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Homeowners Set for Huge Benefits
  • EU wants banks to refund all money earned from mortgage ‘floor clauses’
  • Spanish lenders face bill of billions if forced to return funds from abusive loan terms

The European Commission has issued a damaging report for Spanish banks that for many years introduced so-called “floor clauses” into their home loan contracts.

These clauses, which not all banks include, set a “floor” or minimum interest rate that clients have to pay the bank, even if the benchmark rate – normally the Euribor – drops below that figure.

Spain’s Supreme Courtfound the practice abusivesentenced three banks to return the difference to borrowers, but only on payments made since May 2013.

But the European executive disagrees with this date, and says that the refunds should extend all the way back to the first mortgage payments. The rationale is that if a clause is declared void, “it is so from its origin.”

The three lenders involved in the case are, Cajamar and Abanca, but the industry is afraid that it will end up affecting all banks.

Until now, most courts have ruled in favour of the homeowners, but never in a retroactive manner.

The matter is of great significance to the banking sector because there are 2.5 million mortgages with floor clauses in Spain. If refunds were to be mandated retroactively, it would mean billions of euros in payments.

The European Commission has sent its report to the Court of Justice of the European Union, which is overseeing a related case involving CajaSur, a subsidiary of Kutxabank. Its final decision will hold the key to what happens next.

But legal sources in financial circles said that the issue was already affecting the banking sector’s reputation.

“If the Commission says all the money has to be returned, sooner or later I’m afraid that we will be refunding all the money charged through floor clauses,” said one source.

Other legal sources added that the Brussels report could influence the outcome of a class action suit filed by an association representing 15,000 people with floor clauses. The case began in 2010 and a decision is expected shortly.

New National Park

Marine biologist and former vice president of Oceana, Xavier Pastor gave a lecture at the Cultural Hall in Formentera to explain the proposal which will see the founding of the National Park of Muntanyes Submarines de Balears, specifically the proposal to protect three mountains within the Mallorca channel, called the Ausías March, Emile Baudot and Ses Olives, which are located between 10 and 40 miles east of Formentera.

Experts and workers from the environmental, fishing and sailing sectors on the island attended the lecture in which Xavier Pastor explained the advantages of protecting these mountains. The former vice president of Oceana spoke of the need for inclusion in the National Park to achieve sustainable tourism in time, and moreover explained that improvements should also help the fisheries sector as the protection of these areas should increase the size of the fish.

The Minister of the Environment for the Council of Formentera, Daisee Aguilera, also attended the presentation of this proposal based on a study by Oceana in four expeditions between 2006 and 2014 in which they used a robot submersible reaching 1,000 metres in depth. According to Pastor the proposals are justified by the study and the areas mentioned need protection because of the great diversity of species and their vulnerability.



Whater waste

The shoreline cleanup coordinator in the Balears, Josep Maria Aguilo, has reported that between May and September a total of 26,036 kilos of waste has been collected off of the coast of Ibiza, and 4,403 kilos off of Formentera. Throughout the Balears, the 33 boats in the cleaning armada have withdrawn 109.7 tons of waste from the sea, more than double the amount recovered in 2014.

Aguilo said that last year the boats were able to work only two and half months, but this year have been constantly cleaning for the five months of the summer. He also said that the ‘bonanza’ weather and high temperatures have helped the waste float which aids collection.

Among the special items gathered in the course of the work, he highlighted a trunk of a whale and a chair recovered in Mallorca, a bottle of butane in Ibiza, an oil drum, mattresses and blankets in Formentera and the rescue of a dog that had fallen into the sea in Menorca.


Imserso programme suspended
  • Lack of off-season tourism will affect the island

The suspension of retiree tourism through the Imserso program until at least the beginning of December will affect more than five hundred permanent employees working in hotels in the areas of Sant Antoni, Santa Eulalia and Es Canar. In addition, it will affect complementary services such as bus transport and shipping companies, among others.

Five of these establishments were waiting to welcome these tourists, about 40,000 in Ibiza, from mid-October. The arrival of the first contingent, the second shift is usually scheduled from late January onwards, has been cancelled due to recent Government issues on pricing.

Hoteliers warn that it would be a serious error to cancel the Imserso program, especially in March, April and May, because the guaranteed numbers of guests pre-season leads to the island hotels, and in turn, restaurants, bus charters and bars opening and providing work to island workers.

Responsible for the companies that own these hotels acknowledged yesterday that the biggest losers for the delay and possible suspension of the program will be the workers.

Sergio Castaneda, Marketing Manager for Marina Hotels, said that it hurts not being able to open two or three months before the summer, but for workers it is a real pain because it prevents them from earning money.

Alejandro Sancho Ferrer, commercial director for Invisa hotels, added that the tourism generates income especially in the complementary services and intermediaries (guides and bus transport companies, etc.). He warned that the 120 employees hired in its three hotels will not be listed as working and may have their state benefits slashed.


Winter flights are up

Ibiza airport will have new direct connections during the winter season, which begins on Sunday morning and ends on March 26th, 2016. Six Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, ‌‌Valencia, Alicante, Seville and Palma) and two foreign (London and Eindhoven) will have a total of 16 routes on offer, as some of the connections mentioned will be covered by two or three airlines. The scheduled flights in winter will provide a total capacity of 1,053,826 – an increase of 26.5% from last winter.

AENA reports that the scheduled UK flights will offer around 54,000 seats – an increase of 51.3% from last year.


Montesol to get 5 stars

The technical committee involved with the Protection and Interior Reform of Sa Penya and the Marina, has given the green light to the conversion of the historic hotel Montesol on Vara de Rey into a five star establishment.

The bill passed by the technical committee on Thursday has approved the initiation of internal demolition to be undertaken in the building in order to increase room size to meet standards.

The building will retain its historic facade and will also reopen the bar and cafeteria, traditionally frequented by locals and tourists.

The hotel closed its doors last December after a monumental 81 years in operation and was declared as a building of Cultural Interest (BIC) in 2002.


Ferry figures are up

The carriers operating between Ibiza and Formentera transported a total of 307,195 passengers in August, which represents an increase of 3% over the same month last year (299,007 people). In the first eight months of the year, traffic between the islands stood at 1,178,676 passengers, an increase 7% on the same period of in 2014 which saw 1,102,839 people travelling between the islands.


Adlib in Madrid

A total of seven designers from Adlib Ibiza participated in the MOMAD 1001 wedding fair in Madrid – Charo Ruiz, Dira Fashion Ibimoda, Luis Ferrer, Tony Bonet with Piluca Bayarri and Elisa Pomar. The Association Couture Spain stand also includes a selection of Adlib fashion designers from Ibiza who have participated in Catwalk Couture Spain in 2014 and 2015. The fair opened with the participation of the Minister of Interior, Industry, Trade and Institutional Relations, Marta Diaz, who has long been encouraging the organisation to participate in promotional events for the wedding industry of Ibiza.




Sant Antoni drug arrest

The Guardia Civil has arrested a 25-year Slovak for crimes against public health, resisting arrest and disobedience in Sant Antoni.

Last Saturday, the reception of a local hotel phoned police with a report that a man was very upset and threatening to its customers. A Guardia Civil patrol car located the man near to the site. The man refused to be searched for identification, became very aggressive and attempted to assault the officers.

Once detained, the man was found to be carrying different amounts of drugs like cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine, packaged and ready for sale.


Credit card theft

A man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing seven credit cards and 4,295 euros in the Marina district of Ibiza.

The arrest took place last Tuesday when police found three men running after a taxi in that neighbourhood. After stopping the taxi, these men began a discussion with the passenger, a 47 year-old Italian national who was inside the vehicle.

Addressing the officers, one of the men who had stopped the vehicle said the passenger had stolen their passports and cash. The passenger was asked for identification, which he refused as he said that he needed to catch a flight and was in a hurry.

The officers found seven credit cards, four with different names, and a wallet with ID of another person containing 4,295 euros in cash.


Naked nutter

A 40 year-old naked man has been arrested in Ibiza after assaulting two local police officers who tried to prevent him from blocking traffic.

The incident occurred on Monday just before midnight when the patrol, responding to a call, reached the Calle Aragon, and found a naked man in the middle of the road who was apparently on drugs.

Upon arrival, the patrol noticed that the man was carrying a baby carriage, which he then launched at the officers while calling them “murderers”.

