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Law & Disorder
  • Two British Police Officers on the Beat in San Antonio
  • Police release man from custody when confronted by “mob of very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”
  • San Jose Police Chief Deputy Inspector Jaume Ramon resigns following incident.
  • San José Statement says “The Council can not share or justify an attitude that sends the wrong message to society”
  • Clash between British Tourists and Street Vendors on S’Arenal beach.


It is reasonable to think that our two British Police officers, one sergeant and one constable, have felt something of a culture shock since arriving in Ibiza under the  two week pilot scheme aiming to further reduce the number of young Britons who get into trouble whilst holidaying on the island.

Instead of the sun baked beaches they may have expected their arrival has been synchronous with stormy skies and storms of an even more unexpected nature among their Spanish counterparts following the action of San José police to release a man from custody when confronted by “mob of very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”.

The decision of San José’s police chief met with an immediate backlash of criticism and only hours later he has tendered his resignation.

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Fishy Business

A restaurant on Illetes beach in Formentera has made a statement to defend its pricing policy after barrage of criticism on social media.  FULL STORY PAGE4


Airport Figures Up

AENA has reported that July was the “seventeenth consecutive month of growth in passenger traffic” at the Ibiza airport. FULL STORY PAGE4




Music and Dance.

Cala Longa

The Fiesta may be over however the music and dance continues in Cala LLonga. Tonight 20th Aug Reggea Band Ja Bless take to the stage to entertain you from 8.30pm (don’t forget the Hippy Market starts at 6pm). On Monday 24th Aug another, not to be missed, Dance Extavaganza takes place. The evening starts at 8pm with the Natali Galves Dance School performing a mixture of modern routines and traditional Flamenco. This is followed at 9pm with spectacular, typical Ibiza style, show of Fire Juggling. It’s then the turn of Tribal Dance mesmerize you with their “jungle style” beats. Music for the evening is provided by DJ’s Dr Feel Good and Phil Much Better who will keep you on your feet until midnight.

If all this isn’t enough for you then on Thurs 27th Aug The Mardy Johhny Depps are making a welcome return visit to keep the party going with their infectious style of sounds and songs.

Come and join us for these fabulous nights of “free” entertainment provided by the Vecinos and Viva Cala Llonga.


MRC Live

Claire B

Figuretes, Jesus & San Jordi

Local metal band MRC have a series of live gigs coming up over the next few weeks. Catch them here:

Aug 21st: Fiesta in Figueretas (beachfront)

Sept 6th: Fiesta in Jesus

Sept 26th: Plaza de Sant Jordi

More info on MRC at:





Art Expo: “Mujeres”

Nicole Torres

Sant Agusti

On Tuesday August 25th Can Curt in Sant Agustí will inaugurate  a very special collective art exhibition called “Mujeres” (Women), in which seven female artists from Ibiza will show their work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know the works of the participating artists Josefina Torres, Diana Bustamante, Julia Fragua, María Catalán, Julia Ribas, Elisa Torreira, and Doralice Souza.

On the opening night starting 8pm there is a special launch party where the public will have a chance to talk to the artists about their works and artistic trajectories.

The exhibition will be open Thursday to Sunday from 7-10pm, August 25th- September 13th.


Sculpture Hunt

Ibiza Town

As part of his work for the Bloop Festival, the artist Isaac Cordal has placed sculptures in three separate areas of the historic town of Ibiza with the installation of several of his known figures called ‘Ses Cement Eclipse’.

The sculptures are small figures of well-dressed men, and are intended to be a reflection on city life, ruled by a world of rules.

Isaac Cordal has installed his figures in three different places in the historical district, in particular in Sa Riba and Calle de la Virgin. You’ll find them integrated into the streets, facades and public places in the city. Although the Bloop Festival ended this past Saturday, Isaac Cordal’s figures will continue to be exhibited in the street.

You can find more examples of Isaac Cordal’s work at



XX Ibiza International Music Festival

Nicole Torres

Sant Carles

This international festival, held every two years, is a major event for music lovers keen to hear the best chamber orchestras and soloists. The festival has been taking place in the summer since 1987.

The programme consists of a series of concerts featuring music from the Renaissance through to contemporary pieces. The Festival takes place from the 21st to 29th of August and the Competition from the 30th of August to the 4th of September, at the church square in Sant Carles de Peralta.

The programme for the Festival is:

Fri August 21st, 10pm: Bartomeu Veny, pipe organ.

Sat Aug 22nd, 10pm: Joshua Weelink, guitar.

Sun Aug 23rd, 10pm: Teresa Albero, soprano, and Juan Carlos Vázquez, piano.

Thu Aug 27th, 10pm: Mary Wu, piano.

Fri Aug 28th, 10pm: Matyáš Novák, piano.

Sat Aug 29th, 10pm: Giovanni Doria Miglietta, piano.

The entrace to each concert costs 5€ for adults and is free for under-twelve year-olds.

The programme for the Piano Competition is:

Sun Aug 30th, 5pm: Presentation gala.

Mon Aug 31st, 10am-2pm: Juvenile piano trials. 4pm-8pm: Piano trials.

Tue Sep 1st, Wed Sep 2nd, Thu Sep 3rd, 10am-2pm + 4pm-8pm: Piano trials.

Fri Sep 4th, 10pm: Winner’s Gala.

The entrance to all the competition events is free of cost. For more info:



Tapas Garden Cinema

Not content with providing some of the best food in town, Tapas Restaurant have kindly started a Thursday Cinema Club in their garden area with some of the best cocktails in town. This week’s film is cult classic The Big Lebowski, accompanied by White Russian cocktails and kicking off at 9pm prompt.





Fishy Business

Stan Farrow

A restaurant on Illetes beach in Formentera has made a statement to defend its pricing policy after barrage of criticism on social media. A couple posted their whopping bill of 337.35 euros online after eating a meal for two people at Juan y Andrea.

As pointed out in the statement, “Juan y Andrea is a restaurant on the beach, not a snack bar” and the menu prices (VAT included) “are visible at both entrances to the establishment.”

The restaurant has stressed that prices “are not above the average price of the area”, although we have failed to find evidence of one that is more expensive. The main bone of contention seems to be not the pricing policy, but failure to adequately warn customers as to the current ‘Market Price’ of fish on the menu.


Even those familiar with Ibiza pricing will have their eyes watering at another restaurant receipt doing the rounds on social media this week.

This bill from Nikki Beach in St.Tropez  came in at a cool 107,524€ – that’s 6,720€ per person in the party of 16—and they didn’t even have a dessert! .

Such summer madness prompted our editor to  post a response with his own take on the issue—see below.


Nick Gibbs on Facebook 17th August

“I am fuming. Livid. I walked into a local bar and said “I’m a brash arrogant tosser and wish to display my wealth ostentatiously. Please charge me ridiculous amounts of money so that i can display my bill on social media.” The dirty slovenly mañana bastards couldn’t be bothered. Instead they were welcoming, friendly (I nearly puked) and charged me this pathetic 15€. Then to cap it all they insisted i had a drink with them free – free I kid you not – you couldn’t make it up. That’s what’s wrong with Ibiza nowadays, all these little family businesses getting in the way – if they can’t afford distressed driftwood furniture they should be bulldozed into the ground. When o when is somebody gonna put a stop to it? “


Thankfully a friend of the newspaper pointed out the satirical intent to a few Spanish people who  had unfortunately taken it literally—and were clearly bemused by the moaning Guiri.


Lack of Beach Space

Premium Price Beds are Taking Over

Finding a spot to lay down your beach towel at Cala Bassa is virtually impossible. It’s not because of the large crowds that swarm the island in August, but because the beach clubs have littered the space with premium price beds and tables. Most people visiting Cala Bassa have already had to pay 5 euros to park the car, and then struggle to find a spot on the 250 metre long beach. If you’re lucky enough to find a spot, then it’s likely to be right by the water and you’ll have waiters kicking sand over you all day long.

The Sant Josep beach establishments have 310 authorized bed areas. However, a count on Monday found that there were 433. In addition, the beach clubs also have tables in front of the beds for customers to eat at – which are not licensed.

Another case of blatant violation of licensed beds is in Platja d’en Bossa. They are allowed 2,750 places, but on the same Monday at noon there were 3,435. More than one hundred were double size Balinese beds taking up twice the space for the same licence.

On the beach of Ses Salines, there should be no more than 490 beds divided into 310 singles and 90 doubles. On Tuesday morning there were 586, almost a hundred more than the authorized.


Airport Figures Up

While political parties argue about the need to limit the entry of tourists due to overcrowding experienced by the islands in July and August, the arrival of people continues to increase. AENA has reported that July was the “seventeenth consecutive month of growth in passenger traffic” at the Ibiza airport.

As for the type rating according to their country of origin or destination, domestic traffic grew by 13.4 percent, with 373,177 extra passengers. International traffic has also increased by 0.8% with 804,633 extra tourists.

AENA also notes that in the first seven months of 2015, 3,430,274 passengers have passed through the airport – an increase of 4.9% over the same period of 2014.


Illegal PRs on the Rise

In Ibiza Town, the signatures of 19 businessmen have been collected to denounce the “constant harassment” suffered by tourists at the hands of ‘tiqueteros’ – street PRs.

Santiago Matias, owner of two businesses and speaking on behalf of the twenty businesses affected, said that “the shameful and embarrassing situation” is worse in the blocks of Garijo, Emili Pou and Barcelona. In addition, he also claims that some establishments do not respect the limits of their terraces and encroach on the space for pedestrians.

