Politics & Parties At Pentecost

“Whether your interest in Parties is of the Political or Nightclub variety, brace yourself for the biggest weekend of the year”



Fun day at Mojis Animal Sanctuary

Claire B

Calling all animal lovers! Saturday May 23rd sees another fun day at Mojis Animal Sanctuary in the north of Ibiza to raise much-needed funds to keep the sanctuary and its animal guests going. Starting at 2pm, it will be lots of fun and an opportunity to see the amazing work that Abraham does at the sanctuary. There are so many animals that children and adults can interact with: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, chickens and ducks. There will be food and drinks for sale, face painting, a clown and many other things including guided horse rides to keep the children entertained and of course DJs spinning some tunes. There’ll also be a raffle of great prizes donated by local individuals and businesses. This beautiful place has rescued over 300 animals in two years and depends entirely on donations.

Before, Ibiza Walking Association is organising a fundraising walk starting at 12pm. It is a short and easy two-hour walk to the top of a hill in Morna Valley, behind Santa Eulalia and near the Mojis animal sanctuary. The walk only has one main hill and is completely based on pathways and tiny caminos – perfect for taking dogs for a short walk. Cost is by donation of 5€ or more – all money will be given to Mojis.

More info about the walk:


More info about the day:




Get That Bohemian Look

The ever popular Las Dalias Hippy Market is open on every Saturday from 10am till 8pm. For the shopper, there are stalls selling all sorts from clothes, beads, jewellery, CDs, beads, paintings, hammocks, beads, incense and beads.

For those who want a respite from the stalls, there is massage or you can have your fortune read by tarot cards.

For food and drink, there is a lovely restaurant and tapas bar, several drinking spots, a natural fruit juice stand and an Arabian tea-tent with a selection of teas and Moroccan pastries.

For a full run down on all things on offer visit



Miami Comes to Bossa

Claire B

Saturday saw the Miami-styled Tropicana Suites open its doors to the public with a party around the perfectly formed pink pool, flanked by the occasional pink flamingo amongst the tropical foliage. The bright green building in the heart of Playa D’en Bossa is making more than an architectural statement. It’s stylish, but it’s fun. The neon sign above the bar reads ‘Cocktails and Dreams’ and there’s a fully working jukebox, which has an eclectic mix of records from Chic, Donna Summer, OMD, Madonna, Ray Charles and the musical West Side Story amongst others. Rooms have quirky names – my favourite was Room 104, ‘Wild Thing’. From the same stable as the recently opened Santos Coast Suites, they know how to throw a party. The cocktails, cava and beer flowed, whilst great poolside tunes were played by Silvia Superstar, Colin Peters and Bones in the late afternoon sunshine. If you’re in the area pop down to take a look and sip a cocktail by the pool, and don’t forget to take your camera, as there are photo opportunities aplenty.


Phew, What A Scorcher!

Temperatures in Ibiza reach record high

Ibiza suffered through the hottest temperature ever recorded in May when the mercury officially reached 37.4 degrees in Sant Joan at 2:20pm on Thursday 14th. The sweltering temperature smashed the previous record of 33 degrees recorded in 2009 and is blamed on southerly winds from North Africa.

Sant Carles (37.3º) nearly matched the high recorded in Sant Joan with Sant Mateu (36.7º) and Cala de Bou (35.6º) not far behind. Ibiza Town was a relatively cool 32.7º.

The delegate of the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET), María José Guerrero, says that such temperatures are not normal even for the month of August, in which the average maximum is 30.6 °. The temperatures reached yesterday are only comparable to those recorded “during a heat wave in July or August.”

Amateur meteorologists will know that wind follows extreme heat and, during the night, gusts of up to 80kmph were battering the coast of Ibiza and Formentera. The high winds and waves claimed victims on the latter isle when a sailboat, named “Finillé” was rushed against a cliff despite efforts of the crew and neighbours to avert the disaster.

A helicopter flew to the scene to rescue survivors, where three passengers died and three others were taken to hospital with various injuries and symptoms of hyperthermia.




Ami’s Safe!

.A British girl who used to work in Ibiza and has many friends on the island, went missing for a mammoth 72 hours last week whilst over on holiday. When Ami Busby didn’t return from a ‘short walk’ in the afternoon, the Ibiza community spearheaded by Nathan Viva, used Social Media to spread the word. Within hours, it seemed that half of Ibiza had their eyes peeled, two tabloid papers had put out an appeal and we all rejoiced when she returned safely and looking sheepish. Here are our editor’s thoughts:

“Glad Ami is safe, and managed to avoid being judged by the press. Great work by the Ibiza community network mobilising as it did. Amy is the 2nd Brit we’ve been asked to help find recently, though the other not of concern for their wellbeing as much as to snoop into their private life.

People might be surprised to see some of the titles from whom we get UK press enquiries Of course the ones you’d expect come up most frequently, but even the broadsheets were after Ed Milliband. A particularly slimy message from the telegraph asking if we could help ‘track him down and find out what he is doing’. I was tempted to reply in the positive saying ‘job done, he’s in Ibiza, and having a holiday’ but the offer of ‘crediting us’ seemed to have far more value in the mind of the sender than the receiver, and as the girl on the till in eroski confirmed that they do not accept telegraph . credits, the contribution my work would make to feeding my family didn’t seem worth even that sarcastic short.

I must have something of that sleaze in my veins though as i am intrigued to know Amy’s story as to where she disappeared to for a couple of days. That is not a request for somebody to tell me, I am content to jump to the conclusion I guess many others will, ‘last seen with Italian looking boy’ and all that, and hope she’s had a high old time with phones off living Ibiza to excess the way it should be.”

Below: Ami’s picture was a familiar sight during the week, Left: a slightly embarrassed Ami on her return, pictured with friend.


The Archaeological Museum of Puig des Molins in Ibiza Town has a storyteller for children and a recycling workshop on Friday the 22nd at 7pm.

On Saturday 23rd from 9-11am, the public can contribute to the cleaning of the beautiful necropolis of Puig des Molins. It’s a great way to get a free and exclusive guided tour whilst getting your hands a little dirty.


The Museum of Ethnography in Santa Eulalia is free from Monday to Saturday and, in addition to the permanent collection, has three temporary exhibitions: ‘Pottery between tradition and modernity’, ‘The world of bees and honey’ and ‘Tissue of the Balearic Islands’.

The Museum is open from 10am to 2pm and from 3.30pm to 8pm.




Beach Family Fun Day

Looking for a fun family day out? Then this coming Sunday, 24th May, you need to be on the beach in Cala Llonga where the Viva Cala Llonga Team, in conjunction with the Asociación de Vecinos, are holding their annual Children’s Beach Games Day. Starting at 11am there’ll be Foam Fun with Albert the Clown, a Sandcastle Competition, which gives the grownups chance to join in, a Bouncy Castle and lots of other games and entertainments. Why not make a day of it sample some of the wide range of food and drinks available in the village’s bars and restaurants. The weather forecast is good (hopefully) so you’re more than welcome to join in.

  • See the Cala Llonga Advert on page






Daily Mirror Party Boat Nonsense

Shock reaction to tripe – reader may have fallen

In normal UK tabloid fashion, the Daily Mirror managed to recently turn a relatively mundane story about marine regulations in Ibiza into a sensationalist pile of tripe. We’re pretty certain that this story wouldn’t have been considered newsworthy if a boat in Skegness didn’t have the correct licence. Make sure to stay tuned for the Mirror’s shock report on lightbulbs going out and how tourists cope with 5 per cent less light. Here’s the marine regulation report in full, judge for yourselves:


“Tourists shocked after police make first summer raid on Ibiza party boat

The Civil Guard are said to have staked out the “Saga” for several days before making their move at the end of one of the day trips.

They say the party boat was operating without the right licence and was using an area of a popular marina out of bounds for landings because of the closeness of the petrol station and potential dangers.

The raid was the first of its kind this summer and signals the start of a crackdown on party boats which don’t meet strict regulations.

The authorities have warned they will be watching all of the island’s party boats and will be taking action where necessary.

Officers with the special border control section, PAFIF said during their monitoring of the “Saga”, it always had a large number of people on board and was playing “very loud music” which had led to complaints from local residents.

All 25 people on board during the raid were taken off before the boat was moved to a safer location in the sports port of Marina Botafoch.
The boat apparently offered party tours to various locations in Ibiza, including the idyllic beach resort of Talamanca, described as “the perfect getaway”.

Police said the boat’s authorisations did not cover what it was doing and an official complaint has been made to the Harbour Master of Ibiza and Formentera.

Ibiza is well known for its partying and disco boats are an important part of the clubbing scene. The Balearic government is tightening regulations with the aim of increasing passenger safety and control over the activity.

There are around 100 boats operating around the islands and though there is no intention to ban them, the authorities say it is important the rules are followed and vessels are properly registered. Flouting the law can lead to heavy fines and boats being impounded.



Father of Luke Rhoden Expects “No Justice”

UK newspaper, Wigan Today, have an update on the death of 25-year-old Luke Rhoden following a struggle with the Guardia Civil at his hotel on September 3 last year.

A string of eyewitnesses came forward claiming that the police were using unnecessary force while Dr Santiago Akoskin, who attended to Luke at the scene, revealed that he had to tell the officers three times to let go of him before he could carry out his duties.

Father, Norman Rhoden, is concerned that a verdict of unlawful killing will not be returned and states that he and his team have not received any official statement from the attending police or had any access to CCTV from the hotel which they believe has been handed over to the Guardia Civil.



Finca Finance

The Executive Board has approved the call for financial aid for the maintenance of old farmhouses Ibiza. An ancient farmhouse will classify as a for the air if it was built before 1956, with the condition of presenting a good condition in general, and especially not having undergone reforms or changes in the subsequent 50 years that would have damaged their equity values significantly. With this aid the intention is to protect this important heritage and ensure permanence and durability of these historical goods. The funding for this year is 300,000 euros.

The money for the maintenance of these farmhouses can be allocated in two ways: the first is a direct grant as a way to help the owners of these properties with the costs of heritage conservation, and the second being a measure designed to ensure permanence and durability of these goods.

