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The Ibizan 862 ~ 8 June 2017

Front Page

Whoops, We Did It Again!

  • British Electorate Again Throw A Spanner In The Political Works.
  • Theresa May’s Aim Of Clear & Unequivocal Mandate With Which To Take Britain Through Brexit May Be In Tatters and Hung Parliament Most Likely Outcome

The time is 1:02a.m. in Ibiza, 12:02a.m. in the U.K.

As it stands all pundits, commentators and twittering celebs are of one voice—expressed by Gary Lineker who said “I think Theresa May has won own goal of the season”.

Even the conservative supporting press seem to be assuming their worst fears are true—the Times going with ‘May’s big gamble fails’.

The British prime minister called the election, with 3 years of her government’s term left to run, to gain what she termed a clear and unequivocal mandate to take the country through Brexit.

If the polls are true she will have anything but.

“Where there is harmony, let us bring discord” … or something like that …. time will tell.


Residents inter-island flights for 20€  from July

  • Following introduction of the new 75% resident discount in July, inter-island flights will be available for a maximum of 22,50€
  • The actual fare should be between 18€ and 20€ providing airlines do not exploit the higher rate of discount to increase their fares.

Residents will be able to travel between islands for about twenty euros each way from July.

So say the calculations provided by the Balearic Government’s Department of Transportation.

Department Minister Marc Pons, met with representatives of airlines and shipping companies during the week with the objective of analysing the implementation of the new higher 75% rate of resident discount due to come into force next month.

According to reports in the Diario de Ibiza, there are considerable fears in official circles, that airlines may use the new discount rate to increase their fares. Though the difference in cost to the consumer may be negligible, as the absolute maximum fare will be 22,50€, the additional cost burden to the Government who will be paying the remaining 75% would be considerable amount.

Fees are payable on top of fare which could result in a tariff of 30€ to the resident when everything is included, however Pons says that is not what the Government want.

The Minister says the Government will be vigilant to ensure the airlines do not use the higher subsidy to increase their own profits by charging the maximum possible fare, relying upon the fact consumers would still be happy with the reduction, even if it was smaller than had been expected.

“We will look at the behaviour through the Price Observatory, our task is to concern ourselves with the final consumer and also with the general interest”, said Marc Pons, in reference to the need to ensure that an increase in subsidy achieves its intended aim, i.e. greater connectivity at more affordable prices, not an increase in the private profits of airlines.

Competition is Key

Pons believes that there is good reason to hope the scheme works as planned. “Today there is competition on the routes, which we hope companies will continue to fight for, and through that competition prices will be restrained”. He also feels Ferry companies will add to the overall competitiveness of the fare available—from the introduction of the higher discount he says a foot passenger should be able to travel by sea for around 8€.

Though the report in the Diario concedes that this competition driven outcome is possible, it says that based on the past record of the airline companies an alternative outcome in which the airlines simply charge the highest allowable 90€ undiscounted fare is more likely. “If that happens, the punishment would be for the public coffers that pay the discount and for tourists and non-resident travellers, who for a trip between Majorca and Menorca back and forth must pay 180 euros plus fees” they conclude, “That would mean a very considerable entry barrier for tourism that wants to flow between the islands: € 180 per traveller”

Current Fares

We checked the Iberia and Air Europa websites, and having entered resident status found plenty of flights for around 20€ in July. It is not clear whether the new discounts have yet been applied—we assume not on Iberia as on some days the cheapest flight showing was 36€.

The website states that there are direct  flights between Ibiza and Menorca 4 days a week, showing the flight as IB/YW 8478, however we could not find anywhere offering direct Ibiza to Menorca flights.


“Ciudad de Ibiza”

  • Trasmediterranea announces the arrival of its new fast ferry ‘City of Ibiza’
  • The ship has undergone a 5 million euro refurbishment & will be used on the Ibiza to Valencia route

It might not have the most futuristic lines, but according to the ferry company, what it lacks in external style it makes up for in performance and comfort.

It will be the third ferry to carry the name, the two earlier vessels being launched in 1933 and 1947. The ferry is 160 meters bow to stern, has capacity to carry 219 passengers plus 1,715 linear meters of cargo and 45 cars.

It can maintain an operational speed of up to 27 knots, making it one of the fastest ferries in the Mediterranean according to Trasmed.

The 5 million euros has been spent on the latest technology and making the 1,000m2 of public space as comfortable and they say stylish, as possible with “LED lighting and avant-garde decoration”.


Driest May for 43 Years

  • The Spanish weather agency have reported May as the driest for over four decades.
  • Average temperatures were about one degree higher than normal in the Pitiusas.

Those of us spending all year in Ibiza, would be in broad agreement that by normal standards we had a very wet winter indeed.

Much needed too, giving an important replenishment to the Island’s depleted aquifers (underground fresh water reservoirs).

But how much wetter would those winter folk say it had been?

Based on our surprise in the office, a lot wetter than it has in fact been.

The inter-annual precipitation, taken  between June 2016 and May 2017 has been 121% compared to normal.

Though as the driest May for 43 years, last month would have some impact on reducing the year on year figures.

In fact, in the meteorological station of Sant Joan did not collect a drop of rain in the entire month, something that has not happened since 1991.

May was also warmer than usual in Ibiza, with average temperatures of 18.6 degrees, ranging from 1.2 degrees above the average in Sant Joan and 0.4% at the airport.

According to the State Meteorological Agency’s monthly statistics, Formentera was the hottest spot of all the Balearics with an average temperature of 19.8 degrees.

The hottest temperature recorded was on May 26, when 28.9 degrees was reached in Sant Joan, while on May 14 Formentera recorded a high of 28.4.


Sa Coma Hospitality School will be “One of the Best in Europe” and help “Make Ibiza a Gastronomic Destination”

  • Ibiza President Vicent Torres says that Ibiza’s new flagship School of Hospitality in sa Coma will be “one of the best in Europe”
  • Construction expected to start in 2018

Speaking at the closing event of the Spring gastronomic festival ‘IbizaSabor17’ the president of the Consell de Ibiza, Vicent Torres, said yesterday that the School of Hospitality planned for the campus of sa Coma will be “one of the best in Europe”.

The new headquarters of the School of Hospitality was described as “a strategic project which will meet the demands of professionals and students”. The school will be located in the space that was previously the old military canteen of sa Coma.

Making his presentation to the restaurateurs who had participated in the annual Ibiza Sabor (taste) festival, he was joined by the founder of Gastroactitud, Julia Pérez Lozano,  who stressed the importance of identity and territory. “Ibiza is perfectly positioned to take on the role of being a world renowned gastronomic tourist destination” she said, stressing the importance of local producers and chefs in amking that ambition a reality.

Jose Carlos Capel, founder of Madrid Fusion and gastronomic critic of El País, said that “the institutions of the island are carrying out  constant and powerful work to make Ibiza a top-class gastronomic destination”.

The president of Pimeef Restaurants, Joan Riera, added his support saying that the gastronomy of the island “lives in a sweet moment” thanks to the alliance of traditional cuisine, innovative chefs  and quality local producers.

50 restaurants have participated in Ibiza Sabor 2017, which has extended to include the Professional Forum of Mediterranean Gastronomy and masterclass workshops  including ‘creativity with sobrasada’


Police Outsmart Smartphone ‘Steal & Sell’ Gang

  • The arrested men are part of an organised Romanian Crime Gang who used Ibiza’s ‘For Sale’ Social Media groups to Sell the Stolen Phones

Agents of the National Police Corps of Ibiza have dismantled a group dedicated to the theft and sale of high-end smartphones, distributing the stolen high end phones in Ibiza and in other countries in Europe and Morocco.