The officers arrested the man after a struggle, and then took him to the Ibiza Town health centre where he and the officers were treated for injuries.

In the health centre, the detainee further assaulted the officers, medical personnel, and furniture which he decided to bite.

Finally, it was decided to take the man to Can Misses hospital for a medical assessment of his mental condition.


Space, the final Cox year?

The Ibiza rumour mill went into overdrive this week following a recent statement from global DJ icon, Carl Cox. He revealed that his popular Revolution nights at Space Club will be ending after 2016, because the 25 year-old lease held by Pepe Rosello is set to expire late next year and management of the venue will revert back to the Matutes Group, who also own Ushuaïa and Hard Rock.

In an interview with Australia’s inthemix website, Carl went on to explain why he didn’t want to continue his 15 year-old residency under new management:

“It gets handed over to Ushuaïa Group across the road and its manager Jan will be given the keys to run Space. And once that happens, everything changes. So I have no desire to stay in that club for any reason.” He half-joked that he would only play the new venue if he was offered a million euros, but said: “My heart tells me I will not ever do that [play for the money] – because if Pepe’s not there, I am not there. We grew up together, we’ve been all the way through this together, and we’re going to finish together. And I’m quite happy about that, because it means we leave the legacy of a club that made a difference.”

Initial thoughts from Ibiza residents invested in the club scene was that Space will be no more and the current venue will turn into an Ushuaïa clone hosting popular EDM acts such as David Guetta, Avicii and Calvin Harris. Firstly, nobody is privy to the plans of the Matutes Group – it may not even continue as a club venue. Secondly, recent rumours abound that 78 year-old Pepe Rosello is not yet ready to hang up his disco shoes and has a new project in the pipeline.

Ibiza club blogger Danny Kay broke the story when he reported on suggestions that the new owners ofdes Solin San Antonio Bay, a company named,Sabiduría, had Pepe Rosello backing it. The rumour gained traction whenlocal newspaper, Dario de Ibiza,residents in the area had collected over 800 signatures objecting to the venue being used as a daytime “Hotel Disco” similar to Ushuaïa or the nearby Ocean Beach Club.

He continued to report that Mr Rosello seems to have exciting plans to develop the venue in association with an Ibicenco Hotelier based in Santa Eularia. It is unclear what branding the new Hotel Reco des Sol will run its business under, but a company named,Beach Club SA, lists Pepe Rosello as the sole director.

Mr Rosello started his business career at El Refugio in San Antonio back in 1956 and it would be fitting that he should consider ending it in his local area. His first club was the popular Playboy Club, which he established in 1962 which even then was at the forefront of forward thinking music. The rumour mill will continue to turn, but it is pleasant to think that in just a few years Carl Cox may have a residency on the west of the island.


Roadworks resumed

The Council of Ibiza has been has restarted the repair of more than 30 sections of the road network, postponed in recent days due to rain.

The institution announced that traffic incidents will occur in different areas affected by the works. Road crews are currently repairing the Joan XXIII roundabout and the links on the second ring road (E-20) to Jesus and Sa Blanca Dona. By this weekend repairs will begin at the start of the Ibiza Town to Santa Eulària (C-733) road and on the PM-801 at Sant Jordi where works on the pavements and drainage system will be undertaken. The works at Ses Païsses (E-30) will resume which will cause tailbacks at the entrance to the roundabout from the PM-803 road to Sant Josep.


La Caixa launches new service

The regional director of Caixa Bank in the Balears, Xicu Costa, has presented the bank’s new service in Ibiza called Holabank. The presentation was held at the Club Diario de Ibiza in front of hundreds of people, mostly customers of the financial institution.

Costa said in his speech that this new line of business is aimed at a market of international clients, “who come to the islands mainly with the intention of purchasing a home.” “Almost 40% of the purchases that are made in the Islands are by non-residents. These are customers who need a specialized service, a series of specific financial or non-financial products and so we decided to specialize even more to meet their specific needs, “said the regional director.

Xicu Costa said that foreign customers were not neglected, but are very well catered for in the Balears and specifically in the Pitiusas. “But we want to serve them more and better,” said the regional director.

The new service will be available in 160 offices with expert managers in international banking, and will offer a portfolio of products and services, both financial and non-financial, that meet the specific needs of the international customer.

Victoria’s Secret Model chooses Ibiza

The Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has chosen Ibiza as the location to shoot her own ‘Ale by Alexandra’ swimwear brand for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The photo shoot took place on a number of beaches around Ibiza on what was Alessandra’s first visit for ten years.

The Victoria’s Secret model uploaded a photo to Instagram, and said she was very excited to share her new campaign with her followers. “I think my brand is very bohemian and Ibiza is bohemian, but not in the way we dress, but how we live,” said the supermodel to French magazine, Le Parisien. “I was in hippie mode when I visited the island last time, so it’s nice to find that feeling again. I was in my element.”

Meanwhile editorial staff at the Ibizan were said to be “struggling” to explain how the model’s visit was sufficiently newsworthy to feature so prominently in their new edition. A source close to management of Ibiza’s English language newspaper said suspicions were rife that “ulterior motives” had come into play, representing a “shocking lapse in professional objectivity”.

A spokesperson for the newspaper said, “To hell with professionalism, last week the women had Idris, now it’s our turn. Anyway, why are we talking to our own newspaper?”.

Why indeed.

Ibiza Council Approves 6:30 AM Club Closing Time

by Ryan Middleton  

Ibiza has been known as the place to party from sun up to sun up at some of the best clubs globally with the best DJs in the world. Now that is starting to get reined in by the Ibiza Council. Vicent Torres, President of the Island Council and the five other mayors on the White Isle have put together a new batch of rules that would adjust the closing times for bars and clubs, forcing closure of clubs at 6:30 a.m.

Music bars, known as café concierto’s, will now have to close at 5 a.m., an hour and a half change from their previous closing time of 6:30 a.m according to local publication Diario de Ibiza. This will impact the debaucherous vacation town of San Antonio, which has operated under the 6:30 a.m closing time for years.

Restaurants will also be squeezed with a new restriction on music. It must be shut down at midnight, though they can still stay open until 3 a.m.

Torres promises to ratchet up enforcement of these new laws as well and says the government is willing to punish repeat offenders,

This may sound very late to many individuals who are not familiar with the party atmosphere on Ibiza, but during the summer, parties don’t get started at the big clubs like Amnesia, DC-10, Pacha, Space and Sankeys until around 2 or 3 a.m. and can continue well into the next day, which could be around noon.

The new restrictions will not be taken too well by the club and nightlife business on the Island. They already complain that the Island is being squeezed by other vacation destinations like Croatia. The once pristine image of Ibiza has started to fade with the spectre of bottle service and increased VIP accommodations taking over clubs, pricing out regular clubbers. This was one of the reasons why Carl Cox will abandon his famous residency at Space Ibiza after 2016 after a strong 15 years with the club.


Food & Drink


We couldn’t keep mint all to ourselves could we, so in this the third and final week of the Mint Menu, we hand over to Claire for a Bossa-eyed view. Mint closes Saturday so it really is last chance saloon, see centre for info on Saturday’s shenanigans.

As one menu closes another jumps off the page in residentastic value fayre for your winter consumption. Welcome to Mumak, right, and a menu the Sanjay way.


Mint Lounge

Claire B

I’d heard very good things about the Menu Del Dia (set lunch menu) at Mint on the sunset strip in San Antonio, so when I was asked if I fancied trying it out, I jumped at the chance. A long lazy lunch by the sea in the October sunshine seemed like a good proposition. However, on Monday when I went, the weather decided not to play ball and a table by the sea would have been a little damp as the rain started to fall. Fortunately the food did not disappoint, and lived up to expectations.

The last establishment on the sunset strip next to Café Mambo, Mint Lounge Bar is in an excellent location, and prides itself on offering Italian cuisine at reasonable prices. At 13.50€ its 3-course Menu Del Dia is a bargain and they certainly don’t skimp on the quality of the food. The menu is changed each week and with 5 dishes to choose from for starters and mains, there’s plenty of choice, including vegetarian options. For starters we had the choice of San Daniele ham croquettes, Greek salad, Scrambled eggs with salmon and leek, Beef carpaccio and Aubergine parmigiana.

