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Ibiza State Great, So Late

The state of Ibiza’s lifeblood travel and tourism is great shape with positive news coming in from the World Travel Fair in London and commitment from two major airlines. The Imserso fiasco also looks to have been resolved and so those travel businesses that rely on the silver cent can finally get their winter season going, all be it so late.

Our apologies for the most strangulated pun headline yet.

World Travel Fair

  • Sport and Gastronomy to extend the season.

Ibiza and Formentera showcase their latest products at the World Travel Market and our delegates visit the BBC .

Imserso Scheme

  • Last Minute Rescue Saves Scheme for Seniors
  • Stop Press: Balearic Islands Resolved

Our report on page 6 states that though the mainland scheme had now been reinstated, the Balearic and Canary Islands were still awaiting the outcome of the dispute process. We have now received confirmation that the final obstacle has been removed and the scheme is good to go. Well, nearly. It is unclear exactly when it will be possible to make bookings. The delay on the mainland was resolved almost a week before the Baleares and they are taking guests from November 11th, so the 18th would seem a fair estimate for the Islands.

Air Travel Up

  • RyanairIbiza base in March
  • A. Winter Service Now Daily.

We show you how to go direct  without breaking the bank.

Turn to Page 6 for our comprehensive travel and tourism round up.

2 News



Es Vedra Goats Swing With Votes.

  • Government begin proceedings to eliminate goat population of Es vedra.
  • Years of political to and fro continue.

The Balearic Government has started procedures to eliminate the goats living on the island of Es Vedra due to the ecological damage they are causing to the native flora of the island, which is protected area. The action was confirmed by the  Balearic Department of Environment who said the owner of the island has received a letter from the Government in which it asks whether the goats that abound the hillsides are his.

If the owner confirms that the goats are theirs it would be admission of a crime against the environment, he warned the Balearic Government, which could result in significant penalties.

If the owner responds that goats are not theirs, and the Government cannot establish ownership, “the Government may act in the alternative.” he said, meaning that the department  would be responsible for withdrawal of the goats.

At the moment this is only a “request for information”, said the Government, continuing by revealing that in the letter to the owners of the island they were not warned of the possible imposition of fines (ed—though as a tactic it would seem somewhat flawed if they then make public announcements to be reported in the press). One of the owners of Es Vedra said  that goats do not belong to any of the owners of the iconic island: “No owner [of Es Vedra] has put goats on the island, . Anybody who has been there could be responsible, but the Government has decided to threaten us.” The Balearic Government insisted that the letter does not threaten any sanctions.

The withdrawal of the goats of this protected area is an ongoing issue with a long tradition of fighting for this issue between the PSOE government and its partners on the one hand, and the PP and the owners of the island on the other.

In 1998, the Government, then in the hands of the PP admitted the ecological damage caused by the goats to the flora of the island and announced “measures to alleviate the damage” that ultimately never took place.

In September 2002, with the socialist Francesc Antich leading  the Balearic Executive, the Department of the Environment tried to force the owners of the island into the removal of the goats, but failed. Also at that time the Balearic Ministry of Environment announced that if the owners of Es Vedra animals did not remove them the Government would do so itself over a three-month period to January 2003, but the goats remained.

The intention of the Government created an uproar in the Ibizan PP, which accused the PACTE Government of wanting to end a centuries-old tradition, and criticized what they said was a lack of respect for the owners of the island.

In May 2012, with Jose Ramon Bauza as president of the Balearic Government, another announcement was made stating the goat population must be very much reduced, but the then general director of Natural Environment, Neus Lliteras, countered by saying tradition must be preserved.

Foundation for the Conservation of Ibiza and Formentera

  • Photo: The three members of the new board, together with the foundation’s director, on the day of signing the creation of the new entity, 27th October 2015

The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) has given an important step towards the consolidation of its work in the Pitiusas islands following the creation of theFundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera.

Having worked since its creation in 2008 under the umbrella of British Charity The Ecology Trust, it was decided that in 2015a a new legally independent Spanish entity would be created to give a stronger bond and root to the Islands.

Thethis new Foundation is the same as IPF’s: to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional beauty and natural value, focusing in the conservation of countryside and marine areas.

The Foundation aims at combining its international spirit with the addition of local experts, building bridges between the international and local communities, and between NGOs, business organization and public entities.

Thecomprised of three  members:Muelder, economist and of German nationality,Cook, business womanof British nationalityGamero, forest engineer and Spanish.

The new Foundation has also created anCouncil,byin various environmental areas of interest to the Foundation, all of them residents in Ibiza:López, doctor in ecologyexpert in marine resources, Ronnie Andersen, journalist, farmer and specialist in local breeds,Palermet, farmer and specialist in autochthonous seeds and expert in Ibizencan folklore, and Betta Caraccia, anthropologistspecialist in environmental education.

The Foundation thanks deeply all of them for their volunteer dedication to environmental protection of Ibiza and Formentera.

IPF’s budget in 2014 was of around €110.000, aimed at financing the most important environmental initiatives. It is estimated that the new foundation will have a similar budget, depending on the funds it will be able to raise. The foundation is open to receive donations from individuals or companies interested in preserving Ibiza and Formentera’s environment. You can read more about the foundation on our website or  follow us on Facebook at Ibiza-Preservation-Fund.

“To preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional beauty and natural value, focusing in the conservation of countryside and marine areas.”

Mission Statement

Can Moli Fire Break

  • The Council invests 20,000 euros on a forest fire break in Cala Moli

The San Jose Town Council gave the green light to carry out a strip of self-protection in order to reduce the risk of fire in forests in the Sierra de Cala Moli and Torrent Caló d’en Real. This was one of the agreements made at the last Board of the Consistory and requires an investment of 21,296 euros.

The company Eivinatura will undertake the work, consisting of the creation of a continuous clear strip of 20 meters along the road, which occupy a total area of ‌‌2.2 hectares. It will also reduce the density of trees by cutting smaller trees and pruning those already established by up to two thirds of their height.

They will also remove the undergrowth excluding protected species.

Mojis Sanctuary

  • Reader supplied

On Sunday the 8th of November, there will be a fund rising event at MOJIS Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is run by Abraham, who takes care of abandoned animals, rehabilitates them and treats them with an enormous dose of love!

The Sanctuary needs more support than ever as it has been growing fast helping more and more animals – and we all know how tough Ibiza winter can be.

On the 8th at Mojis we will have some fun in yummy food and there also will be a raffle. There are also plenty of attractions planned for the little ones : )

We would love you to come and join us to support this amazing cause and help Abraham carry on his magic!

If you are happy to donate a prize to the raffle that would be greatly appreciated, so please let us know! Also any kind of donations would be fab. We are also looking for food and drinks for sale.  As you know we have grown a lot and we need your help much more than before. So, We ask you as always do…with hapiness!!

3 News


Election: 20/12/15

  • Spanish newcomers Ciudadanos close second to PP

Political new kids on the block Ciudadanos would overtake Spain’s socialist party to become a close second to the ruling Popular Party (PP) if the general election was held today, according to the latest opinion poll.

