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T.I.L. Back to School?

Teachers Threaten Strike Action.

Unhappy about the concept of teaching subjects in Castilian Spanish, Catalan, and English for the second academic year running, teachers throughout the Baleares are meeting to discuss how to react, given that the education authorities are determined to continue with the three language education policy. So far it appears that there will be limited industrial action in the first school term, but the exact nature of the action is as yet unclear. If no consensus is reached with the education authorities then, there could be a full on strike by teachers in April 2015. In the dispute which has been ongoing since the inception of the TIL (Tratamiento de Integracion de las Lenguas) three language teaching system, teachers have complained at the lack of training they have received to enable them to implement the initiative, and the detrimental effect it is having on education. In a recent statement the Consellera de Educación, Cultura y Universidades, Joana Maria Camps defended the TIL saying the scheme is working and that the results are positive. Camps stated that the difference in achievement between students under TIL and those who are not are minimal, fluctuating between 1,45% and 1,36% at ESO and in 0,64% and 0,19% in Primaria. Conversely the Diputado of MÉS, Nel Marti, has claimed that according to data obtained directly from schools, the failure rate for “non linguistic subjects taught in English” has increased by 20%. The teacher’s industrial action lasted for several months in 2013 with the return after the summer holidays leaving many parents facing the dilemma of whether to send their children to schools who would allow children to remain on the premises, but would not provide teaching. Full details of the TIL can be found at

40% Stay Private.

Four out of every ten tourists visiting Ibiza and Formentera this July stayed in accommodation that they owned or which belonged to friends or family. Such tourists totalled 232,128 in number whilst 352,936 (54%) stayed in registered hotels and apartments according to statistics complied by the FRONTUR association. These statistics show that private accommodation holidays are becoming increasingly popular as an option. In 2010 around 74% of all tourists stayed in hotels and only 26% in private rented accommodation which is a big difference when compared to this year. It appears that registered hotels and apartments are losing ground to the private sector. Though hotels have received around 16.000 more guests in July when compared to 2013, this figure is still 15.000 guests less than registered hotels and apartments received in 2010 and 30.000 less than they received in 2011. The Spanish tourist highlights the trend more than other nationalities. This July there were 129.274 Spanish tourists staying on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Of these 64.997 stayed in hotels, which was an increase on last year. However, 49,7% (64,277) stayed in privately owned accommodation. Foreign tourists choosing privately owned accommodation has this July increased to around 40%. As a general statistic, 84,6% was the occupancy figure for all tourist accommodation in July and the average stay was 5,54 days making Ibiza and Formentera number five in the rankings for tourist occupation throughout Spain.

Record July Airport Figures.

Ibiza airport recorded a 9,9% increase in passengers in July when compared to June. This was the largest increase for all the airports of Spain and the third highest increase recorded in Europe last month. On average 165 flights a day took off or landed in Ibiza during July.

Doormen Association Protest.

Two associations, which represent the doormen and security staff who work at the discos, beach clubs and other popular bars on the island have officially complained to all the Town Halls on the island urging them to carry out more inspections into the safety and security of the premises where they work. They claim that the legal capacity of lots of these premises is being exceeded and that there seems to be no willingness to control the situation creating the possibility of a potentially dangerous scenario. Also, they suggest that often unqualified staff are employed to carry out their work. The association wants the numbers of clients attending the discos, beach clubs and other popular bars to be restricted to the legal limit for occupation of each business so that the safety systems and plans for evacuating a building in an emergency are valid. Alternatively they want these security and safety plans upgraded to reflect the real number of people they suggest are actually in attendance at any one time at these venues. The associations are also asking for more doormen and security staff at each venue and that there are strict controls to make sure only qualified doormen and security staff are employed. According to the doormen, if the circulation of traffic and parking problems, which often occur at the venues, and these security concerned are addressed by the authorities then, these associations believe that the nightlife of Ibiza will be much safer and that there will also be less problems with neighbours.


ibiza-sun-749-pdfx1_Page_02 ibiza-sun-749-pdfx1_Page_03

Marinas Recover.

The marinas throughout the Baleares are showing a good recovery from the economic recession of the last few years with a return this year to an average occupancy of 81% of the berths available during the height of summer. Ibiza and Formentera are leading the way and this August the marinas on both islands have over 90% occupation.

Drug Gang Detained.

Ten men from the Magrebi (North of Africa) have been detained in a joint police and customs operation on the island. All those detained were legally residing on the island and are thought to have been selling and distributing drugs as an organised network for a number of years. At the time of their detention, in searches of homes and premises used by the gang, the authorities apprehended 14 kilograms of hashish, 800 grams of cocaine and 30,000€. More arrests are expected.

Party Boat Inspections.

This week the authorities carried out inspections of four vessels based in the bay of San Antonio and one in Playa den Bossa which are operating as Party boats. The action involved Guardia Civil, Maritime authorities and Consell Island Government Tourism officials all working together to detect any irregularities. Some of the boats were boarded as they were actually carrying out an excursion and a helicopter was used in the operation. Official reports have been filed after the inspections found at least five infractions. Two of the boats had failed to register details about their excursions with the maritime authorities and there were three cases of the bars on board serving alcohol from refilled bottles.

Airport Heist.

A 28 year Algerian was detained by police at the airport after he was accused by two tourists of snatching their luggage valued at 30,000€. Initially, the accused successfully made off with the luggage. However, acting on information they received from the victims, the thief was later detained by police after he returned to the airport and was spotted acting suspiciously. Another man, who is thought to be a look out for the thief, is also being question over the theft.

Water “Big Problems”.

This week the Town hall in Santa Eulalia agreed with the water supply company urgent measures to improve the quality of the water supply especially in the Sa Joya compound and Santa Gertrudis area of the borough. At present the water supply is not apt for public consumption and should not be even used for cooking. This is because there are high concentrations of sulphur, chlorine and other minerals in the public water supply extracted from some of the wells used by the supply company. The lack of rainfall and increased consumption has aggravated the situation leading to the announcement of new filtering methods being introduced this week to improve quality. The long term solution is the interconnection of all the desalination plants on the island, on which we reported about last week. This will reduce the dependence and pressure on the fresh water wells used in Ibiza. In another report it was disclosed that the water supply network on the island loses around five million cubic metres (5.000 million litres) a year of good water through leeks in the tubes and supply network. The water supply company blames it on the fact that the supply tubes are getting old and are in a bad condition. It was reported that Sant Josep is the worst borough for water loss as this area loses 42% of the total water lost through faults in the supply network on the island.

Asphalt and Cement Debate.

This week the plans to install an asphalt and a cement production plant in the quarry known as Ses Planes, in the borough of Santa Eulalia, got a green light to go ahead from the authorities causing a lot of press and debate between the neighbours living close to the quarry and the promoters of the two plants. Replying to the claims that the plants could be a source of pollution, cause excessive noise, and an increase in heavy traffic, the promoters suggested that these claims were exaggerated and that they would comply with the strict environmental laws governing this type of industrial activity. Whilst recognising that the opposition of the Town Hall to the plans was not a factor in their favour, the promoters of the plants said that the local politicians in Santa Eulalia would have to respect the findings of the Madrid Industrial Ministry whose mining department oversees this type of project and makes sure that they meet environmental protection standards. The promoters seem to be suggesting that the engineers will ensure the plant is safe despite the fears to the opposite expressed by experts employed to make a study of the environmental impact by neighbours with residencies in the area. Those opposing the plant claim that 800 neighbours live less than 2.000 metres from the proposed site of the asphalt plant, and that this contravenes planning laws. They also suggest that the 60 metre high chimney will release toxic gases into the air and, because of the prevailing winds in the area, this will reach the village of Jesus as well as their homes. Regarding the traffic problem, the promoters are promising to reduce the amount of traffic by between 20-35%.

Twister Jet 2 Capsizes.

It appears that a wave generated by a larger vessel passing by coincided with the Twister Jet 2 excursion boat carrying out a fast and dramatic turn, as part of the thrill seeker excursion this craft carries out every day. The effect was that the Twister overturned dumping the nine passengers, including a minor, and four members of the crew into the sea. They were rescued unhurt by a life boat and another passing yacht. The Twister was damaged and needed repair, which led to the authorities withdrawing the Twister’s permission to sail until it is repaired and an investigation into the incident has been carried out to make sure a similar accident does not occur again, especially as there are several similar craft carrying out these thrill seeker excursions all around the island.

Rolex Ransom.

A tourist had his Rolex watch stolen in a disco in Ibiza Town this week. Valued at 30.000€, the next day the victim received a call from the thieves offering to return the watch if he paid a 10.000€ ransom. The victim agreed and set up a meeting between the thieves and his personal security guard in an Ibiza Town car park at 3am. He informed the police who staked out the car park and waited to detain the thieves. Once they had identified that the two men approaching the personal security guard in the car park at the agreed time had a watch in their possession, the police moved in to make an arrest. The security guard identified the watch as belonging to his boss and the two thieves, both Italian nationals, were taken into custody. Another Rolex valued at around 10.000€ was also found in their possession.

820 Metres Destroyed By Fire.

Highlighting the dangers of a fire starting in the countryside of Ibiza at this time of year, this week the quick response of the emergency services contained a blaze that started in the Sant Josep area of the island. In the end nobody was injured or property threatened but 820m2 of bush land was destroyed.