I chose the Aubergine parmigiana, which consisted of beautifully cooked slices of aubergine layered with a tasty tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, served on a slice of ciabatta and decorated with parmesan shavings, drizzles of pesto and a basil leaf and cherry tomato garnish. It was lovely, and a good start to the meal.

My lunch companion chose the Beef carpaccio. Slices of thinly cut and tender beef with slices of ripe strawberries, small blobs of lemon mayonnaise and lots of parmesan shavings. Served on a slate platter, it looked as good as it tasted and the combination of ingredients and flavours was delicious.

For the mains we could chose from Mini burger, Fish of the day, Seafood risotto, Vegetable pasta or Pizza of the day. I decided to have the pizza and chose to have Italian sausage, black olives and prosciutto as my toppings. It was large, cooked to perfection and had ample tomato sauce and mozzarella as well as my chosen toppings. Helpfully cut into slices for me, it was by far the best pizza I had eaten for a long time.

My companion opted for the Mini burger, which was more medium-sized than mini. A succulent homemade beef patty full of meaty flavour with grilled red onions, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a slice of cheese, served in a white bun. It came with a bowl of chips and a small bowl of spicy tomato salsa, plus the requested side of jalapeno peppers.

Dessert of the day was Chocolate croquettes, which were absolutely delicious. Small balls of chocolate coated in Japanese breadcrumbs (no idea what they are) and lightly fried, served with piped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce, syrup and decorated with colourful flower stamens. When you broke through the crunchy breadcrumb crust, the chocolate inside was warm and soft. Definitely a new favourite and something that would take me back there time and time again.

The overall menu was well balanced and had something for everyone. Every dish we ordered was beautifully presented, cooked to perfection and delicious. For 13.50€ you can’t go wrong, and with a great location and friendly and efficient staff, the only thing you can’t be sure of is good weather! Unfortunately they’re closing at the end of October but will reopen again in March, when the Menu Del Dia will resume again. So make a mental note to go and sample it next spring.


Food & Drink


The New Mumak

Nick Gibbs

You just click with some people. Synergy? Empathy? Call it what you will my first meeting with Sanjay Das Gupta, the man behind the all new Mumak, definitely falls into that bracket. Being born in England and raised in India gives Sanjay that more English than the English quality. Impeccable manners, a love of cricket, and of course 100% authentic, not to be argued with, knowledge of every Englishman’s passion, Indian food.

Sanjay put this to practical use in some of London’s finest upmarket Indian restaurants before opening a restaurant in ultra competitive Barcelona, and the verdict of the Catalan critics, well suffice it to say Sanjay along with his two business partners now have two thriving restaurants in Barcelona and clearly a glutton for punishment Ibiza came next.

The owning directors divide their expertise between kitchen, finance, and Sanjay’s front of house.

The all new Mumak opened in  May 2015, relaunched after a renovation based on  tropical inspiration both in décor/ appearance and taste.

I think the effort in delivering a business with the words  ‘The all new…’ in front of the name may be one of our greatest areas of empathy.

Playa d’en Bossa was my home and stamping ground for a good few years and Mumak was a known name with a well known owner.  I know only too well how it can take time to change people’s preconceptions and so let me do my bit to help Sanjay in his quest right now.

Forget everything you may have known about Mumak aside from the location. It is so totally different in style, management, and menu.

The location is an enviable one. Between Ushuaia and Bora-Bora and right on the beach—you step from their terrace to sand, though being set back behind some dunes the ambiance is a million miles from Bossa’s hedonist excess.

Comprised of the interior restaurant which flows out to a dining terrace and beyond that the beach lounge area, the style is an eclectic mix of bright exuberant colours of Asia with the sophisticated modernism of Milan. Think Kumharas blended with Botofoc and you’ll get the idea.

This eclecticism is also reflected in their cuisine. The menú comprises dishes from Thailand, India, Peru, Jamaica, Mexico and Morocco. Plus a range of sandwiches and gourmet burgers.

Now I have to say this normally worries me, and it is usually the (forgive me for using the term Sanjay) curries that suffer most. But of course we need have no such fears in Mumak’s case. I tried the Biryani and Jerk Chicken on this first visit. Both top drawer. Remember to stress you are British if ordering anything spicy though, or you risk the kitchen cooking to Spanish spicy tastes, i.e not spicy.

A first summer among the throng of  Bossa’s  beach eateries would leave many thinking that they had bitten off more than they could chew, but Mumak did well and were particularly encouraged by the proportion of returning customers. (We can vouch for that as one superstar DJ and friend to the newspaper swears by them,  his default diner on his frequent trips.)

With the mention of superstar DJ custom you may now be thinking this as priced aiming for the rich and tourists—not a bit of it. The pricing is reasonable throughout but the 13.50€ Wednesday to Saturday menu including drink, yes I’ll repeat that, including drink, is nothing short of brilliant. I am really looking forward to the Sunday Brunch which I understand includes roast meats with a tropical spiced twist.—not a word I am fond of but justified in the context of an intriguing combination of what for many of us are two of our favourite flavours.

The Ibizan welcomes the new Mumak as a new advertiser,  and after your first visit I feel sure you will also welcome them for being new, also for being different, professional, and most of all very tasty.






Thursday 29th Oct to Wednesday 5th Nov 2015

ARIES – Page of Wands

Listen to what younger members of your family are saying, either verbally or non-verbally; they are not blind and have made their own minds up about a certain drama playing out in your life. They may be going through a sensitive time and need extra encouragement. For some, this time brings new business or career opportunities that improve your mood.

TAURUS – Two of Disks (reversed)

Nothing seems to go according to plan this week but don’t get too frustrated as niggling situations blow over fast.  Just stay on top of things and attend to practical matters; make sometime of timetable to keep you from getting off track and keep appointments.  Moneywise, hold on to what you’ve got and don’t be tempted to make impulse purchases.

GEMINI – The Lovers

Speak from the heart this week and you’ll be able to make good progress especially in onerelationship.  The choices you make now will have far reaching consequences so think carefully and bear in mind the feelings of others before announcing any new plan or change in strategy; especially if you need their tactical support or financial backing.

CANCER – The Hanged Man

You feel this week that your life is in limbo and that you’re waiting for something to happen.  Well, you’re right about that!  This card asks you to be patient. Something is changing but you can’t see the woods for the trees right now.  Just have faith that this period is necessary for you to have time to figure it out.

LEO – Five of Pentacles

There’s nothing missing in life, only your own attitude to it.  Turn thoughts to what’s really important; your relationship with others.  If you feel a lack of abundance or love then look at what you give out.  Universal law operates in balance and will therefore return all you have given to others.  Expect wonderful experiences heading in your direction soon.

VIRGO – Six of Swords

If a relationship or business partnership didn’t work out the way you expected; don’t waste time mulling over what might have been.  It’s time cut free from troublesome entanglements this week and look towards new opportunities; personally or professionally.  It can be scary to move away from what’s familiar; however, you’ll soon see that events happen for a reason.

LIBRA – Six of Cups

You have a sense of déjà vous when meeting new people this week, therefore connect to your intuitive side and trust in your first impressions.  There’s a sense of renewal in life and finally an understanding of your next move. Healing takes place between you and those had problems with; if an olive branch is offered be gracious and accept.

SCORPIO – The Tower

A week when you get a few wake up calls. What was has to transform and unless you start orchestrating change, life will throw you a few curved balls. The positive out of this is that you can rebuild your life on firmer foundations.  The lightening striking the tower allows you to see situations and people as they truly are.


Extra happiness for you Sagittarius as you come closer to realising a personal ambition.  Romantically you attract someone special so don’t stay at home.  Get out and about as you never know who you’ll meet.  Chances are it’s someone who’s uncomplicated for a change.  You don’t even need to heal or fix them; they’re perfect just the way they are.

CAPRICORN – Two of Swords (reversed)

It’s time to move on if certain people are unwilling to change or cannot see what you are trying to accomplish.  Whether this is a personal or business matter, you have had enough trying to get others to see things your way.  On a more positive note, this card brings new people and situations that will eventually improve your life.

AQUARIUS – King of Cups

Here’s a love interest who’s just such a nice person and yes, they do exist!  They’re sensitive and in touch with feelings and won’t play games.  For others he can represent the bearer of good news especially in career matters or business partner who’ll help you with your ambitions. Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio men make good allies this week.

