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Power to the People!

This week we hand over the decision on front page news to you, our readers. It has not been a slow week as such, but in the absence of any stand out story for our lead we reached out on facebook for inspiration.


“Two hours five minutes to go and we really haven’t got anything of a stand out lead story for this week’s edition. If anybody out there could make something outrageous, fabulous or ridiculous happen in the next hour or so it would be very much appreciated. Suitably newsworthy suggestions include ‘Tourist Child found not playing on Tablet’, ‘Taxi Driver keeps a safe Distance’, ‘Cats Abandon Ibiza stating they are Fed Up with all the Interference’ ‘Sewer Pipeline found to be Working Correctly and Efficiently’, and the always welcome ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’


Here are the responses received, which do at least go to show that the Ibizan Ex-Pat community’s sense of humour is as keen as ever. We will come back to ‘Look Up’ later.


Paul Merrall Ade Harris just bought a round

Vlad Florut The Internet worked well today.

Marie-Hélène Dubois “Someone asked a question on IWR and nobody issued any unrelated advice or any vitriol ridden with spelling mistakes” (bit long perhaps for a headline)”

Martin Makepeace Famous DJ says Ibiza is much better with VIP culture…..

Andy Mullins Or how about everyone on the IWR page call a truce, They all decide to all get along and live happily ever after. Maybe not, way too far-fetched to be believed as a credible news story.

Alfredo Alfie Censored

Sonny John Haigh What if you write about the controversial comments one Catalan politician made saying they would include Valencia and the Baleares islands to a hypothetical Catalan state in the case of independence. Could be interesting to comment what you think of that and what the people of Ibiza think of that. (ed – thanks for that serious suggestion – perhaps that needs a more considered response)

Nick Ferguson Ibiza driving school!!!

Alfredo Alfie Censored

Jade Marsh Ibiza resident has first night out of the summer – on 26th August!!! (true story)…

Cristin Garcia Tourist number one million asked the age old questions. How long have you lived here? A. 40years. Tourist. Do you like it ? .aaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Jane Lee Now you’re just being silly Marie-Hélène Dubois and Andy Mullins, it’s a newspaper not Fantasy fiction

Carly Marie Sorensen Budget flight lands with all passengers sober and respectably behaved.

Richard Bright I doubt that!

Richard Bright Nathan Viva’s Birthday boat party crew saved 2 girls in distress off the coast of Cala Conte. One required saving by DJ Doctor Feelgood and then eventually by the lifeguard on duty. (This actually happened).

Billy Orafferrty We’re not printing that Billy

Andrew Harris Maybe follow the Diario lol

As if we would ever do that Andy. Well some, er, interesting ideas, er, thanks J but we decided to go with what we thought was the best worded piece of news today. Written by Liam O’Dowd, it simply said “Look Up.”. Try it, look up, now how good is that? N:B: If you are currently indoors this will make no sense at all. Go outside and try again.



Full Moon Art Fair
  • Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

The Art Club Ibiza Association was set up as a joint initiative between a number of artists resident in Ibiza and Santa Eulària des Riu Town Council. “Full moon art” in Santa Gertrudis’ main square.
The event is scheduled to be a kind of open-air fair where painters, sculptors, photographers and performance artists can display the wealth of creativity on the island.

Entry is free of charge.


Nature Photography
  • Sant Antoni de Portmany

Natural Portfolio is a project that arises from a group of nature photographers in order to offer quality photographic work. The Natural Portfolio group is currently made up of 29 of the best nature photographers in Spain.

Nature as a source of inspiration is the bond that unites this group. In their works, they approach the forms, movements, environments and textures of the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds. As a result of this inspiration, the exhibition “Natura: creative looks of nature” was born, a selection of 30 images in a book large format of the same name, published and released in 2012 to coincide with the Festival of Nature photography in Montier Der, in France, the largest in Europe, who chose this group as guests of honour in its 2012 edition.

Natura has toured various parts of the Spanish geography, such as Busturia (Vizcaya), Caja Castilla La Mancha Room in Albacete, Barcelona Barraquier Foundation, photographic May at Eibar, Teruel Photo Point International Festival and now, thanks to the support of the City Council in Sant Antoni de Portmany, the sample arrives at the Cultural Space Sa Punta des Moli from August 21st to September 19th, from Tuesday to Saturday.


Las Dalias 30th
  • Sant Carles de Peralta

This Thursday, August 27th, will be the 30th anniversary of the Las Dalias Hippy market. It was started in 1985 with five stands, and since then brings together artisans of half the world that fill the grounds of colour and fantasy. Currently, it is the most famous in Europe with more than 200 stalls with fashion, jewellery, art and decoration.

To celebrate, the Spanish singer Macaco and his friends (The Monkey Family Jam) will come for a surprise concert.

Macaco is one of the most important artists of the Spanish musical scene and one of the most influential Latin musicians worldwide. He has decided to make a stop on the tour of his latest album “Historias Tatuadas” (Tattooed Stories) to visit Las Dalias in a very special date: the 30th anniversary of Hippy Market. Accompanied by his friends and fellow concert companions Juanlu el Canijo (currently in Calima), Mr. Kilombo (who has accompanied him on all his tours for over 10 years) and Ramon Mirabet, they form The Monkey Family jam.

It’s been 16 years since Macaco surprised the world with his first album “El mono en el ojo del tigre” (The monkey in the eye of the tiger), a cosmopolitan musical project based on dialogue and communion of words and sounds. Besides having its own publishing house and his own label, Dani Macaco is one of those artists recognized and loved by their involvement in social causes and his commitment to the environment. With a childhood and youth closely linked to Formentera, he had a special involvement in the campaign against oil exploration off the coast of the Pitiusan Islands.

Macaco comes filled with enthusiasm and we will be able to enjoy him all together in Las Dalias on Thursday, August 27th from 9pm. Tickets for sale at Delta Discos Ibiza, Hollidays Santa Eularia, and at the Las Dalias office, or on-line at




Benirras Market
  • Sant Joan

On Tuesdays and Sundays between 10am and 11pm, the famous Benirràs beach welcomes a craft market to the small bay surrounded by pine tree covered hills and full of crystal clear water in the town of Sant Joan, to the north of the island. You can find handcrafted treasures at the market stalls, many of which are designed and produced on the island, from clothes to jewellery, even ceramics, bags or decorations. If you visit in the evening, you must stay for the sunset as it is one the most magical and popular on the whole island.


Baluarte de Santa Lucia
  • Dalt Vila

The exhibition celebrates the port of Ibiza and includes a selection of 30 images from the Image and Sound Archive Municipal (AISME) and over 10 written works from writers like Marià Joan Castelló,  Guasch Fajarnés,  Enrique Cardona, Fajarnés Tur,  Albert Camus, Arturo Llopis and Edmundo Valles.

The images are from various authors: Ferran Puig Campana and Casa Figueretas, Alfons G. Meadows, Subirats Casanovas, Vicente Dominguez, Maria Jose Subira and Chico Prats Guasch, documenting a long period.

Runs to 3rd September and is open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-1pm & 5pm-8pm.


Sa Nostra Chamber
  • Ibiza Town

The exhibition ‘Opera 9 years in Ibiza’ continues to run until September 18th. The work shows a sample of 70 photographs of different operas staged on the island in the past nine years by Antoni Bofill, official photographer of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona for 38 years. In addition, there are 30 mannequins dressed in the costumes designed by Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick for some of the productions as well as various props used in the works. The exhibition is open Mon to Frid 11am-1.30pm 6pm-8.30pm


The Old Bridge in Santa Eulalia

The Pont Vell (Old Bridge) in Santa Eulalia, also known as Pont des Molins or Roman Bridge, even though its construction was much later (the first references that exist date back to 1720 and the theory of the standing bridge is of Roman origin has lost strength in the latter years, investigation is still ongoing, some have the theory of a previous Roman bridge that no longer stands). It formerly represented the main entrance to Santa Eulalia, until in 1918 when the Pont Nou (new bridge) was built, parallel to the old one and closer to the Puig de Missa (the fortified church that sits on the hill), which favoured motorized traffic. From then onwards, the Pont Vell has been used by pedestrians.

Under the bridge, which was recently restored, flows the river of Santa Eulalia. The pool at the foot of the arches represented a popular enclave few decades ago, as the young people of the town went there to bathe. You can pass the pond on the River Road, which links it to the Interpretation River Centre, Can Planetes, on one side, and the mouth on the other.

In the old days, the bridge was a constant target of pirate attacks, due to the constant movement of peasants, carrying wheat and other grains to water mills located along the banks. The popular tradition said the bridge was home to witches and familiars (a small little devil that brings luck, or not!) so some also called it the Devil’s Bridge.



Tourists Rank Ibiza Bottom of the Balearics

Ibiza failed again, this time with 4.4 out of ten, the survey that the Gadeso Foundation elaborates on the vision tourists have of the islands each summer. According to the results of this survey, Mallorca also fails to pass and get a 4.6, while Formentera is the most valued island with 5.4. Menorca stays close to 5.3.

One of the negative points of Ibiza are public services, earning a 3.9 average. This section highlights the 3.1 received by cultural facilities, public safety, with 3.5, and transport, with 3.8.

Visitors also have very negative perceptions of the surrounding environment, highlighting the lack of cleanliness in the streets in tourist areas, qualifying with a 3, and the noise pollution, with 3.2.