Scorchio Mas

40degreeThe thermometers in Ibiza reached 35.6 degrees in Cala de Bou, and 35 degrees in the meteorological station of Sant Joan last Tuesday, the highest official temperatures so far this summer in the Balearic Islands. On Wednesday 27th August street temperatures of 40/41 degrees were being recorded in San Antonio and Santa Eulalia. That’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit in old money. The yellow heat alert joined the red risk of fire alert in Ibiza and Formentera, the second being declared between 12pm and 6pm. The “extreme” risk of fire alert will remain throughout the week, according to a spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). In addition, the general direction of Interior, Justice and Emergency, decreed the Zero Gravity Index (IG-0) of the Special Plan for Unfavourable Weather Conditions, but was deactivated at the end of the afternoon. Those most affected by the high temperatures were the residents in the north and west of Ibiza, as it was in the areas of Sant Joan and Cala de Bou where the highest temperatures were recorded at 3.30pm. The thermometer in the Sant Antoni Passeig de ses Fonts registered 38 degrees at lunchtime. The heat alert lasted until 6pm but, even though temperatures are meant to descend, places like Cala de Bou will probably reach 32 or 33 degrees during the next few days. With regard to the fire risk rated as “extreme” by Aemet, remember that you are absolutely forbidden to light fires in the forests. This alert is decreed for the whole week and is closely related to three factors. First, the drought, “one of the worst in recent years which Ibiza has dragged for several months,” according to the Aemet spokesman; low humidity and, finally, the high temperatures are that affecting the island in recent days.




Amanda O’Riordan

Firstly, I just wanted to mention how pleased (and a little smug) I am to have cottoned on to a few stories well in advance of this week’s glossies. I brought you the ‘True Rock’ range a few weeks ago, which I just happened to notice in this week’s Sunday Times Style section. It makes me feel warm inside to know ‘Zips It Up’ is on it…

This week I give a nod to the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Its fair to say most of the female population are waiting to see our fantasies played out on the big screen. Take a peek at my ‘Anastasia’ look.

This week has been spent in an incredibly stormy London Town. We’ve had Monsoons, gale force winds, a month’s rainfall in a couple of hours and the tail-end of Hurricaine Bertha, which annoyingly cut my connection to my weekly fashion slot on Radio One Mallorca last weekend. I’ve gone from shorts and flip flops to waterproofs and wellies in a matter of hours. Therefore I’ve started to day dream about Mallorca and Ibiza again. So it’s satisfying to know (she says unashamedly) I’m Balearic bound this week for a bit of work combined with blue skies. More about that next week.

Word-from-the-bloger-AO-260814Perhaps one of the most questionable trends this summer – besides the hip-adorning Bum Bag – has to be the new ‘cult espadrille’. I first remember seeing espadrilles everywhere as a child in the 80’s. On summer holidays, every corner shop in Greece and Spain stocked them, at a price not much more expensive than a two litre bottle of Fanta. In 2014, even when revamped with ‘leather-studded’ face lifts, they still look like they’ve been stitched together by prisoners moonlighting from mail sack manufacturing duty.

Valentino’s version looks OK if you squint from a distance, but you’d have to be insane to spend almost £500 on a pair of ‘drilles. The high-street offerings, with ankle strap, run the dangerous risk of taking you into the land of ‘fankles’. Once you’ve trotted down to the beach or pub you’ll have threads hanging out either side with a nice big hole for you pinkie or big toe to enjoy some fresh air. It’s almost bizarre that some labels have decided to market espadrilles in their autumn/winter ranges. Straw-soled shoes traipsing through deep

October puddles will leave you looking like you’re wearing mouldy popcorn on your feet.

So, you decide – Espadrilles – Rocking or Shocking?

Agent Provocateur’s Fifty Shades Of Painful Fun

agent-provocateur-delilah-2(Along with the rest of the world) I’ve just been watching the brand new teaser trailer for the upcoming, much anticipated film adaptation of the legendary book trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey. I think every woman on the planet is salivating at the thought of seeing Christian Grey and his Red Leather Room on the big screen. Which got me thinking about lingerie and all things bondage.

And when it comes to lingerie, Agent Provocateur is in a class all of its own. With a huge celebrity following, it’s not unusual to see the likes of Kate Moss through to Abbey Clancey strutting out of AP’s Soho store loaded down with the unmistakeable pink and black stripped bags. The bags themselves draw enough attention, with everyone who notices speculating about exactly what that girlie is getting up to later.

This season’s collection has to be the most ultimately ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ suitable, with these fun playsuits and cute nipple tassels. If you want to go the whole ‘Christian and Anastasia‘ hog, then Agent Provocateur has leather whips, gold handcuffs and harlequin eye masks. All done in the best possible taste of course.agent-provocateur-ivana-skirt

Other ranges feature their muse, the iconic model Jean Shrimpton. ‘La Demoiselle‘ is all about 60s inspired pieces that are very short and colourful with gorgeous silk slips and 60s babydolls. The girls of ‘Le Salon‘ look sensational in traditional lace corsets and basques which remain timeless. A pretty bridal range is bang up to date with tassels and 60s inspired mini kimonos – which you could even wear with a pair of skinny jeans.

But it’s the ‘The Starlette‘ range, with a nod to Fifty Shades, that’s the star of the show with its risque strappy playsuits and accessories. Lavish luxury is the signature style and you can certainly light up the night in gold, lamé dresses, opulent jacquard sets and shimmering playsuits. Now you just need to enter a Red Room of pain, get those nipple tassels on and whip that boy into shape!

To view Amanda’s full fashion blog visit




Alma Tadema

Nick Gibbs

Alma Tadema adThis was our second meal at Ibiza’s new and only Greek restaurant. Our first visit took advantage of their fabulous special menus offered every day and a perfect way to sample a range of Greek cuisine at an excellent price. Tonight promised even more at Alma Tadema’s second special Greek themed evening including entertainment and a special selected menu. We arrived early to have a chat with the always attentive Munir, a chap passionate about his country’s food and absolutely insistent on sourcing every last ingredient directly from his homeland. We started our evening with the house white wine, Retsina Tsantali, a Greek wine first made over 3000 years ago. Firstly we were served with home-made Greek bread accompanied by Tzatziki – a well known cucumber and yoghurt dip, Taramosalata – codfish caviar with mashed potato dip and Melitzanosalata – an aubergine and herb dip. Then came four more starters of Dolmadakia Avgolemono – stuffed vine leaves with mince, rice and raisins, Spanakopulo – a Greek pastry stuffed with chicken, eggs and spices, Greek croquets of squash and Tzatziki, as well as Atenas – small breaded balls of Monkfish. It is worth mentioning here that when you select one of Alma Tadema’s menus, be it at the special night or any regular booking, you do not choose one of the listed starters, all menus which range from 9.90€ to 14.90€ have a minimum of six, and you get all of them—see what we mean about the value?Alma Tadema photos

For our mains we ordered the Gyros – small pieces of slightly spiced pork served in Pitta bread with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and a yoghurt style dressing served with chips, and Souvlaki Mixta – skewers of Pork, Chicken, Beef and grilled vegetables served with chips. New main courses that have been recently added to the menu are Souvlaki de Cordero (skewered Lamb) and Yevetsi Kritharaki (Lamb), and for those who know Greek food you will be pleased to hear that Pastichio (oven-baked pasta with mince, tomatoes, cheese and béchamel) is also available on the menu. The flavours of the Greek food are amazing. Subtle yet individually discernable combinations of herbs and spices that are a welcome and delicious treat for your taste buds, and though unfamiliar they could not be described as challenging to those with conservative tastes—a particularly good choice of ethnic food for those who do not enjoy the more common spicy counterparts. We do have one criticism—the chips. They were fine as chips go, but we felt unnecessary and they took away from the superb quality of flavours in the Greek food. If you need more to fill you up, and you probably won’t after all the starters and a generous basket of Greek bread, we’d prefer some more of that wonderful home made bread as a more fitting compliment to the quality of the food. It’s not a big issue though—just do what we did and push them to one side of the plate particularly if you want to get through the speciality puddings to follow.

Our desserts were a trio of Greek delights which consisted of Kapuoia – Greek pastry with honey and nuts, Yiaoupti – Greek yoghurt with mint and walnuts and Ravani – Semolina tart with almonds. Whilst we dined, Veronica San Juan sang live to a full house. It was great to see a new restaurant so busy, even calling for emergency seating from the bar next door, and everybody helped out in good spirit to ensure as many as possible could enjoy Munir’s special menu.

In keeping with the Greek tradition, you can also smash your plate (well a blank anyway). The tradition is said to dispel all your worries, though feeling perfectly sated after a wonderful meal I can’t say I had any.

The restaurant is open daily 11am until late. Booking is helpful all times but advised on special nights. Located just down the hill from the Ship square on C/Bartolomé Vicente Ramón, 17, San Antonio, (was Rita’s/Refuel). Tel 602 505 479.

Top Tip: I’m a fan of Dolmadakia—but have never tasted any so good as Munir’s—Superb.




Trevor Hunt



Last week and above you will see a new advertisement for Trev Hunt, the well-known author of Ibiza Shorts – 14 stories all set on the island, now updated and available as an eBook.

Trev has also written two full-length romantic comedies, and is a poet, being runner-up in the prestigious Mensa Poet of the Year competition in 2012.

