It might be that you always wake up have a cigarette and then shower and get ready for the day. Whatever you do does not matter, what is important is to understand your routine and what your associations are with smoking, once you understand this then you are in a more informed position to change those habits and routines thus breaking the association. ie swap the coffee for orange juice, have a shower before you do anything else, put a doodle pad near your phone to keep your hands busy etc etc. It is not until you break these patterns that you will begin to find it easier.

In week 3 you can set a date for when you would like to stop, continue smoking normally until then and on that date you stop, no cutting down but a clean break.

It might also be worth focusing on your attitude, are you really giving something up? Or are you gaining a whole heap of other things like better health, better taste and smell, cleaner clothes, whiter teeth, more money in your pocket etc etc. stopping smoking is not necessarily about loss and is often about huge gains.

There is a web site you can look at  (below) and you might also like to get a group of friends together who are all thinking about the same thing and I encourage you  all to support each other even if its knowing that if you ever feel like it there is someone you can talk to when the craving is building. Of course you are more then welcome at our support group which takes place every Tuesday e mail [email protected] for more info. Good luck, Kate


Local Life

Walking in Ibiza

Now that the weather has cooled down and people have more time on their hands, the island’s walking groups are waking up from their summer inactivity. One of the best ways of seeing and exploring the island is by walking, and as well as keeping fit, going on a guided walk is a great way of meeting like-minded people. There are a number of organisations and groups offering guided walks on the island and these are just some of them that are active at the moment.

The Ibiza Walking Association

An organisation set up by Rob Smith to improve the walking community on Ibiza and promote the island as a walking destination. At the moment walks are being organised on Sunday afternoons. Cost is 5€. The best way to find out when and where the walks are taking place is to like or check their Facebook.

Facebook: Ibiza Walking Association



Walking Ibiza

Run by Toby Clarke, at the moment they are doing two guided walks a week. A short and sweet walk on Wednesday mornings, which is a gentle walk that lasts about 2 hours, with tea and cake at the end. Then on Friday mornings there’s a more substantial walk, which sometimes ends with lunch in a nearby restaurant, or if the location is more remote, walkers take a picnic to eat en route. The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person) or what you feel the walk is worth. Locations change each week, so check the Facebook page for details or sign up for the regular emails on the website.

Facebook: Walking Ibiza



Hiking Ibiza

Lucien Lecarme at Hiking Ibiza also organises guided walks, but they are not usually at set times of the day or week, so check and like their Facebook page to see when and where they are happening. The walks are by donation (suggested €10 per person).

Facebook: Hikingibiza


Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk is a group that literally walks and talks in nature. I’ve never been on one of their walks and they don’t seem to be as regular as some of the other groups, but you can practise speaking different languages and hear stories about the history and nature of the island as you walk. In Spanish, English and German. Sign up to the Facebook group for more details – everything is in the 3 languages.

Facebook: Walk and Talk Ibiza


Eivissa Pas a Pas

Another group is Eivissa Pas a Pas. I haven’t been on one of their walks, but they seem to walk at weekends.

Everything on their Facebook page is in Spanish, so presumably they attract mainly Spanish speakers. Donations are welcomed.

Facebook: Eivissa Pas a Pas



  • Brian Whetton

The second annual “Across The Cala LLonga Bay Raft Race” should have taken place on 1st November, however due to the inclement weather and an invasion of jelly fish it had to be postponed until last Saturday. Such is the prestige of winning this auspisious event that the number of entrants this year increased by 50% from two to three. The rafts, which were constucted under strict rules and supervision, were carefully launched into calm water at 1 pm and the race was soon under way. It wasn’t long before the craft “personed” (very P C) by the Haynes family suffered what can only be described as “bouyancy problems” and sank, leaving the race open to the crews from The Bunch of Grapes, who won the constuctors prize, and The Benny Hillers, who eventually won the race in a time of several minutes and quite a few seconds. It was then time to dismantle the rafts and head back across the beach for a celebratory drink and picnic.



Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks Zips It Up.

I’m just back from a short hop to LA. Much was packed into a short time and, touch wood, I’m not too bad on the jet lag front. We were in Long Beach for a friend’s wedding, which was a traditional southern Californian affair. Open air church and an idyllic ocean side setting to the backdrop of blue skies and sunshine. In November. A world away from the wind and rain in the UK, in other words.

I wore this dress (sorry readers, Amanda didn’t send us a photo of the dress) from my good friends at Left Bank Six – similar to the UK label Self Portrait dress, as seen at Selfridges right now. I accessorised with my Topshop Limited Edition red velvet boots and reckon I represented London quite well, as many Americans remarked on how ‘interesting’ I looked.