Similarly, 62.7% of respondents admit to having chosen Ibiza as a destination because of its affordable price, followed by 54.5% who did it for the sun and its beaches, and 50% for the fun.

In the case of Formentera, tourists surveyed include overcrowding and excessive saturation of public services with a rating of 3.7. Visitors also highlight the quality of the waters of the island, which scored a 7.5, and the purity of the atmosphere, which receives 7.6.

Something perceived in the case of all islands is an increase in the percentage of tourists who have booked their journey across the Internet. In the case of Ibiza growing from 48.6% to 51.2%, and that of Formentera, from 47.3% to 48.7%.

Day versus Night

Nightclubs And Beach Clubs Kick Off

The Clubs Association of nightclubs and discos de Baleares (Lime), which includes Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Privilege and Eden has locked horns with the Ibiza Leisure association which includes Ushuaia, Blue Marlin, Km5, DC10 and Bora Bora in what seems to be a night versus day tussle. Its president, Jesus Sanchez, said this summer is chaotic because “nothing is controlled and everyone does what he wants.” He was particularly critical of the “illegality” of the beach clubs and hotel-clubs and cited a bar with a capacity of 112 individuals celebrating festivals in which “thousands of people gather.”

Sanchez and the owners of the main clubs met with the president of the Consell, Vicent Torres, and the mayor of Ibiza, Rafael Ruiz. They gave Torres a comprehensive report with photographs of the establishments, which have thousands of people in attendance. The association is particularly annoyed that complaints in 2014 were investigated in November when the season was over.

Sanchez recalled that the clubs were forced to install roofs in 1989, but the beach bars are not being forced to reduce their noise pollution.

Meanwhile, the Ibiza Leisure Association have accused the clubs of exceeding capacities on a regular basis with more than twice the numbers at peak times and also that they are not closing on time. “If the beach clubs have to stop at midnight, perfect, but the clubs have to close at 6.30am”, criticized the manager of the organization, José Luis Benítez, who said that now people prefer to go out in the day. In his view, if the clubs now sell fewer drinks it is because they charge 20 euros for a spirit and mixer, something he calls madness.


Party Poopers

The City of Santa Eularia reported that it will penalize homeowners if tenants renting their houses cause a nuisance to neighbours.

So far, the renters have been punished, but it has been decided to extend this action to the owners of the properties to ensure more effectively that cases of anti-social behaviour will be stopped.

The City Council is processing action against a house in the area of Cala Llenya, where a sound measurement was made, and has opened disciplinary proceedings in the area of Jesus, which last week held a private party prompting several calls to the local police. The officers urged the occupants to turn the music down, but they paid no attention and would not let them into the house. There are also two other cases pending for parties in the areas of Puig d’en Valls and Jesus.


Es Cubells Party House

Residents of Es Cubells have sent a letter to the mayor of Sant Josep, Josep Marí Ribas to denounce the ‘illegal’ parties which occur in a local property, Casa Lola. According to the residents, they have to endure the presence of thugs and unpleasant episodes with drunk people. The letter explains that the large number of raves taking place at Casa Lola produce accumulations of waste around the property as well as large numbers of people blocking public roads and wandering into private properties nearby.

Casa Lola was sealed in 2013 and supposedly has a demolition order due to illegalities over recent years. At time of writing, the City Council had yet to respond to the residents.


Jet2 CEO in Ibiza

Concerns Over Eco-tax and Short Seasons

Jet2holidays, a British tour operator which owns the airline, is optimistic about the tourist season in Ibiza next year, but warns that the implementation of a tax on tourists – as envisioned by the Government – may have a negative impact on the island.

In 2016, the company expects to reach a total of 62,500 passengers, up 20% from this year.

The tour company, created just five years ago, also hopes to provide 41 weekly flights to and from Ibiza.

“The results for this year are better than we had anticipated. We have increased the number of customers and flights. For next season we plan to grow by 25% in users of the tour operator, and expect to increase our airline sales by 12%,” explained Steve Heapy, CEO of both companies.

As for the proposed Government eco-tax, Heapy does not look favourably on its implementation. He is concerned, as many industry professionals are, that tourists will shift their holiday allegiances to a better value destination.

In addition, extending the season was another objective discussed. “In winter there are no restaurants or hotels open. Everyone involved on the island needs to get together to find ways to extend the season, “said Heapy.




Sa Penya

The residents of Sa Penya are confident that the expulsion of nearly a hundred illegal squatters in 40 homes will occur before the end of the year. They share the view of the new government team that rehabilitation of the district depends in large measure on this action.

The council have said that for the neighbourhoods of Sa Penya and Dalt Vila, they must also work on a solution to prevent further illegal occupation of houses in order to revitalize the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until the eviction, the neighbourhood continues to be difficult to control and almost impossible to keep clean.


Idiots Hiking in Flip Flops

The Sant Josep Local Police and the Ibiza Fire Department came to the rescue of a woman of about 35 years-old who fell at Sa Pedrera, Cala d’Hort – known by visitors as ‘Atlantis’.

The woman was rescued by officers in the mid-afternoon and only had minor injuries, so the intervention of firefighters who had travelled to the area was not necessary.

This is the sixth rescue in the area this month and most of the accidents occur because of carelessness. “While rescuing the woman we saw some tourists walking in flip flops. It is a cliff of between 140 and 150 meters, and the ground can be very slippery,” explained Miquel Sevilla, fire chief of Ibiza, earlier this month.


Food & Drink


Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Established way back in 1994 in Seville on the mainland of Spain, Flaherty’s is named after legendary whiskey salesman Paddy Flaherty. The owners have already got well established pubs in Barcelona and Zaragoza, and last year opened their San Antonio branch just next to the Egg roundabout.

The owner is from Cork, and the bar is a legit Irish establishment that prides itself on homely food, great sports coverage and fun boozing.

The food menu is huge and will guarantee to have at least one of your favourite dishes. It’s impossible for one newspaper to fully sample each dish over the course of a season, but we’ve tried a fair number and have some recommendations, in fact we’ve a few non-food related Flaherty’s faves too, so here we go

For starters, check out the Tequila and Lime Wings—tender chicken with a sweet and tangy kick.

For mains, we love the Fish & Chips—the cod is lovingly fried in Kilkenny beer batter and of course it comes with mushy peas.

For dessert it is a bit of a tossup between the Cheesecake with Forests Fruits Compote or the Guinness Brownie—smooth and dripping with hot chocolate sauce.

If none of these take your fancy, check the menu out online. They literally have all sorts to choose form and do a particularly good Sunday Roast as well as quality burgers, breakfasts, sandwiches, pies, salads, BBQ and wraps.

All of the food is good, and perfectly complimented by the superb sports coverage. They have pretty much every major football game being played on the planet on large screens. Just look at the line up for this coming Saturday.

Once the food is down, it’s time to get drinking and in typically Irish abandon they know how to have a good time with a brilliant range of promotions—a few of which we’ve shown below.  Happy hour is from 5pm when a beer costs 2euro. They have 2 for 1 cocktails between 6pm—10pm and 3L jugs of Sangria are 15 euros no matter the hour. There’s loads more special deals as well which you can check out on the website.

Flaherty’s have a great programme of live entertainment to keep the party going. Ibizan favourite Nell has a regular Friday night slot.

Finally for today’s article, we think their website is deserving of a mention. Simple to use, always up to date and easy on the eye.

So there we give you Five Flaherty’s Faves, go along and see for yourself, we’re sure you’ll come up with some more.

Find them by the Egg in San An, see ad front page.


Food & Drink


Ibiza Hire


Late Villa Deals

Some of the late booking/cancellation Villa rental deals we have seen on offer from Ibiza Hire have been quite simply fantastic—of course to achieve the full benefit you’ll often need a large group, but with peak season examples from around 150€ per person per week, even booking at half occupancy would give you a week for 300€ per person, about the same price as the very cheapest hotels we found available on

So where’s the catch. We thought it might be flights as there has been a lot of scaremongering about huge airfares recently. Not in our enquiries—we found flights to match all of the villa examples below on Skyscanner from as low as 135€, most around the 180€ mark.

The conclusion is that if you are the type of person who is happy to take a chance and leave things till the last minute, or somebody who takes holidays on impulse, you can get yourself a very comfortable holiday for the same price as the most basic of budget hotels. Then for not much more—about the same price as mid quality 3 stars Hotel rooms are fetching– you can have a real week of luxury at something the standard of Villa Bellissima below.

These Villas shown are all available as at Wednesday afternoon before we go to print. Of course bookings can change very quickly, some of these may go and new property can become available, so best get in touch with Ibiza Hire directly to see what is available—and they are happy to consider Shorts stays and flexible arrival days.

Last minute Villas, it’s the way forward.

  • One last thing, Ibiza Hire offer 10% discount or commission for agents & residents, so spread the word and you could end up getting paid for giving people good news—we only wish the newspaper worked that way.


More About Ibiza Hire ..

Chances are if you’re in Ibiza and need something, Ibiza Hire will be able to source it; and by something, we really mean anything. They must own some sort of Tardis warehouse because they can literally supply all-sorts from baby cots, mobility scooters and Zimmer frames to running machines and beds to hot tubs to sound systems. They even supply event catering for 100+ guests (with bar, chairs, tables and cutlery). They also deliver whatever you hire direct to wherever you’re staying, which is a bonus!