Archaeological studies are necessary to carry out the planned operation: maintenance work, repair of the walls with lime mortar, replacement and repair of upper walls and gutters and drain pipes that carry water to the tank, and the repair of the tank or tanks of the house, maintenance of wooden elements of the house (doors, windows, barriers, gates, railings, banisters, etc.) and others that can be considered a criterion for the evaluation committee. The maximum amount of individual aid will be 25,000 euros and exceptionally 35,000 euros in cases involving replacement of roofing and/or have a building permit for a major project, given the increasing costs involved in this. In any case, this is only 50% of the total budget requested and scheduled for execution of works and maintenance or recovery of real property.

The Executive Board also approved the general protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Government of Ibiza and the Council concerning the promotion of the sport on the island of Ibiza during year 2015. With this agreement the Government of the Balearic Islands participates in the financing of events of special importance that affect the promotion of sport and have an impact on tourism on the island of Ibiza for a maximum of 30,000 euros.

The Executive Board has also asked for aid to the promotion of environmental and educational activities for children and youth in the marine environment are made ‌‌on the island of Ibiza in 2015. These grants have a total budget of 15,000 euros. The activities to obtain the grant, which must be organized by sailing clubs, should be aimed at schoolchildren of different schools of the island.



Unlimited Wi-Fly

Unlimited free Wi-Fi will soon be available at all 46 airports run by Spain’s AENA national airport authority. AENA said it would also quadruple the speed of the current internet service offered to passengers.

The authority will open a bidding process to contract a company by October, and the free Wi-Fi service should be available two months after the two-year tender is granted.

The free connection service is expected to be combined with a paid-for premium service, which already exists for customers who “want higher speeds and additional benefits.”



Contracts Agreed for new Ibiza Cultural App

Ibiza City Council has signed a contract with Mapple Apps Solutions to develop a mobile application that allows tourists to access real time information about Ibiza.

Mapple Apps, not to be confused with fictional company Mapple from ‘The Simpsons’ – which is run by Steve Mobbs and sells MyPods and MyPhones – has worked on previous projects for Geowolf, One More Beer and Just Ride.

No news yet on how exactly this app will work or what Ibiza information will be made available, but we’re looking forward to seeing it in action!

Drug driver kills 5th Traffic Fatality of 2015

Five fatalities have been recorded in Ibiza so far this year after a motorcyclist has been killed in a collision with a car. The driver of the vehicle has tested positive for both drugs and alcohol. The accident occurred on a stretch of the old Santa Eularia road near to the Cala Llonga junction. It is believed that the Italian driver of a Ford Fiesta stopped and reversed back along the road crashing into the victim’s motorcycle. The 48-year old motorcyclist of Philippine descent was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.







Government Announce Pre-election Spending Spree

With Spanish local and regional elections in less than a week, the government has just approved spending aimed at benefiting consumers and families.

One of the programs seeks to increase car sales, and the new Family Support Plan includes tax deductions for households that meet certain conditions.

Health Minister Alfonso Alonso said that the family plan also hopes to increase nationwide birth figures.

“We are the people on the planet who live the longest and who have the fewest children,” he said in reference to Spaniards. From 2016 onwards, the program will give working mothers who retire an additional five percent on their pension checks if they had two children, 10 percent if they had three and 15 percent if they had more.

The program was first announced in July 2012 and will have an annual budget of €5.5 billion to fund welfare measures, work-family balance, maternity incentives and tax deductions of €1,200 for single-parents and large families. Despite holding off from implementing the program for almost three years, Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria denied any relationship between the timing of the spending and the upcoming election.



Exhibitionist puts schools on alert

A flasher who has appeared in schools in Sant Joan and S’Olivera has triggered an island wide alert.

The first incident occurred when an individual approached the gates of the school in Sant Joan and showed his genitals to an elementary student.

Something very similar happened in the school of S’Olivera, but this time, the scene took place next to the playground.

The delegate of Education of Ibiza and Formentera, Belén Torres, confirmed the flashing, but said that they are isolated incidents. He wants to stress that they are “specific” cases that have affected two of the 360 ‌‌centres that exist in the island, and for families not to be alarmed.



Head of Forgery Gets 2 Years

The head of a forgery network has been sentenced to two years imprisonment. 23 people, who bought documentation to prove that they had been more than three years in Spain, and thus get residence permits, have been fined.

Forgery head, Clara Ramirez was charged with 23 offences of the forgery of official documents, and fined 3,000€. The other defendants, 20 men and three women all born in Morocco, were fined 2,160€ each. It is believed that up to 500 more people may have used this network in the past few years.


Crackdown On Illegal Traders

A total of 16 officers from the Local Police of Sant Antoni, Guardia Civil and National Police conducted an operation to combat street vending in the municipality of San Antonio.

The agents identified 20 targets during the raid held on the S’Arenal beach and denounced 19 people for violating the city ordinance that regulates vending. 2 people were arrested for being in Spain illegally.

The operations will be repeated throughout the season in order to eliminate or reduce the problem of street vending and the crimes that accompany it, such as burglaries and violent robberies. The regular operations will also seek to make certain areas safe for tourists to walk through and thus enable local businesses to flourish.




Grupo Matutes

Following recent news that summer flights to Ibiza have been increased by 4% this year, the deputy director general of Grupo Empresas Matutes says that May is working “very well” in their Ibiza hotels which include Ushuaia and Hard Rock Hotel. Jesus Sobrino emphasized the good start to the summer and ventured a “very good season and busy year for tourism.”

GEM owns hotels in the tourist hotspots of Playa D’En Bossa, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. The glorious weather and economic recovery throughout Europe have already seen a marked increase in tourists for May and forecasts for the summer are good.



Fast Ferry link to Formentara

Ferry company, Baleària, has resumed its daily direct high-speed connections from Denia to Formentera with the fast ferry ‘Ramon Llull’. In addition, from July 23 to August 31, Baleària will sail twice per day from Friday to Monday.

The ferry, which makes the journey in two hours, leaves Denia at 9am and returns from Formentera at 9pm. The extra route in August will leave Denia at midday and returns at 6pm. A return journey will cost €50, rising to €60 in peak season.



Bus Stop Drama

The demolition of the former headquarters of the Government Office, located at numbers 12 and 14 Avenue Isidor Macabich begins next week. Municipal sources have confirmed that the contractor of these works, Excavation and Demolition Medina SL, will start work from 20th May. The bus stop in front of building will remain while teams dismantle the inside, but will move temporarily for two weeks when the external structure is demolished. The demolition contractor will be responsible for placement of the new bus stop and will also provide a parking lot, of 1,000 square meters, with a capacity for 50 cars.



Food & Drink



Tapas: sharing food the Spanish way

Stan Farrow

When anyone asks me the best things about Ibiza and Spanish culture, I have a few obvious answers. The food is firmly at the top, the weather allowing you to do absolutely everything outdoors is a close second, and the relaxed and friendly people come in third. My ultimate joy, which I believe may not be unique to me, is to combine the lot by eating shed loads of good food under the stars and surrounded by mates.

Luckily for me and you, there is such a place where this is a possibility and it’s accessible to all via a short walk or very short drive up a small road just off of the main Avenida Dr Fleming in San Antonio (that road with Eden, Es Paradis and Ibiza Rocks on it).

The place is simply called Tapas Restaurant and tonight I’m dragging my English/Spanish friend and my Spanish/Spanish friend with me for a slap-up feast. I say drag with me, I’m more the one being dragged as Mrs. Spain views herself as the Queen of Tapas and soon takes full charge of where we’re sitting and the menu. Fortunately I trust her as she starts rattling off a selection of dishes to the waitress.

We have bread and alioli to kick things off, and I’m so glad that the bread isn’t the typical grey brick that you can get in other places. It’s the sort of bread that makes a glorious crack when you break it apart, but inside is fluffy and soft. It’s the bread that Mozart would have made if he was a baker. I need to remind myself and the ladies that thou should not fill up on bread, so we resist ordering any more.

Now the whole point of Tapas is to share the food and, within a short time, we’re given a plate each and the dishes start filling up the table. We’ve started with five: Popeye (spinach, cheese and mincemeat), Prawns & Chorizo (in a tomato based sauce), Spicy Calamari, Lamb Kofta, Thai Green Curry and rice.

Within 20 seconds a third of everything is heaped onto my plate and the Calamari is attacked. Four words sum this up—succulent and very, very spicy. The chilli flakes bombard the palate and open it up to the flavour of the squid. This may be too hot for some, my English/Spanish friend is struggling but the Queen gives a nod of appreciation. After such a good start, I soon finish everything off with relish. Everything is moist and tastes just like you hope it would. The highlight for me has to be the Popeye. Spinach really shouldn’t be this nice and I can actually feel my miniscule biceps growing a little with each bite. I’m tempted to order another round of it, which is actively encouraged with Tapas, but the Queen has the desert menu in her hands and her eyes tell me I’ve got to save some space.

We get three more plates and are hit with a Brownie, Pear Cheesecake and Crème Brulee. All are good, but the Crème Brulee is the winner…there’s a little fight over it and it is spoons at sunset to get that last bit of caramel. Obviously the Queen, being a Tapas veteran, has managed to find a smaller spoon to get into the gaps. I’m happy though, I have just enough space to knock back a hierbas and then we don’t leave the restaurant for another hour as we put the world to rights. Great food and great company in the great outdoors. Perfecto!


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Food & Drink





“View from the pew”

Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Peter Pimentel

On Sunday the 24th May, together with the worldwide church, we celebrate The Festival of Pentecost. After His resurrection (but before His ascension) Jesus told His followers “to stay in the city (Jerusalem) until you are clothed with power from on high.” Even though the disciples had the privilege of knowing Jesus in person they still needed the power from on high.

Fortunately the disciples did what Jesus told them – they waited. The first history of Christianity is The Acts of the Apostles. It is part of the Christian Bible. The Acts of the Apostles was written in the first century. According to The Acts of the Apostle, the extraordinary event took place during the Jewish festival of Pentecost. Pentecost is not a Christian Festival! It’s Jewish. This is what transpired: “All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” (Acts 2:4)

Sound is a wonderful experience. As I write this I can hear bird song. The variety of music is breathtaking. Ibiza is host to some of the best sounds (depending on your taste!) human beings can produce. The human voice is wonderful. Conversation is at the very heart of being a person in relationship with others. So maybe it shouldn’t surprise us that the experience on the Day of Pentecost was a miracle of sound and inspired utterance.