“The shameful situation creates discontent among those who want to cross this area, and they have to go through other streets because of harassment,” he explains. “We feel powerless in a situation that is still happening after first reported 15 years ago.”

The problem of illegal PRs is repeated each year in all municipalities. Current law states that each owner of a bar can have one or two PRs, depending on the size of the establishment. They must be properly identified with a visible card and cannot leave their terraces. “The law fails to be fulfilled and each year causes problems and discomfort.”


Pitiuses of Eight

The expansion of piracy in the ticket selling and taxi sectors of Ibiza seems to also apply to the nautical sector, where it is estimated that about a thousand boats are offering illegal boat rentals in the Balearic Islands.

The Yacht Charter Commission of the Provincial Association of Maritime Activities (APEAM) explained that the legal and established firms in the Balearic Islands are “near collapse” due to the unfair competition. Jose Maria Jimenez, entrepreneur and chairman of APEAM said that the Spanish legal firms have to pay mooring fees throughout the year, as well as take on other fixed costs, such as VAT and wages and social contributions for their employees. The illegal companies do not pay mooring in most cases, or VAT and social contributions so can under-cut the legal firms on price.

Although this situation occurs throughout Baleares, Jimenez said that the intrusion and unfair competition in Ibiza and Formentera “is wild”. “Percentage-wise, there are more pirates in Ibiza than in Mallorca.”




Storm Watch

The successive heat waves and water shortages were relieved somewhat with the first summer rains, which arrived early on Saturday morning. During the storm, more than 4,000 separate lightning strikes were recorded in the Balears and the rainfall was heavy in places. The airport recorded 17.7 litres of rainfall in a particularly virulent 10 minute spell.

A total of seven incidents were reported between the hours of 11pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday, but fortunately none of them was serious. A two-masted schooner sunk in Ses Salines and the wind and rain caused damage to many small boats, especially those located on the east coast of Ibiza.

Further in Ses Salines, beach bars had to rearrange furniture and replace sand which was removed by the storm. There was heavy flooding in Sant Jordi and typically on the road to the airport, causing delays.

Also, in the town of Sant Joan de Labritja, lightning struck the ground and caused a small fire which was extinguished by the rain itself.


Marry Me?

A flashmob was arranged in the middle of Ibiza Town by Italian-born Mauro Maroni in order to propose to his boyfriend, Flavio Tontoranelli. The couple, who met in January 2008 in London, were staying for a few days in Ibiza with their friend Lydia. When approaching the Park Square while walking they were greeted by twenty people dancing to ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars, who then formed a tunnel through which they encouraged Flavio to enter. At the end was Mauro, who was waiting with an impressive Tiffany ring.

“I was a little reluctant to get married, but he wanted to and that’s why I proposed,” explained an excited and nervous Mauro. He and Lydia were accomplices in all the preparation, and Flavio suspected nothing during the apparently peaceful walk through Ibiza Town.

35 year-old Mauro began arranging the flash mob in late April, when they came to spend a few days on the island. And in June he got in touch with Sabrina Trevisan, professor of Passion Dance Academy which organizes dances for weddings. The choreographer began to shoot video with the steps which were sent to participants, so that they could rehearse at home.

Several of the friends of the couple who participated in the dance came from Italy especially so as not to miss the emotional proposal. Not content with the flashmob, Mauro also prepared a very special evening with white roses, champagne glasses, a video with greetings from loved ones who could not travel to the island and dinner.

The couple will marry on September 20th, 2016 in London – the same day that Flavio’s grandmother died a couple of years ago. He said yes, by the way.


A Taste of Spain


Make Your Own Hierbas

Nicole Torres

There are many ways of making hierbas, with small variations to the recipe depending on the area of the island. Everyone has their own secret twists so get creative.


Anisette ¾

Dry anise ¼





Lemon verbena



Wild fennel


Bay leaf



Helichrysum stoechas

Felty germander

Orange peel

1 leaf from an orange tree

Lemon peel

1 leaf from a lemon tree


Put some of each aromatic herb into a bottle (or bottles!), and for the orange and lemon peels, the size of a slice. You can use a twig to make the job easier. Fill the bottle with both types of anis (remember to add ¾ of anisette and ¼ of dry anise), previously blended together. Then leave the bottle in a dark room or cupboard for a minimum of two months. And for the last step, you only have to open the bottle and enjoy your own homemade Hierbas Ibicencas!


Traditional Gazpacho

This basic version of gazpacho is the one travellers would be most likely to encounter when touring through Spain. The fact that this soup is commonly found, however, in no way renders it “ordinary”.

One taste of this chilled gazpacho and you will be instantly transported to a land of whitewashed walls, red-tiled roofs, and a golden sun…

Diners: 4

Preparation time: 30 min.

Difficulty: easy


10 oz of bread

21 oz. of tomato

2 cloves of garlic

2 onions

2 red and green peppers

1 cucumber (optional)

7 tablespoons of oil

2 tablespoons of vinegar

1 1/2 tablespoon of water

Cumin (optional)


In a big mortar mash the cumin, the garlic and the soaked bread, in a plastic bowl mix the chopped onion, the chopped tomato, the oil, the vinegar, the salt and the contents of the mortar, mash it with the mixer and add very cold water to mix everything. Add salt and strain it. Keep it in the fridge until served.

Serve with the tomato, the cucumber, the pepper and the toasted bread cut to dices.


Gazpacho Bloody Mary

INGREDIENTS (per single serving)

50g vodka

100g gazpacho

1lemon, juice of


Few dashes Tabasco sauce



celery salt

Teaspoon horseradish

Celery sticks



Rub lemon or lime around rim of glass and then put the rim in margarita salt or Tony Chachers, if desired.

Add ice to glass.

Mix Vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt, Pepper, celery salt and horseradish (if using) and pour in glass.

Garnish with lemon or lime wedge, celery stalk, and olives


Food & Drink




Greetings from the Balearics.

Not something I find myself saying often, but it has been pretty stormy here on the islands. Symphonies of thunder from the heavens and buckets of rain, plus dramatic lightening, which is always spectacular to watch.

My Facebook newsfeed is full of tourists moaning about the current weather, contrasting with islanders expressing relief at the conditions, after what has been one of the hottest summers on record.

It’s a novel problem to have here. What can one do when the weather is bad outside? We’re so used to relying on days the sun, the pool and beach that we’re literally stumped when it rains. Which is stupid, because us Brits should be absolute experts in that field.

The answer? Eating and sleeping.  It seems like absolutely every restaurant in Ibiza and Mallorca is packed solid when the heavens open. Long leisurely lunches followed by afternoon siestas. Heaven in my book, but almost obscene to the tourists, who came in search of the (missing) sun.

Eating healthily and sleeping. This is the Spanish way of life.

The Spanish have amongst the highest life expectancy in Europe, beating the likes of Australia, Canada, Germany and the US too.  And of course the UK. Spain has an excellent healthcare system, but it is not just the health infrastructure or even the skills of the doctors that matter. It is the state of health of the people who arrive in the clinics.

The Mediterranean diet, heavy on fruit, salads, fish and olive oil, is responsible for Spain’s low death rate from heart disease.  Why? Lashings of miracle cure olive oil and that super anti oxidant, red wine. When the Spanish do drink, it tends to just accompany a meal.

Spain is eco friendly, more chilled and less work orientated as a culture. I mean, they will shut down a whole city for a fiesta!

We all know that stress is a killer in the UK, and Spain has a massive UK ex-pat community who’ve had enough of the daily grind.  I’m a part time ex-pat myself.

The sooner it can become full time the better.

Now drizzle some olive oil over those tomatoes and enjoy this instalment of Zips It Up before that siesta.

Read Amanda’s fashion blog



How to wear a pair of dungarees

Amanda O’Riordan

Dungarees peppered the streets this summer and they’re going nowhere fast.

Ok, so you haven’t worn a pair since you were 4 years old, but they’ve hit the big time again. Of course, dungas won’t suit everyone’s ‘adult shape’. I for one avoid them l because I have womanly hips but if you’re blessed with narrow hips and a boyish frame, they are a fun and versatile addition to your upcoming autumn/winter wardrobe.

Denim dungas are everywhere, distressed or tailored. I like the look of a patterned underlayer but here’s how to sport the all-in-one during autumn.

A black crew neck jumper and denim overalls might not sound like much of a ‘look’, but elevated with smart loafers and gold accented accessories, you’ll be the toast of fashionistas everywhere.


Scrap the denim in favour of dark cotton for the workplace. Tuck a loose white shirt underneath, slip on some pointy footwear and voilà! A failsafe desk-to-dinner ensemble.

The evening edit

For evening, opt for a darker wash and don’t be afraid to show a little more flesh. A semi-sheer black tee like Poppy Delevingne’s would work well, as would a cropped version.

The Beach Babe

My favourite. A simple pair of distressed dungas over a bikini, rolled up to the ankles, bare feet and Balearic tan.


Shopaholic Abroad

Sophia V.

As the hippie-fashion is now back in, worn by many celebrities, especially attending music festivals, such as Coachella, I browsed the West End to see what I could find. In respect of fringed outfits, bags, floral patterns, tie-up shirts, floaty dresses, hand-made jewellery, and thick rimmed glasses, everything can be found.

I also ventured into Ibiza Town, whereby the likes of Stradivarius and Blanco sell these items.

I think I can now pull out my new suede red-fringed bag, seems as this style is cool again. I’ll also look forward to going all out when it comes to the Flower Power parties.