On top of the equipment hire, they can fix up boats, villas (short stays and flexible arrival days), transport around the island, club tickets, VIP services and weddings.

They also use their many years of experience to provide a second to none concierge service to cover any eventuality.

If you’re a tourist looking to experience Ibiza to its fullest, then believe us when we say that you’re in the best hands. But don’t just take our word for it, have a read of these impartial reviews at:

If you live on the island or need anything organising in bulk, then get in touch with the friendly team for some great discounted deals.

[email protected]

From UK: 0333 577 0911, From Spain: (+34) 616318262


A small portion of their equipment

Wedding, Catering and Event Equipment

Tables, chairs, glassware, cutlery, serving items, furniture, decorations, fridges, freezers, portable LED Bar, BBQs and heaters.

Sound, P.A & Lighting System Hire

Speaker hire, full sound systems, deck rental, mixers, projector screen and lighting.

Holiday Equipment Hire

Pushchairs, car seats, cots, air-conditioning units, mini fridges, fans, kettles,  toasters, running machines, double beds, single beds and .

Mobility Equipment Hire

3 and 4 wheeled mobility scooters, wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, crutches, Zimmer frames, walking sticks and raised toilet seats.


Villa Bahia, Cala de Bou, Sleeps 12

Available 29/8 to 16/9 contact us for special deals

Villa Bahia is a modern and contemporary style 5 bedroom villa situated in peaceful area of San Antonio Bay. Within walking distance you can find the beautiful beach of Port des Torrent, a large supermarket and many shops, bars and restaurants.


Villa Beso, San Antonio, Sleeps 12

Available 8/9 to 17/9 Was£2500 Now £1500

Beso boasts 6 Bedrooms (sleeping 12), 3 bathrooms, a modern a well equipped kitchen, lounge area with TV, a “central chill out” courtyard leading onto a newly built private pool area, BBQ and sunbathing terrace. The villa also has Aircon* in all bedrooms and  Wifi.


Villa Carvi, San Antonio Bay, Sleeps 10/12

Available between 29/8 to 5/9 Was £3250 Now £1500

Available between 12/9 to 19/9 Was£2500 Now £1500

Villa Carvi is a spacious house, conveniently located within a short walking distance to the busy resort of San Antonio so a car is not required. The large garden area is ideal for families with children or large groups. The villa offers4/5 bedrooms, has a large private pool, Wifi, air con and several large sun terraces offer a great space to relax and unwind.


Villa Bellissima, San Antonio, Sleeps 8/12

Available between 16/9 and 23/9 Was £3200 Now £2200

Villa Bellissima is a stunning property set in 3500 sqm of grounds. It combines modern design & comfort. The 4 bedrooms are designed and furnished to the highest standard. The spacious outdoor areas include landscaped gardens, terraces with mountain and bay views and a large swimming pool. The location suits both those looking for a total getaway and  those wanting a base from which to explore Ibiza



George & Amal Clooney Join Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford in Ibiza for a Tequila-Related Work Trip

Harriet Sokmensuer

Jet-setting couple George and Amal Clooney spent the weekend in Ibiza.

The couple visited the popular vacation island for the Spanish launch of George’s tequila company, Casamigos. They were joined by George’s long-time friends – and Casamigos co-founders – Rande Gerber and producer Mike Meldman, along with Gerber’s wife Cindy Crawford.

The group arrived on Saturday afternoon, flying in from George, 54, and Amal’s Lake Como home, and are staying at a private 12-bedroom villa.

After arriving, George and the rest of the crew headed out to Es Torrent, a high-end waterfront restaurant, where they enjoyed a dinner and Casamigos cocktails.

“The whole group was so excited to be together,” an onlooker told PEOPLE of the group dinner. “George had the group laughing with tales of his early acting days and not-so-glamorous auditions.”

On Sunday, Amal donned a shimmering gold dress as the group set out to attend a private event to celebrate the launch of Casamigos Tequila into the Spanish market at Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel.

According to an onlooker, the group managed to have a quiet drink together at the roof terrace, UP!, while watching the sunset. Afterwards, the party really kicked off, with the friends partying on the terrace.

George and Amal Clooney Join Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford in Ibiza for a Tequila-Related Work Trip| Amal Alamuddin, Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, Rande Gerber.

The Clooneys have been vacationing at their Italian villa in Lake Como, where they’ve been hosting family and friends since the beginning of summer.

Spanish Town Installs Outdoor Refridgerators for Locals to Feed Hungry and Homeless

People in the Basque town of Galdakao, Spain, put their leftovers in the fridge — not just the ones in their homes, but the one on the street, too.

The city of about 30,000 created the country’s first communal refrigerator to help the hungry.

Alvaro Saiz, who used to run a food bank in Galdakao, came up with the idea for the “Solidarity Fridge” during the recession when he saw people going through trash bins looking for food. He figured there had to be a better way for restaurants and even individuals to give away unused food.

He went to the mayor with his plan to put a refrigerator on the street where people could deliver leftovers and the hungry could take what they needed.

“When he came to city hall with this idea, I thought it was both crazy and brilliant!” Mayor Ibon Uribe told. “How could I say no?”

It took some legal research and money, but the city finally came up with $5,500 for the project and changed the law to keep the city from being sued if people get sick. No raw meat or eggs are allowed and food has to be thrown out after four days, but people who maintain the Solidarity Fridge says nothing lasts more than a few hours.

Restaurants now put leftover tapas in the fridge and some people actually cook whole meals just to put in it. And schools are organizing field trips to the fridge, to teach young students how to share and not be wasteful.


Deceased Brit Found In Mallorca after 8 years

Jacqueline Tennant, an RAF sergeant, disappeared while hiking on the Spanish island of Mallorca eight years ago

After eight years of frustration for the family of Jacqueline Tennant, an RAF sergeant who went missing while hiking on Mallorca, local authorities say they have found the British woman’s remains.

The Guardia Civil said that a walker had found the bones of a woman in the Tramuntana mountain range in northeastern Mallorca. The authorities say they had also found a rucksack next to the remains containing documents identifying the body as that of the missing British woman.

“The Guardia Civil confirms that the human remains found yesterday [Sunday] afternoon by a mountain walker correspond to those of the British national Jacqueline Marie Tennant who disappeared in 2007,” a spokesman for the police force said.

“Everything is pointing towards her suffering an accident while she was hiking, although this will need to be confirmed by the autopsy.”

The Guardia Civil said that the walker who found the remains had walked for 90 minutes off the path through the mountains between Lluc and Pollenca to an area they described as “remote”.

On 9th October, 2007, Ms Tennant, a keen hiker who was 45 at the time, went walking on her day off from a job she had taken up with the First Choice holiday firm in C’an Picafort, a beach resort on the island’s east coast.

At midday on that day she told a colleague who called her mobile phone that she was nearing the top of a peak. Nothing more was ever heard of Ms Tennant, and the alarm was raised after she failed to turn up for work the next day.

Jacqueline’s sister, Monique Tennant, travelled to Mallorca several times to assist in the search efforts. In 2008 she told the BBC of the pain involved in not knowing her sister’s fate. “You can’t grieve. Every day is a day of ‘Am I going to hear some news?’ What do I do? Do I continue to search? Do I stop? If I stop, have I failed her? It’s very difficult. Until you have closure, you cannot grieve or lay things to rest so it’s ongoing




Street Vendors Defend Police Chief

Over 20 Senegalese street vendors gathered on Thursday afternoon in front of the City Council to defend the recently resigned head of the local police in Sant Josep, Jaume Ramón Planells. “He did nothing wrong,” explains Amary, a spokesman for the group gathered in front of the municipal building to deliver a letter to the mayor.

The objective of the street vendors is to explain “their version of events” and to defend the head of the local police. They confirm that a large group of people came last Tuesday to the City of Sant Josep following the arrest of CI, a Senegalese man who also sells products on the beaches in Ses Salines. However, Amary ensures that the group were only there to support and to report that a municipal officer had acted “violently” with his compatriot. “It is true that we were many, but we just wanted to talk to the mayor. Only two people came into his office to explain what happened, the rest waited in the hall peacefully,” says Amary.

However, reports are that there was a group of more than ten Senegalese men who were very agitated and shouting. The Senegalese men who presented themselves rejected this version. “We were just talking. As they do not understand what we say we had to speak loudly, but our attitude was not violent at any moment.” They explained that they were not there to pressure the police chief, but to denounce the “constant attacks” that some vendors are suffering from officers of the municipality. “The police treat us as if we were garbage. We know that what we do is not legal, but it is our way of making a living and they do not have to stick us nor give us a kicking.”


More Beach Vendors

The beach at Ses Salines has suffered an alarming rise in illegal vendors. A waiter, who has worked in the area for nine years, said that in his first season “there were only two or three,” while now “there are over 50 people selling”.

Other employees of establishments in the area put the figure above a hundred, and noted that the vendors “are very organized.” It seems that some of them remain in the parking area and, if the police arrive, notify the others by walkie-talkie before officers arrive on the beach. The Local Police are normally ignored, although the Guardia Civil cause the vendors to disperse rather quickly.


Hola Hola Hola …

The two British police officers working for a week long trial period in Ibiza have been involved in their first tourist incident. Officer Martina Anderson and Sergeant Brett Williams dealt with a case of domestic violence between two young Brits, after a woman was abused by her partner on the S’Arenal promenade in Sant Antoni.