The ancient rabbinic sages said that the evidence of the Holy Spirit in the days of the Messiah would be inspired speech. “The Holy One blessed be He, said: In this world only a few individuals have prophesied, but in the world to come all Israel will be made prophets” (R. Tanhuma). The sage then quotes the Old Testament prophet Joel: “Your sons and daughters will prophesy your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

It is significant that St. Peter explaining the Day of Pentecost quotes the same prophecy from Joel (Acts 2:14-21). The Days of the Messiah have arrived! Old men – dreams! Young men – visions! Sons and daughters – prophesy!

Next service: Sun 24th of May (Holy Communion with Praise and Worship at Santa Eulalia – 10:30am Chapel of Lourdes.

ICS Seasonal Holiday services: May 24th at RC Chapel, Es Canar at 10:30am Holy Communion and Songs of Praise at the RC Chapel, Es Canar at 17:45 – Tel. 638373479.

English-speaking Church on Ibiza and Form Tel. 971 343383

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Relocating to Ibiza: Claire’s Story

First of a series where Carly talks to families about their personal journey to the Island…


Carly Sorensen

Ibiza isn’t all celebrities, parties, clubs, drinking and dance music, lots of people from all over the world, myself included, have chosen this little slice of paradise to raise their families in. This week I spoke to Cathryn Ingram about why she and husband Pierre have settled in Ibiza.

So, tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

I am South African and my husband Pierre was born in Belgium but has lived in Africa and America as well. We met in Cape Town and were married a year later at beautiful Atzaró Agroturismo. We moved to Ibiza permanently the following year. That was six years ago and we have since had two wonderful children, Hugo who is three and a half, and Grace who will be two in August. We currently live in Cala Vadella, but have also lived in Cala Llenya. Pierre has been coming to Ibiza for about 15 years as his childhood friend settled here years ago.

Why did you choose to move here?

We chose to live in Ibiza because we were looking for a safe, healthy environment to bring up our family. The Ibizan lifestyle and climate reminds me of South Africa, but from a security point of view, it is obviously much better.

How is life here different to life back in South Africa?

Ibiza is much safer than South Africa but of course the weather is much better suited to a South African than Northern Europe is!

Is there anything you miss?

I miss Africans, the warmest people on earth, and of course family and friends. The most difficult part about living here is not having a support system through family. I am very lucky that my parents visit us often. But it is a very long trip. I also miss “South Africanisms”… there are many cultures represented here in Ibiza, but few South Africans.

What are the best things about living here?

The best things about being here… sunshine, security and the gift of living in one of the most exquisite places one could ever imagine.

And the worst?

The worst part is not having family and close friends nearby. Also, the accessibility is not easy or straight forward. It takes a minimum of three flights to get here from South Africa.

Finally, do you have any advice for people thinking of relocating here?

Yes. Every family is different, find out what works for yours and go for it. Be happy and realise that we live on an island and not in a big, fast paced city.




Urge to Vote

Dear Editor,

On 24 May there are local elections here in Ibiza. As Ex-pats we are not allowed to vote for the Balearic Parliament or the Island Council (Consell) so the municipal elections are the only ones that non-Spanish like myself are allowed to vote in.I have the honour of being the first British person to have a top 12 seat for one of the major political parties and a genuine chance of getting into local government, although this is far from a foregone conclusion there can always be some surprises as we have seen with the recent British general election. There are over 800 British & Irish residents registered in San Antonio yet only 200 have registered to vote. I can only put this down to apathy or lack of local political knowledge but one thing I have learnt during this process is that if you don’t have a vote then you don’t have a genuine voice in the way our town is run.On Sunday 24 May I urge everyone to use their democratic right to vote and if they don’t have that right then make sure they register as soon as possible so your voice is not only heard but also taken seriously. I would like to thank everybody for their kind support during the election campaign and look forward helping the ex-pat community in any way possible over the coming years.

Yours sincerely

Martin Makepeace

[email protected]


I am sure that most readers would agree that whether or not Martin’s political party are your own choice at the ballot box, and regardless of whether he is elected Sunday, he deserves great credit for standing up and participating in the municipal elections.  Many moan, but few act, and for that we applaud him as a great example of the ex-pat community in Ibiza.  Quite telling perhaps that when speaking to a historically staunch PSOE supporter last week they told me they had decided to abstain this year as although they could not bring themselves to vote PP, on principal they didn’t want to vote against Martin. Good luck on Sunday, and whether or not the list gets as far as your position, I am sure the PP group will have benefitted considerably from your candidature.



Licence Thanks

Thank you Ibizasun for your article about the dvla licence changeswithout reading it in the IbizasunI would have not known anything about itit will save a load of hassle when I am over in July ,I don’t read the papers in the UK as the only thing correct and truthful is the date on the top

I do enjoy reading The Ibiza sunyou all do a good joband hope it continues to prosper

thanks again

(via email)



Fouling Problem

Good morning. Thought your publication might be the most appropriate to air a particular grievance.

“My wife and I and three friends have been visitors to Ibiza twice a year for the last 13 years. We always look forward to the beauties of the island, but this visit is the first to prompt me to write about one particular element which I’m sure every tourist notices..dog fouling. And especially the wooden walkway at San Antonio pier.

We had to keep our eyes down all the way out the other day to avoid the series of messes. And these are being left by animals being walked by owners. I doubt if the dogs are choosing to wander along the walkway unaccompanied.

Maybe it’s a Spanish habit to ignore dogs’ ‘business’ but it certainly has gone some way to spoiling an otherwise fine Ibiza holiday.

Sincerely, Ron Marshall, Scotland.



Gafas de Sol or fashion accessory?

I notice headgear is rushing towards its Summer plumage with a proliferation of sunglasses mounted upon straw hats!  These also appear most indoors, aeroplanes even the cinema the other day and they gather together on tabletops in Cafes maybe they communicate this way ??

Baseball caps are not left out either with glasses mounted atop; have I missed a business opportunity here,   Maybe manufacture straw hats  complete with glasses leaving the owner to choose another pair to protect eyes from the Sun ? We could call them Gafahats ?

Mind you, all of this is great for the young but from middle age onwards it is best left alone, the other day I witnessed a short of stature ,follicly threatened male come towards me wearing psychedelic reflective lens;  looking like a frog on Speed.!!!  Shortly afterwards a man with a splendid polished bald head atop was a pair of pink plastic framed sunglasses, (Christmas cracker variety)  had the impression he wished to give really been thought through I ask?

Baseball hats worn back to front; had the owner just left in a hurry, it may be the style but it does not leave the wearer looking the sharpest,  coolest , person on the planet? Do they really wear them in bed?  It is all great to see  and really enhances the Street Scene in this fascinating Island of ours ,so thank you ALL even though I may not understand ,  I do try !.

Yo sabe nada!

Bryan Smith




Motoring Advice from N332

Exiting Roundabouts. Too many ex-pats they are one of the great mysteries of Spanish life. Lack of signalling, parking on them, and of course what is the inside lane even for?

Well thanks to our friends at N332 we can at last bring you some understanding – though even with the explanation it might take a couple of re-reads and pondering time to do so.

In essence it is all explained by one simple proposition, that being that the roundabout is considered the same as any other straight road – just one with a very tight bend and lots of closely connected exits – or more to the point as they would consider it, right hand turns.

So in their eyes signalling left as entering a roundabout, as would be expected in the UK (but signalling right) if leaving on exit 3 or 4,  would be the lunatic actions of a mad man as it is impossible to ever turn left on a roundabout.

It is one of those things that are probably best dealt with under the heading ‘when in Rome’, which is ironic as far as roundabouts are concerned.

Our thanks as always to the officers of N332.


They are sometimes considered daunting, confusing, frustrating and dangerous, but in actual fact, if used correctly, roundabouts are designed to improve the flow of traffic at busy junctions.

For foreign drivers in Spain, the idea of driving on a roundabout is even more confusing, not necessarily because they are particularly different, but with so many vehicles seemingly following their own rules, and in areas frequented by tourists who may not be as used to the road as the native drivers, all of these factors combine to create a nightmare for many.

However, if we break down the process of driving on roundabouts, we can actually get a better understanding of how they are intended to be driven on, and, therefore, realise exactly what should be going on.

We probably already realise that we have to give way to traffic already on the roundabout, but for now, we are not going to look at the approach to roundabouts, or for that matter driving on them, but we are going to look and examine the situation where most roundabout incidents take place, during the process of exiting the roundabout onto another road.

Firstly, we need to consider three basic principles, two which we know, and one which we may forget, all of which are crucial in our understanding of how we should exit a roundabout.

Firstly, in Spain, we drive on the right. In fact, we should drive as far to the right as possible, subject to any factors which may prevent this. This rule applies irrespective of how many lanes there are on a road, the right hand lane is considered our normal driving lane.

Secondly, although they are classed as a special intersection, roundabouts are treated just like any other road. Albeit a one way street, but a normal road none the less, irrespective of the number of lanes, a roundabout is nothing more than a normal, curved road, with junctions.

The third principle we must be aware of is that, under normal circumstances, we should always exit the roundabout from the right hand lane, the outer lane, unless signs or signals tell you otherwise.

Having established those three principles, let us now move away from roundabouts and consider a normal, straight road. Imaging a road that never ends and is a straight line, with no curves, but it does have junctions. We can consider it to be a one way street to make it easier.

As we drive along this road, there may come a point when we want to turn right, at a junction. As we drive along the road we know where we want to turn and we carry out our procedure we learnt when a novice driver, mirror, signal, manoeuvre, perhaps even remembering position, speed and look, and we turn right from the major road to the minor road.

This procedure is something that we do countless times during any normal drive.

Now, let us consider that we are driving along the same straight one way road, although this time it has two lanes. We still want to turn right, and so think for a moment what would the procedure be?

The procedure is of course exactly the same, the only difference being that if we are in the second, left hand lane for some reason, lane 2 as we will call it, we would normally move back into the right hand lane, lane 1, before we exercise our procedure to turn right.

It would never normally cross our mind in this situation to cut across the path from lane 2 to lane 1 in front of another vehicle, as this is quite obviously a dangerous move, particularly if the vehicle in lane 1 is continuing straight ahead.

We think back to our first basic rule, we always drive on the right.

Now let us transpose this situation onto another type of road, this time the road we are on is not straight, but rather curves to the left, constantly. Other than that, the features of the road are the same, it has junctions and it has more than one lane.

Supposing we are driving along this long curved one way street and we wish to turn right, think for a moment, would the same procedure apply?