PISCES – Knight of Pentacles

You’ll meet someone charming who thinks you’re the answer to their own get rich quick schemes.  Pisces are savvy about money so are unlikely to get stung by a pretty or handsome face.  However, you’re not totally unsusceptible to flattery.  Best give them a trial run before parting with cash, just to see if they’re up to the job.


Sport Web

The official portal website for sport in Ibiza combines information about sporting activities, clubs and events across the island. It includes hiking routes, mountain bike trails, kayak tours and diving routes and a calendar of all the sporting events that take place, from shooting, to sailing, hiking, marathons etc. It also has details with contact information of all the island’s sporting clubs – team sports, individual sports, water sports, contact sports and racket sports – from football, to rugby, volleyball, climbing, cycling, tennis, badminton, karate and archery. Plus details of all the sports facilities on the island – swimming pools, football pitches, riding centres and so on.



Culture Web

The Eivissa Cultural website collates cultural activities that take place in all of the 5 boroughs of the island. From concerts, dance, films, art exhibitions, poetry recitals, museum exhibitions and events to historical talks and events, it’s all in there, demonstrating the cultural diversity that exists on the island. As well as a list of all the posted events there’s also a calendar view to see what’s on when.



  • Santa Eulalia

Fri 30th. Sat 31st Oct. Sun 1st Nov – 8.30pm. Kidnapping Mr Heineken.

(2015. 15 rating. 95 mins)

The inside story of the planning, execution, rousing aftermath and ultimate downfall of the kidnappers of beer tycoon Alfred “Freddy” Heineken, which resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for an individual. Stars: Jim Sturgess, Sam Worthington, Ryan Kwanten.

Wed 7th Nov – 6.30pm. Ricki and the Flash

(2015. 12A rating. 101 mins) Comedy, Drama.

A musician who gave up everything for her dream of rock-and-roll stardom returns home, looking to make things right with her family. Stars: Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Mamie Gummer.


Live music
  • Santa Gertrudis

Free live music returns to Sluiz on Sunday afternoons from November 1st from 16.30-20.00. Here’s the program for November:

Nov 1: swing with Bluesmafia i es Saligardos

Nov 8: fresh jazz with Lemon Emigrants

Nov 15: Brazilian music with What Else?

Nov 22: blues with MG and the Hollers

Nov 29: funk with Funkorama

Sluiz is on the Carretera Ibiza-San Miguel, Km 4, just outside Santa Gertrudis. Look out for the blue and white cows outside.


  • Playa D’en Bossa
  • Claire B

If you don’t want to celebrate Halloween, there’s another option taking place at Coco Beach with their Oktoberfest, starting at 2pm on Saturday October 31st on the beach at Playa D’en Bossa. Transformed into a Bavarian beer garden, Bavarian folk music band ‘Wies n Buam’ will provide the music to accompany the menu full of Bavarian specialities, including veal sausages, sausage salad, ‘Obazda’ (cottage cheese seasoned with herbs and paprika), duck, ‘Backhendl’ (oven baked chicken), roast pork with crackling, knuckle of suckling pig, bread and potato dumplings and more. There’ll be live performances from artists Arte Volante as well as DJs and presumably lots of beer.


Chris Martos
  • Ibiza Town

After four years since his literary and film project ‘The Code’, the Ibizan Chris Martos is releasing a new musical work called ‘Multiverso’, which will be introduced to fans on Friday, November 6th at 8.30pm in the Club Diario de Ibiza.

The artist will unveil some of his new songs in an acoustic concert, after which he will sign copies of the release for attendees.

“This year, after the death of my father and after a short artistic break, I thought it was time to compose again and now I invite the public to come to see the result,” says the singer.

This new work was produced in the Divertimento studies in Barcelona with ‌‌David Palau and Ibiza musician Joan Barbé. ‘Multiverso’ also features the performances by Jesus Prieto Piti, Frank Cogollos and Manu Esteve.  At the concert in November, Martos will be joined by Joan Barbé and Frank Cogollos with a violin and an acoustic guitar.


War stories
  • Ibiza Town

IEE are showing an exhibition which revolves around during and after the War of Succession writings by Historian, Antoni Torres Tur. The show commemorates the tercentenary of the period 1715-2015 and is part of Ibiza’s Year of Culture. It starts at 8pm this Thursday the 29th October and will run through November at the Club Diario de Ibiza. For more information, phone 971 190 000.





Tierras Profundas
  • Sant Agusti

The Sant Josep Council is showing the new exhibition of Pedro Pubil in Can Curt de Sant Agusti. The exhibition is called ‘deep soils ‘, and will remain open until November 2nd, from Thursday to Sunday between the hours of 7pm and 10pm.

The Spaniard who lives in Ibiza initially graduated in Applied Arts, and has continued to compose in different art forms, such as ceramics, graphic design and painting. The new exhibition shows Pubil’s new interpretation of nature, always playing with geometric shapes endowed with personality.

Councillor for Tourism, Culture and Heritage, Helena Benlloch, invites residents of the municipality and the general public to accompany the author on this trip to deep soils.



  • Sant Carles

They sure know how to have a party in Sant Carles. The mammoth annual two month fiesta is almost half-way through and has already included a fishing tournament, horse jumping, football, discos and of course plenty of food. We still have the whole of November to go and there’s plenty to do for everyone in and around this pretty village on this weekend.

Friday 30th October will be a day for children with the school festival. The adults take their turn in the evening with the much anticipated Flower Power festival which will see plenty of dressing up and funky old classics.

The next day, there will be 12 hours of hoop races and other games including a gastronomic squid competition with awards for the best recipes. This is of course followed by yet more music and dancing.

On All Saints Day, there will be antique cars and bikes show, country dancing and some traditional Ball Pagés.

The celebrations run until the 29th of November with loads of different and unusual activities, and you can see some of the highlights below.


12.00. CEIP Sant Carles party in the plaza of the Church. For all audiences.

18.00. Children’s party in the tent with magic, clowns and competitions.

21.30. Flower Power party.


12.00. Traditional games.

13.00. Home Squid Gastronomic Day with prizes for the best recipes.

19.00. Frigolos and “Remember the Spanish Pop?” concerts with Ivan Domenech and Joan Barbé in the square.

23.00. SuperXafasté party with resident DJs and guest DJ David Klirk.


10.30. Exhibition of old vehicles organized by the Classic Car Club Ibiza.

10.30. Exhibition of antique motorcycles organized by the Moto Club Classic Ibiza and Formentera.

11.00. Solemn Mass of All Saints Day with the Parish Choir of Sant Carles.

12.30. Performance of Ball Pagès by Colla de Sant Carles de Peralta.

16.00. Traditional crafts fair and street music.

19.30. La Locanda concert in the plaza of the Church.

21.30. Formenterencs Aires concert in the church square.


13.30. Ball Pagès by Colla de Sant Carles de Peralta and then tasting of local delicacies.

18.00. Talent competition for children presented by the magician Albert. Registration: 697 566 595.

21.00. Migjorn Concert Orchestra.


16 h. VII Festival Grand Prix Pagès in front of the Poble.


13.00. Exhibition of paintings and photographs of wells and springs in Santa Eulària Senior Club of Sant Carles.


Halloween Ibiza Style


Mint Closing

Sunset Strip

We may as well start with the Halloween party that isn’t a Halloween party. Mint traditionally closes on the 31st and has become the shindig that starts the shindig for many. Wise souls out there might well decide to set themselves up for the night ahead with the last Mint Menu—see page 4 for their brilliant 3 course.


The Zombie Kitty Apocatlips


At Boutique Hostal Salinas the party starts on November 1st at 3am, with The Zombie Kitty Apocatlips. There’ll be a whole host of DJs at the haunted hostal. Room 1 is Vitalik Recordings in the Twilight Zone, with Clive Henry, Ryan O Gorman, Salvatore Stallone, Jaime Fiorito & Alfredo, Jonathan Tena, David Phillips, Andy Baxter and Bones. Room 2 sees Lo Cura Lounge in the MicroRave, with Amp and Deck, Karlos Sense, David Phillips, Jon Woodall, Andrew Livesey and Grayson Shipley. In keeping with their theme they are asking people to donate to Care 4 Cats.


Piruleto Park

Playa D’en Bossa

There are Halloween shenanigans taking place for kids in Gran Piruleto Park in Playa D’en Bossa on Sunday November 1st from 12.00-20.00. As well as shows and entertainment, there will be prizes for the best costumes and they’ll be cooking monster-sized paellas. Entrance and paella is 15€. Gran Piruleto Park is at Calle Begonias 31, Playa D’en Bossa.