It is estimated that more than 300 units were stolen valued at about 200,000 euros.

At the beginning of the investigation, in September 2016, a Romanian man who sold stolen phones and other devices through a group in a well-known social network was arrested on the island. A few weeks ago a second person was arrested on the island, also a Romanian man.

The operation has been carried out by the agents of the Unit of Specialized and Violent Crime (UDEV).

Thanks to a tip off by a business in the technology sector, the agents were able to initially identify 37 users of missing terminals, of which 24 resided in the city of Ibiza or in nearby towns. Their investigations revealed that the mobile phones were being sold very quickly after their theft had been reported, and that the gang were using some of the very popular ‘for sale’ groups to sell them under market price to Ibiza resident citizens.

On making the arrests Police found ecstasy and cocaine along with stolen phones, tablets and laptops.

Food & Drink

Al Fresco!

  • Italian Restaurant, Cala de Bou (San An Bay)
    • Nick Gibbs

Al Fresco is the new name for what many will know and love as ‘That’s Amore’ in the Bay of San Antonio.

The name above the door is still the same, that being the irrepressible Alfredo Alfie, so why the change?

‘Fredo told me it was all to do with rediscovering the true taste of Italy. “I wanted to get back to what Italian food should be all about” he told me, “the incredible fresh flavours I remember my mother cooking when I was growing up, and with a fresh approach it felt right to start with a new name”.

Of course he makes a good point. As with so many foods from around the world, the true and original versions tend to get sanitised on the world stage, a bland facsimile of the real thing designed to suit the average taste of the average consumer. That is a real shame. But people are getting wise to what they are missing out on.

Only a few years ago few of us would have questioned that a Carbonara is a cream dish, but now even those with a casual interest in Masterchef would know that no self respecting Italian cook would dream of adulterating tagliatelle in what amounts to little more than food vandalism.

As I was doing my best to knock Alfredo bandy with my extensive knowledge of real Italian cuisine, he decided some practical demonstration was a more effective approach—which was lucky, as beyond the carbonara example I was pretty dry.

“Try this” he invited as he presented a plate of Lasagne which despite its wonderful aroma still managed to be as decidedly un-photogenic as lasagne always is—hence no photo. “This is how a lasagne should be cooked, this is how my mum makes it, it is how everybody cooks lasagne in Napoli”.

Oh my days it is good. We are not talking about a good example of what you probably think makes a good lasagne here. If you were asked what that would be, chances are you would be thinking about a cheese crust atop rich layers of meat and béchamel sauce? Forget all that. What Fredo served me was a far simpler affair, but so much better for it. So fresh, so moist and just so full of flavour – but individual flavours you could identify, not the mush we are used to, and with the taste explosion of basil joining the party on a deliciously frequent schedule.

The Pizzas are treated with the same, if not even greater, reverence. As you can see, chef is the real thing, coming from a line of real things. I didn’t know they had competitions for his art in Italy, but they do and his family have won their fair share of them.

As it happens I’ve known chef, Christian (Mandolin) for some time. I remember him enthralling my then 2 year old son with his Pizza making skills at Degustabus, and locals will also know him from Kiosko.

The range is frankly huge, and beyond those known combinations you might expect there are a good number of very tempting specials. High among these is the Vulcano—pictured—a double pizza which is served with the centre bubbling away.

Talking of doubles, as an aside here I must make mention of another attraction at Al Fresco. Fredo has been joined in the venture by his comrade in laughs Diego. Together they make quite a double act, and even the most unenthusiastic so far as Italian cooking is concerned, would enjoy a visit just for the cabaret. And as an aside to that aside I must also mention that there is a section on the menu for any fellow diners foolish enough not to want to ‘go native’.

Back to the pizza, and on that front my tastes have always been quite simple. I don’t go for the fully loaded buffet on bread varieties. Give me a simple margherita or my absolute favourite with the addition of anchovies and black olives. “Incredible” Alfredo said, “That was my mum’s favourite too”.

“No way” I replied “Really?”

“His mum’s favourite is whatever one the next customer wants” pipes up Diego—triggering the next bout of banter, and so we go on ….

  • Al Fresco is open from 5.30pm to 1a.m. daily.
  • Find them on Carrer Des Caló, Cala de Bou, Ibiza, Tel 0034 616656438

Kumharas have released their new season menu –and by the looks of it Chef is out to give the sunset a run for its money as star billing at the uber-cool beach bar in the Bay.

Pictured is the Ox Fillet Steak, served with mashed parsnips, wild mushroom ragout and cold Japanese black pepper sauce—it looks like it deserved its 5 star review, however it is some of the dishes under the Woks and Curries section that got our taste buds tingling.

Chef’s Indian Cuttlefish Curry with Potatoes and Naan sounds like a ‘must try’, and though short on description you just know Scallops Cambodian style will be a very good style indeed.

Sunset, cocktails, superb menu. That’ll do nicely.


Madrid introduces same-sex traffic lights

The move is made in advance of Gay Pride “to become a new symbol for the city and an acknowledgement of its diversity”

Spanish daily El Pais has on city officials inaugurating pedestrian traffic lights depicting women and same-sex couples. “Madrid needed to have this acknowledgment on its streets,” said Mayor Manuela Carmena. “Traffic lights are intended to take care of citizens, and they had to reflect the city’s diversity.”

The capital’s move follows that of San Fernando de Cádiz in Andalucía which installed same-sex traffic lights in February of this year, and Valencia where in March 2016 they introduced female characters on some crossing lights.

Madrid Mayor Carmena said it was important for the city to recognize its own diversity through lights depicting “children, men, women and couples, instead of individuals.” Carmena and a contingent of councillors from the ruling leftist Ahora Madrid coalition personally surveyed the new lights during a tour of the city centre.

The full installation will not be completed until June 26. “We are going to act progressively in order to reach all the districts,” said Inés Sabanés, a city official in charge of environmental and mobility affairs. “Through this action, and in partnership with social groups and parties, we are creating a symbolic element that conveys a message of diversity, which is a symbol of our capital,” she said.

There are also plans to revamp pedestrian crossings with stripes painted in the colours of the rainbow flag, said Jesús Generelo, president of the Spanish LGTB Federation.

According to El Pais’  report, Madrid – governed by the PP conservatives for 24 years – had not even flown the rainbow flag during the Gay Pride celebrations until 2016.

This year, the Spanish capital is hosting the international LGBTQ World Pride event, and Euro Pride.

“It’s been 40 years since the first street demonstrations in Spain to defend the community’s rights,” said Boti Rodrigo, an activist. “Where we once used to be scared walking down the streets, we can now see ourselves represented in them. A lot of things have been achieved thanks to the activist fight, and also thanks to the political change that made this municipal government possible.”


Ibiza Gay Pride 2017

  • Ibiza Town
    • Words Claire B, Photos of Gay Pride 1206 by Vicent Mari

Gay Pride returns to Ibiza again this year for the 3rd year running, from June 14-17 under the theme ‘The Colourful Island (Una Isla Llena de Color)’. This year, to make it a pride for everyone, they have organised a series of exhibitions, lectures, theatre events, concerts, parties and of course the famous Pride March in Ibiza Town for LGBT rights, which is on Saturday June 17 from 7pm. It’s great that Ibiza is now embracing Gay Pride, and the march is always a colourful and fun parade, with locals and tourists alike of all ages and sexual persuasion lining the streets to support it. Here’s the program of the main events.

