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Sting Ring

Cala Vedella Jellyfish defences

Cala Vedella will be the second beach of the island, after Cala Jondal, to begin installing an ‘antimedusas’ network. The network aims to block the arrival of jellyfish to the waters around the beach by a protective ring of a floating pontoon and submerged netting. It is a joint initiative between the Association of Merchants, Neighbours of Cala Vedella and the Higher Centre for Scientific Research (CSIC).

The guard will be placed  at some distance from the shore. The bottom will be one hundred metres long, with another fifty metres on each side. To avoid damage to sea grass, the net will be mainly anchored on existing boat moorings, said the president of that neighbourhood association, Xicu Ribas.

The network should have already been placed at Cala Vedella, but customs problems in Morocco have caused delays, although there are already four divers and aero CSIC in Ibiza to install the system.

The placement of the ‘antimedusas”, which will be three metres high and visible on the surface, is part of a European program to install such systems on those beaches that request and meet certain characteristics. “This is a very enclosed cove where the water just flows,” Ribas said, adding that this favours the permanence of jellyfish on the beach.


Second Death at Piscis Park

A British Tourist Dies during stag holiday in Ibiza.

Second death in days at San An’s Pisces Park Hotel

A 32 year old British tourist has died in his hotel room in Sant Antoni after suffering “possible drug intoxication”, according to the Guardia Civil.

Then the event occurred around 11.30pm Tuesday in the Piscis Park hotel. Apparently, the victim, Andrew George Watson, was found by a friend in his room. The hotel phoned the Galeno clinic to request the presence of a doctor and an ambulance. The doctor went into the room and found the man, who had suffered seizures, lying on the ground, almost cyanotic, cold and without a pulse. Despite resuscitation efforts made by both the physician and 061 healthcare who arrived later, it was impossible to save his life. The Guardia Civil was informed and they have taken over the investigation.

Both the Guardia Civil and the Galeno clinic have noted that the man showed signs of drug abuse.

So far which substances the victim consumed has not been determined, the investigators are waiting for the autopsy report.

The news comes only days after another British mna dies at the notorious hotel. On May 30 Fraser Gillespie, 26, from Stirlingshire, was pronounced dead at the scene after falling from his 5th floor balcony. Mr Gillespie had been partying with up to 20 mates before the incident. His death is not being treated as suspicious.


Exodus on Ice

Company blame Island politics for scuppering superyacht launch.

The team behind the newly branded superyacht parties Exodus has issued a public statement claiming that Island politics and commercial rivalries are behind their difficulties in commencing their planned summer season of sunset and corporate boat parties. Exodus has  been marketed as offering a higher quality of event for more discerning customers, a move away from the booze cruise sector which has come under increasing pressure to clean up their operations  in terms of reputation, safety and environmental impact.

The statement said “Unfortunately island politics has prevailed. The owners have just received confirmation from the port authority that they will not allow the vessel to be boarded. What was perfectly fine last year – boarding in San Antonio and Playa Den Bossa is now not possible for no good reason apart from the political pressure from the other boats not wanting the competition from this boat.

We have no choice but to suspend all events and promotion going forward until this is resolved legally, we will not be taking anymore bookings and will refund customers in the mean time.

This is a huge blow for us on what would have been such a promising opening with the VIP already sold out for the next week. The product and concept works, it has been very popular but we have been cut off by boats who don’t want competition at the last minute. We have legal routes to take to overturn this and also other options to load the boat but these will take at least two weeks to be resolved.

In the meantime we have no choice but to stop promoting and selling.

For any refund enquiries please email: [email protected]


Bizarre Pepsi van heist

Brit causes serious accident

Police Fire warning shots to Stop Man Who Stole Vehicle and Caused Serious Accident

A young British Man was at the centre of a bizarre sequence of events that resulted in a serious traffic accident leaving a 69 year old man hospitalised in what is described as serious condition.

The incident occurred on Tuesday on the main road between Sant Antoni and Sant Josep. The events began around 11am when the young man, 22 years old, stole a Pepsi van which had been left parked with the keys in at the door of a supermarket in Cala de Bou. The youth fled with the van, inside which there was 800€ in cash, at high speed in the direction of Sant Josep, but at the height of Sant Agustí he had a head on collision with a red Toyota RAV 4. The Sant Josep police arrived at the scene alerted by the traffic jam and saw the young man running away. Once they stopped him, and realised he was the driver of the stolen vehicle, they handcuffed him and put him in the patrol car. While the police were redirecting traffic, the 22 year-old kicked the rear window until through and escaped, fleeing the scene still wearing handcuffs.  The police gave chase but  the youth didn’t stop until one of the policemen fired a warning shot into the sky.

The youth was later taken to Can Misses and tested positive in a drug test.

The two men in the Toyota were taken to the Policlinica del Rosario. C. M. P., 39 years old, was discharged that afternoon with mild contusions, but his companion R. V. B., 65 years old, was admitted to the trauma unit with elbow and craniofacial fractures. His condition is serious.

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F**k Art, Let’s Dance

Classes in Salsa, Zumba and ´Just Dance´

From the smouldering sensuality of Salsa to the frantic physicality of Zumba, and everything in between – literally in our third offering of Dance – as varied in location as it is in style with venues in San Antonio, Playa D´en Bossa and  San Miguel.

Balearic Boutique Hostal are offering Salsa classes Mondays. Free to attend and starting at 8pm, they are open to complete beginners upwards. After the instructed part of the evening the music and dance party continue until Midnight on the patio. Host Daniel said he will have some 2-for-1 drink specials to help the party along and that he “looks forward to sharing some special moments to the sound of latin beats with our friends and guests on the hot Summer nights.”

Meanwhile Zumba classes are being held at The Hard Rock Hotel on the rooftop terrace on Saturday mornings, starting on June 13th from 10.30-11.30am. Hosted by Lindsay Jay Fitness, the classes will be an explosive 60 minutes of Zumba with new tracks, DJ and a live drummer. The class next Saturday (June 13th) is free for everyone so invite anyone who wants to get fit and likes to boogie.

For those who enjoy letting it all go the second ´let´s just dance´ event on Thursday 11th June at 8pm, being held at La Nave near san Miguel,  promotes  the need for our bodies to dance, but more than that organisers Sandra and Anna say the night will give a chance for ”a full dance, ecstatic, liberating, flowing, shaking, awakening, fun, beautiful”, all to the sounds of  DJ Ohm G who “will take us one more time to the moon and the stars and back, with a new journey, with new flavours.” Dancing is barefoot, and everyone is encouraged “to dance being a woman, being a man, so bring in the wild, the spirited, the juice.” Those who find their juice running low for any reason will be pleased to hear water is included in the 10€ entrance.

Don’t worry art lovers, we didn’t mean it, there is plenty for you—turn to our arts coverage on page 10.

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Beach Clean Up

In more good news for Ibiza’s beaches the service for cleanliness of bathing water and prevention of pollution to the beaches and coves of the Balearic Islands has removed a mammoth 14,131 kilos of waste during the first month of operation in May.

The Balearic Agency of Water and Environmental Quality (Abaqua) has a fleet of 33 boats that run throughout the Balearic archipelago removing solid waste from the sea.

The waste is primarily made up of plastics, 35.7% (5,045 kilos) and wood, 34.8% (4,927 kilos), followed by algae, 13.5% ( 1,907 kilos) and organic matter, 9.6% (1,356 kilos).

The service, launched in 2004, will run for five months, until September 30th.


Tax bike hike

Spain’s DGT traffic authority is considering plans that would see cyclists having to register their bicycles, get a rider’s license and take out insurance. The DGT has been meeting with cycling associations in recent weeks to get a sense of what pro-bicycle groups think of this possible measure.

“Not only was the survey biased and lacking any scientific rigor, but the meeting sought to defend obligations and taxes for cyclists that are unheard of elsewhere in Europe,” said Manuel Martín of Conbici, a cycling advocacy group.

The confrontation illustrates the lack of involvement of Spanish cycling associations in policy-making, as is the norm in other European countries.


Forza Ibiza!

Ibiza Airport has two new routes to the Italian cities of Milan and Rome, as reported by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA). Meridianafly operates the Ibiza to Milan-Linate route, with four weekly connections until the end of the season. With its launch, Ibiza is now connected to the four airports of Milan, Malpensa, Milan-Bergamo and Milan-Linate.

The Mistral Air operated Ibiza to Rome-Fiumicino route joins the existing routes to Rome-Ciampino and Rome-Fiumicino with three connections per week. With these two new routes there are now a total of seventeen Italian airports being served for the summer.


Sewerage tender up for grabs

The Ministry of Environment has announced the bidding for a company to refurbish the Ibiza Town sewerage system which will cost 10.4 million euros. This project will be two-fold, firstly with the construction of a new sewage treatment plant on the land containing the old shooting range in Sa Coma. The second task will be to refurbish the failing pipes that collect wastewater.

The deadline for submission of bids ends on July 6th with details on the winning bid being made public in October, according to the Ministry, which has also announced the construction of a new sewage plant in Menorca at a cost of 12.7 million euros.


You wait ages for a taxi stop, and 3 come along at once …

Ibiza Town City Council will create three new stops for taxis in the city. After a technical meeting, plans are in motion to have stops at the head of Vara de Rey, in front of the Ibiza Gran Hotel and within a section of Calle Ramon Muntanter.

The Association of Taxi Drivers has previously warned that the stops are needed for the launch of the extra 60 seasonal taxis. In stops like Bartomeu Rosello, it is common to see taxis in two rows because they have no room to queue at the authorized place for this purpose. Furthermore, the local police had warned them they could be fined if they continued standing in two rows at this busy stop.

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Friends of Darlington man who died during Ibiza stag do raise thousands to bring him back home

10th June 2015

Friends and family of a popular Darlington man who died during a stag trip to Ibiza have raised thousands of pounds to bring his body home.

Andrew Watson, 32, died late on Monday night.