The centrist party of Albert Rivera, which expanded from a regional Catalan party to a nationwide force early this year, has overtaken both the PSOE and Podemos and would probably be the party to dictate who would govern Spain according to the Metroscopia poll. The survey was published on Sunday in El Pais newspaper showing that the ruling PP would win a national election, but fall way short of its current outright majority.

Ciudadanos, meaning Citizens, would come a close second winning 22.5 percent of the vote, a huge leap from the 16.1 percent it scored in early September. The party has been steadily gaining ground winning over voters with a message of moderate change that has left Podemos looking very much the flash in the political pan predicted by many of its critics.

The latest survey showed support for the PSOE had fallen to 21 percent while Podemos would bring in around 17 percent, a drop from its popularity peak of 28 percent in January.

The survey reinforces the dramatic transformation in Spain’s political scene which has changed from the traditional two party contest to a four-horse race.

The poll projected the number of seats each party would get in the national parliament and showed that Ciudadanos would be able to team up with either the PP or the socialists to form a government—and we all know how that turned out for the similarly central Liberals in the UK.

Ibiza’s Politicians, Live!

In what promises to be some of the best political entertainment since foam puppets  were a Sunday night staple, Ithe Consell of Ibiza have launched a new live video streaming service allowing citizens and guiris alike to tune in and watch the goings on in the chamber. Though it seems a brave move for what seems to be an often troubled forum, we have to applaud the openness and accountability of the scheme. Well done the Consell.

Matutes, Bothered?

The Ibizan entrepreneur Abel Matutes Juan, owner of Fiesta hotels, no longer appears in the list of the 100 richest Spaniards produced by Forbes magazine.  Matutes appeared at 87th the previous year, with a fortune of around 400 million. We can’t think he’s loosing too much sleep over it.

The founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, is again Spain’s richest person with a fortune of 60,900 million euros, an amount resulting in an increase of 14,900 million compared to a year earlier. In second place Ferrovial Chairman Rafael del Pino with a fortune of 8,600 million. The president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, is third with 7.500 million euros. We wonder who they send to check under all the mattresses.

Housing Reformations Slump as Hotels Surge.

Housing reform in the Pitiusas has fallen 45% in the first nine months of the year, according to statistics from the Association of Surveyors, Architects and Engineers. From January to September they have worked on the substantial development/reformation or expansion of 75 houses, 68 in Ibiza (48% less than in 2014) and 7 in Formentera (17%).

By municipality, the largest drop occurred in Ibiza Town which has determined the overall decline of the, 18 projects have been initiated, which is 80% less than the same period last year.

Hotel reformations have increased considerably in the same period. This means that the budget for expansion or renovation projects of all kinds in the Pitiusas, whether homes, hotels, shops or other buildings, amounted to 30 million euros in the first nine months, 55% more than in 2014.

Storms Leave Boats Beached & Trees Felled

  • Talamanca beach disappears beneath the waves and high winds leaves several boats aground in the sand.

Storms on Ibiza’s East Coast have left trees down and many boats aground. The storm hit from a South-easterly direction and  the Talamanca area has been the most affected. The beach completely disappeared beneath the waves and wind made several boats aground in the sand.

The wind also knocked down at least three trees in the d’Agost 8th Avenue, opposite the Vila Health Centre. One tree fell on a car breaking the windshield and a construction fence in Botafoc also gave way to the storm.

Inside the city, firefighters attended to the detachment of a scaffold on Felip II .

Further afield Fire Department central office said they were dealing with a damaged roof in Santa Eulària and an incident where a tree has fallen onto a power line in Es Cavallet.

The adverse conditions prompted a Yellow Alert status by Aemet and Balearia cancelled its services between Ibiza and Formentera.

Sant Antoni Mooring Application Deadline

The Ports Authority have announced that applications are now open for renewal of moorings in the areas of Andratx, Banyalbufar, Ciutadella, Fornells, Portocolom, Sant Antoni ys’Estanyol. Users have until 31st December to submit their documentation or will risk loosing their anchorages.

4 Food & Drink


The Close Season Menu Del Dia. Shhh, Don’t Tell the Tourists.

We love tourists. Many of us rely on their sweet summer  shiny Sterling and Ibiza would certainly be a very different place without them. But there are some things we like to enjoy ourselves with a little peace and quiet. A perfect example of our secret selves being the plethora of menu del dia offers in the close season, and when we say offer we really mean bargain, as the value offered would come as something of a surprise to our August visitors. So best we keep it to ourselves.

Villa Mercedes.

The masters of the menu, Mercedes have been giving us 5 star food for café prices low and close season for quite a few years now and so have the art of food well and truly refined. Right now you can opt for their Deluxe for 19€ every day of the week or go for their entry to Restaurat 2015 for 15€ in the week, 17€ at weekends.

Sol y Sombra, The Garden.

Open 7 days, all winter long with a different 3 course menu every day at just 12€. Plus they are starting a Fish and Chip Friday this week which is also available takeaway. Call to order as it is first come first served. And stocks are limited.


Mumak on the beach in Playa Den Bossa have a 2 week alternating menu. Their 13.50€ offering is fantastic value, but when you appreciate a drink is included it becomes, er, well something better than fantastic, stratospheric seems to fit the bill.

Among the dishes on offer we can personally vouch for a Vegetable Biryani and Jerk Chicken from the mains, but we’ve little doubt that once we’ve tried them all we’ll give a universal vouch. Universally stratospheric. Yes we rather like it.

The Mumak menu is Wednesday to Friday 1pm to 4pm.

5 Liberty Seguros


6 Tourism News


Ibiza Tops Confidence Charts in Balearics

  • Gadesco poll shows 41% of Ibiza businesses recordinmg improved profits on 2014, 58% the same and 1% worse.
  • It looks grim in Menorca.

B.A. on a Budget

British Airways have increased their London City to Ibiza winter service and in doing so removed some of the timetabling impracticalities that made the winter service difficult for those needing a schedule that fit in with work or social plans. The route is now daily giving a far greater level of flexibility, and with some days already sold out or being charged at a limited seats premium, it seems their confidence in the business need is justified. There is a little known link on the BA site where you can see, and then find, the cheapest seat on any route in any month. Our search on 4th November shows there are still plenty of bargains to be had.  The first link is to the homepage, the second takes you direct to the pricefinder page.

Imserso Scheme Rescue

  • But Balearic Islands still unclear.

The Imserso holiday scheme  which offers pensioners in Spain holidays at subsidised rates has been rescued in the nick of time following claims from Spanish hoteliers that the termination of the out of season scheme would spell disaster for their sector.

The pensioners programme will start over a month late said Susana Camarero, the Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality,  who confirmed during the week that the first bookings could be made “within the next few days” resulting in a collective sigh of relief from many hotels and other service sector businesses that say the scheme is all that allows them to survive through the winter.

Imserso  normally begins in October, however this autumn it was postponed following the suspension of a contract to run part of the scheme to the Mundosenior company which comprises Viajes Halcón and Grupo Barceló, in light of a challenge by rival bidders Mundiplan, a consortium formed by Iberia, Alsa, Gowaii and IAG7 Viajes. Their appeal meaning the bidding process had to start again.