Wednesday 14 June:

  • Exhibition opening by the Association of artisans of Ibiza – Duality: Tradition + Modernity = Protect what you love. Paintings, sculptures, jewellery and much more. From 12.00 in the Claustro del Ayuntamiento d’Eivissa, Dalt Vila. Exhibition continues until June 17.
  • Theatre at Can Ventosa. Es Devessai presents their work ‘This company is too crazy (Crónica de una De-Función anunciada)’. 9pm.
  • Party at Ushuaia with Bang Bang. 5pm-midnight.

Thursday 15 June:

  • Lecture by the prestigious Dr. Gabriel J. Martinon – Gay Affirmative Psychology. 7.30pm. In the marquee in the Vara de Rey.
  • Café óle @ Privilege. From midnight to 6am.

Friday 16 June:

  • Lecture by a sexologist about a healthy sexual life followed by one on homosexuality in the family. 7.30pm. Plaça d’Antoni Albert i Nieto.
  • Party – Animal Park @ Bora Bora. From midnight to 6am.

Saturday 17 June:

  • Visibility Theatre. Av. de los Ardenes in the Port. From 7pm till midnight.
  • Grand Pride March for LGBT rights. Route: from Cofradía de Pescadores, Av. Santa Eulària, Av. de los Andenes, Ibiza Port. From 7.30pm.
  • Exit party (venue to be confirmed). From midnight to 6am.



  • Ibiza Gay Pride, Ibiza Town, Various Locations, June 14th to June 17th

For information  see article.

  • Art In The Port, Ibiza Port, until June 14th,  anytime

A fantastic street exhibition of photographs from Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado entitled ‘Génesis’.

  • Viatges a Eivissa’ photography exhibition, San An, Sa Punta des Moli, until June 17th, 5pm-8pm

Travel back in time with photos from the 1950s to present day by Pere Català i Roca.

  • Exhibition of ‘The Wizards’ by Dominique Sanson & ‘Master of Contemporary Art RIP’ Jan Telting, Jesus, Centro Cultural de Jesús, Friday 2nd June to 27th June, 4-9pm

Dominique Sanson presents an original History of Ibiza and Formentera with narration and Effects The Human Galaxy (Esoterism through the Millenia) The Hippies (Brand new Old Hippies). Joe Mentzel presents an exhibition of various paintings by Jan Telting.

  • Exhibition by Jesus De Miguel, Ibiza Town, B12 Gallery, until June 15th, 11am–2pm
  • Exhibition of “Dúos” by Elizabeth Louy, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, until July 2nd

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am-1.30pm and Thursday to Saturday 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Friday 9th

  • Inauguration of the exhibition “Dúos” by Elizabeth Louy, Can Jeroni Cultural Centre, 30pm
  • Melon Bomb, San Antonio, Pikes

With Corbi, Paul Reynolds, Scott Gray, Ben Santiago, Bob Masters and Sophie Lloyd

  • Children Of The Eighties With Twenty Four Seven, Playa d’en Bossa, The Hard Rock Hotel, From 7.00pm

Free entrance for residents with ID.

  • Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing Ibiza Opening Party, Ushuaïa, From 5pm

With DJ EZ, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, Charlie Sloth, DJ Charlesy and Sammy Porter.

  • Glitterbox Opening Party @ Hï, from Midnight

With Armand Van Helden, David Morales, Dimitri From Paris, Todd Terry, Simon Dunmore, DJ Pippi, a live PA from Barbara Tucker and percussion from Shovell

Saturday 10th

  • Mad Soul Charity Party, Ibiza Town, Parque Reina Sofia,  30pm

Free charity event in aid of Caritas with workshops and bar service.

  • Ibiza Rap Festival, Ibiza Town, Bulevar Abel Matutes (Plaça d’ Albert Antoni i Nieto), From 7.30pm

With Zaxel y Demon y ABQ BLEKKE y Loyal Kid.

  • Ibiza Rap Festival, The final MC’S battle, 9pm-11pm

With Wave, Paralax, Neyko, Elowido, Sanro, MrKK, Jottaerre, Gizzy, Zpro, Mati, Linuesa, Gonza, Inuk, Patrick,Forza, AMC

  • Boogie in Wonderland Opening Party @ Heart

With Tiger and Woods, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Graham Sahara & DiscoScience, plus the lovely girls from La Clique Ibiza on the terrace – Sarah Main, Lisa Chadderton & Maxine Hardcastle.

Sunday 11th

  • Sunday Roast, Pueblo Asparagus, Mariposa, 1pm

See advert for full details. Reservations advised.

  • Book Launch, San Antonio, Pikes, 2-9pm

Ibiza Rocks Photographs Book by Jérôme Ferrière

  • Jazz @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 8.30pm

Enjoy the mellow ballads and groovy swing of Peter & Winni as JazzYbiza, whilst watching the sun go down from the Villa Mercedes terrace. Bookings advisable for dinner, or for the music without a meal, take advantage of their cocktail bar.

  • Sunday Night Market, Santa Gertrudis, Aubergine Ibiza, from 8pm

Enjoy market stalls with live music, DJ’s and a special grill.

Monday 12th

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am

Evening market often with live music.

Tuesday 13th

  • Night Market, Las Dalias, San Carlos, 7pm-1am

Evening market often with live music.

  • Live Acoustic Music @ Dorado/Santos

With Cycle (Madrid) and Azahar López (Ibiza) Tickets cost 15€ which includes a bottle of Heineken. More info and tickets:

  • Opening Party – Rock Nights, San Antonio, Pikes, From Midnight

The official after party for Dorado Live Shows and Ibiza Rocks. With Silvia Superstar, Colin Peters, Fat Gordon, El Cartel, Graham Thunder, Lola Von Dage and Morini. Free with guestlist from:

Wednesday 14th

  • Hippy Market, Es Canar, Punta Arabi,  10-7pm

More than 500 stalls, paella from 1.30-3.30pm at the Grill restaurant and ‘Hippy Kids’ area with activities.

  • La Troya Opening Party @ Heart, from Midnight

Thursday 15th

  • Hippy Market, Cala Llonga, Beach Promenade, from 6pm
  • Artisan Fair, Sant Rafel, 7pm-11.30pm

Exhibitions of handicrafts and food set along Pintor Narcís Puget and the Church Square. There will be a free train leaving San Antonio bus station at 6.30pm to the event and returning at 8.30pm

Friday 16th

  • Paco Fernandez & Band @ Villa Mercedes, San Antonio, from 9pm


  • Open air cinema —’Florence Foster Jenkins’, Dalt Vila, Baluard de Sant Pere,  10pm

Hosted by Cinema Paradiso.

Saturday 17th

  • Grand Pride March for LGBT Rights, Ibiza Town, from 7.30pm

The route is from Cofradía de Pescadores, Av. Santa Eulària, Av. de los Andenes, Ibiza Port.



Amanda Zips it U

  • Amanda O’Riordan

Greetings Zipsters.

What an emotional week it has been.

London Bridge and One Love Manchester.

I (along with the rest the World) watched as Ariana Grande walked out on stage last Sunday night, for the One Love Manchester concert.