For celeb inspirations when it comes to hipper-wear, check out the likes of Kendall Jenner at Coachella, Fearne Cotton, Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss, Madonna and more. These can all be seen sporting this look on occasions.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:





Air rage yob who terrorised cabin crew and delayed Ibiza flights hit with a bill for £2,700 by Jet2

Keith Mcleod

Jamie Ferguson, 21, flew to the sunshine party island in July, but was on a flight back to Glasgow six days later after being arrested by police and causing delays for more than 500 Jet 2 customers because of his actions.

It is thought his return flights would have cost £110, meaning the bill incurred is a whopping 25 times the cost of his travel.

Ferguson has already been handed a lifetime ban by the airline, and now, in what is thought to be the first move of its kind, the airline industry is biting back against aggressive, disruptive, air rage neds.

Jet2, which flies thousands of Scots to destinations across Europe from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, says the bill of £2,716 is for “costs incurred”.

When the Glasgow flight touched down on Ibiza on July 13th, Ferguson, who was displaying drunk-like behaviour, ignored seat belt signs, suddenly left his seat, and ran aggressively towards a female member of cabin crew who was seated and strapped in, ready for landing.

Ferguson leant towards the crew member, shouting into her face that he needed to use the toilet, while using foul and abusive language.

The exchange was overheard by the entire plane full of passengers, including children.

The incident ended when fellow crew members managed to calm Ferguson down, who by this time was being restrained by his friends.

When Ferguson was arrested by police, Jet2 staff had to go to give statements. This led to knock-on delays and extra charges incurred by the airline.

In all 516 passengers booked on Jet2 flights suffered delays because of Ferguson’s anti-social behaviour.

The return flight to Glasgow alone caused a two-hour delay for 179 passengers.

Jet 2 now has an “Onboard Together” campaign to try to stamp out drunken aggressive behaviour by yobs.

Phil Ward, managing director of Jet2.com, said: “Mr Ferguson’s behaviour was completely unacceptable”.

“He showed no respect towards our cabin crew or fellow passengers”.

“His anti-social actions not only meant a delay for the passengers returning to Glasgow, an additional 337 of our customers suffered delays to their holiday flights that day because of him”.

“As part of our Onboard Together programme we are committed to taking the necessary action to stamp out disruptive passenger behaviour on our flights and that includes billing troublemakers like Mr. Ferguson for delay costs”.

Last night travel expert Bridget McGrouther, who writes for the Record’s sister paper the Sunday Mail said: “It is the first time I’ve heard of something like this. I can’t think of another case where this has happened before”.

“If someone is obviously drunk they shouldn’t be allowed any more alcohol”.

In May, drunken Andrew Tosh of Dundee had to be restrained by fellow passengers as he ran amok on a flight from Glasgow to Turkey.

In June, Tosh – who was filmed spitting at police as he was restrained at Gatwick – was jailed for nine months.

Tosh admitted charges of sexual assault, threatening and abusive behaviour, assault by beating and being drunk on an aircraft at Lewes Crown Court.

The flight was forced to land in Gatwick after the pilot and cabin crew were left concerned at his behaviour.

In July, Paul Strain, 26, was one of three passengers on a flight from Glasgow to Dalaman given bans by Jet2.

He was accused of shouting, swearing and acting aggressively towards cabin crew as harassed families looked on.

Strain’s girlfriend Claire Marshall and pal Kevin Brady were also banned by Jet2.com after the drunken fracas on July 13th, which the airline said was among the worst incidents they had witnessed.


Ear bitten off during brawl on flight from Newcastle to Ibiza.

Oliver Wheaton

The man was allegedly attacked on a crowded Jet2 flight on Sunday evening and is now receiving treatment in Spain to try and save his ear.

‘To bite someone’s ear off on a plane packed with other people at such close quarters and with families sitting around him is absolutely appalling, people were getting off the plane complaining of feeling physically sick.’

Jet2 managing director Phil Ward said the company are working with Northumbria Police to investigate the incident.

He added: ‘The safety of our customers is of utmost importance to us and aggressive behaviour will simply not be tolerated.’


Water Waste

The municipality of Sant Josep has not only got the lowest quality water on the island, but also has the largest increases in demand with notable differences from other municipalities. In the first half of 2015, consumption increased by nearly 11% over the same period last year.

Sant Josep also consumes the most water. In the first half of 2015, 2.3 million m3 was used, which is much higher than the 1.8 million in Ibiza Town or the 1.6 million in Santa Eularia. Sant Joan, with 134,788 m3 is the municipality with the lowest consumption.

The increase is consumption is blamed on a combination of leaky pipes and larger tourist numbers.


Coastal Clean Up

The Balearic coast cleaning scheme run by the Balearic Ministry of the Environment has collected a total of 27.2 tons of waste on the coast of the Balearics during the month of July which includes 6,592 kilos in Ibiza and 936 kilos in Formentera.

In total, the boats in the Balearic Islands have recovered 27,162 kilos of waste, a daily average of 876.2 kilos – more than last year’s average of 600 kilos per day.

The waste recovery season began on March 1st and will run until September 30th. The 30 boats available to the Balearic Government work every day from 8.00am to 3.00pm and are also available in the evenings to respond to possible emergencies.


Sa Penya Clean Up

Workers from Ibiza Town’s cleaning company, Ferrovial, removed over three tons of trash from the beach of Sa Penya, after cleaning the cliff of Sa Penya and the streets of the Baix neighborhood last weekend.

Most of the removed waste, which was taken by boat to the port and from there to the dump at Ca na Putxa, was ferrous material and remains of appliances and furniture, wood and even mattresses and bicycles.

The waste removal at Sa Penya also coincided with the bricking of entrances on four nearby abandoned houses to avoid being occupied or used as landfill.


Balearic Beat


Party Planner

Jon Besant’s History of House was one of the stand out events in 2014. Perhaps it was the midas touch of Ocean Beach as the venue, perhaps it was that daytime suited some of us in the crowd’s party stamina, perhaps it was to do with so many residents and workers choosing it as their day to finally have a blow out after several months hard at it. It could have been any or all of those, but perhaps the biggest single factor would have been damn fine tunes.

OK it is a day to celebrate the classics, the history of the music that has been a large part if not the centre of many in Ibiza’s lives—and that is not such a bad thing once in a while is it? To enjoy a day of nostalgia does not mean you do not recognise the importance of music, as with all art, moving forwards, but now and again it is good to have the musical equivalent of comfort food too. Anyway, if anybody gets too precious about it just ask them why, if classic dance music lacks relevance, it is still being remixed over and over again?

Another bonus of Jon’s annual event is the chance for a new generation to see some legendary DJ’s spin their stuff. This year’s line-up offers a headliner quartet of magnificent pedigree—Graeme Park, Alistair Whitehead and Jo Mills, plus the very special treat to see a man who many consider the Papa of the Balearic Beat, Alfredo—who we feature here for those who do not know the importance of his contribution.

It is bound to be a great day again and though the beds and vip tables are almost all sold, who cares? Who wants to be sitting down anyway on a day that more than any other is designed to be up on your feet and dancing. Put Sunday 23rd aside, and tickets available at the Ocean Beach website. See opposite page for full details.



DJ Alfredo

History 101

DJ Alfredo, full name Alfredo Fiorito, was born in the town of Rosario. His early working life was focused on training to become a, and eventually he worked as a music critic on a Newspaper.

In 1976 at the age of 23 he left Argentina and emigrated to mainland Spain, moving to Ibiza shortly after.

It seems his employment in Ibiza was as eclectic as the sets he would become famous for. Included in his early days CV were candle maker, delivery driver and fashion designer.

He also worked as a barman in a popular bar near the harbour in Town Bop. The bar was equipped with a couple of turntables and a mixer and it was here in 1982Alfredo tried his hand at becoming a DJ.

It was while a reputation at Bop’s he was invited to DJ for a party on the outside terrace of a small club called the nearby village of Rafael. At the time Amnesia celebrated as the most underground venue on the island. Alfredo’s appearance at the club was in 1983a private party, and at first his sets were not well received. Nonetheless and in the next year he soon began to turn the situation round eventually having a 6-year residency the club. His eclectic mix of house, disco and pop, being the spark that eventually drew the crowds. As the weeks went by the in-crowd of Ibiza began to relocate from the neighbouring-club, (now Privilege) to Amnesia.

Alfredo regarded as having a significant influence on  dance music’s explosion on Ibiza and its spreading to the wider world. The much told legend, though in this case we can vouch for it being more or less true, is that in  1987English DJ’s on holiday went along to Amnesia  when Alfredo was playing. The group made up of Rampling, Oakenfold, Holloway joined by Johnny Walker. At the club the group were introduced to the unique eclectic style of which included such sounds as, among others, the new house music had been exported from the USA. There are also tales, of which we cannot vouch, that it was during that time they discovered the music’s powerful combination with the Ecstasy in reducing inhibitions and creating a sense of oneness on the dance floor.

They returned to England and set about re-creating their experiences and the sounds that Alfredo had introduced to them.

The rest, as they say, is history…


Five Questions 5 Tunes

Stan Farrow

History of House is obviously a brand which does exactly what it says in the name, celebrating house music’s rich and varied history. As one of the pioneers of house music in Ibiza since the 1980s we asked one of the stars of the forthcoming History of House event at Ocean Beach, the legendary DJ Alfredo, a few questions:

You’re credited in helping invent the balearic sound, in that you played a variety of genres. Can you remember the first house music track that you discovered, also can you name one tune that you think perfectly sums up house music and tell us why?