It has been decided that Mundosenior is to be authorized with

immediate effect to begin promoting and selling holidays in two of the three regional blocks into which the scheme is divided, being international and mainland holidays within Spain. Unfortunately for Ibiza the only area in which the contract has yet to be definitively awarded is that of the Balearic and Canary islands, which was provisionally assigned to Mundiplan.

The island tourism contract is worth 240.1 million euros, while the two already awarded to Mundosenior are worth 335.4 million euros (mainland coastal areas), and 86.5 million euros (inland holidays and international exchanges).  These contracts allow the firms chosen to sell a total of 938,000 trips to pensioners each winter, offering stays in over 300 hotels throughout Spain.

Similar delays to the Imserso program have harmed the hotel sector in the past. In 2012 reservations were not taken until November, and in 2011 a late start was due to similar reasons as those this year.

After 25 years in operation the Imserso scheme is considered by some to be in a final decline however industry representatives have rushed to stress the importance of the silver fox euro to the Spanish economy. Antonio Mayor of the Hosbec organization which represents the hotels of Benidorm says that if the scheme is ended the government would loose 700 million euros in tax revenue from employment contracts which could be terminated if hotels are closed down, combined with the expense of the resulting unemployment benefit which would have to be paid to those made redundant.

Sr Mayor also criticized the repeated failure of the system which is currently in place to re-award the contracts to run Imserso holidays every two years, and that the process starting too late has a negative effect not only on the hotel industry but also on the holiday-makers whose plans are frustrated by delayed starts to the season.

Ryanair open Ibiza base in March

Using a single737-800, the airline will open up two new routes between Ibiza and TurinIbiza to Venice. The new base will also allow them to boost frequencies on existing routes to a further ten European destinations, Barcelona El Prat,Bologna,Eindhoven,London Stansted, Madrid, Malaga,Manchester , Milan, Rome and.

In a statement issued during the week Ryanair’s Jose Espartero said “Ryanair is pleased to announce that we will open a new Ibiza base from March, our thirteenth in Spain, with one based-aircraft and 25 routes, including two new routes to Turin and Venice Treviso, which will deliver 1.8million customers p.a. in total and support 1,400 jobs at Ibiza Airport as we grow by 25%,”

During the week Ryanair also announced 1st half year profits (pre-exceptions) as up 37% to 1,088 million euros. Traffic grew 13% to 58m as load factor jumped 4% points to 93%.Average fares rose 2% as unit costs fell 6%.

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, said:

“We are pleased to report this strong set of H1 results. We have enjoyed a bumper summer due to a very rare confluence of favourable events including stronger sterling, adverse weather in northern Europe, reasonably flat industry capacity and further savings on our unhedged fuel.”

7 Tourism News


World Travel Fair

  • Gastronomy and Sport to extend the season by “at least two months”
  • Ibiza and Formentera showcase their latest products at the World Travel Market

Extending the tourist season by at least two months is the objective of Ibiza and Formentera as presented to the important annual World Travel & Tourism fair which opened Monday in London and will run until November 5.

Ibiza is exhibiting separately from the rest of the Balearic islands with a stand promoting the Island’s sporting activities and gastronomic festivals during the months of May and October.

The chairman of the Ibiza Tourism Promotion Foundation, Vicente Torres said most mayors agree that “the extension of the tourist season is possible but complicated.”

Torres’ announcement on the first day was optimistic stating that British operators were reporting an increase in demand for the forthcoming season over the last.

The day was spent meeting some of the most important tour operators such as Jet2, pictured right.

The President said that the focus of the delegation is on convincing the British that “Ibiza is now open in the spring and offers a wide range of amenities and attractions to ensure a good stay for visitors.” Specifically he detailed “we have beaches, good weather and a good range of sports, nature, cultural and gastronomic events.”

During meetings with press and trade contacts throughout the day the President said there was a lack of awareness regarding opportunities outside of high season. “We have found that reporters did not know that Ibiza is a World Heritage site of UNESCO, and were surprised to learn of our status.” he said.
The day began with a visit to the BBC, followed by various trade meetings and then a press call with British media, which had the participation of 25 journalists from media including  The Sun (never heard of them) The Telegraph and various other publications that the Consell’s press office had made a right fist of translating, which we rather enjoyed in a ’boot on other foot’ way in the office.

The Ibiza delegation comprises the president, Vicent Torres,  the director insular, Vicent Torres Ferrer,  mayors and councillors of all municipalities, plus tourist board and business sector representatives. The stand occupies an area of ‌‌48 square meters at a cost of 70,000 euros.

Additional marketing activities include initiatives such as a ’selfie’ contest to be promoted through social networks. The best picture by British tourists in Ibiza next spring will win a return trip the following year.

Santa Eulalia

The first smokeless beach in Ibiza and and increased focus on cleaning and care of the municipality are the two key issues presented by Town  Council of Santa Eulària des Riu for  at the World Travel Market. They state that these priorities are sought by the British Tour operators who a firm commitment to family and single destination holidays offering peace and tranquillity along with cultural and environmental qualities.

The mayor, Vicent Marí, and the Councillor for Tourism, Carmen Ferrer, have held several meetings with industry representatives who have tried the products and innovations of the forthcoming seasons. These meetings took the opportunity to present the renewed catalogue of hotels and the first edition of beaches. This new guide includes every one of the bathing areas of the coast with information on the nature, location, services,  environmental management and accessibility. Santa Eulalia are also promoting active tourism highlighting its dozens of routes suitable for travel on foot or by bike.

The City Council was quoted as saying “British tourists are one of the most faithful and most valued of nationalities.” They are confident that their efforts will achieve an  increase in British visitors and an increase in occupancy during the low season. With flattery like that how could anybody resist them.

San Jose & San Antonio

The two authorities have teamed up in presenting their respective strengths separated by no more than a line on the map from San Antonio Town to CVala De Bou in the Bay. Meeting with NT, one of the biggest tour agencies in Spanish beach holidays, were the mayor of San José, José Marí Ribas; and for San Antonio, Josep Ribas Tur.

Working through the tour operator Corendon they envisage upwards of 15,000 Dutch and Belgian tourists to be booking for Ibiza.

So far they have confirmed two flights weekly from 17 April until 31 October, which will offer alternative products to sun and sand outside the high season.


  • Nick Gibbs
  • We shouldn’t be too quick to criticise, but no doubletalk please.

It is very easy to criticise those charged with promoting Ibiza’s interests at international trade fairs, however we need to accept that their announcements are not primarily for our ears.

OK they would like to walk of the plane on their return to a cheering adoring public, but their job at these fairs is not to make their own population happy, their job is to respond to the demands of the markets sitting across the pop up plexi-desk from them. For example Santa Eulalia’s decision to become smoke free is one  many will applaud, but it is not a decision taken for that reason. The British tour operators have it on their wish list, and if destinations are competing for that business, and they are, those who get more ticks on the list get the business. Without knowing what these operators 2016 season hobby horses are, we should avoid the temptation of going to a default position of slating those we have elected to represent us.

However there is one point of political doubletalk I would like to take exception with. The only merit in describing the development of business in May and October as “two extra months” is the level of cheek it takes to say it.