Many people commented on the singer’s ability to run in sky-high stiletto heels (a feat many of us have yet to accomplish). Another popular question was: where do you buy the event jumper she was wearing?

I’m not trying to trivialise what’s going on right now. The world is in crisis that’s for sure, but these questions seem to crop up in the media.

Fortunately, those who want to replicate Ariana’s look can purchase the hoodie – or a t-shirt – online, with net proceeds going to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. The jumper is available in the colour scheme Ariana wore, or in black with pink lettering on the front.

Those who want a different style can go for a crew neck with One Love Manchester emblazoned on the sleeves – and the logo comprising a black ribbon and Ariana’s costume ears, that featured so prominently at the concert.

£2 million was raised during the concert itself, which takes the total funds raised since the Manchester terror attack on May 22 to over £10 million. The concert, which was organised by Ariana with millions tuning in around the world, saw the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Little Mix and Liam Gallagher (sadly without Noel – scandal) take to the stage at the Emirates Old Trafford to stick two fingers up to terrorism.

Jumpers are priced at £40, and t-shirts are priced at £20. They can be purchased at the official One Love Manchester shop.

Onto this week’s instalment, and we look at the trending barometer, worshipping Beyoncé and the Virtual Reality Boob Job.


Read Amanda’s fashion blog


What’s Trending & What’s Not?

We all like a quick fix. The same applies to wanting a ‘quick guide’ to what’s ‘in and out’. Instead of having to wait to find out what’s trending, by which point it’s out of fashion.

As we enter Summer, here’s my barometer of what’s in and what’s out of fashion, so that you are bang on trend and not left behind.

  • OUT RED Pedicures.

It’s all about toenails going au naturel, or at least a natural pink sheen. I’m going old school with a French pedi this Balearic season.

  • OUTHotdog Legs

I’m a victim here, as I do like a ‘hotdog leg’ selfie if I’m by a particularly nice pool or beach. Apparently they’re officially ‘over’ says the social government of Instagram.

  • OUT Box-set Bores

IT’S SUMMER. Get outside.

  • IN Black Coconut Ice Cream

This summer’s most Instagrammable desert, made with coconut ash.

Don’t forget to floss afterwards, otherwise you’ll look like a Victorian chimney sweep.

  • IN Dance Concierges

Somebody comes to your home, teaches you a dance routine to your favourite Beyonce track. You practise every day and get very fit in the meantime.


  • IN Red Tracksuits

Whether it is Valentino or Adidas, it must be red and must be worn all together, or if you’re too shy, then pair with this season’s long floaty dress and sandals. A festival favourite.


Worship Beyoncé

Now, I’m not saying that Beyoncé isn’t a talented singer. She is. Or an A-list Diva. She is.

But a fashion idol? Tick the box marked “Perhaps”.

Show me a modern girl who hasn’t adopted ‘Single Ladies’ as her ‘break-up’ anthem, just as our mothers’ generation did with Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’. Hell, even our spell checks are programmed to spell Beyoncé’s name with the accent above the É.

Yes, we all love the ‘Bootlicious’ hype that surrounds Beyoncé and her now infamous, well, ‘booty’. However, I think the adoration around ‘Queen Bey’ has perhaps now gone a little too far. have launched an official ‘worship Beyoncé’ range of items. From cushions and babygrows to iPhone cases and hoodies, all dedicated to Mrs Carter, Sasha Fierce, or whatever she chooses to call herself these days.

Now the Ivy Park ‘athleisure’ range at Topshop was a good move, and I must admit to wearing her joggers and gym attire. But that’s where it should end.

A hoodie with the bold slogan declaring “It Is Beyoncé’s World We’re Just Living It’ seems rather shallow to me. No matter how ‘crazy in love’ we are with her.

A tongue in cheek poster displaying ‘The Ultimate Guide to ‘Single Ladies – Put A Ring On It’ (a ‘move-by-move’ instruction guide) is only fit for your toilet.  For those longer than usual visits, when that old Vogue issue circa 2003, kept by the loo roll, has bored you to death.

With a range starting at £20 upwards to £40, I would save these trinkets as last minute stocking fillers for that friend who has just split with her boyfriend. Or insists on singing (yelling) every Beyoncé track, carpool karaoke-style, on nights out.

If you like it then you shouldda go to:


The Virtual Reality Boob Job

Have you ever contemplated a boob job, but felt too daunted to go under the knife? I certainly have.

But forget the chicken fillets, and check out these new virtual reality goggles. They show women exactly what enhanced breasts would look like – without having to set foot inside an operating theatre.

The device, launched for the first time in the UK at Chelsea clinic Mallucci London, uses a 3D simulation app that allows women to look down at their chest to see how their own breasts would appear with implants of various sizes.

It is hoped the new goggles may help women, like Katie Price, avoid scenarios where they opt for implants that are too large, or do not look sufficiently natural, meaning they may have to consider reversal surgery.

A spokesperson for breast implant brand Sebbin, which co-created the goggles with plastic surgery VR pioneers Crisalix, says ‘When you put the goggles on, you step into a virtual reality consultation. Each prospective client can see her own new post-surgery breasts in mirrors by looking sideways. She can also look down to her chest and see her amazing new breasts.’

Other more traditional methods involve showing breast enhancement candidates images of different types and shapes of implants – via “before and after 2-D pictures”. But this is far less bespoke and it can be harder to know what each ‘op’ would look like on the individual.

However, the fact that prospective clients are able to see a true reflection of how their post-surgery breasts will look, doesn’t mean they’ll know how it physically feels to carry the equivalent weight of a small child around on their chest forever.

So I’ll stick to the chicken fillets, thanks.

At Night


Fundraiser for Mo Chaudry

Ibiza‘s clubland has something missing this year.

For the first time since before records began, the world of dance is that little bit dimmer due to the absence of one of its most effervescent characters in Mo Chaudhry.

Mo had a finger in pretty well every clubbing pie. A key figure at Cream, which must have been nice with the pie, Privilege, Space and Gravy (O.K. not gravy)

Mo passed away last January after a terrible accident whilst holidaying in Sri Lanka with his 11 year old daughters Kizzy and Leelou—who live in Ibiza with mum Sandy.

In writing an obituary for Mo, we got to know Billy Cox, one of his very close Pals from back home in Liverpool.

Billy is doing a bit of a fundraiser. He told us “Been wondering for a while what to do in remembrance of Mo, and have come up with this. ..”, the ‘this’ being a  series of walks around Liverpool that both take in some of Mo’s favourite haunts, and sound like a Harry Enfield sketch full of stereotypes—and yes of course it includes a Ferry across the Mersey.  We pulled him up on this as a ferry is kind of cheating. He told us to “calm down, calm down, calm down soft lad”.

It is cheating though. We recommend you teach him a lesson by deducting 50p from whatever you donate at

on second thoughts all money raised is going to Mo’s girls, so best not. Please give generously.


Village People

  • Children of the 80s, Playa d’en Bossa
  • Claire B

Last Friday saw the popular throwback party Children of the 80s return to The Hardrock Hotel for its 3rd year with a great performance by none other than The Village People. Ibiza’s La Movida DJs alternated with The Dream3Team, playing videos of favourites from the 80s and 90s, with occasional dancers entertaining the crowd. We were also treated to a performance from LuGotti who played an illuminated saxophone along to a remix of Gala’s Freed from Desire on a podium amongst the audience. A wonderful performance, and as he finished lots of white confetti was launched from the stage which looked like it was snowing over the venue.