The answer is yes, it would. Under normal circumstances we would be driving in the right hand lane, or normal driving lane. If we wish to turn right, we exercise our right turn procedure as we approach, including mirror, signal, manoeuvre, position, speed and look, before we turn from the major to a minor road.

In the event of us being in lane 2, would we cut across the vehicle in lane 1? No, we would first exercise a procedure for us to return from lane 2 to lane 1 and then exercise our right turn process.

Now, if we look back at our second general rule, we must consider that roundabouts are treated just like any normal road, albeit a one way street. In other words, a roundabout is exactly the same as the situation we have just described. Now reinforced by the third principle we looked at in the beginning, that we would normally exit a roundabout from the right hand lane.

Let us look at how we put all of this into practice on a roundabout. Remember, we are not concerned about the approach or process of the roundabout itself, but the procedure for exiting.

If we are on the roundabout and wish to exit at the first junction, we would do so exactly the same way as we would on either our long straight road, or the curved one we described. In fact, this procedure is the same for the second, third or fourth exit, it is the same procedure for any exit in fact, we should normally be in the right hand lane before exiting, and would signal with a right turn indicator before leaving the roundabout.

Although we are not looking at what we do on a roundabout, there are two points we must look at. The first one if that the lanes are marked out for a reason, and so we must follow the lane markings, not cutting across the roundabout, just like we wouldn’t normally cut across lanes on any other road.

Secondly, we may well find ourselves not in the right hand lane, just like we might find ourselves in lane 2 in the previous example. Does that mean that we can cut across in front of other drivers in order to exit the roundabout? No, it does not, in exactly the same way we shouldn’t cut across a vehicle on our straight road. Remember, our third principle is that we should, under normal circumstances, always exit the roundabout from the right hand lane.

One question that always comes up is “why then are there sometimes more than one lane on a roundabout?”, the answer is simply the same as if the question were “why are there sometimes more than one lane on any road?”, because sometimes more than one lane is needed for the smooth flow of traffic, sometimes you need to use that second lane, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the right hand lane is our normal driving lane.

The DGT answers the question, “Can I exit directly from the inside lane?” with the response “no”, unless the movement within the roundabout is channelled through suitably marked lanes and road markings: in this case, the exit could be made from the inner lane and the right. Although, remember, if the outside lane was not busy, the rule requires you to use it. If the outside, normal driving lane is occupied, then the general principle of security offered this type of infrastructure is that the exit should be from the outside lane, you must not stop in the middle of the roundabout waiting to be let by, nor should you cut in front of other road users in the outside lane, remember the rules of priority and try to move into the correct lane early enough.

What about indicators? Well, once again, that question could also refer to any other road. In our first example of a long straight road, would we indicate to show other road users our intention to turn right? Yes, of course we would, it is part of our procedure, under normal circumstances. But on the straight road, would a vehicle indicate that they are not intending to turn and are in fact going straight on? The answer to this one is no, not normally, and on roundabouts the DGT say that it is not a requirement, however, it is often advised to implement what we describe as a “courtesy indicator”. There is no requirement to indicate that we are going straight on, but as the roundabout often requires quicker responses to movements, indications that we are not turning off, by using our left turn indicator, can be considered courteous and affirms our intentions.

There are some people who say that there is not enough time to do all of this on a roundabout, but as any driving instructor or professional would tell you, when it comes to driving, there is one way in which you can give yourself more time, that is to slow down.

If we put our three basic principles into practice, we will soon see that the process is slightly less confusing than we might have thought. Always drive on the right, under normal circumstances, and always exit a roundabout from the right hand lane unless signs or signals tell you otherwise.





At Night

Es Paradis Opening

Stan Farrow

When I was the apple in my mother’s eye – who am I kidding – when I was a young pup in 1975, some remarkable things were happening. Queen’s epic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ topped the charts, Bill Gates formed Microsoft, Maggie Thatcher took over as leader of the Conservatives from Edward Heath and The Sex Pistols played their first gig.

Meanwhile over in Spain, two more huge events took place. First was the death of Spanish dictator General Franco, who indirectly encouraged the growth of Ibiza when artists and free thinkers sought refuge on the island in the ‘60s. The second was the birth of the roofless Es Paradis, which was a fitting venue for those same artists and free thinkers to celebrate the death of fascism in Spain underneath the open sky.

40 years on and Es Paradis now sports an iconic Pyramid shaped legally required roof, but the swimming pool/dance floor is still there and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the abundance of plant life is original as well. It really is a beautiful club, with its organic lines and fresh white paint job but you probably all know this already after 40 years of existence. So to the night itself…

Es Paradis opening marks the official start to Ibiza’s summer clubbing season and as I walk up to the doors to the sound of Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop ‘til you get enough’ belting out from inside, I get a little tingle. Hoping it is excitement and not an impending bladder malfunction, I head straight for the booth to see who has the gall to play a 1979 disco track to a crowd of ‘young ‘uns’. It’s busy, really busy, so it takes me some time to make it through the pulsating mix of mainly Spanish and British revellers. I eventually spot Es Paradis legend Clara Da Costa and sidekick Jason Bye playing back to back. They’re really in the swing of things, dropping a mix of classics and newer bouncy house business. I request seminal ass wiggler ‘Morel’s Groove’, as I’m a cheeky boy, to which Mr. Bye duly obliges and he even has the courtesy to mix it in flawlessly with a big grin on his face.

DJ Oliver takes it darker with some driving minimal tunes, followed by Angel Linde who gets the crowd wiggling again with a selection of tribal beats. Clara Da Costa returns to close things out with some bonafide classics which encourage shouts of ‘Temazo!!’ from the crowd. I googled it to save you the effort, and unsurprisingly it is Spanish for ‘Tune!!’

As the sun starts coming up and Joe Smooth’s classic ‘Promised Land’ wafts out of the speakers, I manage to catch a few words with Jason Bye to see what his thoughts are on the night. “Some girl snuck into the booth and interrupted me while I was DJing to ask me what the Wi-Fi password was…” We’re giving her the benefit of the doubt that she just wants to post about the night, and who can blame her? Thank you Es Paradis, you were amazing. I’ll post something as soon as I make it home.




At Night



More artists announced at Ibiza Rocks

Claire B

Two more acts have been announced to play at Ibiza Rocks: De La Soul will play on August 12th and Mark Ronson will do a DJ set on September 9th. De La Soul are joined by DJ Yoda, Harley Maxwell and Applebum. Joining Mark Ronson is cutting-edge East London party crew Shorebitch, infamous for creating London’s most unforgettable underground parties. They join the headliners already announced, for what is Ibiza Rocks 10th anniversary this year: The Libertines, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Clean Bandit, Rudimental, Fatboy Slim, Jungle, Sigma, Years and Years, The Courteeners and a special show from Spandau Ballet. The opening party is on June 17th.

More info at:




International Music Summit (IMS)

Claire B

By the time this issue is published the International Music Summit (IMS) will be in full swing at The Hard Rock Hotel. Thursday May 21st and Friday May 22nd see the infamous Dalt Vila parties being held in the wonderful location of Baluarte de Santa Lucia, sandwiched above the harbour and below the castle. Both nights are from 6pm to midnight.

The line-up for Thursday night is 2Vilas, Pete Tong, Luciano, Damian Lazarus and The Ancient Moons (Live), Solomun, Sven Väth.

Friday night line-up is Becky Tong, Thalab (Live), Kidnap Kid, ZHU, MK and Rudimental (Live).



The Big Opening Weekend

Stan Farrow

The summer only venues of Ibiza have been emerging from winter hibernation for about a month now, with little dribbles of openings at restaurants and bars throughout the island catering for the early bird tourists and migration of new workers. There has been no real fanfare to speak of and our bodies have been fairly thankful.

That’s all over. Start chugging those vitamins as this Friday just gone, everything changed. All of the lights went on in San Antonio and we decided, in our wisdom, that it was only right to try and visit everywhere. Ten hours later and the jury’s out on whether this was a good idea, but it sure was interesting. Here are the highlights:


Mambo Opening

Mambo is the ripe old age of 21 this year and is still renowned as THE place to go to see both the sunset and world famous DJs. We get there early and just in time for the sunset, which is being sound tracked by long-time resident Pete Gooding. The sun slowly disappears to the operatic epicness of Pavarotti’s ‘Nessun Dorma’ (for the uncultured, think football World Cup) and everyone obligingly claps the daily show. The evening kicks in with John Digweed on the decks and some Hierbas chupitos being given out by the Mambo brothers and bosses, Christian and Alan. The place is absolutely packed and we’re sure it will be all night with the arrival of Jason Bye and Andy Baxter into the booth, but we need to move on.



Soul City Opening

A short walk into the West End and we walk into the newly refurbished Soul City. This place has been an institution since it was called Simples back in the 1990s and is one of the few places to take a break from house music with a mixture of R&B and hip-hop. Everyone inside is bobbing their heads and shaking their stuff as manager Julian shows us the improvements. It looks great and we have the privilege of watching a well-known Ibiza face performing a dangerous dance move that ends up in a stunning nose plant. Next!



The Sin Opening

Still in the West End, this is a ‘gentleman’s club’ and we are gentleman of the highest calibre so this should suit us and provide a civilised rest. Imagine the shock when, instead of being given a cigar and a broadsheet newspaper to peruse, we’re greeted by scantily clad ladies. Oh, it’s that sort of ‘gentleman’s club’, but it still manages to be civilised. We even spot some ladies that are wearing clothes, which we decide must be part of the crowd. We stay here a little too long.


Plastik Opening

It’s still a little chilly in May, but a brisk walk down the sea front leads us to our final resting place. Considering it’s stupid o’clock, there’s a fair number of people still cutting shapes on the Plastik dancefloor. But then, what do you expect from one of San Antonio’s premier bars? The girls and boys all look fantastic and glowing with youthful exuberance. We look like we’ve been out for ten hours, but it was all worth it and there are no lasting injuries. Success!