The Ibizan is not alone in enjoying Trev’s work, as shown by these Comments and Kind Words by famous people:-

“Trev Hunt transports you to a world of love, comedy, drama and intrigue – brilliant!” Guy Bellamy

“I have just read ‘A Victimless Crime’ from Ibiza Shorts with a glass of wine beside an open fire, and was gripped!” Alastair Sawday

“I know how it is with a lovely new book… and do wish you lots of luck…” Jilly Cooper

“I found Trev’s book ‘Ibiza Shorts’ to be a wonderful companion – far better even than the most gripping of novels! Poignant with life and the author’s love of Ibiza.” Anthony J. Pike – retired hotelier to the stars, Ibiza

“Your handsome book is great fun and seems to reach parts that other books on Ibiza do not reach.” Quentin Letts

“Trev Hunt shows he really knows what makes women tick – and boy do they in this marvellous book!” Carol Halliwell

“Ibiza Shorts is a superb book to relax the business traveller, entertain a holiday-maker, or for the sheer enjoyment of anyone lucky enough to read it! Gripping and funny.” Dave Jarvis – ex-global President, Hilton Hotels International

“Viva Trev Hunt – what a discovery his books are!” John Hollands, MC – author of the 3-million best seller “The Dead, the Dying and the Damned” and many other books.

And finally, kind words penned in 2005 by the creator of ‘Rumpole’:-

“I wish you luck in your new writing career.” (The sadly late) Sir John Mortimer

So why not visit

to check things out – and possibly use the link to buy an eBook or two? They’re all keenly priced to sell, professionally produced by ‘The eBook Partnership’, and available globally for all forms of eBook readers.

The list of eBooks comprises:-

An update and re-write of ‘Ibiza Shorts’ (fourteen stories first published in 2005).

‘A Virgin Bride’ – a full-length Romantic Comedy.

‘Love is Funny’ – a full-length Romantic Comedy.

A ‘Variety of Verse’ – a selection of some of Trev’s poems.

‘Four Play’ – not a mis-spelt sex manual, but rules for four indoor games Trev has invented for the thinking person, to be played with your own equipment.

Additionally the fourteen stories from ‘Ibiza Shorts’ are available to buy in pairs.

On the facing page we give you a taster of one of Trev’s shorts—The Teenage Popstar of Figueretas. Enjoy!

The Teenage Popstar of Figueretas – a taster…

Trev Hunt


Penny d’Arcy languidly stretched her petite young body, her famous blue-green eyes flicking to check the time on the bedside clock. It was only about eight-thirty pm, but with the high tech shutters on her cabin windows closed, it could have been the middle of the night. She turned back to the book she was reading, then, on impulse, threw it as far as she could across the cabin, putting into action the oft-quoted Dorothy Parker advice, “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

How many times had she read the naffin’ love story before, only of course with a different title and different named characters? Girl goes out with mates, girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, girl loses boy, girl gets boy back.

If only it happened like that in real life! Again she stretched out on the enormous round double bed – a feature of the owner’s suite on her multi-million pound yacht. Why couldn’t she get to sleep? Last night she hadn’t slept a wink, nor the night before. She must be tired. She flicked a button, the cabin lights dimmed, and then a solitary one lit automatically, gradually moving across the ceiling to descend down the wall, copying the setting of the sun. As the ‘sun’ went down, ‘stars’ came out in the ceiling, twinkling like a night-time summer sky – the whole system a kindly meant present from her manager. Said to be therapeutic if you’re alone, romantic if you’re not. She was alone, so had to make do with the therapy.

“When you’re worried and you can’t sleep, then count your blessings instead of sheep” the old, old song went. Not that she was worried, just a desperately unhappy twenty-two year old multi-millionaire pop star who had gained the whole world, but lost the boy she loved. And that love had started right here, in Ibiza, not far from where her luxury yacht was now anchored. Her mind drifted – was it really only six years ago that, as ordinary Penny Brown, she had come to Ibiza with five mates, all aged sixteen, to celebrate their recent release for ever from the tyranny called school?

** * * *

Some people are catalysts, they make things happen without even realising it. They become popular, and are usually the centre of attention. Frequently but not always they are fun people, but above all it is their charisma that makes them a catalyst.

Certainly little auburn haired Penny Brown was one, and had been for many years. When Helen, one of her best mates, hit on the idea of having a school leavers’ holiday to Ibiza, and started drawing up a shortlist of those she would like to come along, inevitably Penny had been top of that list. When you were with Penny, things, well, just happened, fun things, different things…..

Don’t panic! You can read the rest of the story FREE online at the Ibizan.

And for more of Trevor’s stories from only 99 cents go to

Itc morna




Kaiser Chiefs

Claire B

In advance of their forthcoming appearance at Ibiza Rocks on September 3rd, I bagged an interview with bass player Simon Rix of the Kaiser Chiefs to find out what rocks his world. The Kaiser Chiefs played at Ibiza Rocks for the first time back in 2005 when they were on the cusp of stardom as their first album ‘Employment’ stormed into the UK charts at number two. They returned to play Ibiza Rocks in 2007 and again in 2012. The last eighteen months have been an interesting time for the band, with drummer Nick Hodgson (one of their chief songwriters) leaving the band, singer Ricky Wilson appearing as a judge on BBC talent show ‘The Voice’ and their fifth album ‘Education, Education, Education and War’ taking them to the top of the charts again in the UK, after a spell of them being out of them. The five piece band from Leeds were a tightly-knit group of mates who have been playing together since 2000 (when they formed their previous band Parva), so what does it all mean to Simon and what does he remember of the previous three gigs in Ibiza?

Kaiser Chief

Claire B: This will be the fourth time you’ve played at Ibiza Rocks. Do you have any special memories of playing here?

It’s always been good. Every time we’ve played it’s been in a different place. So, the first time it was the first ever Ibiza Rocks, and we were at Manumission and that was a unique event, there were lots of people there, and we were very young and fresh faced, so everything was exciting and we had a good night out and we all really loved Ibiza, because none of us had ever been before that, so that was good. The next time was at Bar M, and then the next time we played in the hotel, and then this time we’re playing there again. I don’t really have any unique memories I don’t think, but it’s always a great crowd. It’s always nice to hang out for a few days. The first time we came we had a week in Ibiza, which was back in 2005 and which for us was the year of our lives when Entertainment came out, and we hadn’t had any time off for about eighteen months so it was great, sitting round the pool, having a good time.

Claire B: Last time you played here Ricky ran round to the press room and grabbed hold of a bottle of Jack Daniels and started drinking from it on the balcony, and after the last songhe scaled the VIP balcony and jumped into the swimming pool. Are there any plans to top that this year?

Well that’s going to be very difficult. I remember him doing that. Ricky is quite famous, I think, for going for a wander around and having an explore. I think that jumping in the pool, I think that the best thing he ever did was when we were playing at a very hot festival, he went off and got on top of a fire truck and then sprayed water from the fire truck onto the audience. So maybe he could do that again.

Claire B: We had better see if we can get a fire truck in the venue then.

[Simon laughs]

Claire B: Does Ricky usually plan his antics in advance or was that pure spur of the moment?

I think he has a look around to see what’s there, obviously the pool was there in the middle of the venue so that was quite an obvious place to go I guess … I don’t know really, he never tells us, so it’s always a surprise for us.

Claire B: You’re probably sick of being asked this, but I’m going to ask you anyway. Do you think Ricky’s appearance on The Voice has made any difference to your recent record sales?

Probably. I think also we’ve been around for ten years and once you’ve been around for a long time you do have a tendency to drop off the radar a little bit because people have bought your records, they’ve seen you so… So seeing Ricky on the show reminded the fans about us, I think it definitely helped with that. But I think that without a good record we would have been useless. There are many people who have been on the Voice and The X Factor and haven’t had big record sales and I think it’s because it was a good record – they made a good combination.

Claire B: Have you been watching any of the other bands at recent festivals you’ve been at?

A few. I’m just trying to think. Phoenix, they’re French, we played with them in Belgium.

Claire B: So who is impressing you musically at the moment?

New band wise, at Glastonbury I went to see a band called Temples who I think have been to Ibiza Rocks already and they’re great, and I like Courtney Barnett, she’s really, really good I think.

Claire B: What has been your personal highlight so far of being in The Kaiser Chiefs?

Erm, I think a personal high was playing two gigs at Glastonbury, this year was one of the best moments of the whole thing. When we first started, there were loads of really good moments all the time, but this year I think has been… So playing there, but the best thing is being at number one again, it was one of the best achievements, was one of the best things we’ve done in terms of achievements, but it all seemed to be… When we got to Glastonbury this year we played first, we opened up, and then we played in the tent later on in the evening, we headlined, and I just felt that was the pay-off, that really felt like a moment of being back, if you know what I mean, that was the reward of being number one – we played two great gigs, it was a great feeling.

Claire B: What else do you want to achieve with them?

I’d like to err … we’ve been going for ten years as a band and I think we’re all really proud of the fact that we’re still doing it and we’re still together and making good music, and it’s going well. We’ve been at number one again and have been playing great gigs – I just want to continue doing that. I’d like to win a few more awards and have a few more number one’s and I’d really like to, I think the thing we’d really like to do is to headline a big major festival. We headlined some before, I think Isle of White is the biggest one we’ve ever headlined which is great but it would be nice to headline Leeds or Reading or Glastonbury or something like that one day.

Claire B: What’s an ideal gig for you? Do you prefer playing in smaller intimate venues or large stadiums or festivals?

Very un-coolly, I like to play to as many people as humanly possible. I think one of the best things you can do is to look out over a sea of people all singing and stuff. I think the Ibiza gig will be great because the people are always up for it, which makes our job a lot easier.

Claire B: Do you think you’ll get chance to see any of the island whilst you’re here?

I’m staying an extra day so I’m hoping to have a little run around and enjoy Ibiza and the relaxed atmosphere – I like it, it’s good.

The Kaiser Chiefs are playing at Ibiza rocks on September 3.

