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I’ll be direct about this. I love Savannah. It starts at the top—Jav is a fantastic manager, so positive and enthusiastic, then you’ve got Aunty Mambo Jess ensuring everyone is happy and well cared for. A visit to Savannah is always eagerly anticipated and without fail ends with a big smile. It’s gonna be a good one …

Savannah occupies a prime spot on San Antonio’s Sunset strip. It has a large terrace restaurant, lounge, DJ booth and inside bar, and the infamous backroom club—scene of many a great party over the years. They also have a pontoon from which boats moored off the strip can call upon Savannah’s own water taxi rib to fetch them to shore and take them back again after they have had their fill and fun.

The scorching sun slowly slipping in the sky signalled a call for cocktails and you have to be impressed with the range on offer. sav2Particularly pleasing to see a Jugs of Pimms on the menu—such a perfect summer drink and yet rarely found on the island. Savannah have an extensive Gin’s menu, no less than 20 on offer and each with it’s own special recipe. I plumped for Larios 12, this being my regular brand but the premium 12 I had not tried before. Expertly made with the tonic poured ultra slow to maximize the infusion of the fruits—at least I assume that’s why but whatever the science it resulted in a sublime drink with which to settle down and ponder the eats.

There is a good range at Savannah including Salads from €15. I thought the Goats cheese in a filo parcel with caramelised onion served with leaf, strawberries and strawberry dressing sounded particularly tempting—and it looked fantastic coming out of the kitchen (see photo below).

sav-1Alternatively there are Wok stir fries and a whole range of classic mains and grills, but Savannah means one thing to me, daddy only has eyes for one little baby of gorgeousness—I’ll get to that soon enough but for reviewing purposes it was only right and proper I should look to some of the new items on the menu. The barbeque ribs looked a treat and some of the slabs were of steak would satisfy any carnivorous craving—they even have a 1.2kg beef chop, I assume for sharing though looking at them you might not be keen to do so once it arrived on your table—but it was the peppered tuna steak served with salad and soy sauce that caught won the day. A very generous helping of slender slices were soon melting in my mouth after a good soy dunk of course.sav6

Next in my evening’s fishy feast I had the prawns starter—marinated in garlic and paprika. I often find the Spanish version of spicy somewhat tame compared to our British taste but these prawns were very hot though managing not to mask the flavour of the prawns which had been butterflied as they should be to remove the one unsavoury part of a prawn and maximize the surface area to take on the flavour if the marinade.sav-bfast

Main event time and you’ve probably guessed it given my allocating two photos on the page.

The Savannah lobster is simply off the scale. Really there are not enough superlatives—presentation, flavour, occasion—it just ticks all the boxes, but the box I find incredible it manages to tick is the price. Still offered at 39€, for a whole fresh lobster, on the sunset strip. An awesome meal and the reason why Savannah is one of a very few restaurants I always know what I want before I arrive.savannah-cock

Served on a newspaper lined tray with real like-mum-makes-them chips, fresh leaf salad and hollandaise sauce, the lobster itself is open sectioned and of course comes with all of the tools required to obtain every morsel of the sweetest meats locked away in the claws. There is absolutely no point in approaching a lobster in a dignified way—it is all about getting stuck in and messy, and worth it for this fantastic crustacean creation.sav-lob

Their nightly pre-parties have always been a big attraction but this year it is as if they have planned it all with me in mind. 5 of their 7 nights are among my real favourite parties and tonight was Defected, right up there at the top of the list. DJ Sam Divine played an excellent set to get the night jumping—she was clearly loving every minute, as were a huge hen party who were also jumping, and falling, and flaying around all over the place.sav3

Brilliant fun but you know what it really was no surprise—every visit to Savannah is the same—always superb in every respect, food, drink, entertainment, service, I love it. Last year I awarded Savannah 11 out of 10. This year it has to be 12.

Savannah’s Weekly Line Up

sav-cdMon – Ibiza Rocks House @ Pacha
Tues – Defected @ Boom
Wed – Tribal Sessions @ Sankeys
Thur – Graham Sahara Seamless
Fri – Carnival @ Gatecrasher
Sat – Gliterbox @ Boom
Sun – Amnesia Presents
Take some Savannah home with you—they have a new CD mixed by Graham Sahara + Jason Bye

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