Hard Rock Hell Ibiza Road Trip

Claire B

Last week San Antonio played host to the 6th Cycle of the Hard Rock Hell Ibiza Road Trip where hundreds of bikers, rockers and metal enthusiasts descended on the island for their annual gathering. Over 20 rock and metal bands from across the globe played over the 6-day event, which also included bike rides and boat parties. I went along to see what was happening on Friday night at the V Club in San Antonio. Heading down the stairs into the basement venue, the first band, Brighton’s Black State Highway were already on the stage when I arrived, with the petite female singer belting out the vocals over the top of their loud, guitar-laden rock tunes. There was already a reasonable crowd of rockers watching them. Next up were Druganaut from Newcastle. The singer bounded onto the stage wearing only in a pair of shorts and black sunglasses, exposing his fine collection of tattoos in all their glory. Their set was energetic and vastly entertaining. Third on the bill was Glasgow’s Attica Rage, who were by now playing to a packed venue, which would have been hot and sweaty were it not for the air conditioning that had kicked in. Unfortunately I missed most of their set and the headlining band Skindred, because I had to dash off somewhere else for a prior engagement, but it was a great night – a fantastic atmosphere and great bands in a venue that was spot on for the event.



At Night




IMS Annual Report

Ibiza’s International Music Summit has released its 2015 annual global report on dance music. Results are very good for Ibiza which has seven of the top 100 clubs in the world. In terms of clubbing hotspots, Las Vegas comes in second with six and London has five.

According to the economic report, electronic music last year generated 6,900 million dollars, up 12% on last year. Not as good as the 37% rise recorded in 2014, but the industry continues to grow.

Some of the biggest earners are the DJs. Calvin Harris tops the list after earning $66 million last year, $20 million more than in 2013. The top five continues with David Guetta (30 million), Avicii (28), Tiesto (28) and cake fan Steve Aoki (23).

In this age of Social Media, David Guetta is way out in front with a staggering 58.8 million Facebook followers and 15.9 million Twitter followers. The next five DJs all have between 10 & 20 million Facebook followers which begs the question, how does the French star do it?

The success of the top DJs has also ingratiated dance music, particularly the EDM genre, into mainstream culture. Calvin Harris is tied in with Armani, David Guetta promotes Mumm champagne and Avicii has a weird symbiosis with Volvo.

To read the full report, go to http://bit.ly/1JDFuws




Champagne And Little Pink Shorts – Ocean is Back

San Antonio’s daytime glamour hotspot, Ocean Beach Club, opens in spectacular fashion this Friday 23rd May from midday to 10pm, and thereafter in full swing for the whole summer season. Expect dancers sashaying in front of you, acrobats flying above you, water around you and top tunes from all of your favourite Ibiza residents.

Poolside cocktails will be available as usual and we have been promised more surprises planned throughout the day.







Ibiza Brides in Madrid

Adlib Ibiza Brides showed off their new creations at the “Gateway Sewing Spain” held at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid.

Alongside other designers including Piluca Bayarri, Luis Ferrer, Tony Bonet and Ibimoda, Adlib Ibiza Brides paraded their wares on the final day of the show. Their designs were fresh, comfortable and stylish. The creations were defined by white and warm colours, floral prints that blend with lace, lace, embroidery and ruffles.

He’s Not That Into You, If…

Sophia V.

He’s not that into you if…. he isn’t making it known. It really is that simple. If someone wants to be with you, they will ensure they are. This is shown by not only the words they speak, but their actions, and how they show they care.

However, there are people out there that can convince you that they care about you, but perhaps only for the time-being, and not for the long haul. You could think that you’re in a serious relationship with someone, only to later find out that you were nothing but a ‘convenience’ call.

If you are aware of the signs early on, then you can avoid yourself a lot of heartbreak.

You may see them only on their terms, when it’s suitable for them. If you suggest a day and time, which is nine times out of ten rejected, ask yourself why. What else do they have to do that’s so important?

If they usually contact you out of the blue, and arrange last minute dates, this may not be a sign of spontaneity but rather an opportunity to squeeze you in at their availability.

If they ring you mainly on the night, or when they are drunk, it’s usually a sign of a relationship not being anything more than a physical one. Also if dates mostly take place in the bedroom, with no effort on their part, it can also indicate this.

If he rarely takes you out in public, alarm bells should be ringing. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be seen out with you, due to being in a serious relationship, or seeing other girls as well as you.

How is communication between you? If he rarely answers his mobile, texts back, or responds only at certain time periods, take note.

If he doesn’t discuss the future with you ever, perhaps he doesn’t see you in it.

If you have been dating a while and haven’t met his friends or his family, then this in itself should show that it isn’t as serious as you had hoped it was, and he probably is… just not that into you.

Better to know sooner rather than later, so you can walk away, head high, and find better – someone that does want the same things as you, than waste months, maybe even years of your life with someone who isn’t on the same path.

For more of Sofia’s articles and tips check out her new fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog:




Mr Nice



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Studying all aspects of the once notorious smuggler, “The Real Mr Nice” shines a light on sides of Howard’s life and personality not previously revealed to the media – his hobbies, academic endeavours, family life, friendships and 1970s career in music production.

This exclusive event will provide a very rare chance to share time and stories with our friend, Howard Marks, for a cause as great as the man himself.




Mind Body & Soul



It’s Good to talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

My girlfriend has a tattoo of her ex lover’s name and date of birth on her shoulder, when we first met it didn’t really bother me but now, two years on and with a baby on the way, I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable about it. I have asked her to get it removed but she says it is a waste of money and there are more important things we should be spending it on with a new baby on the way. Am I being unreasonable?

Thank you, GN.


Dear GN,

Thank you for your e-mail and I wonder if you think you are being unreasonable? What really matters is how you feel about a situation and what effect it is having on you and your relationship, my opinion as such is a little irrelevant. Maybe it is time to ask yourself some questions about what the tattoo symbolizes and how you feel about your partners past. A tattoo is a gesture and a permanent one so I wonder if she has one with any reference to you or does this tattoo in someway make you feel that your relationship is less relevant as she has not done the same for you? Or could it be that you find it difficult to accept the life she may have had before she met you?

My sense is that it is important for you to really understand what it is that is bothering you, what causes the discomfort for you and then try to explain that discomfort to your partner so she can put the importance of the tattoo to her in context for you. She may not find it very significant and she may not really understand what it means to you, so it’s important to calmly allow the dialogue to happen that will enable you both to see each others point of view.

I hope this has started a thought processes that gives you a greater insight into your discomfort. On a more practical note and cheaper then removal she might be able to get it altered so that it holds a different significance and maybe you could be a part of deciding the form that could take.

Warm regards, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.



Skin Cancer Research

Kevin Russell

This might not come as a big surprise but the holiday explosion and cheap flights that we’ve all taken advantage of over the last 30 years or so has coincided with increasing figures in skin cancers. These skin cancers and specifically malignant melanoma have been on the rise, since the 1970s there has been an almost ten-fold increase. The increase has been seen in all age groups but the biggest rise has been noted in the over 60s, the age group that took advantage of package holidays boom and wanted to return to the UK with a fashionable holiday tan.

Back in the day the health message wasn’t as clear, people took to the sun without proper protection. It is well known now that simple measures can help prevent skin cancers in the first place: sun cream with a high SPF, staying out of the sun during the hottest hours and wearing a hat or t-shirt.  Protecting yourself now for better skin health in the future.

Paracetamol might not be a good analgesic for back pain as we thought, although thousands of people continue to take it. The University of Sydney reviewed clinical trials published by the British Medical Journal involving more than 5000 patients. Their conclusion was that paracetamol was; ineffective at reducing back pain and had only a very small improvement in osteoarthritic pain for example in the knee or hip. Paracetamol is the most commonly used analgesic and can be easily bought without a prescription. However the researchers found that those regularly taking paracetamol had higher levels of liver damage, a common side effect of taking this drug. Other painkillers such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be more effective but many people taking paracetamol said that it works for them, allowing them to exercise with less pain and sleep better. Exercise is the best form of treating osteoarthritic and spinal pain but adherence to exercise is poor so if paracetamol ‘works’ for you stick to it until you seek medical advice.

The distinguished journal Nature this month released results of a trial of a new HIV treatment. Some people have a stronger natural immunity to the virus than most of us, meaning the HIV doesn’t destroy their own immune system as quickly. Immunologists from the Rockefeller University in New York took antibodies from these people with a stronger immune system, cloned them and gave them to others with HIV. Those receiving the cloned antibodies showed a good response, slowing HIV replication and even controlling HIV over the course of the treatment. The cloned antibodies not only suppressed the HIV but also boosted the immune system, a double attack on the disease. It’s a long way from a cure but it shows that cloning antibodies is a viable direction for research.

Finally I’d like to thank readers of the column for the last 5 years and those of you who got in touch with queries and suggestions. Good health to you all.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.

[email protected]




Mind Body & Soul



You Are What You Eat

Sabina Brownstein

Living a healthy lifestyle means bringing awareness to all areas of your life, and that certainly includes the health of your body. Regular exercise and stress reduction are very important for promoting vibrant health, strength and vitality, but the most important factor of all is what we eat. The first step in bringing more awareness to our eating is to learn which foods are healthy and which are not. Most people have some idea about nutrition, but their knowledge is often clouded by misinformation and misleading advertising. Many of the foods that we grew up thinking were good for us actually contribute to people being overweight and unhealthy. Chief among these are: milk, cheese, white bread, and most of all Sugar – particularly the high fructose corn syrup [HFCS] that is in so many processed foods. You also want to stay away from artificial sweeteners as tests have shown that these are just as bad for you as sugar.

On the positive side, we all pretty much know that the most healthy foods are fresh fruits and vegetables – preferably organic. The food expert Michael Pollan has a very simple formula for healthy eating: “Eat Real Food… Not too much… Mostly Plants”. “Real Food” excludes most of the packaged foods that you find in the supermarket which contain highly processed ingredients and unnatural chemicals. Learn to read the labels and you will see that if it’s in a package… and it’s not certified “organic”… then it’s probably not good for your body. “Not Too Much” means only eat when you are hungry – not when the clock tells you it is time to eat. “Mostly Plants” is not saying that you have to be a vegetarian, but perhaps to moderate the amount of meat that you consume.

Some people do very well on a vegetarian or even vegan diet, others need some kind of animal protein source such as fish, chicken, meat or eggs. Our bodies and metabolisms are all different, and what works well for you might not be the same for your neighbour. One simple way to see if certain foods are good for you is just by paying attention in how they make you feel. Light and energized or heavy and sluggish. You are the best judge for your body.

There are certain foods that are so rich in nutrients and antioxidants that they are called “Super Foods”, and adding them to your diet will greatly improve your overall health. Some of the most common ones are Avocado, Cacao, Coconut, Quinoa, Kiwi, Raw Honey, Berries, Broccoli and Bee Pollen. There are also more exotic super foods like Goji Berries, Chia Seeds, Açai and Maca, which can be found in health food stores.