At Night

Miles Kane @ Ibiza Rocks

Claire B


Last week at Ibiza Rocks, Miles Kane performed with his band, with support from Childhood. It was my fourth time of seeing Miles playing live, so I was expecting a good gig. He played a storming acoustic show last summer at The Ibiza Rocks Bar, but this was his first time playing at Ibiza Rocks.

First up were London band Childhood, who were a late addition to the bill, and turned out to be an excellent choice of support. Fresh from releasing their first album ‘Lacuna’ on August 11th, the young four-piece band from London, with the addition of a keyboard player, wowed the crowd with their indie cum psychedelic pop tunes. Their last single ‘As I Am’ was a bit more melodic than the rest of their set, which with two guitar players had a rockier edge. They deserved to have a larger audience watching them, but those that were there were treated to a great set and it was over all too quickly, as is often the case with the support bands who usually only have a 40-minute slot. They seemed to be just getting into their stride when it was all over, and I could have happily watched them for much longer. Remember their name – check out their album and try and see them live – they’re good.

Miles Kane made his entrance at 10.40pm, and what an entrance it was – one of the best I’ve witnessed for a while. Nicola Bear dropped ‘Blitzkreig Bop’ by The Ramones, which was followed by Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’ as Miles made his entrance onto the stage. The band immediately launched into an energetic performance of ‘Inhaler’ that saw Miles strutting around the stage with his guitar, sporting his new cropped hair cut. I was in the pit taking photos at the time and seeing it all up so close was amazing and a fantastic start to what turned out to be a great gig. With a great lighting show to accompany it, the energy coming from the stage from Miles and his band was infectious, as he prowled, posed, jumped, and scissor-kicked his way around the stage. So much so that I felt the need to go down the front, not something that I do very often. Playing songs from his first two albums and his singles, including personal favourites ‘Come Closer’ and ‘Rearrange’, they played for just over an hour and were on fire throughout the set.

I selfishly loved the fact that the venue wasn’t rammed and enjoyed being down the front of the stage without getting crushed. Because of that, it was one the gigs that I have enjoyed the most so far this year, as it was a great experience to be close to the stage, and as usual, Miles and his band put on a great show.

Freddie Rocks @ Pikes

On Sunday September 7th Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes holds its 4th annual ‘Freddie for a Day’ party, a charity event in celebration of Freddie Mercury’s birthday.

Hidden in the hills outside San Antonio, Pikes was an exclusive party-retreat for the rock ‘n’ roll elite of the 80’s, hosting the likes of Grace Jones, Julio Iglesias, and Elton John. Freddie Mercury famously celebrated his 41st birthday party there in 1987, cited as one of the most lavish parties ever to be held on the island.

The party begins with the Sunday Roast from 1pm. Sunday is very much a family day, and this year the House has pulled out all the stops to organise a very special ‘Kids Rock Freddies’ from 3-9pm with a bouncy castle, games, toys and endless fun.

Celebrations will continue into the night with live bands, including Kids On Bridges, special guest DJ Felix Da Housecat, a performance from Madonna Scsx, and a line-up of some the Island’s favourite DJs. 5€ donation on the door and 5€ donation for the Kids Corner with Freddie Tash included. 100% of the contributions go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which raises money for people affected by HIV and AIDS. Further information:

For guest list email

[email protected]




SuperMartXé @ Privilege

Nicole Torres

Supermartxe 3 NT 110814

Every Friday night Privilege, World’s Biggest Club, opens its main room to welcome us to a night with a magnificent – and different every Friday – stage show, Nalaya’s beautiful live voice accompanied by various guests throughout the summer, the latest hits remixed by the SuperMartXé DJs, and, when you enter the magic, you finally realise why all their posters say ‘You’ll Never Dance Alone”, I’ve seen the toughest I-Never-Dance kind of guys jump up and down on the dance floor for hours!

Always innovating, this year SuperMartxé has a whole new group of DJs with rubber masks and names like Dj Kid, Dj Crazy, Dj Brothers – they also had a duo of djs last year, dressed similar to Ironman’s armour -, DJ Animal, DJ Homie, DJ Doll, DJ Model, DJ Tiger and DJ Manga, with the subtitle under SuperMartXé ‘The New Generation’.

Supermartxe 2 NT 110814

What can you expect of a party organized by the Spanish producer SuperMartxé? An incredible show with acrobats hanging from the roof, half naked beautiful girls in giant champagne glasses, a great live singer, Nalaya, who comes on the stage to sing the latest hits by Rhianna, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, and the likes, with a house background that becomes more hardcore closer to the sunrise.

The first time I went to this party was last year’s SuperMartxé opening party, the night didn’t start well – I won’t bore you with the whole story – and I got angry, grabbed the only one in the group who hadn’t spoiled the first part of my night and ended up leaving the club blinded by the morning sunlight, hugging a friend I had met three days earlier, and calling each other brother and sister. From that night on, SuperMartxé took Flower Power’s place as my favourite party.

The SuperMartxé team never give the same show twice. Last year, they had a night where there was a merry-go-round on stage and people dressed as Disney cartoons – Mikey, Mini, Donald… -. Another called Angel City, in which white heaven related decorations and go-go dancers ‘dressed’ as angels… a different one every Friday. This year’s parties are as good, or better, but in no case worse; their success has encouraged the people behind the SuperMartxé parties to work hard and never let down their many, many fans. Some of my favourites this year were the opening party on June 6th – I got there much earlier and saw how the Privilege Main Room filled up, thinking I knew what to expect and thinking it could never be a better night than last year’s opening. I was wrong!

They have great guest singers too, Tinie Tempah sang on the 13th of June and Akon was there this past Friday 8th of August, to give a couple of examples.

Supermartxe NT 110814

This year SuperMartxé started their Pool Parties B***h – that’s what they have called their Thursday afternoon parties at Ocean Beach Club – on July 3rd and I’m sad to admit I still haven’t been, but I’ve been told they are 100% SuperMartxé! Another new SuperMartxé “thing” is their Superman by SuperMartxé gay party that has taken over the Cristian Varela & Friends’ night (last year) in the Vista Club, party that had the honour of having as a guest DJ the living myth that is Boy George on June 20th.

The SuperMartxé group travels a lot, producing parties not only in Ibiza but also at BCN in Mallorca, where they have a permanent night during the summer, and Fabrik in Madrid, SuperMartxé’s winter home – kind of like Privilege in the Summer –, also touring South America and almost the whole of Spain.

I admit it might not be many I-don’t-listen-to-commercial-music people’s choice, but I ask you not to judge a book by it’s cover… Don’t deny yourself the chance to dance until your feet hurt, amazed by the show and everything that complements it, in the worlds biggest club!

For more information



Claire BKylie_claireb_250814_yo-076-Rüt-Huyzentruyt

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m a fan of pop princess Kylie, and was delighted when she was added to the summer season of live music put on by The Hard Rock Hotel. Held at Ushuaïa rather than the hotel as the venue has a larger capacity, she was billed as making a ‘special appearance’, so it was clearly not going to be a full-scale, all-singing, all-dancing Kylie show. Also on the bill were DJs Pete Tong, Heidi, Manuel de Diego, and Brian Cross, but I was only there to see Kylie. Arriving at the venue just before 10pm, it was absolutely packed, with everyone waiting excitedly for her arrival.

She appeared onstage just after 10pm flanked by her two female backing singers and three female dancers who were sporting dramatic, black, feather headdresses. Kylie looked resplendent, wearing a skimpy black and white number and thigh-high black boots, topped off with a feathered headdress. Starting off with hit single ‘Spinning Around’, the girls were quickly joined onstage by a couple of male dancers and it was obvious from their choreographed routines that we were going to be in for a good show. Next up was ‘Out Of The Blue’ from her last album ‘Kiss Me Once’ followed by another crowd-pleaser, ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, which was accompanied by stunning visuals behind her on the stage.

Kylie then went offstage whilst the video for ‘Skirt’ was played and the dancers kept the crowd entertained. She reappeared for ‘Sexercise’ having changed into a sexy little silver fringed number, whilst the female dancers cavorted around the stage with gym balls and the show become somewhat more raunchy. Next up was ‘Love At First Sight’ and the set was rounded off with ‘All The Lovers’, for which the dancers had red, lip-shaped balloons. As the last bars rang out around the venue the customary confetti and gold metallic streamers were launched from the stage onto the crowd, to loud cheers and screams. Before leaving the stage she said, “thank you so much, you filled me with happiness and love, this is truly incredible, thank you, thank you, thank you, goodnight” to even more screams. The dancers threw their balloons into the crowd and left. Looking at the end of the show on a video taken by a friend the next day, she seemed genuinely moved by the crowd’s reaction.

Kylie_claireb_250814_yo-095-Rüt-HuyzentruytIt wasn’t a Kylie concert, but it was a slick, well-choreographed, albeit short personal appearance, with some live singing over the top of a backing track. And the backdrop projections to accompany each song were stunning. Ushuaïa may have a larger capacity than The Hard Rock Hotel but it’s a terrible venue to see a live performance in, because unless you can get in the space between the stage and the swimming pool, it’s really difficult to find a place to be able to see the stage from, especially if the performer is small, like Kylie.

Fortunately my photographer managed to charm her way to the front of the stage and got some great shots of the great visual show that many people complained about not being able to see very well.



Beginner’s guide to… Nightlife in San Antonio / Cala de Bou

Sophia V

Ibiza is known for being one of the best party places in the world. DJ’s, singers and performers entertain thousands of tourists and residents each week, with a huge choice of different events and music genre’s. With each event, it is evident how much thought, creativity and talent has gone into ensuring that guests have a memorable night.