Santa Gertrudis(ish)

For entry at what some consider ‘the’ Ibizan Halloween party, and there is no argument it was the original that started our love affair with the night of the undead, you either need a booking or guest list. At time of going to press the restaurant is already fully booked but Bambuddha are still advertising private areas from 10 pm for drinks only. Otherwise it is the ghost list and requirement to purchase prepaid drink tickets at the door.


Monsters Ball

Playa D’en Bossa

The Monsters Ball starts at 11pm at the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa. Entrance is free and they also have special dinner and room deals.


Babylon Beach Family Party

Santa Eulalia

For many Babylon is to kids Halloween what Bambuddha is to definitely no kids Halloween. They really push the ghost ship out with loads to keep the little ghouls happy, and that’s happy with a good few frights, scares and yukky things to have them screaming in delight and/or terror—as a parent you won’t be sure which so best just retire to the bar and prepare yourself for later—it all winds up at 10pm designed to give you time to get them home to bed or abandon them in the home of a relative/friend/casual acquaintance, basically anybody that will have them so you can get on with the grown up night. Top tip: ensure your babysitter earns their money by popping in to the kid’s bedroom in your full Halloween costume on your way out—she won’t have time to use up all your data allowance now.

Babylon’s Creepy Kids Area is complete with:

Arts and Crafts : Halloween Games : Facepainting : Dressing Up Competition : Spooky Story Telling : Kids Cinema : Corbata the Clown arriving by boat (weather permitting).

For the adults:

DJ’s George Solar (Babylon Beach) and Willy Graff (Pacha Funky Room) : Live music from “Angel Freaks” : Halloween Menu : Halloween Cocktails : Special effects make up : Face and body painting : Open from 1pm-10pm


Stevie Bleeds

San Antonio Bay

OK it’s Stevie D’s but Halloween is a bit of a pun fest for your humble scribes at the Ibizan. They only have themselves to blame with their offering of free Ghoulash and if that hasn’t got you laughing there must be something wrong with you as they are making it in their deadpan.

A prize for the best costume though we think we have already set the standard to beat with  our outrageous (well it is Halloween) Blaxploitation of DJ Blacula, or as he’s known to his friends Stake and Chip.

Those reaching for their pens to complain of the inherent racism would be well advised to do so, as we evened it up by including the honkeyslayer strapline and thereby made it double racist. Bit of a brainteaser that one, so apologies to all the racists who don’t have one to tease.


Taller Terrorífic


The Library at Sant Ferran de Ses Roques hosts a special spooky day out for kids on this Thursday 29th October. The action kicks off at 5pm and will consist of a workshop where the young ones can get into the spirit of Halloween by making and creating things that go bump in the night.


Halloween Ibiza Style


Sol y Sombre

San Antonio

Sol y sombre, seriously this is too easy, which is just about what Sol y Sombra (there you go) are doing in giving you a one stop shop for all you nefarious needs.

First, and any time during their regular open hours daily from 1.30pm, you can buy your Vamp at Pikes ticket from them. Which is handy if you can’t get out to Pikes, or just don’t want to ruin your car’s suspension before the big night.

Then on Halloween itself they are offering a menu which the spirit of the day says we should describe as gruesome, but we can’t because it looks fantastic. You’ll have to make do with ending your meal with some ice scream.

They have also booked DJ Roberto Campoli and guests to get your grave groove on and—we said they were the one stop shop—they have even  arranged for a make up artist so you wont have to bother making a mess of it yourself in front of the bathroom mirror.

There is talk of transport—but we can’t confirm that at time of going to press.


Mar I Sins

Cala de Bou

David and Kenny are wrapping up the season with a howl combining their closing and Halloween in a scream fest that is just bound to end with someone getting shot.



Vamp at Pikes

San Antonio

A veritable Vampire Weekend lies aheadonly days to go until the 4thof the island’s Halloween hooley,,over Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel. It’s all systems up on the haunted hill with the petrifying preparations at San Antonio’s legendary location in full swing ahead of the annual event set to take place on Saturday 31stfrom 9pm.

With a line up of DJs and live entertainment that includes the very founder of the Balearic sound, DJ Alfredo, plus Flamenco hero, Paco Fernandez, not to mention a long list of Ibiza’s finest DJs and musicians, this is one Halloween party that promises a night of bloody beats and very naughty treats.

Starting at 9pm, the freaky festivities will be spread across several rooms of the hotel, with enough music and entertainment to satisfy even the most hungry of vampires. Leading this year’sof Darkness, DJbe joined byFiorito,Baxter, Tom Crane, Pete Gooding, The Brothers Grim, Scott GrayReynolds (Melon Bomb), Stray Kitten, of course, the Ibiza Rocks House summer residents 2015,ChaddertonDJ.

Paco Fernandezhis vampire band will take over the Plaza early bells, whilst inside the haunted house, the sultry sound ofCarrie SmithAmy Winehouse will fill the air from midnight. Meanwhile, in Chez Fez,Starrbe rocking out some Halloween classics to help get your freak on.On top of that, guests are invited to get their best screeches ready for’s Killer Karaoke. Partygoers should also be prepared to have their ivories tickled by Crazy Piano Man,Campoli,the putrid Pikes Piano accompanied by one of the island’s favourite vocalists,Shakespeare.

For those who have an appetite for more than just blood and guts, Pikes Restaurant,39,be open from 9pm serving up a BBQ feast at 15euros fit for any fiend. Places are limited and it’s first come, first serve in the food department.

With special effects and classic horror cinema added to the proceedings by Aladdin Lights, this edition of the Halloween celebration aims to scare the living beejeezus out of the attendees, the stuff of actual nightmares.



Trick or Treat Train Ride

Santa Eulalia

A great idea for children organised by ibizamamas. The tourist train takes a spooky circuit around 4 stops with fun, scares, and all importantly treats at each. All aboard if you dare!!

Meeting point 5pm – 6pm atXarc. Come one hour earlier if you wish to get involved in the train decoration and have some delicious tapas our wonderful host David will be preparing specially for the HALLOWEEN night. Venue has trampoline and outside playground. Train leavesXarc6pm.

First stop, just outside Santa Eularia at theCamí del Rei. Toni, the owner of the venue told us the restaurant will be closed because on Halloween Night there are some ghosts coming there to visit.. willbe ready to meet them ??? Trick or treat !!!

2nd stop atMartinaJose y Pepe are our happy hosts.. but they are only happy if you know a trick !!
**Restaurant is on the beach and we will be at the location just in time for a beautiful sunset !!

3rd stop We will be heading back to Santa Eularia but we are far away from finishing our trick or treat adventure. We stop atEs Pins, where our sweet host Nieves will trick or treat with us!!!

4th stop is the atMarian Y Miguel Restaurante-Chill Outthey know all about Halloween and waiting for our little ones !!

5th stop and the last one but not the least is atResort, another venue with playground just perfect to for kids who had too much candy!!

8pm back atXarc, more trampoline for the restless kids, dinner and disco inside if you fancy!!

Price: 10Euros per seat.




Age Concern Becomes of Age
  • In 2016 Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera will be celebrating their 21st Anniversary of operating on the Island for 21 years.

Tony Curtis, President, Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera

On the 25th March 1995 Age Concern in Ibiza was officially launched at the Hotel Royal, and in November 1997 Age Concern Ibiza & Formentera was constituted, and it was officially recognized by the Govern of the Balearic Islands in February 1998.

Sally Kennedy, ACIF founder, was part of the Elderly People’s Welfare Committee, which was part of the English Speaking Church at that time, and she joined forces with similar organizations in Palma and Menorca to form Age Concern Espana in 1994, which is now our Federation, and over the years has grown covering most of Spain.

We still maintain a close working relationship with the English Speaking Church.

Age Concerns role in Spain is different to that of Age UK, although we do cover similar grounds.

Age Concern is primarily concerned with expatriates who may have left their country of origin some years ago, and are encounting difficulties or who may on the other hand be adjusting themselves to a new culture. It also exists to promote the well being of older people and to make life easier, fulfilling and enjoyable.

We are a fully registered charity, not for profit Organization promoting the well being of the over 50’s.