May and October are the season, low season of course but still part of it. They have always been in the brochures, I’m pretty sure they have because I used to love coming in May. In the way only politicians are able to pull off, it seems the season has been reduced to 4 months, redefined using the club season perhaps, and then the 2 abandoned months are declared targets in the hope we are stupid enough not to notice the sleight of hand that has just taken place.  To coin an old  Suffolk expression, “I’m not as green as I am cabbage like”.  (We weren’t great on sayings.)

OK we could and should work towards increasing occupancy in May and October, but don’t think we are gullible enough to congratulate you next year for how successful these two ‘new’ months are next year when they are not extending the season at all.

A more ambitious objective would be looking to extend the season into March and April, or perhaps Christmas and New Year breaks. There is some evidence that such aspirations should not be dismissed as unachievable. Though you wouldn’t base an entire economy on the findings from a booking engine website, the biggest in the field booking.comshowing an 85% occupancy rate for Ibiza at the beginning of December, compared to 44% in Barcelona and a similar 83% in Majorca (with its vastly easier connections). That equates to availability in only 134 of the 971 Ibizan properties listing on.combeing open in December. If 971 properties can achieve 85% occupancy with the island in large part shut, what could it achieve if it was open for business? Seems a ridiculously high occupancy rate, even if affected by indecision over Imserso.

December, March, April, all would impress, but May and October, our representatives  should have greater ambition than pretending we are getting something we already have.

8 808 State


  • Nick Gibbs

Graham Massey.

So what’s it all about then eh?

I’m in the office closing down issue 807, which moves on to setting up the next issue templates, folders etc.

I hadn’t seen it coming, but the second I found myself typing 8 0 8 for the first of many, many times this week,  my head was full of 808 State’s classic 91 ‘In Yer Face’, and so the stage was set. For the next day or two I reacquainted myself with such glorious tunes as Flow Coma, possibly the most acid of any acid house track ever recorded, their first hit Pacific, and some of their many collaborations and remixes with such luminaries as the Stone Roses and Bjork.

So how accessible would the founders be? 808 State were one of the first wave of the Acid House that revolutionised music in the UK and set a scene that aside from evolution and divergence of sub genres still forms the core of the contemporary music today that can be collectively grouped under the heading of ’House’.

Important to remember that back then, from the late 80’s and into the 1990 summer of love, making successful music still meant you made serious money. People bought records, cassettes, and quite a few people were turning their collections over to these new fangled CDs.

Add the earnings from those huge sellers to being one of the biggest names on the lucrative rave circuit and who knows. Perhaps they were all now happily ensconced in their individual ivory towers sipping on unicorn milk  with a smug disdain for those of us still on Unilever.

Then again, that didn’t seem very 808 State. Had to be worth a punt, I mean being asked for an interview because you happened to be on issue 808 of a provincial newspaper had to be as worthy as an appreciation of your creativity right? Strangely enough it worked.

NG: Hello Graham and thanks very much for agreeing to do this on such a tenuous premise. I’d better get straight in to music to show you my interest does go beyond your name.

GM: Ha ha, no problem. We’ve had quite a connection with Ibiza over the years so pleased to contribute.

NG: So I’ve discovered, it seems you were involved in a lot that people over here now hold in legendary status.

GM: Really? Well our first trip over was in 1990 I think. It was quite an adventure. I don’t think any of us had really been on foreign holidays, for some of us it was the first time we’d flown.

We had become aware of Ibiza from lads coming back to Manchester.  Not everyone could afford foreign holidays back then but the lads that came back had an influence on what was happening. We had all grown up in and around Post Punk Electronica and it was a very tight knit circle around the clubs at the time. They brought back a different feel, I don’t know, it was the way they looked, the way they danced, and of course the music. All of sudden you could play a really wide range of music and still be considered cool. It was really that diversity of styles played together that we thought of as the Balearic sound.

Our break came through Ibiza too. Gary Davies the radio One DJ had apparently heard us played out there. By then we had stuff out on White Labels and it must have reached Ibiza because he picked up on it and almost overnight we went from what was really a group of mates, everyone knew each other, to getting played on daytime national radio.

NG: And in 1990 Radio One was the kingmaker.  Were you popstars by the time you came out for the first 1990 trip, part of a documentary Charlie Chester was working on with Channel 4 wasn’t it?

GM: Yeah, that’s right, was it, or was it MTV? No that’s right Channel 4. But no we weren’t treated as anything special then. By the time of the second trip it was all private jets. Crazy looking back.

NG: Funny that there does seem to be a collective amnesia about the period. I asked Charlie if he had any anecdotes from the trip and his answer was “I can’t remember anything from 1990.”

GM: Ha ha, they were mad times by today’s standard, but I remember a lot of our time over there. We played Ku on the first trip as well as doing the documentary.

We got to go out a bit too. I remember going to Space. The terrace as it was. I remember being really impressed with the sound system they had there, totally different class to the UK . It really impressed me.

NG: Was your second visit to play in the quarry? That is one people here really do speak of in hallowed terms.

GM: I think that was the 3rd trip. We’d been back once in between.  To play Ku again. The quarry was incredible. Absolute chaos, much of it was back in the early days of acid house, but it all seemed to work out. I remember we had a huge stage backdrop which was fixed up to the rock face of the quarry. Sometime during the show somebody nicked it. God knows how, but anything was possible.  We had some great weekends but it wasn’t all good. Some friends were killed on one trip. The roads outside Amnesia were just so dangerous. It was waiting to happen really. That was rough but that aside my memories of Ibiza are al good.

NG: I expect ‘In Yer Face’ was released by the time of the quarry gig. That’s the tune that immediately came into my head when I thought of the magic numbers. Is it the tune that haunts you with requests. Is it ‘the’ 808 track?

GM: Funnily enough I think its been a little overlooked if anything. It was the highest charting single we had (number 9), but our first big single was  Pacific and the thing about that is it has been remixed and reworked so many times. Being more  ambient it can be used as backing music so easily. It always seems to be coming up in TV shows and commercials.

NG: Do you always know when your music is being used?

GM: No, not at all,  just the other day I noticed one of our tracks is on the soundtrack for This is England 90. I had no idea.

NG: Ker-ching?

GM: It is all a bit confused to be honest. Old contracts and rights ownership. Hard to know exactly who has what.

NG: Talking of backing music I read you were involved with the ‘It’s all gone Pete Tong movie.

GM: Yeah I was asked to compose the score for the film. There are none of our tracks in it, but all of the incidental music, scene setting, that’s all my work.

NG: Must have been a challenge writing background music for a film with some real banging anthems? Did you enjoy the project? Like the Film?

GM:  It had some huge tunes but it is interesting work. It was all done in a surreal context really. I’m nowhere near the film production, I did most of it in my home studio. They would send me clips of film (I’ve been around Colin Butts enough lately to know they are called rushes, but I appreciate Graham’s dumbing down for me), and I would write music without any other points of reference. It is difficult for me to comment on  it as a movie as I have watched it, all be it in really odd ways, literally hundreds of times.

NG: Graham I am going to have to ask you the question that more than any other must bore the pants off you. Where does the name come from. I’ve had the benefit of research in the last few days but not everybody will know.

GM: No problem. It is taken from the name of a really early drum machine that we used. The Roland TR808. As it turns out it was really important in the history and development of music. They have just made a film about it, sounds geeky but really interesting.