The only shopping we managed was at the all night CVS pharmacy. Because of the time difference of -8 hours, we were wide-awake at 3am. The only options at this time of night were CVS and Dennys.

I love US drugstores because they are huge and stock absolutely everything – not just  flu medication and toiletries. I could spend hours trawling the aisles – every make-up brand in existence and enough vitamins to turn you super human. From stool softeners, vagina gel, and erection cream to Viagra, flatulence pills and almost illegal teeth whitening products, there’s something for everyone.

And for those of you who haven’t experienced ‘Dennys’ diners… well, let’s just say there’s a reason why the US has an obesity epidemic going on. The ‘Double Wammy Cheese & Hammy’ sandwich had the amount of calories I consume in a week. But Denny’s is definitely a place to visit at least once on a trip to the US –the perfect hangover cure post wedding reception or other big night out.

Back in London now, and let’s crack on with this week’s blog.

We check out the growing popularity of the Man Bag. Sexy or not?

The personalised jacket guaranteed to give you instant street cred and how everyone went absolutely bonkers for Balmain. It’s all here.

Kick back, relax and enjoy this week’s instalment. X

The Man Bag

Should men carry bags? That is the question. It depends on their ‘package’ doesn’t it? My answer is YES; men should, but what sort of bag? And does the Man Bag suit all occasions, as in the case of us ladies, who carry one for every possible life event.

I love in London and my other half works in beardeliciously cool Soho, which is oozing with hipsters carrying man bags to media engagements. So to me, they’re not a big deal. In fact the other half carries a smart Mulberry number with his head held high.

The fact is that these days men have as much crap in their bags as we do. Perhaps not the make up, tampons and hairspray we carry but an array of gadgets like laptops, iPads, headphones, chargers etc.

Carrying a bag has become a key part male style and a man who puts effort into picking a great man bag and who knows when (and when NOT) to wear it is one helluva man. Fashion-wise I mean. There are still some men who choose to put all their belongings in their pockets, but with the arrival of the iPhone 6 and other mega phones, it just looks silly, stuffed in there along with keys and wallet.

The only time a man bag isn’t need is on a date. That really would look out of place.

Think satchel styles, cross-body straps, backpacks and leather holdalls and even large clutch/wallet styles. Clean cut, minimal and polished. You’ll be the envy of everyone on the tube to work.

This does not involve the BUM BAG! If you see a man wearing one of these monstrosities, run for the hills.

Here’s my pick of the best on the market right now. Just in time for Christmas too.

Custom Bombers

Every IT girl and fashionista will know that personalised bomber jackets are the must-have garment right now. Following the success of ‘Rag & Bone’s jacket, as seen on the likes of Alexa Chung and Karlie Kloss, monogram mania has hit the streets. New luxe label Uzma Bozai is leading the way with their A-list approved silk jacket.

Available in four colours, they are embellished with the brand’s artisan designs and your ‘name’ or wording of choice. Pretty pricey at £246, once personalised they are a lifelong investment buy.

But, here at Zips It Up, we like to bring you the more affordable options. We have found two alternative labels, allowing you to get your name emblazoned across the back, and design your bomber jacket from scratch.

Tshirtstudio.com will let you design your own varsity-style jacket, colour to cut, from £28. Label Missy Empire will splash your name all over it for a mere £45.

I’m loving this idea as a fun Christmas present and as long as your name is Mira, Tina, Gaby or Lily, you’re OK. If your name is Jacqueline, Genevieve, Charlotte or Josephine (or Amanda), then perhaps it’s time to be known by a shorter nickname?

Although I’m not ‘feeling’ Mandy, it has to be said.

H&M x Balmain

H&M x Balmain launched last week, and the world literally lost their minds. In scenes similar to a zombie apocalypse, videos of people running into stores, mile long queues outside the Regent Street flagship H&M, changing room fights, and people sleeping on the street so they could be first in the queue, fast went viral.

Zips It Up went down to London’s Regent Street the day after the launch, and the only thing left was the odd splash of blood here and there from the previous day’s riots and cat-fights. But it wasn’t just the UK that was gripped with Balmania – the US and Asia went utterly nuts as well.

I know. As a professional Fashion Blogger, you would’ve expected me to camp outside a week before in my finest Millets tent with a can of pepper spray, ready for the doors to open. However, I decided to play it cool and sophisticated and visit on day two instead. Big mistake. It was so dead in there, even the staff had taken the day off to recover.