Williams and Anderson treated the victim, who did not want her partner charged. The officers will continue to patrol around the West End of Sant Antoni and Platja d’en Bossa as these two locations are the places with the highest concentration of young Brits during the summer months.


Police Chief Resignation Denied

The mayor of Sant Josep, Josep Marí Ribas, has not accepted the resignation of the Chief of Police, Jaume Ramón, who tendered it after he decided to release a Senegalese street vendor while under pressure from a mob which had gathered at the Police Station. The City Council has reiterated that “the decision to release the detainee was wrong, but that the error should not cause such a drastic consequence.”

They have also commended the work of the officer who has been defended by many people, both internally and externally. The council has received many letters, press releases and calls to highlight the long career of Jaume Ramón.


At Night


Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

Heart Ibiza

Claire B

Last Tuesday night I caught the second of two performances this summer by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons at Heart Ibiza. I saw some of his performance at the International Music Summit in Dalt Vila in June and had also been at a panel session earlier that day where Damian and his team talked with much enthusiasm about the creation of his recent album ‘Message from the other side’ and how they designed and staged a live show around it. So I was keen to see the show in the lush and intimate surroundings of Heart Ibiza and to get an altogether different experience from the one I had before from the back of the big, outdoor space that is the Balluard Santa Llucia.

Damian’s mixing desk took pride of place at the front of the stage, decorated with a row of battery-operated candles and as he worked his magic from behind it, his presence was somewhat like a high priest at his altar. Behind him were his musicians, a drummer/percussionist, a keyboard player who also periodically played guitar and part way through the show a male singer appeared to his right. Damien would also occasionally add vocals and contribute to the drumming and dancers appeared at times on the platform to the left of the stage. The music could best be described as a fusion between dance/trance and world music, with a myriad of musical influences coming together, and it sounded great in an intimate, club environment. With the band dressed in coordinated black long kaftans embellished with gold decorations and matching gold ankle boots into which their baggy trousers were tucked in, and a great light show, the visual spectacle from the stage perfectly matched the aural experience. It was a truly magical performance.


Fatboy Slim

Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

Last Wednesday Spandau Ballet were due to play at Ibiza Rocks, but sadly due to the ill health of the drummer John Keeble, they cancelled the gig a couple of days before, along with several others in Italy and Spain. This was of great disappointment to many people, myself included, who had been looking forward to their first appearance on the island since their now legendary gig at the Ku Club in 1981. I had interviewed Steve Norman from the band back in June and he had told me how much he and the band were looking forward to playing in Ibiza again. But unfortunately it was not going to happen this year. The day was saved however by Fatboy Slim who performed at the venue at short notice instead.

Rusty Egan, a key player in the New Romantic scene in London was accompanying Spandau Ballet on their world tour, playing a DJ set before their performance, and he played his set at Ibiza Rocks as planned. He played some great tunes, but unfortunately because he was on really early, there weren’t many people in the venue to see him play, and he deserved a much bigger crowd.

Regular DJ Patrick Nazemi took over the decks until Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) took to the stage at 10.25pm. He entertained everyone for the next hour and a half, playing his big hits in between other banging tunes, and quickly had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, as they waved their arms in the air and danced along with him. His show has become slick, with a series of cool visuals projected behind him and he always looks like he’s having a great time, punching the air with his fist and occasionally leaving his decks to egg on the crowd a little bit more. For his penultimate track he played Spandau’s ‘True’, which was a great tribute to them and had everyone singing along. He took everything up a notch by finishing with his big track ‘Praise you’, after which everybody gave him a huge round of applause. The crowd clearly loved him and it was great that the show went on, but sadly for me he didn’t really fill the boots of those five London soul boys who should have been playing on that stage for us. Get well soon John Keeble and I hope you and the rest of the band are back on the road soon and can hopefully come and play for us next year.


At Night

Brief History of Time …Ku & Privilege

Stan Farrow

I used to love getting the Guinness World Records encyclopaedia for Christmas. I would eagerly unwrap the obviously shaped present and sit cross-legged on the floor looking for hours at pictures of the longest toe-nails or the most dangerous ant in the world. I admit that I’m not so much of an avid reader as I used to be aged 9, but there are two current records on huge clubs that interest me. The first is for the longest usable golf club – a 14 foot, 5 inch driver invented by a 49 year-old Dane – and the second is for the World’s biggest nightclub still held by Privilege in Ibiza, which regularly held a full capacity of 10,000 people packing in to Manumission in the late 90s. The club has not been filled to the rafters in recent years, but if you take into account that the maximum capacity of Pacha is 3,000 and Amnesia is 5,000, you can get an idea of how big the club actually is and how well any event can even close to filling it.

Rewind almost 50 years to the early 1970s and in place of the sprawling clubbing mecca, the plot only contained a small restaurant with a swimming pool just a stone’s throw from the iconic San Rafael church and with fantastic views towards Ibiza Town. In the late 70s, entrepreneur and former footballer, José Antonio Santamaría, decided to expand on his Ku club concept born in San Sebastian and purchased the restaurant to open his new Ku Club in Ibiza.

Santamaría didn’t waste time in expanding his club. With the help of Brasilio de Oliviera (responsible for La Troya) and a plethora of creative geniuses, Ku’s party concepts would lead the club to become the place to be in the ‘80s for the European rich and famous. They would regularly dress to excess at the themed nights and would partake in the insane hedonistic lifestyle that only Ibiza offers. As well as the debauched parties such as Babylonia, Fiesta de Brazil and Somos Como Niños, Ku was the first club in Ibiza to really promote live acts. The highlights include Spandau Ballet performing on stage in 1981, Kid Creole & The Coconuts in 1986 and Grace Jones in 1989. It was also the building where the video to “Barcelona” by long-time Ibiza lover Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé was filmed on 29 May 1987.

During this hedonistic era, the original swimming pool area and restaurant now had the addition of a dancefloor and a stage with a number of bars littered around the plant-ridden open-air area. The famous Coco Loco bar and all of the bars in the Garden, which served the likes of Valentino, Gaultier, Mercury and Bowie, are still in the same places today.

Strangely, whilst Amnesia and Pacha really hit their stride at the end of the 80s with the introduction of house music, Ku faltered. New laws on sound pollution required the huge space to have a roof installed, a mammoth undertaking for a club of this size. The initial roof collapsed in 1990 and had to be rebuilt which crippled owner Santamaría. He had a particularly bad run for the next few years as he was implicated in narcotics and cigarette smuggling and bribery cases. Then, whilst dining in a restaurant in San Sebastian in 1993, a young man posing as a waiter shot and killed him. Police at the time believed that Santamaría’s close friendship with a leading Basque politican, Jose Maria ‘Txiki’ Benegas may have motivated the assassination and put the blame on the ETA.

Ku lost its mojo and clientele in the early part of the 90s. The other clubs in Ibiza took advantage of the electronic music revolution, whilst Ku lumbered along behind not quite knowing what it was anymore. It wasn’t until 1994 that the English promoters who were now flooding the island made a success of the mammoth space. Cream did some early events here, but it was Manumission and their carnival like parties that managed to give life to the sleeping beast.


At Night


In 1995 the new owner, José María Etxaniz, changed the name from Ku to Privilege and the flagship night, Manumission, went from strength to strength. The sex show, which only happened in the first few years, caused ripples in the media and led to a tsunami that blew Ibiza away. The overdose of costumed entertainers and the outrageous production were lapped up by the 10,000 clubbers who made the weekly pilgrimage. There was always something going on – Fatboy Slim DJing in the toilets, the Shin Jin Rui acrobats flying through the air, the random Cabaret shows or the skate park erected in the back room were just some of the insane back-drops to possibly the most ridiculous and excessive night ever in Ibiza.

After 15 years of providing the masses with a consistently bacchanalian experience, Manumission packed up shop and left a void that has since been difficult to fill. It may have already been mentioned, but the club is BIG and even with the success of SuperMartXé on Fridays, the club has not seen the same numbers from its late ‘90s heyday. The club owners accepted this fact and decided to split the space into two. The back room had a makeover, particularly with the installation of a spanking new sound system and the room has become the ‘Vista Club’, providing ‘proper’ music to the more discerning clubber. It’s a stroke of genius and one of the best spaces currently in Ibiza. It’s intimate and the sound is incredible, plus it still has that view towards the sunrise – the same view that the first clubbers coming through Ku marvelled at albeit with windows now.

In fact there are still elements of Ku everywhere in the club – the swimming pool is original, the layout is the same, the Coco Loco is still there, and if you take a moment to absorb the vastness of the club you might just find the spirit of Ku. Just don’t look at the roof.


Kumharas Sunset Special

Tonight on 28th August at 8pm, Ibiza chill-out legend José Padilla is playing one of his famous sunset sessions at the beautiful Kumharas bar located in the bay of Sant Antoni. We’ve been listening to his eclectic blend of laid-back tunes for many years. A treat not to be missed!


At Night


Congratulations to Karen Budge who correctly answered last week’s competition that Eric Prydz is playing on the Terrace at Cream on the 27th August.

Cream competition

Win guest list for 2 people to Cream Amnesia

Cream Ibiza are giving our readers the opportunity to go to their 3rd September party

and all you have to do for a chance to win is tell us who will be playing on the terrace?

The first name drawn from the hat Monday 31st August wins guest list for two.

Who is playing the terrace at Cream Ibiza on 3rd September?