Once we have learned which foods are good for us the next step is to take that information and turn it into a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by blending conscious awareness with a sense of moderation, so that healthy eating becomes your new normal. Always stay mindful of what you are eating… but every once in a while let go and allow yourself to eat something that you really crave… even though you know it’s not healthy. Over time you will find that these old cravings will gradually diminish as new healthy habits become your natural way of eating.

If you have any related questions please get in touch with me via my e-mail below, or see my advert in local services.

[email protected]





Thursday   21st   to   Wednesday   27th   May

ARIES – Ten of Cups

Extra happiness for you this week Aries, as you come closer to achieving a personal goal. Romantically, you attract the attention of someone special; so get out and about as you never know who you might meet; just for a change, it’s someone who’s rather uncomplicated. If in an existing relationship, you will feel the bonds between you growing stronger.

TAURUS – Queen of Disks

This queen is creative and family orientated and represents mothers or our thoughts around motherhood; therefore nurturing of others will become a common theme this week. Money matters go well and you’re happy with the outcome to a family problem. Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn women have the answers you seek; listen to their wise counsel both personally and professionally.

GEMINI – Page of Wands

Study, information gathering and fact finding all are represented by this card. So this week get your thinking cap on! For the health of your mind, body and spirit you need to exercise discernment; a rarely used word, but one who’s meaning you should heed for now. Think before you speak, rise above gossip and hold back on making judgements.

CANCER – Two of Swords

You should be feeling less upset about recent differences in opinion that can now be settled amicably. Blessed are the peace makers, as the saying goes. Admit where you went wrong and partners or associates will be keen to kiss and make up. When emotionally challenged you feel discombobulated. The week however, ends on a calmer note.

LEO – The Wheel of Fortune

If you’re to get the best out of this week try not to remain fixed in your opinions or closed minded. Unexpected good luck is on the way and if you have a broader outlook in life, you’ll attract new opportunities as well as some financial prosperity. Trust that life is looking up, so stay positive and keep that up!

VIRGO – Five of Cups

Happiness lies ahead is indicated by this card; if however you’re prepared to cross an emotional bridge and heal a past hurt that continues to influence your present situation. If you still give it power it will still continue to wound. Remember that it’s often through disappointment that we’re able to grow, develop; and work towards transforming our life.

LIBRA – Four of Cups

You’ll be tempted to accept the opportunity now on offer however, you would be wise to wait for a bit. Something’s coming that will be more to your liking; so hold off making hasty decisions that you’ll later regret. This is especially so when it comes to close relationships; are you fully committed or just going along with a situation?

SCORPIO – Eight of Swords

There are times when we can over-analyse situations that we find ourselves in; especially if faced with indecision. The agony of what to do is represented by this card, making you feel like you’re trapped. Fear of what we face by making the wrong choice can keep us trapped in a loveless relationship or an unsatisfactory job. Have more courage.

SAGITTARIUS – Nine of Wands

If you’re stuck in a rut and stagnating with boredom; you must try to sort this out. Others have drawn on your energy so it’s time to get some maintenance work for yourself! Take time out for massage, healing or wellness programmes that helps you get back on track. Business wise, you have to self-motivate in order to move projects forward.

CAPRICORN – Ace of Disks

Capricorn’s love their creature comforts, which is why they’re willing to work hard to get what they want. This is the best money card in the TAROT so indicates a fortunate time financially. The higher energy of this Ace brings the gift of wisdom; if you acknowledge your intuitive ability. Be open to new ideas and expand your spiritual side.


This card doesn’t signify you are a fool; anything but! Often it’s the behaviour of those around you that causes knee jerk reactions from you; therefore apply some wisdom before you bite back. The Fool encourages you to face challenging situations but to have no fear in confrontation if the situation is unjust. Be more adventurous and make bold decisions.

PISCES – Temperance

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts lately now’s the time to start a health routine. Your body is indeed a temple; however it’s not just what you feed it with food that keeps it strong; remember our thoughts whether positive or negative, also play a part in our complete health. Take the time to restore inner balance and harmony.



Election 2015


  • We contacted all Political parties standing in the municipal elections, and in error a couple who are not, and invited them to a) submit a written statement to our readers and b) answer some specific questions relating to the known concerns of the ex-pat community.
  • We printed the response of the reclaim San Antonio party a few weeks ago. Now we publish the mini-manifestos of the two other smaller parties to respond, EPIC and Gent (particularly decent of Gent as they are not even standing in the municipals in which we can vote.
  • We also print the response of the PSOE to our specific questions, the only party to respond (note their response was in Spanish and so this has been translated, and finally notes of Masrtin Makepeace’s meeting for the PP specifically to ex pats last week, which will have covered many of the same points.



  • Candidates

Sant Joan de Labrija: No candidate

Santa Eularia d’es Riu: Carlos Martínez.

Sant Antoni de Portmany: They support Reinicia Sant Antoni.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia: José Ramón Martín Marí, known as Chechu.

Eivissa: Toni Villalonga Juan

Consell Insular d’Eivissa: Alejandra Gámez Zúñiga.

Consell Insular de Formentera: No candidate.

Parlment Balear: Asunción López Jiménez.

  • Summary manifesto

Citizen Movement EPIC Ibiza is an agroupation of people who loveis tired of being cheat on again and again. We are not politicians, we are a team of managers with enthusiasm and excitement to manage the public institution for a better future, that is all, we could do it better than is being doing, in a clean, honest and transparent way.

We must restore the institutions serving citizens and restore credibility and honesty to the management of the policy.

People who think that our island will aimlessly over-exploitation of its resources and making policies that do not benefit the majority of its citizens should know they can count on us and we want to count on them too.

  • Security

From Citizen Movement EPIC, our main concern is to work all aspects related to comfort people, and security is important if we want to maintain the essence of our island as home to live. Therefore, we are convinced that forces and state security must be in the street and not in offices and our efforts will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement in order to ensure the safety of both wish everyone as enforce existing laws.

  • Police

The Municipal Police Vila requires a profound change from an organizational point of view. So our goal is to analyze the needs and act on them, for example, increasing the number of agents.

  • Environmental policy

EPICis aware of the energy needs of the fact that we have oligopolies dependent, we know we can be energy self-sufficient island having in mind the hours of sun we have. But we are also aware that for these changes to be effective we must make progressively and showing the great advantages of energy self-sufficiency. The use of sunlight and the use of biomass from our forests are the main actors of this change, as well as recycling and the use of the field.


Gent per Eivissa
  • What does Gent per Eivissa stand for?

GxE is a political party created in 2011 to defend the interests of Ibiza and its people. We believe in self-government, which means being independent from the guidelines sent from Mallorca and Madrid, where major parties traditionally decide for us.

Our ideology is based on four basic items: People, Landscape, Culture and Self-government, because those who do not defend these four items can’t claim to love Ibiza.

  • People

Ibiza citizens must have all the services and resources that we deserve.

Establish advantages and tax deductions for year-long residents.

Implement touristic taxes to be collected and invested in Ibiza.

Ensure public enjoyment of the beaches. No more beach clubs, new night clubs, noise and illegal parties.

Achieve an active participation of citizens in public affairs.

Guarantee a cleaner and more transparent government.

Improve the leisure, culture, and sports programs also for residents.

Achieve real compensations for the insularity.

Better flight connections in and out the island.

  • Landscape

The landscape and the historic and cultural heritage of Ibiza are unique and must be preserved and protected.

No to more development projects without consensus.

Green taxes on activities with negative environmental impact.

#EivissaSaysNo to oil exploration.

Restrictions to new vehicles coming into the island.

Master plan with incentives for managing and recovering rural areas.

Recovery or farming lands to increase local production.

Promote renovation works to create sustainable and efficient houses.

Implement efficient energy plans, facilitating access to renewables and reducing emissions.

Create a water management agency for the island.

  • Culture

A cosmopolitan Ibiza without losing our identity, culture and heritage.

An education pact. The educational model must not depend on electoral changes.

Protecting and expanding our Ibiza World Heritage sites, adhering to the UNESCO guidelines.

Our language as an integration vehicle in a multicultural island.

Development and defence of our own Civil Law of Ibiza and Formentera.

Cultural promotion as a link between residents and visitors.

The culture (museums, heritage, cuisine, etc..) as a tourist attraction.

  • Self-government

The Island Council as the real government of the island, without relying on Mallorca and Madrid.

Better funding and more powers for the Island Council as indicated by the Statute of Autonomy of the Islands.

Ibiza parliamentary group to have more autonomy to work across party lines.

Double parliamentary parity. Mallorca can not decide over the other islands.

Unify resources and services to make them more efficient and economic.

Local Port Authority. Recover the Ibiza harbour for the citizenship.

Devolution of powers and increase in funding for the Islands, with Eivissa getting a fair share.



Election 2015

  • Candidates

Sant Joan de Labritja: José Torres (13 people)

Santa Eularia d’es Riu: Vicente Torres (21 people)

Sant Antoni de Portmany: José Tur (21 people)

Sant Josep de sa Talaia: Josep Marí Ribas (21 people)

Eivissa. Rafael Ruiz (21 people)

Consell Insular d’Eivissa: Vicente Torres (12 people)

Parlament de les Illes Balears: Pilar Costa (12 people)

Consell Insular de Formentera: Margarita Font (21 people)

The PSOE’s project is based on policies for workers: improving the quality of tourism and jobs, improving public health and education, and ensuring the protection of the territory.

  • What are the PSOE’s views on crime in our tourist areas?

For the PSOE the safety of people is a priority. Moreover, in a tourist area, safety is a key to the proper functioning of the tourism industry. In recent years, the cuts made during PP government have caused fewer resources for security. For example, they removed the body of Tourist Police. The PSOE intends to strengthen safety.

  • Does your party feel that a change is needed in the police? And if so, how?

Our party has proposed a prosecutor specializing in corruption. We must fight corruption at all levels, with performances in the judiciary, police and administrative scope, with more control on black money and capital flight to safe havens. Public institutions need to be more transparent, they must clearly inform their about contracts.

  • What are the environmental priorities of your party?

The territory is our source of wealth. We can not exploit it without control, because we will lose our appeal and our quality of life. All territory protection laws have been approved by the PSOE. In contrast, the PP is the party that proposes construction in natural areas. They tried in Salinas, in Cala d’Hort, etc. Thanks to public pressure and socialist presidents who governed the island, these places are now better protected. We have also proposed to amend the Spanish legislation to ban oil exploration in the Mediterranean.