With it’s clubs, bars, pool and boat parties, San Antonio and Cala de Bou have everything you could want for a great night out. Here is a guide if you haven’t experienced the nightlife before and it’s your first time here.

Bars – The West End strip and waterfront Paseo (promenade) features a large selection of lively bars / small clubs. Hush, Soul City, 70’s 80’s 90’s, Tropicana, Lineker’s, Plastik, Play 2, to name a few that are perfect if you fancy dancing all night long. Whatever you’re in the mood to listen to, you have a choice of house music, dubstep, garage, RnB and rock music.

In the bay, the main tourist street has many good party bars from, at the San An End Urban Lounge, Bucanero’s, Donnegans, Pussycat, Pink Panther etc, down to BN3, Peppers 2, Millenium and Mar-i-Pins. All offer good prices and very late night music.

Pubs – If you fancy a drink in a pub-type bar, the West End of San Antonio has plenty to offer including The Ship Inn, The Boozer, The Highlander, Joe Spoons, Kilties, the Godfather, The Cat and Parrot, Delilah’s (a karaoke bar) and more. Newly opened in 2014 is Flaherty’s Irish Pub on the Egg roundabout.

Super Clubs – San Antonio is home to super club Es Paradis, with its weekly events such as Fiesta Del Agua, Ibiza Rocks after show, Hed Kandi, Neon paint party and more. Each event brings a memorable performance. With its white décor, winding staircases, balcony’s and round centre dance floor, it is a real taste of old school Ibiza clubs. In 2014 Eden has been run by Gatecrasher.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel also holds some great events. With its weekly artists such as Chase & Status, Dynamite, Tine Tempah, Example and more on the main stage it’s no wonder the place is always packed out. There’s a VIP balcony for better viewing and the hotel is modern, trendy, unique and isn’t known as the ‘party hotel’ for nothing.

Sunset Strip – The sunset strip with its vibrant atmosphere, ambient music, and busy crowds is also a place to take up the dance floor. Cocktails can be enjoyed in Mambo, Mint, Café Del Mar, Savannah’s, Kasbah, Kanya bar and more.

Boat Parties – San Antonio holds many boat parties, usually with pre parties held in the bars. Driftwood Ibiza, Pukka Up, Ibiza Rocks the Boat are only some of what’s in store. Partying amongst an excited crowd with a magnificent view, in the middle of the sea, with the sun of your face is amazing.

Pool Parties – San An has the amazing Ocean Beach Club with its impressive sound system, luxurious pool, entertaining shows, not to mention the acrobatic mermaids, talented dancers and more. Kanya Bar also hosts a pool party with some great resident DJ’s and has the perfect beach view.

Tickets -Tickets for boat parties and clubs can be purchased online and practically everywhere in Ibiza. There are several stalls dotted around San Antonio and the bay, stores and internet café’s. You can also purchase tickets from the hotels. Take care and only buy tickets from reputable outlets.

Cream competition

Win a Pair of VIP Tickets to Cream Amnesia

2014 marks Cream Ibiza’s 20th Anniversary and they have given us a pair of VIP tickets for each remaining party up until the closing on 25th September.

We’ve delved into the cream photo archive and each week we’ll be bringing you a picture from the history of one of Ibiza’s most successful parties—all you have to do is guess the correct year.

Answer the question to win a pair of VIP tickets to Cream Ibiza

Thursday 4th September featuring Paul Van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Gareth Wyn, and on the Terrace, NERO, Jaguar Skills, Jeremy Olander and much more.

What year is this classic Cream photo of deadmaus?


A) 2007 B) 2010 C) 2013

Photo Credit: Charlie Raven

Send answers by email headed ‘CREAM COMP’ to [email protected] Before midnight Sunday 31st August. Winner will be notified and announced online via the Ibiza Sun facebook page Monday 1st September. Tickets are not transferable. Dress code applies. See Cream Website for further info on the night and venue.

Winner 28th August: Congratulations to what must be one of our happiest ever competition winner who correctly guessed that the photo of Tiesto in last week’s edition was taken in 2005. Adam Allison, pictured below left with his girlfriend (we hope), is on holiday this week. Here is his response on receiving his winner notification email. “ WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COOOOOL! Im so Thankful! Oh wow! Thank you so much. I never won anything so cool in my life…… I just have wanted to see Eddie Halliwell for soooooo long and have never gotten the chance! Thank you so much for choosing me! I’m so thankful!”

Just the luck of the draw Adam, but you are welcome none the less— it’s always cool when somebody who’s really gonna enjoy it wins. Thanks to everyone else who entered – you’ve all got 4 more chances to win so keep trying and good luck!

August in Eivissa

Submitted by Stevey Nolan

Amphetamine over-indulgence neutralises sense and reason.

As experienced by residents of Ibiza every season.

Guys don their favourite un-ironed clothes and look for girls to sleaze on.

Not being on the Workers Guest list is an act of treason.

Metrosexual mummy’s-boys and snotty back-combed bitches

Descend upon the island to snort up their parents riches,

Develop a drug addiction and scratch it till it itches…

Shiny, happy people with involuntary muscle twitches.

Ignorant, plastic, spastics overflowing with self-importance.

Liver, lungs and kidneys become malfunctioning drug-filled organs.

Brain hot-boxed inside their skull as their attention span shortens.

Arrogant over-confidence fuelled by cocaine and Captain Morgan’s

Automated sleaze-balls flogging discount nightclub tickets

Will undoubtedly supply you with some dodgy disco-biscuits.

The kind of human being you would willingly dismember

And chop the limbs down smaller still and whisk them in a blender.

In order not to kill one, here’s a tip you should remember….

To all my friends on the Soulless Isle… Just drink until September!

Ibiza Dance Chart by shazam

The Shazam Dance Chart gives a uniquely Ibizan view of what’s hot—compiled weekly and exclusively from Shazam users in Ibiza. Who do you think should be at the top? Best you get Shazaming …

1. Bullit – WatermätShazam list

2. Forget – Patrick Topping

3. My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise

4. Finder – Ninetoes

5. Pushing On (Edit) – Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

6. Walking With Elephants – Ten Walls

7. Hoodlum – Traumer

8. Sheeta (Mendo Remix) – Hunzed & Harvey

9. Soledad (Original Mix) – Chus & Ceballos Vs. Leonardo Gonnelli

10. After Dark – &ME

Health & Fitness


Kevin Russell

Ebola virus, formally known as Ebola Haemorrhagic Disease, was first identified in the 1970s; it is highly contagious and has a high mortality rate of approximately 90%. The World

Health Organisation has described it as one of the world’s most virulent viruses and on the 8th of August declared this most recent outbreak as an international public health emergency with Nigeria also declaring it a National Emergency. This outbreak isn’t the first but is the longest lasting and largest in the known history of the virus, with almost 1000 identified deaths.

It is a relatively contagious disease, spread through contact with infected blood or other bodily fluids from a previously infected person or animal. It is generally accepted that the outbreaks start with a first exposure from an infected animal, in West Africa this is typically a monkey, fruit bat or antelope, human to human infection then follows. Previous outbreaks have all been within Central and West Africa. Person to person transmission often occurs between those caring for the dying and already infected. It is thought that those infected, but not showing symptoms, will not infect others. It cannot be transferred through droplet, air, water or food and symptoms can take up to 20 days to appear.

Initial symptoms are those similar to flu: headaches, fevers, joint and muscle aches, weakness and loss of appetite. As the disease evolves the symptoms worsen. In latter stages the virus prevents proper blood clotting causing haemorrhaging or bleeding.

There is no proven cure or vaccine for the virus but treatment includes hydration with fluids and electrolytes, blood transfusions and other supportive therapies such as oxygen and the administration of anti-coagulation medicines. Strict quarantine is essential to prevent further contamination. Of course the means and resources available to poorer health services in rural West Africa will affect the ability to effectively isolate any infected person. Along with provisions: masks, gowns, gloves, etc. there has to be proper health worker education and waste disposal systems.

A Spanish priest was the first person known to come to Europe with the disease; he is in quarantine receiving medical attention in Madrid with a co-worker of his who has not yet been diagnosed. We can be assured that strict isolation protocols are in place to prevent infection. There have been no reported cases (except for accidental laboratory exposure) outside of Africa so the likely hood of an epidemic in Europe is low. Furthermore some countries have closed airports and borders near the outbreak areas to minimise the chances of the disease spreading.

If you would like any other health related topic discussed please get in touch.

Piriformis Syndrome

Kevin Russell

Piriformis-syndrome-web-large800x600Earlier this summer we discussed some of the problems that runners might come across after the event, dehydration in the Ibizan heat, carbohydrate fuel needs and bursitis, but there are many more that can occur during the long months of training or even those that run for fun and general fitness.

The femur is the longest, heaviest and strongest bone in the body, at its proximal (upper) end it connects to the hip with a ball and socket joint and at the lower end with the tibiofemoral (knee) joint. The hip is the most important joint when we think about movement or transporting the body from one place or position to another. Because the hip joint is a ball and socket joint, it gives the leg more movement that any other type of joint in the body. It offers flexion and extension, abduction and adduction as well as rotation, both medial (rotating inwards) and lateral (rotating outwards). Without this range of movement we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do, even just getting out of a chair. But bones and joints don’t move the body, muscles do. Therefore there has to be a lot of muscles connecting the femur, pelvis and sacrum. These muscles can be classified in several groups, the quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles, as well as many smaller muscles that complement the larger groups enabling fine motor movement.