It happened just daysa Scottish reveller fell to his death from the same hotel while also on a stag do.

Mr Watson was described by a friend as “one of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing”.

As Mr Watson had no travel insurance, a-funding websiteswiftly set up to raise at least £5,000 needed to bring his body home.

Within hours the appeal had raised more than £3,000.

In a heartbreaking plea written, a friend of the family wrote: “As many of you may not have heard the sad news, I’m sorry to say that Andrew died last night whilst in Ibiza for a friend’s stag do.

“On top of this sad news, unfortunately Andrew did not have travel insurance for the trip and it therefore lands on the family to pay to get his body home.”

A friend found Mr Watson having seizures in his second floor room at the Piscis Park Hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza, on Monday night.

The alarm was raised and a doctor from the nearby private Galen clinic arrived within minutes.

He described the patient as “almost cyanotic, cold and pulseless”.

National emergency service medics also rushed to the scene but were unable to save Andrew.

The plea on the crowd-funding page added: “With his mother and his girlfriend Leanne’s blessing this page has been set up to help the family raise as much money as possible to help in any way we can.

“We are unsure as to how much it will cost for the legalities of bringing his body home, but understand that they are looking in the region of £5,000 to £6,000.

“We know that Andrew was truly loved by many people in the town and so let’s all do whatever we can to get him home, where he belongs, so his family and loved ones can grieve for him properly and give him the send off he deserves.”

A Civil Guard spokesman said the holidaymaker had suffered “a possible drug intoxication”. An autopsy is being undertaken to establish the cause of death.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We can confirm the death of a British national in Ibiza.

“We are providing consular assistance to the family at this difficult time.”

Andrew Scratcherd, a friend, wrote: “One of the nicest and funniest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and a true legend of Darlington. You’ll always be missed.”

On May 30 Fraser Gillespie, 26, from Stirlingshire, was pronounced dead at the scene after he plunged to his death from the two-star Piscis Park Hotel.

Mr Gillespie had checked in to a fifth-floor room in the hotel and had been partying with up to 20 mates before the incident.

He had only been at the resort for a matter of hours before falling to his death, which is being treated as an accident.


Fire Training

Following our report of the fire emergency water tanks last week the Fire service have been practicing their skills in making the most of these valuable new resources. Seen here they are working to assist the helicopter pilot in using the tanks.

Fire Emergency

To the right, and snapped by our editorial team making for an unexpected moment of drama during a restaurant review this week. The fire plane douses a forest blaze just to the North of San Antonio


50 Shades of Beer

June 15th sees the launch of the new Estrella Damm advert filmed by Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar in Ibiza.

The trailer for the advert was recently released and stars Dakota Johnson – known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey – Quim Gutiérrez, Carles Francino and Natalia Tena – the latter one of the stars of Game of Thrones.

The trailer, which lasts for 40 seconds, shows the hippie market in the bastion of Santa Llúcia, Dalt Vila at night and Benirras beach. See the trailer here



Spring drug haul confirmed

The National Police in Ibiza has concluded the aptly named Operation Spring, which has led to the arrest of nine people for crimes related to narcotics. The arrests occurred mainly in the areas de ses Figueretes, Sa Penya and surrounding areas.

The National Police have seized more than 100 grams of cocaine, nearly 2 kilos of marijuana, half a kilo of hashish, ecstasy pills and amphetamines as reported in a statement.

The operation was conducted between May and June, as part of a special initiative to prevent trafficking and consumption of drugs amongst the influx of tourists arriving during the long weekend of May.

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Greenpeace Balearic Environmental Study

Positives and negatives are analysed

Greenpeace has analysed every region in Spain for its first Social Radiography of the Environment study and has identified threats and positives in the Balearic Islands.

Negative points include the Endesa power stations in Ibiza and Formentera, mismanagement of the coastline and the threat of oil exploration. On the flip side, the existence of the Marine Reserve and the fact that 82 percent of the fishing fleet is artisanal are positives. Greenpeace has further identified 29 black spots in its study which includes the pollution of the incinerator of Son Reus, the destruction of the coast of Calvia, GM crops, the power plant at Cas Tresorer and the cement works at Lloseta as major issues. In addition, some of the prominent black spots are the power stations of Alcudia, Mahon and Ibiza and Formentera, the destruction of the coast of Sant Lluís (Menorca) and Sant Josep de sa Talaia. In contrast, the report does stress that the Balearics is the community with the highest percentage of land devoted to organic farming. The report also reveals the “harsh social consequences” that come with the environmental damage. Similarly, they value the positive impacts that come with positive environmental policies.

Find out more in depth at



Turtle watch

This week, a Caretta Caretta (loggerhead) turtle came to the beach in Santa Eulària des Riu to lay its eggs, as reported by the City Council of Santa Eulària.

After making a sizable nest, the turtle left the area without leaving the eggs, but may return to the beach or nearby to spawn.

The Environment and Recovery Center of marine species (CREM) has established a monitoring device in order to monitor and ensure that the turtle can complete its work. It has also requested for people to notify them via 112 if the turtle is sighted, and not to approach or take pictures in case the turtle becomes frightened.

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Food & Drink


Breakfast at Savannah’s

Stan Farrow

The sunset strip is, for obvious reasons, primarily known as the place to go for the fantastic sunsets on the West of the island. Reserve a table at one of the four bar/restaurants, order some food, sip a nice cocktail and clap the sun as it puts a full stop on the end of another glorious Ibiza day. The strip at sunset isn’t for everybody though – it’s very very busy, it can be hard to get a table, parking is a nightmare and some people prefer to avoid it altogether. If you’re one of those mellower types or just fancy a different take on the strip, then a word to the wise – it opens in the daytime.

We headed down there at 11am to kick start the day at Savannah with a view to sampling their breakfast/brunch menu. We were too early for the grill and salad selection, which starts at 1pm, but had a myriad of choices with their breakfast and sandwiches menu. There were three of us with vastly differing tastes, but I’ll concentrate on mine because it’s obviously the best.

I understand the need to be healthy, so I like to combine an easy to digest, vitamin packed super liquid followed by whatever I fancy. It’s not really a nutritional plan, but I’m still functioning to some degree so it must be working. First up is the liquid, and I opt for the ‘Energy Smoothie’ consisting of Brazilian super berry Acai, strawberry and orange juice. It looks awful, which is the sure fire sign that it must be good for you. It tastes pretty good, which worries me, but I’m assured that it is packed with healthy goodness.

Now the short wait begins before the ‘Eggs Benedict’ arrives. I could have plumped for the typical fry-up, a bowl full of Acai, pancakes, sandwiches or wraps, but I fancied the eggs and my diet allows it. I take the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sea and start feeling a bit poetic.

An old man is snorkelling just off of the rocks and I can see flecks of white spume cascading through the waves from my shaded table.

It’s almost 30 degrees already, but the slight breeze is cooling my ankles and softly kissing the plants in the gable.

Shade, o glory to shade which doth me able.

Luckily the food arrives before I can think of a limerick and I tuck in. The eggs are perfectly poached, the muffins are fresh and the sauce is deliciously thick and full of tasty badness. My only regret is that I demolish it in about 4 seconds. I suppose I can always order more, buy a ruffled shirt, spend all day here and pretend I’m Byron or Keats. Yup, I doth like that idea…

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Food & Drink

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Food & Drink


Cotton Beach Blub

Stan Farrow

Overlooking the bay of Cala Tarida in the south-west of the Island, The Cotton Beach Club was quite the hit last year with islanders and jetsetters alike. Guests were able to lounge on the luxurious private beach and/or grab a bite to eat in the pure white clubhouse decked out, of course, in 100% cotton. So to this year and the club have made some significant improvements, most notably the new FAY roof terrace.

This is where we have decided to pass away a couple of hours to escape from the blistering heat of the Cala Tarida sun and we wearily drag our sorry dehydrated carcasses up the stairs to check out the new space and have some energy boosting lunch. The view is nothing short of spectacular with the rocks, turquoise blue waters and sea disappearing on the horizon. There’s a large screen providing some much needed shade and we head right for it, accompanied by a DJ, keyboardist and trumpeter. I’m so close to dying of heat-stroke that I’m convinced that they’re playing a special theme tune to soundtrack our sad movements across the rooftop.

We’re surrounded by the well-to-do, as we expected when being greeted by not one, but three parking attendants. I take a glance around, trying not to stare at the silvery manes of the men and kaftan covered cleavages of the ladies, to spy the kitchen. It’s then that I realise that this new FAY restaurant is predominantly Asian cuisine as the kitchen is actually a large hotplate in a pit and there seems to be a lot of sushi being made.

Result! We order a feast and first out are some appetisers of authentic naan bread and poppadom. There’s even mango chutney to scoop and the attentive staff do not stop topping up my water. This is a good thing as I quickly transform from a dried husk into a sodden sponge. We’re now more than ready for the rest as we tuck into oysters followed by an interesting combination of tiger prawns, spinach with rocket leaves, parmesan and wasabi ice cream. This is refreshing to say the least…I’m not a big fan of novelty ice cream, but this compliments the dish very well although I wouldn’t risk giving it to a child.

Now to the meinkosu – notice how I’m throwing in some Japanese to look all cultured and that, innit. We’ve gone for the chef’s sushi plate, which comes with a selection of rolls, some nigiri and sashimi along with the usual accompaniments of ginger, wasabi, salad and sauces. It’s high-end sushi and tastes great. Sushi is perfect for sharing and all of us around the table are making those weird little grunts and moans of satisfaction.

One more round left and we’ve ordered a load of deserts to share including Thai fruit, Crème Brulee, Violet Panna Cotta and a selection of weird and wonderful ice creams – green tea, wasabi, sesame and ginger. Those ice creams are really, really good. I might actually have to change my mind about novelty ice creams in future.

We’re stuffed and have cooled down significantly so decide we have enough energy for a quick game of pool on the bright pink table in the corner, chugging down even more water and a bit of Sangria.