Our ethos has remained constant over the last 21years,”To help older people remain in their homes as long as possible, and improve the quality of life for them whenever we can. It is only through the generosity, energy and invaluable help from our friends and donors that we can make a difference and fulfill our aims.

Although we are relatively small, we offer a range of services to those who are legally resident in Spain. i.e. Residents and tourists.

Our main aim is to “signpost” people to where they can get the best help they need, enabling them to take actions for themselves.

We also have a stock of equipment that we loan out to people in need of such items including wheelchairs, walking frames etc:

We will be celebrating our Anniversary at our very popular Christmas Lunch which will be held on the 03rd December, at Can Truy, with a 3 course lunch with wine and entertainment at a cost of €16 for friends and €26 for guest’s.

Last year’s event was a great success; therefore you are advised to book well in advance by contacting Lyn Carpenter on 971346094 or 677630514.

I would like to thank all the people who have supported us over the past 21 years. It has been very much appreciated by the people who were in need.


The Long Walk Home

The Around The island Adventure has become an annual event with 10 intrepid trekkers retracing the original trip walked by founder Toby Clarke back in 2010.  In the original journey Toby and his dog Cosmo walked the entire island following the coastline as close as possible and survived the entire 11 days with just 1€!

This year due to an injury Toby was unable to lead the walk so Simon Reid, a guide for Walking Ibiza stepped in and lead the group, this was a great achievement as Simon who knows the island very well having grown up here still had to fill in many gaps.  Thanks to modern technology and using a gps tracker Toby could follow the group and assist where required.

In contrast to Toby´s original walk the Adventure is now fully supported along the way with nutritional daily food deliveries, a fully stocked support vehicle and even a few nights in a hotel to ensure the participants remain in good health and spirits.

The 2015 route culminated in a taped finish line on the quayside in Ibiza Town, complete with a suitably jubilant  spraying of bubbly by waiting supporters.

Speaking of their endeavours a common thread was the surprise in Ibiza having many more hills than anticipated—according to data gathered the walk required a climb of 7,500 meters, higher than Kilimanjaro. Walkers also talked of an unexpected level of psychological effort resulting from a lack of marked paths and hence needing a great deal of concentration. They expected to be physically tired but this left them mentally fatigued too.

The trek also took on a spiritual aspect for some walkers who talked of it becoming a kind of meditation, giving time and space to think about life and their place in it.

Eleven people set off, but two did not manage to complete, falling to the  demands of the 12 days taken to complete the circumnavigation of Ibiza’s 254km coastline.  Around the Island Adventure

Readers will recall that the past two weeks in Ibiza have included some awful weather conditions, another challenge that this year proved insurmountable and leaving the group with  no choice but to leave out a small section this year.  Among the nine over the line Saturday were walkers were from the UK, Holland, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Walking Ibiza will be holding two Around the Island Adventures in 2016.

First two weeks of May – this Adventure will have accommodation mainly in hotels with two nights wild camping to really get the experience.

Second – October – this will be the traditional challenge with mainly wild camping with three nights in hostels

There will also be a 4 day Challenge in April which is to get around the island in 4 days using bikes, hiking and kayaking

For more information on these and their varied itinerary throughout the year go to their facebook page at



Time to remember

This year Remembrance Sunday falls on the 8th November. Armistice Day, which marks the end of the First World War, is on Wednesday 11th November. By the time you read this article the British Legion Poppy’s will be available in various locations around the island. Once again we ask that you make a donation of however much you can spare and wear your poppy with pride to show that you remember those who gave everything for their country. We have just returned from a trip to the UK spending time in different towns and cities, it was only when it came to writing this article that we realised just how many young men we had seen with limbs or part limbs missing, some we assume were due to injuries received during current conflicts. Unfortunately wars continue and anything we can do to support the British Legion in their efforts to provide help and assistance to such ex-service personnel and their families will be much appreciated. Why not try to make 2015 a record year for donations from Ibiza.




Love Latest

Carly Sorensen

Some of you may remember seeing an article about Love From Ibiza, a local fundraising effort for the Calais refugees, in our newspaper a while ago. Well, it has so far been a huge success with the people of Ibiza really pulling together and digging deep to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Inspired by the charitable efforts of Marie and spurred on my desire to do something, anything, to help, I joined Marie’s team in sorting out the overwhelming mountain of clothes and goods. We’ve donated bags of unsuitable items – such as Summer clothes, women’s clothes or children’s clothes which the refugee camp either doesn’t need or already has more than enough of – to Caritas, donated thinner blankets, sheets and bedding to Sa Coma dogs home, sorted men’s clothing, shoes and blankets into types and sizes and boxed and labelled them ready for transportation and put aside a massive mound of new and nearly new items to sell at San Jordi market in order to raise much needed funds for food and shelter at the camp. Whilst helping out, I also got to know Marie better (she is, as you’d probably expect for someone putting so much time and energy into charity, absolutely lovely) and found out more about Love From Ibiza and what will happen next. This is what she had to say.

“I spent 3 weeks in August in the UK this year when the media frenzy over the refugees was at its peak. I couldn’t switch on the TV without getting upset and I realised I had to do something. I collected some money from friends and family, raided the Pound Shop and donated lots of toiletries to a van that was leaving from an Essex woman’s charity in late August.

On my return I realised that nothing was being done here yet so I set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ account with the aim of raising €1000 to donate to them again.

All of a sudden it took off. I hit my target in two days and during that time I was contacted by Natalie about doing a beauty event at her house and by Liam about doing the clothing collecting direct from Ibiza and driving it over ourselves.

The event was a massive success raising over €2,500 just that afternoon, all thanks to the host and therapists who donated their time. At the same time, we were getting a lot of items dropped off at the pick-up points and the island really pulled together.

I’ve held three sorting days at my house so far with lovely volunteers to go through the mountain of jackets, trousers and shoes. The sale at San Jordi on Saturday 24th will be the final step to sell off the surplus items not suitable for Calais.

I’m in close contact with ‘L’Auberge Des Migrants’ who will be receiving the money and donations when we arrive. I’m hoping to spend a couple of days helping in the warehouse too.

Total raised so far is €4650 every €1 helps so please support us!!

Gracias a todos!! LOVE FROM IBIZA xxxx”

Last Saturday I was part of Marie´s team at St Jordi market. It was insane! People were descending upon us and haggling for goods before we could even set up properly and we made a further 620 euros, taking the total up to over 5200 euros.

If you still wish to donate, you can do so via the Go Fund Me page, https://www.gofundme.com/tocalaiswithlove

To keep up to date with the charity effort and find out more, visit the facebook page:


Thank-you, and well done good people of Ibiza!

View from the Pew

Tyke Fortier Klein

MESSY CHURCH – Sunday 1st of Nov at 4pm in the Social Centre of San Rafael, located across from the petrol station.

Messy church is just that, a place where children can become creative   with “washable” paint, crayons, friendly glue and all the decorative extras to fill the fantasy of the most inventive kid!  Mums, dads & grandparents are welcome to join in, get messy & create alongside their youngsters!  There is a short talk about the theme of the lesson, followed by snacks including sandwiches, dried fruit and a healthful cake.

Children deserve the best – they are our future!!!  Psychologists agree that the first seven years of a child´s life are crucial to the development of their personalities……..for better or worse. Since our personalities tend to follow us around wherever we go, throughout our entire life, it is key for children to have the right input during their most formative years.

We realize the emphasis on giving our children a solid base by surrounding them with love & acceptance so they feel safe, esteemed & worthy, is essential. However, our unconditional love can often slip into “conditional” because we are mere fallible human beings with good intentions.

However, our Father God, never slips into “conditional” mode. For a child to experience the love of his parents is vital, but to experience the unconditional love of God & to know he/she has Jesus as a friend for life is incomparable!

Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16

Services: Sunday 1st of Nov – Traditional Communion 9:30am & Worship with Holy Communion 10:30am at San Rafael Church.  Messy Church at 4pm in the Social Centre in San Rafael – contact Rosi: 619 523 053

The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera: tel 971 34 33 83



It’s Good to Talk

By Kate Stillman

Dear Kate

I am writing this anonymously because none of my family or friends are aware of what has happened to me in the past, but , I need to tell someone because it is effecting everything in my life. I am 32 and when I was 9, I was sexually assaulted by a friend of my parents, at the time I said nothing because I didn’t understand what had happened and I didn’t want to upset anyone around me. I thought I could just forget about it but over the years it has come back t o haunt me and now with so many high profile cases in the news and people being more open about things like this it is playing on my mind all the time.