A) Tsunami B) Tchami C) Origamii

Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to

[email protected] before midnight Sunday 30th August.

Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibizan Facebook page

Monday 31st August. Guestlist is not transferable. Dress code applies.

Winners must be at venue before 1am on night of event.

See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue.



Rain Stops Play

Whenever it rains for a few hours in Ibiza, the island experiences major floods – particularly in Ibiza Town and on the road to the airport. The Ministry of Environment is planning to spend 10.9 million euros to improve the drainage system in the capital primarily with the installation of a discharge pipe of 800 millimetres in diameter. The pipeline will run from the future rainwater tank, near the monument of the Fisherman, into the sea behind the wall of the port.

Ibiza Town City Council is confident that the award of these works will take place before the end of the year. The mayor of the municipality, Rafael Ruiz, explains that the investment will also improve the pipes at Passeig Joan Carles I, S’Illa Plana and part of the port, and added that this work “will improve drainage because the existing system of pipes is pretty outdated and no investments have been made in recent years.”

Alongside this work, the mayor of Ibiza Town plans to use a remnant of municipal budgets to further “mitigate the effects of heavy rain” and remedy a situation described as “dramatic”. Ruiz called a crisis meeting with members of the APB in Ibiza and municipal technicians to analyse how the floods have affected the new port.”

The APB is insistent that the flooding experienced in the new port is not due to errors in the design of the new works. “The problem is that the city systems cannot pump the drains quick enough and we ended up with sewage which came into homes and businesses, “said Joan Gual, chairman of the APB.

For the airport road, the director general of Government Transport, Jaume Mateu, admitted that alternatives will be raised to alleviate water retention on the road, which suffers floods every time it rains with some intensity. Mateu recognizes that “errors were detected in the pumping system”. The Balearic Government expects work on the drainage basin to be finalized before the end of 2015


Lightning Strikes

The City of Sant Josep de sa Talaia has reported that the Ses Eres desalination plant has been affected by the weather over the past few days which caused the plant to shut down. The intense storms in the area over the weekend caused a 300 metre long cable to be burnt by lightning. Unfortunately, works to fix the essential cable were delayed because the cable is very thick and, as there were no replacements to be found on the island, a new cable had to be delivered from off-shore. Sant Josep has been suffering from lack of water over the past few months and relies heavily on the Ses Eres plant.


Clamping Camping

The Local Police of Santa Eularia have evicted twenty people who are ‘camping’ illegally in the municipality. The actions are part of a campaign over the past two weeks between the local police and the Ministry of Environment, and the units of the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) and Units of Public Safety (USECIC).

Twenty people, mainly in vans have been moved on from spots in the areas of Cala Boix and Cala Nova. The council has reported that illegal camping is unsafe, unhealthy, and poses a serious risk of fire. They also insist that the uncontrolled dumping of waste is not good for the environment.


Abandoned Boat

The Guardia Civil are investigating the abandonment of a small boat on a beach in Es Cubells. Residents have reported that 5 people came ashore in the boat and it is assumed that they are illegal immigrants after discarded tins of food and water bottles bearing Arabic writing were found.

The search will take place on foot and police are keen to hear from anyone who notices anything suspicious or finds evidence of habitation in the local forests. The suspects are thought to be Moroccan by their appearance.

Eivissa: Raw Sewage into Millionaires Marina

Following reports of raw sewage escaping into Ibiza Town’s exclusive Marina area, the Town Hall has issued a statement saying they are confident that the reopening of the overflow port, closed whilst the marina area was rebuilt, will prevent floods from the heavy rainfall stated to be the cause of the problem.  With this solution, sewage will be discharged into the bay rather than into the town. The Ministry of Environment have already tendered the work to upgrade Ibiza Town’s sanitation system for a more long-term solution, but the upgrade is not likely to be completed before 2018.

The council reports that “this is an exceptional measure that operates when the pipe is overburdened.”  Furthermore, they also reiterated that the restoration of the spillways is a “spot” solution and “cannot be replaced by another system until the new treatment plant is built with more capacity.”


Storm Clean-up

The Consular of Ibiza has mobilized a total of nine people to clean the roads affected by the rains of recent days.

The team have already removed dirt, stones and other fallen elements on the most affected roads of the island and will continue to clear the 200 kilometres of roads over the next few days.

The roads most affected by heavy rains have been those of the east and north-east of the island – the PM-810 and the PM-810-1, both in Santa Eularia and Sant Joan, and also the road linking Sant Carles and Sa Cala de Sant Vicent. The maintenance team has also helped in the work to solve the collapse of the road to the airport.

The Emergency Service of the Balearic Government attended a total of 23 incidents in Ibiza which included flooding in 14 houses, shops and streets and the fall of two large trees.


Mind Body & Soul

It’s Good to Talk

By Kate Stillman

Dear Good To Talk

My partner has hit me on two occasions, not hard and both times because I have done something to wind him up, I have told my friends and sister, and they all say that once someone does it once they think they can do it again and I should leave him. But, we get on so well most the time, we have a real laugh and he really cares and looks after me. Both times he has been very apologetic afterwards.

I am worried to end things because I do love him and would miss him so much, but I also hear what the people who love me are saying and I don’t want to have situations with them where he can’t come or its awkward with him there.

What do you think?

Yours, SA.

Dear SA

Thank you for your e-mail and I am saddened to read about what has happened to you. There are a couple of points I want to clarify. Firstly, a hit is a hit and the fact that you didn’t find it hard is irrelevant, your partner still got to a point where they lost control and it could very easily have been harder. Secondly, and most importantly, violence is not acceptable as a means of communication and if your partner felt you were winding them up, then the resolution needs to be found through talking not violence. So please, under no circumstances blame or accept responsibility yourself for what has happened.

I wonder if you have taken the time to really step back and look at your relationship and assess how it has progressed and what roles you both play? Are you still the same person you were when you met, do you feel at ease comfortable and relaxed? Are you able to still go out alone with your friends and enjoy yourself, or do you feel that you have to either stay in or be with your partner? What is it really that you would miss if you separated? Is it the relationship you actually have or the relationship you would like to have?

It sounds as if your friends and family really care about you and only have your best interests at heart. Neither I nor they can tell you what to do, you are the only person that has to live your life, but what I can say is that a line has been crossed and it is a line that once crossed is then much more easily crossed in the future. It is up to you to assess if you can honestly and clearly trust this person to behave in an appropriate way, and if you have any doubt, you have to be honest with yourself as there is the potential to be putting yourself in real danger not just physically but emotionally too.

The more you talk about this and its in the open the better so please use the support network around you.

Warm regards, Kate.

Keeping Your Liver Healthy

Sabina Brownstein

Your liver is like the gatekeeper of your body. It works around the clock cleaning, filtering and processing whatever you take in, and choosing what goes out. A properly functioning liver breaks down your food into carbohydrates, protein, and fats so that they can be converted into energy. The liver also separates out the nutrients from these foods sending the vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes where they are needed. In addition it maintains the hormonal balance in your body, helps your immune system fight infections, removes bacteria from the blood and makes bile, which is essential for digestion. Thousands of times every minute your liver is performing these life-sustaining functions.

Clearly a healthy liver is essential to a healthy body, so what can we do to help and support it? Avoiding excessive consumption of tobacco, alcohol, coffee and white sugar, plus drinking lots of water are all good habits that contribute to a healthy liver. Think about it this way: almost 90% of the blood that leaves your stomach and intestines after digestion goes straight to your liver for the processing of nutrients and the removal of toxins. Obviously, if you are eating foods with more nutrients and less toxins that makes the job of your liver much easier and more efficient. The ideal diet for helping the liver would be to eat organic foods that are mostly plant-based. These have virtually no toxins and are rich in both antioxidants, and the naturally cleansing substances: fibre and water. Of course not everyone wants to stick to that regimen, so here are some simple foods and spices that you can add to your diet which will help maintain a healthy liver.

  • Lemons and Limes:

These citrus fruits contain very high amounts of vitamin C, which aids the body in synthesizing toxic materials. This allows those substances to be easily absorbed by water, and makes it easier for your liver to process them. Also, drinking freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice in the morning helps stimulate the liver.

  • Turmeric:

Turmeric, the spice that contains curcumin, is one of the most powerful foods for maintaining a healthy liver. It has been shown to actively protect the liver against toxic damage, and it even helps to regenerate damaged liver cells.

  • Garlic:

Garlic contains numerous sulphur-containing compounds that activate the liver enzymes responsible for flushing out toxins from your body. It also contains allicin and selenium, two powerful nutrients proven to help protect the liver from toxic damage, and aid it in the detoxification process.

  • Walnuts:

Walnuts are high in glutathione and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which help support your liver in performing its cleansing process.

  • Green Tea:

Green tea is full of plant antioxidants known as catechins, which have been shown to greatly improve the functions of the liver.

If your liver needs extra support you can take natural Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum). Studies have shown that this plant extract stimulates regeneration of liver cells and protects them from toxic injury.

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, your liver is very sensitive to the emotion of anger. So try not to hold on to anger as it blocks the flow of energy through your liver. Try this: The next time you feel anger rising within you… take a deep breath… and then Blow It Out! This helps to release the anger… and your liver will thank you for it.