I’m in the mood to get down to that amazing private beach, but we have things to do so it’s back to the Fiat Panda nestled in amongst the Range Rovers, and we say goodbye to the wonderful Cotton Beach Club and vow to return soon. I have to give my dining companions the opportunity to redeem themselves on the pool table, right?



And now for something completely different …

Cocktail Masterclass at Tapas

Regular readers may recall that we featured the new Tapas Cocktail masterclasses a few weeks ago, a great idea and so I was as pleased as a 10” rodent with a cheek full of nuts to be asked along as one of their Guinea Pigs for a dry run this week—though never could a dry run have been so inappropriately termed.

The group of assembled media types, friends, a bar pro and a heavily pregnant woman (who was strictly virgin all afternoon I hasten to add—though again the term seemed wrong in every respect) were lead by Tapas beverage guru Andy Pope who has an enthusiasm for his subject only matched by his knowledge of bad jokes. Actually they can´t have been that bad as we were a jovial group sipping on cava and nibbling on canapés as he explained what we would be doing—and that doing turned out to be a classic mojito, though we were encouraged to alter the ingredients to suit our taste. Of course I went as predictable as can be and altered mine by the addition of more alcohol, and jolly good it was too. Andy talked us through the various processes, equipment and ingredients, interspersed with cocktail anecdotes of dubious but none the less entertaining credence. I think my favourite of the day was that the Harvey Wallbanger is so named after a Californian surfer who used to get so drunk he would be forever banging into walls trying to get home—who cares if it´s true or not, Stephen fry is not here to ruin our fun.

Next , after a pause to appreciate our creations fully, with more canapés, came what Andy told us was nothing more than a marketing man´s creation, the French martini. The session was rounded off by  the by now slightly rowdier group than when it arrived,  making that drink of the moment and real fave of our friend Cat Milton, the coffee something or other. Sorry I really can´t remember the name, I was very greedy on the additional alcohol front you know. Still, whatever it was called it was delicious. After such a hard and tiring afternoon I decided  I couldn´t be bothered to do my own photos, I´ll just nick Cat´s instead I thought—that will work.


See Tapas Ad front page for contact details. The cocktail masterclass is available from groups of 2 people upwards and at under 30€ per head including all ingredients, cava on arrival, and canapés it is a bargain.

Top tip; arrange for a lift home.

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View from the Pew

Messy Church will be meeting Sunday June 14th, at 4:30pm, at a venue in San José – it is a fresh expression, a new concept of what church can be. Traditionally, Ibiza had lots of retirees drifting here to settle down under the sun, however times are changing. The new wave of residents are young families whose work is often internet-based, seeking a good place to raise their children. Many of these families have the desire to bring their children up in the Christian faith but need help to do so and Messy Church is a form of church which is much more accessible to young families. It is church for children plus parents and grandparents who can be occupied with different craft activities, as well as an opportunity to meet and chat with other parents. It gives those attending a chance to “get messy” in a creative way! There will be a surprise theme, highlighting important verses in the Bible, in an interesting format. Come and join us! Along with the artistic messiness that painting, pasting, colouring and cutting involves, the get-together also includes some lively songs, plus a light snack of sandwiches with `healthful´ cake or fruit. The creative masterpieces produced by the children are often displayed in “adult church” the following Sunday.

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of God.” Matt.18:3

For more information or directions contact: Rosi – 619523053

Next Services: Sun 14th at 10:30am – Santa Eulalia, Holy Communion with Praise and Worship. Messy Church: Sun 14th at 4:30pm – San José venue. ICS Holiday Services: Sun 14th at Es Canar RC Chapel at 10:30am and 5:30pm Informal Praise.

Holiday Chaplain: 638373479

The English-speaking church on Ibiza and Form Tel 971 343383



It’s Good to Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear The Ibizan

We have friends who are a couple and have been together for some time. I have come across information that tells me 100% that one of them is having an affaire. We, or more importantly me as I have this information, are equally friendly with them both. I haven’t even told my partner what I know because I don’t want him to be going through the same turmoil as me. On one hand, something tells me it’s none of my business and I shouldn’t “grass” up the one who is having the affaire but, on the other hand, from what I know of their relationship it is not an open one and the one being cheated on would be very upset. Should I tell?

I know this letter seems vague and I haven’t really gone into detail but the island is so small I don’t want to give anything away, please do not even put my initials at the bottom.

Very confused, Thank you.


Dear Very Confused,

Thank you for your letter and I can hear that you genuinely are in a place of turmoil about what you should do. It feels as if you are holding on to something really big and that it is putting pressure on you that may become unmanageable unless you make a choice about what you are going to do with it.

I cannot tell you what to do, I am sure you have spent many hours weighing up the repercussions to not only the couple but as importantly you and your relationship with them. What I can say is that you are currently in a state of limbo and that is only affecting you. Even if your decision is to not tell, which might seem similar to where you are now, at least it is an active choice you have made and allows you to move forward with it. In terms of what choice you should make there seem to be a few options. 1) tell no one, 2) tell your partner in the hope that you get some support from someone else who knows the couple, 3) tell the person who is having the affaire that you know, 4) tell the other partner what you know. Each of these four options has consequences, but all you can do is make the choice that sits correctly with you, the choice that allows you to live with yourself and feel comfortable that you have done the right thing, so you can find some peace amongst all of this.

I am sorry if you were hoping for a more concrete answer to your dilemma but what one person can live with and feel comfortable with is very different from another and only you know what is right for you and your circumstances and the set of rules by which you live.

Take care and I hope you are able to find a solution that is one you can find an element of peace with.

Warm regards,



News: Please remember that Ibiza Counselling continues to offer its Free support group over the summer, it takes place every Tuesday from 12.30-13.30 in San Lorenzo and is a warm supportive confidential space where you can give and receive support on any issue that is affecting you. For contact details see Kate’s advert over.


71% of Parents in Ibiza Choose Catalan as First Language in Education

The parents of 911 three year-old children out of the 1,273 who will start school in September have chosen Catalan as first language for education. This figure means that 71.5 % of families whose children will start school in Ibiza has chosen the Catalan versus the 28.4 % who marked the Spanish in the free choice process.

In Formentera 78.8 % of parents want Catalan as first language, which translates to 86 of the 109 applications for enrolment.

But the Pitiusas are still below the Balearic percentage, with 80.4% in Mallorca and 90.9% in Menorca.

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Black Door Cinema

Claire B

Regulars at the Black Door Cinema club will know that sadly it is no longer operating from its home in Ibiza Town. But it is back for the summer, reinvented as an outdoor cinema, with a big new outdoor screen, a full cinema sound system complete with the big comfy armchairs and will pop up in various locations around the island. The first outdoor screening will be ‘Secret Garden Cinema’ on Tuesday June 16th in the secret gardens at Boutique Hostal Salinas, showing ‘What we do in the shadows’. The film has been described as “a New Zealand Vampire Comedy which is fresh, clever and, most importantly, riotously funny”. Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are vampires who are finding that modern life has them struggling with the mundane – like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts.

There’s a special pre-screen gourmet BBQ and drinks from 8pm before the film at 10pm. You need to be a member to buy tickets (membership is free) and you need to buy a ticket online in advance. All details @



Garden of Eden at P/Art

Nicole Torres

The exhibition taking place at P/Art Ibiza is called “Garden of Eden”, in which the real and the fantastic worlds will merge into a multidisciplinary show full of colour and life through 80 works by twenty artists. This consolidated gallery has gathered, once again, painters, photographers, and local, national and international artists to recreate, through the union of their work, the bucolic beginning of time.

The exhibition is open until July 10th at P/Art gallery in Ca Na Negreta, on the road from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia.



La Dona com a Pretext

Nicole Torres

The Sa Nostra room opened a new exhibition under the title La Dona com a Pretext – The Woman as an Excuse – by Adrian Rosa. The exhibition features 36 oil paintings made between 2000 and 2015, where the woman is the main protagonist.

When this artist from Granada exposed in Ibiza for the first time nine years ago, only one of his paintings featured a male figure. “It’s that I like women better, what can I say,” he replied when asked about it. This tendency can be seen in this new exhibition. From 2000-2015, Rosa has painted redheads, brunettes, blondes, chubby, thin, pregnant, dancers, mysterious, demure, sensual, mysterious, stunned, some women looking angry. All these women are presented in a single sample, but none of them are smiling. Why? “That is how they turn out. Apart from the aesthetic and the importance of plastic values, feelings are the most important. Perhaps nostalgia, mild sadness, is the feeling that attracts me most to express on a woman” in a painting.

The exhibition is on at the Sa Nostra room, C/Aragón 11, Ibiza Town, until July 3rd from 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8.30pm. Free entrance.


Charlotte Mensforth

Jacqueline Williams

One of the Balearic’s most colourful painters, Charlotte Mensforth, had the opening of her second exhibition “Indian Summer” at the El Naranjo restaurant in Santa Eulalia last Sunday. The painter who has had more than 30 exhibitions worldwide is exhibiting both oils and bronze sculptures with paintings of the Southern Indian state of Kerala she visited in February. Charlotte is also a popular portraitist and was recently commissioned to do a portrait of the last president of the Art Worker’s Guild in London. Charlotte says this latest journey to India gave her new inspiration but the light and atmosphere of Ibiza is always there in her work. The poet, Jack Beeching, her late husband, who lived in Ibiza, was also much inspired by its special and unique atmosphere. She also attributes inspiration to the Carthaginian Goddess TanitIbiza who protects women. The show will continue for 3 months.


Grossmann Quartet

Nicole Torres

Sunday, 14th of June from 8.30pm in the San Miguel Arcangel church, the Muriel Grossmann Quartet will play spiritual jazz.

The band members are Muriel Grossmann with the saxophone, Radomir Milojkovic on guitar, Chema Pellico as upright bass, and Uros Stamenkovic on the drums.