Graham is right about the 808’s influence. Used on tracks as iconic as Planet Rock and Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing, plus of course a good few belters from some chaps in Manchester.

Things did then go a bit geeky in another direction, at least as far as relevance to most Ibizan readers is concerned. Having grown up around the same music we spent quite some time talking of everybody from Cabaret Voltaire to Mantronix to KLF (great to speak with somebody else who valued what they were about), and at some length of course about Joy Division and New Order. For me it was like talking to somebody who was at Woodstock in the 60’s, or watched the Pistols pre-press. Very special.

See below left for details of Graham’s amazing gesture of a mix dedicated to our 808th issue. Our own 808 state is officially over next Wednesday night, but now reacquainted I’ve a feeling I’ll still be play…., actually nah, this is building to a really cheesy ending. Sod that. I need something far more




Ibizan Issue 808 State Mix, by Graham Massey, Listen in on Sonica Radio, 1pm, Tuesday 10th November 2015

Graham Massey has proved himself the splendid fellow we always knew he was by recording a special mix to mark the Ibizan’s 808th issue. We are honoured and indebted. As if one decent chap wasn’t enough Sonica Radio’s Andy Wilson has stepped up and will be broadcasting the mix live on his Tuesday lunchtime show. The show starts at 12 noon so that’s when you should start listening, but he did say he was playing it at 1pm. Ignore that, tune in at noon.

If you cant wait that long you can listen here

Still from the 1990 Channel 4 documentary.Watch it here:-


Bio Bit

Graham Massey(born 4 August 1960,) was a member of experimental jazz rock groupTonguestoRecords.

By 1988 he was a founding member of the British band,808 State, formed in, England which by 1989 became the focus of his work and resulted in the demise of Biting Tongues.

Originally a-hopcalled Hit Squad Manchester, 808 State shifted to anhouse,debut album,Newbuild1988 under the new name 808 State.

Massey had also been a member of the.I.Y.bandand the Dressmakersa mixture of “bad” music andGong(living up to their tagline “We don’t play our instruments, we abuse them”) and also hippy – fusion band Aqua in the 1970s, along withClark(also later of Gong).

Massey co-wrote and co-produced the tracks ‘Army of Me’ and ‘The Modern Things’ for Björk’s album. Initially recorded in 1992 for her album Debut they were not released until her second album Post in 1995. Army of Me was the first single off Post in May 1995 reaching number 10 in theSingles Chart

Massey released the solo albumthe name Massonix onRecords. He has side projects with ‘Toolshed’ and ‘Sisters of Transistors’, he also recently remixedDougans’s (ofFuture Sound of London) track”Stakker Humanoid”theremix,”Your Body Sub Atomic”. He has also remixed FSOL before on”Papua New Guinea”.

In 2004 he worked as a composer for the score of the movie “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” (see page 12)

2008 saw the realization of a research project as the keyboard quartet Sisters of Transistors with whom he also plays live drums. Massey provided lyrics and music to much of their debut album released in 2009.

Massey is part of the Part Time Heliocentric Cosmo Drama After School Club, aRaband formed in 2013 by Paddy Steer

10 Agenda



Thursday 5th Nov to Wednesday 11th Nov 2015

ARIES – The Ace of Cups

A beautiful card for your week Aries indicating new beginnings; a fresh start and for some a new romance that promises to be more enduring. New ventures begun now are more likely to succeed as you’ll be more aware and intuitive of the needs of those you come in contact with. They in turn will be impressed

TAURUS – The Sun

Nothing’s allowed to rain on your parade this week.  You’re enthusiastic and eager to get on with important projects and others respond to your happy mood by doing practically all you ask of them.   Although success in career is very important now, it’s your personal life makes this an exceptionally happy week.  Health problems are less of an issue you.

GEMINI – The Hermit

This is the ninth card of the TAROT and therefore signifies completion of a cycle. The figure stands on top of a mountain; he’s alone but not lonely, shining his light so others can see the way.  It’s your week to be a shining example to others; to be a peacemaker not an agitator; a healer of hearts no less!

CANCER – Seven of Disks

Although this is a fortunate card that predicts an upswing in personal finances, you must do your bit to encourage money energy to flow your way.  Expecting the world to deliver up what you want isn’t going to happen. YOU must initiate the start of better times by getting off your backside and taking action. Impress yourself by being proactive.

LEO – Six of Wands

This is an excellent week to further your career interests, but don’t let all that success go to your head.  Your will fail to impress someone important if you behave in an arrogant or high handed manner. Sure you’re good, but if you’re fighting off competition from other Leo’s, it’ll be a bun fight!  Success with dignity shows real leadership.

VIRGO – Queen of Swords

This Queen’s energy is strong and resilient. She’s not easily swayed by emotions and therefore counsels don’t be taken in by a sob story; set your boundaries. You’re caring and compassionate by nature, but that doesn’t mean that other should see your kindness as a weakness or that you’re gullible. Libra, Gemini or Aquarian women can either help or hinder.

VIRGO – Ten of Wands

Careful of taking on more than you can handle or you’ll end up making a rod for your own back.  It’s all very well enjoying being needed; but if you feel undervalued you must speak up now, so that others sit up and take notice.  With so much going on it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

SCORPIO – Four of Cups

You’ll be tempted to accept the opportunities now on offer however, you would be wise to wait for a bit. Something’s coming that will be more to your liking; so hold off making hasty decisions that you’ll later regret. This is especially so when it comes to close relationships; are you fully committed or just going along with a situation?


This is a wonderful power card and matches up with the fact the Saturn is in Sagittarius right now.  There’ll be no stopping you, as you’re on track to complete an important business deal or get what you’ve set your heart on personally.

Health wise, a niggling worry no longer gives you cause for concern; you receive reassuring news.

AQUARIUS – King of Pentacles

You meet with influential people who positively affect your finances this week.  They’ll be very open your ideas and suggestions so don’t be backwards in coming forwards.

Being an egalitarian Aquarian you often give your talents away for free – so long as you see it benefiting others.  No harm though in helping yourself however; don’t undervalue your gifts.

PISCES – Seven of Cups

Decorate your home; get yourself a makeover, shop ’til you drop. You get the picture? The sensible part of you wonders how you’ll find the funds to do so. Well, the secret to having wealth is not to hoard it but circulate it in your life; therefore it stands to reason that it comes back to you from others.

Ligeros Baggage.

  • Formentera

A fictional story but based on actual reports and witness statements, Ligeros baggage is an award winning play about the Spanish Civil War that explores the best and worst of humanity.

Saturday November 7th in the municipal hall of San Francisco culture centre at 9pm, Entrance 12€

Moscow Ballet

  • Santa Eulalia
  • Claire B

The Nutcracker, Saturday January 2, 2016 19:30, Palau de Congresos of Ibiza – Santa Eulalia des Riu – Ibiza, Tickets cost 38€ available from

Facebook: Ballet de Moscu


  • Santa Eulalia

Showing at Teatroespania Sta Eulalia Fri 6th, Sat 7th & Sun 8th Nov 18-30hrs “Regression” (2015. 106 mins Mystery Thriller Cert 15) A father is accused of a crime he has no memory of committing. Stars Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke, David Thewlis. Wed 11th. Fri 13th Sat 14th & Sun 15th Nov. 20-45hrs; “Irrational Man” (2015 95 mins Mystery Drama Cert 12A) . A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act. Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey

Walking Ibiza

  • Pou de’s Lleó, A Sunday walk accessible to all.
  • Above, views from the route of the walk.