The first house music track I discovered was Donnie, The It, in 1985, and it blew my mind. I would love to say that for me Balearic is not a style or genre of music, it’s a way to play music.

As for a perfect tune, Promised Land by Joe Smooth, because it’s got the groove, fantastic lyricsa flair of “made at my house” i think.

Are you going to be playing a few non-house, but classic tunes at the History of House? Which ones?

Alison Limerick, Where love lives; Mory Kante,Yeke Yeke; Break for love, Raze; Professional Widow, Tori Amos, (Armand Van Helden dub mix) and Kenlou, The Bounce

What is your proudest moment in Ibiza?

Professionally, the first time I made the crowd dance at Amnesia in 1984. It was an incredible moment for me, I couldn’t believe it!! On a personal side when son and my daughter where born.

When you first started at Amnesia, is there any special night that you think started the fascination with house music in Ibiza?

It was not a particular night, but yes a season and it was 1985

What are your current top five records that you always play at classic events?

I think the 5 I named before and lots more. but you ask me for only 5!!!


Good point Alfredo, to ask a DJ of his pedigree and longevity to pick 5 must be impossible. I think I’ll just do in the best way, soaking it all up on the day.


At Night


De La Soul

Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

Last Wednesday was one of the gigs I was most looking forward to at Ibiza Rocks this summer, with New York hip hop legends De La Soul topping the bill. I had loved their first album ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ when it came out in 1989, back in those heady days of hip hop experimentation.

First to take to the stage was British and part-time Ibizan Harley Maxwell. Fresh from his performance at The Ibiza Rocks Bar on Monday and with his two sidekicks, the MC entertained the crowd that was assembling in the venue with his fine brand of chill hop. Sandwiched in between other DJs, DJ Yoda then played a blinding set for an hour, expertly mixing together old school classic tracks and videos by a myriad of artists, including Run DMC, Beastie Boys, The Sugar Hill Gang, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, Blondie, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, finishing with the closing credits from a Looney Tunes cartoon and the infamous catchphrase “That’s all folks”. It all set the mood perfectly for De La Soul, not that the crowd who had gone to see them needed to be psyched up for their performance.

The original three members of De La Soul are still performing and making music together, Kelvin Mercer (Pos), David Jude Jolicoeur (Dave) and DJ Vincent Mason (Maseo).

They quickly demonstrated that they were masters of their game, with Pos and Dave working alternate sides of the crowd and cajouling them to shout out “yo” and “party” the loudest and playing them off against each other (that old crowd-engagement trick). DJ Maseo kept the rhythm going in the background with some expertly executed vinyl mixing and scratching, occasionally adding vocals and coming out from behind his decks to join the party. With their trademark colourful images of daisies and peace signs projected behind them, we were transported back in time as they played hits such as ‘Potholes in My Lawn’, ‘Me Myself and I’, ‘Ring, Ring, Ring’ and ‘A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays’ and the slightly older than usual Ibiza Rocks crowd danced and sang along. Their style of hip hop as their name suggests, had its roots in soul music, and the theme of their songs and lyrics were always a bit more quirky and light-hearted compared to some of their contemporaries, and it sounded great and fresh hearing it outdoors in Ibiza on a hot August night. They ended their set with their 2006 collaboration with Gorillaz, ‘Feel Good Inc.’, which brought things a bit more up-to-date and sounded very good indeed, even without Damon Albarn’s vocals. I was left wondering if their set was cut short because of their late start, as they sadly didn’t perform one of my favourite tracks, ‘Say No Go’. I loved their show but I was disappointed not to hear my favourite, but when you’ve got 8 albums to choose from in your repertoire, someone is always going to be disappointed with the setlist. They put on a great show and it was a refreshing change to have a night filled with lots of classic hip hop tunes.


Parties @ Pikes

As well as all the regular parties at Ibiza Rocks House @ Pikes, there’s a few specials coming up over the next few weeks, which are worth checking out.

Friday August 21st – Melon Bomb – brings disco-funk and soulful house music to Pikes, this time round with DJs Bad Barbie (Midnight Riot), Paul Reynolds, Corbi, Ben Santiago, Scott Gray and Nikki Belle.

Friday August 28th – Carwash – the super funky Carwash returns with the infamous duo of Nigel Atkin and Steve Altman with special guests Andy Bailey and Scott Gray, who are back for another night playing the coolest classic and nu disco, laced with funk and soul.

Tuesday September 1st – Freddie Rocks Ibiza – the 5th annual ‘Freddie Rocks’ honouring Freddie Mercury and in aid of the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

For more info and guest list for all these and other events go to:



At Night


Interview with Paul Oakenfold and Alex Ryan

Of all dance music genres few can claim such a loyal and committed following as those of Trance. So what’s what in their world? We met up to shoot the breeze with Connect club promoter Alex Ryan and his special guest at tonight’s party, none other than the trance legend Paul Oakenfold.

So Paul, you’ve been coming to Ibiza since the 1980s. A nice easy question to start…can you tell us a favourite memory of the island?

PO: We did a Perfecto party once in the North of the Island at a secret location. Myself, Sasha and John Digweed were playing at Privilege the night before and we just handed out a load of flyers for it. Word spread about and 5,000 people turned up. We had to do the usual for a free party in the middle of nowhere by painting rocks different colours and using them for directions. It was amazing, we had the biggest DJs at the time playing until 11am. Not really sure how we got away with it to be honest.

Alex, have you any stand-out moments ?

AR: Highlight for me was this year when I ended up playing back to back at [email protected] with Vicky Devine. We went on straight after Above & Beyond who I love. I was tingling as I was playing, it was real emotional and something I’ve always wanted to do.

You’ve been on the island for a few years promoting parties, but this is the first year of Connect. What’s a typical day in the life?

AR: Well we have 2 days in the life really. The first is all about the boat party on Mondays. We start with a warm-up at the Backyard bar for a few hours with the resident DJS, then we head to the boat for 4 hours. We head to Es Vedra for the sunset and have a really good pioneer sound system. It’s a really good party in the best location! Straight after the boat we head down to Tropi in the West End and carry on. It’s good because we can do lots of unannounced stuff, it’s full of surprises.

Paul, did you play in any of the West End bars and clubs in the early days?

PO: It’s strange that I’ve been coming here for almost 30 years and have never played the West End. It’s not out of the question though. I used to party at a really good after-hours venue called Manhattans in San Antonio in 1988 and have really good memories of that strip.

Can you tell us more about the old days? What was it like?

PO: It was utter chaos back then. I remember coming out one year and I’d just cut my long hair off, which was lucky because the police raided Café del Mar and arrested anyone with long hair as they assumed they were the drug dealers. There were too many drugs back then and the island infrastructure wasn’t set up to deal with the clubbers. So many people used to stagger around outside the clubs, particularly Amnesia. Because it was on the main road, kids kept getting run over. There were so many tragic deaths, but it’s much better now. In fact it was Spain joining the EU that saw the improvements begin. I think that the British were able to demand more safety for their tourists visiting the island.

What about the music back then?

PO: It was a great experience. It was a mixture of all sounds to create the Balearic Beat. Everything here seems to sound very similar now. I’ve always liked different genres of music. I worked with U2, Madonna and even Snoop Dog in the past. As long as it’s melodic, I’ll probably like it.

Back to you Alex, tell us about the second day in the life

AR: Tuesdays is Connect at the Vista Club. We’ve hooked up with different trance brands every week to give them a chance to represent themselves in Ibiza and we get to work with the best people in the business. The club has been great with us, the sound system is amazing and we’re really happy with our first year. We get more and more people in each week and tonight will be amazing.

Apart from tonight are there any stand-out nights that you’re really excited about?

AR: That’ll be our closing party! There’s a lot of excitement for it as we have the legends Gabriel & Dresden playing for us. They have only recently gotten back together after splitting years ago and, as far as I’m aware, this is their only show in Ibiza this year.

So Paul, are you excited about tonight?

PO: For sure, the Connect concept is great and there’s a good knowledgeable crowd who are really up for it. I like the way that they combine the old and new as well. I’m looking forward to playing some new versions of some old trance tracks that I’ve put together in the studio.

You’ve played everywhere (apart from the West End). Are you tempted to put your own nights on over here?

PO: Funny that you should say that. I was talking to Nicky Holloway this week, who was one of the four of us that were out here in the 80s.

Ed. For those who don’t know, Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling and Paul Oakenfold started their own nights inspired by their trips to Ibiza. The three nights in London were pivotal in boosting the fledgling club scene in the U.K. coincidentally this is also mentioned in the Alfredo article on page 10.

PO: He’s involved in a film being made to document our time out here. It’s the 30th anniversary of our first trip in 2 years’ time and I’ve got some ideas to bring back the Balearic Beat with some of the original crew. Not sure what exactly yet, but something will happen!

We’ll look forward to it. Thanks to Paul and Alex for their time. Below some links to keep you tranced up.


At Night



Nick Gibbs

Ibiza’s Psy-Trance movement is alive and well. A small but dedicated bunch of Psy-guys n gals continue to hold parties, some of which take the original illegal underground guise, but increasingly in times of regulation and restriction, their venues are more ‘normal’. Every couple of months or so they descend upon Shooters in Cala de Bou, a most unlikely home perhaps but one at least that allows them to party on—and they do know how to party—which is mainly on the terrace amid the pungent aromas of … well you get the idea. The latest was 8th August from when I took these photos, look up S:S Stardust Vibration (what else could it be called?) for more.