Muriel Grossmann was born in Paris of Austrian parents, then moved to Vienna, where she studied classical music. Later she started playing jazz with various formations and groups, finally leading her own group. Muriel Grossmann has been living in Ibiza since 2003, has recorded and played with Wolfgang Reisinger, Christian Lillinger, Robert Landfermann, and Joachim Kuehn, amongst others, acting on different European stages and countries. Follow Muriel Grossmann on Facebook to keep up to date with her concerts



Book “Sowing”

The idea is to “release” (leave) a book in a public space (pharmacy, supermarket, bar, public transportation, cinema, museum, etc.). You may participate of this event by releasing a book on June 21st, 2015, wherever you live or may be at the time.

To participate, leave a book in a public space with a dedication saying:

-That the book is a part of the “Lost Book Club”.

-That whoever finds it can keep it, but when they are done with it, it must be released again, so someone else may enjoy it.

-The date and place where it was left, so in each release is may be possible to see where it has been, and instructions for the next person to add his/her step.

Thank you for participating of this great crusade, and sharing the initiative with your friends!

What do you think? And we will do this at the beginning of each season, for it is well known that there are books of spring, summer, fall and winter… and it would be good that those should be planted in each season within new hands and hearts, so they would forever live!

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At Night


Children of the 80s

Hard Rock Hotel

Claire B

The Hard Rock Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa has announced something new for this summer, a series of gigs entitled ‘Children of the 80s’, featuring several acts from the 80s and 90s each week on Sundays, starting on June 28th. Over the course of the summer the Hard Rock stage will be graced by Bananarama, Boney M, Marc Almond, Bonnie Tyler, Rozalla, Soul II Soul, Robin S, Paul Young and Samantha Fox amongst others, and yes, The Vengaboys are also coming to Ibiza and are on the line-up!

Note the line up has changed considerably since first being announced at the weekend / alas now no Faithless or Human League

The line-up announced so far.

  • June 28th: Boney M, Corona, Alexia, Robin S
  • July 5th: Imagination feat. John Lee, Gala Rizzatto, Ice MC, SNAP!
  • July 12th: Sabrina Salerno, Samantha Fox, Twenty 4 Seven, Rozalla
  • July 19th: Paul Young, Whigfield, Ivana Spagna
  • July 26th: Haddaway, 2 Unlimited, Ryan Paris, Captain Hollywood
  • August 2nd: Dr Alban, London Beat, C+C Music Factory, Limahl
  • August 9th: Soul II Soul, Culture Beat Official, Vengaboys, Kate Ryan
  • August 16th: Bonnie Tyler, Double You, Black Box (Katerine), Rozalla
  • August 23rd: SNAP!, La Bouche, Sandy Marton
  • August 30th: Marc Almond, Twenty 4 Seven, Corona, Ryan Paris
  • September 6th: Matt Bianco, Robin S, The Blow Monkeys, Haddaway
  • September 13th: Bananarama, Ice MC, Alexia, Katrine from Black Box



Rascal Rocks

Claire B

June 17th sees the opening party of Ibiza Rocks, in what is their 10th anniversary year. In their time-honoured tradition of bringing the freshest new talent to the White Isle, the opening night will see Bristol duo Blonde kicking off the season’s live entertainment, followed by headliners Years & Years. Already announced for their 10th season is an exciting line-up featuring Sigma (June 24th), Jungle (July 1st), then just announced a return to Ibiza for Dizzy Rascal on the 8th July, Catfish & The Bottlemen (July 15th), The Libertines (July 22nd – 10th Birthday Party), Rudimental (July 29th), Clean Bandit (August 5th), De La Soul (August 12th), Spandau Ballet (August 19th), Fatboy Slim (September 2nd), Mark Ronson (September 9th) and The Courteeners headline the closing party (September 16th). Ticket prices vary but there are discounts for Ibiza residents.

W.A.R. (We Are Rockstars) their Friday night showcase for top UK underground dance music opened at Ibiza Rocks on June 5th and the new after party at Sankeys ‘Shelter’ is already in full swing.

New event Colada Club started on June 9th, bringing DJs, cocktails, and fun around the pool in the hotel every Tuesday afternoon from 2pm.

More info and tickets @


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At Night


Pure Pacha Paris Nights

Nicole Torres

Saturday night at Pacha is all about returning to the real Pacha, the one for the people of Ibiza, dressed up for Paris! The waitresses where in cabaret like corsets and the main room was all tinted in red Moulin Rouge style decorations.

We got to the door close to 2am, Basement Jaxx was rocking the main room, I checked the sign to see what time exactly Bob Sinclair would be starting, and decided to show my companion (first time in Pacha) around. If you know Pacha as well as I do, it doesn’t matter how crowded it is because you know where all the stairs go, but on your first time you are bound to get a bit confused! We danced in the Hip-Hop room for quite some time, the music was great with tunes by Sean Paul, Beyonce, and the likes from the early 2000s. Then we went up for a smoke and a look at the view from the Terrace – I even managed to find a chair to sit down! From there, next was the Funky room, which we only walked through to get back to the other side of the main room. Basement Jaxx was so good we danced on that side of the room for a while – we had been listening to a 15 year old Pacha CD of mine in the car and we danced to three of the songs right there, fantastic flashback to when I was much younger! – before carrying on to the Pacha Cha room for a bit of salsa/reggaeton dancing!

3.55am – Run! Bob is on at 4! We made it and it was amazing! Mr Sinclair greeted the crowd with a shower of red pieces of paper while playing one of his classic best known tunes, a fantastic beginning of what would be an amazing set. Non stop dancing until my feet – which were in 7cm heels – were in so much pain I just couldn’t keep going. I always consider the night to have been a success if I have to walk to the car with my heels in my hand! Pure Pacha and Bob Sinclair will be on every Saturday night this summer, for full line-ups and information on the other club nights visit




Claire B

Carwash returns to Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes on Friday June 12th. The infamous Carwash duo of Nigel Atkin and Steve Altman with DJs Scott Gray, Lisa Chadderton and Howard Hill promise another night of debaucherous fun and much dancing. Seamlessly blending classic disco and nu-disco with a hint of funk and soul, Carwash promises a unique retro-glam party experience not to be missed. Freddie’s Suite will host the Carwash crowd, dressed in stylish 70s retro glamour, grooving to the coolest original disco and nu-disco remixes, laced with funk and soul. Chez Fez will become the ‘Psychedelic Shack’ and will be home to rock, northern soul, hip hop and psychedelic grooves. And don’t forget the fabulous Sunny Ramzan who will be hosting and firing up the bathtub karaoke!

From 10pm until late.. Also on the night a Carwash Pre-Party Dinner with a 2-course fab set menu for 35€/pp. There are limited tables left – to book e-mail

[email protected]

More info on Facebook @ Carwash Ibiza Official:


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At Night


Mr and Mrs

Andy and Dawn, Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

Ibiza Rocks held a press conference last week to publicise their 10th year of bringing live music to Ibiza where the invited press asked questions to Ibiza Rocks founders and husband and wife team Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle. What started out a passion for putting on live music has turned into a big brand, with the business expanding into hotels, travel, fashion, club nights, and supporting electronic music and DJs. Not content to sit on their laurels, this year sees the first Croatia Rocks, a 4-day music festival in Croatia and the opening of a Beach Club in Mallorca, alongside new events in Ibiza – the Shelter after-party for W.A.R. at Sankeys and the Colada Club pool party at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. What follows here is some of what came out of that Q&A session, where they reflect on the early years and their current business plans, giving insights into the passion that they share that drives their business forward. From the fun beginnings of putting on Babyshambles to judging everything they do now by their triple A standard of attitude, atmosphere and authenticity, they’ve learnt how to survive as live music promoters by building other aspects of the business around it, to support their passion and their determination to bring new talent and the acts they want to see to the island. And also, importantly, we find out who they’re looking forward to seeing this year on the Ibiza Rocks stage.


Q: When you put on the first gig 10 years ago did you have any idea that you’d be where you are now?

Andy: The first gigs, I mean we actually started with some small gigs in Manumission, so the first gig, it’s difficult to define when it was… but what really struck was when you start seeing the reaction to live music on the island of dance. The very first Babyshambles show we did was actually three weeks before we launched Ibiza Rocks in Manumission as a test, and seeing the reaction to Pete Docherty in that concert, just made us believe that this dance music island could accept live music. I think what you’ve got to remember is that in 2005, Ibiza was a digital island, and people, that angular sound of guitars, it wasn’t that people didn’t like guitar music, it was actually hurting their ears, they were just so unused to hearing something that was not, not as regular and much more distorted. So it was a really big challenge to get guitar music accepted on this island. Yeah, back then, it was fun.


Q: And is it still fun?

Andy: I don’t know if we expected it to still be fun, but it is.


Q: How long did you brood on the name?

Dawn: It was quite automatic wasn’t it [looks at Andy] because we were just, we saw the concept was quite reactionary here and something that was quite alien to Ibiza. Ibiza didn’t rock and that’s where it came from, that collision of things, things that really didn’t exist together at the time, side by side.

Andy: Yeah it was the classic thing because the name was a statement that didn’t help at all initially. I remember we did one big show in Ku in Privilege back in 2005, we did Faithless in the main room, now at that stage I think Faithless was probably good for 4,000 tickets or something. If we had just done Faithless live, but by calling it Ibiza Rocks we at least lost a thousand people, because people just did not like the concept of Ibiza rock music. It was a very provocative statement that makes a lot of sense now.


Q: When did that begin to turn?

Andy: The turning point was, I mean the first year was a happy disaster, we had a couple of moments with Kaiser Chiefs and stuff, the turning point was the winter of 2005 after the first summer because in the UK most of the bands we’d been championing, that winter went across onto the daytime playlist of Radio 1. So what we found as we woke up in 2006 was we were presenting the mainstream sound of the UK, which was unwanted in Ibiza but it was massive, it became massive. So by 2007 we were putting on bands like The Artic Monkeys and Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs into a bar on the beach, the Ibiza Rocks Bar, and clearly these were bigger acts from a UK perspective than anything any of the other clubs had at the time, so it was quite difficult to fail at that stage. We nearly did.