Sunday 8th November at 12:00 Ibiza Walking will be leading a walk in aid of Mojis animal sanctuary.

The walk is a short and easy one – so accessible to everyone. Unlike their regular Pou de’s Lleó route, this time they plan to avoid most of the rocky section near the watch tower. However, at the start there is a short section on rocky terrain, so those wanting to can follow a different route.

Start off on parched and cracked coastal rock that has risen from the sea and dipped under again several times, flipping in the process.

Then head inland along a dry stream bed to rise up onto a small hill next to the watch tower to take in some sea views of Tagamago.

After the walk some of the group are heading to the Mojis Winter Festival for a bit of lunch and to visit the animals.

  • 2 hours MAX (less than 6km)
  • Difficulty: EASY, Short, Low hills with undulating countryside. Pathways, caminos, some rocky terrain. No asphalt.
  • Cost – €5 which will be given to Mojis.
  • Wear good shoes & bring water, extra layer and/or waterproof jacket and a big smile!
  • Full details on the Walking Ibiza Facebook page.

11 Community


View From The Pew

  • Tyke Fortier Klein

The Remembrance Day Service will be this Sunday, 8th of November in Sta. Eulalia (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, main Street).  Poppy´s will be available, so please come and support the British Legion in their efforts to aid ex-service personnel and their families!  Jeff Richardson, Ex-RAF, is once again volunteering his bugling talents and will be sounding out the Last Post & Reveille.

It´s heart-warming to have a full church with a mix of nationalities and denominations, sprinkled with ex-servicemen and women, all there with a common bond – to honor those who are presently fighting for our security, those who have valiantly returned home, many with serious injuries, and those who sacrificed their lives to preserve our freedom. We thank God for them and for their incredibly courage. As we pay tribute to all the men & women in the armed forces, let us also not forget the ultimate sacrifice made for our freedom, a plan drenched in love, devised by the Creator of the universe, an exquisite plan to restore our broken relationship with that very Creator – God Himself.  The amazing plan, the divine exchange, was achieved when Jesus took our sins upon Himself and we were given His righteousness. (2Cor.5:21). His sacrifice, by way of the cross, has set us free …..eternally!

Come join us for this very special Day, a day to remember ALL those who died so that We Might Be Free. “For God has set eternity in the hearts of men.” Eccles.3:11

Sunday 8th of November: 10:30am – Remembrance Day Service in Sta. Eulalia (RC Chapel of Lourdes, San Jaime 85, main Street)

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: tel 971 34 33 83

It’s Good to Talk

By Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

We moved here 4 years ago and have since had 2 children both born here. We are really happy but are realizing that most of the friends that we made have either left or are planning to leave the island. I probably more so then my husband am not very good at making friends so it has been a real blow and I am beginning to question if we should be here, is there a reason for so many people leaving? Is there something I am not seeing? Is this really the best place for our kids? These are all things that we had discussed together and were fine with but now I find myself doubting myself and my ability to make good choices for my family.

What do you think?

Thankyou , JL

Dear JL

Thank you for your letter if feels to me as if the issue isn’t so much about other people leaving but more about you doubting yourself and feeling as if you have lost confidence in choosing what is best for your family. Everyone has their own agenda and simply the fact that you have written the letter makes me feel as if you have nothing but your family’s best interests at heart. It is healthy to question and explore your choices this is how we become more certain that they are right.

My feeling is that if Ibiza wasn’t right for you then you would instinctively be feeling that rather then picking up on the fact that others have left. So I suppose what I am saying is trust yourself, trust your judgment and most of all keep talking to your partner so you can really explore and be comfortable in the choices you make.

On a lighter note it is important to remember that Ibiza is a very transient island, people do come and go with the seasons and because it is so small everyone does tend to know when someone  decides to leave and it can have a bigger impact then it might do if you were in a larger country.

I hope this helps in some way and if you would like to talk about it further why not come to our FREE support group that meets every Tuesday, e mail [email protected] for more details.

Warm regards


Weekend Charity.

Halloween weekend was full of entertainment across the island and three businesses turned their celebrations into fund raising events for Ibiza y Formentera Contra el Cancer.  At the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, the draw for the Fender Guitar (autographed by Alejandro Sanz) was held taking the amount raised to an amazing total of €3,042 during the month of events held in the Hotel during Pink October. Many thanks.

On Sunday the Family Day at Restaurant El Limonero, Playa d’en Bossa, was a great success, with bouncy castle, table tops stalls, raffle, DJ and superb food raising an incredible €750.

In Cala Llonga friends of Luis, Matti and Miguel of The Wild Asparagus Restaurant while enjoying an end of season meal, had a collection which raised €300.

Many many many thanks to everyone who supported and participated in these events. Funds raised will help provide lymphoma therapy services to cancer patients.

  • Contact IFCC, phone 666 991 330 (mon-wed-fri 10- 12noon) or follow us on FB.

12 In The Back Row..


Pitiuses at the Pictures

  • A series in which we look at all English language films shot in Ibiza and Formentera. Full list at …

  • Nick Gibbs

It’s All Gone Pete Tong

When talking to Graham Massey of 808 State (see centre pages) in preparation for this week’s issue it materialised that he had been invited to compose the film score of one of my personal favourite movies, and one of the very few ‘Ibiza’ films not to annoy me (along with those of Colin Buttscourse.)

It’s all gone Pete Tong is a beautiful love story and gives an insight to deafness I had never considered before. It is funny but ultimately more than that it is an uplifting film perfect for a winter night on the sofa with a bottle or two of a good red and some delicious deli.

Paul Kaye plays the lead which should come as something of a vouch for its quality in itself. A whole host of Ibiza names play cameos, including Pete Tong.

To judge ‘all gone Pete Tong’ on its cover would be proper Pete Tong, or for the few of you who don’t know the significance, wrong—Pete Tong being the Cockney Rhyming slang.

  • It’s All Gone Pete Tong(2004)
  • Cert 15, 90 mins, released 27 May 2005
  • Director: Michael Dowse, Writer: Michael Dowse, Stars: Paul Kaye,Batarda,Magowan

Former musician Frankie Wilde is a legend within the Ibiza club scene for being the most inspired DJ around. On top of that, he has a beautiful model wife named Sonja Slowinski, we don’t like these spoiler synopsis info but if that’s your thing you can find it on the IMDB here:-

Watch the trailer here:


  • 107 min|,|June 2015

OK not strictly eligible for our Pitiuses at the Pictures series, but it more than makes up for that in its 808ness.

808 is a documentary film about the inspiring story of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. It’s the tale of the birth of electronic music, and how one small machine changed the musical landscape forever… by accident. It’s the story of a sound that has been embraced by the world’s top producers and performers, and has been name-checked on a whole host of hit records. Associated with numerous musical styles crossing both time and genre, its defining sounds are as relevant now as they ever has been. It defined hip hop and modern dance culture and it’s sound continues to deliver dancefloor smashing beats today.