Piriformis syndrome is a painful problem common in runners and cyclists that overuse the piriformis muscle or don’t adequately stretch it afterwards. The muscle itself is relatively flat, small that connects the sacrum to the tip of the femur. It is important because it stabilises the hip joint, lifts and rotates the thigh away from the body. This enables us to shift our weight, maintain balance and to walk, in brief, the majority of movements in the leg and hip. The problem comes when the long, thick sciatic nerve that passes through the buttock gets pressed by the piriformis muscle causing severe sciatic pain. This pain can be light or tingling or, in advanced cases, can extend down the back of the leg causing disability.

Sometimes the sciatic nerve runs through the middle of the piriformis muscle so as the muscle contracts it causes more pain. Many people with piriformis syndrome have a history of repetitive vigorous activity such as running or even prolonged sitting especially with crossed legs. Avoidance of movements that cause the pain (such as lunging or walking on uneven surfaces) and anti-inflammatory painkillers are a good way to prevent pain. However there are some very useful stretches and warm up exercises that can be implemented that can help.

If you want me to discuss any health related issue please get in touch via my email below or see my advert.

[email protected]

Nutrition On The Run

James Davisfrutas

As well as being very hot in August many of us are really pressed for time with the island in top gear. If you’re training, then one of the problems that can present itself on the island is refuelling properly. If you’ve got bags of time and/or a private chef, then no problem, you can plan and eat your healthy meals and ensure you’re getting optimum nutrition, but if you’re haring around and eating on the go, how can you keep your diet healthy?

Ibiza isn’t yet blessed with any healthy fast food outlets, and while back in the UK it’s relatively easy to pick up healthy food on the go, here it’s pretty difficult – if you want to grab and go you’ll probably end up choosing between a slice of tortilla or a ham and cheese baguette, simply because that’s what’s on offer.

There’s a saying in the fitness industry that results are 30% training and 70% nutrition, and it’s partially true, so how do you ensure you’re getting the lean clean protein you need, plus fresh vegetables, while avoiding processed foods like bread?

Well a little planning goes a long way so the first option is to get organised and make yourself meals in advance: dump some tuna and a boiled egg in a lunch box with some salad and you’ve got a healthy meal, but if you want to avoid meal boredom you’ll really have to plan.

Think about cooking up some healthy grains or pulses like quinoa, brown rice, or lentils and keep them sealed in the fridge, then you can accessorise your lunch box by adding to these some chopped tomato, cucumber, avocado and lemon or lime juice. Add your lean protein and some green leaves and you’re good to go.

With the best will in the world though, this isn’t always possible, so what are your options? If you have to eat out try to avoid white bread and the omnipresent bocadillo. Lots of cafes will have dishes like scrambled egg with mushrooms (instead of toast), opt for salads and try to avoid cheeses and other processed foods and meats. Think from field or sea to table and you want the shortest route possible for your food, with the least fiddling on the way. Simple is good.

If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the Passion outlets then you’re problem is solved as they’ve got a large variety of healthy salads on offer to eat in or take away, and the newly opened Passion Deli in Marina Botafoch sells the basis for most of their meals meaning you can stock up for home.

If you can’t stretch to a private chef then opt for the next best thing with meals made for you and ready to go: Laurelito in Jesus offers healthy lunch boxes designed with fitness in mind, think char grilled chicken breasts with baby tomatoes and salads, tuna salads, wild rice and more, all from around €13. You can pick up from there, or they’ll deliver.

Hopefully that gives you a few pointers to help you eat healthily on the run, and remember that hydration is vital in this heat – aim to drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day on top of any other liquid intake, more if you’re training or working outdoors.




JuanLetter From Juan


Call me old fashioned, behind the times, an old fuddy duddy or whatever you want, but I can’t get my head round the modern fascination with “Tattoos”. I remember when I was young, back in the dark ages, the only people who had tattoos were Maoris, pirates and sailors, and soldiers who got drunk in a port and their mates got them done whilst they were still in a stupor. Hopefully technology in the art of tattooing has improved since then, as all I can remember seeing was old soldiers with these blurred blue green things on their arms which if you screwed up your eyes you could make out a vaguely shaped heart with “I love Mum” in the centre! I must admit I have seen some amazing tattoos recently, but I am not sure what they will look like when age and gravity come into being. On the subject of body fashions, please don’t get me on the subject of piercings, I think anybody who has it done must be mad. I could understand in the very old days a pirate having it done to keep some gold safe for a rainy day but what is the point today? Also why is it in both these practices it appears to be a physical and mental impossibility to have just one tattoo or one piercing (apart possibly for Ladies who have their ears pierced as a more practical and safer way to wear earrings)? Obviously, as far as I am concerned, anybody who wishes to decorate their body in either of these ways is perfectly entitled to do so, just don’t ask me to admire it! You will be happy to hear that I will not be on this subject next week, well I don’t think I will, as I am in England about to head off on large boat to visit St Petersburg. Not a Silversurfer cruise officially, but no doubt it will turn out to be one. Doesn’t that sound exciting – well the St Petersburg part does. So I will cast off and be in touch next week, yours Juan. Ps: I went to see Kylie last Friday, she was great, it was just a shame that the show was a condensed version of her show at the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony and that it only lasted 25 minutes.

View from the pewView from the Pew

Peter Jordan

James Alexander Gordon was famous for his reading of the classified football results on the BBC for forty years! His intonation was so good you could tell the result that was coming. Liverpool 3… and his voice would drop a tone – Arsenal 1. Following his death from throat cancer, we read his obituary last week.

He was born in Edinburgh, but his mother died giving birth and he was placed for adoption. At six months he got polio and for many years he could not walk or talk and spent long periods in hospital. His adoptive parents refused to mollycoddle him and ‘used love and humour to diffuse difficult situations’. Through special schools he learned to read and loved books and studying. He would have loved to play football but was resigned to holding the corner flag in his mouth as his contribution to school football games. His father gave him an old radio – he loved that too. As an adult he had a speech impediment but tried very hard to copy the voices he heard on the radio. His father also, like many men, did the football pools each week and often complained that the scores were read too fast. Getting an opportunity to work at the BBC, because of his Scottish accent, he was delighted to get the chance to read the football results… and as they say, the rest is history.

It’s great to hear of someone realizing his dreams despite severe difficulties. Good to hear how his adoptive parents loved him and encouraged him.

The Bible tells us that God wants to adopt us all into His family. The great thing about being an adopted son or daughter is your parent or parents chose you. God wants to choose each one of us. He even sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to open the way for our adoption.

Peter and Barbara (971 343383)

You will be very welcome to join God’s family this Sunday.

Sunday August 31st 11.30am All-age (0 – 100+) service at S’Hort de Can Masia – turn left off Santa Eulalia-San Carlos road at Bar Sansara sign, in 100metres, turn left again and it’s the first white house on the left. Everyone is welcome to stay for lunch.

I.C.S. Seasonal Ministry – led by Revd Stuart Bell (638 373 479). 10.30am Holy Communion at the open air chapel Es Canar. 5.45pm Songs of Praise at Hotel Panorama, Es Canar (due to hotel policy children under 16 are not admitted to the hotel.)

Good to talkIt’s Good To Talk

Kate Stillman

Dear Kate,

I have a simple but very challenging issue which I think I want to resolve. To put it simply I drink too much. I don’t drink alone or wake up wanting to drink, I don’t hide drink in my house or sneak one with out anyone realising. But I do get very drunk when I go out and I do share a bottle of wine every night with my partner. My friends say I am a funny drunk, they find me amusing, I come out of myself and am (so I am told) good entertainment but I really feel that it is time to stop.

What do you think? And how do I do it?

Thank you,


Dear BK,

Thank you for your e-mail and it is interesting that you say it is a simple issue, I wonder if it is slightly more complex than maybe you are acknowledging? Having an alcohol issue is not so much about how much you drink but more about how you drink, what your relationships with alcohol is and who is in control, it or you? We have a stereotypical image of what an alcoholic is and many people do not want to label them self as such, but alcoholics – like everything else – are all different and what matters is you and how you feel you relate to alcohol, and if that is physically and mentally healthy or not.

You say that you are a funny drunk, that your friends like it when you are drunk, you are good entertainment, I wonder why you feel a need to be entertaining? If you were not being entertaining people might get the chance to know you at a deeper level, become closer friends and I wonder if it this prospect that you find daunting. Exposing your self at deeper level can be a challenge but having friends who understand and know you at that level can be hugely rewarding and supportive.

AA is an amazing organisation. They have meetings on the island regularly if you would like more information the English speaking Ibiza AA mobile 646351680. They can offer you support and the opportunity to be around others who are also making the same choices as you.

Take care, Kate.

For contact details see Kate’s advert in local services.

To contact AA visit

GardeningGardener’s Corner

John Hitchin

Sea salt is sold as an healthier alternative to processed table salt as it has not been bleached and washed so it still has all the minerals and is considered by some people to be more healthy.

Anybody visiting Salinas in Ibiza will pass the salt works where salt is extracted form sea water by allowing the water to evaporate from the heat of the sun.

The subject of salt water and plants has been covered in a previous article but salt water causes reversed osmosis in plants that draws moisture from the ends of branches that leaves them looking scorched so it may come as a surprise to some people that sea salt has its uses in gardening.

This came about because of the work of a Dr Maynard Murray who worked in Chicago in the 40’s and 50’s. He had asked the question if medicine had made huge strides in treating most forms of disease why was there an increase in cancer and other forms of degenerative diseases?

Whilst researching this subject he discovered that sea animals did not suffer from these disease’s further research led him to find that freshwater trout started to develop liver cancer at the age of five years old but sea trout did not.salinas

He concluded that sea life was swimming in a constant supply of minerals and trace elements needed to sustain healthy life. He then realised that modern industrial agriculture was stripping these nutrients form the soil.