Then at about 11pm The Village People took to the stage. They’re currently celebrating their 40th anniversary since they burst into the charts in 1977 and understandably only 2 of the original members remain – cowboy Felipe and soldier Alex. But there are still 6 of them, maintaining the same stereotypical characters, and the originals are joined by Eric the biker, Bill the construction worker, Jim the cowboy and Ray the cop, who was the frontman of his gang for most of the show.

They opened with ‘Macho Man’ and immediately they all looked the part, lined up behind Ray and busting out some disco-tastic synchronised dance routines.

This continued as they professionally performed classics ‘Listen to the Music’, ‘San Francisco (You’ve Got Me)/In Hollywood’, ‘Let’s Go Back to the Dance Floor’, Sylvester’s ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’ sung expertly by Alex and ‘In The Navy’, with some occasional costume changes along the way. But you could guess what the finale was going to be, and once we’d been shown how to do the dance moves (not that we needed to be shown) they launched into Y.M.C.A., accompanied by another barrage of white confetti and CO2. With everybody singing along and doing the obligatory dance routine it was a fantastic end to a great, fun performance – glitzy, camp disco at its finest.


Rock Nights Aftershow:

  • Pikes

Tuesday June 13 sees the opening of the Rock Nights aftershow at Pikes, just outside San Antonio.

On the decks will be Silvia Superstar, Colin Peters, Fat Gordon, El Cartel, Graham Thunder, Lola Von Dage and Morini.

Rock Nights is back @ Pikes for its 4th season and this year the party will be held every Tuesday until September 19.

The new theme for this season takes its inspiration from the Tarantino film “From Dusk Till Dawn” and an American concept based on the motorcycle clubs on Route 66, roadside strip clubs, diner and motel neon signs, Bourbon, cacti, and the Nevada desert.

Each party will be named after a city on the Route 66, “the Mother Road”. First stop is Chicago. New attractions this year include: a pole dance show, a Jim Beam chupito bar with secret shot recipes only suitable for rockstars, and a magician corner.

Old favourites – Sunny’s Karaoke bathtub, the Sleeve Faces corner, the Crazy Piano, the retro TV show and the dead rockstar altar are all back.

Rock Nights is the official after show of the Dorado Live Shows and the Ibiza Rocks live concerts (which start on July 4). More info on Facebook – Rock Nights. From midnight. Free entrance. Guest list only @


Cycle & Azahar López

  • Dorado Live Show Playa d’en Bossa, by Claire B

The first Dorado Live Show @ Dorado/Santos is on Tuesday June 13, with Cycle (Madrid), Azahar López (Ibiza) and a tribute to 10 years without Rustic.

Cycle is a band formed by producer David Kano, actress and dancer La China Patino and guitarist Carlos F. Calderón.

Using tools of the 21st century, they combine technology and old guitars to create sounds ranging from electro to pop and punk to techno with a lot of class. With a great location on the beach, there’s no better venue to listen to some superb live music under the stars next to the sea.

Dorado Live Shows continue over the summer with another 5 Tuesday nights:

  • Lori Meyers (Spain) June 20,
  • A. (Mallorca) August 8,
  • Mando Diao (Sweden) August 22,
  • Los Coronas (Madrid) & Uncle Sal (Ibiza) Sept 12,
  • special surprise guest on October 6.

Resident DJ Colin Peters will spin the tunes. Tickets cost 15€ which includes a bottle of Heineken.


Plastik 15th Birthday Party

  • San Antonio
  • Nick Gibbs

Plastik is definitely one I recommend o tourists for their ice bucket list.

The perfect party bar to get the night pumping, and whether your purse strings stretch to a premier position in their VIP, or propping up the bar with a Peroni (which may well depend how many days into your holiday you are), you will all end up prancing around the dancefloor like a, well like a 15 year old on a first night out without parental control.

15 years seems a very good excuse for an extra special party, so expect a particularly pleasure filled Saturday night as they blow out their candles then have a blow out.

Resident   DJ’s Jay Barker and Jordan Murphy will provide the perfect soundtrack from 9pm alongside Special Guests—and at Plastik special often means very special.

Frequented by the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and Tulisa, be prepared to say stuff like “oh my god is that ….”

Plastik is right on the Egg roundabout. Also good for Tickets, Pre-parties, but most of all just a brilliant time.


View From the Pew Spiritual Gifts

  • Dr Peter Pimentel

The early followers of Jesus were familiar with a variety of supernatural spiritual phenomena known as “spiritual gifts”.  These spiritual gifts are being revived in our own days.  The following are the most prominent of the spiritual gifts:

“The revelation of wisdom” and the “revelation of knowledge”.  These two phenomena relate to inspired insight about a person or situation to give help or guidance.  This revelation of wisdom or knowledge goes beyond what the rational mind can deliver.  It often takes the form of an intuitive insight or sometimes even a dream or vision.

“The gift of faith”.  Jesus refers to this faith as the faith to move mountains.  The faith to move obstacles in the way of our moving forward.

“Gifts of healings”.  This refers to spiritual healing alongside, or sometimes independent of, medical treatment.  “The gift of miracles”.  This gift may go hand in hand with the gift of faith or the gift of healing.  The gifts often interconnect and network with each other resulting in what the Bible calls “signs and wonders”.

“The gift of prophecy”.  This usually takes the form of a spoken message giving insight into the present or future.  It is often a stream of words infused by God.

“The discernment of spirits” may refer to ability to know what is right and what is wrong in a certain situation.

“The gift of tongues”.  This may be angelic languages or a kind of spiritual gobbledygook or phrases from a known human language unknown by the speaker.  A double-plural describes this gift: “kinds of tongues” or “species of tongues”.  In other words, this gift can take a variety of forms.

St. Paul teaches about these gifts in his letter 1st letter to the Corinthian chapter 12.  St. Paul was the first missionary to take the message about Jesus to the Gentiles.  In AD 49 he arrived at the Greek city of Corinth on route from Athens.  In Corinth, he introduced the new followers of Jesus to the spiritual gifts (In classical Greek: charismata) and in AD 54 he wrote his letter in Greek from Ephesus.

  • Church service this Sunday June 11th at Can Truy 11.30 am followed by lunch celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the English-Speaking Church on Ibiza.
  • The English-Speaking Church on Ibiza & Formentera. See website for locations & information. Tel 971 343383

[email protected]


“Far Far Away”, PQA

  • Carly S

Sunday the 4th of June was a very proud and happy evening for all of us at PQA Ibiza. After a little over two months of intense hard work our first show, ‘Far Far Away’, a musical we adapted from the story of Shrek, was performed on stage at Palacio de Congresos in Santa Eulalia to a packed audience of beaming friends and family. And what a show it was. I came close to tears several times watching from the wings as student after student gave the best performances I had seen them do to date.  These budding superstars were focused, smiling, engaged, in character and loving every second. I think I speak for all the staff and parents involved when I say that our hearts were bursting with pride. It’s moments and performances like this which remind me why I became a teacher in the first place and make all the hard work and effort of teaching, writing, choreographing and so on worthwhile.