I know it is probably having an effect on all my relationships both sexual and platonic ones, I am fearful that soon I will be completely isolated and will find my self in a situation that I have no-one around me but I just don’t know how to stop myself pushing everyone who is good for me away. What can I do?

Thank you,



Dear Anon

Firstly thank you so much for having the courage to write such a personal letter, this is the first step on your road to recovery and I am very aware of what it has taken for you to make this step.

You encountered a considerable trauma at a very significant age, and it is completely normal for children who have gone through what you have to not want to tell their parents, hopefully things are changing now and with all the attention these crimes are getting. Children and adults will now begin to feel more able to talk openly about their experiences.

This kind of trauma stays with us for years if it is not managed correctly, pushing it away seems like the logical answer in the moment but it means that we loose an element of control and never can be sure when it will surface again. I can hear the concern you have for your relationships and that you are isolating yourself whilst pushing those that care further and further away.

The good news is that you are aware of what is going on, you are conscious of your behaviors, the reasons why and clear that you would like to change them and this in itself is a fantastic starting point. It is impossible to give you a road map for how you need to proceed, as your situation is complex. What I would say is that you have made a great start and now is maybe the time to think about getting some outside support to enable you to live your life in the way you want to rather then the way you feel you have to. There are various organizations that can offer you online support such as



which you may find useful. It is important to talk so this no longer is a secret that you have to hold, sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger then someone you know so maybe seek some counseling or you are very welcome to join our confidential support group that meets every Tuesday in San Lorenzo.

You have taken a first step and it shows the strength and courage that you have so please try and continue supporting yourself in which ever way feels the most comfortable to you, but you must seek some additional support to allow yourself to move forward with this.

Take care,





Balmain At H&M

H&M has tantalisingly commenced the drip-feed of teasers for its forthcoming collaboration with Balmain, which hits stores and digital shelves on November 5. Expect fireworks.

Instagram has given us a taste of the collection, so we know what to expect. It’s also a given that everything will be sold out within an hour. Here, I round up what we already know about the Balmain v H&M so you can be ready to pounce on the day.

Firstly, the campaign. It’s hardly a surprise to learn that Gigi, Jourdan and Kendall are the faces of the Balmain x H&M 2015/16 – all three have worn pieces from the collection to high-profile events over the last few months.

We’ve seen both Gigi and Jourdan’s oufits already (Kendall swapped and wore Gigi’s beaded jacket to the Billboard Awards back in May – the night the collab was announced – and Gigi wore Jourdan’s beaded dress just last week #clotheswap). But we haven’t seen Kendall’s outfit before. It appears to be a sleevless tuxedo-style jacket with a monochrome jumpsuit underneath. Interesting.

Beaded and sequinned, square shoulders, embellished dresses and tops. The iconic Balmain look. Plenty of 80s inspiration with pink and green satins, chunky belts and military style buttons. I love the shaggy black and red jacket.

What else? The accessories are HUGE. Armour-like rings, chunky necklaces and bracelets, massive earrings and Gigi’s bedazzled clutch. Subtle this collection is not.

It won’t all be affordable I’m sorry to say it, but there will be pieces in the Balmain x H&M collection that won’t be very purse-friendly. Case in point: this ‘limited edition’ embellished dress worn by Gigi Hadid to a NYFW party. Price tag? £399.99. Ouch.

Good luck on the day. Either get your camp bed ready outside the Oxford Street branch or stay up late and get online at 12.01am.


Zips It Up’s Top Five Bond Girls

So, there’s no escaping the upcoming release of ‘Spectre’ – the new James Bond film, coming to our screens on October 26th. Love it, or loathe it, the Bond franchise is, quite simply, part of life as we know it. I’m not going to bore you with the usual question everybody asks – “Who is your favourite Bond?” Yawn.

For me, it’s all about the Bond Girl. After all, where would Bond be without Bond girls? The film franchise’s 50-year history is packed with sultry beauties with double-entendre names – from helpless heiresses to glamorous lady thugs – all captivated by James’ charm. Here at Zips It Up, I pick some of the most memorable, beautiful and achingly cool.

Honey Rider (Ursula Andres in Dr No, 1962)

Honey Ryder set the Bond girl template in the first Bond movie – 1962’s Dr No. The iconic scene when Andres appears, rising from the sea, in her now infamous bikini was referenced decades later in Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale. However on that occasion it was Bond donning the swimwear. Not nearly as amazing as Ursula I have to say. I’ve been searching for an identical bikini ever since I first saw Dr No (which was a long time after 1962, I hasten to add).

Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland in The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974)

Goodnight initially appears as Bond’s secretary before wielding a gun and bikini in this early Roger Moore outing. Ekland, formerly Mrs Peter Sellers, plays a young and naïve agent who comes under Bond’s wing. Sample dialogue (from Bond): ‘I approve your uniform. Tight in all the right places, not too many buttons.’ Nice.

Solitaire (Jane Seymour, Live and Let Die, 1973)

Soltaire is the sultry tarot card-reading Bond girl, whose mystical powers will disappear when she sleeps with a man.  Which, almost inevitably, turns out to be James Bond. Dressed in embarrassingly low-cut ethnic dresses, Solitaire pre-empts the plot of the movie with her tarot revelations.  Above all else, Live and Let Die deserves a mention as it contains my favourite Bond theme tune of all time, sung by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach, The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977)

Amasova is a sultry KGB agent played by Mrs Ringo Starr. Bond and Amasova share the same objective – they attempt to outwit each other over a piece of secret microfilm. Amasova vows to avenge herself on Bond when she discovers he killed her former lover. For me, Bach is the most beautiful Bond girl.

May Day (Grace Jones in A View To A Kill, 1985)

Ultra Cool and eccentric disco singer Grace Jones was a leftfield choice as assassin-turned-goodie May Day. There was zero sexual chemistry between her and the ageing Moore (who was 57 at the time) but the vibe was more about 1980s androgyny. The 80s lips, hair and shoulder pads make this one of the most memorable 007 instalments.

And, in case you’re wondering, Roger Moore was my favourite.  All sleazy charm and that one expressive eyebrow.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



Keep Warm This Winter

Sophia V.

The weather has been unpredictable in Ibiza at the moment. Some days it’s sunny and bright, and others, dull and rainy. Before we know it, it will be time for gloves, hats, and scarves. Below is what is trending this winter in 2015 in respect of hats.

Hats come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. I recently wrote a piece on hats to protect your hair from the strong suns rays. Now, I will share hats that protect you from the bitter winter breeze. Oh, and cover up a bad hair day!

The Turban—These can be worn for both seasons. It’s stylish, and some, especially the cashmere knitted ones are even adorned with jewels to add that bit of glamour. It can be worn anywhere, anytime, whether it’s of a daytime, casually, or of a night time teamed with some pretty dangly earrings. Carrie Bradshaw, Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez have been seen sporting these lately. And it was a fave for Sophia Loren, and Audrey Hepburn, however there’s were much bigger.

The Woolly Cable—This hat doesn’t have to have a big bobble on the top, and be worn more for comfort than fashion. The oversized hats, minus the bobble, look great with your hair up or down. They also come tight-fitting. It’s perfect for the casual look.

The Beanie—Again, these can be worn for style also. They can complete a casual look, or if matched with jeans and heels, the black and white pin-striped beanies add that touch of glamour.

The Beret—These hats look extremely glam and classy, and can be worn again, with anything, whether it’s your winter attire, trousers and full-length coat, or a pretty winter dress and tights. The berets can be flat, or slightly rounded. Taylor Swift is a big fan of these.

The Rain Bucket—These are brilliant for protecting your hair from the rain, especially. They come in all different colours.

The Floppy—These look pretty, and are great for when you go out shopping, for a coffee, or even to work, especially if matched with smart office-wear, and a long mac. These are a fave of Kate Moss.

The Fur/Fleece—These faux fur hats definitely give off a glamorous vibe (Russian style). The more casual ones hang down longer to cover the ears too.

So, there you have it – different types of hats to mix your outfits up a little. There are also ear-muffs and woolly headbands available. Winter doesn’t just have to be about covering up, it can be about standing out too.