Dr Murray then experimented by growing plants that had sea salt added to the soil and found that plants were growing better and had abundant amounts of nutrients and even stayed fresher longer after harvesting.

The next stage of his experiments led to the discovery that mice bred to develop breast cancers had less chance of developing this disease when fed on plants that had sea salt added to the soil as a fertiliser.

Dr Murray passed away in 1984 believing that modern agriculture community had ignored his findings but in recent years the organic gardening and farming community has started to use sea salt as a fertiliser.

Sea salt contains ninety different minerals and trace elements but it is the sodium that will cause problems to plants if to much is present, so a cup full ofsalt can be sprinkled over about 10 square meters of soil, before planting fruits and vegetables the ground should be raked over to spread the salt then the top 20cm lightly forked over. The area should be watered afterwards.

Lawns can also be treated to a sea salt fertiliser by spreading abut 1.5 kilos over 140 square meters. The area will need to be watered afterwards for about 15 minutes with a light sprinkler.

Fruitbe treated every four months with this type of fertiliser by spreading about two table spoons of salt over about and square meter than watering in.

Just to show how important salt has been in history, the Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt and the Latin for salt is sal, so that is where the word salary originates from.

John Hitchin, writer of gardener’s corner can be contacted viaor web at:-

[email protected]

Thank you

I would like to thank our friends in Ibiza for the cards and messages of sympathyPhil’s sudden but peaceful death on 12th.

I would also like to thank all those people who helped Phil in so many ways during his long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

My son and I hope to bring Phil’s ashes back to his beloved Ibiza in late September.

Diana Ives

Conservatives Abroad

Pamela Deakin

Expat island residents and British visitors interested in taking an active role in the 2015 UK elections enjoyed a delightful and successful evening recently organised by Conservatives Abroad at the beautiful home of Charlie and Louise Bracken in Porroig.

Guests were able to obtain information on how they can now register to vote online as well as enjoying some delicious cocktails and canapés in a beautiful setting. Thanks to the kind hospitality of Charlie and Louise Bracken and the generous sponsorship of Ibiza-Sothebys, an informative and delightful evening was enjoyed by all. Guests were addressed by Heather Harper, Chairman of Conservatives Abroad and Councillor Lindsey Hall, who has a family home on the island.

Conservatives Abroad are active in over forty countries throughout the world and becoming more so as ex-pats look for ways to take part in the next UK elections. Irrespective of voting intention, it is important to register your vote as many expats continue to have interests in their homeland, whether it involves pensions, property, investments or families in the UK, and they are keen to be represented at the polls next year.

The organisation is also actively campaigning to change the law relating to the voting rights and addressing other expat issues. Currently UK citizens who have not been resident in the UK for 15 years are not entitled to vote in British elections. They are also not able to vote nationally in Spain if they are not Spanish citizens (although they may take part in municipal elections if registered locally).

There are an estimated two and a half million British citizens throughout the world who are disenfranchised and unable to vote anywhere but there are an equal number who can – and every vote counts!

You can now register quickly and easily online here or use a paper form

For more information regarding Conservatives Abroad Ibiza please contact either

[email protected]

[email protected]

or visit 



Ibiza Life

Tanit Nights Cultural Festival

Claire B

Sfera_Tanit-Nights_claireb_250814_yo-006-Rüt-HuyzentruytLast Saturday I went to one of the events organised by the Consell Insular as part of The Tanit Nights cultural festival, a performance called ‘Sfera’, which was billed as a combination of circus, dance, and theatre. The performance from the Teatrapo Company, from Extremadura, was held outdoors in the courtyard outside the University building, at the foot of Dalt Vila. The concept behind the show was the relationship of man’s unsustainable relationship to the planet and nature, centred on a man who is a victim of his own stupidity and showing the chaotic and unbalanced relationship between himself and nature. Sfera_Tanit-Nights_claireb_250814_yo-010-Rüt-HuyzentruytTo a backdrop of loud, driving music, and video projections at the back of the stage, we were treated to a spectacular show by the four performers, which alternated between classical and contemporary dance, some beautiful and daring aerial acrobatics and an imaginative use of props and costumes. It was a stunning show, giving a visual and aural treat to the senses.

Next Saturday, August 30th, sees dance troupe ‘Los Vivancos’ from Madrid performing their contemporary blend of flamenco fusion at the same venue. Videos of recent performances indicate that this will be something not to be missed. Tickets are available from 8pm on the night, price 25€ or in advance for 20€.

Sant Bartomeu Fiestas

Nicole Torres

10542713_10152641944647436_2502317599757737969_o-copySan Antonio started the celebrations, as every year, on the 8th of August, and these will go on until September 28th.

This year’s organizers have concentrated on the youngest members of the community, preparing all kinds of activities for children like various petanque competitions (they also have them for adults), water games for under 16 year olds at Can Coix, a theatre workshop, small motocross bikes for children up to 14, a foam party and a water party, etc.

Another focus point for the organizers has been sport. The already mentioned petanque, free spinning classes, the XIV Piragua Day, mountain bike competition, ping-pong tournament, etc.

Some I found particularly interesting were the V Otaku meeting – a weekend long event centred in manga, anime, cosplay, Japanese cinema, and much more. The bird and snakes show.

The festivities commenced as always with a spectacularfirework display at midnight on the 24th of August, San Antonio’s patron saint day, Sant Bartomeu. This year’s fireworks are dedicated to Francisco Marí, more commonly known as Xicu Savines, Portmany prize winner 2010.

But there is still much more to come:

August 28th: Story telling (6-9pm) at Espai Jove. Water scavenger hunt at the Vara de Rey school (6pm). Celebration of our Elders at Es Clot Marès (7pm) with live music and food.

August 29th: Plastic expression workshops (6-9pm) at Espai Jove. Display of rhythmic gymnastics (8pm) at Sa Punta des Molí. “Campeones” – Champions – documentary presentation and projection (9pm) at the cultural centre Cervantes.

August 30th: Children’s water games day (11am) at Can Coix swimming pool. Body pump master class (11am). Pilates and stretching master class (12pm). S’Arenal Dance ’14 (5pm) with international and local DJs. Traditional games afternoon (7pm) at s’Era d’en Manyà.

August 31st: XX swim crossing to Sa Cova de ses Llagostes (10am). XVI short film sample (9pm) at Sa Punta des Molí.

The Land’s festivities are also celebrated on the 31st of August with activities starting at 6pm on the Passeig de ses Fonts, culminating with an Ivan Domenech concert at 10pm.

September 5th: Sant Bartomeu Trophy (6pm) and technical classes of kumite and kata (karate) at Can Coix. The famous Carthaginians vs Romans party (7pm) has its first day on S’Arenal beach and will end with various concerts and DJs (9pm).san-an-fireworks-finale-copy

September 6th: XXXII Sant Bartomeu Judo trophy (9am) at Sa Pedrera. Sant Bartomeu Trophy (10am) for Karate at Sa Pedrera. Second day of Carthaginians vs Romans (6pm), which between other activities has a Tomato Battle, finishing the evening with live music and shows (10pm).

September 7th: Maritime coastal tour (11.30am) up to Cala d’Albarca, tickets available at the Centre d’Informació Jove, 5€ for adults and 3€ for children. Traditional games (3.30pm) at Cala Gració. XXXVIII mini-marathon (5pm) starting at the Passeig de ses Fonts. Classical music concert (9pm) at the church square.

September 13th and 14th: Stocks fair (10am) at the church square.

September 14th: Sport Gala Celebration (8pm) at Sa Punta des Molí.

And from September 25th until the 28th there will be a Medival Seafering Fair at the Passeig de la Mar.

Enjoy the fiestas!

You can read the 24-page long fiesta programme at

New-at-Sa-Drassaneta-NT-250814New Collective Exhibition At Sa Drassaneta

Nicole Torres

Another group of artists belonging to the AMAE are exhibiting their art at Sa Drassaneta in Dalt Vila. María Riera, Fausto Morín, Toni Montero and J. Luis Maeso present their very different styles in painting. Explosions of colour, flowers and fruits, visual music, cubism mixed with the traditional Ibiza… Don’t miss this new opportunity to meet with Ibiza’s art (and probably the artists, who wonder the exhibition…)

Free entrance, from Monday to Saturday, 8pm to 11pm until August 30th. Find out more on the AMAE facebook page



World of Sport

Jezza’s Sport Report

Jeremy Parmenter

First off, and for a change, let’s go Swimming and to Berlin, where Team GB must be congratulated for their performance at the European Championships having won 24 medals, a record for the team, and topping the table.

Rugby League now, and hallelujah, as Leeds Rhinos at last won the Challenge Cup in their 7th consecutive Final, having lost the last 6, beating Castleford Tigers 23-10 at Wembley so now not always the bridesmaids, eh!

On to Cricket, and after their winning of the Test Series against India, lets hope the force is with Cookie’s boys as they start the 5 ODI Series down in Bristle. Latest reports aren’t good tho’ as surprise, surprise, it’s peeing down in my old haunt, the County Ground on the Gloucester Rd, and doesn’t look good for play to even start today. ‘Tis also bad news for England’s women as rain has delayed their 3rd ODI against India but Charlotte Edward’s side had already won the 3 match Series on Saturday as they won the 2nd ODI by 13 runs with Edwards herself leading the way with a magnificent unbeaten 108, and more importantly, to make her the leading century-maker in ODI’s in the history of Women’s Cricket. On the domestic front, congrats to Birmingham Bears (aka Warwicks) as they won the T20 Final on Saturday at their home ground Edgbaston, beating Lancashire Lightning in a contest that went to the wire, with Lancs needing a 6 off the last ball. In the Semis earlier, always played on the same day and at the same ground, Lancs saw off Hampshire and Birmingham beat Surrey, KP et al!