A while back we were lucky enough to be invited to one of the mythical forest parties—and it went a little something like this …

Having been sworn to secrecy we met in a Car Park miles from anywhere (by which I mean the North of the Island), and having confirmed that the morse-code-esque flash of the minibus headlights did not mean we had stumbled into some mass hippy dogging session, we were whisked around country lanes for 10 minutes in an entirely successful attempt to disorientate us. We then  disembarked with  other revellers ranging from our virgin state to those that seemed to approach the whole affair with an obsession that could only be described as geek. After a good kilometre or so—by when we were wishing we had enough geek in us to have brought one of their torches and stout walking boots/rucksack instead of the, well basically just a couple of carrier bags full of bottles that clinked to announce audibly to everybody our hopeless newbie status whenever we tripped over a rock, stump or stoned hippy.

Our route through the woods and hills was directed by fluorescent painted stones, arrows fixed in the boughs of trees, and the odd helpful pixie and goblin along the way (I wonder what was in that flask of tea we all shared at the car park).

Some way off our destination you could hear the unmistakeable thud of bass, further still and the higher frequencies came in range.

I suppose I was expecting one or two hundred watts running from a vw camper   with a few friendly souls around the place.

In fact there were hoards of hippies. Is Hoard the correct collective for hippies? Pride of Lions, a murder of Crows, Hoard of Hippies? Sounds a bit aggressive. I like the sound of a Happening of Hippies.

So there was this huge happening of hippies (it works) but it was the equipment and staging that really got me. OK for all we knew 5 meters in the other direction could have been a main road but the way we had come made it feel like we were in the middle of nowhere. There was a huge sound system, massive bass bins, a lighting rig of impressive effect  and the entire forest clearing in a natural hollow of the land was surrounded by huge decorated backdrops (lots more of that fluorescent paint and trippy patterns that reminded me of afternoons as a 15 year old sitting round Dale Jarrod’s listening to Ozric tentacles whilst feigning enthusiasm at colouring in his similarly drawn cassette covers knowing that our reward would soon be handed round in  an inhalable form).

Really the whole set up was amazing. What really seems incredible in Ibiza’s anti-everything-music and denuncia culture  was that there could be a spot isolated enough to escape the reach of a party pooper.

Talking of party pooper the toilet facilities were rather less impressive —but it did seem kind of cute to have a separate girls bush area and boys bush area  – though any preference as to which gender’s faeces and piss I would rather stand in would be marginal at best (if pushed girl’s obviously, they being considerably less ghastly than men in such matters).

One top tip is to take some toilet paper, you might not need it but you could strike up a pretty good trade with a desperate hippy who has lived on nothing but organic prune and sprout casserole for the last week. You might even get to swap it for some of that delicious tea. Also take more drink. However much you think take more. Lots of waiting around in car parks and cross country trekking left our copious supplies severely depleted on arrival and other than a lactating cosmic earth mother alternatives were slim.  Finally do not expect hippies to practice what they preach when it comes to the end and there is one minibus and a few hundred people to get away from the area. It turned into a bun fight just as bad as the last Disco Bus from Amnesia—far more push n shove than peace n love.

Then of course there was the music. I would really, really, love to love it, but I don’t.  If Psy Trance is your thing you must get to a forest party. Ask about—it’s the way they do things.




At Night




Cocaine Seizure

Drug Gang Dismantled

The Guardia Civil has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to the introduction and distribution of narcotics on the island of Ibiza. The gang was made up of Romanians, Colombians and Spaniards, most of who were arrested in a raid carried out on August 4th.

The operation carried out by the Guardia Civil Drug Squad, began in March, when a Romanian citizen living in Sant Antoni was identified as a person involved in drug trafficking, as reported by the Ministry of the Interior through a statement. Continuing research found that drugs were supplied to the island through a Colombian citizen who lives in Madrid.

In early August, it was decided to proceed with the simultaneous arrest of all suspects at seven homes in the town of Sant Antoni in addition to the arrest of the person responsible for sending the drugs in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid).

With the completion of the “Meigas” operation, the Guardia Civil has dismantled a very active network for the distribution of narcotics on the island and also a laboratory for the adulteration of cocaine, found in one of the houses.

13 people have been arrested and the Police seized 2055 grams of cocaine, 575 grams of methamphetamine (crystal), 1 litre of ‘Aceteno’ (used to “wash” the cocaine of impurities), artisan pressing molds for cocaine and hydraulic jacks for pressing.


Wave of Burglaries

Many residents in Sant Josep, Santa Eularia and Sant Antoni have suffered or are aware of a large amount of thefts in villas, fincas or apartments on the island in recent weeks. This wave of burglary is affecting mostly affluent tourists in large villas, however some burglaries have also occurred in residential districts.

One of the affected areas has been the Vista Alegre es Cubells urbanization, where there are numerous villas rented to tourists. A house in Cala Llonga, also rented to tourists, has been robbed twice now and the owners suspect that thieves monitor changes in tenants. Apparently, there have also been numerous robberies in Pueblo Asparagus and isolated villas in Sant Antoni. Tourists are warned to keep valuables safe and to report any suspicious activity.


Niño Saez

Renowned criminal ‘Niño Saez’ has been arrested by the National Police, in collaboration with the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police of Madrid, for an alleged robbery of several bottles of liquid oxygen from the Can Misses hospital.

The incident occurred last summer, when three men forced the door of a hospital store, stole an undisclosed amount of oxygen bottles and wounded a security guard during their escape.

The oxygen bottles, by all indications, were to be used as fuel for thermal lances, which are used to break into safes by heating the metal to a high temperature. This evidence points to the gang as potential perpetrators of some robberies last year and this year which relied heavily on the use of a thermal lance.

‘Niño Saez’ is currently being detained by the National Police and has a long criminal history with numerous police records. He and other group members have frequented Ibiza in recent summers, living an affluent life at the insistence that they have only visited as tourists.


Sant Josep Store Theft

Thieves broke into a small jewellery shop next to the Bernat Vinya bar, located opposite the church of Sant Josep, and stole goods worth between 60,000 and 70,000 euros.

The Guardia Civil received a warning at 3.30am, but suspect that the theft occurred between 2am and 3am, when the establishment was closed.

The thieves forced the back door of the bar which shares the same premises. Once inside, they opened several windows and seized earrings, bracelets and gold and silver crosses. The store specialized in Mallorcan Majorica pearls and is a popular place for tourists in summer and winter.

Suicide in Mallorca?

A 42 year-old Italian registered as a resident of Ibiza was found on Tuesday in Mallorca with a kitchen knife stuck in his chest. He was in his vehicle at that time which was engulfed in flames on the outskirts of Felanitx.

The man lived in his van, where he apparently organized ayahuasca sessions. Ayahuasa is a powerful hallucinogen which causes visions and euphoria.

Although all the evidence initially pointed to the man having been killed and the vehicle burned to remove evidence, it was discovered that there were no signs of struggle or defensive wounds. The Guardia Civil believes that the victim discovered the fire and tried in vain to douse the flames, and then ended up opting for the suicide rather than burning to death.

Beach Fracas

A British man reacted violently against a peddler who allegedly stole his wallet when he was on a lounger at S’Arenal beach in Sant Antoni. Numerous street vendors and tourists seemed to clash and some of the street vendors started up-ending loungers along the beach. The police were called at 5.30pm, but when they reached the beach all parties had fled the scene. See the video here:



Police release man from custody when confronted by “mob of very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”

It is being claimed that a mob of between 20 and 30 Senegalese traders descended on Sant Josep Police station yesterday demanding the release of their friend following the arrest of an illegal trader on Ses Salinas beach.

Despite the arrested man having run into the sea and taunting Police which resulted in 3 patrols being required for his arrest, throwing a sarong over the police in an effort to make his escape in which he knocked over several tourists, and according to the diario having kneed one of the police in the testicles, the Police released the man when faced with the angry mob.
In a move that is already resulting in considerable controversy Police chief Juame Ramon said they decided to release the man in the interests of public safety in the face of the mob of “very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”

The diario reports the circumstances of his arrest as follows

“To arrest the Senegalese ‘CI’ three patrols of the local police were needed. The arrest took place on the beach of Ses Salines, when the man was seen hawking. incident occurred in the morning. An officer tried to make the arrest, but CI went to sea and did not want to leave. “Do not! I do not want to! Come and get me if you want! “He cried.

He spent several minutes in the water, but finally agreed to leave. However, when he was near the agent he a sarong over him and began to make an escape in which he hit at least four tourists. Police reinforcements had arrived, but a group of about 20 street vendors tried to prevent CI being arrested.

Finally, the officers achieved their task, but not before, according to information gathered by this newspaper, the Senegalese kneed one of the local agents in the testicles.”

The man was then taken to Sant Josep Police station on which the angry mob descended later in the afternoon. Despite Police playing down the incident by saying he was due for release anyway, there are suggestions that in the circumstances of his arrest/prior offences, he should have been passed into the custody of the Guardia Civil.

  • In late news the Chief od Police for Sant Josep has offered his resignation following the incident. See back page for more details.


Motor …


New Car Hire Rules

How to prove your driving record after the 8th June 2015.

On the 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will be abolished. This means that driving convictions and penalty points will no longer be displayed on any driving licence.