Hamilton Takes Title in Texas


Hamilton wins in Austin to take 3rd World title

Rhian Gibbs

The race in Austin, Texas, supersedes any other this year – an epic encounter. Hamilton needed to beat Vettel and Rosberg to be sure of the championship, though with 4 races to go and 66 points ahead in the drivers championship many were talking of his 3rd Championship as a foregone conclusion anyway. That would not stop the 30 year old British driver wanting to seal the deal at the Texas showdown, and in doing so join Jackie Stewart as the only other British driver to hold 3 world championships.

Bad weather caused havoc to practice and qualifying. There were fears the race could take place at all. The race saw four safety cars, some incredible overtaking and battles on the track with no less than eight retirements.

Mercedes locked the front row again with Rosberg on pole and eager to keep his title chances alive, Hamilton actually got the better start of the two and had taken the lead into turn one forcing his teammate wide. The race from there was not straightforward at all, both Mercedes led the race at one point as did the Red Bull of Ricciardo, however following numerous safety cars, and an unforced error by Rosberg right at the end of the race – Hamilton took the chequered flag and with it his third World title.

Rosberg finished 2nd giving Mercedes yet another one-two, however his disappointment was evident after the race, unsure himself what happened to his lead. Vettel took his Ferrari home 3rd after chasing down the Silver Arrows throughout the race and climbing 10 places after his gearbox penalty started him in the lower half grid – a great drive from the German. Raikkonen wasn’t so fortunate; after a scuffle with Verstappen sent him into the gravel he retired his Ferrari with brake problems. Verstappen for Toro Rosso came 4th in yet another excellent race from the 18yr old, he challenged and overtook Vettel a few times and drove superbly to take his highest finish to date.

Force India’s Perez also had a feisty race, he fought gallantly lap after lap with the McLarens and the Toro Rosso of Sainz; he crossed the line 5th, his teammate Hulkenberg was forced to retire (lap 36) after damaging his suspension in a collision with Ricciardo.

McLaren (yes McLaren) took points home with Button 7th in his best finish this year, Button excelled in the weather and track conditions, his final standing was 6th after Sainz was handed a penalty. Alonso didn’t quite have the same luck after losing power near the end of the race and dropping back to 11th.

Ricciardo and Kvyat were speed demons at the start of the race toying with the Mercedes like cat and mouse, their joy was short lived as the track dried, Kvyat made a couple of mistakes which cost him dearly; he later crashed into the wall hard and was out of the race lap 43. Ricciardo could be proud with his race but not crossing the line 10th after being knocked about on track.

Williams had a shocking race with both cars retiring – the first time in years. Bottas suffered in a collision, went to slicks too early and then retired lap 6 due to the same damper problem he had in qualifying.  Massa also sustained damage in the first corner brawl and he also retired with damper problems lap 23.

Hamilton becomes the 10th man in history and the first Briton since 1973, to clinch 3 world titles joining the likes of Sir Jackie Stewart, Aryton Senna and Niki Lauda.

Of course despite his win, the races continue. Next up is Mexico.1st November.



Jezza’s Sports Report …

Justin Rose retained his England No1 spot with a remarkable score of 263, 23 under, to win the Hong Kong open.

Elation is the word of the week for this week, I think, especially for 2 great English sportsmen. Firstly, in

Motor Racing

and altho’ I don’t normally comment on this as Our Ed’s missus knows a lot more about it then me, I just want to congratulate Lewis Hamilton on his 3rd Championship and 2nd in succession, even with 3 races to go. Brilliant season for him and good to see the ole Jack still flying above the Mercedes camp! English, sorry British, talent allied to German engineering, a winning formula!


Congrats also to Justin Rose, who won the Hong Kong Open, part of the European Tour (quite how that works, I don’t quite know as HK to me, anyway, is thousands of miles from Europe, but there you go!) by a shot, to stay up there as England’s No 1.

Immaculate as ever, his final round 68 gave him an overall 263, 25 under, which is some going.

Rugby Union

And as predicted in my last report, we now have an all Antipodean Final to the World Cup to savour this weekend as both New Zealand and Australia won through their respective semis at Twickenham. However, it wasn’t as easy in either as some predicted and both were pushed all the way. In the first, the All Blacks were pretty awful in the first half, having been completely outplayed by South Africa, with the ‘Boks 12-7 up at half-time, but, you can never discount a truly great side, and sure enough, the second half was a diff’rent story with the Boks under tremendous pressure as NZ turned the screw, eventually winning 20-18. A close call on paper anyway and a mighty effort by the South Africans but to no avail. In t’other, everybody expected one way traffic, and it looked that way for the first 20 minutes as Australia came out fast with two tries, both of which were really brought about by Argentina’s own mistakes, but gradually the Pumas came back in to it and at 22-15 looked as if they could upset the applecart, especially if two superb line breaks had come to fruition, but with Australia’s firm defence holding up and more handling errors from Argentina, it wasn’t to be, with the final scoreline of 29-15 being a little harsh on the South Americans, who certainly brought pace and power to their line-up and lit up this WC with their performance in beating Ireland in the Quarters. And so to Twickenham this Saturday (ITV, 5 pm) and what should be a classic with the All Blacks, current World Champions, aiming to become the first team to defend their title and indeed, win their first WC outside of their own country, and Australia looking not only to win their 3rd World Cup, but also to join their Rugby League and Cricket counterparts in beating NZ in the same year! The best two teams in the world battling it out for the Webb Ellis Cup is really as it should be, so here’s to an entertaining and memorable match to finish off what has been a superb WC, apart from England, that is!


How fickle is this game, one has to ask! In the last Test, England were so very unfortunate not to win the match when they only needed 25 off 8 overs only to be beaten by the light and save Pakistan’s blushes, whereas this week, in the 2nd Test, England needed to bat out 6.5 overs to save the Test, and didn’t! Set an unlikely world record 490 odd runs to win, England had to try and bat out 1.25 days to at least have a chance of drawing the match, and although it looked highly unlikely that they were going to do it, come tea-time on the last day, thanks to battling innings from Root, as always, Bairstow, Broad, Rashid and Ward, they so nearly saved it but it was just too much to ask so with only one to play, starting on Sunday, it’s 1 up to Pakistan and the best England can hope for is a shared Test series, which, to be honest, would be superb, considering that Pakistan haven’t lost a Test series in the UAE since they started playing there some 4 years ago!


now and in Europe last week, a much better show for the English clubs in the Champions League as in the 3rd Group matches, Arsenal desperately needed to beat Bayern Munich at the Emirates, having lost their first two games, and duly did so to bring the current holders defeat for the first time in 9 matches; Man City were fortunate to beat Sevilla at The Etihad with a late, last kick of the match winner; neighbours Utd weren’t convincing but gained a worthy point in a 1-1 draw in Moscow with CSKA, and Chelsea gained a valuable point in the Ukraine with a scoreless draw with Dynamo Kiev. However, not so promising in the Europa as Liverpool drew 1-1 with Rubin Kasan at Anfield while Tottenham lost 2-1 at Anderlecht and Scotland’s reps, Celtic crashed 3-1 at Molde.

As for the Premier League, Arsenal took advantage of the Manchester neighbours pretty boring scoreless draw at OT (boring, I understand, because with half a billion’s worth of footie talent on the pitch, it took until the 82nd minute for the first shot on target!) by beating Everton 2-1 at the Emirates to go 2nd, West Ham at last got their home form going and jumped in to 3rd with a 2-1 win over woeful Chelsea for whom it was business as usual for Mourinho’s side (a red card, 7 yellows, trainer and manager sent to the stands, and 15th in the table, all of which must beg the question, how long is Mr A going to accept this behaviour from Jose that does nothing but tarnish the club). Meanwhile, Leicester continued their great form under Ranieri by winning 1-0 at home over Crystal Palace (two defeats on the trot for Pardew’s Eagles) to be 5th, Tottenham had a day to savour with a 5-1 demolition of Bournemouth on the South coast with a Kane hat-trick, Klopp suffered a 3rd consecutive draw since he started with Liverpool as they drew 1-1 at Anfield, Aston Villa suffered yet another loss, this time 2-1 at home to Swansea which brought the sack for likeable manager Tim Sherwood, Sunderland won at last and what a win, 3-0 at home to arch-rivals Newcastle which puts McLaren back under presssure, Watford pulled off a great win, 2-0 at Stoke, and finally, last but not least, Naarwich lost again, this time 1-0 at home to West Bromwich.

‘Til next week….Jezza


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