  • What are the PSOE’s views on education, especially the problems caused by the implementation of the TIL?

Our party is committed to educational reforms that will enable schoolchildren to finish their educational stage prepared in the culture of knowledge required in the XXI century. The language must be an instrument of communication, not confrontation as the Partido Popular has sought with the TIL, which is poorly made and poorly applied. The PSOE proposes an educational reform that expands the presence of English in classrooms and meets one objective: that all the students master the three languages.

On the topic of health, the PSOE wants to end the restrictions and cutbacks. “We think that public health has to be universal and of quality.”

They also want a model of sustainable island in terms of mobility. “We bet on a road network in good conditions with a bike path, and a bus network sufficient for the whole island, with implementation of a GPS system to show waiting times at bus stops.”

As for the connections with the outside, the PSOE agrees they must work to improve schedules, frequencies and prices for air and sea, both to the mainland and with the other countries.

Regarding cleanliness of the streets, “we think the general lack of control that has been in Ibiza over the last four years with PP governments has led to this situation. Remember that the city of Ibiza has had three mayors in four years. The mistakes made by the PP have been many. For this reason, the PSOE proposes a change to recover social policies, improve the situation of workers and implement environmental measures.”



Colin Butts

Following their decision to put Martin Makepeace on their list for Sunday’s municipal elections, the Party reached out further to the ex-pat community with a relatively informal gathering at Blau Park on Tuesday night. Around 30 potential voters attended a short presentation and meet ‘n greet, hosted by PP leader (is that how you’d describe him?) Pepe Sala. Half a dozen other (what would you call those on the list, potential councillors?) were there including his deputy, Lydia missed her name.  The youthful and mixed-sex team was a clear demonstration of what Miguel Costas (is that his full name?) (known to many ex-pats as Micky, owner of the forward-looking, open-all-year Hostal Marino) called the “New Ibiza Generation”.

With the last election so close, the 800 British and Irish eligible to vote in San Antonio could carry a lot of power, certainly the difference of having 2 or 3 additional members on the council in a proportional representation system that in the last election saw 350 votes equating to one extra seat.

In the last election only 77 ex-pats voted. This time round, following a campaign last Christmas that was heavily featured in the Ibiza Sun, those registered to vote has risen to 189.

As Martin noted during his address, there is still plenty of room for improvement and he feels one of the main factors stopping people from registering and getting involved is simply fear of the system. Whether or not Martin makes it on to the list, Pepe Sala assured everyone that should PP win, then Martin will still be the interface that provides a direct line of communication into the mayor’s office, the lack of which has left many British business and bar owners feeling both disenfranchised and a little ostracised in the past.

Martin’s platform has primarily been for ex-pats to “get involved” regardless of their political persuasion. Obviously, as a potential PP candidate, he wants others to share his belief in his centre right party and in a brief summation of Sala’s previous office between 2003-2011, he highlighted how Sala’s focus was infrastructure, as demonstrated by him being responsible for the Can Coix Centre and new bus station. Should he be re-elected, this time round they will be focussing on the finer details as well as some of the hot potatoes such as cleaning and security.

The one thing Martin emphasised was that the strongest way to have any issue taken up by the mayor that affects the ex-pat community was via a body such as the British Association (check on the name he’s calling it now) and to have regulat association meetings where these issues could be aired of which this was the first.








Jezza’s Sports Report

Jeremy Parmenter

Controversy is the name of the game this week, that’s for sure, as two high profile English sportsmen (one from South Africa and the other from Samoa!) were in the news last week, Firstly,

  • Cricket

and the on-going getting-a-bit-boring never-ending Pietersen saga (made even worse by KP’s great mate, the ubiquitous and boorish egotist Piers Morgan) which came to a head as new English Director of Cricket Andrew Strauss, with his committee I might add, declared that KP would not play again for his adopted country due to a lack of trust, a decision that I totally support. I have said many times in this column that, although I admire, respect and love his cricketing ability, KP is a total maverick and has had big problems wherever and whichever team he has played for, culminating in his slagging off of half the England team, from which he was subsequently dropped. Under the impression that he would walk back in to the England team, having scored a hatful of runs for Surrey this season, it came as a bit of a shock to him when the door was slammed in his face, but all I can say is that he shot his bolt and it’s backfired so, surely, it’s time to move on and consign the man to the history books. I’m sure England will not miss him, after all he was shocking in the last Ashes series, but we shall see later this week as they start their busy summer schedule with the First Test (of two) against fired up New Zealand at Lords. Secondly,

  • Rugby Union

and England and Leicester’s battering ram centre, Manu Tuilagi, was banned from playing for the Red Rose until January, having just been convicted of assault, having grabbed a taxi driver by the throat as well as having a physical fracas with two policewomen. Another England management decision I support as you just cannot have this sort of behaviour from any high-profile sporting international. Again I don’t think the England team are going to miss him either, as they build for this autumn’s World Cup, as they seem to have unearthed a better, more silky replacement in Bath’s Jonathan Joseph, who starred once again for his team in the Premiership as they won 50-30 against long-time rivals Gloucester, to finish the league season in 2nd and earn a home play-off semi-final tie against Leicester, 22-14 winners over top-of-the-table Northampton to finish 3rd. The other semi will be between Northampton and Saracens who scraped in to 4th place after their predicted thumping of relegated London Welsh, at the expense of Exeter, who ended their season in style and a winning note as they beat Sale 44-15, only losing out for the play-off’s on points diff alone. As for who will replace Welsh next season, the Championship play-off final will be between Bristol and Worcester. And, being an adopted man of Bristle good luck to them, as a club of their stature should be in the top echelon.

  • Golf

A great return to form for World No 1 Brit Rory McIlroy over in the US as he cruised to a record win by 7 shots at the Wells Fargo Championship at Charlotte. Helped by beating his own course record with a 61 in the third round, he won with a solid final round 69 to become the first 2-time winner of the event.

Congrats also to Brits James Morrison and David Howell on the European Tour as the former won the Spanish Open at Barcelona by 4 shots and the latter shared 2nd with local favourite Miguel Angel Jimenez.

  • Tennis

With Andy Murray having pulled out of the Italian Open in Rome, due to exhaustion and in readiness for the upcoming French, it was left to the World Nos 1 and 2, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer to contest yet another Final, with the former coming out on top in a straight sets win to record his 4th title of the season and his 22nd unbeaten match. As for the Fed, still great to see him right up there, even at the venerable age of 33 and also good to see him getting to grips with clay, his least favourite surface.

  • Football

In the Premier League, with the title already won, the w/end was all about the 3 CL places in the top 4, the fight to stay in the top flight, and the final promotion place in the Championship. After Swansea’s recent win at Arsenal, there was the slight possibility of a surprise on the Gower as Man City, desperate for 2nd spot, came to town, altho’ this was crushed as City came out on top by 4-2 . Big match at OT as 3rd placed Arsenal faced Man Utd, both desperate to avoid 4th and pre-qualification for the CL, but honours were even in a 1-1 draw, leaving the status quo but things could change this week as the Gunners play their game in hand at home to Sunderland on Wednesday before the final matches this w/end. Big incentive for Arsenal then as, if they win both and City lose at home to Southampton, they could conceivably end up 2nd. The Saints scored the biggest win of the w/end with a 6-1 thumping of FA Cup Finalists Aston Villa, featuring the fastest hattrick, 2 mins 56 seconds, of the Premier League era, scored by Sadio Mane, but despite the result, Villa at least are now safe from the drop after Hull lost 2-0 at Tottenham, leaving them in that last relegation spot. However, it’s not over yet, as Newcastle also lost, 2-1 at already relegated QPR, and are only 2 points ahead, but having said that, Hull’s final match is at home to Man U whilst Newcastle are at home to West Ham, 2-1 losers at home to Everton. Sunderland now look safe but are not out of the woods yet as things could change dramatically as they face both Arsenal and Chelsea away in their last 2 matches, while Leicester, after their point at the Black Cats and 19 points from their last 8 games, can start planning for next year in the Prem. Different story at Anfield, as Liverpool prepared to say a fond farewell to their favourite son, Steve Gerrard, playing his last game at the stadium, before jetting off to play for La Galaxy in the MLS and la-la land. Didn’t go quite according to plan tho’ as despite taking a 1-0 lead, Crystal Palace spoilt the party and roared back to win 3-1, turning the party in to a bit of a damp squib. Still, good luck to a true English and ‘Pool legend and thanks for the memories!

As for the Championship promotion issue, bad news for Ipswich as they were beaten 3-1 in the play-off semi by Norwich in the 99th East Anglican derby, with Delia Smith’s side now facing Middlesboro’ in the Final at Wembley. Finally, great end of season for all Bristolians, as not only have City been promoted to the Championship but Rovers won their play-off Final after extra-time and pens against Grimsby to achieve promotion to Div 2 after relegation last year.

Finally, the neutrals dream of an all-Spanish Champions League Final died a death, as the Old Lady of Juventus drew 1-1 at Real Madrid to go through on the away goal rule, while Barça, clear favourites, went thru’ on aggregate with another fine display at Bayern Munich and having won La Liga on Sunday, by dint of their 1-0 win at Atlético Madrid and despite Real winning 4-2 at Espanyol with yet another Cristiano hattrick, their dream of the Treble is still very definitely on. Don’t bank on it yet tho’ as Juventus are no mugs, have a great defence including one of the best keepers in the world, a strong midfield and Tevez and Morata up front and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Italians pipped the Catalans in the Final. Just remember Inter Milan!


Formentera Champions

Formentera SC has won the football’s third division for the first time in its history with a 2-1 win over Manacor. The team failed to qualify for the second division last year when narrowly missing out in the play-offs, but now have the luxury of automatic promotion after a steady campaign. Formentera coach Luis Elcacho was happy, but also very quiet at the end of the final. “Football does not give many joys, but today is one of those days that makes you happy. We are happy that such a small island has achieved something so important”.









Ibiza Cricket Club

RP Hood

  • 8/05 Ibiza C.C. vs Mallorca C.C. 40 overs .
  • Mallorca 156 all out beat Ibiza 125 all out by 31 runs.