Meanwhile, items were being sold on eBay for prices almost akin to ACTUAL Balmain. For example, the beaded jacket worn by Gigi Hadid went up for a whopping £3000, a leather jacket went up for £1,500 and the beaded gold dress worn by Kylie Jenner to the runway show was £1000. Some lucky fans managed to get their hands on some of the stock, despite the website crashing due to high demand. And as for those fans who camped outside the store – the most extreme were at H&M Singapore, where people stayed for three nights.

I had to post a social media rant about this ‘outrage’ last week.  I believe that after so much clever marketing, hype and hysteria, surely equally clever retailing dictates a sensible level of supply to cater for demand over a period of time, not just for one day? I was put in my place by various responses to my post tweeting #FirstWorldProblems accompanied by pictures of third world children in makeshift shoes and clothing. This promptly shut me up, as they are indeed right of course.

If you didn’t get your hands on anything, there’s no word yet from H&M as to whether they’ll be re-stocking any time soon.  And to be honest, after that experience, I don’t think I care anymore.



Jezza’s Sports Report …

United Overcome Moscow; Gunners Fall Short in Berlin.

This week’s report comes from Albir, a lovely little beach resort between Altea and Benidorm, where Ibiza CC have been for the last few days on their end-of- season cricket tour but more on that from Bro Robin. Suffice to say, a good w/end was had by all, methinks!


and England continue their tour of the UAE and having narrowly lost the Test Series 2-0 now take on Pakistan in 5 ODI’s starting on Wednesday so let’s hope Captain Morgan and his team can make up for the disappointment of the Test side and at least come home with a Series win.

Tennis : Novak Five Love in Murray Stint

Andy Murray continued his dismal form against his nemesis’ World No 1 Novak Djokovic in the Final of the Paris Masters as he went down in straights sets (2-6,4-6) and although he replaces Roger Federer at World No 2, has now only beaten the Serb once in their last 11 meetings. Add to that stat, the fact that he has lost his last 5 matches against the Swiss meister and it doesn’t make for good reading. Let’s hope then that he can regain his confidence and form for the final two big tournaments of the year, this w/end’s ATP Tour Finals at the O2 where the top 8 play in 2groups of 4, and more importantly, GB’s Davis Cup Final inGhent against Belgium in December, where he is expected to lead from the front!

Rugby League Test Balanced for Final

And in the 2nd Test at the Olympic Stadium, London, the world’s No 1 ranked team, New Zealand won 9-2 against England in what appeared to be a very feisty meeting, to make up for their loss last week. So, with the Series nicely balanced at 1-1, it’s all down to the final match, at Wigan this w/end so good luck to our boys to keep the English flag flying.
Rugby Union

With the World Cup now well in the past, it was back to the domestic season in England and after 4 matches, unbeaten Saracens continued their early season form with an attritional 12-6 win at Northampton, Exeter in 2nd beat Leicester and there were wins for Bath at Irish, Wasps at home to Gloucester, Worcester at home to Newcastle and Harlequins over Sale.

Motor GP: Lorenzo #5 in Valencia

The motorbike grand prix circuit came to its annual conclusion in Valencia at the weekend. Congratulations to Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo who won the big one, the MotoGP for the 5th time, beating 9 times winner Valentino Rossi to end another season full of excitement and drama.  A huge well done to Danny Kent who became Britain’s first motorcycle GP champion since that bionic wonder Barry Sheene in 1977. Although finishing 9th in the Moto3 final round in Valencia, it was enough to take the title and make his own bit of history.

Golf: Willet Knocking but Wiley Knox Wins

and congrats to Scot Russell Knox as he won the WGC-NHBC Champions event in Shanghai with a final round 68 to win the title by 2 shots. However, watch out for England’s Danny Willet who recorded an amazing final round of 62 to tie 3rd with compatriot Ross Fisher. I say watch out, mainly to Rory Mac, who came in 11th, as in the Race for Dubai, his lead over Willett has been whittled down to next to nothing so you need to get your special clubs out Rory as the Englishman is after your top spot!


In Europe and the Champions League it was a good week for 3 of the 4 English teams endeavouring to reach the knock- out stages, as both Manchester teams won, City in Sevilla to confirm their qualification and United at home to Moscow to go 2nd in their Group whilst beleaguered Chelsea had a good home win over Kiev to also go 2nd in their Group. Meanwhile, not good for Arsenal as they were thrashed 5-1 at holders Bayern Munich and now need to win their last two games by at least 2 clear goals to even have a chance of qualification, let alone qualifying in 3rd for the Europa League. As for Tottenham and Liverpool in the Europa, both had good wins to keep their qualification chances alive, Spurs with a home win over Anderlecht and the ‘Pool with a 1-0 win at Rubin Kazan. No such luck for Celtic though as they were beaten 2-1 at Molde and look as if they’re on the way out.