It’s always a joy to see kids develop and grow in terms of both confidence and ability and not one of the 60 + students on that stage disappointed. Little hiccups were covered and taken in good humour and the support amongst  cast both on and off stage was phenomenal. When one performer forgot a line, another confidently spoke it. The three girls playing the role of Donkey each wore one of the three costume components for the finale, in a touching decision that was completely theirs. When music was a little late, Jay, as Lord Farquaad, simply repeated the cue line louder and in character, giving an emphatic gesture to the tech box and making the audience laugh. He was brilliant throughout. Marc, one of our Shreks, belted out his solo song with real passion and confidence…an amazing accomplishment for a 14 year old boy who had claimed he ‘didn’t know if he could really sing’ and had been visibly shaking with nerves in the audition. Deise as Donkey sang a fabulous and sassy solo after also saying she couldn’t sing and Lucia as Alice silenced and moved the audience with her hauntingly beautiful voice. Yamuna and Ophelia were a great double act as Donkey and Shrek and Josh nailed the Scottish accent in his turn as the green hero.

Tarlie as Donkey demonstrated masterful comic timing and our three gingies, Georga, Kaycee and Carlie, and Pinocchios Isabella and Esme were perfectly in sync for their lines in unison and very funny throughout. Our Fionas, Ever, Azia, Maria, Rose and Matilda delivered their songs, dance routines and lines with confidence, flair and panache and coped incredibly well with a couple of problems thrown at them…Maria deftly adapting a line when Shrek’s helmet didn’t come on stage and Rose carrying on singing Crazy In Love with a smile and attitude and not missing a dance step despite her head mic not working. The Knights Ben, Luca and Lucas brought their comic scene to life in true Monty Python-esque style. Sebastiano was fab to take on extra lines in his guard role at the last minute to support the Poppets segment. Mila and Grace were adorable Dragons, with Grace bravely overcoming stage fright and a panic attack to go out there and be the best she could be. The 3 to 5 year old Poppets were just fantastic, full of enthusiasm and confidence in their stage debuts and bringing many a Mummy or Daddy to tears. Huge kudos to Emma and Sophie for organising a group so young and getting them all on stage and focused.

I could honestly write all day about individual achievements on the night. The fairytale creatures, villagers and dancers were amazing in their supporting roles and it was a joy to see them all so engaged and clearly loving it.  Older students helped calm the younger anxious and nervous ones backstage, helped assist with quick costume changes and get the little ones in the right place at the right time and hugged and congratulated each other. Beautiful.

Credit must also go out to the parents who helped and supported  their kids as they worked at home too to learn lines, songs and dance routines and helped get them ready on the day, to  Michelle Payne who made stunning costumes, to Ray Stevenson who loaned swords, helmets and armour for the guards, to Nicole and Stephanie Shenton who did make up and hair with assistance from parents, to Ken Johnston, our Film and TV teacher, who made beautiful projections to set the scene, sound edited, stepped in as sound tech at the last minute and brought his lovely wife Antonia to photograph the show, to Drama and Comedy teacher Mikey Slade who prepped, pep talked and directed the kids and prompted in the wings, to unflappable assistant Ioana Evers who supported, solved dramas and centred nervous kids, to amazing Poppets teacher Emma Jane Robinson who not only got her class ready but also choreographed two of the numbers, to Poppets assistant Sophie who worked tirelessly with the Poppets and covered their classes a couple times so Emma could lend a hand with choreography and, of course, to principal Heather Smith for bringing PQA to the island in the first place and allowing us all the opportunity to do such a great show, as well as everything else she does behind the scenes. But above all, thanks must go to the amazing group of 3 – 18 year olds who attend every week, work hard and give it their all, without them we’re nothing. Keep being yourselves, keep being amazing!

Richard Lawson

  • Nick Gibbs

It is with great sadness we report the passing of a much loved member of our community, and our Ibizan colleague, Richard Lawson.

In a touching note posted late on Tuesday 6th June, his daughter Jodie said, “My father passed away peacefully this evening & we held hands until the end. I can’t express my pain but also relief my father is no longer suffering. My lost a piece of my heart today but my dad has taken with him”.

Richard lost his fight against cancer just 3 weeks after his 60th Birthday.

Richard will be known to many from his years with the Ibiza Now magazine, for whom his role seems to have encompassed just about everything from writing to advertising to distribution.

For the last 3 years Richard helped the Ibizan, again bringing his man-of-many-talents qualities to the fore.

He had also been working on his family’s villa management business, proudly showing me his work on the company website when last we met just a few weeks ago.

Those of us who did not know his ‘playful’ side so well, will have enjoyed the fond memories shared by close friend Adrian Harris on facebook. Those who did know him well will assuredly have many similar memories themselves.

Richard Lawson, 17th May 1957 to 6th June 2017.

Rest In Peace.

  • A celebration of Richard’s life will be held at Santa Eulalia crematorium Saturday 10th June at 11a.m. His wife Suzy said “please wear what you want, Richard liked bright colours, shorts and flip flops are fine too.”



8th June 2017— 14th June 2017

ARIES – Queen of Wands

You’re on a voyage of self-discovery as this card encourages you to look into what drives and motivates your life. If you need a second opinion, consult passionate fire sign women; Aries, Leo or Sagittarius who will be willing to help you with any business, family and in more personal areas of your life.  Their advice is worth listening to.

TAURUS – Four of Swords

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, chill music etc. are all good methods for helping you to unwind. This card advises you to take life easy; to withdraw from a recently hectic lifestyle; take stock of the past few months and plan for the next part of your journey. Be peaceful and balanced in all your dealings and gentle with all refusals.

GEMINI – The Devil

Reflect and examine the reasons you got involved with certain people or situations that no longer excite you. Looking back it all looked so rosy; you felt you had something to gain. However, somewhere along the way you sacrificed a part of your soul and now you’re feeling uncomfortable. This is a week to be of service rather than self-serving.

CANCER – Six of Swords

Let go of negative thoughts about your past. Don’t look back, just keep your intention clear and loving, come out of mind and into heart; move on. If you’ve been through a difficult time, the worst is behind you. Life becomes calmer; giving you much needed head space to sort out problems. Find a safe haven in a new environment.

LEO – Four of Pentacles (reversed)

OK, so it’s back to the drawing board for some as much cherished plans don’t pan out as expected.  Maybe this wasn’t meant to be and was a false start or dead end proposal. Get cracking with a new plan; one that will be bomb proof. Things won’t come to you; so go seek out what needed to move forward.

VIRGO – Ace of Swords

Clear decision making is a rare ability; however, this week you’re able to cut through the indecisiveness and procrastination of others in order to get your desired result. If you’re involved in any legal matters, it denotes triumph over your opponents. If you’re the sporting type, you make a formidable opponent. No-one gets the better of you this week!

LIBRA – Three of Cups

A week to let your hedonistic side rule. You want fun and lots of it. The best way to ensure this happens is to spend time with people who make you happy. If you’ve not caught up with good friends lately, now’s the time to reach out. This card signals abundant times, socially, financially and career wise through networking opportunities.

SCORPIO – Nine of Wands

If you’re stuck in a rut and stagnating with boredom; you must try to sort this out. Others have drawn on your energy so it’s time to get some maintenance work for yourself! Take time out for massage, healing or wellness programmes that helps you get back on track. Businesswise, you have to self-motivate in order to move projects forward.

SAGITTARIUS – Knight of Cups

A peace offering is graciously accepted; you feel that now’s the time to bury the hatchet with someone who upset you. By showing how understanding and caring you are others will respond by meeting you half way. Acknowledging that situations could have been better handled in the past is a sign of wisdom. Romantically, this Knight is a new admirer!