From that date, you may wish to check with the hire company what they need to see when you hire a vehicle. If you are asked for evidence of what vehicles you can drive or confirmation of any penalty points, you will be able to request a unique code fromGOV.UKwhich will allow you to share your driving licence details or you can download a summary of your driving licence record. The code will last for up to 72 hours and will allow the hire companies to make any necessary checks. You can also request a code by calling 0300 083 0013. This also applies if you have a paper licence that was issued before 1998.

Not all vehicle hire companies will ask for this information and we advise that you check with your hire company.


Speed Cameras

Trafico have released information on their plans for speed cameras throughout the Balearics for the next year—at least we think they have.

When we first checked their index there were a total of 6 cameras listed in Ibiza. The camera currently at San Augustin was not listed but there were two new ones on the autopista near one of the busy Ibiza Town intersections, and another new one just South of San Carles.

A few days later we were back to just 4 cameras as present.

Whether this indicates a change in the intentions for the positioning of cameras, or a decision to install the new cameras covertly we do not know.

Either way we encourage readers not to consider speed cameras as something to beat, but to keep their speed within the legal limits. Trafico have also published the infographic right, based on a study by the British department of Transport, which puts the increased risk of fatality at higher speeds into stark reality.




Surely only a complete prat of a promoter would think it a good idea to have people put stickers on cars? That’s 3 I’ve had to pick n peel off and can assure Hyte (surprising as most of their marketing is quite cool, Ants (ditto) and On The Rocks restaurant that their brands have only been cheapened in my eyes as a result. No excuse to say you subbed out the work either.  Cheap n tacky, just like the stickers.


Hill Climb #30

The Automobile Club of Ibiza and Formentera (ACIF) is attempting to stage a motorised hill climb up to Sa Cala which is planned to be held on the 17th and 18th of October. The thirtieth anniversary of the competition was annulled last year by ACIF due to economic reasons, but it is hoped that the club can raise the estimated 30,000 euros needed to hold the event this year. The Ministry of Sports should be assisting with 9,000 euros and the rest is hoped to be raised through sponsorship. After conducting a survey of possible participation, ACIF have found that thirty people have expressed their intention to run – a figure that would mean a record number of local drivers—who compete in all manner of peculiar vehicles making for a great event.


Emergency Plan Cuts Wait Times

After the disastrous back-log experienced in the Spring of this year, more than 1,000 users have been able to advance the appointment of their ITV inspection through the Council’s recent emergency plan. The plan has allowed a significant reduction of waiting times, by allowing those with appointments in 2016 to change the date of the test to within 15 days according to the head of the Department of Interior, Commerce, Industry and International Relations, Marta Diaz.

“The collapse of the ITV situation was unsustainable, the government had to do something and we are very satisfied with the result from the emergency plan,” said Diaz.

The Vehicle Inspections Department has made a total of 3,860 calls since the 30th July, offering to change appointments to users who had been originally booked in for the months of December 2015 and January, February and March 2016. Of the calls made, a total of 858 people have preferred to keep the date of the test, 1,052 have changed to a much earlier date, while the rest could not be located and were left a message on voice mail informing them of the possibility of changing their appointments.

The phone number to enquire about changing the appointment is 971 195006.

To book online goto



Guiri Guide


Pharmacy Finder

The plea of “where can I find an open pharmacy?” is a common occurrence in Ibiza’s social media groups, and by definition it is often presented with a degree of urgency.

Here we take you through the simplest of step by steps to show you how to find which chemists are open out of hours in your area.

All Pharmacies operate under the Collegi Oficial de Farmacéutics de les Illes Balears (COFIB)

Go to the  website


From the main menu

go to ‘farmacias’ and select ‘farmacias abiertas’ from the drop down menu.

The website is available in Spanish and Catalan. If you need/prefer to use it in English, Google translate makes a good effort—not perfect but better than many. (on desktop computers most people can access translate by a right click anywhere on the page in Google Chrome and select ‘translate page to English’).

You then select

  • Island
  • Local Municipality
  • Date and Time

You can alternatively choose to search by address, but in our use the easier and quicker option was by municipality.

Open Chemists

are then shown on the Google Map to the left, which you can use to zoom in and out, and move around to find your closest chemists.

The site warns you not to rely on the information 100%, especially on festival days. It is a good idea to note down one or two back up alternatives just in case.

The website also has lots more useful functions on diet and general health issues, and a page of useful medical links.


Ocean Mania

A wet and wild addition to Ibiza is it’s very first inflatable water wipe out park situated 50 metres out at sea directly opposite Ocean Beach Ibiza in San Antonio.

Get ready for obstacles of balancing beams, catapults, rope swings and high dives as well as slides and trampolines to keep everyone amused and entertained. Ocean Mania offers fun daytime entertainment for both children and adults.

  • Open Daily 11am to 8pm.
  • 10€ for 45minutes or 25€ for a full day pass.



Ocean Mania In Action

John Stables

I laughed in the face of danger, fought off a determined enemy and snubbed any possibility of failure, all whilst tackling a series of gruelling challenges…. Indiana Jones would have been proud.

OK, so maybe my Sunday afternoon wasn’t quite how I tell the story, but after an hour’s assault on the new floating obstacle course in San Antonio, it certainly felt like it was and I definitely felt worthy of the holy grail.

Ocean Mania officially opened its inflatable doors on Friday 25th July and is already attracting attention from tourists and residents. I went down with my better half to check it out and see what everyone is talking about.
Upon were met by the Manager, Scott Mills, who made us feel more than welcome before giving us a quick briefing, handing us our life jackets and sending us on our way.
For me, the first obstacle was posing for a photograph, being a Photographer myself I’m much happier behind the camera; however the pictures turned out fantastic and were available for collection at the end.
As we swam towards the start point, we could hear sounds of laughter and cheering from the participants who were already there, which excited us more, causing us to swim faster (rookie error, save your energy).

Once aboard the giant inflatable we chose our first route and set off to do a slow and controlled lap while we ‘test the water’; not realising just how appropriate those three words would be.

Over the next tackled 30 obstacles over the metre course, although due to having multiple route options and various ways to tackle some of the obstacles, it seems a lot more. We laughed, screamed, jumped, fell, swam and laughed some more whilst having an amazing time.

Being an ex-army cadet, it was only natural that I wanted to prove myself, so it was all guns blazing, pushing my upper body strength to its limit; and although I often did well, no amount of strength or experience prepares you for wet and wobbly climbing walls or small, floating stepping stones; it’s safe to say that pretty much all of us will end up in the drink at some point on this one.
For those of you a bit apprehensive, maybe because you’re not used to climbing walls or swinging on ropes, just give it a go! You’re not going to sink with your life jacket and everyone chips in together on this one, the teamwork and camaraderie between all participants was fantastic, everyone helped (& laughed at) each other and we all came away with big grins on our faces.




Sant Bartomeu Day

Nicole Torres

Even though this is not the town’s official patron saint’s day, Sant Bartomeu (Saint Bartholomew) is the most fervently celebrated fiestas in the Sant Antoni de Portmany calendar.

  • St Bartolomé

According to legend, the people of Sant Antoni held worship at a Holy Cave before the church was built in Sant Antoni. Sometime around the 17th century the Holy Cave came to be known as the Cave of St. Agnes, due to the fact that a carved wooden figure of this saint was found inside the grotto (when it was placed there is unknown, but legend has it that on the day of Saint Bartholomew a sailor who had nearly died, having prayed to the saint that if he lived he would leave the image at the first port he found, arrived in Sant Antoni and gave the image to the priest who took it up to the Holy Cave). After being found,the icon was taken to the Sant Antoni church but it repeatedly and unexpectedly appeared in the Cave, so the baffled people of town decided to leave it there (today it is the church of Santa Agnes de Corona). So since then, Saint Bartholomew is celebrated in honour of Saint Agnes.

In the fiestas programme there is something for everyone:

Aug 20th: 6pm Elder people’s party at the elder centre. 8pm Children’s Fair at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Aug 21st: 6pm Children’s party at the Passeig de ses Fonts. 7pm Children’s games at the Plaza España. 8pm Inauguration of Natura, photography exhibition, at Sa Punta d’es Molí (open until Sep 19th). 9pm Traditional Spanish singing and martial arts display at the tent on the Ribera dock.

Aug 22nd: 9am Table tennis competition at Ses Paises sports pavilion. 10am Canoe tour. 10am VI Otaku meeting Ibiza at the Espai Jove. 5pm Club Supergarrits, children’s event at Cervantes school. 6pm Sunset spinning master class. 7.30pm S.D. Portmany vs Atletic de Jesus at the Sant Antoni football camp. Tarde al Fresco: the Passeig the ses Fonts will have a food tasting at 7pm, martial arts and dance exhibition at 8pm, and Black Rose in concert at 10pm. 9pm Flamenco concert at the tent on the Ribera dock.

Aug 23rd: V BTT Fiestas Sant Bartomeu. 10am VI Otaku meeting Ibiza at the Espai Jove. 6pm Fun at the beach, Calo d’es Moro. 8.30pm 64 Radio Dance show at the Passeig de ses Fonts. 9pm Sevillanas dancing at the tent on the Ribera dock. 10pm Projecte Mut concert at the Passeig de ses Fonts. Midnight firecracker display at the Plaza España.

Aug 24th, Sant Bartomeu: 8am Great Mascletá followed by a chocolate party at 9am and a children’s party with Piruleto at 10.30am, all at the Plaza España. 7.30pm Traditional Mass and Procession. 9pm Traditional flamenco singing and dancing at the tent on the Ribera dock. 9.30pm Ball Pages, followed by Ho Femme Fatale in concert at 10pm, Fire jumping at 10.45pm at the Passeig de ses Fonts. Midnight fireworks and at 00.30am the Party Continues at the Passeig de ses Fonts.