Q: What are the challenges and what is unique about Ibiza Rocks?

Andy: I think the challenge is live music. Live music is a very expensive thing to put on. When you’ve got the choice of booking one DJ and paying them a lot of money and putting them on a stage, the logistics and the costs of bringing 20 people to the island and paying 20 hotel rooms and bringing two big lorries full of equipment, the costs are so much higher that unless you’ve actually got a passion for doing it, if it’s purely a financial business decision, there’s easier ways to make money. Now where we’ve got to with Ibiza Rocks, is we sell ourselves as the home of live music on Ibiza, we are uniquely centred around live bands, so we believe it gives us a unique selling point in a very crowded market where there’s so many amazing things going on every night. So for us, we think it does make sense, but it’s been very tough for people to justify it and my hope for the future is that we become more and more international in our output and in our flavour so that we can do the job of delivering the International live music more and more because we’re the only promoters in the history of Ibiza that have ever successfully managed to promote live music for a long period of time without yet going bankrupt.


Q: What kind of market do you think there is in Ibiza for a bigger capacity venue for playing live music?

Dawn: I mean it does with the capacity that we have, we can’t, it doesn’t add up to do giant staging because you just can’t make the money to pay the fees, it’s just an impossibility. I think finding the venue where you could do that, but what we love is the fact that we’re outdoors, there are venues obviously like Ushuaia and venues that can do that but we very much see ourselves not as a nightclub, we’re putting on much more of a pure live gig experience. I think it’s quite a difficult island because you’re quite contained with the amount of people you can get here on planes, you know. If you look at giant festival numbers you can’t really accommodate that number of people and so it becomes very difficult and I think just literally the amount of equipment and the facilities that you need to cope, we’ve talked to lots of people in the past, giant bands and when we’ve looked further into it and we realised that the island can’t really contain and facilitate what’s required to house them.

Andy: The population of Glastonbury is bigger than the population of Ibiza in the winter, so I think the catchment area is very small. Now if this was the global island of live music then I think yeah, absolutely, but it’s not, it’s the global island of electronic dance music, and I’m not seeing that changing in the immediate future, nor do I particularly want it to. I quite enjoy us being the rebel live music promoters, so I personally am not convinced that a large-scale live music venue would be a good thing. In fact it could be a bad thing because what might happen is that it would push the prices up and mean that promoters like us would go out of business and then the big boys would go out of business as well and you’d end up with nothing, so I personally think you’ve got to judge the size of your audience and if you’re catchment area is 3 or 400,000 people then what major acts, you know you’re much better to wait for the major acts that just want to do Ibiza, and when 50 Cent wants to do Ibiza he finds a way to make it work. Big acts that want to play Ibiza will.

Dawn: And there’s nothing better than having a sold out gig.

Andy: And there will be nothing better than seeing Prince in a room this size [we’re in the tiny Chez Fez], so don’t adapt the rooms for the artist, make the artists adapt to the rooms.

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At Night


Q: What is important to Ibiza Rocks?

Andy: Because we take a view of, like I said before the 360 degree model, we have a hotel in the centre of San Antonio which isn’t by the sea, which has done very well, we fill 65% of that hotel off our own website. We use the bands as a very good marketing tool to fill our hotels. We sell the T shirt, we sell the drinks, we look at the income streams of everything, so quite often we have an event that on paper loses money but we know that in the bigger picture that it’s been very good for us. I just think it’s more about our, the way we run our business means we can, we don’t need to make huge money out of the events.

Dawn: And also it’s important as a brand that we can keep new acts, so that an act that comes to us in their first year of tour cycle, when they’re much bigger 5 years later they’ll still come back to us because they have, they feel a sort of home base and we like to support young, good artists that we want to push through.

Andy: I mean 3 or 4 years ago we booked a relatively unknown artist called Ed Sheeran for the opening of Ibiza Rocks on a Spanish exclusivity for less money than the nightclubs are paying for DJs that are possibly 2nd or 3rd on the bill, so we got an amazing price, and last year because that artist appreciated that and loved us, he came back and played the venues both here and in Mallorca for an affordable price for us and he sold out 3 Wembley Stadiums in 10 minutes so this is the nurturing of new talent. And we do that across the electronic scene, if you look at artists like Hannah Wants, Gorgon City, Chase & Status, so many of the acts that have been influenced to come through a process of what we do, and it’s like Dawn was saying, the support acts are almost more important than the headliners to us because the headliners sell the tickets but the support acts if you look at them, our track record of bringing through amazing support acts that go on to be huge is pretty good. We always get 10/12 of the top 20/30 current acts in the world that are coming through, so it really is an amazing development for new talent.


Q: So who are you tipping this year to be big at the end of this year and next year?

Dawn: The thing about tipping over 40, it becomes harder and harder to stay in touch with new talent and luckily we’ve got a really good team that do that now for us. People like Catfish and the Bottlemen I can’t wait to see, our 14 year old son wants to see them too, people like Rudimental that I’d actually never heard until last year which was one of the best gigs that we’ve ever done, so it’s still great when you can still be inspired by people …

Andy: And Rudimental, the very first We Are Rockstars electronic night we did with Mark Ronson headlining and the support acts were Disclosure and Rudimental and if you look at that bill now, where Disclosure and Rudimental are, where Mark Ronson is, the biggest track of the year and Zane Lowe has left Radio 1 to go to Apple, you look at some of the talent… the reality is we are part of that industry now. Every record label, every manager in the industry, we are one of the tick boxes that they want successful new bands to do and new DJs as well, so it’s become a lot easier to have the track record now, we know that there will be acts every year that make it from support to headlining, it’s pretty much a given.


Q: Are there any acts that you’d really like to get hold of or wanted to have over the last 10 years?

Dawn: I wanted the XX.

Andy: Loads of acts, David Bowie would be great wouldn’t he?

Dawn: Iggy Pop [laughs].

Andy: The Foo Fighters, there’s always dreams you know …

Dawn: Prince.

Andy: Prince, yeah. We’ve had some phenomenal acts if you look over the last 10 years … I always find our line-ups much more impressive at the end, the next year when I’m looking back I always go, “how did we get such a good line-up” and I have to remind myself that it wasn’t as great a year ago, so I think that booking big acts is great and we all love the idea of doing it but actually I think that the thing that’s more important and ultimately more satisfying is booking amazing acts that then become big, so to me that’s the more important side of it.


Q: Who are you both looking forward to most this year?

Andy: I guess I’m really looking forward to The Libertines because it’s such a perfect band to tell the story of the 10 years, because when Pete Docherty not only did the trial for Ibiza Rocks, the first ever outdoor show we did was because of Pete Docherty. He’s been, there’s been a story with us and Pete through the years. It’s been an amazing link because Carl Barat came out with The Dirty Pretty Things a couple of times and the deal that we did for The Ibiza Rocks Hotel which was our translation into travel and is probably what’s kept us here to be honest as a viable operation, but we did that deal with the owners of the then Club Paraiso at the soundcheck of The Dirty Pretty Things concert in the Zoo, in Gala Nights, so I think it’s a very fitting bringing together of 10 years and that’s on an historical level.

Dawn: There’s two. I’m really looking forward to Rudimental because I love them live, they’re one of the best live bands I’ve seen, but I’m actually looking forward to Spandau Ballet as it was the first concert I ever went to see at 12 years old and so that’s why they’ve got a place in my heart.

Andy: And then if you talk about De La Soul, I was driving through Europe as an 18/19 year old and our car got broken into in Milan and everything got stolen apart from the 3 Feet High and Rising tape [De La Soul’s first album] so I really got to know that album in a more intimate way than most things I’ve listened to in my life, so I’m quite looking forward to seeing De La Soul.

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Spanish Property Tax

Certain taxes, including the Plusvalia, must be paid after a property purchase transaction takes place in Spain. In addition to these, there are annual local taxes due on a property which must be paid by the owner…

Taxes On Purchasing Property

The buyer of a new build property in Spain from a developer, or an unregistered property (that is, an off-plan property acquired from another individual prior to being registered) will have to pay Spanish VAT (IVA – Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido) at the rate of 8%. There is no IVA in the Canary Islands; instead, a sales tax Impuesto General Indirecto Canario (IGIC) of around 5% is levied.

In addition to IVA, a document fee AJD (Impuesto sobre Actos Jurídicos Documentados) is levied, which is similar to UK Stamp Duty of 0.5% (1% in Andalucia).

ITP (Impuesto Transmisiones Patrimoniales) is Spanish property transfer tax which is similar to the UK Stamp Duty Land Tax and levied on all other residential property acquisitions (that is, registered properties).

ITP is generally levied at 7% of the purchase price

  • In Cataluña, Baleares, Asturias and Extremadura it is 8%
  • In Andalucía it is 7% but 8% on the excess over 400,000€
  • In Cantabria it is 7% but 8% on the excess over 300,000€
  • In the Canaries it is 6.5%

Local Property Taxes

Owners of residential property which they use themselves (or have available for their use) pay a local tax known as IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles). It is paid by the person who occupies the property on the 1stJanuary in any year and not usually apportioned if they later move.

The tax is similar to the UK’s council tax and raised and spent by the town hall (ayuntamiento) of the area of residence and is calculated on the basis of the notional rental value (valor catastral) of the property. A property owner may appeal against the valuation decision, but the sums involved are usually so small it is not worthwhile.

The amount charged is the rental value multiplied by the tax rate fixed in the locality.

Where a second-hand property is bought, and the IBI has not been paid by the previous owner, the local town hall can charge for unpaid IBI for up to a maximum of five years arrears as well as penalties of up to 20%.

When purchasing a property, ask to see the latest IBI receipt to confirm that this has been paid, and if possible to see the receipts for the previous five years

When selling a property confirm that ownership information has been changed at the registry, to ensure liability for the IBI on a property ends when ownership ends

There may also be an extra charge for rubbish collection, which in some areas is charged separately, as well as possible additional taxes for other projects and to cover shortfalls.