Ibiza Captain Graham Boe won the toss and asked Mallorca to bat first. The visitors lost their first wicket early but then their Captain Gareth Davis (20) and all rounder Ben Vickers (52) consolidated a 57 run partnership before several wickets fell in quick succession. South African Wes Walker (16) and Dave Papalexion (20) then batted steadily and led Mallorca to a run a ball 123/5 after 20 overs. After the break, Ibiza struck back with more wickets to restrict Mallorca to 156 all out in the 30th over. Ibiza bowlers Mike Amos (4/28), Johnno Gordon (2/47) and Graeme Cooper (2/32) had the most success, with Paul Cruttwell and Justin Manville contributing a wicket each.

Ibiza felt confident that they could score the 157 needed to win at 4 runs per over, but unfortunately found it harder than expected. Thus, thanks to a combination of Mallorca’s enthusiastic fielding, intelligent bowling, a couple of optimistic shots, and a harsh umpiring decision, Ibiza were unable to build a solid partnership and continued to lose wickets regularly. Johnno Gordon (30) fell when looking set to score more runs and only Pete Essex (13), Brad Van Byleveldt (12), Sam Gooda(13) and Mike Amos(10) reached double figures. At 94/7, there was some lower order resistance to bring the score to 119/8, but unfortunately it was not enough to reach the target and Ibiza were all out for 125 in the 30th over. Ibiza were understandably deflated for losing after perhaps being too confident of victory, while Mallorca ran out deserved winners. Mallorca bowlers N.Boxla (3/27), Wes Walker (3/16) and Ben Vickers (2/28) did the most damage.


  • 9/05 Ibiza C.C. vs Menorca C.C. 40 overs .
  • Ibiza 168 all out beat Menorca 71 all out by 97 runs.

Ibiza batted first and were determined to make amends for their loss of the previous day. However, they soon found themselves on a perilous 35/3, before some determined batting from Martin Cooper (23) and Pete Essex (26) saw them to 73/3 after 20 overs. Then Brad Van Byleveldt (33) and Graeme Cooper (37) combined to keep the score moving at over 4 runs per over, and by the time that skipper Graham Boe (13) was out going for a quick run near the end, Ibiza had managed to reach a competitive 168 all out off 40 overs. The Menorca fielding was alert and their bowling accurate, none more so than Dave Catterall with an excellent 5/12, including 3 wickets in the last over. Tom Hayden, James Davies and Robert Day added a wicket each.

Ibiza felt that they could defend their total, but needed quick wickets, and so applied immediate pressure on the Menorca top order. Opening bowlers Paul Cruttwell (3/37) and particularly all rounder Johnno Gordon with a hostile 5/14, extracted some impressive bounce from the pitch, surprising the Menorca batsmen and causing wickets to tumble. Catches were taken, especially by wicket keeper Brad Van Byleveldt with four behind the stumps, while Pete Essex took two more, and soon Menorca found themselves on the unexpected score of 27/7, which became 49/8 and finally 71 all out in the 21st over. Only T. Hayden (19) and skipper Simon Cotton (14) reached double figures, while Ibiza bowler Graeme Cooper took the last 2 wickets.


  • 10/05 Menorca C.C. vs Mallorca C.C. 40 overs .
  • Menorca 211/3 beat Mallorca 134 all out by 77 runs.

In the same way that Ibiza had been affected by over confidence in their first match, and reacted strongly in their second one, Menorca responded positively against Mallorca, surprising the latter by their strong batting performance, scoring the highest total over the 3 days of this tournament. Opening Menorca batsman Andy Tysoe set the tone with a determined 53 not out, and was well supported by Adam Cockroft (53), Roy Sturgeon (15) and promising youngster James Davies with 25 not out. They then followed this up with a fine bowling and fielding performance, dismissing Mallorca for 134 all out in 31 overs, only batsman Dave Papalexion(31), N.Boxla (18) and G.Gibson (16 not out) showing some resistance. Menorca bowlers T. Hayden (3/31), Dave Catterall (2/34 and especially Dave Sugden (4/10) did the damage, while Robert Day contributed one wicket. Over to brother Jeremy for a round up and thanks.


It was honours even after a superb weekend of cricket as Ibiza CC shared the Balearic Cup with both Mallorca and Menorca in a 3-way tie. Mallorca set the ball rolling with a narrow win against our boys on Friday then our boys engineered a big win over Menorca on Saturday, with Sunday’s decider ending in a win for Menorca over Mallorca, this being only the third instance of a shared trophy in the Cup’s history. For further details bro Robin will be sending in the Match Reports ready for next week’s edition.

Apart from the cricket on the field, what a fabulous turn-out from our Ibiza friends as a Cup Dinner for 99 guests was held at the Villa Mercedes on Saturday evening, with guest speaker ex-Olympian and Commonwealth badminton star Derek Talbot, regaling us with his unusual sporting experiences involving to name but two, Daley Thompson and Geoff Capes.

So my thanks to Gabriel, Eva and their staff for their staging of the tournament at Ibiza Polo Club; to Lyn and Faye for their help to Xavi and his staff at the Villa Mercedes for a great night to our sponsors Ocean Beach, Plastik, Dynamiclives, Barrington Sports, Ibiza Property Shop, Fusion Satellite and Ibiza Home from Home for their generous support and, finally, to all those of you who turned up for the cricket and the dinner.

Jeremy Parmenter Ibiza CC Chairman




vs Sporting Alfas C.C. (Albir)

RP Hood

  • 2/05 35 overs per side. Ibiza 142/9 vs SACC 147/0 – Ibiza lose comprehensively by 10 wickets!

Ibiza began their innings with steady batting from Martin Cooper (19), Bob Short (17), Pete Essex (17) and Sam Gooda (18) and looked set to increase the scoring rate after the mid innings break at 69/3. But then several wickets fell in quick succession and Ibiza collapsed to 91/8 and then 106/9, so it was only a stubborn last ditch stand of 36 runs between Martin Makepeace (15 not out) and Paul Cruttwell (17 not out) that allowed the hosts to improve their final total to 142/9. Sporting Alfas bowlers performed well, particularly Jake Sunderland (2/17), Bobby Eyes (1/23), Ben Fletcher (2/20) and Ben Marriner (3/30), who all contributed to Ibiza posting an under par score.

Sporting Alfas then batted and showed why they are one of the strongest teams in Spanish league cricket, with opener Bobby Eyes (77 not out) and no. 3 batsman Adam Agar (57 not out) being watchful where necessary and aggressively putting the bad balls away with some clean hitting and spectacular boundaries. The Ibiza bowlers and fielders tried hard, but, contrary to previous matches here, were unable to get the breakthrough and the visitors finished off the match in style with a boundary! This writer/player has rarely seen such a robust batting display, so full credit to the SACC youngsters for their performance.


3/05 30 overs per side. Ibiza 88/9 vs SACC 87 all out- Ibiza snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Another day brings another opportunity! This time Sporting Alfas batted first and Ibiza wondered what to expect after their performance the day before, especially as several regular Ibiza players were unavailable. However the hosts bowled tightly and fielded enthusiastically, (including a well held running catch by “Pabs” Ambrose) so that pressure was applied immediately on the reshuffled SACC batsmen. Indeed, wickets began to fall from the second over, batsmen came and went regularly and only young all rounder Jake Sunderland reached double figures with a well struck 35. But no other batsman stayed long enough to create a partnership with him, and, once he was out, SACC fell to 87 all out in the 26th over. All the Ibiza bowlers performed well, with several maiden overs bowled, and those who had the most success were Paul Cruttwell (2/32), Ibiza resident and newcomer Justin Manville (3/23), and off spinner Mike Amos (3/13). Skipper Graham Boe contributed a wicket as well.

Ibiza were understandably pleased to restrict SACC to a target requiring approx.3 runs per over, and were confident that they could achieve this. However, cricket can be an unpredictable game, and Ibiza’s top order batsmen were shaken by some accurate fast bowling, with wickets falling far too regularly. Only Justin Manville managed to contribute 22, but Ibiza were soon on 39/5 and the target was looking more daunting by the over. But then Paul Partridge (20) came in and determinedly raised the score to 62/7 before falling, with 26 runs still needed to win. And, just as the day before when the lower order added important runs, so it was this time. These batsmen added singles, doubles and a couple of boundaries to get the score to 78/9, with 10 runs still required. Ibiza had in fact only fielded with 10 players, so the skipper asked scorer and English language teacher Dave Reynolds to pad up and go in at no. 11! Dave, who does not usually play cricket, promptly struck a boundary, and after a few singles from partner Paul Cruttwell, the scores were tied and the Ibiza scorer found himself on strike! He then hit the next ball over the fielder’s head for the winning run, causing amazement and jubilation in the stand! Ibiza had reversed the previous day’s result in the unlikeliest circumstances and as they say, cricket was the winner. SACC player Jake Sunderland had a wonderful all round game, with 5/19 and a spectacular direct hit for a run out, to add to his runs scored.

This was a fitting end to another great weekend of cricket with Ibiza’s perennial adversaries and friends from Sporting Alfas, who we now play twice a year, once in Ibiza and once in Albir. Many thanks to skipper Phil Pennick and team-mate Geoff Evans for bringing their team over to test Ibiza before the Balearic cup, and they certainly pushed us hard in two totally different games of cricket.


The Guide …

ibizan 784_Page_24


The Back Row


A feature series covering movies filmed on location in Ibiza and Formentera. There are some surprises on the list, and we start with what I imagine will be one of them to many, South Pacific, well I never knew that …


South Pacific

157 min : Musical,,: 14 April 1958(Brazil)

Link at IMDB:


  • Relevance

The tropical splendour of the film owes its authenticity to the ocean and beaches of Malaysia, Hawaii and… hang on… Ibiza?


  • The Ibiza Factor

Yes that’s right, the magical, mysterious Bali Hai is right there on our doorstep, only a short ferry ride away just off Ibiza. The island’s real name is Es Vedrá, and not only does it appear in South Pacific, albeit admittedly in a superimposed format. it also made the cover of Mike Oldfield’s album ‘Voyager’.


  • Plot

Can a girl from Little Rock find happiness with a mature French planter she got to know one enchanted evening away from the military hospital where she is a nurse? Or should she just wash that man out of her hair? Bloody Mary is the philosopher of the island and it’s hard to believe she could be the mother of Liat who has captured the heart of Lt. Joseph Cable USMC. While waiting for action in the war in the South Pacific, sailors and nurses put on a musical comedy show. The war gets closer and the saga of Nellie Forbush and Emile de Becque becomes serious drama.