Sunday Roast at Donnegans


Our visit to Donnegans Tuesday night coincided with an event that many Ibiza residents and workers seem to have been looking forward to more than Christmas—the moment summer breaks. Sorry to the tourists reading this who will undoubtedly be far less enthusiastic about the heavens opening, but open they did and in full effect. Within minutes the solid oppression of baked earth that has been with us for months (when did it last rain? June? – sorry again tourists not trying to rub it in) was washed away to be replaced with that fresh scent and a glimpse of Autumn coming. I know many people still enjoy their Sunday roasts throughout the summer but for many of us this meteorological moment heralds a return to that most British, Irish and possibly Scottish by the time this is on the streets, meal that is the Sunday roast.

don 4Donnegans’ ticks all the boxes—first and most important everything is fresh (as is absolutely everything on the Donnegans menu), Auntie Bessie will not get a look in. The portions are very generous and everything is perfectly cooked. We are quite late eaters and sometimes a late Sunday roast has that ‘oven’ taste to it from the meats being kept warm through the day.

I’ve never known that at Donnegans.

don adThe price is brilliant. 9.50€ for the Main course—but you may as well go for 2 course as at 12.50€ it comes with a free drink—so you are basically getting your starter/pudding for free. Pudding for free! – 3 very sweet words.

So that’s Sunday sorted but the Donnegans menu is huges and has plenty to offer from breakfasts to snacks to meals all through the week, and all through the day from 10am to 11pm. It’s just one of the reasons to go to Donnegans to eat—you don’t have to worry if the kitchen is open—it just always is.

So what stars to get in 2 lines remaining? The pies are legendary (left), and I can’t get enough of their melt in the mouth ribs. Can’t end without mentioning their chips—a humble companion that wouldn’t normally get a mention in a food review—but Donnegans are fat, hand cut, proper chips—like your mum made. There’s a thought, Sunday roast with a side of chips ….


Every Thursday: 5€ Entry 100€ Prize

Brilliant! I must admit I was a bit sceptical at firDon 1st expecting to see delusional Karaoke singers but not a bit of it. Absolutely amazing how much talent is out there. The first act I saw was a young lad of 9 who put the room into awed silence—an incredible voice—and tackling a really big Whitney number. None of us there will be surprised to see him walk out on the London stage of the real deal and for sure walk away with 4 yes votes. To follow we get break dancing, a choir, an acoustic group, an acrobat/contortionist/er, not quite sure really, quite odd but very entertaining. And yes there were a couple of—I’m just going to say it—nutters. Everyone knows you can’t have a good talent show without a couple of people who have a slightly skewed view of the world around them, and as long as we’re laughing together without cruelty let the people do what they want to do. It is all entertaining and it really is, plus of course being live and local it’s way better than the TV show. The room was packed by the end of the night—tourist and locals in the crowd and performing. It all kicks off 9.30 Thursday night, ideally get there a bit earlier if you want to perform. 5€ entry and a 100€ cash prize for the winner.don 2

Paddy Slater

So that’s Thursday. On Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat Paddy Slater makes musical mastery look effortless with his crowd-pleaser sets of guitar and keyboard music to which he adds his own distinctive vocals to sing-a-long covers and his own ever increasing repertoire of self-penned songs.

For most musicians that would be quite enough but at some point in his career Paddy must have had a realisation that not every limb was being fully utilised, a situation he clearly concluded was both wasteful and unfair. Paddy now ensures all body parts go to help in his art adding foot tapping percussion loops and other amazing feats of instrumental innovation – I think I once spotted him playing a harp with his elbow.

How can we best describe his style, it is a tough one to call, folky-indie? I don’t know if that fits the bill but it really doesn’t matter what you call it, more importantly you’ll love it, everybody does.


Finally on the things you can do at Donnegans that don’t involve putting things in your mouth Hurling fans will be very pleased to know that you can guarantee it will be on at Donnegans—they don’t bump it for football, racing or anything else—it is your Hurling pub.