Tennis now and today (Monday) sees the start of the final major of the year, the US Open at Flushing Meadow, NY. With our Balearic friend Rafa having had to pull out for a wrist injury, Djokovic looks the clear favourite, but Federer, seeded 2, will, I’m sure, have summat to say about that and in the current form he’s in on one of his favourite surfaces, I’m taking the Fed to win and increase his record of Majors. As for Our Andy, seeded 8, well he hasn’t won a title since Wimbledon last year and he’s going to have to pull out all the stops just to get to the Quarters, with his first round later today against Robin Hasse, so good luck to him. Also good luck to Johanna Konta, Britain’s sole representative in the Womens, appearing in her first Major.

man-city-liverpoolFootie now and an interesting weekend in the Premier League, but before that it looks likely, over the next 24 hours, that Manchester Utd will smash the British transfer record as according to reports, they’re just about to sign Angel di Maria from Real Madrid for ₤63.9 million. All I can say is that is he really worth almost double the fee Chelsea paid for Diego Costa? Also, it looks likely that Liverpool, having got rid of one maverick, is taking on another, in the shape of ex-Man City Mario Baloteli from AC Milan for ₤16m. Could be a good move, but be careful what you wish for, Mr Rodgers!

And so, on to last week’s results:

Burnley 1 Chelsea 3 (played Monday): A marker for the Blues as a 25 pass second goal has the purists purring, but Burnley show some fight in their return to the top table.

Aston Villa 0 Newcastle 0 – a pretty dour no-score draw but Villa in to the top 4.;

Chelsea 2 Leicester 0 – Costa with his 2nd in 2 games and top of the table, but the Foxes show real steel.

Crystal Palace 1 West Ham 3 – Palace with nil points and the Hammers showing some iron!

Everton 2 Arsenal 2 – the Toffees in to a 2 goal lead but the Gunners show some spirit and for the 2nd week running, score in the last minute.

Southampton 0 West Bromwich 0 – see Villa/Newcastle.;

Swansea 1 Burnley 0 – the Swans on top form with 2 wins from 2 whilst Burnley are finding the Premier pretty tough.;

Tottenham 4 QPR 0 – the Cockerells fly to the top of the table with one goal of pure fantasy with 48 passes but ‘Arry’s lot, nil points from 2 games.

Hull 1 Stoke 1 – the Tigers in to the top half as the Potters gain their first point of the season.;

Sunderland 1 Man Utd 1 – consecutive draws for the Black Cats but much the better side and deserved more. As for United, still toothless and their defence, well, maybe they should be looking to spend all that wonga on shoring up their back 4 (or is it 3) rather than bringing in yet another forward.

First of the big games tonight, as champions Man City take on runners-up Liverpool at the Etihad on Sky’s MNF so well worth watching. Did anybody see the Special Edition of Match of the Day’s 50th birthday celebrations last week? Absolutely brill and such a welcome to see and hear those giants of commentating and presenting once again; Wolstenholme, Coleman, Davies, Motson, Hill, Lyneham et al. Sheer nostalgia for us oldies brought up on MOTD and as for that tune, well!

Finally, sorry to hear that those stalwarts of “the Far East” Brian and the lovely Diane, are hanging up their boots. End of an era, mis amigos, and may you both enjoy your well-deserved “retirement” and hopefully, see you around soon!

F1 Belgium

Rhian Gibbssrdjan-suki

Ricciardo is the first Australian to win in Spa since Jack Brabham in 1960 and when the spotlight should have been on Ricciardo taking his third win for Red Bull, unfortunately the limelight was once again on the Mercedes drivers.

Hamilton had a fantastic start from second and overtook Rosberg (on pole) by the first corner, from there it should have been a straightforward Mercedes one-two, but when on the second lap Rosberg made a failed attempt to overtake, his front wing punctured Hamilton’s left rear tyre damaging both cars and forcing Hamilton to retire lap 39. Rosberg did go on to take 2nd place but received a less than friendly reception from the crowd on receiving his silverware.

Bottas for Williams (3rd) had another great drive taking the final podium spot, whilst his teammate Massa had collected debris from the Mercedes incident and lost downforce, once this was removed he was able to take 13th.

Ferrari had a mixed race with Alonso’s mechanics still on the grid when the formation lap commenced and therefore received a five second stop-go penalty at his first pitstop, a shame as he was running in third until that point; later in the race he damaged his wing but despite that still took 7th. It was Raikkonen who shone through for the team in his first incident free race in 2014.

The McLaren drivers had a busy race and were in a close battle with Vettel (5th) and Alonso in the closing stages. Button having overtaken Alonso and Vettel unfortunately lost momentum and dropped back to cross the line 7th. Magnusson had a good race initially finishing 6th, but after an FIA investigation for not leaving Alonso enough room to pass him, he received a 20s penalty; his final standing, 12th place.

Perez (8th) and Hulkenburg (10th) both had decent races particularly as they both gained points for Force India when Magnusson was penalised. Kvyat also gained a point moving him to 9th for Toro Rosso whilst his teammate Vergne just missed out coming 11th.

Sauber had a steady race with Sutil crossing the line 14th and Gutierrez 15th, and Chilton had a long battle with Ericsson, finally overtaking him with just 2 laps remaining and putting the Marussia 16th. His teammate’s race was slightly hindered by contact with Grosjean which ended in a cut tyre and Bianchi could only manage 18th. Ericsson held onto 17th for Caterham but Lotterer (making his F1 debut as a one-race-deal) was forced to retire on the second lap when his engine cut out – this is a blow for the team as they were looking for his expertise to fix some of their technical issues.

Lotus had another disappointing race with both cars retiring, Maldonado in lap 2 with a broken exhaust and Grosjean in lap 34 with bodywork problems possibly as a result of the collision with Bianchi.

So with Mercedes once again the topic of all post-race discussions, what will we see at Monza; will Hamilton repay the favour or race harder?






28th August—3rd September 14.

By Elaine. For Readings Call 619 813 172

ARIES – Page of Wands You need to listen to what a younger member of your family is saying, either verbally or non-verbally. Pay attention to their wants and needs as they may be going through a sensitive patch and need extra encouragement. Otherwise, for the rest of you; news of a new business opportunity or a new career option will make you happy!

TAURUS – Judgement This card brings opportunities for liberation this week. If anything or anyone is holding you back; you finally become free of the situation. You’ve had to respond dutifully to those who’ve cracked the whip in recent months so plan your own personal D Day. You might as well say what you think too. Your Phoenix is rising from the ashes!

GEMINI – Knight of Pentacles Younger male members of your family or those who look up to you and need help are your inspiration; encouraging you to up your game. They have a message from the school of life that more is being expected of you so don’t be tempted to back away from family responsibilities or if you coach; don’t give up on them.

CANCER – Eight of Cups You’re feeling a tad introverted this week and not sure of what you want, but on a mission to find out. A change of lifestyle is a good idea and you’re thinking of ways to put this decision into action. You need some time alone to work this out. Look positively at your situation for positive changes to occur.

LEO – Six of Cups Looking back at the past, fond trips down memory lane, what might have been etc., etc. Hello! Delving back into your past may seem like a good idea, but in reality its pointless exercise; the past cannot be undone. However, you might be able to glean useful nuggets of gold to use to your benefit this week, so carry on!

VIRGO – Page of Pentacles ‘What shall I do next?’ is the question going through your mind this week. This isn’t the time for making concrete plans; however there’s no harm in discussing your future with close friends or family and getting some useful feedback. It looks like you might have one or two options, which is why you might be wise to wait.

LIBRA – Three of Wands If you’ve been giving your all to others, now’s time to think of yourself, so don’t delay if exciting new opportunities knock on your door. Widen your horizons too as this may well be the case of the grass is greener elsewhere. Creative Libra’s can now get to grips with nourishing a part of their life that’s been underused lately.

SCORPIO – Ace of Wands If you’re job hunting or looking to start a business of your own this is a great week to get the ball rolling. Some of you could even be headhunted because others have long deduced that you know your stuff. New beginnings are signified by this card, so there may be other areas of your life that require a shakeup.

SAGITTARIUS – Five of Swords It’s horrible to discover that there are people in life who are jealous of your achievements and want to knock you back somehow. This week when you may be surprised and hurt by an associate’s sour behaviour. This may not be the time to speak out, so distance yourself as much as you can and stay close to happy people.

CAPRICORN – King of Pentacles You have to be detached when it comes to making important decisions this week. Bringing emotions into it will only cloud your judgement. Don’t budge if you’re haggling with someone over a deal or investment. Playing tough gets you what you want. Fellow Capricorn or Earth sign men Taurus or Virgo prove insightful and helpful to you achieving your goals.

AQUARIUS – Four of Pentacles You’re laying the foundations of a bright financial future this week; that could provide more than one steam of revenue. Pay attention to the details when finalising anything where money changes hands, make sure all’s fair and square. ‘Money’s round to go around’, as the saying goes spend wisely on anything that’s considered an investment, and that includes on you!

PISCES – The Lovers Originally, this card wasn’t about love but decision making especially the right one as it can be life altering. The couple depicted on this card are Adam and Eve and look what happened when picked that apple off the tree! How this affects love is whether those you’re closest to buy into what you decide on only time will tell.



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