If you have any related questions please get in touch via my email below, or see my advert

[email protected]




Sant Agusti
  • Fri 28th Aug

is the patron saint’s day of Sant Agustí. The evening will start at 7pm with a mass where the choir will sing, followed by a procession and typical ball pagés by the Colla d’es Vedrá. At 9.30pm there will be a succession of concerts: Aiye Batucada, Moonshine Band, Guadalupe Plata, and Alma Afrobeat Ensemble.

  • Sat 29th

there will be another series of live bands starting at 10pm: La Selva Sur, Eskorzo, and Pulmon Beatbox.

  • Sun 30th

there will be a pagés party starting at 6.30pm, which will include a cart exhibition at the Sant Agustí parking, typical games, dancing, singing of traditional songs, and many other surprises.

For more information on the events visit


  • Sat 29th Aug

sees the beginning of the Fiestas programme of Jesus with a chess open competition at 6.30pm at the cultural centre. At 7pm there will be a popular party with traditional pagés dancing, traditional games, art stands and grape treading. At 10pm there will be traditional singing.

  • Sun 30th

will start early, 6am, with a walk to s’Estanyol to see the sunrise. At 9pm the One Man Show will be on at the cultural centre.

  • Mon 31st

from 7 to 9pm will be the inauguration of a Surrealist paintings and icons exhibition, open until September 7th.

  • Wed 2nd Sep

at 9pm the fiestas proclamation will take place, followed by a charity Arrós de Matances in favour of Caritas at 10pm.

  • Thu 3rd

 starts at 6pm with an animal exhibition, followed at 7pm by a Foam Party. At 9pm MRC come on stage followed by Arma Sonora at 10.30pm.

The Jesus fiestas continue until September 19th, we will bring you the rest next week. More info at


Sant Bartomeu 2015
  • Thu 27th Aug

has many events for children: Storytelling workshop at Espai Jove from 6 to 9pm, a sporting gymkhana at the Cervantes school, and special prices at the Funfair from 8 to 10pm. There is also the inauguration of a painting exhibition by Mª Luisa Medina at the Far de ses Coves Blanques starting at 8pm.

  • Fri 28th

from 6 to 9pm there will be plastic expression workshops for children at the Espai Jove. S’Arenal beach becomes a sports arena for football at 5pm and for gymnastics at 9pm. At 8.30pm there is a Sunset Swing Festival with free lessons at Eddie’s Dinner.

  • Sat 29th

 at 10am there is a charity race on the inflatable water park in favour of APNEEF. At 3pm there will be a paddle party at S’Arenal beach. At 6pm S’Arenal Dance will start with local and international DJs. At 7pm there will be a children’s party with Cachirulo de Clown at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

  • Sun 30th

the 20th swim across from Calo d’es Moro to the Cova de ses Llagostes (750m) will start at 10am. In the evening, the Passeig de ses Fonts will become the location for the Fiestas of the Land: at 6pm there will be workshops to paint and build Roman and Carthaginian weapons (there will be a Romans vs Carthaginians battle on the beach in a few days), at 7pm children will be able to paint and decorate T-shirts, also at 7pm the typical produce market will open, at 8.30pm there will be a pagés dancing exhibition followed by grilled sardines at 9.30pm, and to round up the evening, the Frigolos will take the stage at 10pm.

There is still more to come in Sant Antoni, if you can’t wait to know or want more information visit


All Inclusive?

With so many tourists on the island during San An’s fiesta season, the issue of programmes not being published in English has been raised on Social Media by vocal local Martin Makepeace who gained considerable support for the commonsense approach of making the fiestas programmes more accessible for tourists. It seems Sant Augusti are even less inclined to garner Guiri support—this year their programme is only available in Catalan. (pic below right, Jesus left is in both Castellano and Catalan)


Travel Tips pt2
  1. Uncover secret bargains on 5* hotels

The secret hotel section at* has bargains on four and five-star hotels worldwide, because you only know the description and star rating before you pay. This can mean rock-bottom prices for classy establishments.

Yet often you can cut and paste key phrases into Google to discover which hotel it is. Once you know the hotel’s identity, check reviews on TripAdvisor and whether it’s really a bargain compared to what you can get on the top comparison sites.

  1. Liquids are banned through airport security – not food

Budget airlines make extra cash by flogging snacks to hungry flyers at sky-high prices – a splurge on airline snacks could easily undo the savings on your ticket.

Yet as it’s only liquids that you can’t take through security, you can plan ahead and bring your own snacks and sarnies with you.

For example, just the £2 spend on a single airline muffin could often buy eight of ’em in a supermarket, making it nearly 90% cheaper to bring your own.

  1. Don’t trust the hotel star system

The star rating system isn’t standardised worldwide, and it’s usually just an indicator of facilities, rather than quality. A 5* may not live up to its hype – it just means it has extra facilities, so don’t just rely on this if you’re after a swanky getaway. Plus the star system differs within countries, never mind worldwide.

Stars may be given by governments, review organisations or even the hotel itself. Package tour operators tend to be overly generous, often a star higher than independent reviews.

To uncover a real gem, use TripAdvisor feedback to help you find a hotel. It isn’t perfect, but ignore the very best and very worst feedback and it’s a handy gauge.

  1. Flight delayed in last seven years? £100s in compensation possible

A blockbuster European Court of Justice ruling means some can net up to €600 compensation (around £424 based on the exchange rate in July) for flight delays if the airline was at fault.

You can claim back to February 2005, but it’s harder for flights before 2008. If you don’t remember whether or not your flight was delayed, check using FlightStats (register for free to use it).

Under EU rules, you may get compensation for delays of three or more hours. In some instances you may also get your ticket money back, plus other costs such as meals and accommodation.




Hola. Welcome to an Ibiza SpecialofZips It Up. This week’s blog is devoted to the White Isle.

The weather has returned to its glorious self after the recent storms and I’m soaking up the rays before returning to London this weekend.

It’s not all about tanning though. Ibiza for me is all about exploring hidden beaches, discovering new local delicacies and, of course, unearthingbest of Ibiza fashion.

Just this week, after a drive through the stunning countryside that so few tourists get to witness, we stopped in the tranquil town of San Carlos in the north-west. Not somewhere we visit too.

It’s a classy, picturesque village nestled perfectly in a valley belowhills. We wondered around San Carlosthe suspicion that perhaps we had stumbled across a film set entitled ‘Pleasantville’. It was picture perfect. As well as quaint coffee shops, bars and restaurants, San Carlos isshopping mecca filled with boho boutiques. I didn’t know where to look first.

I finally stopped drooling and settled in one of the most beautiful shops I’ve visited – Laturquessa Ibiza. A store run by a husband and wife team who have been on the island for 18 years selling their collection of hand-made jewellery, clothes and accessories at nearby Las Dallias – the night hippy market. This summer they opened their very first shop, in San Carlos.

I was tempted to buy everything – from beaded necklaces, studded leather belts, even original ponchos from Guatamala hand-made by the Mayans.

San Carlos is quietly tucked away but so worth a visit ifyou’re here on the island. Such a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the three major towns.

My advice while you’re in Ibizato rentcar and get out and explore thetowns in its north and west to discover the secretand hidden shopping gems. Ibiza is brimming with talented designers with something to suit everyone.

Until next week, adios and buenos dias amigos. x

Read Amanda’s fashion blog


Bodycon Dresses

Amanda O’Riordan

It was the figure-hugging frock behind a fashion revolution, but now the boss of Herve Leger has launched a bizarre attack on some of the women buying its iconic bandage dresses.

Patrick Couderc, the UK managing director of the French fashion house, lamented that the skin-tight bandage dress – imitated countless times by cheaper High Street brands – had become a victim of its own success, with too many now seen on the wrong-shaped customers.  He urged ‘voluptuous’ women and those with ‘very prominent hips and a very flat chest’ to steer clear of the £1,300 creations. And in last weekend’s Sunday papers, he risked further offence by claiming that ‘committed lesbians’ would never want to wear such tight clothes anyway because they preferred to be ‘butch and leisurely’. Ouch.

The bandage dress – so-called because it is made from strips of stretchy fabric like bandages wound around the body – was pioneered in the 1980s and has since been worn by a host of celebrities from Elle Macpherson and Victoria Beckham to Rihanna and Kate Winslet. Its popularity, and its 2007 re-launch, sparked a trend for body-con (‘con’ for conscious) dresses, with High Street brands including Topshop, Reiss, French Connection and Next producing more affordable versions.

A body-con dress is essentially a tight fitting, figure hugging dress, made from elasticated material or composite material such as spandex or lycra. This is definitely a dress worn to highlight the body rather than hide it.

Due to their tightness, this style certainly isn’t flattering for all figures. Ideally this dress works best on a woman with an hourglass shape, that is with bust and hips of roughly equal size, with a narrow waist. When you consider the dress’s construction, tight stretchy material, it is understandable that those with curves will be better served than those without. These dresses are also generally low cut to show cleavage, which is why bustier women will look better than those with little chest (like me).

Therefore, women with a straight up and down figure, or small hips and bust will find that the bodycon does nothing for them. Similarly a pear shape figure, that is hips that are much larger than the bust, will want to steer clear.

However, you can still wear the bandage dress if you’re outside Patrick Couderc’s narrow body clique. Even if you have an hourglass figure, there are still many ways in which to wear a bodycon to achieve your desired look. For instance, many high street retailers carry lines of bodycon with cutouts to add some versatility to this streamlined style. Pay attention to where the cutouts occur and which parts of skin you may end up flashing. If you’ve got a flat stomach, cutouts along the side seams can add a bit of sexiness, but obviously this would be better suited for a night out clubbing than a day in the office. There are also many designs with cutouts along the back, such as with cross-crossing straps. Perfect for toned shoulders and a bit of sophistication.