In the Premier League, after last w/end’s results it’s status quo at the top as leaders Man City were surprisingly held to a goalless draw at Villa which was a positive start for Villa’s new manager Remi Garde, while Arsenal were lucky to get a point in a 1-1 draw at home in the north London derby with Tottenham. Leicester, in 3rd, continued their great form with a 2-1 home win against Watford with that man Vardy scoring yet again, his 9th goal in consecutive matches, Man Utd won 2-0 at OT against West Bromwich to stay 4th, West Ham drew 1-1 with Everton at Upton Park, Crystal Palace had probably the best result of the w/end with a 2-1 win at Anfield against Liverpool where Herr Klopp tasted defeat for the first time in the Premier.Naaarwich gained 3 points at home to under-fire Swansea, whose manager Gary Monk, according to the press, could well be on his way by mid-week which would be a shane as he’s a genuine football man and got the Swans in to the Premier in the first place! Talking of under-fire managers, what of Jose? Well, he was banned from the Brittania Stadium for Chelsea’s match with Stoke, and although his team made much more of a fist of the game than of late, they still went down by 1-0 to drop to 16th and only 3 points above the danger zone. Still, as I keep saying, we’re not even in to a 3rd of the season gone so still time for Jose to turn it round! Finally, Newcastle gained a valuable 3 points at Bournemouth to give manager McLaren some breathing space but Big Sam doesn’t seem to be the answer for neighbours Sunderland as they lost yet again, this time 1-0 at Southampton.
No Premier League this w/end as internationals take preference with the pick of the lot being the Republic of Ireland’s play-off first leg with Bosnia-Herzegovina to qualify for Euro16, so good luck to them where they hope to join England, Wales and Northern Ireland in France next year. As for England, they take on Euro Champions Spain in a friendly on Friday over the pond in Alicante, while Wales are in Cardiff against non-qualifiers Holland and Northern Ireland are in Belfast against Latvia.
That’s it for this week, gotta plane to catch to return to our little island paradise, so until next week, Jezza


  • Dave Spurway Memorial Cup
  • Pool Knock Out Tournament 2016
  • Open To All. Cash Prizes

For the first year we are holding a singles knockout tournament open to all players, whether in the Ibizan Pool league or not.

Entries can be submitted to any bar that is taking part in the league (see above). Pay the entrance fee of 5€ and register your name and email on the sign up form at the bar.

Alternatively you can register by email at the address below and we will send info on how to pay.

The winner will receive 50% of the entrance fees and trophy, 2nd place will receive 20%, 3rd, 10% and the remaining 20% will be donated to charity.

Closing date for entries is 17th of December.

The draw will be held and published in the Ibizan, on you tube and in the Pool League Facebook group.

Fixtures will be weekly on tuesdays with the first round forecast to be on the 2nd of February (but this can vary depending on the amount of entrants), with the final and semi-final on the 7th of April during the league winner’s party.

For further information please contact me at

[email protected]

  • Jack Wharrie, League Secretary

The Guide …




Quick Vocab

  • Buying a Property

Architect – arquitecto

Builder – constructor

Building licence – licencia de bras

Commercial premises – local

Deeds – escritura

For sale – se vende

Furniture – muebles

Interest rate – interés

Land – terreno

Land (plot of) – parcela

Lawyer – abogado

Mortgage – hipoteca

New build – obra nueva

Offer – oferta

Off-plan – sobre plano

Owner (of property) – propietario

Penthouse – ático

Power of attorney – poder

Property – vivienda

Purchaser – comprador

Real estate agent – agente inmobiliaria

Sales contract – contrato de compraventa

Taxes – impuestos

Vendor – vendedor

Spanish terms:

Adosado – terraced/town house

Agente de Propiedad Inmobiliaria (API) – qualified and registered real estate agent

Azotea – flat roof/roof terrace

Bajo – ground floor flat

Chalet – villa (detached property)

Cocina Americana – open plan kitchen

Comunidad de propietarios – community of owners

Copia simple – unsigned copy of title deeds, stamped by notary

Cortijo – country cottage (usually with land)

Duplex – apartment on two floors

Gestoría/gestor – an agency/agent which handles official matters for its clients

Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) – annual property tax

Libre de cargas – debt free

Licencia de primera ocupación – licence to occupy a completed building

Metros construidos – built size in metres

Metros útiles – living area in metres

Nota simple – Land Registry certificate

Notaría – notary’s office

Notario – notary

Plusvalía – capital gains tax on sale of property

Registro de la Propiedad – Land Registry

Semi-adosado – semi-detached

Valor catastral – rateable value of property