Aug 25th: 6pm Children’s workshop to make swords and masks at the Espai Jove.

Aug 26th: 6pm Popular walk from Caló d’es Moro to the Aquarium.

We will continue with the programme next week. For the rest of the programme and more information on events visit:



Fiesta Highlights for Children

Carly S

Thursday, 20th, 8pm – Kids day at fair on Avenida Dr Fleming, all rides 1 euro.

Friday 21st, 6pm, by the fountains. Kids party with painting, drawing and construction activities, face painting, games and more.

Saturday 22nd 5pm Cervantes school playground. Family party with bird and reptile show, bouncy castles, clown and more!

Sunday 23rd 6pm Calo d’es Moro, beach games.

Monday 24th 10:30am Kids party with Piruleto the clown, Plaza D’Espana 9.30pm Exhibition of Ibicenc dance, Passeig de ses fonts (fountains). 10pm Ho Femme Fatale in concert, fountains. Midnight – huge fireworks display over the bay from Punta des moli (nr ocean beach club) arrive early…spectacular!




Jezza’s Sports Report …

Jeremy Parmenter

At last, at last, could be the bywords for two well-known sports stars as both won silverware at the weekend. Firstly, in


and it was congrats, and relief me thinks, to Aussie Jason Day, as he won his first Major at the USPGA Championship in Wisconsin, the last of the season’s 4 Majors, after so many near misses. Not only that but at the same time he broke Tiger Woods’ Major record with a -20 finish to complete what was a near perfect final round. Despondency for Rory Mac though as his nearest rival, American, Jordan Spieth, who came in second, 3 shots behind Day, ended McIlroy’s long stint as World No. 1. Well done to Brit Justin Rose too, as he came in 4th with -14 although at one stage he was well in the hunt but faltered in the final 9.


and huge congrats to Andy Murray as he beat World No 1 Novak Djokovic for the first time in 8 meetings to win the Montreal Masters title in a close 3 set match. What made Murray’s day even better was also the fact that he displaced absent Roger Federer as World No 2 although that might not be for too long as the Fed plays this week at the ATP Western and Southern Open and only needs 600 odd points to wrestle his 2nd spot back. However, for Murray, a great filip for the upcoming US Open at Flushing Meadow, New York, the final Major of the season.

Rugby Union

Good news for England with the World Cup coming up in September as they beat old foes France 19-14 in the first of 2 warm-up matches on consecutive weekends, the first at Twickenham and this week’s in France. Although the scoreline looks close the Red Rose outscored the Cockerell by 3 tries to one, and all 3 were superb so hopefully they can take the momentum right through to September when the real business starts. Elsewhere, New Zealand came back from their upset last week to the Aussies to gain some revenge and the Bleddisloe Cup as they beat them 41-13 in Auckland whilst South Africa also took their revenge after their first ever defeat to Argentina with a 26-12 win in Buenos Aires.




Rugby League

and in the Super8’s last week, leaders Leeds saw off second placed Wigan 25-18, although the result was slightly tempered for the Warriors as St Helens, in 3rd, stayed there after their surprising 22-32 home loss to Hull. There were also wins for Huddersfield over Catalans and Castleford, in a really tight win 17-16 over Warrington.


And what a disappointment in the Women’s Ashes Series as England were absolutely hammered by Australia in the one-off Test to go 8 points to 2 down in the series, basically meaning that Charlotte Edwards’ team need to win all 3 upcoming T20 matches to keep the Ashes. Not so with the Men though, as Captain Cook and his Ashes-winning team look to rubber stamp their hold on the Little Urn with another win over the Aussies in the final match at the Oval starting Thursday. Wouldn’t it be great to win 4-1 and stuff those doubters words down their throats as well as those so-called “experts” who forecast a 5-0 whitewash for the Aussies!


Last week I informed you of England’s progress at the World Cup in Australia as they headed in to the final stages of the tournament. Well, having beaten South Africa in the Quarters, they were beaten by favourites New Zealand 50-39 in the Semis who themselves lost the Final to Australia but every cloud has a silver lining as Tracey Neville’s Red Roses came back to defeat Jamaica in the 3rd/4th play-off match to at least gain a Bronze, so well done to them.


Not a happy bunny today for obvious reasons but enuff of my misery and congrats to Manuel Pellegrini and his Man City side as they completely out-thought and out-fought champions Chelsea with a 3-0 demolition at the Etihad to go top on goal diff. Early days yet but City have certainly laid down a superb marker to all those other title-aspiring clubs! Also well done to the Tinkerman and his Leicester side who completed their second win from 2 to go 2nd, as they beat West Ham 2-1 at Upton Park. So too to Man Utd as they became the last of the 3 100%ers with their 1-0 win at Aston Villa on the first ever Friday night Premier League game. Arsenal got back to winning ways and at least brought a trace of a smile from Mnsr Wenger as they won 2-1 at Crystal Palace, Everton are 4th as they surprisingly beat Southampton 3-0 at St Mary’s with a Lukaku brace, Norwich did well but didn’t have to do too much to defeat struggling Sunderland 3-1 at the Stadium of Light, Swansea continued their impressive start with a deserved 2-0 win over Newcastle at the Vetch, Tottenham did what they do best and let a 2-0 lead slip to allow Stoke a share of the points at the Lane, and Watford and West Bromwich shared the points in a pretty drab scoreless draw. Liverpool take on new boys Bournemouth AMD (after my deadline tonight) at Anfield with Rodgers looking to join the 100%ers whilst opposing manager Eddie Howe will be hoping for his first point/s of the season.

Finally, biggest shock of the European season so far? Barcelona’s total wipeout 4-0 by Atlético Bilbao in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup last week and it’s not as if Barça didn’t have a full side out! Apart from the injured Neymar and maybe-Man Utd-bound Pedro replacing Suarez, they were at full strength and have it all to do at the Nou Camp in the second leg. That’s football for you!

Have a good week, Jezza.


The Guide …



View from the Pew

Revd Dr Peter Pimentel

Two Silver Amulets

Two silver amulet scrolls containing an ancient Hebrew blessing were discovered during excavations in Jerusalem in 1979-1980 by Israeli archaeologist Gabriel Barkay. The blessing has that wonderful Hebrew word “shalom”. The amulets have been dated by Gabriel Barkay and his team to the 7th Century BC. It is the same blessing that’s in the Bible in the book of Numbers chapter 6 verses 24 to 26:

“The Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his face towards you and give you peace.”

The words in these two silver amulets are, at the very least, 400 years older than the earliest biblical manuscript from the Dead Sea Scrolls! It’s also the first occurrence in writing of the sacred name Yahweh (translated in English bibles as “Lord”). Wow! What an amazing discovery! That the words of this remarkable blessing were inscribed on silver is interesting in the light of another biblical text from the Psalms: “The words of the Lord (Yahweh) are pure words, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times.” (Psalm 12:6).

Gabriel Barkay is a professor at the Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv. The 7th Century BC date of the amulets, by Barkay and his team, is based on palaeographic (the formation of the individual letters) and orthographic (the spelling of the words) analysis of high resolution images of the text.

We use this beautiful blessing in our church services sometimes in the original Hebrew. It is particularly beautiful and powerful in Hebrew. Anyone can of course use this blessing to bring peace, well-being and healing (shalom!) to friends and family.

The antiquity of the amulets testifies to the authenticity of the biblical tradition in Numbers 6:24-26. The next verse (27) says: “Thus shall they link my name with the people of Israel and I will bless them”. The prescription to place God’s name upon Israel may refer to amulets inscribed with the name of the Lord included in the blessing and worn around the neck.


Services: Sunday 23rd for worship, 10:30am, Chapel of Lourdes, Carrer Sant Jaume 85, Santa Eularia.

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971343383



Airplane etiquette

Carly Sorenson

I’ve travelled to the UK and back three times since July 1st for a funeral and two weddings, and I have an appeal to make to an infuriating minority who’ve been on every flight into Ibiza with me. Have a bit of respect for those around you. And for yourself. Please.

Whilst your mates may find it hilarious when you loudly discuss how many lads you’re going to bang, or regale them with reminiscent tales of last time you visited and ended up in hospital or the police station, no one else does.

I don’t want to sound like a boring fuddy duddy (although mere use of that term probably means I am one) but for your sake and everyone else’s just wait til you get to Eye-Beef-Ahh before you get so drunk that you can’t stand or that you vomit on your friend (I’ve seen both). Bear in mind that your sick being cleaned up will delay the departure of the next flight, that your needing to be escorted off the aircraft by Spanish police will seriously upset the people on your flight unable to get off and the next group of people waiting to fly back (this exact thing caused us to be delayed by an hour in July). Have a think before you order five waters on take off and use the cups to hold the duty free vodka you bought (you sly foxes, you!) that consuming that much vodka in that little time will result in you transforming from a lovely group of young women into a screeching, squawking, swearing band of banshees with total disregard for those around you. You may be having fun but the 200 others stuck in the same small space with you are probably not.

I fly with a toddler every time and every time the person next to me has commented on how well said toddler has behaved in comparison to the group of lads, girls or generally annoying and drunk idiots we were unfortunate enough to share a confined space with for two hours. When a 21 month old behaves better on a flight than you do, it’s time to have a word with yourself. Have your fun, but don’t destroy everyone else’s. Cheers.