A demand for payment is sent out annually check when payment is due, as the date can be changed and there is no legal requirement to advise an owner of the new due date. If the bill is not paid by the specified date it will incur a 20% penalty. To avoid this, it is possible to set up a direct debit from a bank.


When a property is sold, or it otherwise changes hands, the local town hall raises a tax called plusvalía which is a tax on the increase in the value of urban land (that is, excluding the value of any buildings). The demand includes a realistic allowance for inflation in the growth in value of the land.

Some transactions are exempt such as transfers between husband and wife. However, plusvalía remains payable on the disposal of a main residence even for Spanish residents.

The tax rate is fixed by the town hall and varies depending upon the size of the local population and the length of ownership. For a town of more than 100,000 inhabitants the minimum tax rate is 20% and the maximum 30%.

A declaration must be made by the vendor (or purchaser) within 30 days, but in practice the town hall usually calculates the tax based on the property values entered in the local property register from the Deeds of Sale.


The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised. Individuals should always take professional legal advice prior to entering into any property transaction.

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2015 Adlib Fashion Show

Nicole Torres

The fierce competition in the final of the Champions League failed to tarnish the 44th Adlib Fashion Show held Saturday at the Recinto Ferial in front some 1,500 spectators.

The model Laura Sánchez presented the show with grace and highlighted the “magical, free and provocative” character of the island.

The catwalk began with what was presented as a ‘homenaje to Tanit’ with a girl dressed as the Punic goddess accompanied by two ‘priests’ and drums. It was the starting point for World Family Ibiza, who shone with spectacular bags, bright colours and ethnic lines that were inspired by the American Indians. It ended with the parade of a model accompanied of two women with traditional Ibizan dresses, an idea that drew an enthusiastic applause.

Cristina Astruc presented a collection made of leather with a seventies touch and perfect finishes.

Isabel Castelar starred with the most cheerful parade that was opened by the model Noelia López carrying a heart with the slogan ‘Fall in love’. Total white, ease and joy that materialized in a balloon release on stage. This parade also saw the first appearance of big-size model Lorena Jiménez, who showed that the Ibiza fashion suits everyone.

Tanit Jeans lived up to its name and trajectory showing a denim collection of simple lines in some cases and quite risky in others. Ivana Mestres’ collection is defined in one word: seductive. Endless necklines, transparent backs, and very short dresses marked an eminently night time collection. Jannine Helbling showed a proposal of three white dresses and three black ones with draped lines and fluorescent details suitable for the evening.

BSF Men Ibiza was the only firm entirely dedicated to men: trousers and cardigans in very natural colours. The guys were fun and gave a mischievous touch to the show.

Beatrice San Francisco showed her mastery of the cross stitch and crochet in shades of nature, combined with more nocturnal black models, with details of chains and gold threads. Virgina Vald presented one of the most risky collections due to its baroque proposals. She marvelled with the craftsmanship of her pieces and the use of colour in both the tunic and long dress she presented.

The turning point of the evening was the parade the students of Arts i Oficis prepared, free from the shackles of what is ‘sellable’ in the market they presented very original designs, to the rhythm of beat box performance.

The second part of the show was focused on the colour white. Rebecca Ramis presented a versatile and beach orientated collection that combined the Ibizan inspiration with African details: White and Animal print patterns.

Vintage Ibiza opened their show with a very colourful spring skirt to then give way to pure white, with comfortable and free lines.

Morocha Ibiza presented a very romantic collection in white and pale pink, with floral crowns in their hair, very bohemian and seventies-like, while Luisa Tur Ramis decided on V necklines on dresses with lace, embroidery and very feminine tulle.

Dira Moda chose vintage inspiration and the classic Adlib lines with lace and embroidery.

Tony Bonet surprised with a bride in white ‘torn’ jeans and his designs were accompanied by Elisa Pomar’s spectacular jewels that reinterpret the traditional Ibizan jewellery.

Ibimoda combined mini dresses with overlapping long skirts mixing fabrics, shapes and textures.

And Piluca Bayarri closed the show with seductive proposals but much more comfortable than the ones viewed during the parade and stroke a final effect with Elisabeth Reyes in a transparent dress.

ibizan 787_Page_17

Fashion / Community



Thursday    11th    to   Wednesday   17th   June


ARIES – Five of Disks

Just when you thought you wouldn’t get the help you needed (especially financially), the cavalry arrives! Although investment or money-wise it’s been scary; you’ve been shown heaps of love and affection by those you care about the most. Just remember, it’s the tough times that help us tap into our strengths and most importantly, reveals  our true friends.

TAURUS – Queen of Disks

Signifies a generous woman who can either financially, or by the wealth of her wisdom make a difference to your week; providing of course you’re prepared to listen. Ambitious Taurus should be on the lookout for new financial opportunities which change your game plan. If you snooze, you lose!earth women, Virgo and Capricorn look after your interests’ best.

GEMINI – Ten of Cups

An easy, light hearted week in which others admire your talents and love you for being you? Sounds like an amazing week and guess what – it is! This card brings good fortune and the promise of good times ahead. Your ruler Mercury goes direct today and in the next few days reminds that you are here to be happy.

CANCER – Nine of Disks

Money in the bank is all well and good; however the saying ‘money’s round to go around’ should be uppermost in your mind. You’ve worked hard to build up and conserve what you have. This card promises a further reward which is why you can afford to dig deeper if a friend, colleague or relative needs a helping hand.

LEO – Seven of Disks

You’re full of good ideas Leo but isn’t it time to put some into practice? If you continue contemplating your navel, you’ll miss a golden financial opportunity. The enormity of what you want to achieve may seem overwhelming; however, think about the end game. You’ve done the research so don’t be fearful of success. Your money luck is riding high.

VIRGO – The World

Success and new beginnings. You’ve realised that a situation (career-wise or personally), holds little magic and you’re not afraid to start again. Sometimes the gap between who we are and who we want to be may seem huge. However, take this opportunity to discover what truly makes you happy and apply your talents to make your world better.

LIBRA – Transformation

This card is otherwise known Death in some TAROT decks. Let’s be clear about this straight away. It doesn’t literally mean a death. It refers to situations that must change, so that you can begin anew. It’s a BIG card, no doubt about it. Think of a chrysalis becoming a Butterfly, and a week in which to be extraordinary.

SCORPIO – Page of Disks

Go easy on yourself and others; conservation of mind, body and spirit is important this week. Discernment, a rarely used word, but one who’s meaning you might want to heed now. Rise above gossip; hold back on any judgements. If you think a negative thought; hold it in your heart until it dissipates into something gentler, then let it go.

SAGITTARIUS – Queen of Swords

Finding out who has your back will be an interesting voyage of discovery. Cranky individuals crawl out from the woodwork hell bent on making life more difficult, or so it would seem. This may however provoke you to dish out a few home truths and swift reminders to those who should be grateful. Remaining Zen will be a test indeed.

CAPRICORN – Five of Cups

This card brings a deeper love, compassion and understanding with those you’re closest too. Throughout this week, don’t look back or be afraid to face your fears or to cross an emotional bridge that’s been holding you back. In one particular relationship however; if fences can’t be mended now wait until the situation is less emotionally charged.Mature attitudes prevail.

AQUARIUS – Eight of Cups

Love returning into your life, or a lover coming back? Either way someone will think you’re pretty hot stuff. If your love life has been famine, expect a gourmet feast. You’re being given the gift of time which will help you to examine the value of any important relationship. Those that don’t make the grade are really not for you.

PISCES – The High Priest

A card of great power which will inspire you to reconnect with your inner world. You will be guided to make the right choices; whether based on common sense, intuition, or a gut feeling about situations. Whatever works for you? Not all of us have a faith or path to believe in. However, believing in ourselves is just as important.

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Amanda Zips It Up

Greetings y’all. Welcome to another instalment of Amanda Zips it Up.

Most of us are gearing up for or even on our holidays as we speak. We know it’s vacation time because the French Air Traffic controllers have gone on strike and the weather in the UK is freezing. Where the hell is flaming June?

I know many of you are Balearic bound and with precise timing, the authorities in Magaluf, Mallorcadecided that now is the perfect opportunity to change the drinking and late night shindig laws. As thousands of young touristsholiday clubberson the nightlife hotspot of Magaluf, having worked hard and saved all winter, or just completed months of revision and exams, there is only one thing on their mind. Partying, hard.

They feel invincible and want to let their hair down, especially if the weather at home is a dull as it has been. Yes, Magaluf is famed for notorious and outrageous bar crawls and occasional street brawls, but the kids love it. It’s the number one summer destination for young brits.

As I told you recently, Maga’lewd’ has been revamped over the winter and the ‘Suits’ in the local council have decided that they want to clean upreputation and image too. So as of now, no alcohol can be sold in shops after midnight, extra cops go on patrol to ‘crack down’ on ‘anti-social behaviour’ — that’s ‘being on holiday’ to you and me – and no boozing on the ‘strip’ after 10pm. Isn’t that literally when we leave the hotel to go out for the night?

Don’t worry, you won’t end up in a cell if you urinate in the street, you will just face a 500 Euro fine instead. If you become a sozzled reveller after 10pm then you face a 3000 Euro fine!

The popular pub crawls, which attracted hundreds of people, have now been limited to a maximum of 20 people who will have to wear clearly visible ‘special identification clothes’ and at least two-first aid minders must accompany throughout.

It’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re stupid enough to try ‘Balconing’ – jumping between hotel balconies or into the pool, then you will be punished with a 3000 euros fine. That’s fair enough. And the police are allowing a “transition period” for tourists to become familiar with the new rules. A transition period until 2016 perhaps?

All those small shops that have stocked up with litres and litres of booze are bound to defy the purge. How else do they make their money to survive throughout the lean winter months?