CAPRICORN – King of Swords (reversed)

Dealings with the law or bureaucratic red tape will test your patience this week.  Be on the lookout for a charmer, who will not be all they seem.  Check them out before becoming too involved; personally or professionally. Accidents or being accident prone means you’ll have to be careful and mindful of how you go.  Avoid arguments at all costs.

AQUARIUS – Five of Pentacles

If you’re concerned about money, help arrives in the form of an unexpected gift or rebate.  This card represents the Cavalry, coming to your financial aid in the nick of time.  If you’ve been generous to others in the past, it’s your time to be rewarded.  As always, your own attitude counts; what you give in life, you get back.

PISCES – Five of Swords

It will be difficult to keep your temper this week once you discover what’s going on behind your back. Others will soon discover that you’re no goldfish and when crossed, that you bite like a tiger shark.  What’s distressing is that you’re usually a good judge of character and are now annoyed that you’ve been hoodwinked by a charming attitude.

Ibiza Buses Summer Services

  • Claire B

Most of the island’s bus services are now running, including the night bus network, the Discobus.

In an effort to improve public transport on the island there have been some changes introduced to some routes this year.

There’s a new website, improved timetables on popular routes (for the summer so far) and a new series of credit-card style cards to make it easier and cheaper for frequent users to use the buses.

Updated Services

  • 30 beaches are now connected to bus routes.

New routes have been introduced to Benirras in an initiative to cut down on car parking and congestion at the beach – there’s a frequent Park and Ride shuttle bus from near Can Curuné (at Aparcament Sa Plana) to the beach, Line 23 from Ibiza Town and Line 23A from San Antonio (Sunday only).

Line 34 the regular shuttle to Cala Salada from San Antonio continues this year too.

Line 4 serves Cala Conta from San Antonio where parking restrictions have been imposed this year too. For other beach routes see ‘Routes and timetables’ below.

  • Discobus

The Discobus, the island’s night bus service is now operational until the end of September. The following routes operate:

Line 3 – San Antonio to Ibiza Port via Privilege, Amnesia and Pacha

Line 3B – San Antonio to Playa d’en Bossa via Ushuaïa/Hï, Bora Bora, Amnesia and Privilege

Line 13-18 Ibiza Port to Es Canar via Santa Eulalia and Es Canar to Ibiza Port via Santa Eulalia, Privilege, Amnesia and Pacha

Line 14 Pacha to Playa d’en Bossa via Ibiza Port, Ushuaïa/Hï

Note that the timetables get more frequent for most routes from 24/6-10/9 so check times before traveling.

Also note that the Discobus that used to run from San Antonio to Port Des Torrent through the Bay, no longer operates.

  • Airport

There are also more airport buses operating now – Line 9 to San Antonio via San Jose and Line 24 to Cala Nova via Santa Eulalia and Es Canar. The airport bus to Playa d’en Bossa (Line 36) only operates between 23/6-10/9.

Plus the cross-resort routes now operate, such as Santa Eulalia to San Antonio.

Routes and Timetables

It’s a bit complicated to know where to get the best information from at the moment.

A new website was launched in April, but the old one is still in operation and has been recently updated. But neither seem to have all the information required to cover all options. With that caveat in mind, here are the options.

The old website, has an online version of the printed brochure showing all the routes and full timetables throughout the year and is probably the most comprehensive guide to use, but it doesn’t have info on the travel cards etc.

The new TIB website (in English too though translations are limited) has information relating to routes, timetables, ticket prices and an explanation of the new frequent use bus card (see below), where to get the cards and prices etc.

  • To make life a little simpler, we have combined all of the available pdf downloads, and links to the various services, into one single webpost on our own website. So that is your best starting point. This link will be live within the next few days.

New bus cards

There are now 3 transport cards:

  • T-General which gives discount to frequent bus users

For the T-General, the bus network has been divided into 5 zones according to distance and you buy a pass of 20 trips (T-20) for the zone(s) that you use frequently. The T-20 passes can be bought from the driver on the bus and up to 3 passes can be loaded onto the card at one time and they last for 6 months. If you use 1 or 2 routes frequently, the discounts are worth having (the same as the old bus card) but you have to pay for 20 tickets at a time. Cards can be obtained free of charge (with ID – take your NIE/DNI and passport) from the Consell Insular d’Eivissa (on Avenida España), and in the Ajuntament offices in Santa Eulalia, Puig d’en Valls, Jesús, San Antonio and San Juan. Cards include the users photo, which is taken digitally at the time of issue.

  • T-Daurada for pensioners to get free transport;
  • T-Plata to give discounts of 20% for families with 3 or more children.

The T-Daurada can only be got in Ibiza. It’s a bit complicated but full details are on the tib website, which you can access via our link.

Ibiza Bus App

There is also the Ibiza Bus App, available for Apple and Android mobiles.

The App gives you access to all the bus information at your fingertips.

Ibiza Bus is your Ibiza guide to all the timetables, routes, stops, maps, disco buses and ferries. All of the information apart from the maps is available offline so you don’t need wifi or need to use data roaming.

It also features your nearest bus stops, nearest points of interest, details of every beach on the island, local weather reports and you can even buy club tickets from it.

Download it from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.

Links in our web article.


“Small Big Stories”

  • Photographic Exhibition, Sa Nostra Cultural Hall, Ibiza Town

The exhibition “Small Big Stories’, is housed in the Sa Nostra cultural hall and runs between 8 June and 7 July.

The exhibition is organised by the Archive of Image and Sound of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa. It shows a collection of nearly 300 family photographs that provide a ‘kaleidoscope to the evolution of society in Ibiza through its changing economic and social life, based upon the small and personal family histories on display’.

This exhibition began to take shape in late 2015, when the Archives launched a campaign to collect old pictures, particularly those referencing Ibiza’s festivities, public and family celebrations and all kinds of events that could help reconstruct the recent history of Ibiza, especially those in the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century.

Among the items found in the photographs on display are family portraits, pictures of antique shops in the Marina and photographs of the early years of the arrival of tourism.

Alongside the exhibition several activities will take place:

Thursday, June 15 at 20h

Screening of the documentary of interviews with students of the UOM who helped compile the collection.

Thursday, June 22 at 20h

Screening of documentaries on the website of the Spanish Film NODO:

Ibiza. Religious and Costumbres populares. 1943. 2 minutes.

The white Ibiza. 1947. 10 minutes.

Conch sea: The Forgotten Island. 1948. 10 minutes.

Attempt travesía Ibiza por el Canal swimmer Eduardo Villanueva. 1949. 2 minutes.

Islands located in the Mediterranean. 1972. 13 minutes.

Thursday, June 29 at 20h:

Presentation of film rolling and held in Ibiza in 1960 Antonito, also called the Day of Peter Finch and starring Antoni Costa al·lot Ibiza. Owned by the National Film & Sound Archive in Canberra (Australia). 27 minutes.

20:30h: Award ceremony for participants in the campaign and the collection of images, for best picture, best story and the best collection.

The Hall is located at Sala Sa Nostra c. Aragon 17, Ibiza, Opening hours of the exhibition: Monday to Friday from 11 to 14 and from 17 to 20.30, more info at

Outdoor Cinema

  • Claire B

Summer has arrived in Ibiza and what better way is there to spend a warm summer night than to while away a couple of hours watching a film under the stars. This year there are plenty of opportunities to do that, plus there are some great films on offer. Here’s a round-up of some of them.