Alternatively, if you are a dress fanatic and really want to show off your legs, while looking smart and professional at work, opt for a slash or u neck design in a single colour and pair with a cardigan. The clingier and thinner the material, the more of your shape you’re going to reveal, so for a classier option, choose ribbed or panelled designs.

For more types of bodycon dresses and a great range of cheap panelled bodycon dresses, be sure to check out




Fig Tree Ibiza

Amanda O’Riordan

When you aren’t doing theVIP thingPacha, dancing poolside at Ocean Beach, devouring the Med’s finest at The Fish Shack or amongst the loonsDC10, then chances are you’re probably taking inof the countless stunninghere in Ibiza.

All in a , of course. A Fig Tree Bikini to be precise. Hand-crocheted in Ibiza by designer Alba Esteva, every piece in the Fig Tree Ibiza collection is a modern-day tribute to days gone by, when hippies knew how to appreciate the earthinessthe island. Designed to enhance the female figure, evoking images of the 60s and 70s, these bikinis, shawls and accessories are perfect for modern day bohemians.

I’m off to Las Dalias this week, home of the famous night hippy market on the island and birthplace ofTree Ibiza, to purchase my own crochet bikini and basket, for what’s left of summer 2015.


Bevvies, Balls ‘n’ Beauties

Though admitting so is perhaps unlikely to win you any awards for the furtherance of the feminist cause, there are probably many men and a not inconsequential number of women, who would consider a night combining the two pleasures of a few drinks with a bevvy of beautiful examples of the human form as a pretty well perfect night out. Add live big-screen football plus a balmy Ibizan August night and for some we are reaching a state of Nirvana.

Well for those seeking that state of bliss we are pleased to tell you that on Sunday 29th yours dreams have been answered as Linekers on the San Antonio paseo are to hold a Miss Linekers night.

Though the proportion of females may have reduced at the mention of football, they will be back in even greater numbers when they see no less than Mark Wright is to judge the competition—he is, we understand, what is generally considered to be ’fit’.   There is a 500€ cash prize offered plus hospitality at Ocean Beach for the Miss who hits the Mark. (Competitors please note that the phrase  ’the Miss who hits the Mark’ is a clever play on words and not a suggestion that you will increase your chances of winning by punching Mark Wright in the face. In fact we consider your chances of winning to be considerably reduced if you inflict any act of violence upon the Judging panel.)

Those wishing to enter, ideally without any violent intent, should go along to Linekers at 4pm Sunday from when the final contestants will be selected for the main show at 10pm.




F1 Belgium

Rhian Gibbs

  • Hamilton’s 39th Victory Equalling Ayrton Senna
  • Honda engines hand McLaren combined 55 grid penalty.
  • Pirelli under fire again

With everyone refreshed after the summer break we re-join the racing in Belgium. Little changed with Mercedes locking out the front row but with the new race start it was always going to be an interesting get away.

Hamilton had a decent start and virtually led the race throughout, with Rosberg fumbling beside him and dropping places immediately. A poor start couldn’t keep the German down though and while he did give Hamilton a run for his money, he could not catch the World Champion who took his 39th victory. Rosberg was 2nd again.

Despite the bailiffs knocking on their door, the Lotus team held their nerve and in superb racing and team strategy; Grosjean earned himself 3rd place on the podium. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Maldonado who retired lap three after damaging his car when going off track.

Red Bull also had a mixed race with Ricciardo looking strong after a brilliant start but was forced to retire lap twenty with electrical failure. Kvyat on the other hand worked his way through the pack in some excellent over taking moves once again showing what a driver he is becoming. 4th is his highest finish to date.

Force India’s Perez led the race for a split second heading into Les Combes after a fantastic start but had to concede to Hamilton. Unfortunately for him tyre wear and a lack of pace meant he couldn’t push harder but 5th was well deserved for his efforts. Hulkenberg made it to as far as the grid but suffered power loss forcing a restart of the race and his Force India to be retired.

Williams had a disappointing race with both cars struggling on the softer compound tyres, when they changed to mediums it was too late to make up the ground with Massa calling it a ‘disaster’; he could muster 6th. Bottas had his own problems following his first pit stop – three soft tyres and a medium were fitted in an unusual mix up which cost the Finn a possible fifth place. With the drive through penalty 9th was as far as he could go.

Raikkonen crossed the line 7th for Ferrari but the limelight was on Vettel in a unique single-stop strategy, he ran for 28 laps on the medium tyre and was about to take the last podium place when a rear tyre blowout on the penultimate lap dropped him to 12th. Not only has this hurt his title chances but a furious Vettel has hit out at Pirelli branding their performance as “unacceptable…if this happened earlier then I’m f****d”.

Verstappen finished 8th for Toro Rosso showcasing some stunning passes throughout the race whilst Sainz suffered early on with power issues and they eventually withdrew him (lap 33) to save engine mileage.

Sauber’s cars both experienced problems, Ericsson lost time due to debris hindering his performance and pushed hard to take the final point ion 10th, Nasr’s issue was with brakes and a slow puncture but he followed his teammate home 11th.

Things don’t seem to be letting up for McLaren with the FIA handing them multiple grid penalties for new power units and components – Alonso receives 30 and Button 25. The new units had little effect in the race despite Alonso’s epic start moving up six places by the end of the first lap, the car could only take as far as 13th. Button followed him in 14th after battling with ERS problems.

Marussia ended the race with Merhi 15th and Stevens 16th, another sturdy performance from both drivers.



Cala Bassa

A total of 132 athletes took the start last weekend at the Triathlon of Cala Bassa, whose winners were Jaime Rosado and Carolina D’Amico. Rosado was the first to cross the finish line, after completing in a time of 1h 08:29. The Spaniard won ahead of Italian Andrea Vellano, who stopped the clock at 1h 09:10. In the women’s competition, D’Amico won after taking 1h 31:23 to complete the 750 metres swimming, 10 km cycling, and 4.5 km running.

  • See also photo of the week, back page.




Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

What a week of Sport and more importantly, four great winners in two different sports. Firstly,


and in the World Championships currently being held in Beijing, two notable Brit Golds for London Olympics heroes Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill, the former in his favourite event, the 10,000m and the latter in the heptathlon, this after only having her first baby 13 months ago, so congrats to both. Also to Usain Bolt in the 100m who defeated evil in the shape of Justin Gatlin, the American athlete who has been banned twice before for doping. Incredible that, in this day and age, there were 4 of the 8 runners in the Final that had been banned previously for drug abuse and, in my mind, this is not only totally ridiculous but outrageous, something that Lord Coe, the new president of the IAAF should be looking at before he does anything else. Aside from that, a brilliant run in 9.79 secs took Bolt to the tape, beating cheat Gatlin by just 1/100th of a second so well done to him, a triumph of good over evil! Secondly,


and I watched in awe as the great Roger Federer took on and walloped World No 1 Novak Djokovic in straight sets to win his 7th Cincinatti ATP Open and proved beyond any doubt that he still deserves, at 33, to be in the current top 2. Having beaten Andy Murray in the Semis, we all thought that would be it for the Swissmeister but, oh no, far from it, as he stunned the Serb with poise, elegance and just a smidgeon of power. Shame for Our Andy now, as he drops back to World No 3 after only a week (as predicted last week in this very column by yours truly!) but more importantly, he will now, probably, face Djokovic in a semi at the upcoming US Open, the last Major of the year, starting on the 31st in the Big Apple.


and there were celebrations all round as Captain Cook and his England team held the Ashes aloft at the Oval, despite losing the 5th and final Test to Australia by an innings and 40 odd runs, to end the Series 3-2 to the good. Brilliant as Uncle Tom Cobley and all had predicted a whitewash for the Aussies, and we know there are lots of problems within the England team that need to be sorted, not least the dropping completely of opener Adam Lyth, who had a nightmare of a series being outscored over 5 matches by England’s extras (no balls, wides, byes, etc.) and a player I have advocated should have been replaced after the first Test, but, just for the moment, forget all that and let’s celebrate the fact that the Old Urn is back where it should be, Lords!


Great to see the old warhorse, Tiger Woods, getting back, if not to his best, at least to some form, as he came so close to his first tournament win for too long at the Wyndham Championship in the US. In contention going in to the final round after a 64 and 65 after two, unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as a level par 70 took him out to equal 10th but at least he’s now looking so much more positive. Congrats tho’ to Davis Love 111 as the Ryder Cup skipper became the eldest winner of a PGA title at the tender age of 55. Well done also to Brit Paul Casey as he came in tied 3rd with an overall 15 under.

Rugby Union

And a bit of a setback in Paris for England as they were completely outplayed up front by a French pack that are looking quite spicy as we go in to the World Cup next month. Although a couple of late tries put the gloss on the score of 25-20, Robshaw’s boys were never really at the races, so coach Lancaster needs to get his squad sorted and quick, as I’m sure Fiji, England’s first opponents in the Group games might be seeing a ray of hope. Elsewhere Scotland won for the first time in ages as they beat Italy 16-12 in a closely fought match in Rome but a 4 point win over the traditional 6 Nations whipping-boys is not a result to set their WC opponents hiding behind the sofa!