Yes, ‘Shagaluf’ hasto deepof debauchery at times but that’s been going on for a generation and is part of the appeal. It’s just unfortunate that everyone films everything on their camera phones now and uploadsstraight ontomedia for the world to see. Let’s see how this will affect the resort. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Onto this week’s blog and we look at my favourite all time wardrobe must-have – the Shirt Dress, plus have you ever dreamt of having a Carrie Bradshaw style wedding? Now you can, as SJP launches her Bridal Shoe collection, all you need is your own Mr Big. And finally, for a giggle, we look at Epic Fails when it comes to summer fashion.

So kick back, relax and enjoy this week’s Amanda Zips It Up. x


Read Amanda’s fashion blog



The Shirt Dress

Regular readers of Zips It Up will know that we cover pretty much anything and everything that’s happening in the world of fashion, from leather swimming costumes to shaving your face, but it’s not often that I get to gush on about my favourite garment in the world. Ever.

Over the years I’ve tried and tested most fashion fads that have come and gone. As you get older you become wiser, with a more advanced understanding of what suits you, and what doesn’t.

I discovered the Shirt Dress a long time ago but it appears that designers have really put in some extra effort this year. We’ve seen models and A-Listers rocking the Denim Shirt Dress for the best part of 2015.

I love them. Any fabric, any colour. They are easy, versatile, stylish and fun and especially flattering. Plus, you can dress up the simplest shirt dress with jewellery, cool ankle boots and my constant companion – a funky Fedora. Not forgetting (if possible) toned calves and a light tan. I wear mine everywhere, from the beach to a classy restaurant.

Shirt dresses are no longer limited to just workwear and this season the long-time sartorial staple has had something of a cool-girl makeover and looks set to take centre stage in your wardrobe. Maxi, midi, mini – any length goes when it comes to investing in your SS15 edition shirt dress.

We’re favouring all things longer length this year, but should you fancy versatility then go for something oversized that can be worn both on its own or tucked neatly into your favourite new-season denim buys.

Shirt dress must-have styles for spring are white, loose-fitting and sit just above the knee. Topshop’s striped tie-waist number is well worth a look, as is Mango’s ultra-chic off-duty denim version.

Styling-wise, those sassy street stylers have taught us a thing or two about making our shirt dresses really go the distance.

Those feeling brave might want to try a crop top over a crisp white shirt, or keep your look classic and wear over some ankle-grazing jeans. Just add a tassel belt and some sky high heels.

Enjoy! X


Summer Fashion Fails Have Come Early in 15

So it’s June and it’s cold. Perhaps that’s why I’m in a negative frame of mind. Where the hell is ‘flaming June’ FFS?

I’ve been banging on about what to wear this summer for the last few weeks and now that we’re here, I’ve decided to bang on about what Not to wear. Here’s my guide to epic fashion fails this summer.

Pasty skin Although not strictly speaking an item of clothing, premature heat waves are guaranteed to get the turkey legs out. Six months of 10 deniers and zero moisturising (because who’s going to see them anyway) does nothing for a girls thighs.

Fake tan For those slightly more aware of their translucency, fake tan seems to be the solution. Meaning only one thing – legs so orange they make the Tango man look like Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility.

Micro denim shorts You see girls squeezed into a pair of ‘barely there’ micro denim shorts or hotpants, with the mindset ‘the tighter the better.’ And because the 70s high-waisted trend is back – not only does your derriere look like an error in a chipolata production line but you also look six months’ pregnant.

Flatforms and Knee Length Gladiator Sandals Uglier than Uggs and more offensive than Crocs – Nobody looks good in flatforms. Unless you’re blessed with a Supermodel’s dimensions, knee high gladiator sandals will make you look short and fat. You think you look like Gisele in Formetera but your legs will look like a side of beef strung up and ready for basting.

Diamanté sandals I like a bit of bling as much as the next girl but, please try to remember, you are a young (ish) girlie walking through Oxford Circus on your way to work – not Joan Collins sipping a Campari in Marbella.

Stacked friendship bracelets/temporary body art You think you look like you’ve just got back from Coachella and are new BBFs with Rhianna, we know you’ve just been to Accessorize on Tottenham Court Road. And that’s before we’ve got 4-month-old festival access passes to contend with.

Panamahats and aviators I’m guilty of this one, I’m afraid. Newsflash: It is 19 degrees and you’re in a pub garden in Walthamstow. Think about it.

Babydoll dresses Most commonly found on the high street and worn by size 6 teenage girls. Leave the house in a high street ‘summer dress’ at your peril – unless Japanese school girls are your style inspiration.

Anything that says Ibiza on it People who go to Ibiza don’t wear T-shirts saying ‘Ibiza’ on them. Only people who want to go to Ibiza and have never been wear T-shirts paying homage to the island.

Ramones, Rolling stones, Nirvana T-shirts Retro. But so obvious that you couldn’t name one of their songs.

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Tried and Tested Beauty Products

Sophia V

I am always purchasing new products! I have tons and tons of the same things, but different makes. I have compared and honestly reviewed products for you, advising which are the best, where to get them from, and how much they cost.

Fake Tan.

Not that you need it in Ibiza, however some people like a tan all year round. I have tried lots oftans on the market. From gels, sprays, tanning wipes to everyday tanning moisturiser. I also have a spray tanning machine, which is actually brilliant, but now that I live in Spain, I don’t particularly need it. I have tried ranges from San Tropez, Fake Bake, Loreal, Johnsons, and more. The best I have ever used is: Loreal Sublime Gel. The brown bottle, with the glitter specs in the tan is perfect, natural looking, none streaky and doesn’t stain. It lasts about 4-5 days. Ensure that you use a tanning mitt, you do not want orange fingers! The product can be purchased from Boots stores, and ordered online. The price is reasonable, being around 9 pounds. The Loreal Sublime ranning wipes can also be purchased. Sunkissed Self Tanning mousse isn’t bad either, at around the same price.

As well as fake tanning, I also like to get a real tan. Believe it or not though, keeping and maintaining a real tan is hard work. You need to sunbathe regularly else it will fade, moisturise with after-sun lotions to ensure that your skin doesn’t become dry and patchy, and add lotions to your bath to lock in moister in the skin. The best products I have found, and use are: Malibu fast tanning oil, Calypso bronzing oil, Hawaiin dry oil, and Piz Buin moisturising lotions. Johnson’s Baby Oil is also great to add to your bathtub, or the shower gel when showering. As for sun burn, Aloe Vera is the best. I highly recommend that you wear sun protective lotion throughout the day, and the oil for only a short while due to health risks. Oils can be purchased from as little as 6-20 pound and can be found in most supermarkets, cosmetic shops and online.

Teeth whitening.

I have used DIY teeth whitening kits at home, spent money on the gels, toothpastes, lighting machines, etc. I have used toothpastes such as: Crest (as used by Audrina Patridge from The Hills), Colgate, Arm & Hammer, Pro Namel, Sensodyne, natural, organic toothpaste and more! The natural toothpaste I believed would be better for my teeth as it contains no chemicals, but the taste wasn’t that great, and I didn’t particularly rate it. In terms of whiteness, theI have found are: Hollywood whitening toothpaste / Beverley Hills formula, Pearl drops and Crest whitening strips. A tip to do once a month as to not ruin your tooth enamel is to mix soda powder with lemon juice, or a bit of toothpaste to tackle any stains. Also, don’t forget to floss! Toothpastes range from as low as a pound to however much you want to spend.

Hair care.

I have tried leave in conditions, hair masks, hot oils, treatments and so on. My hair is very fine. I try to be extra careful when straightening and blow-drying by not doing it too often. I do try to remember to use protective heat sprays. Although the best thing you can do in terms of hair-care is allow it to air-dry, and don’t over style it. Velcro rollers, or braiding it for natural wavy curls is a good way to avoid straighteners, or tie it up more often. The best products for hair I have found are: Keratin treatments, Argan oil, Moroccan Oil and Tresemme, GHD or Toni & Guyprotective sprays. Also Redken Velvet Whip spray and lotion puts glitter specs in your hair, to make it appear shiny and glossy in the light. I also Love the Silkat hair range, and recently purchased the repair kit consisting of shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums. I paid just over 60 euros for the package, which is brilliant. The other aforementioned products range from 5-10 pound. Keratin treatments are also good. I have started to use these products. You can buy shampoo’s and conditioners with Keratine in, such as Loreal and Pantene, etc. These have been working okay so far, and have a lovely smell. Products containing Keratin can be as little as 5 pounds and over.


If you get blemishes, Sudocrem can be good, although not if you have oily skin. Apply it before bed, or when going barefaced around the house. It really tones down the redness and dries blemishes out. I don’t really agree on too many products over the counter, such as Clearasil, Oxy, etc as some tend to be harsh and aggravate the skin. Using too many different products will result in your skin having breakouts. Simple brand products are gentle on the face, so I recommend the face wash and shower gels, Tea Tree products help in drying the blemishes, and going on the pill also helps with hormones and over production of oil, (as that is what causes breakouts.) Try Yasmin or Dianette. If your skin is not getting better, see your GP, there are products, especially those containing Retin-A that will help. Again, these products can cost as little as 5 pound and over.

Make-up removers.

I have triedloadsdifferent brands of cleansers, toners, face washes, eye make-up removers etc. I don’t think it matters too much whether you buy brand name products or not, however they do say ‘you get what you buy,’ so when it comes to your skin, I think it’s probably best to spend just that little bit more. I tried Asda brand cleansers and toners, which had a fresh cucumber smell. They’re not bad, if you want to remove your make-up, and tighten your pores with the toner. I have also tried Boots own cleanser, toner and moisturiser, (I think you should stick to the same brand, and not apply too many products on your skin. Product overload can make your skin react.) The Boots products made my skin feel soft, and smelt nice, and did the job.

I have also tried Spanish brand products. I think they are pretty much all the same really. I cleanse and tone, however avoided moisturising for years as I found them to be greasy. I have since found a brilliant none oily moisturiser – Vichy. Cleaners, toners and moisturisers can be as little as five pounds and over. Sudocrem can be purchased for five pounds, and little tubs for less.