Postbag …

Blowing the Whistle

Thanks to you someone has begun to at least whisper, “The emperor has no clothes!”

I pray your article on the raw sewage pouring into Talamanca and Cala de Bou won’t just die on the vine Because The Very Same Outrage Stretches To Playa d’en Bossa!

Where are organizations like “Save Our Beaches,” Greenpeace, etc. to take water samples to document people are literally swimming in shit while the green flag flutters?


It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Ibizan

I am at the end of the line, my brother whom I love has a serious drug problem and I don’t know how to help. He’s lost his job, relationship and soon his home. He has no money to pay the rent and will get kicked out very soon, I feel like I should offer him the sofa at our place but I don’t really want to if I’m honest, and it makes me feel guilty.

How can I make him see that soon he really won’t have anything and anyone, I feel very helpless.

Thank you.


Dear GN

Thank you for your e-mail and I am sorry to hear of the situation with your brother. It is really heartwarming that you want to help him and I understand that you feel helpless, the truth of the matter is that in many ways you are helpless. You can offer emotional support and let him know that you are always there for him but coming off drugs is a journey that he can only take alone. I understand your want and even your need for him to get clean, but it is not until he has that want or need that it will happen. Once he has come to that understanding for himself then you can offer support, but until then, in some ways by “saving” him you are also colluding with him and thus allowing him to continue with his habit.

There are support groups on the island organized by AA and NA, if you would like details of when the English or Spanish meetings are then please do get in touch via e-mail.

It is painful and heartbreaking to watch someone you love take the path that your brother has, but the best thing you can do for him is let him get to the end of it and come to his own understanding that he wants to stop for himself. That will give him the real power over the situation and allow him to make his own choices.

Take care,


For contact details see Kate’s advert below.



Thursday   20th   to   Wednesday  26th  August  2015

ARIES – Queen of Wands

You’re on a voyage of self-discovery as this card encourages you to look into what drives and motivates you in life. If you need a second opinion, consult fellow fire sign women; Aries, Leo or Sagittarius help you with anything to do with business, family and more intimate areas of your life. Their advice is worth listening to.

TAURUS – Five of Swords

It will be difficult to keep your temper this week as you discover what’s been going on behind your back. You’ll be the proverbial bull in a china shop as you deal with the underhandedness of others. You’re usually a good judge of character; trusting unconditionally only to find you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude. Time to wise up!

GEMINI – The Lovers

Feel in love with life, discover or rediscover your passions. You’ll get the most enjoyment by connecting with others on a heart level. This is not a week to remain disconnected from feelings; endeavour to keep them upbeat. If your thoughts head down a negative road pause, acknowledge and dissolve. You’ll make a choice that will have far reaching consequences.

CANCER – King of Disks (reversed)

You have to deal with silly situations this week. All people seem to be interested in is money or precisely, your money. Don’t let others persuade you to part with yours and be careful who you trust. You could also be frustrated with a situation that is not being handled intelligently and are left incredulous at the laziness of others.

LEO – Two of Wands

Don’t sit on the fence this week Leo, time to get back into the swing of things. Life’s a party that’s waiting for you to join it!

Your problems are solvable; don’t waste valuable head space inventing them where few exist. Your mind is your biggest obstacle this week; don’t give in to negativity when in fact everything is fine.

VIRGO – Judgement

This card brings opportunities for liberation this week. If anything or anyone is holding you back; you finally become free of the situation. You’ve had to respond dutifully to those who’ve cracked the whip in recent months so plan your own personal D Day. You might as well say what you think too. Your Phoenix is rising from the ashes!

LIBRA – Page of Swords

You may be challenged to stand up for your principles or to take on those who seek to question your motives. At times you may feel that you’re lying on a bed of nails as others around you can be so prickly! If the cool understanding approach isn’t working, creatively think outside the box and stun them with your brilliance.

SCORPIO – Nine of Disks (reversed)

Remember to count your blessings, especially where finances are concerned. You may be worried about an investment and whether it will pay off; be careful that you haven’t overlooked some detail that could prove expensive. We can’t take money with us when we leave this earth; this week be charitable to others or do your bit for the planet.

SAGITTARIUS – Ace of Wands

If you’re job hunting or looking to start a business of your own this is a great week to get the ball rolling. Some of you could even be head-hunted because others have long deduced that you know your stuff. New beginnings are signified by this card, so there may be other areas of your life that require a shake-up.

CAPRICORN – King of Cups (reversed)

When this King is reversed it indicates that you’ll be dealing with situations where others challenge your power this week.

This is of course is just an outer mirror of what’s going on in your inner world. Take a close look inward and examine areas of your life where you lack authority and take positive steps to readdress any imbalance.

AQUARIUS – Four of Disks

You’re laying the foundations of a bright financial future this week; that could provide more than one steam of revenue. Pay attention to the details when finalising anything where money changes hands, make sure all’s fair and square. ‘Money’s round to go around’, as the saying goes; spend wisely on anything that’s considered an investment, and that includes on you!

PISCES – Seven of Wands

If the going gets tough this week and you feel like you’re being backed into a corner; stand your ground and make sure that those who are piling on the pressure are informed that they need to back off. You can’t expect to function properly when others are showing so little faith in your efforts. You’re not a doormat!


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Police Chief Resigns

The Police Chief of Sant Josep tenders his resignation following the incident yesterday in which he released a man from custody when confronted by what he at the time personally described as a “mob of very agitated and shouting men of Senegalese nationality”

In a statement issued by the council leaders today they said “The Council can not share or justify an attitude that sends the wrong message to society that can presuppose a tolerance of behaviour that is not in fact the case,”

The man at the centre of the row, Deputy Inspector Jaume Ramon pictured above,  this morning offered his resignation to the mayor, Josep Marí Ribas.

A full account of the circumstances in which the man was released in the face of an angry mob can be read on page 15.

The Mayor has confirmed that Ramon has resigned following a meeting held this morning with himself and the Councillor of Interior, Paquita Ribas.Ramon was Police Chief Sant Josep for more than 20 years, but we feel what he did was wrong, said Ribas.

The council said in a press release that the government team appreciates the gesture of the Chief of Police in offering his resignation, announcing it would take a decision on the matter Thursday.

The council statement went on to reaffirm the authorities tough line on tackling street vendors this summer. The council Insists that during the summer the fight against hawking will continue.


Hola, Hola, Hola

The deployment this week of two British police officers in the Balearic lslands builds on what the British and Spanish Governments consider a to date successful initiative by the Guardia Civil to work with international colleagues during the peak holiday season, including police from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Morocco.

The two week pilot scheme has the stated aims of “reducing the number of young Britons who get into trouble whilst holidaying in two of the UK’s most popular overseas destinations and who then require assistance from the local British Consulates.”

Worthy objectives though exactly how much can be achieved in such a short period whilst under considerable scrutiny by the media and other parties remains to be seen.

The British tabloid press were very hostile at the outset, portraying the initiative as nothing more than a jolly at tax payers expense. Following the bad press received in the first few days in Magaluf the intended press conference in Ibiza was cancelled. The British Embassy in Madrid said “there is not going to be a media event around the two British officers in Ibiza next week.” the statement continued  “the Spanish authorities, as well as us, value the need for the officers to concentrate on doing their work.“

On the evidence of the interest encountered on their first beat today photographed by Matt Hill, it seems the media will be difficult to avoid, though given the very limited timescale in which it is unlikely very little impact on actual policing of the town can be achieved, it seems clear the intention of the exercise is in developing public relations and so it is hard to understand the objection to press.

Two officers, Brett and Marina, from the West Midlands Police force, respectively sergeant and a police constable, are working alongside Guardia Civil colleagues UK officers are “ready to assist Spanish colleagues in providing advice and support to British nationals who are victims of crime or need other assistance, and to help in investigations where UK citizens are the alleged offenders.”

The British Embassy has also highlighted their wider preventative role, though again this must be considered more theoretical than any actual intent if they are only to fulfil their allotted week of 8 hour shifts. “They are also involved in prevention work aimed at influencing the night-time economy and visitor behaviours.UK officers are liaising with tourist industry stakeholders such as hoteliers, bar and club owners,as well as speaking to the public during the day, in order to seek to prevent crime and disorder from happening, rather than just dealing with it afterwards.”

The pilot scheme alsoan online initiative which seems to have had little publicity to date. Themedia campaign is aimed at young British visitors to Magaluf and Ibiza, and encourages behaviours that lead to ‘holiday wins’ and a good time, not actions that result in ‘holiday fails’ and lost time and money. The campaign sets typical resort scenarios and encourages young travellers to choose between a #holidaywin and a #holidayfail. A #holidaywin might mean partying with friends and having an amazing night, whereas a #holidayfail leads to being hospitalised after drinking too much.

Our view in the office today was full marks for good intentions, but feels horribly like a scheme that would receive nothing but derision from those it seeks to engage.

Speaking of the scheme generally the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, said:

“I’m delighted to see British police officers working alongside and supporting members of the Spanish Guardia Civil. The Balearics are among the most popular destinations in the world for young British holidaymakers, and we want to reduce the number who get into some kind of trouble and need consular assistance.
“This is a good way to influence British behaviour abroad and thus prevent problems, thereby reducing the burden on publicly-funded British Consulates. It should also strengthen relations between our police forces and those in the Balearics, as well as enhancing the UK’s standing in Spain as a whole.”

Though doubtful as to what can be achieved in such a short time, the continuation and development of the project must be a good thing for San Antonio and Ibiza. We welcome Brett and Marina to the island and wish them all success