13 Shebiza


Amanda Zips It Up

Greeting y’all. Welcome to this week’s Zips It Up.

Autumn or Fall is officially here. There are leaves absolutely everywhere, which is a nightmare if you have a relatively big garden. You can’t actually see the lawn in my garden at the moment, but despite the horticultural downside, this is actually my favourite time of the year when it comes to fashion – too cold to bare flesh yet too warm to wrap up in chunky knits and Uggs.

Autumn fashion is super stylish – it’s all about layering for the weather.  With the high streets packed full of this season’s coats, boots and party dresses in time for Christmas, now is the ultimate time to shop.

As you read this, I will be on a long-haul red-eye to LAX. I’m Los Angeles bound this weekend with my other half for a wedding this Sunday. Who doesn’t love a wedding? It’s the best excuse to dress up and I have been saving the pennies for an amazing dress, which I purchased last week. Pics to follow, I promise. It’s always a good reason to diet for a fortnight, get my roots touched-up and treat my self to new nails and lashes. Bloody expensive for one day, and I’m not even the bride!

I also love LA. Possibly one of the most fashionable cities in the world, so I’ll be in my element. What’s happening fashion-wise in LA, I wonder? LA chicks are still spending most of their time at Soul Cycle , eating Quinoa & Kale salads and drinking iced PSLs. That’s a Pumpkin Spiced Latte by the way. Iced in LA and hot in London.

I’m going to be looking for a jolt of sartorial inspiration. Some of LA’s best dressed designers, bloggers, and shop gals — whose autumn wardrobes have been meticulously planned since the last A/W fashion show — may have some nice ideas for me to pinch and bring back to Europe.

According to US glossies, turtlenecks are back and sexier than ever, as are old-school Adidas kicks. Oversized pants, undersized handbags, and just-right red lips are also finding favour (or favor) with the eclectic Southern Californian crew. I’ll bring you the low down (or ho-down) on my trip next week.

Feeling autumnal yet? If not, grab an iced PSL conjure up the smell of crispy leaves and bonfires, and enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up. X

Read Amanda’s fashion blog

Second Skin

Unless you’ve been living in the blackest of all media blackouts for the past couple of years, you’ll be familiar not just with Kim Kardashian but THIS dress.

THAT latex dress she squeezed into before getting pregnant made headlines all over the world and before long, A-List celebs were seen squeezing into similar latex creations. Lady Gaga met the Queen in a red latex jaw dropper, Miley Cyrus twerked her arse into Robin Thicke’s crotch wearing a latex bikini and Rita Ora turned heads in a nude latex pencil dress complete with bondage collar. KK has a wardrobe full of these skin tight rubber creations in every colour conceivable, and has taken a million selfies to prove it.

So who is behind this fashionable fetish wear, which has broken out of the swinger’s boudoir and onto catwalks and pages of Vogue?

You might be expecting some brash, kinky designer from Lower Manhattan. You’d be wrong. The label behind the fashion trend sweeping the globe is Atsuko Kudo.

Japanese designer Kudo, has been producing latex womenswear since 2001. Her innovative and revolutionary designs are now admired as much by high fashion devotees as by those immersed in the fetish scene. She has almost single-handedly transformed the way people view latex, her designs having graced the pages of the most prestigious worldwide fashion press and having adorned stars from Hollywood to London And guess where she has set up shop? Right around the corner from the Zips It Up office here in North London, on the Holloway Road, Islington.

Atsuko Kudo discovered latex fabric in a sex shop of all places, as she studied fashion in Tokyo. Atsuko fell in love with latex alongside a passion for period costume. Then it was our night-club scene that compelled her to move to London. She studied theatre costume at the London College of Fashion and got a job in a sex shop trying to learn how to make latex gimp hoods. This is where she met her future husband and business partner in her label, Simon Walter Hoare.

Latex is a new fabric, even to some of the most fashion forward people in the business. Compared to other fabrics like cotton, silk etc. the history of latex as fashion is so short. It has only recently become considered ‘day-wear’.

Although previously associated with dominatrix’s, I always thought it looked beautiful, feminine and strong. As long as it isn’t black. The nude shades are stunning, as KK proved. Who wouldn’t want to look like that?

So, it appears fashion is a fetish and vice versa. Latex empowers women – we want to see more of that as the world becomes a shinier place. Watch sales for baby talcum powder soar as we try and squeeze into an Atsuko Kudo dress to the office Christmas Party this year.

14 Sport


Jezza’s Sports Report

All Conquering All Blacks

  • New Zealand win the world cup in epic encounter.
  • Jeremy Parmenter

This week’s report is dominated by international sport with the two codes of Rugby taking centre stage  and  what a superb World Cup Final on Saturday at Twickenham between favourites and holders New Zealand and fellow Antipodeans Australia. The All Blacks, gunning to become the first team to win the WC as well as the first to retain the golden cup, started off in great style, orchestrated by those two superstars Dan Carter in the backs and captain Ritchie McCaw in the forwards. By half-time their storming start left them leaving the field with a 16-3 lead.

The match looked to all intent and purpose over when the Blacks increased their lead to 21-3 with a further try after the restart. However, you can never discount the Wallabies, as out of nowhere they came back with two trys, and being both converted were back within 4 points and importantly holding all the momentum.

Carter then proved his worth with a snap drop-goal for New Zealand to relieve the pressure and the Aussies heads went down. A further penalty, try and conversion left the final score at 34-17.

Carter’s 19 points made him a fitting man-of-the-match, but more than anything the Blacks proved that this was a Final won by a team rather than any individual and by outscoring the Aussies by 3 trys to 2 fully deserved their win. Not only were they the only unbeaten side in the tournament, but they were the best and most dominant.

As for the Wallabies, they contributed to a great Final and had, arguably, the player of the WC in Pocock who deserved more than a loser’s medal.

A superb tournament all round despite the home nations failing to reach the latter stages. The final was a fitting end leaving the all conquering All Blacks as worthy champions to defend their title at the next World Cup in Japan in 2019.

Rugby League

Rugby League: England Find Fine Form

Almost as if the England rugby league team had a mission to compensate up for their rugby union counterparts dismal showing, they won the 1st Test against reigning world champions New Zealand 26-12. England delivered a superb performance at Hull despite being 10-0 down at one stage. Superbly led by Sean McLoughlin, who scored the decisive try to put the Lions in front, a win in the 2nd Test would give them the 3-match Series and prove beyond any doubt that England, as against GB, are a force to be reckoned with.

Cricket: Anderson and Broad Skittle Pakistan

Despite going down 1-0 in the 3 match Test Series with Pakistan in the UAE, Captain Cook’s boys were on top in the third and final Test in Sharjah. They skittled out Pakistan for 234 on the first day with superb bowling performances from fourfa (cricket slang for four wickets in an innings!) Jimmy Anderson, as always, and Stuart Broad. As I write England are 188-4, only 46 behind with 6 wickets remaining, and looking to take a lead after their first innings. Needing a win to draw the Series, this would certainly be a feather in the cap for new coach Trevor Bayliss to add to the summer’s stunning Ashes win over the Aussies  and put his team in good fettle for the winter tour of South Africa, the world’s No 1 Test team!