Cleansing gel.

I have recently spent fifteen euros on Avene cleansing gel. This is meant to reduce oil in the face. The gel foams and it doesn’t have a scent. The pharmacist stated that this was the best in respect of oil control, as it can get really hot here in Spain.I must say it is!you have oily / combination skin, it will help it stay dry and tighten them pores. This can be purchased online or in most pharmacies.

Fine lines and wrinkles.

In respect of fine lines and wrinkles, I have used No.7 products, day and night cosmetics, which are okay. I am using Bella-firm at the moment. The bottle is cute. It’s oily, which is what stops wrinkles and lines, by keeping the skin moist and not drying it out. You can have your face injected with collagen, if your lines are really noticeable. Botox is also meant to be good, however needs to be kept up. The bella pro-firm was under ten pound and can be bought online.

For more of Sophia’s articles and tips check out her blog:


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Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Just finished a great weekend of local cricket for Ibiza CC with 2 wins from 2 but more of that from Bro Robin probably next week! And it was so near, so far for two Brit greats last week. Firstly in

  • Golf

and who said golf wasn’t entertaining, as I sat up half Sunday night absolutely mesmerised by the final round of the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, where Brit Justin Rose, aiming for his 8th PGA win, competed with Swede Dan Lingmerth in what should have been a one hole play-off but they were so close it went to 3, with Rose just being piped by a stroke for the Swede to take his first USPGA trophy. Says a lot for the quality of the golf, as this is the tournament that Tiger had his worst ever round in his pro life on Saturday, an 85 on a par 72 and even US legend Phil Mickelson struggled to get in to the top 40! So a big well done to Ryder Cup star Rose who continues to wow audiences both in the US and Europe. And secondly in

  • Tennis

where Andy Murray gave World No 1 Novak Djokovic, who beat Rafa Nadal in the Quarters, a run for his money in the Semis of the French Open at Roland Garros. Having been 2 sets down he came back to win the next two but then ran out of steam to lose the final set. Good show tho’ and well done for his unbeaten streak on clay. However, favourite Djokovic was in for a surprise in the Final against Swiss Stanislaw Wawrinka, victor over Roger Federer enroute, as, altho’ he took the first set, Stan came back with a vengeance to take the next 3 and his first French title and his 2nd Major. In the Ladies, no surprise in the Final as Serena Williams took her 20th Major title and doesn’t seem to be slowing down one iota. So, on to Wimbledon next month!

  • Cycling

and congrats to Sir Bradley Wiggins who broke the UCI Hour Record for the most km’s ridden in an hour as he accumulated 54.526, bettering the existing record of by 1.589 only set last month by another Brit, Alex Dowsett. Great comment of his at the end when asked how it felt after setting the new record (why, oh, why do these media people always ask this stupid question?) to which he replied “that’s the closest I’ll ever come to knowing what it’s like to have a baby!”

  • Horse Racing

and my ole mate Frankie Dettori (who I gave a water ski to in front of the hoards at the Sunset Strip back in ’08) did himself proud, winning the Epsom Derby on Saturday astride 13-8 favourite Golden Horn and when asked how it felt (there they go again!) he said it was better than completing his Magnificent 7, when if you recall in ’96 he won 7 straight winners at Ascot, creating history and the bookies heartache at cumulative odds of 25,051 – 1!

  • Athletics

and spare a thought for up-and-coming Brit Adam Gemili in the 100m at a Diamond League meeting in Birmingham over the w/end as he scored a personal best of 9.97 secs, coming second, but then tore his hamstring as he crossed the line. The pain that he showed on Sky Sports as he went crashing to the ground just summed up what these sports stars go through and, having been there and done that myself (not the time, I hasten to add!) my heart bled for him.

  • Rugby League

and it is as you were in the Super League with only 2 points separating the top 3, as leaders Leeds trounced Wakefield, St Helens in 2nd after their win on Friday and 3rd placed Wigan beating 4th placed Huddersfield to open up a gap of 5 points.

  • Cricket

and after their stop-start 1-1 Test Series draw with New Zealand, England start their 5 match ODI Series with the Kiwis on Tuesday at Edgbaston, followed by The Oval on Friday, looking to put some pride back in to their dismal recent ODI record and let’s hope skipper Eoin Morgan can at last get his boys fired up. Won’t be easy though, as the Kiwis, led superbly by Brendon McCullum, were World Cup finalists only in the Spring and are currently ranked 3rd in the world, as against England’s 7th:

  • Footie

and congrats to Barcelona, who won the Champions League Final on Saturday, beating Juventus 3-1 in Berlin. However, in my humble opinion, the score did flatter the Catalans, as, at one stage, Juve came back to 1-1 and looked by far the better team and if the 10 pairs of official eyes (ref, 2 linesmen, and 2 penalty area officials!) had been to Specsavers and given Juve a stonewall penalty when Pogba was arm locked to the turf by Alves, it might have been a different story, but credit where it’s due, well done to Barça for completing the magical treble of CL, Copa del Rey and La Liga.

As for England, who played a friendly against Eire in Dublin, thank the Lord I missed the match, as ITV who covered the match live, apologised on Twitter for the dire 0-0 draw, a first for televised football! And talking of Eire and controversy, wehey, the old despot I described in last week’s report, Herr Blatter has gone. Well, not quite yet, as he has resigned his presidency of FIFA and is staying on until February (why?). So there is a God after all, but maybe it has something to do with the fact, amongst other revelations, that the Irish FA have blown the whistle and confirmed that Blatter’s right hand man paid a bribe of some €5m to them before the last World Cup when the Irish threatened to take FIFA to court over Thierry Henry’s handball goal that propelled France to the Finals instead of Ireland.

On that note, with my last week’s wish granted, I’m blowing the whistle on this week!

Have a good one…Jezza

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F1 Canada

Rhian Gibbs

Canada may not have shown all the drama it usually does but there were a couple of stand-out performances from Vettel starting on the grid 18th and Massa from 15th – both taking points back to their respective teams.

Hamilton was once again on pole and following a clean start had a reasonably straightforward race, he was ordered to lift and coast numerous times to save fuel which meant Rosberg was hot on his heels at times but the German had his own problems with overheating brakes and this was how they remained throughout the race. Full points for Mercedes with Hamilton putting the events of Monaco behind him and taking the chequered flag 1st with Rosberg 2nd.

Williams had a good day with both cars scoring points. The team got strategy just right switching Bottas from the planned two-stop to just one – a move that went in their favour and when Raikkonen spun on lap 27, it gave Bottas further motivation and the final podium place for 3rd. Massa also had a great race battling his way through the traffic from 15th to take 6th place.

Ferrari had a disappointing weekend with Vettel failing to make Q2 in qualifying and starting 18th on the grid, Raikkonen on the other hand was behind the silver arrows at the start of the race until lap 27 when his prancing horse spun in the same spot as last year – no damage but it lost him any chance of getting on the podium, 4th it was. Vettel starting 18th in the grid drove a frustrating race initially getting stuck in traffic but in finishing 5th was the star of the race for me.

It was a pleasure to watch Maldonado take his Lotus home 7th – finally breaking his unlucky streak; his team-mate Grosjean was 10th and could have finished higher but in overtaking Stevens he moved over too soon and giving himself a puncture and causing front wing damage to Stevens – both were able to dive into the pit lane but in conceding it was his fault he earned 5 seconds added to his race time.

Force India took some points courtesy of Hulkenberg finishing 8th, it could have been higher but in racing Vettel he pushed a little too far and spun at turn 14, even so, a great race for the German. Pérez on the other hand couldn’t manage any better than 11th unhappy with his car throughout.

Red Bull still look unable to solve their issues with Kvyat taking 9th and only just able to hold off the Lotus of Grosjean, whilst Sainz of Toro Rosso held off Ricciardo to finish 12th and the Australian took a disappointing 13th – a far cry for him from last year’s success.

Ericsson of Sauber crossed the line 14th doing a great job of keeping the Toro Rosso behind him to the chequered flag, Verstappen finished 15th. Nasr struggled with pace, power loss and brake problems and brought the Sauber home 16th ahead of Stevens in his Marussia finishing 17th. Unfortunately it was the only Marussia to cross the line as Merhi was forced to retire lap 58 with a broken driveshaft.

Finally we have McLaren, who knew the circuit wasn’t ideal for them, and with Button not taking part in qualifying due to engine trouble he was fortunate enough to race receiving a drive through penalty within the first three laps. McLaren’s weekend got worse when they lost Alonso due to an exhaust problem on lap 45 and just ten laps later lost Button as well.

So Hamilton has once again opened his lead by 17 points with Rosberg still chasing in second. Both Button and Alonso are still holding faith in the McLaren-Honda partnership despite their appalling weekend and apparent frustration. Next race Austria, Sunday 21st June.

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The Guide …

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The Guide …

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In the Back Row

Hallucination Generation

90 min : Drama: 1 December 1966 

Link at IMDB:



Hallucination Generation is a 1967 film by Mann. Purportedly intended as a warning against the dangers of pill-popping Sixties hedonism along the lines of 1936’sMadness, the film’s primary purpose appears to have been titillation, thus landing it in the genre ofcinema.

The film is a drama set ina small group of American young adults is living. The leader of the group is adealer. The others are there living carefree lives as. The leader has more nefarious aims in mind, and uses drugs to lure the others into lives of crime. Most of the film is in black and white, but there is a psychedelic sequence depicting the purported effects of the group usingwhich was filmed in colour. It is often cited as an example ofcounterculture.

George Montgomery is the psychedelic advisor to a circle of young expatriates living on the Isle of Ibiza. Visitor Danny Stone, who avoids taking part in the fun until his mother cuts off his allowance, seeks help in a monastery after an LSD-induced crime spree results in the murder of a Barcelona antiques dealer. The real world is black-and-white, the LSD trips are in colour. Featuring Renate Kasche, Tom Baker, Marianne Kanter, and Steve Rowland. Filmed in Ibiza.