Rugby League

Super8 time again and a likely top 4 is beginning to emerge after the latest round of matches, with leaders Leeds looking totally in command after their 36-22 win over Hull, Wigan in 2nd following their emphatic 28-0 win over Warrington, whilst there was a right royal battle between 3rd and 4th as St Helens took on Huddersfield with the result that Saints lost their 3rd consecutive match and swap places with the Giants, with both now on 32 points.


Not much space to play with here but, maybe Our Ed will grant me a little more whilst he has a big smile on his face ‘cos his Ipswich team sit happily at the top of the Championship, (ed J)but, briefly, in the Premier League, clear title favourites Man City showed their class as they beat Everton 2-0 at Goodison to be the last 100%er’s in the league (notwithstanding Liverpool who play Arsenal tonight! But that’ll be either 3 to the Gunners or a point each), Leicester are in 2nd after their draw with Tottenham at Filbert St, Man U are 3rd after their insipid scoreless draw with Newcastle at OT (should have bought Pedro, methinks, as they have only scored 2 goals in 3 games, and one of them an OG!); Naaarwich drew 1-1 at home with Stoke, another 1-1 draw as Sunderland eked out a point at home with Swansea, another draw, this time scoreless at Watford against Southampton. And two pulsating matches at West Bromwich and West Ham. In the former, that man Pedro, Chelsea’s new signing from Barça who, if the real truth was told, didn’t really want to go to Man U, marked his debut with a goal and an assist as the Blues got their season back on track with a hard-fought 3-2 win, despite JT’s red card, with all their 3 goals coming from Spaniards, the first time in the PL whilst over in East London, Bournemouth took their first points ever in the PL with a topsy-turvy 4-3 win over the Hammers, featuring a Wilson hattrick.

Tis all for this week, Jezza.


Athletes are projected to earn over $836 million in endorsement revenue in 2015 according to figures released by Statistica.

Tennis star Roger Federer will be this year’s highest-paid athlete endorser, set to make $58 million, thanks to long-term deals with top brands including Credit Suisse. Tiger Woods is in second place with $50 million while Phil Mickelson comes joint third with Lebron James on $44 million. Sporting endorsement earnings this year are set to increase 13 percent on 2014.


The Guide …




View From the Pew

Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

The priests in ancient Israel were musicians!That may come as a surprise to many. Learning to be proficient in playing a musical instrument hardly takes priority over Latin in most seminaries today!

The temple of Jerusalem in the time of King Solomon was completed in 959 BC. The Book of Chronicles (dated variously between 500 BC and 325 BC), in the Bible, tells us what happened at the consecration of the temple soon after 959 BC:

All the Levitical-priest singers (Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun, and their sons and relatives) stood on the east side of the altar, dressed in fine linen and playing cymbals, harps and lyres. They were accompanied by 120 priests sounding trumpets. The trumpeters and singers joined in unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the Lord. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the Lord and sang: “He is good his love endures forever.” Then the temple of the Lord was filled with a cloud, and the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the temple of God. (2 Chronicles 5:11-14)

God became mysteriously present (mystically present: “the glory of the Lord”) when the musicians and singers performed.

Perhaps the best known word from ancient Hebrew is Hallelujah. The word Hallel comes from ancient temple worship. The word Hallel means “praise” and Hallelujah means “praise the Lord” with music and song. The word often comes at the beginning and end of the Psalms. The Book of Psalms (in the Bible) is the song book of ancient temple worship. The Hebrew root Hallel, however, means not only “praise” but also “shine”.The biblical scholar Margaret Barker says that the word Hallelujah at the beginning of Psalms was probably an instruction to the priest-musicians to cause the Lord’s face to shine: Lord Shine! It’s an invitation for God to be mysteriously (mystically) present. God’s shining face, according to Margaret Barker, is what we nowadays would call “enlightenment”.

Ibiza is host to many musicians. That’s an amazing potential for spiritual enlightenment. Lord Shine!

Services: Sunday 30th for worship, 10:30am, Can Truy: Turn off the Eivissa to Sant Joan and Portinatx Road (C-733) towards Santa Eularia (PMV-810-2). Can Truy is on left after about 350m. The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383



Thursday 27th August to Wednesday 2nd September 2015

ARIES – Ace of Swords

Clear decision making is a rare ability, however, this week you’re able to cut through the indecisiveness and procrastination of others in order to get your desired result. If you’re involved in any legal matters, it denotes triumph over your opponents. If you’re the sporting type, you make a formidable opponent. No-one gets the better of you this week!

TAURUS – Four of Swords

Meditation, yoga, tai-chi, chill music, etc. are all good methods for helping you to unwind. This card advises you to take life easy, to withdraw from a recently hectic lifestyle, take stock of the past few months and plan for the next part of your journey. Be peaceful and balanced in all your dealings and gentle with all refusals.

GEMINI – The Devil

Reflect and examine the reasons you got involved with certain people or situations that no longer excite you. Looking back it all looked so rosy; you felt you had something to gain. However, somewhere along the way you sacrificed a part of your soul and now you’re feeling uncomfortable. This is a week to be of service rather than self-serving.

CANCER – Nine of Wands

If you’re stuck in a rut and stagnating with boredom; you must try to sort this out. Others have drawn on your energy so it’s time to get some maintenance work for yourself! Take time out for massage, healing or wellness programmes that helps you get back on track. Business-wise, you have to self-motivate in order to move  forward.

LEO – Four of Disks (reversed)

OK, so it’s back to the drawing board for some as much cherished plans don’t pan out as expected. Maybe this wasn’t meant to be and was a false start or dead end proposal. Get cracking with a new plan; one that will be bomb proof. Things won’t come to you; so go seek out what needed to move forward.

VIRGO – Queen of Wands

You’re on a voyage of self-discovery as this card encourages you to look into what drives and motivates your life. If you need a second opinion, consult passionate fire sign women; Aries, Leo or Sagittarius who will be willing to help you with any business, family and in more personal areas of your life. Their advice is worth listening to.

LIBRA – Three of Cups

A week to let your hedonistic side rule. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with people who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now is the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

SCORPIO – Six of Swords

Let go of negative thoughts about your past. Don’t look back, just keep your intention clear and loving, come out of mind and into heart; move on. If you’ve been through a difficult time, the worst is behind you. Life becomes calmer; giving you much needed head space to sort out problems. Find a safe haven in a new environment.

SAGITTARIUS – Knight of Cups

A peace offering is graciously accepted; you feel that now is the time to bury the hatchet with someone who upset you. By showing how understanding and caring you are others will respond by meeting you half way. Acknowledging that situations could have been better handled in the past is a sign of wisdom. Romantically, this Knight is a new admirer!

CAPRICORN – King of Swords (reversed)

Dealings with the law or bureaucratic red tape will test your patience this week. Be on the lookout for a charmer, who will not be all they seem. Check them out before becoming too involved; personally or professionally. Accidents or being accident prone means you’ll have to be careful and mindful of how you go. Avoid arguments at all costs.

AQUARIUS – Five of Disks

If you’re concerned about money, help arrives in the form of an unexpected gift or rebate. This card represents the Cavalry, coming to your financial aid in the nick of time. If you’ve been generous to others in the past, it’s your time to be rewarded. As always, your own attitude counts; what you give in life, you get back.

PISCES – Five of Swords

It will be difficult to keep your temper this week once you discover what’s going on behind your back. Others will soon discover that you’re no goldfish and when crossed, that you bite like a tiger shark. What’s distressing is that you’re usually a good judge of character and are now annoyed that you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude.


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Dead Cert?

One very unlucky punter was left 14,000€ out of pocket when Real Madrid failed to win at Sporting Gijón Sunday.

Los Blancos were 1/5 on favourites to win away at Sporting which, having correctly predicted the first seven outcomes of games in an eight match accumulator over the weekend, meant he was looking at a payout of 14,233€ for just a 1.50€ stake when Madrid cruised to their predicted easy win.

Despite Madrid having 67% of possession and amassing a total of 27 efforts on goal against Gijón with only 6, they just couldn’t get the ball in the net.

It would take a brave man to tell him football is a funny old game.

Fines For Mobility Scooter Drag Races

Benidorm police are taking a tough stand on mobility scooter drag racing, and last month alone issued 30 fines to able-bodied people considered to be misusing the vehicles.

Reported in Euro Weekly News, the fines of between €50 and €90 were introduced after the town hall became aware that locals were hiring the mobility aids as a cheap alternative to taxis.

Benidorm has now imposed a ban on their hire by people under 55 who have no physical disability. Scooters also have to be registered with the council and carry an identification number.

This follows numerous reports of scooter road races throughout the resort, often with the drivers sporting fancy dress.


Porsche Show Dear Boy

An eagle-eyed member of our team spotted this almost new Porsche Cayenne GTS – worth nearly 100,000 euros – on Tuesday morning off the Cala Tarida/Cala Moli roundabout.

According to sources, the vehicle crashed at around 3am and the driver has tested positive for alcohol recording a breath test figure of 0.64mg.

This is not the first time that a high powered 4×4 has been caught in a compromising position. Early this summer a Range Rover driver decided to try and park their ‘Chelsea Tractor’ on a yacht at Club Nautic in Sant Antoni.


Picture of the Week, by Toni Escobar

Toni‘s photographs brilliantly capture the joy of Cala Bassa Triathalon winner Jaime Rosado as he crosses the finish line.


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