Tennis: Swiss Bliss for Fed

and great to see yet another title for that Swiss meister Roger Federer as he won his own Swiss Indoors in Basel, beating old foe Rafa Nadal in the Final, 2 sets to 1. This was the Fed’s 7th straight Swiss title, but, more importantly, his first success over the Mallorcan since 2012 which certainly gives him momentum for the end-of-season ATP Finals at the O2 in December. As I said last week, also great to see Rafa coming back after all his injury woes and subsequent loss of form, as in my opinion, nothing beats a ding-dong final between these two warhorses, the Spanish Bull against the Swiss rapier.


Football: Leicester Lovin’ It

and in the Premier, it’s now neck and neck at the top between Man City and Arsenal, the best two teams in the league at the moment, as both won at the w/end, the former with a squeaky 2-1 win at home over plucky Naaarwich and the latter with a much more convincing 3-0 win at Swansea. With Chelsea’s problems seeming to be uncontrollable, even by Jose himself (who may well be on his way sooner rather than later if results don’t improve dramatically), especially after their sixth League defeat of the season, this time 3-1 at the Bridge by Klopp’s improving Liverpool, and Man Utd’s apparent lack of fire-power (yet another scoreless draw, this time at Crystal Palace, where Utd’s run of no goals extended to 5 hours and counting) I cannot see any other team coming close to these two for the title. Mind you, ’tis still only November so a lot can happen before next May. Having said that, you have to take your hat off to Ranieri and his Leicester team as they are still right up there in 3rd, after yet another dramatic performance in their 3-2 defeat of West Bromwich at The Hawthorns. West Ham’s great away run came to a standstill at Watford as they went down 2-0 while Tottenham can replace them in 5th if they win tonight’s home match agin struggling and managerless Aston Villa. Southampton got back on the winning trail with a comfortable 2-0 home win over Bournemouth in the first ever Premier meeting between the south coast clubs, Everton were pegged back to 2-2 at half-time by a better looking Sunderland team at Goodison but the Black Cats then succumbed to a second-half onslaught and ended up on the wrong side of a 6-2 hammering and neighbours Newcastle and Stoke fought out a scoreless draw at St James’.This week, ’tis Europe once more and in the CL fourth group stage matches, Tuesday sees the two Manchester clubs in action with City in Sevilla and Utd at home to CSKA Moscow, while, on Wednesday, Arsenal face holders Bayern Munich in Germany and Chelsea host Dynamo Kiev, hoping to get their miserable season back on track. In the Europa on Thursday,Tottenham are at home to Anderlecht, Liverpool are at Ruben Kazan (don’t ask, please!), and Celtic are at home to Molde, desperate to get a Europa win under their belts.Finally, last week also saw the League Cup last 16 and without taking up too much space, it was, as usual, full of surprises with 3 of the favourites going out, Arsenal humiliated 3-0 by Sheffield Wednesday, and Man Utd and holders Chelsea on penalties, respectively against Middlesboro’ (at OT as well!) where Rooney, Carrick and Young ( no, not a solicitor’s or estate agents!) 3 current England internationals, all failed from the spot, and at Stoke where there were 9 successful spotkicks with the 10th missed by Hazard, of all people, last season’s Football Writer’s and Player’s Player of the Year, but this season a really damp squib!

On that note, ’tis all for now, next week’s report will be from Ibiza CC’s end of season tour in Benidorm (actually, to be precise, Alfaz) so until then, have a good ‘un

Mexico GP

  • Rosberg regains form with Victory
  • ‘DNF’ for both Ferraris
  • Rhian Gibbs

It’s a welcome return to Mexico and judging by the support around the track you could hardly believe it’s been 23 years. With the championship and constructors title already decided, the race in Mexico would be a matter of pride and who will finish second and third in the title races.

Rosberg was on pole with Hamilton beside him, Vettel looked a strong possibility for challenging the Silver Arrows with the Red Bull’s also in the mix. Rosberg had a great start and took the all-important first corner; Vettel also had a strong start and was ready to pounce on the Mercedes when he took a shunt from Ricciardo and a puncture as a result – straight back to the pits for him and a lot of work to do to get back in the thick of it.

Rosberg led the race comfortably and Hamilton simply couldn’t catch his teammate, the only real drama between the two came when Hamilton was ordered in for a second pit-stop after Rosberg, Hamilton feeling it was unnecessary and despite a late safety car, Rosberg took the chequered flag with Hamilton a close 2nd.

Ferrari had their worst race of the season with Raikkonen retiring after a collision with Bottas, Vettel just added to their misery- not only the puncture at the start of the race, he then took a spin on lap 17 and whilst trying to regain ground he crashed out on lap 51, apologising for the error.

Williams returned to their usual form after Austin though early pit stops did threaten their race later, the safety car came to the rescue with fresh tyres and gave Bottas the opportunity to pass Kvyat and claim 3rd. Massa struggled a little after getting caught up in traffic though did fight back to take 6th for Williams. Kvyat drove a strong race and did deserve a podium finish for Red Bull but a wrong tyre strategy meant he lost out at the end, finishing 4th; his teammate Ricciardo took 5th, just lacking the pace to improve.

Force India had both cars in points and an elated crowd every time Perez drove past the stands. Hulkenberg took 7th whilst Perez, on a different strategy, lost out finishing 8th; drivers and team will be happy securing 5th overall in the constructors championship.

Verstappen for Toro Rosso crossed the line 9th, the first half of the race was promising for him, but lack of pace saw him fall further down the pack. His teammate also reported the same issue, Sainz finishing 13th. Lotus suffered the same issue with both cars lacking pace for most of the race; they did battle each other with Grosjean the victor in 10th and Maldonado 11th.

Both Saubers struggled with brake issues – Ericsson did manage to take 12th at the end of the race, but Nasr retired towards the end with complete brake failure. Button did well to finish 14th for McLaren after starting at the back of the grid, whilst Alonso retired lap one with an MGU-H problem (the bit that turns waste heat to energy)  – the team were aware of the issue however unable to correct the problem in time for the race.

The Marussia boys were heavily involved in their own race, they may be at the back, but you are guaranteed some good scrapping – Stevens had the advantage early on but the safety car and Rossi’s comfort on the medium tyre gave him the upper hand, Rossi 15th and Stevens 16th.

  • Next race, we head to Brazil on the 15th November.

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Monopoly has been a Christmas family ffavourite since before many of us were born. Providing you have a big enough stocking you can now ask Father Christmas for the Iviza edition of the Waddington classic.

The Dalt Vila, the Archaeological Museum, Es Vedra, the Port of Ibiza and La Savina all appear on the new Ibiza edition of Monopoly, and why be content with the island of S’Espalmador when by landing on the right squares you can find yourself the new owner of all Formentera’s most famous areas including the Moll Vell of La Mola, the ses Illetes Beach and Cap de Barbaria lighthouse.This way costs rather less than the 24 million asking price for S’Espalmador too.

The board game is bilingual in Castilian and English and is already available to buy. Feliz Navidad.

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