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso returns to Baluard de Sant Pere in Dalt Vila with a film on most Thursdays from June 8. Sit back in the comfort of your own beanbed and enjoy great food and cold drinks, while experiencing an exclusive screening under the starry sky. All films start at 10pm. Tickets from the website below.

June 8 – Captain Fantastic

June 16 – Florence Foster Jenkins

June 22 – El Mariachi

July 13 – Eddie the Eagle

July 20 – T2 Trainspotting

July 27 – De Rouille et d´os

August 10 – Arrival

August 17 – Neruda

August 24 – The Godfather

August 31 – The Godfather II

Sept 14 – The Red Turtle

September 21 – Hunt for the Wilderpeople

September 28 – The Shining

Cinema Paradiso also screens films on Tuesdays at Amante Beach Club and on some Sundays in the middle of summer on Cala Llonga beach – check Facebook or the website for details:

Cinerama Dorado

Cinerama Dorado returns this summer with an eclectic selection of classic films being screened outdoors by the beach @ Dorado in Playa d’en Bossa on Sunday nights. This year there’s an extended run from June 18 to September 10, starting with Brad Pitt’s superb turn in Fight Club, and continuing with Forrest Gump’s tender naivety, The Big Lebowski’s sarcasm, Benicio del Toro’s and Johnny Depp’s psychedelic escapades in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, among with many other memorable movies. Add popcorn, hot dogs and Larios Rosé gin and you’ve got the makings of a superb cinematic journey. Here’s the programme – every Sunday over the summer:

June 18 – Fightclub

June 25 – The Big Lebowski

July 2 – The Usual Suspects

July 9 – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

July 16 – Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

July 23 – Back to the Future

July 30 – Forrest Gump

August 6 – Four Rooms

August 13 – Wild at Heart

August 20 – Casino

August 27 – Blow

September 3 – Goodfellas

September 10 – Jamón, Jamón

From 9pm. Tickets cost 20€ and include popcorn and a G&T.

More information and tickets from


JezzaWorld of Sport

  • Jeremy Parmenter

Football: Champion’s League

Only one story to report this week, but what a story! If, like me, you’re a fervent follower of European football, you just had to admire last weekend’s Champions League Final in Cardiff. Two of the best teams in Europe, steeped in their own incredible history, facing off against each other. Spain’s Real Madrid going for not only the Double of La Liga and the CL but also seeking to become the first team to win back to back CL’s as well as their 12th CL title and their 3rd in 4 years. Then Juventus, the Old Lady of Italian football, going for the Treble, having already won Serie A and the Copa Italia. I did say in my last report that the match should be a cracker and so it was, but even the most one-eyed loyal Madridista could not have foreseen a 4-1 win for their club. Especially not as Juve came out of the blocks firing on all cylinders and dominated the match for the first 20 minutes but just couldn’t put away their chances. As I was watching I could just feel that Real were getting stronger as the first half wore on and sure enough it came to pass as Ronaldo (c’mon, who else!) took his first opportunity with aplomb to put his team 1-0 up. Yet still Juve were in it, as proven by a stunning goal from Mandzukic, but come the second half and Real really stepped up the gears, with Kroos, Modric and Isco bossing the midfield, and sure enough the goals started popping in. A Casemiro screamer to go 2-1, then another bit of magic from Ronaldo for his 2nd and Real’s 3rd, and then the icing on the cake, a poacher’s goal from sub Asensio. So, congrats to Real, commiserations to Juve, and as for Ronaldo, well, just consider these stats:

  • His two goals were his 600 and 601st goals in his career
  • He has now scored 406 goals for Real in 394 appearances averaging 1.03 goals per game
  • He became the only player ever to have scored in 3 CL Finals
  • He already has the most goals in a CL campaign (2013/14) with 17
  • He is the only player ever to have scored in 7 consecutive international tournaments
  • He is the fastest to score 350 goals for a club (333 games)

Phenomenal and, for me, those stats alone have to eclipse his nemesis, Messi at Barcelona and he’s done it in 3 different leagues, rather than the comfort zone of just La Liga like Messi.

And, yes, I agree with you, it’s not all about him but ask yourself this question, where would Real be without him? Answers on a postage stamp please!


Football: World Cup

It’s back to World Cup qualifying groups this week as England are in Scotland hoping to increase their lead at the top of their Group, Northern Ireland are in Azerbaijan, Wales are in Serbia and Ireland are at home to Austria.

Let’s hope Gareth Southgate’s team can follow England’s youngsters as they are really showing the way forward at the mo’ with the Under 20’s in to the World Cup Quarters where they faced Mexico and also in to the last four, as holders, of the Toulon tournament, the Under 21’s in to the European Finals in Poland later this month and the Under 19’s in to the European Finals in Georgia, also later this month.



Talking of Internationals, we’re now in to the 2nd week of the current ICC Champions Trophy being held in England with hosts leading their group after a very professional outing against Bangladesh, winning by 8 wickets, with Root scoring a superb ton and Plunkett taking 4 wickets. Hopefully, more of the same as Captain Morgan’s men took on New Zealand on Tuesday, only needing a win from their remaining two matches to qualify for the semis but in the same group, Australia now have to beat England in their final match at the w/end as both their matches against Bangladesh and NZ were wash-outs. In the other group India and South Africa look favourites to go through as, as expected they beat Pakistan and Sri Lanka respectively.



Andy Murray, as per usual, is the only Brit left standing as he is through to the Quarter Finals of the French Open at Roland Garros, Paris after beating first Argentina’s Juan del Potro and then Russia’s 6’6” youngster Karen Khachanov while Nadal, Djokovic and Wawrinka are all on course to reach the Quarters. Not such good news for Andy’s bro Jamie as he and partner Soares were beaten in the Quarters of the Mens Doubles. On the Ladies side, and a Quarter Final meeting between No 3 seed Simona Halep and No 5 seed Elina Svitolina looks interesting but there will be a new winner this year as none of the Quarter Finalists have won a Grand Slam between them!


Rugby Union

Not a great start to the Lions tour to Kiwiland at the w/end as they just beat a NZ Provincial team 13-7 in their first tour match. Certainly unconvincing especially as the hosts included a farmer, a male nurse, a gardener and an odd-job man as well as only a handful of professional rugby players but as Sir Clive Woodward remarked “ the first match of any tour, let alone NZ, is just plain difficult and bloody awkward” and one has to bear in mind that this match was only 72 hours after the Lions arrived, with the majority of players suffering from jetlag. Still, a win’s a win, however it comes, so let’s hope the Lions can get all that outta their system and cuff the Blues at the w/end.

Right, t’is all for this week, off to my bed, have a good ‘un………….Jezza


World Cup Qualifying Highlights

Friday 9th June 2017
  • Netherlands v Luxembourg 20:45h
  • Sweden v France 20:45h
  • Estonia v Belgium 20:45h
Saturday 10th June 2017
  • Azerbaijan v Northern Ireland 18:00h
  • Germany v San Marino 20:45h
  • Scotland v England 18:00h
Sunday 11th June 2017
  • Republic of Ireland v Austria 18:00h
  • Serbia v Wales 20:45h
  • Italy v Liechtenstein 20:45h
  • Macedonia v Spain 20:45h



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